The Game of Life – Florence Shinn

Lisa Hepner·28 videos Excerpts from the Game of Life by Florence Shinn. Get your ebook and audio book package at the site above. Music by Eric Montgomery at


Lisa Hepner·28 videos

This was a five minute flash movie for the internet that I recently converted to a .mpg. It is about defining what peace means to you… For more information go to:

Created by Lisa Hepner
Music by Eric Montgomery

Unconditional Love – Pure Love

Laurentiu Lary·163 videos

Unconditional Love – Iubire neconditionata
The greatest power known to man is that of unconditional love. Through the ages, mystics, sages, singers and poets have all expressed the ballad and call to love. As humans, we have searched endlessly for the experience of love through the outer senses. Great nations have come and gone under the guise of love for their people. Religions have flourished and perished while claiming the true path to love. We, the people of this planet, may have missed the simplicity of unconditional love. . .

Simply stated, unconditional love is an unlimited way of being. We are without any limit to our thoughts and feelings in life and can create any reality we choose to focus our attention upon. There are infinite imaginative possibilities when we allow the freedom to go beyond our perceived limits. If we can dream it, we can build it. Life, through unconditional love, is a wondrous adventure that excites the very core of our being and lights our path with delight.

Unconditional Love is a dynamic and powerful energy that lifts us through the most difficult times. It is available at any moment by turning our attention to it and using its wonderful potential to free us from our limitations. It requires practice and intent to allow this energy to fully permeate our daily experience. It begins with ourselves, for without self-love, we cannot know what true love can be. In loving ourselves, we allow the feeling to generate within us and then we can share it to everyone and everything around us! That which we send out, returns to us in greater measure. If you have not thought about how you feel towards yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, or spiritually, we invite you to do so now. Begin the journey that changes everything. Begin the journey of unconditional love…

for you my friend! with Love

movie by Laurentiu Lary

What Children Teach Us

somabmcfrance·4 videos

Short documentary introducing the Infant Developmental Movement Education work… How Body-Mind Centering is applied with babies from birth to walking

Universal Energy Forecast – Thursday April 11 2013 – Business Woman

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Backyard Farmers By Necessity – Self-sufficient _ Debt Free

kirstendirksen·575 videos

When Myrna and Earl Fincher married 53 years ago they started farming their yard “out of necessity”. Today, the Finchers make a living selling their organic produce to restaurants and at the local farmers’ market twice a week for much of the year. They had no experience as farmers, but learned by trial and error.

Edible Garden – Peas & Beans

MrGrizzerBear·69 videos*

Episode 1 of 6
Alys Fowler attempts to avoid shop-bought fruit and vegetables and live off her own home-grown produce. It’s no easy task because Alys doesn’t want to turn her garden into an allotment, so she’s growing her fruit and vegetables among her flowers.

Alys will focus on different foods and show how anyone can grow, cook and eat from their own garden – even if they live in a city.

Peas and beans are prolific vegetables but they also look beautiful in the borders. Alys makes delicious broad bean falafels and pea shoot cocktails, and forages for willow to make plant supports. And she has two new additions to the family – her chickens!

Rose Astrology – Forecast April 2013

roseastrology·77 videos

Discover the astrological energies the month of April brings. Watch the latest forecast from Kathy Rose. To contact Kathy directly – to schedule your personal consultation based on your birth chart – please visit

Love Your Garden 2

MrGrizzerBear·69 videos

Country Garden



Tom Campbell – Primal Man, Primal Woman – Core of Relationships

Tom Campbell·198 videos

Tom’s upcoming book, Primal Man Primal Woman (sure to be a best seller) is the subject of this interview about men and women at their most fundamental core.

Using his unique understanding and experience to see behind the curtain of cultural belief, Tom gets to the core (there’s that apple again) of how we interact with the opposite gender, and answers what steps can be taken for an optimal loving relationship that is in accordance with his theory.

Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE must by definition (a big theory of everything) have an answer for how relationships can work optimally by shifting from need-based to love-based.

Women generally like Tom’s advice for the men, but they will also have some serious growing to do as well.

Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings has said the concept Tom proposes is “revolutionary”.

It is, and yet it is simple. He has observed and researched and tested it out, and have others, and “it works”.

And since Tom always goes beyond this reality in his interviews, he answers questions about relationships in other realities and more.

NPMR- Non-physical reality PMR Physical matter reality Tom’s website Evita Ochel’s website where you can view the first discussion of Primal Man Primal Woman and many more interesting interviews with Tom.
http://… Tom’s event website

Healing Our Sexuality – Healing Transmission For Humanity

emergegrowprosper·33 videos

Through this video, one might painlessly awaken the soul and express a renewed view of human sexuality. In healing ourselves, we heal the planet. This healing is designed to free the viewer from sexual trauma, guilt, addiction, hurt, imbalance, unhealthy beliefs or other harming or unloving influence.

Please share or embed this video so that it reaches other souls.

For a private remote healing session, or to purchase an extended, in-depth healing video transmission, visit: or

David Deida / Chris Helder – Knowing Your Purpose

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