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Sophia Love – Let There Be Light

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There’s only one way to create.  “Let there be light”, and light IS.  The story is simple, straightforward and clear.

It did not go – “Let there be light, and let it show up on Saturday, at 2:00 PM GMT, until precisely Midnight GMT, at only these places, while these 11 people are doing these 7 things, NOT these other things, or with these other people, or on this other day or in this other way.”

We are Masters, becoming conscious of that fact.  We’ve recently been made aware of our value, our ability, our power and the truth of our multi-dimensional existence.  It is not that we are sometimes here and sometimes elsewhere, we are always all places.  It is not that we are creators some days and not others, we are and have always been Master creators.  The difference now is that we are doing so on purpose.

Like any new skill, it is gradually assimilated.  Through trial and error, we hone the craft.  It is brilliant in its simplicity and surprising in its reach.  Each moment, every thought, all words are creative.  Our wishes, frustrations, joys and disappointments send out a vibe.  From there, our life is made manifest.

Rather than worry over the multitude of thoughts we hold, we can remember just one; focus trumps all.

It is not a person, date, group or method that will grant your wish.  It is your intent, belief and focus.

If I decide to lose ten pounds and spend my days angry at the numbers on the scale or the image in the mirror, I will end up no closer to my goal at the end of them.  My weight will be unchanged most likely, only I’ll be a bit more angry, discouraged and frustrated. If instead I spend time doing things I enjoy and I am active; while dressing to feel good about myself, then I will (feel good).  A by product of the increased activity and positive emotion could very well be a loss of weight.  In any case, I will be happier, which will attract more of what I enjoy.

We’ve been trained as slaves.  Slaves expect all things to come from their masters.  As we remove the shackles from our own limbs, it’s time to also cut them from those we’ve decided hold the key.  The I/UV or any other prosperity/freedom package out there is not the controller of your destiny.  You are.

Remove your focus on who, how and when and place it solely on what.  FREEDOM.  ABUNDANCE.  UNITY.  TRUTH.  LOVE.  VALUE.  ABSOLUTE AWARENESS.    These are the attributes of a Master.  This is what your life is.  Not because Caleb released a piece of software, St. Germaine released the gold or of any other specific event.  Because this is what you are.

You are not becoming anything new.  You are realizing your very own truth.  A caterpillar has always held the makings of a butterfly, albeit unaware.  You have within the attributes of Mastery.  The controllers have effectively convinced you of your need for something outside yourself.  You have no need, you are Gods.

Aim your focus squarely on freedom; watch heaven manifest before your eyes.  This is more about belief than faith.  Faith can distract you with details and descriptions of what is not happening.  Know the truth of creation; “what you see is what you get.”

Declare it every day and let it go.  Live your life knowing who you are.  Nothing is more important than agape.  As our self-love encompasses Oneness, our focus incorporates joy for all of us.  There can be no disappointment in a life fully and intentionally lived.  All moments are expected, experienced fully and appreciated.

With gratitude for each component of us and for every part played, stay present in the Now.  From there all of life begins.  As we let go of our death grip of expectation on those most visible players of this end game, we’ll see an exponential increase in effect.  Only we can do this.

This is what Masters do, we support the whole.  You empower each other and in turn, propel us all towards absolute knowing.  You are the One.

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