Master Saint Germain – Live Channeler Méline Lafont – Serie 2 part 1 – Ascension With Versus Without Body – August 12, 2013


(This one will be without the video full hour channeling as there was much noise in the background of trucks working late night, sorry for that)


Hello everybody, this is Andy Bojarski again with Awakening To higher Love. I am here with Méline Lafont and today’s guest will be Saint Germain. We have questions that have been asked by various viewers on our webpage so we will get to those questions and see what responses we can get from Saint Germain, so thank you Méline for doing this.

Saint Germain are you there?

Saint Germain:
Hello my friend there, yes I am! Thank you for having me again

Thank you for being here, I know you are busy with a lot of things and it is always an honor to speak with you and it is always an honor to have you with us. As you know we have some questions of viewers who have asked us that we would like to forward to you and see what your responses are. Anyway with that said I guess my first question would be: Last time that we talked you have mentioned that we would be ascending with our physical body and our carbon bodies being moved up to crystalline and that there would be no physical death as we know it as we move up through the Ascension. What happens to the people that are currently dying every day in this Now? Are they ascending when they have their physical death or do they reincarnate in another 3D life to continue on with whatever learning they maybe need to do before they can ascend? What can you tell us with respect to us moving forward in our physical body versus so many people in this Now that are passing on and dying in a physical death in this reality? Can you maybe talk a little bit about that?

Saint Germain:
Yes my friend, I would love to. Now there are various reasons why people choose to leave the body through that process or to ascend through that process. This is all depending on the soul contracts, whether which choices that they made. One of the reasons can be to reincarnate again and to start over on a whole new level. Another reason can be that they choose to ascend through the death process because it is more easier than going through a transformation process with the body, which is the toughest one.

A lot of people at this time choose to ascend with body, yes, because this is an exceptional experience and everyone likes to feel and to be this experience, and to see how far they can go through this ascension process with a physical vessel. A carbon based type of body transforming into a crystalline body of Light. As you see now, many people are ascending at this time with their bodies. It takes time as you know, it takes steps. The physical body needs to adapt to the Light quotient, it needs to be reactivated, it needs to absorb a lot of energies and light energies, light codes. It needs to set everything into Light, it needs to transform into energy and Light, it needs to be more Love and become the Love that you are from essence. And this is a very tricky and hard process to go through, so it takes time.

But let me tell you that you are all doing wonderfully, more than you know because this has never been done before! This is a first timer! Not even in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria have you reached that state that you are in now to be able and transform your carbon based bodies into a crystalline one. So this is what you are all doing now and along the way you can lose a lot of friends and families and it can give you some grief and hurt and anger. I hear questions everyday: Why? Why must this person go? Why, it is a Light worker and he is doing so much. Why is it his time to go?

Well there are many reasons for that, one of that is the heart choice. I see many Light workers achieving a state of consciousness that is very much evolved and still at one point they chose to end the contract and to go through the death process. This can be for several reasons as well. It can be because you want to experience it this way, or it can be because the physical transformation is getting too hard on the physical body, so you chose to go through the death process and to leave it behind and just ascend straight away to the new light and world that you are.

Or it can simply be that they just change course in their lives, and chose to do something else than originally has been chosen before incarnation. Know that all the soul contracts that you have made before incarnating on Earth, can be changed immediately during your lifetime, all depending on your evolution, the state of consciousness and the heart choices that you make and feel at this time.

There are plenty of souls at this time who wish to evolve without body but as well as with body, and the ones who have chosen to be here and ascend in those ways where they just leave the body and the body is decomposed, are many.. and they just simply choose that in order to go straight through the ascension gate to the Light and be there and to reincarnate whenever they want or to just stay in the new world and evolve further in the Light that they are. You will all see the again very soon because you will meet again at the place where you have reached the same level of consciousness than the ones who have chosen to go through the Ascension gate portal without the physical body.

There are always reunions awaiting you, so there is no loss at all. It’s a gift, it’s a blessing for them who chose to go earlier and it’s their way of ascending and it is their heart choice, so we need to respect this. There is no death, there never has been death. So people who ascend by leaving the body behind can, yes, be reincarnated if they choose so and if they do they will come back on an Earthly reality where they can again move along and evolve along with others to ascend, and ascend and ascend continuously. Or they can choose to reincarnate on another planet where they have plenty of time to cope with the duality and learn from it.

Now this may not be Earth, there are billions and trillions of planets that you are not aware of and that are experiencing duality just as you are. But most of those planets are not as far evolved as you are now. Earth is one of the hardest experiences ever that you could embody and experience. Earth is now one of the most evolved planets of duality and is on the threshold of ascending, flipping to the Light, turning to the Light and being the Light that she is and that you all are. And so many souls are choosing to reincarnate on other planets because they need more lessons and they feel they have more need for experience.

Or they can chose to reincarnate on Gaia, but that means they will be new born children; crystalline children, platinum children with so many gifts and they will be more evolved and more awakened than when they were when they left. This is also a choice that they made. So you see there are various choices and possibilities hat can be made. But know that every time a soul chooses to go and to leave the Earthly plane, it has always a reason and it is always a choice that has been made, even though you are not aware of it or you are.. it’s always a heartfelt choice that is made by the soul and the higher Self. And so this way, everyone is choosing what they can cope with the best and what is the most comfortable for you at this time.

The ones who are choosing to ascend with the body, are the strongest souls on Earth because the ascension and the transformation of a physical vessel into a crystalline one is the toughest one ever. And since you are all able to cope with this and doing this all at this time, many beings have already ascended into a crystalline Light body as I have told you all last time. It is just the time of adapting and perceiving this with the brain you are still connected with in a physical vessel. So now the choice is all up to you, all is respected and all of you are loved immensely by all of us.

Ascension is now going on a very rapid pace, many of you have passed the threshold already and are starting a new way of being and living; a fifth dimensional way of being and living. These are the ones who are the way showers, who do the most of the work and you make it all easy and more easier for all the others who are following you. The more the road is cleared, the more souls will attempt to ascend with body and the more you can cope with the intense energies that are pouring in, like the lions gate and the Merkabah allignments, the equinoxes and the Solstices. All of them are very powerful alignments and activations of portals that are bringing each and everyone of you to a higher state of consciousness. And the more this happens, the more you need to cope with it.

The more you are absorbing all of these energies, the more you clear the road to a full Ascension with the global world that you are in at this time. The more you have cleared the road, the more souls will be able to continue their roads towards awakening and ascension because as you all, the Lightworkers, remove the blocks, you all are taking on the hardest blocks, energies, experiences and challenges. When they are cleared all the rest can move on with you and float very easily through this road of ascension. So please hold on and keep on doing what you are doing because really, it is wonderful what you are all doing now and are achieving, and I could not be more grateful for that. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Saint Germain – Live Channeler Méline Lafont – Disclosure – Ascension Update – August 1, 2013



Thank you Saint Germain.  We have about maybe 10 more minutes, so maybe this is the last question and I’d like to get your thoughts on this.  Changing topics a little bit.  The question I’d like to know and some other readers would like to know is how do you envision disclosure happening globally and who will introduce this to the mass media?  Is it going to be Lady Portia, Obama, and other leaders?

And also, where exactly are we with ascension right now at this NOW moment globally and what still needs to happen for this global ascension to occur and to move forward

Saint Germain

Ascension is happening now.  It’s happening for a long time but we are now at the highest level of requirements as you can name it at the ascension process.  The most critical and important one, the important phase, the beautiful phase.  What will come now is indeed disclosure because this is needed to be brought to humanity for it will open the gates and the floods will come.  

At this point, we are still awaiting some changes.  I know.  Disclosure has been awaiting for a long time now and people are getting tired of it and they want to have disclosure straight away.   I do agree on that my dear friends, because I want it too. But humanity needs to bring Disclosure at this time.

Again, do not search for outside sources to do it for you. 

We assist you with this; we bring this with you and for you.  And at this time, we are working closely with governments and discuss facts with them, make some agreements with them as into which is the best way to cope with all of this and bring out all of this.  Because yes, we still need to do this with and through your governments.  If we just simply fly in and ask you to come aboard, a lot of people will be shocked. 

They want to hear this from governments because they trust the governments, the old system.  So we need to address those kinds of people in those ways as well and the way that we need to infiltrate through the governments – our energies – and bring disclosure together with them. 

Now I hear people say, Oh Saint Germain, isn’t it about time the government make changes and do this, because they are blocking and they are not working along with us? 

Yes, I agree, there are some governments that do not work with us and do not wish to cooperate with us.  But there are a lot of countries that do.  Now, as Obama, he is part of that too.  I know that people think he is not of the light, but he is.  I can assure you.  He is just not in the easiest position.  He has been threatened by all of the cabal and the worst enemies that you can have. 

And even though most of them are removed, there are still influences from the astral realms.  You need to take that into account as well.  He wants to bring all of the new world into light but he needs to play along as well for his own safety.  And I know many of you will not resonate with that but this is my truth that I bring to you as I work closely with him.  You may disagree with me and that is fine as well. 

I respect all of you, each and every one of you.  Disclosure will come in the most subtile ways.  The galactics are preparing themselves for a long time now.  They are ready to cope with whatever comes in, whatever they need to cope with.  They are ready and they can handle it.  The ground crew is ready as well.  Many of you are ground crew.  Yes you are. 

Many of you are the ones who bring forth and back the energies and keep the information updated to our galactic family as to how far we have achieved and how far we are ready to do the disclosure. 

Disclosure will not be brought by one person.  It will be brought by many.  It will be cooperation.  Disclosure is not only galactic beings that present themselves and say OK, we exist too, we are not alone, we are you, and you are us.  

Disclosure is the bringing of truth, the Vatican and all of the history, the governments, the rich families, the dark cabal and all that has been played in their hands and been lied to humanity.  This is disclosure as well.  And so disclosure is taking place at this time because a lot of truth is coming up to the surface now. 

And this is a big part of the disclosure process.  People need to know what truth is.  How many years and lives they have been lied to.  And if they see that and understand that, there will be a shock at first. 

But after that, they will be ready to accept that you are not alone, that there are billions of civilizations out there and that they are friendly.  Most of them are.  And the ones that will come forward will be the friendly ones, of light, because your earth has now a beautiful light grid.  She has achieved such a high energetic frequency of light that dark ETs cannot access it anymore. 

The only way that they can access your earth is by allowing them, by fearing them and taking them for real or inviting them.  So please, do not do that for they will enter your consciousness.  Think of loving beings and they will be there with you.  They will protect you.  There are so many beings of ships around the earth that you cannot see at this time because they are light ships. 

And as you ascend along this process, you will start to visualize all of them and you will start to see them for the third eye will be opened.  And when the third eye is opened and the heart is opened, you can perceive whatever you are and every light being around you, because you will share the same love, the same consciousness and the same frequency of light. 

You will see that they are part of your soul group and soul family, they are part of you. Because as the matter of fact you are them and they are you.  There is no separation.  We are all One.  Even with the dark aspects of yourself. We are all One.  So trust that disclosure is coming and you are doing this right now, maybe not in the extent that you wish it to be, for you wish us to see land and introduce ourselves to you. 

Well, it’s our wish as well to communicate directly with you.  But, just let’s await first for these changes that are taking place now because they are making the way free to Disclosure and full Disclosure.  We have a lot of people on Earth that are still not awakened and we do not wish to fear them so please be patient, continue with your work, your trust and keep talking about the galactics and the higher selves and the ascended masters and all that is part of you. 

Keep accepting us for we are you and you are us and do not deny our existence to anyone.  People will open up more now.  They will show interest now because they feel it and they sense it that there is more in life to this.  A lot of the issues will arise as well to be cleaned and released.  Let it all play out because this is necessary.  All is forming out to ascension and disclosure as they are part of each other.  And they go hand in hand. 

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