Archangel Michael – An Hour With An Angel – Ascension, World – Host: Steve Beckow – Channel: Linda Dillon

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Archangel Michael talks about Ascension and World Events

Archangel Gabrielle – Live Channeler Linda Dillon – Universal Administrator – An Hour with an Angel – Steve Beckow Interviewer – InLight Radio

Archangel Gabrielle   –   Live Channeler Linda Dillon   –   Universal Administrator   –   An Hour with an Angel   –   Steve Beckow Interviewer   –    InLight Radio   –   Click To Listen

Archangel Gabrielle is our guest this week on An Hour with an Angel. We’ll explore with her her work in creating, organizing and administering universes.

We’ll explore what an archangel can and cannot do when working with a society of humans, with free will.

We’ll ask her for her insights into the context of Earth and its ascension in the broader scheme of the universe.

We’ll ask her to discuss with us the role of the beings who have chosen to be on the Earth in this time of shift in the bigger context of the unfoldment?

We’ll ask her to describe how, when prosperity begins to flow on the planet, what that will look like. We’ll ask her to describe the various streams of prosperity and how it will reach people.

Archangel Michael – Ascension Update

Archangel Michael – Ascension Update




Archangel Michael is our guest on An Hour with an Angel. Before we turn to our main subject – which will be full restoration of consciousness – we’ll ask him to comment on the meteor that hit Russia. Would it have caused a new Ice Age?

Then we’ll ask him to explain in as much detail as possible the process of full restoration of consciousness. We’ll enquire into the matter of different timelines, when and how those who refuse Ascension will be leaving, when the masters will be returning, whether we each have an individual mentor, whether we go to Inner Earth for Ascension, and other matters relating to restoration. We’ll also ask him if there is to be an “Event” related to the end of duality in March.