Archangel Michael on the Need to Expand Our Listening and Understanding – 10-2-16



Steve Beckow

This reading (Sept. 23, 2016) had a very conversational style, compared to other readings.

At one point, I said to Archangel Michael that I have multiple reasons for wanting higher-dimensional experiences. I said I had no question.

He replied implying that that was because I already knew the answer. He followed up with a comment on the human tendency to want simple, single-reason explanations for what are very complex, multi-reason matters.

Heinvited us to expand our willingness to listen to others and our ability to comprehend more complex matters. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Wow!

Well, I think I’ll just change my plans in light of what you just said. (1)

We have an unspoken agreement I think, Lord, an unwritten agreement that whatever experiences I have I write about.

I’m also a reporter who writes about things in general so both vantage points add to my own innate desire for the higher experiences.

I guess what I’m saying is that I have a lot of reasons for wanting to explore the higher realms.

And I don’t think I have a question!

AAM: No and that is the confirmation. [I.e., that I don’t have a question.]

Understand, there doesn’t need to be, in fact from our perspective and what you can think of as our reality, seldom – and you can understand what seldom means in our reference! – is there ever a singular reason for anything.

Steve: That’s right. I’ve noticed that! And yet when we [humans] want to know the reason for something, we expect the other person to give us just one reason.

AAM: Yes! And when you do that – and we ask you to look at this with the sense of humour that you have – what you are doing is limiting yourself, your growth, your understanding.

And you are also hemming in and limiting the person that you have asked [something of], whether it is of us or another human being. It is very peculiar.

So if I were to say to you, there was a drop of water or a drop of energy that was put in the middle of the South Pacific today because it is going to have an impact in the Arcturian sector, you would not care!

Steve: Yes.

AAM: But if that impact of a drop of energy in the South Pacific then activated Arcturians to a higher level of consciousness which then impacted how they are assisting humanity, it would be important to know.

But it is not the [broad conceptual] framework at the moment that human beings tend to operate in.

But even when you give a rationale or reason or an understanding that is more practical and more personal, there is still a human tendency – and the reason we are mentioning this is because we want you to expand – to say, “Make it simple. Tell me the reason. I don’t want to know 20 other things.” [My emphasis.]

Steve: Yes, we have a low quality of attention. We’ve been speeded up by things like television and movies, action movies and such like. We just want the bottom line.

AAM: … And is that not sad?  Because the bottom line is sooner or later, you’re all coming home. (2)

There is a beginning and there is an end. But it’s what’s in the middle that truly counts!

So, we will have our sense of humour today, will we not?

What you are doing and what you’re saying – and this is about you today – is [demonstrating an] ability, not only to write, which is stellar, but to write in ways that are reflective both within and without and that delve into listening.

And the listening [we are talking about] is not just to your own guidance, which is very important. It’s not just to listen to other beings, whether they are seen or unseen, whether they are your next-door neighbor or in the next Galaxy or the next universe for that matter.

But this sense of listening – what we would term “heart listening” – has been lost.

Steve: Oh, I know that very well, Lord. Yes.

AAM: And so this is something that you’re going to focus on. (3)

Steve: Good. I’d love to do that so, thank you.

AAM: You are welcome, my friend.

Emmanuel Dagher – The New Cycles of a New Earth October 2014


My Friend,

It’s such a gift for me to be able to connect with you in this way again.

The month of October starts off with a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on the 8th that will highlight the relationships in our lives.


These energies are giving us the opportunity to look at our relationships from a higher level. They are calling us to ask important questions, such as:


Are these relationships operating from a space of integrity, honesty and mutual respect?


Are we allowing ourselves to speak our truth in a kind, loving and productive way, without intending to dim our light and the light of others in the process?


Is it time to move on from certain belief systems, people, places and experiences that no longer feel to be in resonance with where we are in our lives?


And could it be time to align with new ideas, people, places and experiences that support and are in harmony with the kind of reality we desire?


The answers to these questions and much more will reveal themselves as we move through this upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse.




In all of our relationships, the art of listening can be a powerful beneficial practice. It can help us receive greater clarity as to whether or not certain relationships are meant to continue in our lives.


When we truly listen, we move out a reactive mode and into an observer mode. The observer aspect of ourselves simply collects the information it receives, and processes it with ease.


Then, without attachment, it decides whether or not a certain experience we are having is in resonance with our higher path or not.


When we come to a point where we are not quite sure what to make of certain relationships in our lives, all that’s asked of us is to listen. First and foremost, we are asked to listen to our intuition.


Then it’s important to listen to the words, actions and intentions the other person is trying to share with us.


Have you ever experienced the following: You are speaking to a friend or a loved one, and as they are talking . . . you’re mentally preparing what you’re going to say next, without fully hearing what they have to say?


When this happens, it creates a block in communication. It may even create some misunderstandings. When we allow ourselves to truly listen, those blocks dissolve. The path is then cleared for us to know whether or not the relationship is meant to continue.


Opening to a New Consciousness


In the days surrounding October 13th, a new energy cycle will begin that will bring more stability to our lives. This stability will continue to anchor itself throughout the year, until it is clearly felt in our lives and in the world.


Right now, there doesn’t seem to be much stability going on in the collective, so this new energy cycle will make a great impact.


One of the bigger themes that will emerge from this new energy cycle is a greater focus on the well-being of the planet. Nature is speaking loudly to us, leaving no room for second-guessing her messages. We’ll see many solutions come to light in the area of climate change, as well as in the advancement of both personal and global freedom.


The world is waking up. The comfort we found in the discomforts we have all been experiencing is just not working anymore.


What do I mean by this?


There’s a level of comfort that comes with choosing to look the other way when it comes to things that may compromise our well-being. But by looking the other way, we have allowed a select few to make decisions for us all, regarding how we experience our lives.


This has GREATLY compromised our well-being, and now there is no longer any false comfort to be found in giving our power away. This is actually a clear indicator that a powerful breakthrough IS happening, and that nothing can stop the shift that’s unfolding.


The Rectification


As we move forward, many things will be rectified in our lives and in the world that once felt to be going in the opposite direction from what we desired.


You see, we’re in a time of instant manifestation, where there is abundant opportunity for things to turn around quickly for the greater good of all.


In our personal lives, we may see this rectification show up in a relationship, a career opportunity, or simply a shift in our awareness. And in the world at large, we can pretty much see it everywhere.


Each one of us has the ability to support the rectification process and actually help it move along more quickly. We do this is by uniting together consistently, through group meditation, intention and prayer.


There’s something very powerful that occurs when two or more gather in love. In fact, during the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, millions of people around the world came together at the same time and visualized the world uniting as one family.


Soon after, the Berlin Wall came down, as the consciousness of humanity began rising.


A global love gathering is happening again. This time it’s even larger, and will continue to grow and grow, until it simply cannot be brushed aside any longer.


Nothing can hold us back now, or move us in a direction that is not aligned with the natural flow of life. That’s why the world has begun to feel so different.


On October 23rd, we will move through a Partial Solar Eclipse, which promotes big personal and planetary transformations.


This eclipse will be supporting us by anchoring a deeper sense of spiritual awareness. Around this time, we may find ourselves wanting to spend more time in nature, meditation, prayer or inner reflection, practicing yoga or acts of kindness, or similar spiritual practices.


This is a time of great shifts and rising awareness for both Earth and humanity. There is a phrase you may be hearing increasingly now, as we journey through these amazing changes: “We will do this together, and we will do it with love.”


As always, take good care my friend, and know that we are all in this together.


Till next time, Miraculously yours,


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Maria Khalife – Listening in Relationships

Listening to Show Attention and Love

Maria Khalife   –   Listening to Show Attention and Love

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia

Are you so busy with the things you merely do, that you find yourself not actively listening to the folks around you? Have there been communication breakdowns between you and them? If you’d like to increase the fluidity of the relationship between you, have you ever thought that paying attention to them through listening could be one of the best methods? 

Listening is Different than Hearing

When you hear something, it’s merely the passing through your ear’s receptors and requires nothing from you to occur. Listening on the other hand, requires your focus and that makes it very different from hearing.

Everyone leads busy lives, and part of each one’s day involves the inter juggling of all the tasks they want to accomplish in a day. When that mental juggling is taking place, and the demands of the job, plus the kids tugging at you, it’s hard to release what you are doing internally and point your complete attention to them. Unless you’ve specifically asked them not to disturb you, they deserve your focused attention.

Being alive involves a lot of giving, so, setting aside what you want to do to give the people in your life unconditional focus through listening comes along with simply being alive.

Let’s Go For A Walk – Dream A Little Dream Of You


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