Kiesha Crowther, Little Grandmother – Teaches how to Live from the Heart

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Kiesha Crowther – Little Grandmother – Sublime Wisdom in Divine Love

We Are All Divine Creators – Kiesha Crowther – Little Grandmother

Published on Feb 14, 2016

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We are the ones we have been waiting for and we are here to raise the vibrations in pure divine light, weaving our tapestry in a cosmos of love.

ABOUT STAR BEINGS – Little Grandmother

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Keisha Crowther

By Keisha Crowther, Little Grandmother

Deep, global changes must happen for life on Earth to be governed by love, rather than fear (power, greed, and ego). Right now, truths about who we are and what we are capable of, are being hidden by governments and powerful entities that do not want to lose control or profit. If this knowledge were made public, it would awaken us to the truth of where we come from and free us to live more equitably.

Disclosing our cosmic origins would blow wide open our conceptions of the universe and God. It would make most religions unnecessary because they would be seen as what they are: man-made. The three things that control our lives are government, religion, and business (money). Since 2009, all the wisdom keepers have been shown that before we can shift our consciousness, government, religion, and business will have to fail. This is because these three things keep us separate, preventing us from creating a world ruled by the heart.

The world has been controlled by a handful of powerful people for a long time. They know what information must not be made public in order to stay in power. For example, I was shown that an invention exists that pulls light from the sky and is capable of supplying a great part of the world’s energy. It was created (I believe) by Nicola Tesla and has been hidden because those in power do not want to create a free energy source. Soon it will be made public, as governments begin to fail.

Religion has been used to create divisions among us so that we kill and fight wars in its name, mindlessly seeing other people as the enemy—or unworthy and expendable. These illusory divisions must be eradicated for us to treat each other with kindness and compassion.

When government, religion, and business start to fail, there will be a leveling of the playing field. The governance of the world will undergo reorganization and some countries that are powerful now will no longer be. This will happen because of economic forces and realities that are now being downplayed. The changes are going to come so humanity can have a fresh start. The fall of our economic and political structures, and sense of security, will help us open our consciousness. We will advance rapidly as our priorities, lives, and societies change.

The key to our spiritual evolution and survival on Earth is to remember who we are. We are divine co-creators of our reality; we are the Great I AM.

It is our obligation to reclaim this divine capacity and use it to imagine a beautiful new world. Images born in just one human heart have the power to inspire global change. The Tribe of Many Colors is one such image. For hundreds of years, indigenous cultures have spoken about the coming Rainbow Tribe. The people of this tribe are the ones who will change the world. You ARE the Tribe of Many Colors. Envision a beautiful loving world you want to live in. Together as a tribe of many colors we will make the change!

I love you!

Little Grandmother


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Kiesha Crowther “Little Grandmother” – Shaman of Tribe Of Many Colors

We Are All Divine Creators

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