LISA GAWLES – New Rules, New Potentials and Actionable Outcomes… or Not! – 6-16-15


Lisa Gawles

Before I share the wonders and weirdness of yesterday, I have to share the extreme weirdness of just waking up this morning and I am not even sure how to do that, but it is so relevant I have to figure a coherent way to say it.  As I was waking up this morning my soul must have made absolutely sure I had the consciousness that something was seriously different now.  Like my entire reality was no longer where I was… not that I couldn’t orient myself to where I was… ya know like when you wake up in a hotel or someone else’s home and your brain takes a moment to connect with where you are at since you are not in your usual place and for a second you cannot figure out where you are at.  Well this morning, for that brief moment, it was the knowing I am no longer in the same reality I was in yesterday… same environment, different reality which came with a tinge of excitement.  As I opened my eyes, that feeling faded as fast as it came and yet, I could feel some part of me trying to hold onto it, remember it and be sure to share it.  So, I have shared what I was able to hold and I think I am still pretty excited!! lol

But now, lets back up to yesterday amazing weirdness!!  First, I was so excited that I had 5 readings scheduled in this day… Until I placed the majority of my focus in May and June to the super powers classes and homework reviews, I never took a moment to realize the enormity of how important doing at least 4-5 readings a day is to the bigger, quickly changing/evolving picture we are living is for understanding.  But then again, these two months of super powers focus and watching…. witnessing the amazing evolution of the people working this program diligently within their days.. lives are changing and because of that… life has changed!!  Obviously, we took a reality jump into a newer version of earth overnight.

Before I get into the amazingness of the readings, let me start with the weirdness first.  Of the 5 readings on my dance card, my 2nd as well as my 3rd reading was MIA.  I called them both twice, emailed them and nuttin.  One MIA on occasion happens, two in a row had me checking my own calendar reality.  Am I on the right day and date, did my calendar take another quantum leap elsewhere…  I could feel my inner panic like maybe I was lost in time…  However, as my second appt didn’t show up, my windshield guy did.  Yay, no rain in the sky means I can finally get that now 20 inch crack across the driver’s side of my windshield, replaced.  With his arrival there was something ominous in the air… I really couldn’t quite put my finger on it except to think well now, I will have a brand new window to see thru.  Truly, the readings are genuinely starting to reflect that.  I will get to that…

Four and a half hours later, my new shiny, clear windshield installed, again I felt this weird excitement, like life is reflecting something amazing.  It was 2:15 when I gave him his check for his hard work and I was getting ready to do one of the three homework sessions I had scheduled for the rest of the afternoon when suddenly the internet and phones went down.  What the hell??  There is no storm happening… maybe there is a storm in Jemez Springs heading our way… I paced, knowing I have a 2:30 and now no way of connecting with her or telling her why I am not there.  I cannot even drive my car to the Pueblo to get a cell signal, the glue is drying and I am grounded until morning.

Two hours of zero internet or phone and I decided to check with my landlady, is she having the same problem?  As I was heading next door, another lady from next door to my landlady was heading to the same place for the same reason… it seems the Jemez lost its internet and phone connections and no one knows why.  Dammit.

I became MIA for all three remaining appointments on my schedule.  This is just flipping weird!!  Four and a half hours later… phone and internet came back on for about 5 minutes, long enough for me to send out emails and post on facebook… and it then went down again for another 50 minutes.

I have to pay attention to all the details, all the reflections that happened yesterday… now lets incorporate the messages of the readings thru it all.

My first lady of the day, how stunning, how confusing!!  We are finally all on flat land again, no more clouds, no more uphill reading and a living potential that just makes my heart skip a beat!!  Directly in front of my beautiful lady were there series of strings, perfectly spaced above each other about 3 inches apart that went up easily 10-15 feet from the ground (again, going to scale of my vision.)  Each string that stretched in-front of her from west to east (she was facing north/future) were made multicolored energy that was in constant movement.  Its only this morning that I realized that the movement of the colors is life’s energy’s way of showing, it is alive too.

As I was trying to understand what these strings mean to her, I got a connection with a grand piano and the way the strings from the keys are strung perfectly.  But instead of making music, they were there waiting for her to weave her desires into them, like weaving a basket I suppose.  But she wasn’t weaving anything and I watched as her strings went from stretched out west to east, to creating a backwards C shape surrounding her, then back to straight across her field and then back to C again… as if her life’s magic was saying…  come on… use me!!

Then she asked a question about her adult child (she’s 23) and the most interesting information came thru… There my lady is, in the new amazing fully energized world of creation/Shambhala/heaven on earth (pick a description) and behind her about 10 feet, with backs turned toward each other, is her daughter.  Her daughters energy field is just tense, fists clinched, lower lip stuck out and pouty, and arms tight across her chest.  I have read for her daughter last year, so I am understanding this position.  But what came thru this visual of information was stunning…

It was explained the only reason I am seeing her daughter in this new earth is because of her mothers placement within it.  Even tho they do not live together, when her daughter connects to her mom it has to be in this new world, of which, the daughters energy field (still going thru lessons and growth) is not aligned to it or able to sustain itself here at this moment.  Mom is at a massive choice point (change that to evolutionary leap) with her life and of course, daughter being the catalyst.  One of the choices was to allow daughter to come back home… and again, what I could see was stunning and relevant to anyone in a similar position with those you love and care for (doesn’t have to be a child, but in this instance, it is.)

My lady has created a field of life in her home that is completely resonant with the new earth, an energy system of purity, of love, of genuine christed energy.  This space cannot and will not hold the still in density energy system of her daughter, it would literally push her out.  Equally, her daughter couldn’t handle the energy either and would be in total melt down over and over again.

So my lady, have several choices all heaped up at once with her daughter, was struggle with best option.  Her team said this is for her to choose and they cannot help her choose in this moment.  Huge choice points are like that.  However, it was highly suggested she stop thinking about all the choices and where they could lead and what to do and how it may affect her daughter.  Her team said, you MUST focus on your own creation, your own building of the new life in the new world and go into meditation, connect with yourself, give yourself permission to make a choice regardless of what the daughters possible emotional position and eventual outcome is… and the moment you come out of meditation, the right choice will be there, don’t analyze it, just put it into motion.  The moment that information was released and my lovely lady took the information in as a real potential… instantly I could see her weaving a thread of creation into her strings in front of her.

This is a huge insight really.  Those that may be living in a chaotic environment (home, relationship, whatever) until you clean house and allow the fullness of this world to Be a part of you… well, lets just say you will find yourself at a never-ending choice point… unable to go back and still unable to move forward.

My fourth turned second lady on the field was such an amazing compliment to my first one.  There she was, four lines of movement forward, all different experiences, all happening under her feet.  I could feel the flow of energy moving forward thru each line laid on the ground before her.  One strange thing started happening tho, the line connecting to her outer most left side (physical life) had this bizarre energy that kept attempting to push her back from her forward movement.  I was a little confused because this energy was violet and blue… what I see as the christed energy… and then it kept shift to the image of a wall then a human… a human wall??  Someone pushing back on her desires, her pathway already put into motion… sure enough, she knew instantly what that was representing… her husband.  And yet, she is doing things anwayz represented by the other three lines of energy sprawled out into her right field (emotional/spiritual side.)  To get to the point, she is facing every fear and pushing thru it all, going on a 3 month spiritual journey in Brazil, meeting with john of god and doing ceremonies…. Life changing, in-powering on all levels.  Opening flood waters of high intensity, seriously magnetic evolution to encompass every part of her Being… regardless of who approves or doesn’t!!  Its already underway, we got time lines, information that she confirmed.  I felt like a psychic again!! lol  Not that I don’t, but it is so nice when we get dates and information and stuff.  But I so realized too… now that we are fully creator Beings… once we put energy into motion, I can swim fluidly in the sea/see of visuals and outcomes… but if you are standing still… so is the reflection of life itself.

Now let me jump to my last lady of the day.  She was flipping bizarre too.  I swear she had a punching bag that I couldn’t see, in front of her and her arms were punching the air like crazy.  This amazing white/silver energy just releasing and releasing with each fast punch outwards into the air.  I couldn’t get a straight handle on what I was seeing… her team used both analogies that I assumed was an “either/or” scenario, not a both at the same time scenario.  I kept hear, on top of each other: “fighting for something” and “fighting against something.”  Which one is it… she was lost and had no idea.  Dammit!!  We eventually got clear tho… phew!!  This too is soooo important for everyone aligned to this new, amazing earth!!  So i will just summarize her information for everyone to apply, if they so desire.

There is a whole new energy system (from her soul level) fighting to come out, get some legs in this new world.  She is fighting to do what she has always done in the same way.  Even tho her clientele started to retreat (her souls doing)…  she explained that she does facials and raindrop therapy and did some sort of pleiadian workshop recently.  With that suddenly her dude from the Pleiades aligned himself in my field of vision in what I now understand represented “the background.”  He was in the back field of her field of life.  He explained that energy that I am seeing her “fight” is the new energy already releasing itself thru her… but not in a new way.  Our job is to understand these new super powers and how to use them in our therapies and life expressions.  What I found incredibly interesting, in reference to her use of the raindrop therapy… that therapy does not match her vibration any longer.  She needs to really understand the new use of oils and rename what will come thru her and her Pleiadian dude and maybe even rename it to pleiadian therapy lol.

Now to bring this all back to my odd morning waking today… Spirit had said earlier this month the solstice energy will start to assimilate within our entire construct 5 days before and 5 days after… That starts today… an 11 day enormous process of fullness and christed energy alive in us, thru us and the field of life we live upon… as long as we are not overlapping with chaos restrictions in our environment and LIVING the new in all ways.

On that note, I am going am going to close, I have a ton of emails to try and get to before my 1st reading in an hour.

Thank you soooooo very much for the gift of your faith, your trust, your wisdom not only upon my heart, but the hearts of all who will read your wisdom and experience You in the world!!  I love you!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of abundant joy that takes no shit!!  (smile, wink)

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Extraordinary Presence of the Unified You – 6-13-15


Lisa Gawles

Have I said how grateful I am that you are in my life, in my world.  You enrich me more than you will probably ever realize.  Your questions, your desires, hell, even your challenges brings information…. wisdom, to the fore.  When it comes to the field of life itself, I do not see like I see when we are together.  My own personal meditations are nothing like when we are in a reading.  The field of life comes alive in a way only you can provide and I just have to say thank you for your brilliance, for your own desires that allow the rest of us to understand ourselves more.  I love you madly!!!

Again, I only had two people on the reading field yesterday, but what an amazing view and understanding it was.

I want to celebrate the fact we are back on flat land readings!!  YAY!!!  Reading on a half circle (half earth planet) is just… well… bizarre and truly limiting in the inflow of information.  But then again, it was all brand new and we needed to really anchor in our seeds of desire.

My first lady opened up and the rather large beam of blue-violet energy that went upwards in a 90 degree angle was stunning.  I am not sure where it went up to, it just kept going up as far as my eyes could see.  Her team explained this is the energy of the ascended master in body and this where the breath of Life happens for her.

Actually, this is putting so much more understanding in relationship to two aspects of the super powers course.  I fully am realizing that my team had no wanted me to share much of what is being learned/remembered thru that course because I simply go with the intake (information via the hypnosis sessions) flow and get to witness the wonder of those practicing it all.  However, I am really really understanding a much larger view, piece by piece now.

In the first session, we learn to reverse anchor, meaning we take in the fullness of mother earths loving power (as opposed to anchor into her, she anchors fully into us.)  In the second session, what spirit referred to as “soul mana” that comes in thru the crown, a full blend of heaven and earth, a complete and expanding power source within.  Which would open the gateway of your… hmmm…. not sure what to call it, for right now, I am hearing “point of creation,”  but like everything new… there is always so much more to it all.

On the ground in front of her were these interesting golden, pointy things that kinda reminded me of treadles that you drive over in parking lots and if you backed up, they would blow out your tires.  However, as I got to see how these things worked, it’s actually the opposite explosion.  Her team explained that these all represent the seeds of desire she brought forth and embedded in this earth, they have been germinated and these golden pointy things are equal to the sprouts of her desires.  Then I could see her putting her foot forward and stepping on several of them at once, and a massive release of energy came out of it…  very much like this:


Her team called what was being released is “atomic energy.”

I will leave all that there, for now and fast forward to my 2nd and last lady on the field.  About 10 minutes before our session I was starting to see this blue-violet band of energy around her… well… I was pretty sure it was her.  This band of energy was from chest to abdomen and about 3 feet in circumference around her.  Imagine my surprise when she showed up for her reading and I couldn’t see anything except massive cloud energy everywhere.  I was dumbfounded and figured it must not have been her I had pre-seen.  She then explained to me she is doing a 3 week course to release stuff emotionally from her body.  Ahhhhh  that’s why I cannot see, she stepped into massive change and until she is done, there is nothing that I am able to see.

It was only much later in the day that I understood that band of energy was indeed hers and is holding the field around her as she processes whatever she is going thru.

Now, let me change the subject before I close.  I was doing a homework session with a beautiful man in the Mays course and something came thru his challenges that I never looked at before, not in this way anywayz.

We are actually doing two things simultaneously, if we are so desiring.  We are teaching our physical eyes to see faster than they usually do.  Light, spirit, whatever vibrates at a much faster speed than the mundane, light frozen energy we see as our material world.  So to see beyond that, we have to practice seeing energy that vibrates faster, than we ever did before.

Equally, our souls eyes already sees at the speed of light and then some.  When we are practicing moving our conscious to other realms of existence, we are equally learning to slow our souls vision field down so it can see the world of matter like its human does.

Thru both of these exercises, we are equally learning to merge both aspects of our field of vision at will, all-ways.

I had no flipping clue about that… and just ate that understanding up with a spoon.  I hope you do too!!

I know there is more to share, but my day is already underway.  So until tomorrow, have an explosive, atomic, life changing day today!!!

I love you all so much and thank you from the depths of my soul for Being You and trusting me the way you do!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to All!!!


Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Passion and Strength of Love You-Niting!

GodGoddessMeruLisa Gawles

Boy am I learning the lesson of how important it is to see more than one or two puzzle pieces a day, especially when everything is so brand new.  At the same time tho, I am witnessing a about 40 people delve into their energy streams and accessing their super powers, bringing them out, seeing how incredibly magical and powerful they are.  The first group, May’s class, have been divided up into small groups according to their likeness of super powers and holy heavens and worlds are changing!!  So all of my focus, my appointment times for May and June have been within the classes, the astounding skills being brought to the fore!!  So the inner workings of all this, I get!!  Now whats unfolding thru the readings… I’m still on the puzzled side.

The last reading on the 8th and the only one yesterday both presented a similar color scheme of something I am just barely understanding.  My lady on the 8th had what looked like a monkey bar, or maybe a curved ladder directly in front of her made of variations of blue and violet energy.  Altho the construct was made of energy, there was equally a solidness to it.  I watched her as she climbed up and under the arch of the ladder, which arched behind her and the backside was only halfway to the ground… think upside down J.  She was hanging on to the last rung facing forward.  Her team was quite tight-lipped about whatever any of this means.  There are times in a reading the silence is incredibly loud… like they are amplifying the silence and of course, I go into meltdown mode… why show us, with vivid clarity an image and zero explanation of what it is????  There are some parts of spirits madness I will never understand.  I rescheduled her.

Yesterday, geez Louise!!  An image of this giant blue and violet thing… almost monster like… or maybe, hulk on steroids… was in front of my lady, both facing each other and in a position that I was sure if he was going to grab her or hug her.  The energy coming from it all was intense and actually quite loving, beautiful.  It’s the position and form (he hadda be like 10-15 feet tall and quite wide too) that kinda took me by surprise.  It took a long minute, but her team finally started to explain things, at least a little bit.

This violet and blue energy system I am seeing is what I am seeing as your divine masculine, the creator god that is you.  Her team made sure to tell my lady this is not a separate energy from her, but for me to actually make sense of what I am seeing, it has to look like it is, otherwise I will be more confused than I already am!!  So the position I see her HUGE divine masculine in is in the position of hugging… but not yet.  Then I seen her physical body, her eyes especially looking up at him with this tremendous love, I could feel the presence of that love energy moving from her eyes up to his looming embrace.  Her eyes were interesting tho, fully dilated so they looked like big black irises.  Her team explained that she was taking in tremendous Light form this gaze.

This is how we create, the love of the divine feminine, Light engorged and the embrace of the divine masculine, making solid what is longed for in the heart.  If there is nothing longed for, it is held there as potential until the spark of desire sets everything into motion/creation.  But it must be from the heart and NOT the mind.

Which gives me some understanding from my arched ladder lady the day prior.  There is something she has set into form from the heart of her desire, it is almost here… but not quite yet.  Time and place is everything.  Seeing her hang onto the bottom rung of the upside down J, I kept saying to her she is dangling in mid-air, her team kept correcting me and said she is holding on to the energy.  Now I get it.  Yes, creation can and often does happen instantly, but we are still on a place called the material plane and everything that shows up affects us somehow.  Right time, right place is as crucial now as it ever has been.

Ohhhh and a little more insight.  The physical body… ummm…. YOU would have to be the dreamer, the divine feminine taking in the love of Source, Creator, Your Divine Masculine.  The holy matrimony of fertility, of creation itself.

Well, that’s all for today.  I only have one reading on my dance card today… lets see if she adds more to the ongoing wonder called June!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of creator love to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – As Above, So Below = Now Within – 6-8-15

as_above_so_below_by_louizart Lisa Gawles   –   As Above, So Below = Now Within

Well, it sure seems a lot of folks have been given a heads up about earthy things to come.  So many have shared their own dreams and meditations around very similar things.  One thing’s for sure, just like all the energetic changes happening topside, mama uses a lot of messengers to get the word out about what is happening or about to happen from within too.

I actually did a meditation that very same morning I woke up with the CNN channel playing in my dreamtime all night, to see if I could get more information on any of it, I got more than I bargained for.

What I was shown on the earth level is the san Andreas fault running thru California, also, a body of water I am not completely sure the where of, I will explain in a moment, then the two volcano’s I dreamt about.  Important to note (since I am hearing it lol) is that water/emotions are the element all Life springs forth from.  Spirit explained the way the energy is being shown to me like a Y chromosome (their words exactly.)  The San Andreas fault line would be like the bottom or straight line of the Y, there is a body of water between the two volcanos that transmits an electrical charge to the top two lines of the Y, if I am understanding what I had seen first, the line on the top left of the Y gets hit first, then activates the other side of the Y.  At first I thought the body of water was between the two volcanos, now, I am not 100% sure, someone shared information about Crater Lake in Oregon that may very well be the body of water between the two, especially after I googled the alignment and found this (can I just say, I am truly geographically stupid!! lol)


What I found interesting about the use of the Y chromosome analogy from my meditation is spirit was talking about the masculine/creator energy being fully released to the new earth thru these channels… volcanos.  Then I got a full on surprise when my team switched my view to the sky and explained what is happening above us, again staying with the Y chromosome energy, they showed the right side of the top of the Y aligned directly with the Pleiades, the left side with Sirius and the lower part of the Y being the alignment to earth.  Full on creator energy above and below and coming thru the Humans fully aligned (clear within) with the two systems.

What all this means to us… I suppose we shall see.  I do want to add a link in here that was just emailed to me as I am typing this out about a Super volcano now steaming in Indonesia:

I have only had one reading since that dream, and her reading was very interesting.  The way I have been seeing the new earth, June’s earth energy has been consistently like the blue-white image of earth we see from space.  On the 6th, it changed a bit.  No more blue was visible in her reading, instead it was all white, cloud like energy that she was poking up out of.  Directly from the Center sun was a wide beam of golden energy rays engorging her entire abdomen, filling her (I now realize) with the Y chromosome energy I had seen via the Pleiades and Sirius… (Be perfectly clear, this has nothing to do with boy/girl, man/woman at all.  It has everything to do with the system called Divine Feminine (which she had to be the foundation that the DIvine Masculine Pours into) and the Divine Masculine.  Dreamer and Creator energy in one singular vessel (the cleared human.)

Altho I couldn’t see below the surface of the cloud energy in her reading, her team was kind enough to move what was happening under all those clouds into my kitchen, to my left (physical life) for understanding.  All I could relate what I was seeing is to the transformer toys, in the midst of changing from one form to another.  Perhaps… from half an equation to a whole equation…. Super In-Powered!!

Actually, I just became vividly reminded of something that was given thru the Superpowers course, aligning directly with the full Creation power of Gaia via a power rock and actually a reversal of energies.  We have been so accustomed to sending Gaia energy, anchoring in energies like she isn’t the first one to receive them herself… and now we are anchoring to her true, loving, power.  In another session, we anchor the fullness of source energy into us… we are the Living Conduit of creation in body.  But of course!!  As Above, As Below = NOW Within us, if we allow it!!

I think yesterday that above energy musta ran thru me.  OMG I woke up with such a massive all around neck ache that moved into the very base of my skull and started to create a movement of energy around my brain, circular and creating light spins off and on with that wonderful thing called nausea… can I say holy flipping headache batman!!  By mid-day the energy created a palpable lump/sore spot direct on my Xiphoid Process of the Sternum… ouchies!!  As the day progressed (or is that digressed lol) OHHHHHH the bowels… holy heavens!!  I find the stomach itself interesting, it gets nauseous when the head spins or hurts like hell, it gets nauseous when the bowels are in movement, contracting and expanding.  I was up until about mid-night, then it all went away just like that.  This morning, other than being tired from staying up to late… my body is back to its perfect self.

I have decided, I really need more than one or two readings a day to figure out the larger picture of what is happening thru June.  It really is amazing how vital the daily puzzle pieces are to a clearer picture the next day.  I finally cleaned up my June calendar and there is now plenty of space of new readings.  So I am offering a Pre-Solstice Special!!

On that note… Have an amazing day, I love you soooooooooo much!!!

((((HUGZ))))) of Inner Power and Outer Creation to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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raw stuff!!

LISA GAWLES – From My Dreamtime – Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainiers Release Potential – 6-7-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 6, 2015

What an odd night in sleep time last night.  I felt like I was in the midst of the CNN news alert all night long, to the point of having woke up several times, once to go potty and several other times because the news alerts were overwhelming me and falling right back into the same dream state over and over, as if I had to remember the details of what I was seeing.  Now, it is unforgettable.

In my dream, I was sitting on my couch (current time) watching a CNN news alert (haven’t done that in years) with the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen announcing seismic activity happening at Mount St. Helen and the looming eruption they were all watching and waiting to happen.  Then, they got all flustered because a new report came in that was talking about new activity at Lake Rainier or beneath a lake near Mount Rainier and that area was put on alert for potential volcanic eruption.

I am not a dreamer at all, never have been.  But I have got to pay vivid attention to a series of alerts in my dream time, that happened all night long.  Even when I woke up for the day, the push on my energy field was to talk about this dream…. so here I am.

Of course, I also had to google lake or mount Rainier, I am familiar with Mt. St. Helens, but never heard of the other, so I was astounded that it too, is in the state of Washington.

In one of the news segments in my dream, Wolf Blitzer was talking about the last time any sort of eruption happened or had the potential of happening was 17 years ago, which would be 1998.  I vividly remember the 17 in the ticker scroll I cannot remember which one he was talking about, I am pretty sure it was Mt St. Helens tho.   So back to handy-dandy google to see what happened in 1998 and I found a national geographic story talking about Mt. St. Helens and a quote I will put here from that time line:  “We had magma come up to shallow levels in 1998, but it didn’t reach the surface,” Pierson said.

We all know as earth shifted and released tremendous dormant energy for all of us to use in this time thru May, I have a feeling there are people, probably many groups of people trying to stabilize or stop the seismic activity because they truly don’t understand its incredible value.  But if we can look at it like a human body, if we had to fart really bad and someone kept plugging up the release valve, chances are we are going to start vomiting like crazy… out one exit or the other.  Either way, this energy MUST come topside.  It is vital to the evolution of life and the well-being of our mother, even if it appears opposite.

After I completely woke up, got my coffee and sat here at my laptop, I was starting to change my mind about sharing this.  I like the happy, exciting things shared, not… well, what could end up being devastating and completely out of our control to talk about.  But I was reminded quite vividly about several meditations I have had in the past, not seeing the connection or value in those moments… coming out of a meditation with 3rd degree burns on my right foot and ankle only to find out hours later a volcano erupted in the Congo or being in meditation feeling like I am in the middle of an earthquake only to find one happened in Iran and other times too I have forgotten the outside connection, these two are etched in my memory banks tho.

So when my team uses my entire sleep time like a CNN news alert… gotta pay attention and share.  So… consider this dreamtime news alert, shared.  Ok I gotta giggle tho… Wolf Blitzer… really???  lol

I am going to leave this here with something I am hearing from spirit… “Destruction and Creation are one and the same energy.”  Think about actual child birth… holy heavens the destruction of the vagina (Yes, I can say it loud and proud, but I LOVE the sing-song phrase of the va-jay-jay 😉 just sayin’.)  The blood, the mucus, the tearing of the vaginal walls, the stretching OMG the stretching and new life comes thru.

Honor thy mother, please don’t plug her up or try to send the energy back.

This has been a public service announcement! (smile)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Life ever emerging!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Blue White Earth of June – Incoming Solstice Energy – 6-5-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 4, 2015


Well happy June everyone!!  Now granted, I only have two readings under my belt of understandings this month… but man oh man, what a view it is!!  What an absolute wonderful expression of NEW it is.  Fist, my two ladies that I read on June 1st were both virgins upon my field, which to me, was a huge statement of what we can anticipate from this energy system called June… new things.  Beautiful things.  Crazy things.

Before I even started my first reading of the day, I was filled with performance anxiety.  It had been since May 18th the last time I read for anyone and with all my voice has been thru, I prayed that I would be able to see and understand for these two precious ladies upon my schedule.  I sat facing the back yard, trying my antenna to make sure it would pick up the field.  I was shocked to see the magnetic poke that is the solstice coming up the third week of June… the fact that I was seeing it wasn’t what shocked me, but what it was doing…

For the last several years now, the solstices and equinoxes played an important part of everyone’s energy fields, always by amplifying whatever they were focused on, outwards.  So there is an expansion or out breath of energy around these 4 points in our year.  When I seen the magnetic pole of this coming solstice, I was so surprised to see it taking in highly magnetic energy from the sky, into itself.  What it felt like was condensing all the in coming energy to a single point (the magnetic pole of the solstice)… what that fully means to us, I do not know yet.

Last month,thru several of the readings, I kept seeing the energy of June, the earth presenting itself in June as the beautiful blue and white marble we see when earth is photographed from space:


With its expression this way, all I kept feeling was new, pristine, beautiful, filled with potential. So I was so very excited to see earth looking exactly like this thru both of the readings.

My first lady, when her reading opened, she was standing on I guess what I can call a platform denoting the entrance into June and the entrance into this full on version of earth.  What I found so interesting was at her feet there was an emerging fissure in the earth.  This fissure was trimmed in gold energy (high spiritual vibration opening at her feet) was about 4 inches across at her feet and thinned down to a single point about 3-4 feet out from her.

Instantly I was reminded of all the serious earthquakes happening in the Month of May, earth releasing long-held energy from her depths topside, from the soul of Gaia to the heart of those aligned with her wonder… to use, to create with and play within.

Both of my ladies had an immediate energy system at the ground that denoted something happening, coming together in about 3-4 days.  Which would put this entrance into June’s full energy spectrum about June 5th.  Much to my very happy surprise, both teams, my first and second readings, they were very clear about why the initial golden energy I was seeing at the ground was the length it was… they said it was denoting our perception of time… 3-4 days of time.  Then it was like… blast off!!

My second lady, her team went on to say she will be suddenly taken off her center path forward, and her path bent deeply to the left (physical life) and they said she will be going into the higher elevations and I could see her standing on what I can only call a cloud bank about 3 feet off the ground.  I had to smile when my lady said, in a few days she was going to Colorado (she lives in Alabama) for about 10 days.  Well!!  That is a literal raise in elevation and so purposeful for her in this current time.

The one thing for sure… there is a lot of magic about to dance around as creative manifestations for those who not only see their earth as new and whole and magical… but who see themselves that way too!!!

Yesterday, I had an early morning dentist appointment and woke up late and didn’t have the time to put out a sharing and really, just didn’t feel like it either.  For a moment, I couldn’t understand why, I was so excited to share the energy of the readings I had the day before… but, I just couldn’t park my butt in front of the computer to type.

When I got in my car to head to the dentist… I was shocked at what I had seen:


My windshield suddenly had a crack that started at the base of the windshield on the left moving upwards to the right.  Where the hell did that come from??  It wasn’t there when I drove my car a few days ago.  Suddenly I was right back in my first lady’s reading, remembering the opening of the earth to release new energy to her to enhance her June experience.

When you and I are in a reading, three elements come together to give us a larger view… my soul energy, your soul energy and the field itself.  If we look at my car’s windshield as the energy system I call the field… it is opening higher, BECAUSE we have opened to higher energies.  We have set something in motion that is now, unstoppable!!  Yay!!  Of course, I was straddling a fence of bitching to my team… ya know, you could have shown me this in meditation, you didn’t have to literally crack my windshield, my insurance better not go up when I get this fixed!!!  Hell!!  I don’t have time to get this fixed… grrrrrrrr!!!!

Ohhhhhhhh!!  I just got an understanding of that crazy solstice pole and why this sudden shift in direction with it!!!

Last week, my team helped me to (FINALLY) understand the bigger reason the incoming energies affect me in particular places.  This is true for everyone, not just me.  The only difference is, the incoming energies may have been affecting you in different places.  Let me ‘splain:

First, the incoming energies started in earnest in 2000, all leading up to this particular point of our evolution.  The first major wave of energy that came thru was to clear the way for Source energy to move in.  For me personally, once I really got a handle on the adventures within my bathtub, OMG the headaches I would get!!  Almost always in relationship to the sun doing its thing, whether it be flares or CMEs or even just solar winds blowing out of its coronal holes…

The way it was explained to me by my team, the clearing within our human vessel to allow the Presence of the Presence to fully partner with us, as us, was a long and intense process.  15 years to be exact.  Clear, enhance, clear, enhance.  The clearing meant… moving completely out of judgement, out of conditional love, out of expectation, embodying trust in what was/is coming thru your energy system.  Obviously so big an energy it took all of us 15 years to fully embed this thing I call God into our fullness!!

If one place within our body was bad enough, as we moved along, another part of our biology started to get hit… for me personally, it was the deep chest colds.  OMG… it all had me questioning whether this bathtub odyssey was even worth it.  Until I took to meditation, I never even so much as got a cold… now I have massive headaches with bouts of intense chest colds…

That was spirit moving in to its place of power.  Yup these chest colds started happening in earnest after my kundalini integration.

Of course, looking back… if you were able to see what my physical body looked like before this path, I was probably equivalent to a burnt piece of charcoal.  Dysfunctional, closed down in all energy centers and I needed tons of dynamite to break thru and open myself up.  Which I got, over and over again, for the first 8 solid years of this path.  So it was explained to me that this second onset of consistent symptoms was the soul moving into its power position in the body to be the Living Will of my life.

For me, all these “symptoms” seemed to calm way way down as I learned to step out and expand into my emerging skill set and perfect them… until 2013 hit.  Hit… more like toppled me over the cliff!!

Instead of getting just a chest cold, the lungs decided to chime in with asthma like attacks… but then, all of a sudden, I was blowing my voice out of my throat from all the coughing (this set in 2014, the constant puberty lol.)

So again, as it was recently explained to me, the voice, which is completely run by the air in the lungs… is I guess we can all it my creation tool.  The higher the vibration became within, the more my lungs had to adjust to the air itself, the more my larynx had to adjust to the use of the new air and if I speak it, its already on its way back to me.

So if you look back at your own self… the first place these intense clearing energies started to hit you most from 2000 forward, would be the very place source set itself up as one of the pulleys (if you will) of your creation system.  The second place that started to get tweaked (to put it kindly) is the soul center as it works its pulley system with the source energy.  The most recent third place is your creation release or manifestation release of energy.

So three places within you, you can say is the Source/Soul/Physicality connections, drawing energy from the whole of the body to produce the manifestation/creation in your energy field.

Then, something really odd, if not totally random started happening a few months back.  I never really noticed the why of it until this past week.  I think we all have had such bizarre happenings in and thru our bodies, it’s just easy to assume…. it’s just energy.  But there is one other thing that is important to define/understand.

For me personally, out of the clear blue and what seemed like really random times, suddenly my root chakra would start to vibrate like crazy!  What the hell…?  Because of my work schedule, I really didn’t take the time to notice anything particular happening in my world until this week.  One day  last week, I had an unexpected large bill take $100 out of my very delicate financial situation and was in the midst of an inner melt down and telling the universe, this has got to be replaced somehow.  Then, my root chakra started vibrating quite intensely for about 30 minutes and an angel sent a donation of $100 out of the blue.  My vibration stopped as soon as it came in.  Wow… was that a coincidence??  If it was, it sure was a very strong one!!  The next day, same thing started to happen, my root chakra went into holy vibration mode, 5 minutes later, in came a donation!!  Phew… bills got paid… yay!!  And that is when I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the incoming energy place within my body.  What we send out in desire has a target area in its return.  Pay attention and see where your creational energy shows back up in your body… then know, KNOW something important is arriving in your created world, soon!!

Now let’s go back to the magnetic pole of the solstice.  Most of this sharing I wrote yesterday morning, then my schedule snowballed and I didn’t have time to come back and finish it, so I am finishing it up today.  I had one reading yesterday and she really gave us a clearer understanding of the new way I am seeing the solstice energy…. incoming!!

She had what looked like that magnetic pole of energy I call the solstice shoved into the beautiful blue and white earth, only it was I guess what we could think of as a shadow version of the solstice pole…. where the inflow of energy coming in already via the solstice is set up in your personal field of creation for use and adjusting to.  This lady was at the very top of her deep golden magnetic pole curled up in what I keep thinking looked like a new years eve party favor:


The curly cue part of her pole that was wrapped around her body and kept her body horizontal to the ground was a thin gold thingie of energy.  Then I would watch her unwide outwards, contract inwards, outwards, inwards.  Roll out about 3-4 feet, roll in… roll out… roll in.  What the hell??

What her team explained is she is drawing in the energy from the solstice, expanding her DNA codes within, spreading it outwards to the new fields of June/Earth and the rolling in, would be the contracting, solidifying her desires, the energy she has put into desired motion to be experienced.  I did everything I knew how to get her beyond her party favor image and her team kept saying nope.  What we have in store for us is HUGE, exciting if not completely threaded with the bizarre… unexpected things moving into our realities that her team said, I couldn’t understand yet even if they showed me.  Alright then!!

Now, if you think about the enormity of all this… and the reason I see the earth as that beautiful blue/white pristine thing… it is fully and absolutely cleared for all creation to come play, dance and experience within her energy fields as she has always been meant to be experienced in these times.  However to experience her in this way, you must always not only SEE her in this way, but feel her… AND YOURSELF in this way.  Clear, pristine, aligned so deeply with creator-source/soul/physicality that all of life has become your living playground to enjoy, to manifest to LIVE the fullness of Shambhala on all levels.

Party on!!!

On that note, my day begins again!!  I love you all so very very much!!  Thank you for doing all you have done to allow this most magical time to Be Here Now!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of love, bliss and dreams made manifest thru you!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Enormity – Phew Baby Even! – 5-31-15

Amazing_UFO_opening_Stargate_Portal_in_the_Sky__167788By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy

May 30, 2015

There are so many fragments of information/understanding floating about my crazy consciousness and I am sitting here trying to capture them to put them into a coherent story, not so easy.  So if today’s sharing seems erratic, well…

I think the easiest way to start is to share my experience at the ENTs (ears, nose, throat specialist) yesterday.  I had the pure privilege (NOT) of getting a camera stuck up my nose and snaked down my throat to see what is happening with my larynx.

Of course, I did volunteer for this crazy, very unpleasant experience.  I wanted to rule out anything other than energy reconstruction happening in the voice box.  But spirit used the opportunity to give me/us a much larger understanding of this incredible, dynamic month of energy we call May.

Before my doc pulled that camera out of my throat, she had me count backwards from 69 and stopped me at 49.  The she had me say “eeeeeee” in the bass tones, then again in the treble tones, several times each.  Ya ever try and talk with something shoved down your throat, yeah the gag reflex works well… and it took every ounce of energy focus within myself to have it stop.  Holy sheez even!!!

The moment she started telling me what she had seen in my attempts to sound “eeeee” in either frequency, spirit gave me a package of information like I have never experienced before.  That was kinda kewl really.  My doc explained when I was sounding “eeeeee” in the lower register, my vocal chords came together perfectly which is why it was so much easier to actually sound the bass “eeeeee” but when it came to the higher registry, I was challenged to the depths of my lungs.  She explained that the vocal chords are flapping, but not coming together to create the treble sounds in my voice.  No wonder that on the days I do have some voice, I sound like Linda Blair in the Exorcist lol!!

As she was explaining all this, directly in front of my face, my team placed what looked like a wispy white cloud of energy packed with understanding and a song of course!!  Instantly I heard the wonderful Meghan Trainor singing the lyrics “It’s all about that bass, about that bass, about that bass… no treble.”  With the song clip came the memory and emerging information/understanding from my time with Kelly in the Raw (video show, which I will be doing again on June 18th.)

For a brief moment, on that show, we were talking about the various dimensions and what spirit calls the “bass” dimensions and the “treble” dimensions.  We (most especially… ME) have such a limited understanding of what dimensions really are, what is held in each of them and what for.  In a super teeny tiny understand came the info that in what spirit (lovingly) calls the bass (has nothing to do with what we think of as lower) is where the energy of “matter” resides.  Not as something tangible, but as something possible.

If we can think of it this way… Light cells start in the highest of frequencies and start to make their descent into the world of matter.  Each frequency it goes thru creates a density, if you will, usable energy, that creates potential into form.  As it lands in the bass frequencies, that is where we pull from to create… whatever.  Before any of these “Light cells” can come into creation as matter, they must be pulled in thru the human.

Lets put that on pause a moment and back up to March.  March is when a super large influx of these light cells started to be released en masse.  We all experienced March as a super electrical/energy month.  Every human on every version of earth was opening a brand new vat of energy to create with as we moved forward.  April started the choice points of how you/we would create our personal universe moving forward.  Meaning, the higher light cells started to take on energy in the denser quotients of light for use.  Which really gives me understanding as to why, for some people in reading land, we could actually see details of what was coming up for them, many others, were still transforming and deciding/planning at the deepest level of their Being.  All perfect for the unfolding….

Then we hit the crazy month of May.  Thru the first half of May, while I still had voice to use (smirk) thru several readings we started to see the energy potential of June, which really left me very confused.  Many multiple earths for some, one large pristine earth for others.  All stunning and radiant and without a single detail.  Instead, I seen these earths as if looking from above, most a beautiful blue and white, a few others blue white and green.  And most others no earths that I could see.  I had no freakin clue what it all meant.  Not like I do today!!!  With that said, or should I say, about to be said (smile) there is no such animal as better or not better, for the most part.

Moving into May, there was already a tremendous amount of “usable” energy to build and create with.  That is the area I had seen for years called the “West field”  Harvested energy of mastery, ready for use and creating with.  This is what was/has been/still being used to create those beautiful versions of earths I had glimpsed thru readings earlier this month.  Even the higher fields of light are forming in multidimensional landscapes… on purpose.  Now to try and make sense of what I am even talking about here (god if language doesn’t really suck) imagine you had a higher vision for your life forward… a job more in alignment with who you are now, a place to live, relationships… all that goes with the higher energies/desires of the mundane world (which is needed, just to make that very clear) is already forming with sudden twists and turns about to be played out as we move forward.  God forbid something should be just straight forward!!!

And then there are groups such as the one that formed around my world (and I knew we are not the only ones) that are busy poking holes in dimensions never accessed before, bringing thru light cells of potential that is going to take the human race and bring it all thru the roof of experience.  We have all imagined whether thru movies or our own inner spiritual amphitheater (mediation and/or dreams) what it would be like if we could just… (fill in the blank)

For me personally,  I wanted to be able to see the interdimensions that spirit keeps saying we exist within. I also want to know how to go into those dimensions and pull out a man and I just kept feeling like Bullwinkle:

I really did need a new hat lol.  The right hat.  But in order to have the right hat, I also needed a new energy system to pull from… inside and out.

And so the “Super Powers” group started to pull from their own dimensions, bringing incredible nuggets of experience, understanding, application and heaps upon heaps of quantum energy pouring into me with each Sundays, with each individual session being shared and gone over.  To the vast degree that on May 19th, my third session for the day was a super powers homework session… my ability to speak in any way was gone.  Completely gone.  The fact that I was able to talk for two sessions before and then suddenly… nothing, made me think… well shit, I have had 11 days now to think!! lol  and fully understand the enormity of it all.  Witnessing it all from my own Self, from the inside out.

Geez, did that above information create an avalanche within me.  There has been 4 hours since I typed out the last sentence above to this moment.  And I think I am just going to share my story as it unfolded with the revelations that has come with it all…

Before I even sat down to share this morning, I spent a good hour saying “hello” to myself, testing my voice to see if I could possibly keep any part of today’s agenda.  Not even a little bit.  So I broke down and sent a reschedule notice to everyone on my dance card today.  Not even 30 minutes after that, still testing my “hellos” I could hear myself again… OMG.  A lot of bass, breaks in the voice at the higher tones… but holy shit, I am becoming audible!!  YAY!  No doubt about it, today being day 11 in the quiet zone is also the grand finale and reboot of my whole system.

So, typing out the above sentence unleashed a lot of understanding and I just had to get up from the computer to process.  I do a lot of pacing when things are unfolding inside of me… and I paced right on over to the place where the humming-bird like bird appeared yesterday or was it the day before.  I also gotta mention (now remember lol) that is also the place I used to do my massage and the place I had seen the beautiful living Archangel Michael back in February (thru meditation mind you.)

So as I paced on over to their, suddenly I seen something come out of myself… a strange experience in itself, the form was that of a strange-looking lion.  Not the big maned type we are familiar with, instead it was a much shorter haired mane and was distinctly female and it was as if she merged out of me and took residence at my right side.

What the hell is that???????

Suddenly, I was reminded of the constellation Leo, which is my birth sign.  With that reminder came a full blown understanding of how all the constellations we are familiar with, that make up the zodiac, really got their origins.  I have always wondered cuz I have no clue how anyone can look at a set of stars and see something such as a lion from it.  I mean really… look at its layout:


There ain’t no freakin lion in there!!  However!!!!!  What was just revealed to me in this crazy ass long moment today is there really is what we would consider a stargate in that constellation, thru that stargate (and all 11 others) came Beings that formed its name and association that reigns in astrology.  With Leo itself, each ET had… geez, not a pet, but truly a power animal, but not really that either…. shit, the closest word we have that would truly resemble the energy of this animal would be Doppelganger, but in animal form.  Those that hailed from this stargate back in the day all had a creature with them that resembled our Lions… and a similar story rests with each one of the zodiac energies and how they became important as we evolved forward.

There is so much more to that, but I have no way to bring it all into understandable language… yet.  So I hear the call of the Mesa, and went down to the river.  I have my beach chair there and laid down on it with the back shifted up.  Suddenly my eyes were drawn to the right of me and in a fire pit pile there is the doll:


doll close up

How freakin strange… and why were my eyes pulled to it???

The next thing I know I hear the guardians say, come sit at the river and have a smoke with us.  Ok… I go over to my tree stump, light up a cigarette and have a smoke.  I suddenly started to feel a needle like something in my lower right bicep.  Hey!!  That hurts, I started looking for what could be poking me… nothing but soft brush.  Strange.  Then it happened again and then on my right back… hey!!!!  I came to have a smoke, not to get poked!!!  What the hell ya doing to me.

Then, what seems like out of no where and for no reason, the guardians started telling me about voodoo and its origins and that acupuncture actually evolved from the origins of voodoo.  Really??  Thats freakin weird!!  I need to know this…. why????

In our own interesting way, we are doing a voodoo acupuncture with what we call “the veil.”  We are opening energy systems for our own personal evolution and creation.  The needle is our heart.

Now, let me back up a crazy minute to a bath meditation I took the other day.  Keeping in mind, I have been wanting to see and experience the multidimensions in my home and understand how to access them at will.

So I am in my bath getting information when suddenly something touched the bottom of my right foot in the bathtub. I sat up like an arrow. I take my baths in the dark save a little night light. My wash cloth was on my tub side, my crystals, way to heavy to float, were still positioned between my legs… I decided I must have imagined it… and laid back down.

Not 5 minutes later, it happened again, only stronger this time. There is a distinct difference to feeling the brush of energy and the poke of matter. This was matter poking my damn foot. I leaped up out of my bathtub… sure it must have been a really big bug in there… flipped on the light… nothing!!

I semi-giggled at myself, turned out the light and got back in the bath. I heard instantly, you must get over this fear. (Not today I am not. Lol)

I did not close my eyes once I got back in the tub, yeah, I was a bit freaked out. Suddenly, much like my morning bathroom glowing white hoop of energy on the floor, suddenly thru my shower curtain (which, strangely, I always keep closed/pulled along the tube) when I meditate, I could see the illumination of white energy near the wall. Then, moments later, it was right next to me at the soap holder place.. more solid than glowing.

Thats enough of that… I got out of my tub. For the next 4-5 hours, holy heaven did my core release a lot of shit!! Literally!! I was tethered to that damn bathroom!!!

Scared the shit right out of me.  Nope, not ready for this, even in the daylight hours.

So as I am sitting at the river understanding more about zodiac stargates, voodoo and acupuncture (all interrelated too) and I finished my smoke I told the guardians, I am done and done getting poked, I’m going back to my beach chair.  I about shit when I seen this:


I looked at that cigarette, which I did not smoke, the one I smoked was still in my hand… I started scrambling back to the last time I was down at the river, did I leave a cigarette on the ground??  I have a butt bottle on the other side of the chair… I know I wouldn’t do that.  Then my eyes were drawn to fresh ash from the cigarette butt.  If this was from the other day, the ash would have long blown away with the rains and winds we have been having:


As I looked in absolute astonishment, the guardians said, we are going to help you ease into our arrival into your world, in ways that will not scare you.  YAY????

There is so much more but man oh man my mind is abuzz.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for enduring my deep and personal inner and outer transformation these last 11 days.  We are gonna rock the fields of June together… out loud and in Joy!!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of massive gratitude and in-possibilities flooding forward (thanx Deneen 😉 )

Lisa Gawlas

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