Eckhart Tolle – Living in the Now or Presence

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Eckhart Tolle explaining ‘the now’.
Consciousness is ‘the now’, ‘the now’ is Consciousness.
We are ‘the now’ or the ‘presence’.
It is always now.

This video is raising your awareness, brings you ‘Enlightening’ and let`s you Shift to a higher consciousness. The highest consciousness a human can achieve is the Christ Consciousness,
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High Council of Orion – Living in the Now – 10-12-13

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High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 12th Oct 2013
by PAUL MARWOOD on OCTOBER 12, 2013…

Living in the Now


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are currently mastering how to truly be present in the Now … all the time … and release all that binds us either to the past or the future. We are all magnetic Beings, and we magnetize through a simple way of “fascination, integration, emanation and magnetization”! And it is as simple as this: When You find yourself not residing in the Now, find something that fascinates You, which is similar to a saying: “Follow your Bliss!” Through a feeling of Joy, we know that we are fully in the Now. So observe yourself and enjoy your Now, for it’s the only true reality where we create from!

It is either Love or fear.
It is either expanded or contracted.
It is either simple or complicated.
It is either multicolored or black & white.
It is either easy or difficult.
It is either the Now or never.
It is either active or passive.
It is either Yes or No!

The choice is ours, the reality is what we create of it!

Within Divine Love, Polona & Jani