LISA GAWLES – New Rules, New Potentials and Actionable Outcomes… or Not! – 6-16-15


Lisa Gawles

Before I share the wonders and weirdness of yesterday, I have to share the extreme weirdness of just waking up this morning and I am not even sure how to do that, but it is so relevant I have to figure a coherent way to say it.  As I was waking up this morning my soul must have made absolutely sure I had the consciousness that something was seriously different now.  Like my entire reality was no longer where I was… not that I couldn’t orient myself to where I was… ya know like when you wake up in a hotel or someone else’s home and your brain takes a moment to connect with where you are at since you are not in your usual place and for a second you cannot figure out where you are at.  Well this morning, for that brief moment, it was the knowing I am no longer in the same reality I was in yesterday… same environment, different reality which came with a tinge of excitement.  As I opened my eyes, that feeling faded as fast as it came and yet, I could feel some part of me trying to hold onto it, remember it and be sure to share it.  So, I have shared what I was able to hold and I think I am still pretty excited!! lol

But now, lets back up to yesterday amazing weirdness!!  First, I was so excited that I had 5 readings scheduled in this day… Until I placed the majority of my focus in May and June to the super powers classes and homework reviews, I never took a moment to realize the enormity of how important doing at least 4-5 readings a day is to the bigger, quickly changing/evolving picture we are living is for understanding.  But then again, these two months of super powers focus and watching…. witnessing the amazing evolution of the people working this program diligently within their days.. lives are changing and because of that… life has changed!!  Obviously, we took a reality jump into a newer version of earth overnight.

Before I get into the amazingness of the readings, let me start with the weirdness first.  Of the 5 readings on my dance card, my 2nd as well as my 3rd reading was MIA.  I called them both twice, emailed them and nuttin.  One MIA on occasion happens, two in a row had me checking my own calendar reality.  Am I on the right day and date, did my calendar take another quantum leap elsewhere…  I could feel my inner panic like maybe I was lost in time…  However, as my second appt didn’t show up, my windshield guy did.  Yay, no rain in the sky means I can finally get that now 20 inch crack across the driver’s side of my windshield, replaced.  With his arrival there was something ominous in the air… I really couldn’t quite put my finger on it except to think well now, I will have a brand new window to see thru.  Truly, the readings are genuinely starting to reflect that.  I will get to that…

Four and a half hours later, my new shiny, clear windshield installed, again I felt this weird excitement, like life is reflecting something amazing.  It was 2:15 when I gave him his check for his hard work and I was getting ready to do one of the three homework sessions I had scheduled for the rest of the afternoon when suddenly the internet and phones went down.  What the hell??  There is no storm happening… maybe there is a storm in Jemez Springs heading our way… I paced, knowing I have a 2:30 and now no way of connecting with her or telling her why I am not there.  I cannot even drive my car to the Pueblo to get a cell signal, the glue is drying and I am grounded until morning.

Two hours of zero internet or phone and I decided to check with my landlady, is she having the same problem?  As I was heading next door, another lady from next door to my landlady was heading to the same place for the same reason… it seems the Jemez lost its internet and phone connections and no one knows why.  Dammit.

I became MIA for all three remaining appointments on my schedule.  This is just flipping weird!!  Four and a half hours later… phone and internet came back on for about 5 minutes, long enough for me to send out emails and post on facebook… and it then went down again for another 50 minutes.

I have to pay attention to all the details, all the reflections that happened yesterday… now lets incorporate the messages of the readings thru it all.

My first lady of the day, how stunning, how confusing!!  We are finally all on flat land again, no more clouds, no more uphill reading and a living potential that just makes my heart skip a beat!!  Directly in front of my beautiful lady were there series of strings, perfectly spaced above each other about 3 inches apart that went up easily 10-15 feet from the ground (again, going to scale of my vision.)  Each string that stretched in-front of her from west to east (she was facing north/future) were made multicolored energy that was in constant movement.  Its only this morning that I realized that the movement of the colors is life’s energy’s way of showing, it is alive too.

As I was trying to understand what these strings mean to her, I got a connection with a grand piano and the way the strings from the keys are strung perfectly.  But instead of making music, they were there waiting for her to weave her desires into them, like weaving a basket I suppose.  But she wasn’t weaving anything and I watched as her strings went from stretched out west to east, to creating a backwards C shape surrounding her, then back to straight across her field and then back to C again… as if her life’s magic was saying…  come on… use me!!

Then she asked a question about her adult child (she’s 23) and the most interesting information came thru… There my lady is, in the new amazing fully energized world of creation/Shambhala/heaven on earth (pick a description) and behind her about 10 feet, with backs turned toward each other, is her daughter.  Her daughters energy field is just tense, fists clinched, lower lip stuck out and pouty, and arms tight across her chest.  I have read for her daughter last year, so I am understanding this position.  But what came thru this visual of information was stunning…

It was explained the only reason I am seeing her daughter in this new earth is because of her mothers placement within it.  Even tho they do not live together, when her daughter connects to her mom it has to be in this new world, of which, the daughters energy field (still going thru lessons and growth) is not aligned to it or able to sustain itself here at this moment.  Mom is at a massive choice point (change that to evolutionary leap) with her life and of course, daughter being the catalyst.  One of the choices was to allow daughter to come back home… and again, what I could see was stunning and relevant to anyone in a similar position with those you love and care for (doesn’t have to be a child, but in this instance, it is.)

My lady has created a field of life in her home that is completely resonant with the new earth, an energy system of purity, of love, of genuine christed energy.  This space cannot and will not hold the still in density energy system of her daughter, it would literally push her out.  Equally, her daughter couldn’t handle the energy either and would be in total melt down over and over again.

So my lady, have several choices all heaped up at once with her daughter, was struggle with best option.  Her team said this is for her to choose and they cannot help her choose in this moment.  Huge choice points are like that.  However, it was highly suggested she stop thinking about all the choices and where they could lead and what to do and how it may affect her daughter.  Her team said, you MUST focus on your own creation, your own building of the new life in the new world and go into meditation, connect with yourself, give yourself permission to make a choice regardless of what the daughters possible emotional position and eventual outcome is… and the moment you come out of meditation, the right choice will be there, don’t analyze it, just put it into motion.  The moment that information was released and my lovely lady took the information in as a real potential… instantly I could see her weaving a thread of creation into her strings in front of her.

This is a huge insight really.  Those that may be living in a chaotic environment (home, relationship, whatever) until you clean house and allow the fullness of this world to Be a part of you… well, lets just say you will find yourself at a never-ending choice point… unable to go back and still unable to move forward.

My fourth turned second lady on the field was such an amazing compliment to my first one.  There she was, four lines of movement forward, all different experiences, all happening under her feet.  I could feel the flow of energy moving forward thru each line laid on the ground before her.  One strange thing started happening tho, the line connecting to her outer most left side (physical life) had this bizarre energy that kept attempting to push her back from her forward movement.  I was a little confused because this energy was violet and blue… what I see as the christed energy… and then it kept shift to the image of a wall then a human… a human wall??  Someone pushing back on her desires, her pathway already put into motion… sure enough, she knew instantly what that was representing… her husband.  And yet, she is doing things anwayz represented by the other three lines of energy sprawled out into her right field (emotional/spiritual side.)  To get to the point, she is facing every fear and pushing thru it all, going on a 3 month spiritual journey in Brazil, meeting with john of god and doing ceremonies…. Life changing, in-powering on all levels.  Opening flood waters of high intensity, seriously magnetic evolution to encompass every part of her Being… regardless of who approves or doesn’t!!  Its already underway, we got time lines, information that she confirmed.  I felt like a psychic again!! lol  Not that I don’t, but it is so nice when we get dates and information and stuff.  But I so realized too… now that we are fully creator Beings… once we put energy into motion, I can swim fluidly in the sea/see of visuals and outcomes… but if you are standing still… so is the reflection of life itself.

Now let me jump to my last lady of the day.  She was flipping bizarre too.  I swear she had a punching bag that I couldn’t see, in front of her and her arms were punching the air like crazy.  This amazing white/silver energy just releasing and releasing with each fast punch outwards into the air.  I couldn’t get a straight handle on what I was seeing… her team used both analogies that I assumed was an “either/or” scenario, not a both at the same time scenario.  I kept hear, on top of each other: “fighting for something” and “fighting against something.”  Which one is it… she was lost and had no idea.  Dammit!!  We eventually got clear tho… phew!!  This too is soooo important for everyone aligned to this new, amazing earth!!  So i will just summarize her information for everyone to apply, if they so desire.

There is a whole new energy system (from her soul level) fighting to come out, get some legs in this new world.  She is fighting to do what she has always done in the same way.  Even tho her clientele started to retreat (her souls doing)…  she explained that she does facials and raindrop therapy and did some sort of pleiadian workshop recently.  With that suddenly her dude from the Pleiades aligned himself in my field of vision in what I now understand represented “the background.”  He was in the back field of her field of life.  He explained that energy that I am seeing her “fight” is the new energy already releasing itself thru her… but not in a new way.  Our job is to understand these new super powers and how to use them in our therapies and life expressions.  What I found incredibly interesting, in reference to her use of the raindrop therapy… that therapy does not match her vibration any longer.  She needs to really understand the new use of oils and rename what will come thru her and her Pleiadian dude and maybe even rename it to pleiadian therapy lol.

Now to bring this all back to my odd morning waking today… Spirit had said earlier this month the solstice energy will start to assimilate within our entire construct 5 days before and 5 days after… That starts today… an 11 day enormous process of fullness and christed energy alive in us, thru us and the field of life we live upon… as long as we are not overlapping with chaos restrictions in our environment and LIVING the new in all ways.

On that note, I am going am going to close, I have a ton of emails to try and get to before my 1st reading in an hour.

Thank you soooooo very much for the gift of your faith, your trust, your wisdom not only upon my heart, but the hearts of all who will read your wisdom and experience You in the world!!  I love you!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of abundant joy that takes no shit!!  (smile, wink)

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Extraordinary Presence of the Unified You – 6-13-15


Lisa Gawles

Have I said how grateful I am that you are in my life, in my world.  You enrich me more than you will probably ever realize.  Your questions, your desires, hell, even your challenges brings information…. wisdom, to the fore.  When it comes to the field of life itself, I do not see like I see when we are together.  My own personal meditations are nothing like when we are in a reading.  The field of life comes alive in a way only you can provide and I just have to say thank you for your brilliance, for your own desires that allow the rest of us to understand ourselves more.  I love you madly!!!

Again, I only had two people on the reading field yesterday, but what an amazing view and understanding it was.

I want to celebrate the fact we are back on flat land readings!!  YAY!!!  Reading on a half circle (half earth planet) is just… well… bizarre and truly limiting in the inflow of information.  But then again, it was all brand new and we needed to really anchor in our seeds of desire.

My first lady opened up and the rather large beam of blue-violet energy that went upwards in a 90 degree angle was stunning.  I am not sure where it went up to, it just kept going up as far as my eyes could see.  Her team explained this is the energy of the ascended master in body and this where the breath of Life happens for her.

Actually, this is putting so much more understanding in relationship to two aspects of the super powers course.  I fully am realizing that my team had no wanted me to share much of what is being learned/remembered thru that course because I simply go with the intake (information via the hypnosis sessions) flow and get to witness the wonder of those practicing it all.  However, I am really really understanding a much larger view, piece by piece now.

In the first session, we learn to reverse anchor, meaning we take in the fullness of mother earths loving power (as opposed to anchor into her, she anchors fully into us.)  In the second session, what spirit referred to as “soul mana” that comes in thru the crown, a full blend of heaven and earth, a complete and expanding power source within.  Which would open the gateway of your… hmmm…. not sure what to call it, for right now, I am hearing “point of creation,”  but like everything new… there is always so much more to it all.

On the ground in front of her were these interesting golden, pointy things that kinda reminded me of treadles that you drive over in parking lots and if you backed up, they would blow out your tires.  However, as I got to see how these things worked, it’s actually the opposite explosion.  Her team explained that these all represent the seeds of desire she brought forth and embedded in this earth, they have been germinated and these golden pointy things are equal to the sprouts of her desires.  Then I could see her putting her foot forward and stepping on several of them at once, and a massive release of energy came out of it…  very much like this:


Her team called what was being released is “atomic energy.”

I will leave all that there, for now and fast forward to my 2nd and last lady on the field.  About 10 minutes before our session I was starting to see this blue-violet band of energy around her… well… I was pretty sure it was her.  This band of energy was from chest to abdomen and about 3 feet in circumference around her.  Imagine my surprise when she showed up for her reading and I couldn’t see anything except massive cloud energy everywhere.  I was dumbfounded and figured it must not have been her I had pre-seen.  She then explained to me she is doing a 3 week course to release stuff emotionally from her body.  Ahhhhh  that’s why I cannot see, she stepped into massive change and until she is done, there is nothing that I am able to see.

It was only much later in the day that I understood that band of energy was indeed hers and is holding the field around her as she processes whatever she is going thru.

Now, let me change the subject before I close.  I was doing a homework session with a beautiful man in the Mays course and something came thru his challenges that I never looked at before, not in this way anywayz.

We are actually doing two things simultaneously, if we are so desiring.  We are teaching our physical eyes to see faster than they usually do.  Light, spirit, whatever vibrates at a much faster speed than the mundane, light frozen energy we see as our material world.  So to see beyond that, we have to practice seeing energy that vibrates faster, than we ever did before.

Equally, our souls eyes already sees at the speed of light and then some.  When we are practicing moving our conscious to other realms of existence, we are equally learning to slow our souls vision field down so it can see the world of matter like its human does.

Thru both of these exercises, we are equally learning to merge both aspects of our field of vision at will, all-ways.

I had no flipping clue about that… and just ate that understanding up with a spoon.  I hope you do too!!

I know there is more to share, but my day is already underway.  So until tomorrow, have an explosive, atomic, life changing day today!!!

I love you all so much and thank you from the depths of my soul for Being You and trusting me the way you do!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to All!!!


Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Passion and Strength of Love You-Niting!

GodGoddessMeruLisa Gawles

Boy am I learning the lesson of how important it is to see more than one or two puzzle pieces a day, especially when everything is so brand new.  At the same time tho, I am witnessing a about 40 people delve into their energy streams and accessing their super powers, bringing them out, seeing how incredibly magical and powerful they are.  The first group, May’s class, have been divided up into small groups according to their likeness of super powers and holy heavens and worlds are changing!!  So all of my focus, my appointment times for May and June have been within the classes, the astounding skills being brought to the fore!!  So the inner workings of all this, I get!!  Now whats unfolding thru the readings… I’m still on the puzzled side.

The last reading on the 8th and the only one yesterday both presented a similar color scheme of something I am just barely understanding.  My lady on the 8th had what looked like a monkey bar, or maybe a curved ladder directly in front of her made of variations of blue and violet energy.  Altho the construct was made of energy, there was equally a solidness to it.  I watched her as she climbed up and under the arch of the ladder, which arched behind her and the backside was only halfway to the ground… think upside down J.  She was hanging on to the last rung facing forward.  Her team was quite tight-lipped about whatever any of this means.  There are times in a reading the silence is incredibly loud… like they are amplifying the silence and of course, I go into meltdown mode… why show us, with vivid clarity an image and zero explanation of what it is????  There are some parts of spirits madness I will never understand.  I rescheduled her.

Yesterday, geez Louise!!  An image of this giant blue and violet thing… almost monster like… or maybe, hulk on steroids… was in front of my lady, both facing each other and in a position that I was sure if he was going to grab her or hug her.  The energy coming from it all was intense and actually quite loving, beautiful.  It’s the position and form (he hadda be like 10-15 feet tall and quite wide too) that kinda took me by surprise.  It took a long minute, but her team finally started to explain things, at least a little bit.

This violet and blue energy system I am seeing is what I am seeing as your divine masculine, the creator god that is you.  Her team made sure to tell my lady this is not a separate energy from her, but for me to actually make sense of what I am seeing, it has to look like it is, otherwise I will be more confused than I already am!!  So the position I see her HUGE divine masculine in is in the position of hugging… but not yet.  Then I seen her physical body, her eyes especially looking up at him with this tremendous love, I could feel the presence of that love energy moving from her eyes up to his looming embrace.  Her eyes were interesting tho, fully dilated so they looked like big black irises.  Her team explained that she was taking in tremendous Light form this gaze.

This is how we create, the love of the divine feminine, Light engorged and the embrace of the divine masculine, making solid what is longed for in the heart.  If there is nothing longed for, it is held there as potential until the spark of desire sets everything into motion/creation.  But it must be from the heart and NOT the mind.

Which gives me some understanding from my arched ladder lady the day prior.  There is something she has set into form from the heart of her desire, it is almost here… but not quite yet.  Time and place is everything.  Seeing her hang onto the bottom rung of the upside down J, I kept saying to her she is dangling in mid-air, her team kept correcting me and said she is holding on to the energy.  Now I get it.  Yes, creation can and often does happen instantly, but we are still on a place called the material plane and everything that shows up affects us somehow.  Right time, right place is as crucial now as it ever has been.

Ohhhh and a little more insight.  The physical body… ummm…. YOU would have to be the dreamer, the divine feminine taking in the love of Source, Creator, Your Divine Masculine.  The holy matrimony of fertility, of creation itself.

Well, that’s all for today.  I only have one reading on my dance card today… lets see if she adds more to the ongoing wonder called June!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of creator love to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – As Above, So Below = Now Within – 6-8-15

as_above_so_below_by_louizart Lisa Gawles   –   As Above, So Below = Now Within

Well, it sure seems a lot of folks have been given a heads up about earthy things to come.  So many have shared their own dreams and meditations around very similar things.  One thing’s for sure, just like all the energetic changes happening topside, mama uses a lot of messengers to get the word out about what is happening or about to happen from within too.

I actually did a meditation that very same morning I woke up with the CNN channel playing in my dreamtime all night, to see if I could get more information on any of it, I got more than I bargained for.

What I was shown on the earth level is the san Andreas fault running thru California, also, a body of water I am not completely sure the where of, I will explain in a moment, then the two volcano’s I dreamt about.  Important to note (since I am hearing it lol) is that water/emotions are the element all Life springs forth from.  Spirit explained the way the energy is being shown to me like a Y chromosome (their words exactly.)  The San Andreas fault line would be like the bottom or straight line of the Y, there is a body of water between the two volcanos that transmits an electrical charge to the top two lines of the Y, if I am understanding what I had seen first, the line on the top left of the Y gets hit first, then activates the other side of the Y.  At first I thought the body of water was between the two volcanos, now, I am not 100% sure, someone shared information about Crater Lake in Oregon that may very well be the body of water between the two, especially after I googled the alignment and found this (can I just say, I am truly geographically stupid!! lol)


What I found interesting about the use of the Y chromosome analogy from my meditation is spirit was talking about the masculine/creator energy being fully released to the new earth thru these channels… volcanos.  Then I got a full on surprise when my team switched my view to the sky and explained what is happening above us, again staying with the Y chromosome energy, they showed the right side of the top of the Y aligned directly with the Pleiades, the left side with Sirius and the lower part of the Y being the alignment to earth.  Full on creator energy above and below and coming thru the Humans fully aligned (clear within) with the two systems.

What all this means to us… I suppose we shall see.  I do want to add a link in here that was just emailed to me as I am typing this out about a Super volcano now steaming in Indonesia:

I have only had one reading since that dream, and her reading was very interesting.  The way I have been seeing the new earth, June’s earth energy has been consistently like the blue-white image of earth we see from space.  On the 6th, it changed a bit.  No more blue was visible in her reading, instead it was all white, cloud like energy that she was poking up out of.  Directly from the Center sun was a wide beam of golden energy rays engorging her entire abdomen, filling her (I now realize) with the Y chromosome energy I had seen via the Pleiades and Sirius… (Be perfectly clear, this has nothing to do with boy/girl, man/woman at all.  It has everything to do with the system called Divine Feminine (which she had to be the foundation that the DIvine Masculine Pours into) and the Divine Masculine.  Dreamer and Creator energy in one singular vessel (the cleared human.)

Altho I couldn’t see below the surface of the cloud energy in her reading, her team was kind enough to move what was happening under all those clouds into my kitchen, to my left (physical life) for understanding.  All I could relate what I was seeing is to the transformer toys, in the midst of changing from one form to another.  Perhaps… from half an equation to a whole equation…. Super In-Powered!!

Actually, I just became vividly reminded of something that was given thru the Superpowers course, aligning directly with the full Creation power of Gaia via a power rock and actually a reversal of energies.  We have been so accustomed to sending Gaia energy, anchoring in energies like she isn’t the first one to receive them herself… and now we are anchoring to her true, loving, power.  In another session, we anchor the fullness of source energy into us… we are the Living Conduit of creation in body.  But of course!!  As Above, As Below = NOW Within us, if we allow it!!

I think yesterday that above energy musta ran thru me.  OMG I woke up with such a massive all around neck ache that moved into the very base of my skull and started to create a movement of energy around my brain, circular and creating light spins off and on with that wonderful thing called nausea… can I say holy flipping headache batman!!  By mid-day the energy created a palpable lump/sore spot direct on my Xiphoid Process of the Sternum… ouchies!!  As the day progressed (or is that digressed lol) OHHHHHH the bowels… holy heavens!!  I find the stomach itself interesting, it gets nauseous when the head spins or hurts like hell, it gets nauseous when the bowels are in movement, contracting and expanding.  I was up until about mid-night, then it all went away just like that.  This morning, other than being tired from staying up to late… my body is back to its perfect self.

I have decided, I really need more than one or two readings a day to figure out the larger picture of what is happening thru June.  It really is amazing how vital the daily puzzle pieces are to a clearer picture the next day.  I finally cleaned up my June calendar and there is now plenty of space of new readings.  So I am offering a Pre-Solstice Special!!

On that note… Have an amazing day, I love you soooooooooo much!!!

((((HUGZ))))) of Inner Power and Outer Creation to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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raw stuff!!

LISA GAWLES – From My Dreamtime – Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainiers Release Potential – 6-7-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 6, 2015

What an odd night in sleep time last night.  I felt like I was in the midst of the CNN news alert all night long, to the point of having woke up several times, once to go potty and several other times because the news alerts were overwhelming me and falling right back into the same dream state over and over, as if I had to remember the details of what I was seeing.  Now, it is unforgettable.

In my dream, I was sitting on my couch (current time) watching a CNN news alert (haven’t done that in years) with the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen announcing seismic activity happening at Mount St. Helen and the looming eruption they were all watching and waiting to happen.  Then, they got all flustered because a new report came in that was talking about new activity at Lake Rainier or beneath a lake near Mount Rainier and that area was put on alert for potential volcanic eruption.

I am not a dreamer at all, never have been.  But I have got to pay vivid attention to a series of alerts in my dream time, that happened all night long.  Even when I woke up for the day, the push on my energy field was to talk about this dream…. so here I am.

Of course, I also had to google lake or mount Rainier, I am familiar with Mt. St. Helens, but never heard of the other, so I was astounded that it too, is in the state of Washington.

In one of the news segments in my dream, Wolf Blitzer was talking about the last time any sort of eruption happened or had the potential of happening was 17 years ago, which would be 1998.  I vividly remember the 17 in the ticker scroll I cannot remember which one he was talking about, I am pretty sure it was Mt St. Helens tho.   So back to handy-dandy google to see what happened in 1998 and I found a national geographic story talking about Mt. St. Helens and a quote I will put here from that time line:  “We had magma come up to shallow levels in 1998, but it didn’t reach the surface,” Pierson said.

We all know as earth shifted and released tremendous dormant energy for all of us to use in this time thru May, I have a feeling there are people, probably many groups of people trying to stabilize or stop the seismic activity because they truly don’t understand its incredible value.  But if we can look at it like a human body, if we had to fart really bad and someone kept plugging up the release valve, chances are we are going to start vomiting like crazy… out one exit or the other.  Either way, this energy MUST come topside.  It is vital to the evolution of life and the well-being of our mother, even if it appears opposite.

After I completely woke up, got my coffee and sat here at my laptop, I was starting to change my mind about sharing this.  I like the happy, exciting things shared, not… well, what could end up being devastating and completely out of our control to talk about.  But I was reminded quite vividly about several meditations I have had in the past, not seeing the connection or value in those moments… coming out of a meditation with 3rd degree burns on my right foot and ankle only to find out hours later a volcano erupted in the Congo or being in meditation feeling like I am in the middle of an earthquake only to find one happened in Iran and other times too I have forgotten the outside connection, these two are etched in my memory banks tho.

So when my team uses my entire sleep time like a CNN news alert… gotta pay attention and share.  So… consider this dreamtime news alert, shared.  Ok I gotta giggle tho… Wolf Blitzer… really???  lol

I am going to leave this here with something I am hearing from spirit… “Destruction and Creation are one and the same energy.”  Think about actual child birth… holy heavens the destruction of the vagina (Yes, I can say it loud and proud, but I LOVE the sing-song phrase of the va-jay-jay 😉 just sayin’.)  The blood, the mucus, the tearing of the vaginal walls, the stretching OMG the stretching and new life comes thru.

Honor thy mother, please don’t plug her up or try to send the energy back.

This has been a public service announcement! (smile)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Life ever emerging!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Blue White Earth of June – Incoming Solstice Energy – 6-5-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 4, 2015


Well happy June everyone!!  Now granted, I only have two readings under my belt of understandings this month… but man oh man, what a view it is!!  What an absolute wonderful expression of NEW it is.  Fist, my two ladies that I read on June 1st were both virgins upon my field, which to me, was a huge statement of what we can anticipate from this energy system called June… new things.  Beautiful things.  Crazy things.

Before I even started my first reading of the day, I was filled with performance anxiety.  It had been since May 18th the last time I read for anyone and with all my voice has been thru, I prayed that I would be able to see and understand for these two precious ladies upon my schedule.  I sat facing the back yard, trying my antenna to make sure it would pick up the field.  I was shocked to see the magnetic poke that is the solstice coming up the third week of June… the fact that I was seeing it wasn’t what shocked me, but what it was doing…

For the last several years now, the solstices and equinoxes played an important part of everyone’s energy fields, always by amplifying whatever they were focused on, outwards.  So there is an expansion or out breath of energy around these 4 points in our year.  When I seen the magnetic pole of this coming solstice, I was so surprised to see it taking in highly magnetic energy from the sky, into itself.  What it felt like was condensing all the in coming energy to a single point (the magnetic pole of the solstice)… what that fully means to us, I do not know yet.

Last month,thru several of the readings, I kept seeing the energy of June, the earth presenting itself in June as the beautiful blue and white marble we see when earth is photographed from space:


With its expression this way, all I kept feeling was new, pristine, beautiful, filled with potential. So I was so very excited to see earth looking exactly like this thru both of the readings.

My first lady, when her reading opened, she was standing on I guess what I can call a platform denoting the entrance into June and the entrance into this full on version of earth.  What I found so interesting was at her feet there was an emerging fissure in the earth.  This fissure was trimmed in gold energy (high spiritual vibration opening at her feet) was about 4 inches across at her feet and thinned down to a single point about 3-4 feet out from her.

Instantly I was reminded of all the serious earthquakes happening in the Month of May, earth releasing long-held energy from her depths topside, from the soul of Gaia to the heart of those aligned with her wonder… to use, to create with and play within.

Both of my ladies had an immediate energy system at the ground that denoted something happening, coming together in about 3-4 days.  Which would put this entrance into June’s full energy spectrum about June 5th.  Much to my very happy surprise, both teams, my first and second readings, they were very clear about why the initial golden energy I was seeing at the ground was the length it was… they said it was denoting our perception of time… 3-4 days of time.  Then it was like… blast off!!

My second lady, her team went on to say she will be suddenly taken off her center path forward, and her path bent deeply to the left (physical life) and they said she will be going into the higher elevations and I could see her standing on what I can only call a cloud bank about 3 feet off the ground.  I had to smile when my lady said, in a few days she was going to Colorado (she lives in Alabama) for about 10 days.  Well!!  That is a literal raise in elevation and so purposeful for her in this current time.

The one thing for sure… there is a lot of magic about to dance around as creative manifestations for those who not only see their earth as new and whole and magical… but who see themselves that way too!!!

Yesterday, I had an early morning dentist appointment and woke up late and didn’t have the time to put out a sharing and really, just didn’t feel like it either.  For a moment, I couldn’t understand why, I was so excited to share the energy of the readings I had the day before… but, I just couldn’t park my butt in front of the computer to type.

When I got in my car to head to the dentist… I was shocked at what I had seen:


My windshield suddenly had a crack that started at the base of the windshield on the left moving upwards to the right.  Where the hell did that come from??  It wasn’t there when I drove my car a few days ago.  Suddenly I was right back in my first lady’s reading, remembering the opening of the earth to release new energy to her to enhance her June experience.

When you and I are in a reading, three elements come together to give us a larger view… my soul energy, your soul energy and the field itself.  If we look at my car’s windshield as the energy system I call the field… it is opening higher, BECAUSE we have opened to higher energies.  We have set something in motion that is now, unstoppable!!  Yay!!  Of course, I was straddling a fence of bitching to my team… ya know, you could have shown me this in meditation, you didn’t have to literally crack my windshield, my insurance better not go up when I get this fixed!!!  Hell!!  I don’t have time to get this fixed… grrrrrrrr!!!!

Ohhhhhhhh!!  I just got an understanding of that crazy solstice pole and why this sudden shift in direction with it!!!

Last week, my team helped me to (FINALLY) understand the bigger reason the incoming energies affect me in particular places.  This is true for everyone, not just me.  The only difference is, the incoming energies may have been affecting you in different places.  Let me ‘splain:

First, the incoming energies started in earnest in 2000, all leading up to this particular point of our evolution.  The first major wave of energy that came thru was to clear the way for Source energy to move in.  For me personally, once I really got a handle on the adventures within my bathtub, OMG the headaches I would get!!  Almost always in relationship to the sun doing its thing, whether it be flares or CMEs or even just solar winds blowing out of its coronal holes…

The way it was explained to me by my team, the clearing within our human vessel to allow the Presence of the Presence to fully partner with us, as us, was a long and intense process.  15 years to be exact.  Clear, enhance, clear, enhance.  The clearing meant… moving completely out of judgement, out of conditional love, out of expectation, embodying trust in what was/is coming thru your energy system.  Obviously so big an energy it took all of us 15 years to fully embed this thing I call God into our fullness!!

If one place within our body was bad enough, as we moved along, another part of our biology started to get hit… for me personally, it was the deep chest colds.  OMG… it all had me questioning whether this bathtub odyssey was even worth it.  Until I took to meditation, I never even so much as got a cold… now I have massive headaches with bouts of intense chest colds…

That was spirit moving in to its place of power.  Yup these chest colds started happening in earnest after my kundalini integration.

Of course, looking back… if you were able to see what my physical body looked like before this path, I was probably equivalent to a burnt piece of charcoal.  Dysfunctional, closed down in all energy centers and I needed tons of dynamite to break thru and open myself up.  Which I got, over and over again, for the first 8 solid years of this path.  So it was explained to me that this second onset of consistent symptoms was the soul moving into its power position in the body to be the Living Will of my life.

For me, all these “symptoms” seemed to calm way way down as I learned to step out and expand into my emerging skill set and perfect them… until 2013 hit.  Hit… more like toppled me over the cliff!!

Instead of getting just a chest cold, the lungs decided to chime in with asthma like attacks… but then, all of a sudden, I was blowing my voice out of my throat from all the coughing (this set in 2014, the constant puberty lol.)

So again, as it was recently explained to me, the voice, which is completely run by the air in the lungs… is I guess we can all it my creation tool.  The higher the vibration became within, the more my lungs had to adjust to the air itself, the more my larynx had to adjust to the use of the new air and if I speak it, its already on its way back to me.

So if you look back at your own self… the first place these intense clearing energies started to hit you most from 2000 forward, would be the very place source set itself up as one of the pulleys (if you will) of your creation system.  The second place that started to get tweaked (to put it kindly) is the soul center as it works its pulley system with the source energy.  The most recent third place is your creation release or manifestation release of energy.

So three places within you, you can say is the Source/Soul/Physicality connections, drawing energy from the whole of the body to produce the manifestation/creation in your energy field.

Then, something really odd, if not totally random started happening a few months back.  I never really noticed the why of it until this past week.  I think we all have had such bizarre happenings in and thru our bodies, it’s just easy to assume…. it’s just energy.  But there is one other thing that is important to define/understand.

For me personally, out of the clear blue and what seemed like really random times, suddenly my root chakra would start to vibrate like crazy!  What the hell…?  Because of my work schedule, I really didn’t take the time to notice anything particular happening in my world until this week.  One day  last week, I had an unexpected large bill take $100 out of my very delicate financial situation and was in the midst of an inner melt down and telling the universe, this has got to be replaced somehow.  Then, my root chakra started vibrating quite intensely for about 30 minutes and an angel sent a donation of $100 out of the blue.  My vibration stopped as soon as it came in.  Wow… was that a coincidence??  If it was, it sure was a very strong one!!  The next day, same thing started to happen, my root chakra went into holy vibration mode, 5 minutes later, in came a donation!!  Phew… bills got paid… yay!!  And that is when I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the incoming energy place within my body.  What we send out in desire has a target area in its return.  Pay attention and see where your creational energy shows back up in your body… then know, KNOW something important is arriving in your created world, soon!!

Now let’s go back to the magnetic pole of the solstice.  Most of this sharing I wrote yesterday morning, then my schedule snowballed and I didn’t have time to come back and finish it, so I am finishing it up today.  I had one reading yesterday and she really gave us a clearer understanding of the new way I am seeing the solstice energy…. incoming!!

She had what looked like that magnetic pole of energy I call the solstice shoved into the beautiful blue and white earth, only it was I guess what we could think of as a shadow version of the solstice pole…. where the inflow of energy coming in already via the solstice is set up in your personal field of creation for use and adjusting to.  This lady was at the very top of her deep golden magnetic pole curled up in what I keep thinking looked like a new years eve party favor:


The curly cue part of her pole that was wrapped around her body and kept her body horizontal to the ground was a thin gold thingie of energy.  Then I would watch her unwide outwards, contract inwards, outwards, inwards.  Roll out about 3-4 feet, roll in… roll out… roll in.  What the hell??

What her team explained is she is drawing in the energy from the solstice, expanding her DNA codes within, spreading it outwards to the new fields of June/Earth and the rolling in, would be the contracting, solidifying her desires, the energy she has put into desired motion to be experienced.  I did everything I knew how to get her beyond her party favor image and her team kept saying nope.  What we have in store for us is HUGE, exciting if not completely threaded with the bizarre… unexpected things moving into our realities that her team said, I couldn’t understand yet even if they showed me.  Alright then!!

Now, if you think about the enormity of all this… and the reason I see the earth as that beautiful blue/white pristine thing… it is fully and absolutely cleared for all creation to come play, dance and experience within her energy fields as she has always been meant to be experienced in these times.  However to experience her in this way, you must always not only SEE her in this way, but feel her… AND YOURSELF in this way.  Clear, pristine, aligned so deeply with creator-source/soul/physicality that all of life has become your living playground to enjoy, to manifest to LIVE the fullness of Shambhala on all levels.

Party on!!!

On that note, my day begins again!!  I love you all so very very much!!  Thank you for doing all you have done to allow this most magical time to Be Here Now!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of love, bliss and dreams made manifest thru you!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Enormity – Phew Baby Even! – 5-31-15

Amazing_UFO_opening_Stargate_Portal_in_the_Sky__167788By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy

May 30, 2015

There are so many fragments of information/understanding floating about my crazy consciousness and I am sitting here trying to capture them to put them into a coherent story, not so easy.  So if today’s sharing seems erratic, well…

I think the easiest way to start is to share my experience at the ENTs (ears, nose, throat specialist) yesterday.  I had the pure privilege (NOT) of getting a camera stuck up my nose and snaked down my throat to see what is happening with my larynx.

Of course, I did volunteer for this crazy, very unpleasant experience.  I wanted to rule out anything other than energy reconstruction happening in the voice box.  But spirit used the opportunity to give me/us a much larger understanding of this incredible, dynamic month of energy we call May.

Before my doc pulled that camera out of my throat, she had me count backwards from 69 and stopped me at 49.  The she had me say “eeeeeee” in the bass tones, then again in the treble tones, several times each.  Ya ever try and talk with something shoved down your throat, yeah the gag reflex works well… and it took every ounce of energy focus within myself to have it stop.  Holy sheez even!!!

The moment she started telling me what she had seen in my attempts to sound “eeeee” in either frequency, spirit gave me a package of information like I have never experienced before.  That was kinda kewl really.  My doc explained when I was sounding “eeeeee” in the lower register, my vocal chords came together perfectly which is why it was so much easier to actually sound the bass “eeeeee” but when it came to the higher registry, I was challenged to the depths of my lungs.  She explained that the vocal chords are flapping, but not coming together to create the treble sounds in my voice.  No wonder that on the days I do have some voice, I sound like Linda Blair in the Exorcist lol!!

As she was explaining all this, directly in front of my face, my team placed what looked like a wispy white cloud of energy packed with understanding and a song of course!!  Instantly I heard the wonderful Meghan Trainor singing the lyrics “It’s all about that bass, about that bass, about that bass… no treble.”  With the song clip came the memory and emerging information/understanding from my time with Kelly in the Raw (video show, which I will be doing again on June 18th.)

For a brief moment, on that show, we were talking about the various dimensions and what spirit calls the “bass” dimensions and the “treble” dimensions.  We (most especially… ME) have such a limited understanding of what dimensions really are, what is held in each of them and what for.  In a super teeny tiny understand came the info that in what spirit (lovingly) calls the bass (has nothing to do with what we think of as lower) is where the energy of “matter” resides.  Not as something tangible, but as something possible.

If we can think of it this way… Light cells start in the highest of frequencies and start to make their descent into the world of matter.  Each frequency it goes thru creates a density, if you will, usable energy, that creates potential into form.  As it lands in the bass frequencies, that is where we pull from to create… whatever.  Before any of these “Light cells” can come into creation as matter, they must be pulled in thru the human.

Lets put that on pause a moment and back up to March.  March is when a super large influx of these light cells started to be released en masse.  We all experienced March as a super electrical/energy month.  Every human on every version of earth was opening a brand new vat of energy to create with as we moved forward.  April started the choice points of how you/we would create our personal universe moving forward.  Meaning, the higher light cells started to take on energy in the denser quotients of light for use.  Which really gives me understanding as to why, for some people in reading land, we could actually see details of what was coming up for them, many others, were still transforming and deciding/planning at the deepest level of their Being.  All perfect for the unfolding….

Then we hit the crazy month of May.  Thru the first half of May, while I still had voice to use (smirk) thru several readings we started to see the energy potential of June, which really left me very confused.  Many multiple earths for some, one large pristine earth for others.  All stunning and radiant and without a single detail.  Instead, I seen these earths as if looking from above, most a beautiful blue and white, a few others blue white and green.  And most others no earths that I could see.  I had no freakin clue what it all meant.  Not like I do today!!!  With that said, or should I say, about to be said (smile) there is no such animal as better or not better, for the most part.

Moving into May, there was already a tremendous amount of “usable” energy to build and create with.  That is the area I had seen for years called the “West field”  Harvested energy of mastery, ready for use and creating with.  This is what was/has been/still being used to create those beautiful versions of earths I had glimpsed thru readings earlier this month.  Even the higher fields of light are forming in multidimensional landscapes… on purpose.  Now to try and make sense of what I am even talking about here (god if language doesn’t really suck) imagine you had a higher vision for your life forward… a job more in alignment with who you are now, a place to live, relationships… all that goes with the higher energies/desires of the mundane world (which is needed, just to make that very clear) is already forming with sudden twists and turns about to be played out as we move forward.  God forbid something should be just straight forward!!!

And then there are groups such as the one that formed around my world (and I knew we are not the only ones) that are busy poking holes in dimensions never accessed before, bringing thru light cells of potential that is going to take the human race and bring it all thru the roof of experience.  We have all imagined whether thru movies or our own inner spiritual amphitheater (mediation and/or dreams) what it would be like if we could just… (fill in the blank)

For me personally,  I wanted to be able to see the interdimensions that spirit keeps saying we exist within. I also want to know how to go into those dimensions and pull out a man and I just kept feeling like Bullwinkle:

I really did need a new hat lol.  The right hat.  But in order to have the right hat, I also needed a new energy system to pull from… inside and out.

And so the “Super Powers” group started to pull from their own dimensions, bringing incredible nuggets of experience, understanding, application and heaps upon heaps of quantum energy pouring into me with each Sundays, with each individual session being shared and gone over.  To the vast degree that on May 19th, my third session for the day was a super powers homework session… my ability to speak in any way was gone.  Completely gone.  The fact that I was able to talk for two sessions before and then suddenly… nothing, made me think… well shit, I have had 11 days now to think!! lol  and fully understand the enormity of it all.  Witnessing it all from my own Self, from the inside out.

Geez, did that above information create an avalanche within me.  There has been 4 hours since I typed out the last sentence above to this moment.  And I think I am just going to share my story as it unfolded with the revelations that has come with it all…

Before I even sat down to share this morning, I spent a good hour saying “hello” to myself, testing my voice to see if I could possibly keep any part of today’s agenda.  Not even a little bit.  So I broke down and sent a reschedule notice to everyone on my dance card today.  Not even 30 minutes after that, still testing my “hellos” I could hear myself again… OMG.  A lot of bass, breaks in the voice at the higher tones… but holy shit, I am becoming audible!!  YAY!  No doubt about it, today being day 11 in the quiet zone is also the grand finale and reboot of my whole system.

So, typing out the above sentence unleashed a lot of understanding and I just had to get up from the computer to process.  I do a lot of pacing when things are unfolding inside of me… and I paced right on over to the place where the humming-bird like bird appeared yesterday or was it the day before.  I also gotta mention (now remember lol) that is also the place I used to do my massage and the place I had seen the beautiful living Archangel Michael back in February (thru meditation mind you.)

So as I paced on over to their, suddenly I seen something come out of myself… a strange experience in itself, the form was that of a strange-looking lion.  Not the big maned type we are familiar with, instead it was a much shorter haired mane and was distinctly female and it was as if she merged out of me and took residence at my right side.

What the hell is that???????

Suddenly, I was reminded of the constellation Leo, which is my birth sign.  With that reminder came a full blown understanding of how all the constellations we are familiar with, that make up the zodiac, really got their origins.  I have always wondered cuz I have no clue how anyone can look at a set of stars and see something such as a lion from it.  I mean really… look at its layout:


There ain’t no freakin lion in there!!  However!!!!!  What was just revealed to me in this crazy ass long moment today is there really is what we would consider a stargate in that constellation, thru that stargate (and all 11 others) came Beings that formed its name and association that reigns in astrology.  With Leo itself, each ET had… geez, not a pet, but truly a power animal, but not really that either…. shit, the closest word we have that would truly resemble the energy of this animal would be Doppelganger, but in animal form.  Those that hailed from this stargate back in the day all had a creature with them that resembled our Lions… and a similar story rests with each one of the zodiac energies and how they became important as we evolved forward.

There is so much more to that, but I have no way to bring it all into understandable language… yet.  So I hear the call of the Mesa, and went down to the river.  I have my beach chair there and laid down on it with the back shifted up.  Suddenly my eyes were drawn to the right of me and in a fire pit pile there is the doll:


doll close up

How freakin strange… and why were my eyes pulled to it???

The next thing I know I hear the guardians say, come sit at the river and have a smoke with us.  Ok… I go over to my tree stump, light up a cigarette and have a smoke.  I suddenly started to feel a needle like something in my lower right bicep.  Hey!!  That hurts, I started looking for what could be poking me… nothing but soft brush.  Strange.  Then it happened again and then on my right back… hey!!!!  I came to have a smoke, not to get poked!!!  What the hell ya doing to me.

Then, what seems like out of no where and for no reason, the guardians started telling me about voodoo and its origins and that acupuncture actually evolved from the origins of voodoo.  Really??  Thats freakin weird!!  I need to know this…. why????

In our own interesting way, we are doing a voodoo acupuncture with what we call “the veil.”  We are opening energy systems for our own personal evolution and creation.  The needle is our heart.

Now, let me back up a crazy minute to a bath meditation I took the other day.  Keeping in mind, I have been wanting to see and experience the multidimensions in my home and understand how to access them at will.

So I am in my bath getting information when suddenly something touched the bottom of my right foot in the bathtub. I sat up like an arrow. I take my baths in the dark save a little night light. My wash cloth was on my tub side, my crystals, way to heavy to float, were still positioned between my legs… I decided I must have imagined it… and laid back down.

Not 5 minutes later, it happened again, only stronger this time. There is a distinct difference to feeling the brush of energy and the poke of matter. This was matter poking my damn foot. I leaped up out of my bathtub… sure it must have been a really big bug in there… flipped on the light… nothing!!

I semi-giggled at myself, turned out the light and got back in the bath. I heard instantly, you must get over this fear. (Not today I am not. Lol)

I did not close my eyes once I got back in the tub, yeah, I was a bit freaked out. Suddenly, much like my morning bathroom glowing white hoop of energy on the floor, suddenly thru my shower curtain (which, strangely, I always keep closed/pulled along the tube) when I meditate, I could see the illumination of white energy near the wall. Then, moments later, it was right next to me at the soap holder place.. more solid than glowing.

Thats enough of that… I got out of my tub. For the next 4-5 hours, holy heaven did my core release a lot of shit!! Literally!! I was tethered to that damn bathroom!!!

Scared the shit right out of me.  Nope, not ready for this, even in the daylight hours.

So as I am sitting at the river understanding more about zodiac stargates, voodoo and acupuncture (all interrelated too) and I finished my smoke I told the guardians, I am done and done getting poked, I’m going back to my beach chair.  I about shit when I seen this:


I looked at that cigarette, which I did not smoke, the one I smoked was still in my hand… I started scrambling back to the last time I was down at the river, did I leave a cigarette on the ground??  I have a butt bottle on the other side of the chair… I know I wouldn’t do that.  Then my eyes were drawn to fresh ash from the cigarette butt.  If this was from the other day, the ash would have long blown away with the rains and winds we have been having:


As I looked in absolute astonishment, the guardians said, we are going to help you ease into our arrival into your world, in ways that will not scare you.  YAY????

There is so much more but man oh man my mind is abuzz.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for enduring my deep and personal inner and outer transformation these last 11 days.  We are gonna rock the fields of June together… out loud and in Joy!!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of massive gratitude and in-possibilities flooding forward (thanx Deneen 😉 )

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – The Chaos Theory – As Within, So Without – 5-25-15


Lisa Gawles

There is one thing I am absolutely sure of this morning, you (excuse me, I) don’t realize the intense energy and sweat of the game until you are pulled out of it for 5 consecutive days.  Granted, I truly am a hands on learner, as we all are.  It’s one thing to hear about something and how something changes, it’s a whole other thing to be knee-deep in those changes yourself.

Since Tuesday of this past week, I have not done any readings nor homework (individual) sessions with the ongoing SuperPower Super Human’s (smile.)  On Saturday, I could hear myself say “hello” for the first time in days, granted, it sounded like something out of the exorcist, but hey, I am grateful to be slightly audible again.  I took my emerging voice for a test drive with my son, I ran out of voice after 5 minutes.  Dammit.  Ok, in the quiet zone one more day, but dammit I am going to hold group class on Sunday no matter what.  I miss you, I miss the flow of Light energy when we are together.  I miss talking dammit and sharing, and exchanging.

I started to feel like Baby from the movie dirty dancing and the physical aspect called Lisa came over to the corner table and simply said “no one puts baby in the corner,”  done with my time out!!!  lol

I fired up webex and waited for the amazing Super Humans to arrive.  Holy heavens… one by one they started chiming in and my solar plexus started going flipping crazy, like suddenly someone took the dial that says full blast and turned the spin up faster and faster to the point I thought I would puke.  Yikes!!!  Then we started talking, I started croaking out words lol, and the light spins in my head… holy shit, I thought i would fall out of my chair many times.  I even had to hold my head to get it rebalanced from their energy and all they did was show up.  Keep in mind, this is our fourth consecutive group class together, and other than this past week, I met with each one (24) individually thru each week to go over their homework.  I have fully realized, as you stand in the winds of the hurricane, you actually adjust to the power and force of the winds… step out into the eye for 5 days, then go back into the windstream… WOWZERS!!!!

A few weeks ago, as I was sitting pondering the enormity of whatever came thru the field that day, I heard my team say, “there will be strong earth changes as we go forward.”  Just like our personal bodies are changing and it seems like they are blowing up instead of getting stronger, so does the earth.  She quakes, she spews, she storms as the energies change intensely.  They gave me that familiar image of the chaos theory.  I found a wonderful website that explains the Chaos Theory in wonder and simple detail… not take the inner changes that many humans are purposely putting into play at this time as you read/understand their theory:

Principles of Chaos  creator beings

  • The Butterfly Effect: This effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico. It may take a very long time, but the connection is real. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right point in space/time, the hurricane would not have happened. A more rigorous way to express this is that small changes in the initial conditions lead to drastic changes in the results. Our lives are an ongoing demonstration of this principle. Who knows what the long-term effects of teaching millions of kids about chaos and fractals will be?
  • Unpredictability: Because we can never know all the initial conditions of a complex system in sufficient (i.e. perfect) detail, we cannot hope to predict the ultimate fate of a complex system. Even slight errors in measuring the state of a system will be amplified dramatically, rendering any prediction useless. Since it is impossible to measure the effects of all the butterflies (etc) in the World, accurate long-range weather prediction will always remain impossible.
  • Order / Disorder Chaos is not simply disorder. Chaos explores the transitions between order and disorder, which often occur in surprising ways.
  • Mixing: Turbulence ensures that two adjacent points in a complex system will eventually end up in very different positions after some time has elapsed. Examples: Two neighboring water molecules may end up in different parts of the ocean or even in different oceans. A group of helium balloons that launch together will eventually land in drastically different places. Mixing is thorough because turbulence occurs at all scales. It is also nonlinear: fluids cannot be unmixed.

We can even say with simply two energy streams, that which is known as Light and Dark.  Dark is absorbed into the Light and is transformed into a higher state of Being.  Duality in change.  Chaos.  In a world of physicality, these changes MUST be experienced physically.

I was equally reminded of several meditations I had many many moons ago (2002-2003) the first one actually stopped me from purposely connected with the emotional field called mother earth.  I just came off of a week-long spiritual strike (no meditating for a week lol) after landing in the Salvation Army homeless shelter with my 11-year-old daughter.  I was soooo pissed off… until others helped me see it in a different light.  Instead of staying in the poor pitiful me mode, I sought someone I might be able to help and there was plenty to find.  My first day back to meditation, I was purposely connecting with mother earth, she placed me in a landscape I was not familiar with and I could see a lava flow head towards me from behind me.  Crazy ass me never moved a muscle in this meditation, instead, that lava ran between and around my feet and lower calf’s as it moved forward.  In meditation it didn’t hurt at all, until I came out of meditation with 3rd degree burns on ONLY my right (emotional side) foot and ankle.  What the hell???????  Hours later, I found out that a volcano blew in the Congo killing hundreds of people.

Fast forward to another unpleasant experience I had just going into meditation, I was in Vermont at the time and suddenly my whole body and home felt like it was in the midst of an earthquake… to the degree I got out of meditation to see if I really was… I wasn’t.  Again, I found out that around that time, there was a major earthquake in either Iraq or Iran (I forget which now.)  I never understood those experiences, but let me tell ya, I never rushed to meet mama top side ever again.  It’s turbulent there!!!

It is only this week, as I ponder all the massive earth happenings this month… that my team finally helped me realize that the changes within myself affected the earth in very particular ways and I was in the middle of the experience as it was happening topside.    Truly, one butterfly changes the world.  Now get a bunch of butterflies flapping their wings…

Here are a few headlines sent to me recently:


Mount Hanoke In Japan steaming after 800 years of sleeping:

5/25/2015 — Deep Asthenosphere earthquake below Japan / China border — Watch out at Nepal / China / India border

If you don’t think you are that powerful… THAT LIFE CHANGING… think again!!

If we take the saying “as above so below” we can also make it ‘as within so without” as well.  My last blog I put out, I shared about my nighttime portal visiting experiences.  That very day I was filled with so much amazing energy, I still couldn’t talk, but man the body was like firecracker.  Equally, I became utterly aware of something…. new.  I went outside twice in the morning to feed the birds and each time I walked thru my back door into the house, I stopped in my tracks because I could feel this new Presence.  Like the most loving heartbeat pulsing in my home.  The second time I reentered my home, I had a fleeting glimpse of seeing new strings sprawling out to form my “inner space of creation.”  My home is very much like my womb, nurturing, loving, evolving.

I realized today especially, sometimes you have to step out of your center, your usual doings… to fully realize the enormity of change underway.  It happened in my home and now… with the Super Humans I meet with every Sunday.

Change on enormous levels.

But I also got to glimpse what is actually happening in me, most especially that crazy thing called my voice box/larynx.  I had to breathe down deep to get some audibility happening thru our 2 hours together.  When i purposely forced more air up to become more audible… phew baby, i could feel the fire (yeah, it hurt, a lot, but I am a trooper lol or crazy one or the other) emerge from my throat, but equally, strands of multicolored metallic energy equally bounding off my larynx.  I suppose I can liken it to the japan volcano above, new energy seeping out thru force (my own inner force.)

I woke up at 2 minutes before 1 am (duality and new beginnings) this morning, with my team billowing this statement to me (which I heard most of yesterday too) “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Up until yesterday, the only thing that was in the garage  was my larynx.  I had no sore throat, no anything really… nighttime elephant squats on occasion, but I understood that energy exchange.  As soon as I closed out webex, the hell fires were burning in my throat, my throat itself swelled up to half closed.  I had a burning in my chest which made it really really hard to breathe and so I used my albuterol inhaler… nuttin.  For the first time this year, I took out my nebulizer to help me breathe, nope.  Hmmmmm…. it took me a while but I realized my larynx had swollen so much it was cutting off my air flow and I was back into the inaudible zone.  …and remain there today.  But at least today, everything went back to not swollen!!  Phew!!  But I was awake for an easy 10 minute lecture from my team.  Blah, blah, blah!! lol

I would do it again!! lol, well I won’t, but I am glad we did.  My whole path has been learning thru experience, especially in what not to do, but the insight and understanding is invaluable.  So,  I say all this to tell you, YOU are changing. Your biology is changing.  Your mother is changing.  And in the words of Neale Donald Walsch, “Change is ALWAYS for the better!!”

I am grateful today is actually a scheduled day off… I am taking my quiet butt to the Jemez Pueblo to enjoy their Pow Wow being held today.

I love you all so damn much, thank you for daring to be YOU!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and change to ALL!!!!

isa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – Quantum Changes Within Gearing Up for Our Next Adventure – 5-20-15

energy changes

Lisa Gawles

Ohhh the energies, the biological changes, and dare I even say, thank god for the awareness of it all!!  I receive the majority of my energy adjustments when I lay down to go to sleep, fortunately, that also means instantly going into deep and extended sleep periods.  Works for me!!  The night before last, the very night I had seen everyone’s wonderful golden age energy flow… I swear a brand new kind of elephant sat directly on my chest.  Never felt that sensation before… and then I fell into sleep.  It was weird but not painful or disturbing at all.

As I started my day of connections yesterday, I became aware that that thing called my voice, was slowly slipping away, with it, so was my energy.  Not even tired, just… depleting.  By my third appointment, my voice was gone, yet, other than energetically exhausted, I personally felt good.  No sore throat to warrant a voice loss, zero coughing (except when trying to talk) no lung issues or asthma like attacks… just bit by bit that thing called audibility went away and is still gone today.

What was interesting tho, in my attempt to speak, I could feel a pull on my inner right ear each time I tried really hard to speak.  So I knew, my spiritual hearing coupled with my spiritual sharing is going thru the roof of change… again.  Yay!!??

I would love to know… where is this energy hitting you??  The answer will reveal where your strongest energies are for your use of “super powers.”

As I had plenty of time to ponder this sudden and unexpected quite time within myself, I have to laugh at the way my team explains things.  First thing they say is… you cannot look directly into the abyss (energy field) and not be changed by it.  Yeah, I know that from years of doing this peeking.  Then they gave me a rerun image of a show I just watched called “Supervolcano.”  A really great mini-series about yellowstone blowing.  In this show it erupted for 7 days and then started to collapse in out itself where the magma once was.  That was me yesterday (ummmm the last week) collapsing in on myself lol.

I take in massive amounts of quantum energy, especially in exchange with the wonderful and amazing folks taking this May course.  They are (in spirits words) literally going out into many different dimensions, super frequency dimensions, bringing back handfuls of never experienced before (in this realm) quantum energy, smearing it into themselves (as their super powers) and the landscape.  I breathe them in, their experiences, their excitement, their new energy fields every day and exhale here to you, in my own way.  Ya feeling the volcanic ash??  lol

Well, with the golden energy day of readings, which I knew was taking this massive energy system and finding solid ground to reform onto, into…

As I was waking up this morning, protesting about the 4am hour, I did my best to go back to sleep… instead, I went into what I will just call an awakened dream state.  I was not asleep nor was I “awake.”  I suddenly felt this pulling sensation and the next thing I knew, I was in the center of I dont know, wormhole, portal… an elongated energy system.  I could see it and feel it clearly.  I heard my team tell me, this is what you really do, you live between energy systems, I think they had a particular word they used, but I cannot remember it right now.  The next thing I knew, 5 other tunnels or wormholes or whatever they were… popped up in a circle around and above the one I was in.  What the hell???  What are all those things??  I guess that will eventually be revealed cus the next thing I know, that grip released and I heard, now get up and share.  Huh??  Share what??  Freakin pesky team I have!!!!  So, 4:30 am, I drag my booty out of bed… again, and this is the only voice I have today.  Silent on all levels.

On that note… have an amazing day!!  And may all that is in your heart become manifest as you express it outwards!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and deep and radical change to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! 

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LISA GAWLES – Living Shambhala – Critical Mass Achieved – 5-16-15

 life exploding reforming

Lisa Gawles

Two days ago, when I got out of that bath meditation as I was trying to get spirit to help us understand that whole bell shape, bell curve gig, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.  I could feel the tears welling up behind my eyes like I have just received the greatest news of my entire life and it hung there.  There was nothing spectacular revealed in meditation, at least, not that I was aware of or retained.  I finally broke down and asked my team…. what on earth am I feeling??  I mean, it feels good, I just don’t know what I am feeling this for.

Just above my left ear (physical life side) I hear the softest, sweetest voice say “Lisa, everything you have ever worked for, is Here Now.”  What the hell was I working for??  My mind is scrambling to figure that out… there is no intelligent, angel of a man (hold the feathers) in my life… but the feeling grew deeper, fuller, the tears of… I cannot even call it joy, it was something else, something… reverent in away I never experienced reverence before.  Knots were curling up inside my stomach, like something huge was happening and you get that childlike nervousness inside.  What the hell have I been working for????

Just call me clueless Lisa… that’s how I went to sleep… clueless.

I only had one reading scheduled yesterday (the rest of the day are the super powers homework sessions) and not surprisingly there was that bell, there she was on the pendulum and the damn field is as tight-lipped with understanding as they were the day prior.

Spirit has said many times before, it’s not always about the “reading” itself, it’s about the conversation we have in place of a reading.  This precious 30 minutes in time was never more true in revelation.  Holy blessing batman!!!

She asked a question I had no answer to, nor was the field very revealing about… well… not in the way I am accustomed to anywayz.  She asked if the gong part of the pendulum will ever hit the sides of the bell image.  That I was sure was a yes given the faint details we did get the day prior.  We, as a collective, are building moment towards that.  So then she asked… will we hear it?  Will there be a sound we will actually hear?  I dunno.  But then I got a flash of what science now calls, the big bang theory.  Of course there would have to be a sound… but I don’t know if you and I will hear it.  Then the visuals I was receiving started revealing something, plus her explanation of what she feels when she uses her Tibetan gong (I think that’s what she said she uses.)

Lets take the image of many soap bubbles together, not just one cluster, many clusters connected to many other clusters:


Remember back in 2012 when everyone was talking about reaching “critical mass” of enlightenment.  If (and of course, we did) enough people “woke up” to their own christed energy and started using it, living it, ascension was assured.  We actually reached critical mass for that event back in mid to later 2012.  2013 had us arriving in the ever-expanding body called ascension.  The new vibrant earth and our high vibrational hearts became one and we started expanding, adding wisdom, stretching our consciousnesses into amazing realms of not only possibilities, but experiences.  This Christed energy is what my team refers to as the 5th dimension, less an actual dimension and much more a vast frequency interconnecting very particular dimensions together as I humbly shown as the lower area of the bell thingie.

Back in 2007 my team started to reveal the next great adventure on earth called Shambhala.  Living heaven on earth in all its possibilities.  Of course, I had to start doing research on what Shambhala was, I barely got out of the Christed energy understanding and I was still in finding my own inner shit and clearing it up… until I went into a meditation to look for more of my own inner crap to clear and I couldn’t find anything… did I break something??  My team said to me, don’t you think there comes a time you cleared/healed as much as you needed to??  Ummmm… well NO!!!

We can liken that to never ever getting out of the shower, you just scrub and scrub and scrub… and never get out and put on those pretty clothes you’re getting cleaned up to wear.

Playing dress up was never so freakin weird… for years… thru now even.  This is one hellofa long dress up session let me tell you!!!  But we really do work best by trying on something and realizing… nope that looked better laying on the bed than on me.  Figuring out what we do not want to create, what we do want to be in the center of and how exactly are we going to shine and giggle and be incredible playful humans living… LIVING heaven on earth.

Shambaha is not a particular place on earth, it is an energy, a LIFE LIVED that can only come thru the human incarnate.  When you have let go of your judgements, your biases, pretty much everything that made you human in the first place lol and live in absolute joy and love with ALL THINGS.

I chose the spelling of my use of the word Shambhala on purpose.  In Sanskrit is simply translated to Peace, Love, Harmony.  Perfect!!  But this MUST be thru your heart… no looking for it to be in a landscape, a job, anything.  It’s YOU, wherever YOU ARE!!!!

As my team revealed more and more and more of what living Shambhala really meant to the earth, to the people/collectives willing to do the inner work, holy heaven, its all I wanted, I have worked night and day, with anyone willing to work with me for themselves to get here.

Here we are!!!!  (insert major happy dancing here.)

That bell thingie… THAT is the critical mass reached for the solidification of Shambhala!!!  This is what my team meant by “all that you ever worked for, is now here.”  And I only understood that fully and clearly because this beautiful, precious lady showed up for a reading and we had a conversation instead.

But the illumination was just getting started!!!

Let me bring back the image from yesterday:

bell curve

The image of the pendulum…  our teams only have certain ways to show the story unfolding for me to understand.  We are not ON a pendulum, our entire collective ARE the pendulum.  WE, as a unified heartbeat thru space, time and well beyond, are what is swinging that pendulum, building energy to gong the sides….

And we could see it clearly, the gong, the reverberation of that round gongy thing releases a frequency never heard in all of creation before.. shattering the lower soap bubbles/dimensions where fear and separation are still hanging on.  All that energy coming up thru every other dimension, purified, excited with living light and we are forming new worlds.

There is more to this incredible, tear stinging with love and reverence story bubbling up in my consciousness, but it is far from clear, actually at this moment, its more confusing than anything.  But hey, lets all take a collective breath and feel and celebrate the enormity of what have achieved and are doing TOGETHER!!!

WE ARE the golden age of Life.  Only thru the human incarnate can anything happen.  You powerful creators you.  Remember too, to create takes the energy of uncreation as well.  Know mama is gonna twist and turn and burp and fart and just do what she does so naturally, wonderfully, in her “nesting period.”

On that note, celebrate, in-joy, hug each other, go in (to meditation) and see what being a living spirit in physical body means to you, start undersanding the super powers you brought here to use, to create and build with… because baby, we’ve only just begun!!!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) of Dreams Come True to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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LISA GAWLES – Feeling a Bit Untethered? – Perfect!

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I feel like I have my face smacked up against two distinct, yet unified energy systems called May and it has me completely blown to bits.  Granted, I am not doing near as many readings as I am accustomed too, only about one or two a day, but dammit if every day we are not shifting and shifting again that I feel like I loosing control of the ongoing story.  But then again, I got my face smashed (by my own creation lol) into an over sized plate of meat and potatoes called the super powers course via everyone’s homework.  Holy heavens!!!  My body barely wakes up with orientation to its new space and zero time and by the end of the day, I am creamed soup again!!

The one thing I am seeing and fully realizing, we, both as an individual as well as a collective, cannot go out beyond time and space, harvest our own mastery, bring it back to our day-to-day reality without changing EVERYTHING and I mean, EVERYTHING!! It has brought the chaos theory into a full spectrum view of truth in this crazy, exciting energy package called May.  When a butterfly flaps its wings (of course, you are and always have been, the butterfly) in one place, another place feels its effect.  What is not stated there is that every dimensional version of earth, every frequency, every molecule located in every version… IS AFFECTED.  Dimensions are altered, forever changed.  Of course, this is how so much became so dense over eons of time, but now… holy light explosions batman.  Those denser (fear and separation filled) realities are bursting, just like a star going nova, as new, pristine light filled ones are formed.

The readings this week had me confused, which is really my natural state of Being any more.  The only thing I could understand is that everyone is going thru a raise in frequency, no earth beneath anyone, nothing but dark sky and stardust surrounding each person.  If you’re feeling untethered to anything, to life and even desires, perfect.  Flow with it.

In a couple of the readings this week, I was able to see into the very beginning of June… so very different from March thru now… earths!!  I could see earths!!  Many of them, pristine and vibrant.  Flawless and illuminated with so much Light.  By the force of your inner heart of Love, you are disengaging from the earths that still carry a chaos signature upon them… to move into and onto a quantum field of earths.  But with this new evolution comes even more responsibility of our applied superpowers for the other versions of earth still carrying the denser energy signatures.

I had a lady yesterday in the field that gave us a great view of what is happening.  She was suspended inside a new emerging bubble of creation energy about 10 feet above the earth.  I seen her rotating around like you would see an astronaut in zero gravity looping around head over feet.  I could also feel the solar winds coming into her bubble in front of her, creating this anti gravity spin.  The new radiation filling her body, her immediate environment, preparing her for a “soft landing” (as her team put it) into a new reality as we end the month of May in full prep for the multidimensional living called June.

Keep this in mind, a lot is being given to us right now, even more is going to be asked of us, for use in what we are harvesting and bringing back into our consciousness.  With that little sentence comes a big gulp as I get a clip from the movie Bruce Almighty where God, was the janitor, washing the floors, changing light bulbs and stuff.

I am witnessing, taking in the highly intense flow of radiation from those in Mays super power group and their amazing abilities.  The unification of 24 people, even tho they are harvesting their memories of different areas, different timelines and even beyond earths dimensions, I am seeing a cohesiveness, and interplay of strengths…. USE, unfolding.  From what I am understanding at this moment (again, as always, subject to change with more information) we are orienting ourselves to our new (to us) expanded abilities thru May and June.  Using them, playing and exploring them in our own personal worlds/created realities, strength building to use together, on purpose thru the collectives, thru all the dimensional frequencies of earth in July.

When we did Sundays hypnosis events to harvest more of our super powers thru other dimensions, thru a stargate even, I couldn’t wait to do it myself.  As soon as class was done, i ran a bath, and was completely blocked…. dammit!!  I wanna know what my new super powers are… hey!!!!!! I heard our beloved mama said, your already using them… huh???  What the hell am I doing… wouldn’t it be nice if I knew???  Guess not, at least not from the state of meditation.

Instead, I had completely forgotten about a youtube radio/TV show I was asked to be a guest on last month.  Kelli in the Raw scheduled me to be her guest yesterday (May 13th.)  I have got to thank the folks who rearranged their reading times to allow me this forgotten moment.  Thank you so much!!  Our subject matter was so much fun and vast and blew my own mind in response.  Especially when she had asked something about the dimensions and I could see something new added to it all… what I call the sub dimension within earth, which houses all the timelines, well, there are even subdimensions with the subdimensions that house months, days, hours, seconds.  Like a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

If you have two hours to kill and want to laugh your ass off with us… check us out.  We will be doing it again June 18th!!  I LOVE KELLI!!  Just sayin!!


This morning as I sat to write something…. I realized, I know what my initial super power is, the dimensions.. traveling, opening, closing and stuff.  Who knew!!??  I sure as hell didn’t.  But, like all of us, everything about us, our focus, our abilities have been preparing us for what we are about to do, and trust me, it is life changing, earth changing…

We indeed, are the ones we have been waiting for.  So now, no more waiting… it’s all about applied action!!!

I love you all so much, the most beautiful facets of the most amazing diamond core energy that ever lived.  You’re awesome!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder, bliss and even, pure exhaustion as we grow even more!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Mothers Day Reading Special thru May 16th… Buy one get one half price on 15 or 30 minute sessions.  I have freed up space in the month of May to include new readings!!

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LISA GAWLES – The Collapsing of Realities – NEW ONES FORM thru YOU AND US

new realities created thru you
Lisa Gawles

Well here we grow again!!  This growth phase is like the culmination of the many others we have had along the way.  We have been stretching, changing, expanding, growing our consciousness beyond what we ever thought was possible.  Granted we have been changing since the moment we popped open a weary eye to the Grand Illusion we were living, but since the transition from December 2012 into 2013, we made conscious choices to change in the area’s where we placed our focus.  By that, we mean, if something new was presented to you, you either stretched into it or retreated away from it.  For those stretching themselves beyond where they thought they could go… and how… so much more was given to you, added to your awareness and inner abilities.  New people and places came into your life.  Old ones left as the stage of your life experience changed.

At the same time, everything about life and earth and all that surrounds it, has been changing as well.  New dimension being created to house the enormity of You, of US together.  At the same time, older, denser dimensions collapsed into itself, releasing new energies for the ongoing new.

These last two days, since mothers day and the second hypnosis event opening into new dimensions, I dropped deep inside of myself… another metamorphosis underway.  Yesterday my whole inner body and mind felt like quantum soup.  Doing my regular mundane things became challenging, like thinking, walking with coherency.  My house looked like my house, but felt strange and unfamiliar at the same time.  I stood in the doorway of my backyard, just trying to orient myself with my world, and one by one, the hummingbirds that were to the left eating their endless buffet of sugar-water took flight to the north, zooming directly in front of me, as if to show me something.  As I was gazing mindlessly towards the north (my right) I suddenly could see the waves of interdimensional energy in the bushes.  This is not the first time it happened, its just the first time it was stable maybe.  The day I captured the orb fest near my computer, later that day I walked to my front door and felt this odd bumpiness and out the peripheral vision I could see sudden striations of energy to the right outside my door.  I was so disoriented I couldn’t hold it and it left my field of vision as quickly as it appeared.  Yesterday, it stayed there until I moved my body.

With my entire inner body feeling like liquid goo, I asked… what the hell is up with myself?  I hear “your changing.”  Dah!!  My response more sarcastic than anything was “it better be a good change.”  I hear back, “change is always for the better.”  I blew a raspberry and sat on the couch again.  I knew the voice speaking to me, Gaia.  This is the first time her voice came thru into my reality without being in meditation.  But then again, she was the one who showed up to teach me my new super powers… once again, much to my own inner shock.

I was given a very clear view of what we have embarked upon.  I pray I can share it outwards with you with as much clarity.  If we look at all the subdimensions of the earth realm, and again, there are so many they are “uncountable,” where every frequency, every timeline into the deepest past and further future reside, it would like similar to massive collective soap bubbles:


This image would represent ONE collective.  Many many interrelated earths, frequencies exchanging with each other.  Lets just call this collective Shambhala.  Inside the very middle would be the core of Shambhala, where the light of the humans is brightest and clearest.  The bubbles surrounding the core interlap, and as the humans there step into their fullness, that soap-bubble… that sub dimension collapses into the core.  What I have no way of showing you with pictures… is the hundreds of thousands of other collectives, that surround this collective and how they shake and change and collapse because one single sub dimension made a massive shift to fullness.  We see/experience these shifts as earthquakes, volcanoes, weather systems and such.  We experience these intense upwards beaming frequencies as biological issues such as headaches, flu or cold like symptoms, asthma (mine) like symptoms and such.

If all this wasn’t mind-boggling enough for my soupy self, I was brought right back to the image of the indian chief from my super powers meditation, phase 1, coupled with a very familiar phrase “return of the bird tribes.”  This headdress was created in the likeness of a race of extraterrestrial Beings that came and participated, shared their magic and wisdom with the inhabitants of earth.  The headdress was made of their feathers, Beings we now call angels.  They were bird like and humanoid like and could easily fly as they could walk and talk.  I can get so frustrated that I cannot draw a lick, because I seen them in their exactness yesterday. odd-looking, but very kewl.  Those who wore this powerful “headdress” were the ones that were clearest in their vibration, in their desire to assist their tribe, the earth and sun.  Like many star visitors that came before and after them, their time here on earth was finished and all that was left was vague memories.  Their feathers have long since became particles of dust within the earth… their memories distorted and reinvented.  However, their energy of beauty and skill and love is a part of our earth, a part of us that reached the vibrational frequency they imprinted many, many versions of earths ago.

We are them!!  They are us.  A unified consciousness awakening to our fullness.  Super humans even!! (smile, wink)  And yet, there is so much more to this story that I don’t yet understand.  But, that too has been the way of emerging consciousness.  Bit by bit.  I suppose we can look at it as collecting all the (previously) distorted memories and bringing them back into clarity, into truth and forming a brand new super collective.  This is why spirit has been so anal about using the phrase “ASSUME NOTHING.”

I was also given a huge glimpse of how we are going to use our emerging super powers as well.  What we are capable of, is beyond incredible and how we will assist all versions of earth, mind boggling in our expertise!!  Small, tiny example of an experience I recently had.

One of my landlady’s cats started to look at my hummers like snack food, jumping 4 feet in the air to try to eat them as they ate from their feeders.  Putting myself back into alignment with love was challenging at best, with that cat, especially when I would hear the clang of the feeder hit the side of the house, I would go outside to see tiny hummer feathers stuck to the feeder…. grrrrrrrr.  I have got to find a way to love this damn cat as much as I love these hummers and at the same time, stop him from pouncing upwards at them.  Someone on my facebook gave me a link to a pest sonic control thingie… and I thought…. well hell, I can set an energy wedge with my intention for the same result, no cat jumping to feed on my beloved hummers, no harm coming to any of them and stuff.  So I did just that, created a huge wedge of energy beneath the feeders that would repel the cat and keep everyone safe from harm.  Its been a week now and zero cat leaping to eat the hummers.

May is going to continue with collapsing and reforming realties/frequencies/timelines so to speak.  Our physical bodies will continue to adjust according to our inner focus, our desires and thought processes and actions.

In my meditation with mother earth, she demanded (pesky lady) I put together one more super powers course before I leave on vacation the end of June, to include the personal one on one sessions.  Not a whole lot of time to play with in June, but I also have a very vivid idea of what we are doing and how, now.  I will not offer this again, cuz July, holy cow batman… we are taking it to a whole new, LIVE level of application.

Well, there is a ton more for me to share, but my day is about to begin.  Until tomorrow….

I love you all so much, thank you for consistently pushing me beyond my comfort zone and out of my own assumptions about anything!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of Joy and laughter too All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.  June Super Powers Course is now live to sign up if you dare (smile.)

Lisa Gawles – The Magnetic Stream of Your Life – Quantum Surfboards and the Flow!

 quantum flow

Lisa Gawles

Well, just knock my socks off with understanding and a much fuller view of Life!  But before I get into all that, let me go into a loving rant.  Yesterday morning kick started our Super Powers course, the only thing I was sure about this course was that it would start with a hypnosis session that I had to write.  I kinda figured I would have to wait until the night before the course started to write the script since so much was changing every day in the readings, in our lives… in my life of understanding.  I sat down on Saturday evening and nothing came out.  I tried forcing it… figuring we would start with the ever-present connection of the dual quantum surf boards that I see in readings now.  Couldn’t get a whole sentence to flow.  I did my ritual bitching, stomped my feet, went to bed early, demanding something coming thru in the morning or I am going to have 24 unhappy people, not including myself!!

I woke up to the sun pouring into my room… shit, I woke up late!!!  I bounced out of bed, to the bathroom, to the coffee pot and plopped into my chair, no blog today spirit oh spirit, we have a journey to undertake and you best be clear!!  I do use my voice of authority now and again!!  The first thing I could feel engulf me was the excitement of the air around me.  OMG there was joyful juice oozing from the air itself.  Well that brightened my mood instantly!!  And the script flowed effortlessly…

Nothing about this hypnotic journey was like I was expecting.  Silly me, 15 years later, there is that pesky expectation cuz I think I know something!!  It’s rough being repetitively human!! lol

Writing this script gave me, all of us, a much bigger picture of what can very well be the effortlessness of Life, of Being in your own personal Flow of Life!  (Just looking at my experience from the night before to the morning, I was trying to push my desire outside of my flow.)

After a journey into the earth, partnering with the creative power of creation on earth via the one and only Gaia, we went up above each persons home, not far above, 10 feet above to flow freely out of the gravitational pull of earth and account them with their personal magnetic flow of energy.  As I was writing it, I could see this golden stream of energy that really reminded me of the milky way on a clear night.

Our quantum surf boards navigating the magnetic stream of our lives, moving as if on an escalator, effortlessly towards the direction, immediate destination of your Life.  Ohhhh but spirit had a much larger teaching agenda for all of us on this blessed day.

If you have ever done a hypnosis session or even a guided meditation (to me, there really is very little difference) it is easy to assume the next instruction step and go there before the instructor takes you there.  Learning to multitask, hearing or knowing the next step, yet staying in pace with the flow without getting ahead of ourselves is key now.

As I was taking this amazing group up and out of their homes via a directional I just wrote an hour prior (meaning, I wasn’t all that familiar with the tour myself) spirit is yapping in my ear while I am trying to keep a flow going.  Talking and listening at the same time, challenging!!  Holy shit even.  I am counting them upwards out of their rooms, out of their homes and spirit is talking in my ear, making sure I address the fact that some have already gone ahead of the instruction being given.  I also realized, I have got to practice the skill of hearing while talking independently of each other.  Not so easy, even when what you are saying is written in front of you!!

So as everyone was in a 10 minute pause of my voice, getting to know their incarnated soul aspect that is going to help them develop… remember a super power, spirit was busy giving me key points to address after the session is over.  Points less about the hypnosis session but about life itself.

When you are fully partnered with the magnetic flow of your life, it should feel like you are moving thru your day, thru your weeks and months, effortlessly.  Flowing vs struggling.  However, there is a set of communication taking place in every moment, exchanged between the energy that makes up your body and the magnetic guidance system beneath your feet (your quantum surfboard if you will.)  Let me give you the 6 key points given to me, then I will expand on them:

1. DO NOT get ahead of the energy or instruction.

2. If you went ahead in any part (this was referring to the hypnosis event, but can easily be changed out to your Life) repeat the event to ensure you stay in perfect time with the energy/instruction.

3. Paying attention to detail, to instruction is super important.

4. There is a very specific purposeful rhythm happening, staying with it, not ahead or behind it… VERY KEY!!


6. Be in the moment while taking/receiving the instruction for the next moment.

This was not given during the pause, but thru a sharing of one of our lovely lady’s experience that is just as important, crucially important as well.  The instruction was to go to a star or cloud formation, this served as a portal to the realm where the incarnated Being of your soul would be.  This lady seen a ship first and went there.  And even tho she had a wonderful experience as she was sharing I could spirit redirecting as well.

Lets change this analogy into a drive down the road, tons of class rooms (beats the hell out of stores lol) along the way.  You know your getting ready to go to a very specific one, but there happens to be a class room that is just too exciting to resist, so you get off your magnetic flow and go there first… and you lose the time to go to where your flow was taking you.  Now you must repeat this guidance to get to where you needed to go.

How often do we do this in life… lets say your soul is trying to take you to one place, you see something sparkly over there, instead of getting to your soul destination, you take a side trip away from it.  Of course, one can say there is something to experience there too, and truly there is.  But what if that was supposed to be the third stop or fourth stop and it was your first one… like reading a book from the middle, then going to figure out the beginning.  Or sometimes, we are just so set on what we (egoicly) want to experience, we never arrive at the soul destination at all.  We parked our flow out in the abyss and stumble thru our moments.  So I want to thank this lady for taking a side trip, it really was prefect because otherwise, this would not be a perfect discussion right now!!

Staying in the rhythm of your life’s flow… timing is everything.  Being in the moment, getting a glimpse of the next moment to move into, but not hurrying up and forgetting the flow to it.  Speed is not needed here.  You would end up arriving before your energy did.  Or the opposite, you hesitate so much that you are a mile behind your energy.

Of course, we do humor ourselves and constantly say I am exactly where i need to be.  Well, there is something to learn thru everything, but doesn’t it sound more exciting to be in the flow of your life than constantly hitting brick walls with your life??  How many brick walls does one need before they recalibrate??  ….as I think of my precious daughter still chilling and recalibrating.

And then there was the cherry on my well-baked cake of yesterday… A beautiful man (a virgin upon my field) who scheduled a reading for his birthday last month that got rescheduled, then rescheduled again.  Disappointment and patience are the greatest gifts of our lives, if we allow it to be.  Thank goodness he did, cuz he know about timing, rhythm…  For me to read him correctly, I had things to understand as well as needed the expanded view for understanding his puzzle piece in our grand adventure!!

Beyond the magnetic flow beneath our feet are tremendous molecules of energy that surround us every day of every moment.  I could see him getting up and out of bed, what we think of air, I seen as a shit ton of tiny bubbles calibrating to his energy field via his heart beat, his emotion and what he was thinking about the moment he got out of bed.  Imagine that!!  The air calibrates to YOU!!  To what’s on your mind, in your heart and creates the rhythm of experience thru that.

What I also seen thru this amazing man was the understanding of upwards and downwards motion, as opposed to left or right (back and forth) in the quantum state of experience.  As we move upwards or downwards we are going thru the dimensional folds… bass to treble.  As we move forward and backwards (thinking here, quantum surfboard and flow, not just any day-to-day moment, but purposeful interaction) we are moving thru timelines.

Yet, as his precious soul gave me a bird’s eye view of him getting up out of bed and going to the bathroom (yup, my vision followed him to the holy throne lol) I could see how the energy itself, the air, the molecules reacted in his movements.  As soon as he stood up out of bed, he was encircled by this energy, the air.  The moment he put his foot forward to head to the bathroom, the air started to take on color, energy, activity.  It was in seeing this that it was revealed that it calibrated with his heart beat, his thoughts and his feelings.  I watched as this massive amount of tiny energy bubbles started to move to his left and right from his core, the entire center of his body as he moved forward, was in the action of heading to the bathroom.

What I didn’t understand yesterday but do today with this amazing view, was it is this very energy that gives the brain the spatial recognition of heading to the bathroom.  Even beyond that, it starts creating the experience based on your feet on the floor.  Unfolding your day in tune with your magnetic highway and thoughts/emotions of this day.

Altho this was not at all represented in his reading, I do want to state here (cuz I am hearing it) if you wake up bitchy… better find your flow and change your energy, cuz you are creating a bitchy day for yourself!!!

I also got to see and understand the relationship with this energy field we think of as air.  I could see him laying in his bed and at first I thought him there is no air between him and his bed, spirit corrected me immediately.  The energy is condensed beneath him.  With focus and purposeful direction, he can inflate the condensed energy to produce, literally, levitation.  Levitation is part of his super powers and at the very tip of the iceberg of its purpose and ability in his reality/physical reality.

Equally, he too is a dimension traveler.  This view gave me that excited…. OHHHH YEAHHHHHH… feeling inside.  I reference the “beam me up scotty” star trek transportation place, and man oh man is that backwards.  We, the human do not turn into tiny particles of energy, it’s the reality construct around us that does.  Which, when I seen it, made soooo much more sense!!!!  Dah!!

Before I close today, I want to mention a very important reading two days ago, and now, fuller understanding of her reading to complete this sharing.  I could see her hanging onto the outer edge of April’s platform of life.  We can now look at this part of the quantum surfboard as your magnetic flow of energy.  I was shocked to see May’s surfboard at a 90 degree angle (humbly reconstructed image:)

hanging on

Again, what I colored maroon really was multicolored, I am not that talented with MS Paint, nor do I want to put that much effort into this visual.  lol  Connected to her energy source, but somehow crashed into Mays reflective field, the top part of her quantum surfboard.  I watched as she moved back and forth with her hands the feeling was trying to get on top of things, yet, she needed to jump up… she got homework to do!!!  No doubt this has everything to do with what was just revealed thru my man…. Thought, emotion, heartbeat (rhythm.)

With all this said, and I pray, understood too, as I was writing the hypnosis script yesterday and it got towards the end, I realized, each Sunday we will be expanding, discovering more and more about the expanded realm of Life and the super powers within via hypnosis.  With that knowing, I am formulating a plan to include those of you who wanted to sign up, but couldn’t because it filled up to fast, to be included too.  Scaled down of course.  There is not enough time in my day for any more personal, one on one sessions, but there is evenings and group energy time available and the hypnosis events are being recorded thru each session.  I will have this organized and available for you to participate in, if you desire, sometime today.  Silly me, spirit has already seeded another group event for July, I assumed (I really gotta stop doing that lol) it would be this course again, hell no.  I clearly hear we will be several miles past the beginning by then.  God knows I need some running shoes!! lol  Check my website for details, I will get it up sometime today!! – Now Up!!!

I love you so much.  Thank you for constantly pushing me to grow and expand and reach further because you desire the same for yourself!!  We are an amazing team together… flowing beyond imagination, together!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of excited heartbeats next to yours!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Now Live: Second Chance Super Powers Course.  Click Here for details.

Lisa Gawles – Peircing Thru the Upper Dimensions – New Black Hole Taking Us There! – 4-20-15


Lisa Gawles

I should have known there would be more to the enormity of April that something so hopeful (on my end) as an evening out of the playing field.  Sheez.  I expected (my first big mistake) easy sailing after the added energy release from the 11th thru the 15th, I swear spirit holds out information just to watch us squirm and wonder (and on my end, bitch!!)  Then, my second big mistake, I said out loud to a lady after I finished her reading “I am so glad I have not had to reschedule anyone for a week.”  Wham!!!  Spirit served me a words sandwich on a platter and I have been eating them for most of the last 4 days.  For the life of me, I could not understand why… over the last two days, finally we got the reveal and I gotta say, I am so surprised!!  Something this big, we usually get a heads up, a sneak peek into it all, at least, not that I seen coming.

When I repeated poked my antenna out in the field on the 16th and kept seeing my floor, I thought, ok, maybe a reboot after all these energies.  After all, I woke up late that day, sat at my computer and immediately my computer went into a 40 minute windows upgrade reboot, had to be a parallel happening there.  The only thing I heard in a glimpse of hearing was “we were getting our new shoes.”  Hmmmm… I thought it was skin lol.  But, new shoes, a new way forward, ok, makes sense.  On the 17th, I was able to see the new energies, the new things being presented, but it still felt unfinished in some way.  I think my precious lady in Scotland gave me a clue that I completely missed.  She was the only one that I actually seen new shoes on (others had new things, but they all weren’t “shoes” in the readings.)  Her shoes were a smooth pat and leather like yellow and they were tap dancing, happy feet!!  But when it came to the rest of her body… MIA.  I could see the black energy (deep unknown) of her ankles and about 4 inches up her calf and nothing else.  Plus, she was not on the ground at all, she was way up in the air tap dancing, but it also felt like she was suspended in that one spot, for that moment.

The 18th I was sure we would get the bigger story of where we were heading, but nooooooo… once again I am seeing my damn floor.  I really want to find a way to kick spirit in the ass, this is messing with all of our schedules thank you very much!!  As the day progressed (or is that digressed) it was time for the worlds greatest and only Maju creator and I got a pre-glimpse of him that popped my mind open to what is happening.  I recognized immediately the energy of my maju he recently created for me.  Plus, the form is unmistakable (smile.)


There he was, sliding upwards on the spiral energy of my now 10 foot (in our visual) maju.  Because of the two meditations I have had with my maju, I knew exactly what I was seeing.  Yesterday, I got still images for some of the folks on the field, and spirit was chatty to help us understand, that alone is a miracle that I am grateful for, so let me give you the whole story as I understand it now.

When I took my maju the mineral spa Bath House in Jemez Springs and did my first meditation with it, I could see the same dull yellow energy that I had seen Mr. Maju Creator spiral up, pointing outwards thru the subdimensions in my meditation.  However, I realized that what I seen had more to this ongoing story than I realized in that moment.  The dull yellow energy coming off my maju went outwards and downwards first, hitting what I will call the lower octaves of subdimensions and then rapidly shot upwards to the higher one that I could see the ongoing biological and consciousness expansion happening (with a man I will hopefully meet.)

He was the only one I got any sort of pre-glimpse of, however, when we connected for the reading, nuttin.  From past experiences, I know when the energy fields are too high, we are all protected from sharing each others energy by shutting me down, which will never cease to stop pissing me off.  Understanding it and liking it are two different ball fields!!

However, as I sat and pondered, I did get a bigger revelation that became topped off in clarity (more or less) with the still shots of yesterday.

I was reminded of very real experience of shifting thru the density I had never felt before driving thru the Jemez the other day.  The lives and energy we think of as our immediate past and thinner and closer than ever before with those whose vibration/frequency went higher.  As my maju showed, you go down before you can shoot up… and that is happening to so many of us, like a sling shot being pulled back for acceleration.

My first snapshot yesterday was of a lady standing out in the field and above her a very familiar, but not seen in close to a year, image was rotating above her… a black hole!!!  Ahhhhhhhh…. I’m getting this now.

Going from how I have interpreted a black hole in our field before (and is still the same now) it pulls all the energy from the known universe into it, well, anything that gets close to its sucking field and altho science has yet to be able to see whats on the other side of the black hole, they lean into the creation of another universe, and so do I.

So going with the piercing upwards in to the higher dimensions of other earths, and given the consistent still image of the black hole yesterday, we have made yet another rapid ascent upwards!  Which gave me understanding to the sleepless night caused by my desire and inability to breathe the night prior.  I am really starting to recognize the energies and my lungs trying to cope with a sudden upwards swing in our atmosphere.

With one of my ladys yesterday, as she was asking some questions, I got a big ole pesky X at the top part of the black hole.  I could see the position, just not whats thru the other side.  However, spirit did give her a dateline (that I am feeling applies to most of us) of being thru and viewable 20th-21st.  What is funny, when I heard those dates, I instantly had a meltdown, thinking… a freakin week?  I cannot reschedule for a flipping week I have no where to stick folks.  I am so sure I make spirit giggle as they put the number 19 in front of my face.  Ohhh yeah, it’s the 19th.  Yet, for the remainder of the readings tho, I still felt the timespace of a week even tho, it really is only a day or two.  Talk about the loss of time and the sense of expanding!!!

I had one lady give us an amusing semi-still shot of what is happening.  Her body was in a large yellowish diamond-shaped energy field, I could see her body half thru the black hole and half dangling downwards, her feet kicking and kicking and kicking.  All I could think of was a breach birth only in reverse.  She (we) are being birthed into a vast accelerated energy field in the upper dimensions and are still half in, half out.  Feeling a bit ungrounded these days??  Great!!  I have said this for easily a year, but gonna say it again, PLEASE do not try and ground to anything, cuz that pulls you back down and you gotta start all over again.

All of this understanding really gives a fuller understanding to a food conversation we had on facebook several days back.  So many of us are craving the heavier foods, for me it was pizza.  I haven’t had pizza since I was in Virginia with my kids.  I bought a pie and ate it within two days!!  I felt the cells of my body singing with joy… the heavier foods allows that binding (similar to grounding but without sticking to the earth we are leaving.)

Another conversation I have seen on my facebook was the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do it.  Well, that too is perfect, if not uncomfortable.  I have no idea why spirit would say alright, change locations now, change jobs now… and leave us dangling in what feels like forever without any real clue of whats next.  I do understand tho, for some, this transition could not have been possible in whatever old energy system you took yourself out of… and yet, the new marching papers are still being printed.  Even with this statement, I feel many may be suspended thru June, thru the solstice.  There is a lot changing, not only the magnetic pathways we travel, but people, inner desires, outer experiences and a whole lot more than is beyond my conceivability.

On that note, if your body is sending you signals for some mac and cheese, some pizza, some cheese cake… honor it.  (Hmmmm, cheese!!! lol)  It knows what it needs more than your (our) minds do!!  The body itself is also going thru the acceleration changes, chest and head colds, fever and flu like symptoms… gotta love biology!!

On that note, I am praying I have a day of readings to start today!!  Have an amazing time rebirthing into the higher, more adventurous higher octaves of life… I cannot wait to see what that means to us!!!

Ohhh, as I see the picture I am going to use for todays sharing, I gotta mention that it is (of course) no fluke we have been in a G2 solar storm and the coronal hole on the sun been spilling its solar winds to us.  The sun is always working in harmony with us crazy, brave humans!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of deep gratitude for your patience and understanding with me coupled with excitement to see where we having taken ourselves now!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawles – The Ascension – Human Biology – 4-14-15


Lisa Gawles

Words themselves are so limiting. So before I even start this sharing I am going to ask you to expand yourself to the place between each word…. the white space. It is there that the fullness of what my words cannot say… exists.

Biology, when you think about it, it seems so simple. So… ordinary. Yet, it is the very center piece of the created universes. It is not just organic biology, it is a biology that has free will. Duality. Ego. self-imposed Identities. Time and space. Wormholes. Tremendous dimensional frequencies. Divinity. A complete veil in place that hides us from who and what we really are.

We are THE Master Peace!

For this sharing, the only biology I am really talking about is the Human Biology. And most especially, the adult human.

Biology itself is made up of a vast network of frequencies. The human incarnate is in total and absolute control of these frequencies. All frequencies controlled by emotional thought. Those thought frequencies create the resonance of the magnetic field of attraction that is your life. The stronger the feeling, the faster the creation.

The purpose of this biological game… to find and remove ALL discordant energy within your biological field of created reality. No worries tho, we have multiple created versions of our self in many other frequencies called earth.

The moment we find the next highest frequencies of ourSelf, those two realities collapse and become one. To try and make this an understandable statement… have you ever dreamed that you were dying in a dream and just before you died, of course you woke up. That was a merger taking place. The lowest (frequency) created version of yourself ceased to exist and now is apart of your new expanded frequency.

All done by changing your mind… your thoughts.

But we have made this biology game really interesting by place all sorts of created biology within our field of vision, as well as every conceivable frequency in relationship to that. For example: We have the original fruits and vegetables of earth, and now we have what are referred to as GMO, genetically altered fruits and veggies as the human discovers it can alter creation. And of course, this is so new to us, we fear it. That can’t be good. Ahhhh the game gets Real, doesn’t it?

And then we have the massive food markets. A lot of these area’s shows the darkest of the human frequencies. The cruelty to animals is profound. So profound some humans choose not to eat meat. So then the question (at some point in time) must be asked… why? Our human biology can truly digest it. Personal taste (sounds good to me, I don’t eat liver because of the putrid smell,,,ugh). But if it is because of the lack of love given to the animal in it’s up bringing then guess what… you could have been the final place it was loved and honored for it’s life. Every single choice we make, and the emotion behind it… matters (frequency wise). It makes up the All of the earth. The All changes constantly!

Now lets say, you have moved your appetite to serve your palate as opposed to your mind, you have lit up the grid of your life like you cannot even imagine.

But lets talk about that palate for a moment. Of course when eating, we are talking about the taste buds, the smell, all the joys that go into eating. … the relationships that happen (within) while eating is huge. What about your family? Do they serve the palate of your life? How about your peers, your jobs, your schools, any of your affiliations?

Do you stretch out on the couch after any encounter and say… man that was sooo good. I am so nourished and full… without the first discordant feeling?

If there is anything that creates a discordant frequency within you, it is simply there to tell you it is time to move on. Find other frequencies to Be with… to enrich and nourish you.

Often times, we think we are the biology. We think we must stay connected to the biological others (friend, relative or others) because we have to (fill in the blank with whatever).

Truly we are an organic frequency in search of the highest, purest version of ourselves. If we do not willingly untangle from frequencies that no longer resonate with us, we become entangled and cannot move to the next frequency. This is a very very familiar place for us humans. Because we have always believed it is a game of life. Really, it is a game of Light… Light masquerading as biological life!! What a great game!!!

So now that you get the idea… lets talk about where we are now. Biologically speaking!

Every time you release an old discordant frequency, you turn on a new one within your biology. New thoughts, new opportunities, new relationships. You are literally recreating your world with each increased Light thought. This is why letting go is so important. Letting go doesn’t mean for ever, it simply means until the frequencies meet up in harmony again.

Now for the fullness of this Game of Light to see it’s way thru to completion in this version of now… what is known as critical mass had to take place. 1 half of 1% of earths total population had to let go of the discordance. Unbury themselves from the illusion. Embrace their power and dare to live out loud and leave the discordance behind… no in worry and judgement, but in freedom and allowance. Not only did we hit it, we exceeded it. The game sped up!

So, before anything else could happen, Biology had to come online first. Humans had to radiate a light that melted the veils of the higher frequencies so that the greatest frequencies of energy could be held in place by created matter… the human!!

It has always been about the clearing of the biology to hold the radiance of pure light. That is the purpose of the game.

Think about this for a moment… how profound this is. In order for the full spectrum of Light to openly and freely play in the fields of created matter, the human had to change their biology… all the while still housed in the biology. Talk about the enormity of that. Bones changes, blood changed, glands changed, Life itself has changed. The Human is currently on the brink of full discovery and use of all of it’s attributes!!

As of today’s timeline in your reality… a little over 2% of earth’s population is currently osculating between the 5th and 7th dimensions (dimensions according to your interpretation of them).

By this same time next year, 10-15% of earths population could very well be playing in the higher fields of light. Or more!! It’s All governed by you and the choices you make in every osculating moment!

All of this earth has quickened. It’s party time in the higher realms… in the very cells of your biology!! Now that biology has made the leap.. your entire energy field is changing… rapidly!

(Part 2 coming soon, at this moment, I have no idea if it will be earth or the grid that is in part two…)

We are the Light, the Love, the Doorways,

Lisa Gawlas and company (smile)Soul Centered Therapy.

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Lisa Gawles – How Real Does This Rabbit Hole Get – That Depends On You – 4-13-15


Lisa Gawles


Change.  That is the one constant in life and especially within that crazy little thing we call the “spiritual path.”  The more we learn, the more we apply what we learn, the more our lives changes, always for the better, even if it appears to have fallen apart to get ready for the better.  Thru it all, there are details embedding within our consciousness, our new applications for living life to the fullest.  All of our experiences have really set up the reprogramming our our brains, of the way the mind see’s and experiences life itself.  Going wayyy beyond the illusion and the  primary senses.

This morning, well, this month really, I have got to think about the massive shift in spirits focus in readings.  I have seen this massive shift before, primarily at the turn of 2012 into 2013, where spirit, thru you, became incredibly focused and details about this place we are now at I call Shambhala.  Thur this 2 year period, the semi-focus was on science like things, sine waves, quantum energy, vibrational energy via color, sound, emotions.

2.25 years of reprogramming each other to see, accept and experience the larger quantities of Life itself.  Obviously, we did a really great job of it all.  So of course, spirit starts encouraging us to ditch everything we thought we knew, because we are changing again, becoming more than we ever dreamed possible.

We, the human incarnate, really are an extraordinary species.  I can now clearly (ok, semi-clearly lol) understand why the entirety of the multiverses are assisting us, with awe, of our “ascension” process.  It is so much more than just pulling ourselves out of the deepest darkest places within ourselves, it is so much more than just being able to talk to spirit, or see energy fields, all of which, brought us to this place called Here.

We are now in the last part of our deprogramming process, our physical bodies.  The consciousness, the partnership our biological creation MUST have with our evolution.  We have placed so much focus on spirit (that was needed) and the “purity” of spirit that the body became secondary and misunderstood on many levels.  We are a high functioning organic machine, if we allow ourselves to be.  We were created/designed to live and love in the depths of duality and all that goes with duality.  We have an immune system that should be marveled at, instead, we don’t trust its function… which is simply to become immune to what we would perceive as impurities within the dualist construct called earth.  With that, I cannot help but recall my terminix days and the amazing perseverance of the cockroaches, one of the few species of life that have been around since prehistoric times.  You spray them with one chemical, they are instantly developing an immunity to that chemical thru their (much more primitive than ours) immune system.  Yet, we are scared of everything.  Don’t eat this, don’t breathe that… and we dilute our greatest potential with fear.  Of course, we call that fear something else… healthy living.

Fat is another undervalued addition to our biological creation that much of the medical field would have you believe is bad.  Our natural thermoregulators are held in the fat cells.  The stored light energy, like battery cells, are stored in the fat cells.  Our body doesn’t create fat just to give us something to get over… but marketing and medicine sure have placed value on skin and bones, depleting the power centers within.

Consciousness of the biological Being we call our body.  That is the last part of this amazing Life we are living.  We have partnered with Source (god, spirit, whatever) we have partnered with our Soul, and now, we have to throw all that we thought we know about the body, out to allow for a greater truth to be revealed.  A truth that will restore your power in the amazing land called, physicality!!

So part of what is coming thru these days, is deprogramming our relationship with the outer world of physicality and our inner world of physicality.  Tuning more deeply into the consciousness of our cells.  If we can look at our cells the way we look at each other, different, but the same at the core.  Our cells have different attributes, depending on the group they are holding together (various muscles, organs, hair, eyes, electrical currents and so on.)  They all have very particular needs to do their job(s) to the fullest.

In my simplest example would be my experience from the other day, no wearing jeans.  I wear my jeans tight, and I could feel the melt down of my cells from my hips down just thinking about that material right next to my skin.  We are in a state of expansion, how can we expand if you are smothering us??  Who knew??

On occasion, I have this incredible craving for salt, so I find something salty to munch on.  Of course, this leads to water retention for a day or so, but the body needs the internal fluid pack for its cellular growth in those moments.  Water, fluids are the greatest generator of energy, of growth.

So lets say, you are throwing out all you thought you knew about the biology that houses your spirit, what is next is more exciting than I can contain and the truest of reasons why all eyes are on our evolution as a species.

Equally, being in harmony within your emotional field is not only key, but required, depending of course, how far down the living rabbit hole your willing to take yourself!!  Emotional harmony doesn’t mean dripping sugar out of your mouth all the time, nor does it mean ignoring the ego side of the emotional spectrum (anger, frustration and so on) that part of us is as important to listen to as the joy bliss side is.

Example, I went into meditation the other morning and proceeded to have a bitch session with someone I didn’t know that was supposed to be helping my daughter thru a challenging time and I have been experiencing this help as a detriment.  This internal bitch session was my lower mind, the one that lives and knows physicality’s way of saying… you need more information and understanding of the process at hand.  I was genuinely worried.  Since my mind would not change its focus no matter how many times I shushed it up, I got out of the bath and called this person and got to understand more.  I still don’t like it, but I can understand it now.  Our lower minds are often devalued as something that should be squelched, ignored, and that we should remain in a state of perpetual bliss 24/7.  Well, we are in that state when not incarnate, so it would serve no greater good to be in bliss 24/7 here.  Duality is our friend, our confidant and a wonderful catalyst of using the physical attributes of energy surrounding us.

With the emergence of so many ET’s in our consciousness this last year, they have opened my mind to potentials I never dreamed possible outside of meditation.  Time travel, interdimensional doorways,  and things I have no words to even describe… Not only did this surprising (to me) change in direction connect many humans to their ET’s and greater potentials within, it really changed my mind about things… starting with the enormity of dimensions we live within.  How our biological energy can open and close dimensions and how often we are already doing that, unconsciously.

As March shifted into April, it seems it’s not just a focus for the ET realm, but our spiritual teams as well.  What I am referring to as your super powers are far beyond anything I could have imagined as real… as possible.

I had a lady show up the other day that gave us a really good peek into how we are going to start experiencing other dimensions outside of meditation.  Her homework became opening one of the layers of dimensional sheets, putting her hand half way thru that sheet and feeling the energy difference from where she is on this side, to that realm over there.  As I was giving her that exercise, I could see these things that looked like cooked spaghetti move from her pineal gland outwards to her experience, all these tendrils were coated with molecules of some sort  and it was explained that this is the way the mind becomes reprogrammed.  These tendrils move out into the experience you are having, the molecular structure enhances the experience (what we call the new codes within our DNA) brings it back to the brain itself and reprograms the experience into reality, into what is REAL.  The more this is done, the more the brain releases the solidness of your perception of yourself and the energy exchange allows for the cells to vibration at the rate of speed in the other dimension(s).

If that didn’t melt my mind down into excitement straddling holy shitness, one of the readings the other day took it to a whole other level of holy shitness.

Imagine (which, remember, is the realm of real potential and not make believe) you can open and close just the things I call subdimensions which are all the timelines and versions of earth available in this realm, and you found the way (which is coming on line thru many now) to open and close with accuracy (gonna need lotsa practice to perfect this) the portals, or stargates that allow for the body to slip thru this timeline and go back, lets just say to the time and version of earth your alignment is with Jesus.  Not only can you go back there physically, but going back with the consciousness of today, you can change outcomes, experiences, the story itself with your presence and interaction There.

It was given to us in understanding via the place we call healing our past.  Of course, we perceive that healing in meditation, going back and changing outcomes and emotions around a certain thing, which changes everything coming up thru the present, including the people who were involved in… whatever.  Now, we are taking this all to the next level… not only with our soul mind and consciousness, but with the biology too.

Imagine the implications of what we can do.  Going back to the point in our (de)evolution where we started using fossil fuel and told someone about hydro fuel or solar energy for example.  With that (I am sure there is more to it, how I have no flipping clue… yet) we create the version of earth where that is our source of fuel and we never strip the earth of her needed resources.  That, is just one simple example.  Even as that thought gets expressed here, I hear, this is what the ET’s gave done too, entered particular timelines to bring us the technology we use and take for granted today.

I have got to say, I have tried and tried and tried to see the dimensions outside of readings, sitting on my couch, squishing my eyes to make them appear… nuttin.  In meditation, in your readings… effortless.  Of myself… not yet.

Group energy I feel is the key of it all.  Speaking of Jesus’ time… “when two or more are gathered…”

I think about the enormity of this course coming up in May, it started out (in my consciousness) simple, one on one sessions to help develop the super powers being shared within your personal meditation space.  Then, spirit dropped in the group participation, then the hypnosis event that has you going to access your super powers instead of me and deciding which ones you want work on first.  There is a feeling I get with this as I got with the emergence of the package back in 2012 called “Hypnosis with the Guardians.”  Big.  Mind altering in perception and abilities and reprogramming the mind to experience beyond what we already have.

Just imagine the potentials at hand….

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of mind boggle, dimension opening Love to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  New intense May course now available:  Discovering and Developing Your New Super Powers. <— to go to my webpage for more information, just click.  Thanx!!!!

Lisa Gawles – Talk About the Multi-Dimensional Soul –

multidimensional soul

Lisa GawlesWell happy post eclipse, man oh man what a conglomeration of energy that was (still is.)  For the first time ever in all my years of reading, everyone who showed up on the field on April 4th looked exactly the same and in the same position.  I created a most humble image of what I seen to help explain it all the best I could:

eclipse energy releasing today

The black circle in the upper area is what spirit keeps saying a removal of the veil itself, I kept wanting to call it a portal and they insisted it is not a portal at all.  The explained it as an opening between the lower and upper atmospheres, or the earth realm and the spirit realm.  It was about 20 feet above the earth (going with my scale of vision) and draped underneath it reminded me of curtain pull back ties.  There were two of them, one strung from south to north, one west to east and created a sag like visual beneath this opening, both were a dirty white color.  The coloring, as always, purposeful, representing the energies we are already using spiritually in all four quadrants of our lives.  The place it crossed over created a wide beam of energy directly down into the crown, into the core and will continue to spread out into the cellular body thru the first week of April.

Each person was suspended about 2 feet beneath this black circle/opening… just hovering there while 4 sections of black energy (shown as lines, but they were all about 2-3 feet thick) came down and surrounded their immediate space and connected into the skin itself.  There was texture to this black energy, kinda reminds me of the text one might feel if you could touch clouds, only deep black with contrast.  What spirit said it was the “deep unknown” (or at least unknowable to us incarnates) coming thru in four sections: left side (physical life) right side (emotional side) front side (present to future path) and back side (past and the choices of what is being let go of and what is moving forward.)  Altho I seen it as sections, caused by the swag ties beneath the opening, spirit said if you stepped back and looked at the person, it would be one whole circle of energy surrounding them.

What really frustrated me was, after I got the understanding of what I am seeing and tried to go deeper into what it means personally to the person on the field, I have never heard spirit repeat the phrase “that’s all” so many damn times.  Thats all we get to know for that day.  I rescheduled everyone!!  How frustrating it is to be able to hear and see and spirit is saying nope, ain’t getting anything other than this!!  Sheez!!!

I tipped toed into the field yesterday… thru one of the conversations on the 4th, spirit did say it was a three-day event, started on friday culminating on Sunday.  I don’t want another day of reschedulings…..

It was a little weird, but became personal yesterday.  Phew!!  The information tho, holy heavens… exciting.

My day started off with an ongoing ET session and I want to share the core of her information before I get into the information released thru the readings.

Her ET is teaching her how to work with the combination of light, sound and color to affect the various dimensions that surround us.  Of course, light, sound and color are all one energy, separated into three categories for learning and experiencing to harness as one as we get more intimately familiar with it as a single construct.

Once again, her ET showed us how the many many dimensions we exist within look like, using the book analogy I created a visual:


To keep this simple (because it is actually more complex) If we can look at the book cover itself as the main dimensions of lets just say our world and the universe just outside of ours (again, this is an analogy, it is more complex than I have the ability to understand and share… as of yet.)  The pages of the book would represent what many ETs are now calling sub-dimensions.  For today, we can look at these subdimension where our past and future lives exists.  One of those sheets represents where we are currently incarnated.  We may think it is all on the same version of earth, but it is not.  Those sub dimensions represent frequencies as well.  We can even use the play of light on this image as the denser and lighter realities.

Once we “wake up” (if you will) we actually start moving in and out of many of these dimensions, what we call “healing” (in earnest, not superficially) goes to other dimensions where the core of issues may be, and work with that part of ourselves to help him/her along which affects the energy of what we consider our self here in this timeline.

We also have the ability to move into future lives and bring back wisdom and skills from that life(s) but ONLY once we free up space within our bodies and consciousness.  Meaning, gotta clear the density before light can be added.

For those choosing to focus on the new earth abilities, (as opposed to those staying back to help others coming up the pike) we are going to focus our energetic abilities as facilitating the light of wisdom for those who come to our energy sessions.  The new earth is vibrant and unneeded of any repair.  But we can focus on connecting people/clients to their soul in higher frequencies.  The way this was shown to me for my precious lady was a lady laying on a massage like table and then my ET lady taking her right hand, placing it on a very particular frequency on the lady on the table (visually for me it was on her left side just beneath her left breast) and opening what looked like a 2 foot portal of energy from the body to one of these sub dimensions.  It was soooo flipping kewl looking.  Especially when her ET said, our soul (obviously) resides in all of these subdimensions at once and even gave the analogy of playing an accordion:


Each tone on the body connects to a particular frequency and experience within the sub dimensions.  Of course, I was left hearing the song “mamas got a squeeze box she wears on her chest…” lol

There is so much more to this, but I want to get to one more thing as my morning (slept freakin in again) is disappearing already… Lets just quickly say, each one of us is using this influx of energy in unique ways, some weaving new lives, some pimping out their already employed skills and life experiences… so much and so vast, yet very interconnected thru it all.

Sadly tho, it’s all going to have to wait til tomorrow.  I have 15 minutes before my day of readings start.  There are a million things I want to share… damn sleep!!!

Many of you have asked about the teaser I put out a week or so ago, about the new package, well seems spirit has a bigger agenda at hand and it is going to be more than just introducing you to your new guides and helping you understand the new abilities now available.  We will incorporate a weekly soul gym to share together, also a hypnosis session to allow you to enter 3-5 future lives to bring back a focal point of where you may want to take yourself in this version of you.  Trust me, as soon as spirit says… ready, I will get it together!!!  Soon… very soon!!!

I love you all soul very very much.  See you on the field and in my heart!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of boundless opportunities to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas – Allowing YourSelf to Go Beyond the Confines of Time – 4-3-15

Father TimeBy Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, April 2, 2015

Well rock-a-my-world with the start of April!!  Holy super powers even!!!  But, before I get into all that, lets talk first about how the energies of April have shown up in every reading yesterday.  I was surprised to still see that platform, still 2 feet above March’s energy platform which is now visibly behind it/you/us.

What surprised me even more tho, the energies of April were still jogged off to the right, which at this moment still represents future energies.  

Thank goodness yesterday was one of those clear communication days from the field, cuz when I wondered why it was to the right, we were given the reason!!  These are my favorite days, no struggle, just communication!!!

What spirit had said is we are going to spend this first week of April, settling into the enormity that I am calling April (again, it isn’t a month, it is an energy system that coincides with the month.)  It was also stated, and dammit if I am not going to figure out a way to hold spirit to this statement… once we settle in, this energy will be constant thru the rest of the year.  I am taking that to mean, no more enormous energy systems like March had been, an acceleration here and there is ok… but man March was an energetic beast!!  Here’s hoping (that I’m correct lol.)

Everyone I had connected to yesterday was standing on that platform of April, engulfed in some sort of energy to work with, to expand as your initial super powers.  My first lady brought such joy to my heart.  I cut her first session in half, from 30 minutes to 15 so she could go do the homework that came thru for her and we can look again.

Her job was to really start to fire up her passion, connect with it, with her heart of desires… not in details but in feeling.  This is so important for everyone (and I am hearing this as I type) that spirit wants to expand on this thought.

So many of us, when we here the word passion, immediately we tend to think of what we do, or want to do… but it is sooooo much more than that.  It is a pure feeling that engulfs your heart, your whole body and often times can leave you weak in the knees and/or misty in the eyes.

For me personally, the sky does that for me so often.  The cloud formations, the sunsets and sunrises.  The birds and now returning bunny rabbit in the back yard, YOU.  OMG YOU.  When I see and feel that shift in you, I cannot tell you how you drop me to my knees in absolute reverence.

Lets take this even further (cuz my team is on a roll here lol.)  My Home fills me with passion.  I walk into my home and the gratitude I feel for Being Here, for the love that adorns my walls sent from your creative heart to my world… the landscape I drive around in called New Mexico, it is like every day I am experiencing it for the first time again.

These enormous feelings is what allows me to continue to expand and reach for (and attain) higher energies (to see and understand with.)  Kinda funny, someone just asked me how I am able to see the energies as they form on the cutting edge of life, until this moment, I had no flipping clue.  Who and what you surround yourself with every day is key!!

And so my beautiful lady had me jumping out of my skin with joy.  There she was, engulfed in the flames of passion that was surrounding her whole body.  Now all she had to do was use them, use that energy for her desires.  At the top of her head, it was a little weird (smile.)

There was this (not straight up) tubey thing made out of tons of red, white and blue dots, that connected to the pure source energy of life.  Her instruction was to focus on her passion, the flames surrounding her, breathe that in, it automatically goes upwards and the exhale is what ignites the creation process (for any given thing, a moment, an outcome… whatever.)

She mentioned that she finds it hard to be passionate in the living environment she is in… ok, gotta change that.  Focus on the desire, not the current entanglement.  Trust and follow the energy trail to your next great adventure.  I am giving her a super high five, cuz this morning she sent me an email that two hours after our session, she was offered a potential new place to live that comes with a job too!!  How is that for creational energy!!  You go girl!!!

One of my incredible lady’s was surrounded by this great big old serpent.  He was in a spiral from ground to head around her… her shambha-lini (think kundalini on steroids lol.)  Kundalini is the energy of your soul embodying your body, shambha-lini is your whole energy system, source, soul, physicality that is now your immediate outer energy field.

If we think about it, creation is a landscape event, so it started to make sense as I understood so much more thru her, that her serpent would be embedded around her in her thru the 2-3 foot immediate energy field around the body (just trying to be clear here that the snake was not on her body, but in a spiral form around her.)  She was also given homework that I do want to share here, for those of you who may feel resonate with this exercise.

We have talked many times that the heart itself is where the frequency of creation is emitted from, we talked about the various frequencies, tones and stuff… but thru her, we got some really good clarity and usable applications.  If you have tuning forks, or singing bowls, start with a single note, create that note at your heart level, feel the frequency and the emotion it creates within your heart.  Remember it, then go to a different note, do the same, remember it.  She had a super great idea, you can find these notes via youtube if you do not have tuning forks or singing bowls yourself.

The more you practice this, it becomes instantaneous to charm that serpent into creative energy and outcomes.

Forgive me for not remember where this tid-bit came from (her or someone else yesterday) but, it fits here.  When you get aligned with these creative energies that are naturally yours and how to invoke them, you can literally create an opening into the future, where that outcome may be laying 5 weeks, one year (whatever) down the road, and bring it forward to the present moment.

Which brings me to yet another lady on the field yesterday… OMG I was so ticked the way this information came thru.  She was a virgin on my field and like I do with every virgin, I was trying to tell her how I work a reading, really, giving her permission to be interactive within the session.  Well, her guide standing out on her field was having none of that… he was waving his hands like crazy and can I say, i am so easily distracted.

Screw the how I work a reading moment, we gotta look at this crazy, insistent guide.  He has been waiting and waiting to connect with her and was not letting a moment grow under our feet since there he was.  I had to ask her if she meditates, I am watching her crazy guide shake his head no and hearing her say yes… huh??

How can that be…  well, if I am understanding this all correctly, she does meditate, I think she called it mindful meditation, but has never connected to her spiritual team in meditation.  Funny,  I get an instant vision as I write this, you are either washing your car or you are getting in and driving it.  Your team wants you in the driver’s seat, exploring, moving to them!!

So with that thought, I want to change a word that we use that has gotten a bad rap thru our history.  Imagination.  So many people think of this amazing inner place as not real, made up by the mind… lets change the word to your Spiritual amphitheater.  If you went to a concert, wouldn’t you want to hear and experience the band… well, now lets hear and experience your spiritual team!!!

There was another  guide that showed up yesterday and dammit if I cannot remember whose reading it was in… my lady I just talked about??  The snake lady?  Geez, it gets jumbled in my memory sometimes, forgive me for that.  But I cannot shake him from my memory.  He was down the road about 2 weeks, old man with long flowing white hair, beard and mustache and surprisingly he gave her a name to call him.  Gerald.  Gerald???

What the hell kinda name is that, it didn’t seem to fit… or so I thought.  Of course for me, the first thing I think of is my father, that was his name.  In that, was one of the reasons he choose that name… father.  It boiled down to “father time.”

Dare I even say, god himself showed up to be her guide/teacher in relationship to time.  I think too, this is where the opening of the future and pulling events to our present moment was shown.  (Can I just say, yesterday was such an immense day of information and application that sometimes, I remember the details just not the full order of it all and I am really sorry about that.  I need some external hard drives to keep me straight lol.)

And I am running out of morning again, so let me get to one final thing that was so surprising to understand.  Gerald…. say that name without moving to the r part of the name, feel the vibration happening on the tongue… this is how our words, our sound emits energy frequency out into creation.

The D of the name stops the energy… to contrast that, her name is Linda my name is Lisa… the A itself represents the feminine part of god… the dreamer if you will, so when you say our names, the energy goes on and on, there is no stop point.  When you say Gerald, the d stops the energy, creation itself, completion of the energy vibration sent out.  (I hope you are understanding what I am trying to explain.)

Ohhh and with this all, I know it was my snake lady… going with the sound, vibration, frequency and stuff.  There is soooo much more than came thru yesterday, but I must end here as I prepare for another day of amazing connections!!!

Nope, I am gonna sneak this in… this is really a time to live outside of our comfort zones, to do and experience things you never thought you could before.  Without even realizing it (the date/time we are in) I attended one of my landlady’s art class called “Paint Your Vision.”  I am pretty sure all of you heard me grumble about my lack of artistic ability and I only went cuz my friend from the Caribbean wanted to go.  I personally cannot draw which made me equally feel, I cannot paint either.

My landlady is amazing, she can see in blobs of paint in a way that just left me breathless.  We didn’t have any intention of what we were going to paint, she just told us to choose three colors and smear the canvas with them… hey, I can do that!!  Minus the chalk outlines, this was my beginning:


Then she took the canvas and turned in around four ways… each way showing a different potential of creation.  I chose this way because I kept feeling the presence of an acorn and the more I felt that, the more tears welled up behind my eyes (who knew painting could be so emotion evoking.)

This was my outcome assisted by the amazing visionary of my landlady, who could see and feel what looked like blobs to me:


I have always said I have very little connection to earth, now I must stand back and disagree with myself.  Earth and spirit, emerging as One Being!!  Thank you Betsie for taking me so joyfully out of my comfort zone and helping me to realize what laid dormant within my heart.  Life itself!!!  Ok… I gotta go now.

Enjoy your new world, new heart, new light field of connections!!!!!   (((((HUGZ)))))) of ever-loving Bounty to All!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas – The Wonder of it All – 3-26-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, March 25, 2015

Well, hello again!  It feels like forever ago I sat down to share.  I have really learned a lot this past week about partnering with the landscape itself and it really does have a will and desire of its own!!  I had a loose itinerary of what days we should/could do what on, no sooner did all the wonderful people arrive for our first evening meal together, the weather changed our plans immediately.  

Everyone was greeted, dare I even say, celebrated with a thunder and lightning storm (which, in my humble opinion, is much better than the snow storm they suddenly were calling for.)  We were supposed to do a fire ceremony after dinner the first night together before hiking the mesa for the equinox the next morning.  Neither happened.  We were planning on going to Ojo Caliente hot springs on everyone’s last day here, Sunday, and decided since its going to be raining, the hike was too dangerous and swapped the days out, hike sunday, hot springs equinox.  It really did seem fitting tho, to end this three-year cycle (from full solar eclipse to the next) with a hot springs event.

Everytime I go to the Ojo I always do meditations in each pool, this time tho, I truly believe the energy of those who were there with me, were so dynamic, a flood of new information came in from each pool.  My greatest intention tho, was to do energy work on my youngest daughter who has had a really rough go of it lately.  The first pool we entered was the soda pool, we found our place along the wall and I immediately felt the energy of the magma running underground pull each of my sole chakras downwards to it.  I seen what looked like a gnome working to keep the magma flowing and it even felt like he suddenly showed up to intensify the heat created by the lava flows underground.  In the left corner of this pool, several people were sitting talking and all I could feel was the ping of this black dense energy, so a barrier was created to keep their energy from interfering with what was happening (and I really didn’t know what was happening, it was so spontaneous and I was just going with the flow of it all.)

The barrier turned into a large mesh like circle of energy directly in the pool, connected deep into the lava flows of earth and went upwards to the sky.  Once this was completed, I felt compelled to go stand in the middle of the pool, as soon as I did, I could feel the body of my daughter laying across my arms, all this brittle dark frayed energy from head to toe, we dipped her in the pool several times and I could feel the spirit of the water start to cleans her energy field and did some work within her core/spine.  I spoke to her (my daughter) for the first time since that moment yesterday and my heart was leaping with joyful gratitude (and truthfully, I forgot about the work we did at the springs until this morning.)  Her head was clear, her voice happy and hopeful, I felt something with her I had not felt in years and even the nightmare that started to surround her was slowly beginning to change and release itself.  I give so much thanx to the spirits of the soda springs!!

One of the things I had learned in doing my meditations with each of the pools (there is the iron pool, the arsenic pool and the soda pool, the lithium pool is still being repaired and is not offered any longer and the mud pool) was what these original pools meant to our oldest of ancestors.  Before I get to far ahead of my daughters healing experience, the ancestors said the soda pools were used for buoyancy of spirit.

However, before they explained what the pools were used for, they explained somethings about our DNA that I had no clue about.  I pray I can remember what they said correctly.  There was a time our DNA were like long strings that worked together and fanned out to touch and be a part of all things in life.  The image they showed me was something like this (only the circle was perfect, unlike my free hand cropping on ms paint.)

DNA strings

With that image, they gave me the understanding of how our view of the double helix is due to our engagement with fear.  It bound itself together with duality, separated from the All and that is when disease and the sense of separation set in.  Disease did not exist in their day, at all.  So back in their time, when they used the sacred waters we now call Ojo Caliente, they did amazing ceremonies and I gave me the privilege of witnessing it.  They played music, drum beats that they said were in rhythm to the earths heartbeats, sang songs of joyful gratitude and used the pools for their expanding attributes.  The iron pools strengthen their connection to the All, to all life both seen and unseen.  As I mentioned a moment ago, the soda pools were used to life their upliftment of abilities and connections.  I think I could safely say, to uplift their frequencies.  What I really found interesting is the arsenic pools were used to “purify” and they made it very clear that it was not like we use the word purify today.  There was nothing to “cleanse” or remove, the purification was more like turning regular gas into jet fuel.

I started to realize this very way of life, connection to All there is, is what we are returning back towards.  With it, we are changing our DNA, removing the fear, the disease, the separation.  Our body and cells are changing and like all things on earth, it is a process.  We didn’t remove ourselves from full connection overnight, we will not restore our true natures overnight, but we have actively and purposely engaged its, in OUR, restoration!!

We had made plans to go hiking into the caves at Bandelier national park the next day.  Well, my body had other plans, I had the worst asthma attacks all not long that I can remembering having in a long time.  Even as I awoke for the day, and smoked my peace pipe, which ALWAYS stopped the asthma attack every time before, did very little.  I could barely breathe and talking hurt like hell.  It really is amazing how connected the air in our lungs are with the ability to create sound.  I opted out of the hike with sadness in my heart, but the sadness only lasted a few moments.  As soon as the folks in my house left to meet the wonderful souls staying in Jemez Springs to go hiking, suddenly, whatever was squeezing the breathe out of me started to release itself.  Not 10 minutes later did my Jemez Sister’s husband call to say he was coming up to build a bridge across the river for the hike the next day.  I had no idea he planned on doing that this day.  Ok, I will be here.  While on the phone with him, my voice was still straining for sound, by the time he got here, less than 30 minutes later, my voice was restored, my lungs restored and I was able to help him carry the wood planks down to the river and assist him in erecting this amazing bridge to allow us all to cross the river safely for our hike up the Mesa.

the bridge to heaven

Of course, he did almost all the work, I sat and supervised!!  But I also sat in gratitude to the guardians who manipulated my body in such a way to assure he had the assistance he needed to get this bridge done safely and not by himself.  I could feel the Presence of the Guardians, of the Jemez River and their deep reverence for our arrival.

Let me tell you, it was a LONNNGGGG way up and a long way down, holy muscle strain batman!!  The clay dirt was soft and mushy from the rains, but not one of us slipped or fell or even passed out from the straight up ascension process!  We won’t even talk about how activated my fear of heights became, especially going back down.  Yikes!!!  However, just as we made our way upwards where the red dirt of the mesa gave way to the tan dirt of the volcanic ash, I could feel the energy of the Guardians so strongly, the joy, the welcoming and the safeguarding of our ascent.

a long way up

By the time we got to the top, ate some lunch, caught our breath, it was already time to go back down.  I didn’t get to do a single meditation in the ruins remaining at the top of this amazing mesa.

ruins of guadalupe mesa

Sleep time was about to change all that I felt I missed in the lack of meditation at the top.  I had three dreams that night.  The first one must have been clearing all the reasons I was so afraid of going over the cliffs.  I could see myself falling from so many different angles from high atop rock formations.  I assume some were at this mesa, but the series of falls happened so fast in my dream state I could not be sure.  After about the 5th or 6th sky dive to the ground, I woke up in a sweat.  Gotta work out the kinks I suppose.  The next dream segment was very very different.  Once again, I was at the mesa, very different from what it looks like today and there was this narrow area that was made of dirt that you had to cross in order to go up any further.  As I put my foot on this dirt, these tall deep purple, straw like flowers started to grow and bloom before my eyes.  Even in my dream state, all I could feel was the flowers of shambhala growing because we were there.  With this segment, the reverence not only within me, but in the air itself, the ground, the flowers was like nothing I can put into words.

I woke up from the 2nd segment and fell back to sleep for the 3rd and final segment of this dream experience.  We (our whole group) was at the top of the Mesa and I could feel the guardians there, but there were also ET’s up there with us as well, the ET’s were viewable, long, super skinny things that sorta looked like grays, but were not grays at all.  We were given this strange black-violet gooey energy ball (about the size of a soccer ball) by one of the ET’s and we started to pass it around to each other, with each pass, it became smaller and smaller until the last person’s turn consumed what was left of it.  I have no idea what that energy ball was or was for cuz as soon as the last one person took this in, I woke up.

So our five days together was led by the Guardians and the Life that surrounds this amazing place I call Home.  They did say, day one, the heavens released the rains and the thunder and lightning to celebrate us, day two, we took in the heat and energy of the flowing earth beneath us, day three was about purposely creating a bridge to our desires and day four was a completion of something we have yet to completely understand (quote from the Guardians there.)

Day five, I didn’t leave the couch.  Ouchies.  Ohhhh the muscle groups I woke up!!!

I was really hoping to have enough time today to share the amazing information that came thru an ET connection yesterday, but sadly, my day is about to begin and I have no time between appointments to write.  So…. until tomorrow….

I love you all so much and hope you have the most amazing equinox, full solar eclipse, completion and opening to new beginnings this week!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) wrapped in gooey black-violet energy balls to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawles – Source, Soul, Physicality and Internal Engine of Creation – 3-8-15

 passion and grace


Lisa Gawles

Five readings yesterday, and every single one, in their own way, evoked tears from my eyes.  The first four because of the feeling, the loving reverence that I experienced during the understandings, the last one, because I was laughing so damn hard!!  Who would ever think in a million years, that the universe itself would use Ron Jeremy and his special ability (wink, wink) as a living example of… things.

With losing an hour in my morning, I pray I do not miss sharing a single detail from yesterday.

My first lady appeared just on this side of the oval of Shambhala.  She was in that now familiar luminescent yellow so I knew it was her soul energy I was seeing.  The way I was seeing her reminded me of a roll of wrapping paper:

wrapping paper

The roll side towards the oval and it kept moving up and down, rolling up, rolling down.  Maybe that is why I kept saying rolling paper (smile.)  Her soul gave us a clear understanding of why.

What is happening right now, is unlike anything that has ever happened before.  The soul itself, merging with the Christed energy of the Shambhala must wrap itself in the sacred (and let me tell you, HUGE emphasis on sacred) biology of You.  The soul, merged as one Living System with the Christed energy of the ground (what I call Shambhala, what someones team in yesterdays readings called the ground level Christed energy, since it is more understandable that way, I am going to use it) has got to make sure it merges into and around the body in a very specific way for full use of the three as One.  Her soul explained how sacred the biology is, how important and how much it is honored to be apart of this lady’s living field of biology.  So it gave me the feeling of wrapping a christmas present, perfectly, precisely for full one embodiment.

There is this feeling this morning, taking the memory of my Life Between Life session of when the soul itself merges with the growing baby inside the mother.  It is crucial for the soul itself to learn the nervous system, the brain activity, to form a relationship with the biology and ego of the baby as it grows and gets ready for living birth.  Same now, only on a much more open and receptive level of consciousness.

As my next man on the field was going to show in an additional detail.  Can I tell you what a gift yesterday was thru each and every one who showed up!!  A more perfect alignment of puzzle pieces, I cannot remember having in one day.

His energy showed up in a large tube form, moving in and out of the ground just outside of the oval of christed energy.  He looked similar to a dolphin moving up and out of the ocean waters.  Then there was this energy coming down from above, just at the top of his energy/soul system.  It was like chunks of red and blue stuff was falling towards him in a 3 foot diameter, circular opening.  Except, there was a gap energy of about 2 feet of where that energy falling down, met his soul was aligning with the new magnetics of the Shambhala oval.

As I tried to understand what this energy was, I was shown him inside this oval (imagine that!!) his biological body looked more like I was looking at some high-tech x-ray.  I could see his nerve endings as well as his veins and these energy thingies were setting themselves at very particular points in these two areas of his body. Power enhancers in their own way.  I had to wonder about that gap of energy that I could not see.  What we learned from him, my goodness gracious…

He had asked me when he was going to be taken out of this 6 year limbo he was in.  We reversed the question, what is it you desire from here on own.  He mouthed some words that were like being around similar people/like-minded people, financial security… not one thing he said had an emotional charge to it.  He could have just as easily been reading some lines from a book out loud.  This lack of charge was the first thing I noticed and the amazing story that unfolded from there.

You/We are the magnetic center of all creation.  What we feel inside activates the grid of life to bring all that your emotional field desires into creation.  If there is no real, viable emotional charge to what you are saying or wanting, well, nothing gets activated.

That was the gap energy from the power dots (don’t know what else to call those red and blue thingies) to fully using them.  Emotional alignment within yourself.

Lets take this to another level, an amazing conversation had with my first lady of the day, Christmas present lady.  She was talking about binary code, 0’s and 1’s.  Potential into creation.  The amazing visual came thru this conversation, as I was seeing a 0 and 1 floating in my field of vision, I suddenly seen a hypodermic needle filled with yellow energy in it and purposely pushing the yellow into the 0, the potential.  Of course, yellow right now is all about the soul energy and even with that came the saying we have heard so many times but really took it to a whole other level for me “Putting your whole heart and soul into it.”  It also takes “going thru the eye of the needle” to a very very different level!!!

He also asked a really wonderful question in regards to all this.  He said, I thought I had to put action into play first.  The example that came back to him, I loved cuz it was so clear.  The action comes when the arrival of the thing desired arrives.  Think of it like your front door, you can get up, open the door, look around and yet, no one or nothing is there.  The action becomes required when someone or something knocks on your door.  If your emotions never meet the vibration of pulling your desires to you, you’re gonna spend a lot of time opening an empty door.

He also gave me such a tremendous gift as well.  I wanted to give him an example of what all this means and so, I used myself, which I kind of find funny since my team has been asking me what I want for so long and my mind goes thru mundane stuff and I come down to… I don’t know.  Well, I now know with unmistakable emotional quality!!  I want to live, play, breathe in Shambhala.  I have no freakin clue what that looks like, feels like will be experienced as… but with every ounce of my Being, THAT is ALL I want!!  It’s why I get up every morning and do what I do.

Another phrase that was repeated yesterday was “unconceptual vision.”  Where we are at, what is truly at hand, we cannot conceive or understand visually.  It has NEVER EVER been done before.

Now let’s get to my third lady, holy heaven, did I say just how amazing this day was!!  There she was standing or floating on the edging of this oval.  Two large, expansive lighting bolts came down at her head, left side, right side, but unlike any electrical charges I had ever seen in a reading.  I could see the core energy of the lightning, but there was this outward flow of softer energy from its charge.  It was connecting directly to two funny looking things at the top of her head, those ganglia’s.  Talk about looking a bit mickey mouse like!!  But the enormity of what we understand now… holy heavens batman!!

If you can imagine a Y being placed over your body.  The single stream of energy starts at the base of the skull going down, the right and left side of the top of the Y represents the two hemispheres of the brain.  Ok, back to my super humble diagram.  Keeping in mind, the silver energy represents the lightning bolts, the maroon circles at the top of the head, the nerve cluster connected directly to Source or the God Mind.

energy activation

So the lightning was bringing fully online the ganglia, the Source energy down into both hemispheres of the brain (where the 12 strand DNA lives and allows for full enlightenment.) merging it all into a singular stream of powerful energy that runs from the base of the skull down into the core of the body.  With this intense stream of complete energy (Source, Soul and Physicality) was the spreading outwards from the core to the cells of the whole body, but equally a gathering of energy around the physical body.  What really stunned me was her team kept referring to this energy around the body as ectoplasm.  All I could think of was ghostbusters!!!  But obviously, something to that as well.  Of course, I googled it:

  1. 1.
    the more viscous, clear outer layer of the cytoplasm in amoeboid cells.
  2. 2.
    a supernatural viscous substance that is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance and form the material for the manifestation of spirits.

As within, so without!!

I am being so prompted to put this in here too… there is not another soul on the face of this earth, or off earth, that can do this (these) activation(s) for you.  It is an inner alignment with the Source of All life as a living body (YOU) and only when that alignment is True, it happens naturally.  Those who have created the living Christ energy at the ground level (yeah, us!!) it is already underway….

Man, this is one day I really need that extra hour we lost.  I am going to skip right to my last lady of the day, as I am running out of blog time before the readings start.

My last lady of the day threw me for a loop as everyone else was in soul energy body and stuff, here she comes looking like a mighty anaconda!!  HUGE flipping snake slithering about just above the border of the oval energy of Shambhala.  Keeping in mind, that border represents all the humans who are holding the Christed energy at the ground level because they did the inner work to allow for it to flow thru them into creation, well the creation within this oval.

I finally understood they were using an image I was familiar with… kundalini energy.  But of course, given the enormity of the days understandings, and the Source energy being activated, then the next level of Kundalini, lol I so forgot I used to call this Shambha-lini, is equally being activated.  How the hell did I forget about Shambha-lini until this morning??  Its been a long windy road!! lol

I watched her massive snake body elongate to encompass the entirety of the oval border, activating the higher realms of Kundalini, Shambha-lini.  Then i watched as this crazy HUGE snake (excuse me, serpent) connected to itself… something right out of a story I am unfamiliar with where the snake eats its own tail.  Well, this whole thing went to a level I could never have seen coming and the information… holy flipping shit batman.

As I was trying to understand the snake merging back into itself where it started, to the left outside of the oval, a blast from my porno viewing past!!  Good old Ron Jeremy in his famous position (being able to give himself oral sex.)  WHAT THE HELL!!!??? For my viewing, absolutely shocked eyes, he was sitting on a small wooden chair doing himself.  Yikes!!  Who would have thunk for a million years, Porno and heaven have something in common!! lol

The next thing I see is her snake body completely now in oval form turn into amazing silver energy moving rapidly around and around the oval.  Next thing I know, Ron Jeremy’s position is taking on the same view… circulating his core energy around and around thru himself.  I was laughing so hard I was crying!!

But it got really really interesting and informative too.  I am going to have to encapsulate it all, which sux cuz how it all unfolded is a story in and of itself!!

Circulating the energy itself thru the body, in from the groin (not the ground, from the nether-lands below) up the core, out thru the mouth, back into the groin and circulate in a circular motion/momentum.  We do have power systems in our nether-lands region, using them is advisable.  It allows you to learn how to control your input and output.  What her team said several times “as within, so without.”

So of course, this talk led to divine counterpart talk.  Well, thru her rapidly vibrating circulating energy within her body (not that I was seeing how she created that energy… somethings are so not for my eyes!!) I got a vision of throwing paint on a fan, and how that energy spreads outwards to that (for this example) counterpart energy and activates him, his magnetic field to draw each other to each other.  He does not have to be creating his own circular energy, what you do for yourself, you do for others!!

Then, we got an amazing view of the infinity symbol.  Since she is an earth worker (Light) he would have to be a sun worker (Love, electricity) and I seen them conjoined at the crown area.  All I could think of, given this position, this is gonna make sex a bit difficult!!!  Hell, John Holmes could not reach the game field in this position!!  Then… holy heaven I was enjoying this so much…

I could see the infinity symbol flop over like a pancake.  We seen that before, I had no idea what you do with that or why.  Well, imagine you are circulating your circular energy and he (or she) is circulating his (or hers, sorry, biased here lol) this is where the gyroscope of unified energy comes into play!!!  This image is for the two inner circles only, the moving energy generators.


3D_GyroscopeThe story is finally getting interesting and fun and employable!!  Creators… rev your engines!!  I have to end on that note, as my day is about to begin in reading land.  I am so buckled in for more!!!!!

I love you and thank you for being the never-ending Presence under my Tree of wisdom.  I love you more than my words will ever be able to express.  Feel me!!  ((((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawles – The Portals Of Light (You) Moving Toward Center

lisa gawlesLisa Gawles

The beauty of living in the high desert, woke up to 13 frozen inches of snow yesterday morning, by late afternoon and close to 60 degrees later, it’s all but a memory in patches upon the ground.  Internet and phones now stable… hurray!!  I am soooo flipping exciting to witness the field thru you!!

The 28th, in one of my many baths (can’t read might as well swim) I got a glimpse of an archway into the fields of March.  It was a large old old wooden archway, within the archway was this deep yellow film with dots or tiny bugles of energy running down thru it and I guess spreading out into the ground.  Thru the wonderful exchanges on facebook (I so love that place, at least the wall itself, the only place I play on facebook) someone mentioned they went thru their portal already.  Hey!!  I want in!!!  I tried going thru my filmy covered entrance and heard, too much is being laid out for early entry.  Dammit.  So I had to wonder, why such a different view… so I entered meditation and panned way out to see the collective view, since I was only seeing my own.  Life is all about me, right??  lol  OMG, the extraordinariness of the view.  Every single person who has readied themselves for this new earth had their own very particular portal.  My view was in a super large oval of landscape and completely outlining the oval was everyone’s individual portal, arrival into March.  Everything you need alive and aligned within you and the field of life as you entered.

I know now that the only image I had seen of March was this large circular area trimmed in what looked like deep gold garland housing the clearest striations of energy throughout itself.  Now I see that the garland is each one of us, connected side by side to charge, nourish and play on this new alive energy system called Life.

During the many diverse facets of my experience within my sword of light crystal yesterday, my dream team (smile) gave us another view, since it is now March and I have been withheld from reading (dammit.)  I could see all the individually connected portals or entrance ways into Now (March) in a deeper, richer color spectrum that before.  Each and every portal had a very particular color streaming from it heading towards the center of this oval-shaped landscape.  It was beautiful, like a massive web being created and connected at the center thru each person’s energy.

This morning as I wake up, I can see that once again, only now there is this intertwining of all our energies in the middle as it creates this interesting form moving upwards.  The shape is kinda cylinder shaped with this, I don’t know, beveling maybe, a continuous indent that might actually be forming a spiral indent as it comes together and moves/grows upwards.  Kinda like this, but made of our combined, multi colored energies.


helices-3Now what it all means to us… I have a feeling we will discover today!!  I hope lol.  But I know spirit is in now way as linear was we are!!

In the avalanche of incoming information these last several days, thanx to my bound at the waist dream team, I have a fuller understanding of my own personal world of crazy relationships, with one more to come.  This is as important for you to understand within your own scope of things, as it is for me.  As I mentioned in an earlier sharing, my team showed me one more person “down the road” fully connected to the All of Himself, head to toe.  In a meditation the day after that, thru some work I was doing in the bath and wondering, uhhhh how long is this road??  Out of the clear blue my very own soul, rarely speaking separately, but did this time said there are 5 incarnations on this timeline.  FIVE??  Holy shit and I only met two in 13 years.  I’ll be freakin 90 at this rate.  Fine, just freakin fine!

The absolute twists and turns, hidden information suddenly revealed can give us freakin whiplash!!  Yesterday, in my sword of light meditation, my dream team showed me the road to here and the 4 primary aspects of my soul incarnate as men.  Marc, Frank, Rick and Michael.  Holy shit!!??  All of them???  Each and every one???  Just when I thought I really knew my back story, I was shocked and so didn’t see that coming.  Facets of an amazing diamond!!  So Rick was not wrong at all, just not the final outcome of this crazy story.  Nothing more could be presented (to me) until I finally seen the importance of the interplay of each one, which I wrote about the other day.  Boy the mystery gets richer!!  I love a good mystery!!  So one more to go, yay!!  I’ll sit on my hands and wait as patiently as possible.  There’s always a freakin carrot, isn’t there????  lol  What I do find interesting, I cannot seem to get any clarity of what 5 meant, does that include me or not??  Silence.  Dammit.

Now, let me back up a little bit to the beginning of February.  I know this is all relevant and forming a bigger picture, bear with me as I process out loud here.  Before Michael left for Peru and after he left my house, he would call me in the evenings to share all the crazy and wonderful things coming into him.  I would sit on my couch and listen and smile and realized I have something weird happening in one of my crystals.  A face was presenting to me in one of the crystals.  At first I thought I was just seeing things based on the angle of how I was sitting and looking, so I moved here and there and yet, the face constant, always when Michael was on the phone and only then.  Let me show you my crystal formation on my coffee table, arrow pointing to the crystal I am talking about:



You cannot see it in this pic, or any pic I tried to take, but I know what I was seeing, a face bent downward, reverent for sure.  All I kept thinking was… Jesus???  Again, that amazing Soul called Sananda never once in 14 years showed me the true face of Jesus when he was kicking about in body, but the energy signature coming thru was…. familiarly Sananda’s.

What is also interesting, that particular crystal is cut and polished, virtually trapping the energy of itself inside the formation.  It is also the crystal Rick blessed with his love before he left.  (Long story, not sharing it!! lol)

Couple this with my shocking meditation yesterday with my newly released lemurian crystal and literally seeing the face of Jesus and AA Michael connected into one body at the waist…  All these freakin years later!!

One of the things I was shown, in fantastic detail thru this meditation yesterday, is how we started in Light over 26 thousand years ago and became so dark along the way.  Ya know, I think just like my cut and polished crystal, we trapped ourselves into a story that is no longer relevant and is actually quite limiting.  If I ever get prompted, I will share it.

The handful of us that broke free… well… we are about to come into true form.  Living bodies of Loving Light creating, exchanging, together as one Living energy form!!

Well, my day is about to begin… I am so excited!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas – The Many Moving Cogs In Divine Relationships – 2-28-15

lisagawlas2Lisa Gawles

We are only a few days into to this amazing and incredibly different landscape and I already feel like I need an expansion slot for my new hard drive!!  But hey, this is what we all should be living for, working models of information and application and yesterday was so full of it I thought my head would explode!!  But let me tell ya, I had a great reboot session while I slept last night. Thank god for the nights!!

I have learned, relearned so much this month.  I truly am on an information high!!  The first thing I want to make very clear for all  of us, is how the dissemination of (spiritual) information works.  If we can look at where we all started at when we “woke up” (for lack of a better way of putting it) is like realizing there is this little peep-hole into a greater understanding.  Of course (speaking souly for myself here) since you never seen such a peep-hole before, you are pretty sure you just understood the mysteries of life.  What I couldn’t have understood was, it was simply a narrow view, tiny bits and pieces of a puzzle I could not possibly yet understand.  So we get enough of a glimpse to keep us moving forward.  And then, assuming we have done the inner work to clear our vibration to hit the next shift upwards, the peep-hole gets a little larger, more details are added to what you seen.  And then it happens again, and again and again until the view of the puzzle becomes so wide, so clear, that the tiny glimpse you once had and understood, completely changes.  Looking back, the information and understandings gleaned along the way, was so important for that level of frequency, for that version of earth and yourSelf upon it.  With that said, never think you got anything wrong, you got it right for that level of ascension, but always know, even now, maybe, especially now, we are in a massively fast-moving mosaic of light.  Things are going to change, widen and bend faster than we can take an in breath!!  Screw party boots, we need track shoes!!

Two very different images came thru the last couple of days in the readings.  The first day, when that big spewing orb of life was releasing the energy system we needed to fully participate in this new land in a whole new way (the white, gold and silver energies) one of my lady’s streaming in the midst of this energy showed up with a partner.  She was in pink, he was in blue.  Keeping in mind, everyone was still looking like glowing white paper cut out dolls, I could not discern much else.  So I asked her if she had a partner, nope.  In her reading they were side by side of each other and this was also the first glimpse we got of the new ground we are on.  Her team moved her slightly forward to the ground level and they were standing side by side.  Love and Light, true divine counterparts in the working fields of Shambhala.

Now, let me skip to the next day, one more lady showed up in the flowing energy of white with the pink and blue dots but unlike the lady the day before, this one had her counterpart by the hands (criss-crossed over each other) as they faced each other and spun around and around, what a great dance.  All I could feel with her image and the movement between the two is that there is such an amazing synergy between them, the flow of energy, of course now I see that haunting infinity sign within their hands… So again, I ask her about a relationship.  Nope.

I was slightly (excuse me, completely) baffled by the two very different presentations of what I am (now barely) understanding.  I really meant to share this in yesterday’s blog and completely see now why I didn’t, one nugget of information needed to blast thru to form a greater understanding.  And ohhhhh how so love Michael (like a brother…smile) doncha know I get an email from him yesterday about a dream he woke up having.  I am just going to share what he shared cuz that light bulb flashed on, on so many levels!!:

So in my mind’s eye as I woke up I saw this circle .. but it was a gear and the outside edges had the typical blocks that interconnected with this other gear that I could only make out partially. (Basically forming another one of those infinity signs. )
But this was different. It was like a representation of me with you in some other location. Like virtually… But inside the gears were these dipole batteries that were each spinning. At times my battery drew your battery at times it pushed it away… yours did the same … but they were working in this wonderful synergy was the word. It was like a perpetual energy generator that kept the gears (Hahh awesome my iPhone replaced gears with the word hearts there. Hahh! Certainly out “engines”)
Going. The gears were not right next to one another in physical space. I could tell that your gear was dimensional displaced in another location but as you have said before they are invariably connected … keeping the gears of my mind ticking in a most wonderful and creative way and mine doing the same at your end.  Yours did not look as “mechanical – as in the scientific mechanics of time space as mine but whatever yours was made up of formed a perfect virtual marriage.

 Link to picture

I put this image on facebook a week (or was it a few) ago in relationship to a blog I wrote and the conversations unfolding about it.  I thought I would use it for my next days blog, but like I so often do, went in a completely different direction.  (Picking up all those as of yet, unconnected puzzle pieces.)  If you look at the cog directly above the black mans arm on the right, I had seen that very image, the wagon wheel looking image in relationship to the pure power source of those who gather (on the ground level) together to share their energy (synergy) in the realms of Shambhala.  I think about the amazing people showing up for this years equinox, powerhouses in their own right, my own heart explodes with excitement about what so many interlocking cogs will bring out connected on the ground, in person!!!  I am so grateful they didn’t take “canceled” literally!!

Now, going back to my two very different ladies and my own inner experiences the last few days.  Until this moment, I really thought the “divine counterpart” had to be an intimate relationship, well it is, but often times on the soul level.  Gotta get to know the energy system there before you can really understand the moving pieces on the ground, at least, for me.  It is all about me, right??  lol

But, looking at that image again, there are tons of different working pieces that MUST come together to form the whole.  Those on the ground, working and opening and stuff.  Then those like me, the sky workers who can see the entirety of the cogs as they interlock, connect and how it is changing everything and the mosaic of light changing at the speed of love!!

So with all that said, I still don’t know why these ladies partners were so present, as if already there in their energy field, except to say, they have got to be closer than they realize (and that was stated with both of them in their readings.)

So with Michael’s sharing of his dream experience, I got such a wonderful visual, again with that crazy, haunting infinity symbol, but now standing up like a super large 8.  He on the ground, me in the sky… sharing and opening nuggets of information!!

But, as my first lady on the field was about to show, there is soooo much more to that as well.  Thru her I got a crystal clear view and understanding of this new working model called Shambhala, heaven on earth, whatever!! lol

The first thing I had noticed in her reading was the sun.  The sun was up in the sky but unlike our “usual” sun where it shines a white-yellow onto earth, now it was a “white-silver” energy.  The ground itself, very honey colored like.  A warm yellow-gold in a thick gel like substance, very much like “memory foam,” only clear not opaque.  A total reversal of the energy systems.  The vibration of earth is now being emitted by the sun and the vibration of spirit is now beneath our feet.  Talk about a total reversal of the poles of energy!!!  Above is now below and below is now above.  And we wonder why spirit has said for two (lonnngggggg) years, nothing that got you to here is going to work.  Let it ALLLLLL Go!!

Let me tell you to what full degree that means.  When Michael showed up in my world, I went hunting for that half written book called “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” that I wrote in 2010.  Somehow, it got deleted (or hidden) from my hard drive.  Thank goodness I put it on a blog site and I went there several times.  My team is really really good at scrambling my brains when I try to read something that is not valid in our ongoing working model, until now, it has usually been someone else’s writings, not my own.  But dammit, I could not hold my focus on the words.  THAT is telling (to me!!)  Super exciting even, in a strange way.

Another HUGE thing I learned this past week, was all about energy alignments within each other.  Obviously this is really important for us all to really see and understand, especially as we move forward and the heat/the acceleration between us, between the relationships we are about to have, rev up.

Michael sent me a picture of him standing in front of a christmas tree in the middle of the amazon (how wonderfully strange) arms wide open.  Instantly, I thought of a picture my son took of me on christmas day at his house:


xmasday 2014


Strange pose for me and why the hell am I thinking about own image!!  Well, spirit was about to show me (us) in my meditation.  His image and my image was floating above my head face to face.  I could see the energy connections directly from the solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye, moving and thick.  These golden strands of wiggly energy were moving towards each other from the pores of the skin in the arms and upper chest area, not connecting with each other, but wiggling at one another, separated by about an inch or two of space.  I became stunningly aware there was zero energy connection below the solar plexus.  So I had to ask my very human question… is that because in my picture I am sitting down?  I so make myself laugh!!  I got no reply at all.  God forbid we should just get the answers we are seeking right then and there!!  But like me, my team has a way of taking the long road to a simple understanding.

In a completely separate meditation, I got a review of the other 3 significant energy connections I have had, starting with Marc, the King of my Kundalini world!!  He and I were connected at the soul and the third eye.  He literally showed up as the catalyst for me to explore the energy system within my own body thru his.  Since we are one and the same soul appearing separated by two bodies, it was a wild intense spiritual love affair within mySelf.  When we actually got to meet a year and a half after our worlds collided online, tho magnetically my cells wanted to merge right back into his, he felt like a brother too.  No firing from the solar plexus down.  Which I thought was soooo odd given the months of sexual and sensual odyssey we held in my bathtime adventures!!

Five years after marc’s arrival and departure in my world, in comes Frank.  I have to laugh with this, he literally showed up at my son’s door with one of my super humble, self printed magazines in his hand (“Conscious Living”) and wanted to talk.  I have got to say this out loud, when you put yourself “out there” what and who you need WILL show up at your front door!! lol  I thought it was just the Jemez but so forgot about Frank!!

Frank gave me such wonderful gifts, the ability to see, fully witness how the chemical body, physical body and light body all change as you “fall in love.”  He and I were connected at the heart and faintly, ever so faintly at the root chakra.  Enough to provide desire, not enough to provide full consummation.  (smile)  If you have not read my webpage “Love’s Journey” which is about my journey with frank, my view of the chemical body within myself, just click the link.

And then there comes my beautiful blue-eyed man, Rick.  Phew baby!!  Like every guest who arrives here, he got my bed, I took the couch and nighttime was not an easy time for me.  Holy shit batman, rock my root chakra like nothing ever did before.  I would lay on the couch wondering what the hell you doing in there!!  Our 16 day odyssey really taught me about how amazing the creation of the light field is when partnered with sexual energy.  It also taught me how unsustainable it all is when not connected at the heart, being  in love.  Obviously, in our connection it was soooo strong in the root, vaguely in the heart chakra.

I don’t know how I got the pure privilege of this literal exploratory journey into physical connections, but man oh man, glad I volunteered!!  Cuz they showed me one final piece of my crazy puzzle… the one who lays down the road, every chakra connected, root to crown!!  Everything else is a moving cog in our ongoing puzzle of expansion!!

So, I say all this to loop around and say, enjoy the hell out of every partner, every relationship, every nugget and cog, just don’t get hung up on any one piece.  Like I did for about two weeks, trying to engage something that just wouldn’t fire up, I thought I might have broken something or did something wrong.  Our wiring is purposeful!!

I am going to close this sharing here, but I am opening a new separately.  We have several different exercises that came thru yesterdays connections and I want to house them in their own separate (and findable) space.  More than likely, tomorrow.  I wanted to do it today, but 7 dances and mind bending information already coming in… I really need a virtual stenographer and co-typer!! lol

I will close with the voice (I am hearing right now) “Nothing is ever as it seems!!”  No shit!! lol

((((((HUGZ))))) of the most intense, loving synergy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawles – ExtraTerrestial Lineage in our DNA – Turning it ALL On in 2015 – 1-2-14


Lisa Gawles


Happy 2015 everyone!!  I have ended 2014 in a way that has just wet my taste buds to experience and taste what the fullness of 2015 is going to reveal for our experiences.  New Years eve I did an ET connection session that was rescheduled from Christmas eve.  Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday to really start the new year with, but, I was recovering from the most wonderful playdate I had with my kids.

My lady had three different friends from the skies show up, two revealed themselves, one said when she is ready for her connection, she will reveal herself at that time.

Some things became very clear in my understanding with words many of  our ET’s refer to, such as “realms” when talking about different solar systems beyond their own.  Also, sectors when referring to other planets within their own realm.  All three of her friends were from different sectors within the same realm.

I was very grateful I didn’t have to try to pronounce their names, they let me give them nicknames, her main was is Andy from Andromeda and the other one I simply called Kirmy cuz he sort of reminded me of Kermit the frog.  The third, like I mentioned, was present but not revealed, however, definitely a feminine presence.

All three of them have a related interplay of abilities they are gathering together to help her remember.  Andy’s focus is on the dimensions themselves.  Unlike anything I have ever seen with dimensions before, he showed us how they really look, like fluttering sheets of energy.  It so reminded me of something moving with the currents in the ocean, a gentle fluttering that constantly opened and closed with I suppose solar or space winds.  There were no portals or vortexes as I have become accustomed to seeing.  Andy explained that they can open and close these sheets, the dimension sheeting at will with the use of their brain waves, as could we.  He showed us arcing energy emerging from just above the temples on each side of his head moving outwards to connect with the dimensional sheets.

Kirmy had an interesting device in his hand that resembled our rubies.  He made it clear that the material that made this thing he called, “the mechanics of time” up, was from his realm and not ours. It was about 6-8 inches tall and was a cross between a pyramid and cylinder shape, really hard to describe really.  There were like facets on it, but not really facets either.  As he was showing us this time thing, suddenly what looked like a small white flame appeared inside at the base and started to move, grow, collapse and start all over again.

As I was looking for a main picture for this sharing, I found this image, which actually looks exactly like that mechanics of time thingie except made of a substance that resembled ruby.

machinics of time

To put the use of this thing in the most basics of categories, it alters time and is used in conjunction with the dimensions for their travels.

They made an exciting statement during our session together, we have learned to travel interdimentionally with our etheric body, but wouldn’t it be more exciting if we took our physical bodies with us too!!??  Ahhh… hell yeah!!!

They must have heard my inside thought about the various atmospheres and immediately one of them said, there is so much we do not fully know about our bodies capabilities.  Thru eons of time we have been programmed that our bodies can only do this, or breathe that and yet, none of it is true.  Our lungs have the ability to adjust to various atmospheres.

When her two friends did the energy alignment within her during our session they gave me a bird’s eye view of what they were doing with her.  Kirmy was really targeting her pineal gland as well as her visual cortex.  He showed a series of what I can only call movie screens suddenly opening at the back of her head (the visual cortex area) that will help her remember how to use all that is going to be revealed to her. What excited me even more, my lady was describing what she was seeing and it was exactly what I was seeing too!!  Her ET friends seemed genuinely surprised at my excitement of seeing the same thing in the same way and one even commented, why would she see or experience something different?  Dah??  I dunno!!  lol

One thing for sure, our telepathic ability has increased!!!

I watched as Kirmy started to do something… energy work of some sort at her foramen magnum (the large opening at the base of the skull.)  He explained, again, how much we have forgotten about our bodies abilities.  At this particular opening there are frequency regulators that will become an important part of our interplanetary biological travel.  Thru this part of her session, all I could think about was the medulla oblongata, AKA The Mouth of God.


Somewhere thru this amazing session, they showed us the various splices of DNA that now forms what we call the human body.  Many bits and parts of our star family went into this version of the human species.  So much is regulated by what we would call our brain waves or more simply stated, what we think we know about our bodies.

Ohhhh, another thing Andy stated as well, we really have no clue about the vastness of dimensions either.  On earth we talk about 3, 4 and 5 D when there are actually hundreds upon hundreds of dimension.  We really need to get out of our limited way of seeing the greater creation or we will be bound to what we think we know.

I am completely resigned to say I know thing about our bodies and am more than excited to allow the light of truth to be shined on us, thru us, as we kick-start the most amazing year of experiences ahead.

On that note, I hope I wet your own taste buds for the extraordinariness that lays within us!!

Happy amazing new year of a brand new experience of Self Discovery to All!!  Wrapped in ((((HUGZ)))) of course!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am going to leave my $40 off the ET package in play until I get back Home on the 7th.  I really do not feel like doing any webwork,so my laziness is your bonus!!

Lisa Gawlas – Which Garden of Life Are You Growing? – Focused On Within? – 12-15-14

lisagawlas2Man oh man, ya ever just want to take the field and shake the living daylights out of it while yelling “gimmie something I can I understand.”  Well, that was how it went 4 out of 5 readings yesterday.  Of course, me and my silly expectations.  We are back into quantum soup for a moment.  At least I wasn’t completely down, I could see the field and some sort of energy called you, it oddly resembled the color spectrum of the rising sun I took yesterday:

rising sun

Now get rid of all the trees and things are not the sky… in one form or another, that is what 4 out of 5 readings looked like.  It is hard enough to interpret imagery with form, but now, cloud like formations!!!???  But clouds that had matter to them, more like cotton balls, I could feel the texture, feel the energy but understand it… no flipping way.  At least our teams threw us a bone, a bare bone, but hey at this point, I’ll take anything that helps us understand.

So I will give you the metaphors that were shared thru the cloud like energy system called you and the field yesterday.

The day I wrote (and quoted Ken Carey’s book) about the great separation, the wheat from the chaff, I had to go look that up.  I have heard that saying most of my life, and get it symbolically… but what did it really mean.  I am glad I did that, because thru just about every session yesterday, they used that to help us understand what has happened and is underway.

If we could look at the eye of the needle as a huller and we the seed that went thru it.  As we went thru it, the hard outer shell was stripped from us and what came out the other side was the raw, living DNA of Life.  Ya feeling a little emotional these days to both extremes perhaps??  Headaches, colds, intense body aches… perfect!!

What was completely missing from any of the connections yesterday was that whole needle thing, which was so clear the day prior.  Again, me and my crazy expectations… or maybe, my desire to orient myself in relationship to what I know.  Boy if this all doesn’t get more complicated… from what I am understanding, everyone has come thru the arena of change, based souly on their frequency base over the last 2 years.  Many will find themselves amongst the hulls, lifeless thru the illusion of yesterday, to choose again… others, sprouting in ways that would make miracle grow blush.

To make my day even more frustrating than it already was trying to read cloud like formations… our teams were pulling words out of my mouth left and right, to the point I felt like they placed a clamp on my tongue and all I could do was mumble and throw my hands up in the air and repeat I don’t freakin know over and over all day long.  But at least I got a reason for it.

Every word we speak, we speak based on something we know, a relationship to each word in our history.  Even our often used words are completely inadequate in explaining what is happening right now.  Words like, transformation, acceleration and so on… especially the word change and growth.

So, going back to the hulled seed, pure DNA energy… the cloud like energy I was seeing is the soil of life itself, the formations, tho not in any real form, is your DNA within this cloud energy.  Of course I wanted to use the words growing, planted, going everywhere I knew in relationship to seeds, wasn’t happening.  Instead, they showed us how utterly complete we are already.

The moment a flower seed (or bulb) sprouts from its casing, it is already what it was created to be.  Just because we only see the seedling above the ground does not mean it is not already fully what it is.  I found a wonderful video to share in the way spirit shared with me yesterday:

You and I, we see only the sprouting and the growth stages until it is in full bloom then we can say we know what it is, it is fully what it was created to be.  However, from spirits perspective, the moment it sprouts, it is already fully what it is created to be.  So are you.  My antennas, like our eyes watching the growth of the plants, are purposely placed in “time” for the joy of witnessing the fullness in all its amazing stages and our teams wouldn’t dare take those wonders from us.  (dammit)Now to change the subject just a little… we will be seeing two very distinct gardens growing, both with purpose and value in placement.  One garden will contain so many (perceived) weeds that many will simply get choked out of the garden.  The weeds in this scenario simply matches frequency, out put, true core energy.  Some DNA still has old programming and this garden is purposeful to bring all the old programming to life, into full view.  With this metaphor, I feel like we will also witness a lot of “illness” thru this time.  Crazy, I can hear a snippet from the Ken Careys thingie I shared the other day “The great purification.”  Not from life but of oneSelf.  We tend to blame anything called illness on outside factors, food, air, chemtrails, whatever, its none of that… its emotions, period.  Frequency of the core energy, period.  The lower the frequency within, then the easier distortion distorts everything, including what we perceive as health and wellness.  Since I am on a Ken Carey kick at this moment, I will also share the rest of that section of his book Vision:

Conflict cannot exist where Truth is in expression; it occurs only in the presence of dishonesty. Where truth is denied, self-destruct mechanisms go into effect. People get sick because they are sick of themselves; they die because they do not forgive.

Disease is not caused by germs, toxins, viruses, excessive radioactivity, microbes, bacteria or any other physical agent. Such things are ever-present; thousands of them pass daily through every healthy human body. Such agents are only destructive when they do not pass through the human body but are retained instead.

There is only one reason why germs or toxins are retained in a human system: because present in the human system is an evil spirit.  To the degree that an evil spirit is entertained and made welcome in an individual’s life, his or her body will disease. This regulatory mechanism, designed to deprive destructive spirits of physical bodies.

Evil Spirits are negative attitudes, destructive emotions rooted in fear. Some of the more common evil spirits are resentment, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, hatred, greed, revenge, jealousy. All thinly disguised forms of fear, their presence in a human system gives harmful physical agents something to attach themselves to. … 

So, if you are finding yourself with weeds around you that are directly affecting you, look inside yourself to see what is growing that within your life field.  (I would like to change out Kens words of “evil spirits” to “weeds,” since we are in garden mode lol.)

So lets talk about the other garden.. the Garden of Eden!!  Ha… and I hear spirit say “The Great Payoff!!”

I think I am going to use my last reading of the day to really bring this one home, and maybe, that is why she was the only one I had any visuals for thru the entire day… so bring this all home in outcome.

A full thirty minutes before our connection, I started seeing her imagery.  I was surprised simply because of the 4 fields of quantum soup prior to her, but I feel spirit wanted to give her a high-five and give me the contrast of a weed garden and the Eden garden.

The landscape I had seen her upon was breathtaking, the grass greener than I ever seen before, the living energy surrounding her from all life, holy cow batman!!  There she was with her new wonderful boyfriend, waltzing so freely around the landscape, she had on this long flowing gown that just enhanced their waltz.. never taking their eyes off of each other.  To the right of her expansive field was a waterfall that went down into raging rapids.  I watched as they danced and danced and got close to the edge, but never fell over.

It wasn’t until we got into our connection, and even more this morning, do I understand the fullness of the waterfall image.  Water is always representing emotions, the waterfall itself, is a free fall of emotions into yet another form of life (in this case, the rapids.)  Her team kept saying it is ok to dive purposely over the waterfall, but don’t fall in, you will have no control over the outcome.

I had to look first and see where on earth was this water coming from??  She was on the most pristine, manicured earth I had ever seen, dancing a beautiful waltz with her beloved.  Then I could see the water beneath the grass… always flowing… somewhere.  It serves the purpose to heighten our emotional field, allows us to move with grace and fluidity… but not unconsciously.

The waterfall itself is representing the acceleration of emotions within us, coming together to create another place we can choose to dive into… like the rapids, an acceleration on all levels.  I suppose even in Eden, like the old story goes, there is duality too.  To consciously take a leap of faith is very different than falling into the abyss of quickly moving water.

Now I want to share something about this beautiful dancing girl… I have been reading for her mama for years.  She is young, either in her last year of high school or just out, I forget, but young (in contrast to my age anywayz lol) none the less.  Her mama, a beautiful flower growing in a garden of choke weeds.  This beautiful and brave soul made the choice to remove herself from her parents house, to get a much-needed pause for the cause… and recover.  Her health was diminishing as was her ability to stay within the light of her Soul.  Her parents agreed, she moved out and life changed.  Her garden changed, obviously.  Love grew and now dances out loud in the Garden of Eden of her Soul.

Choices produce ongoing outcomes.

Ohhhhhhhh…… something I didn’t realize yesterday with my enthralled energy watching this beautiful couple dance.  That waterfall is also denoting the end of this year energy.  I would have been really confused had the waterfall been upside down and flowing into the 2015 timeline cuz it is above this ground.  But now… I get it.  I know next year is going to be like riding the white water rapids in frequency.  Going in with your eyes wide open, intentionally diving is crucial.  Many will fall off the cliff (so to speak) as we close out this year.

Our job as rescuers is over, for now.  We were never here to “save” anyone and this is more true now than ever.  Just like the lighthouse, it beams its light to help those on a choppy sea navigate better, but it does not leap off the shoreline to do it for them… it cannot.

“Best to serve the many than be destroyed by serving just one.” (Speaking in metaphor of the lighthouse.  Ponder that one!!)

One more flip of the subject matter.  The 15th, the Ides of December, that is when this quantum soup energy will be completed (for lack of a better word) and spirit said yesterday… and god knows I am holding them to this lol… this is the last time in this current incarnation we will go thru the full on change like we just did.  (The whole, eye of the needle, seed hulling thing.)

Ohhh lol, this is the sharing that never ends lol.  My team just said that this cloud energy, quantum soup visuals of yesterday are highly charged electrical particles of creation, forming and reforming at your Will, at the core energy level of Will.

Which frequency are you tuned too… heart and soul, or mind and matter??

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of skilled diver energy to all of US!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawles – Enhancing the Nervous System – Preparation for Energy of 2015 – 11-18-14


What a freakin day in body yesterday, holy batman!!!  At first I just thought so much light came thru with the readings, it always pings my eye with my contact in it.  It was so hard to look at the computer screen yesterday, took me hours to write that little sharing I did.  It got to the point, even sitting down for longer than 5 minutes was getting annoying, I would get up, sit down, get up, sit down… then daylight rose, and everything seemed to intensify.  It almost felt like something was crawling under my skin, and it was annoying me.  Sound was annoying me.  My space heater doing its job and warming me up… the warm air it was throwing annoyed me.  Being in a body was super annoying, super sensitive to every freakin thing.  Up and down my spine, i swear there was a golf ball just rolling upwards then downwards and up again… for hours and hours.  At least that kinda felt kewl, didn’t hurt or cause discomfort at all, at least, until it would stop and spread out.  The spreading out activated the nerve endings and it felt like something was crawling under my skin and became super sensitive to everything again.

I was hoping I would find neutral at least to do my day of readings… not.  My lungs started coughing, which they have not been doing at all.  I get it, something is happening inside of me that just needs the day to do its thing.  I sent out an email to everyone on my day’s agenda, I didn’t dare start the cough machine again.

I retreated to the couch, but couldn’t sit still.  I decided, maybe taking a bath will help, it always helps.  I ran the bath, decided, much to my dismay, to put some rose essential oil in my bath, I almost puked, my sniffer was on super sensitive and it was just pungent, which annoyed me!!

I cannot ever remember when my nerves were so grated by every single thing that happens in the course of a moment.  I got into my bath, first asked for mercy for my eyes, I just put my contact back in a few days ago and was not ready to take it out.  Then I demanded to know what the hell is going on in this body and I was able to hold myself together long enough to understand.

My team explained that it is my nerve endings that are going thru an upgrade and are being adjusted.  Nerve endings??  Why!!  Geez Louise, gimme some Novocaine thru this please.

It took me several times of centering, recentering, sitting up in my bath, laying back down in my bath (every position was annoying) to get the whole story.

My team explained to me that there was a group of us currently being prepared to move up to the timeline I see as 2015.  Now let me explain what I do understand, and even what I don’t.

Getting to this moment in our time, spirit has had the entire month of December completely blacked out.  To me, it looks like the month of December is in a full on eclipse shadow and I cannot see much thru it.  The year 2015 has constantly been an energetic line about 20 feet above the earth.  I get that, another super intense raise in the frequency of both human and earth and all that surrounds it.  The energy line (kinda looks like a nuclear power line you see outside) has consistently been a white blue pulsation of light that stretches from left to right and reflects the energy of the year itself.  The blue-white energy has been showing the energy of Creator, God, Source (pick a name) on earth.

I knew that thru the unseeable energy of december, choices points will be presented to either catapult your energy up to the energy of 2015… or not.  I have not yet seen what happens in the or not section.

Keeping in mind, everything we are experiencing is all about the increase in energy.  I just tell the story month to month, year to year and fortunately, the energy acceleration points do coincide with those points, but it really has little to do with a year or even a month, it’s all about frequency or vibration.

My team gave me a visual of being plucked out of the energies of November, shooting upwards to the vibration of 2015 and then casting a hand down into the fields of December, purposely helping those walking thru their unseeable choice points.

Suddenly, several things made sense.  Some of the information the last few days seemed to pile up on top of each other.  Granted, everything about the readings and even the language in the readings have changed, but this was odd.  When someone asked a question that had anything to do with time, I would even see it if the potential was to happen in December, it would be the only thing I could see in the blackness of December.  Like I said, for a couple of people, suddenly it was as if everything piled on top of itself within the light of November.  Now I get it, for some, we are ending this year, this vibration early.

I also had seen in some of the readings the past week or two, some of the folks I read for, even tho they were moving thru the energy of December, they already put the action out onto their field of life and the passage way (which is an energy line that I see) from the end of this year to the start of the next, was already in play.

If I would have questioned a little more with one of the lady’s the other day, when I seen this ladder taking her upwards to 2015 from the light field of November… I would have understood this even more, but I didn’t ask.  Silly me!!  I thought  understood what it was revealing and to a half a degree, I did, just missed the whole november end of our year thingie… until now.

I find all this timing with our poor, blessed bodies interesting as that massive sunspot that released 6 X class flairs, zips to the earth side of the sun again and machine guns out a series of M class flairs, one even creating a radio blackout yesterday.

This particular sunspot, in its previous version released the energy that was needed for the vibration of earth.  Even tho it spit out 6 X flairs and what 20-30 M flares before it rotated around the back of the sun, didn’t affect our biology like it usually did.  This time around, it is going to the core of the body and the nerve endings themselves.  And it just arrived!!!  It has two weeks to do its thing again.  (Ducking over here.)

So I gotta wonder… why our nerve endings.  I mean, holy shit, it is tough enough when it is major organs, the head, the spine, but the entire nervous system!!  Mercy!!

Our heightened sense of awareness actually comes thru our nerve endings, sends signals to the brain, which is produced as information.  As we spring into a higher vibration faster than ever before, the nerves are skipping the month and a half adjustment time and opening and accelerating all at once.  Yay us!

What I do not know and what spirit is tight-lipped about… what is up with December??  This is so reminiscent of December 2012, the entire collective of earths were at massive choice points, to go back and redo some lessons, or let it all go and jump up to 2013.  This feels as big, but different too.  I have to go to the way I seen myself, I was blacked out (body wise) but standing on the energy line of January 2015, bending down with my arm outstretched to help others making choices.  Of course, it’s what I do anywayz… so, it’s going to be interesting to see the rest of our story.

When I got out of the bath yesterday, I think I was so frazzled, I completely forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.  It’s still in my hair this morning.  I was too annoyed to even think about running another bath or a shower or anything that touched my skin.  However, I do have to give thanks to my body and my team, my eyes were perfectly ok when I got out.  No more leaking, burning, light sensitivity at all.  The rest of me a whole other story tho!!  By the time the sun was setting, the nerves were less exposed by man oh man did my head feel like a cracking egg-shell.

Ohhhh there is something I do want to ask, I am pretty sure I asked already, but what the hell!!  Please do not send me (or anyone else going thru upgrades) “Healing” energy.  Love, comfort, gentleness… yes, but healing denotes something is wrong and the energies sent from that intention are counterproductive to the process at hand.  I have put a shield around me to bounce healing energy to someone who may genuinely need it, but not everyone does that.  Becoming consciously aware of what you send, how you send it and why you send it and to whom and what they are truly going thru… is super crucial.  I know we can use words like old habits, but those old habits need to be released.  This is more important now than it ever has been before.  So on that note…

This morning… I feel perfect again.  Phew!!

May your day be gentle and your body ready to leap upwards in frequency!!

I love you and thank you so much for your ongoing patience and understanding with me.  You make my hards times so much easier!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of acceleration into the new living fields of light to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


P.S.  THANKS-GIVING Special:  LAST DAY to: Save $20 off of the 3-4-2 thirty minute reading package now thru Nov. 17th.  (Which is actually a savings of $79 off of three readings.)


Another Influx of Light Energy… The Sealant   –   Lisa Gawles

light energyWhat an extraordinary species y’all are turning into.  By the time I completed my fifth connection on Friday, my whole body was vibrating as if I had stepped on a vibrating pad for an hour and once stepping off, the vibration is still happening.  I tried as hard as I could to pin myself down so I could complete my 6th connection, but the moment we connected, zoom baby zoom, I was vibrating all over again and I fell apart.  I stayed in that vibrational space until the sun went down.  Phew baby!!What I realized yesterday thru the readings and was also happening with my 6th reading the day prior, another system of light was released unto us.  The spectrum of light was the same for everyone, the presentation of it tho, the way it came in, as unique as the person I read for.

A white light spectrum I have never seen before.  No matter how it presented, either in lightning bolts, encompassing circles, chunks of energy en masse, it all had the same spectrum, white with what spirit kept calling living color within its spectrum.  Sometimes I could see that color, hues like I have never seen before.  We can look at this influx as the “sealant” within your new house.  And yes, everyone is still presenting as that house.

It seems this light was coming in and targeting the place that is going to be activated first, again, no place in particular on anyone person.  On my lightning bolt lady it was at her heart center, I had a man where it was coming in in rapid circle to his core as well as around his house, another lady, directly at her sacral plexus in a 380 degree circumference.

I made the mistake of wondering where I am being targeted before my day of readings was over.  My last connection for the day came in and made it absolutely clear, as we were both being targeted in the same area.  She had these rings of light coming in and moving just under the roof of her house, which I know was her consciousness, unlocking key codes and expanding her abilities and understandings.  The light would go into her house then angle itself to meet my forehead.  Holy flipping dizzy batman.  I had to hold onto my chair for the first 5 minutes of our connection and finally I took her rings of light and retracted them from my head so I could do the reading!!  Careful what you ask for and when!! lol  YOU are potent!!!

I want to share a couple of yummy tidbits that came thru the readings yesterday.

One of my ladies was so different from all the rest, instead of having a form of white light with living color targeting her body somewhere, instead, wayyyyyy up in the sky was an arched mass of color.  Think the form of a rainbow, only with entangled blues and violets that were really really deep in color.  This arch was stretched south to north and did I mention… wayyyyyy up in the sky, which confused me (my natural state these days lol.)  There was a time, like a few days ago, i would have said that arching of color was on the other side of the veil, and actually I tried to say that to her yesterday, except her team said, where we are at now, there is no other side of the veil.  Her emerging job is that of a “time walker.”  Moving out into what we perceive as future time lines and bringing back chunks of energy, wisdom and whatever else she will be doing for herself as well as for others (eventually.)  This is why her energy was wayyyyyy up in the sky, showing the ability to maneuver thru the upper vibrations of earth that lay ahead of us.

Now I am going to wrap this into what came thru for my first man on the field yesterday, we can bring with us anything we are focused on.  Meaning, if we are still struggling with anything that we would consider 3D (fear based) free will is never taken away.  Or even 4D (doubt and limitations) but truly, we are in what many consider 5D, the expanded field of light, of love, where heaven and heart are one.  How could their be anything less that love, or even a veil, if that is the case??  Our memories are strong and our job is to diffuse them.

Your job right now is to start playing with your spiritual senses, expand them, hone them into mastery.  Preferably one or two at a time, the rest will follow.  If you try to do 10 at once, you will barely get them to where they can be.  Think of it like having 10 plates of food in front of you, if you nibble from every plate, you will be full and have not eaten an entire serving.  The great thing about our spiritual plates, nothing ever spoils and once one plate is cleared, the next one automatically starts to empty for you.  YOU must be the one to start tho, nothing nor no one can do it for you.

There is so much more, but man oh man, I still am feeling the vibrational wave machine in my body… gotta find neutral before my first reading.

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of great adventures with an unlimited toy box to play with!!

Lisa Gawlas


P.S.  THANKS-GIVING Special:  ONE DAY LEFT: Save $20 off of the 3-4-2 thirty minute reading package now thru Nov. 17th.  (Which is actually a savings of $79 off of three readings.)



Lisa Gawles – The Reflections of Your Creative Energy – 11-3-14

reflective energy 

Lisa Gawles

Well!!  It seems like as much as things changed, somethings are going to remain the same.  It seems all my resources were in the garage yesterday.  Ya ever feel like a kid who has been waiting anxiously for christmas day to arrive and wanting to sneak a peek at santa and instead, you fall asleep, that’s how I felt yesterday, only my team tampered all my abilities down, I was pushing and getting no where fast!!  lol

However, they didn’t leave me completely frustrated, after my first appointment I was so pouty I think my team finally had some mercy, the only visual I got for the entire day was stunning and helped me understand why and what was really happening.

To get to the suns part first… of course from  HYDER FLARE…: Earth-orbiting satellites detected a solar flare on Nov. 1st. Usually solar flares come from sunspots, but there were no sunspots anywhere near this blast.  ….The C3-category flare was caused by a filament of magnetism, which rose up and erupted between 0400 and 0600 UT. Some of the material in the filament fell back to the sun, causing a flash of X-rays where it hit the stellar surface. That was the flare. The rest of the filament flew out into space, forming the core of a massive CME.

So we had a flare from the depths of the sun not from a natural opening of a sunspot.  This allowed it to release pure, radiant energy outwards.

And then for yesterday (and possibly today) CHANCE OF POLAR MAGNETIC STORMS: A stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field, sparking beautiful lights around the Arctic Circle. The display is likely to continue over the next 48 hours. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Nov. 2nd and 3rd.

This storm is solidifying, making fully available the energy that was released the day prior.  I am absolutely and continually humbled to see our story go hand in hand with our sun.

My vision was taken out into the field and suspended in air was this large lemon shaped thing that was sort of peeled down like a banana.  The peel (if you will) was made of this intensely reflective silver energy (this the most intense reflective energy available to earth.)  As I watched in awe, the “peels” started to seal themselves upwards.  Amazingly enough, I really did get this, especially after I took a trip to to see if the sun had anything to do with these first two days of November.

So November 1st we woke up in the full functioning body connected to the solidly functioning new earth and started to breathe in the pure air that is now available to us.  In its purity, we can feel, consume and use the fullness of Love.  Even with that, we started to solidify our Beings into this new schematic of earth as we become the true reflection, living reflection of heaven on earth… love made manifest.  The silver unit each one has around us now, is impenetrable from anything less than that pure vibration of love, unless, of course, you open the door and let something in, and worse, let it out thru you.  Free will will never be taken away.

Really become Self aware, pay attention to what you are putting out in any given moment.  Are your words filled with hope, love, unity, or is there separation, anger, hate, division in what you are putting out.  Keep in mind, the lag time between release of energy and return of energy is instantaneous!!

There was a tidbit of exciting information that was presented in one of the conversations the day before yesterday that I completely forgot to share.  Getting to this point in our evolution, in order to fully connect with our spiritual team, or any spirit residing fully on the other side of the veil, we had to go into meditation to access them… we actually traveled to a point beyond earth, where density was so dense.  Equally they had to lower their vibration to meet us at the halfway point.  Well, we now have our bodies upon a high vibrational earth, we are a high vibrational Being (or we could not sustain our selves on this new earth) and because of all this wonderful (and painful) work we have down within ourselves, spirit can now walk freely on the earth with us.  This is going to take co-creation to a whole new level of interaction.  But also, even as I type that, I hear my team say, we are now equals on the playing field of life.  Their job was to guide to this place, help you see within yourself what need to be done to achieve the Here and Now place and now, you (we) shall collaborate together.  I am even hearing how much easier it is going to be for them to take on the physical body with their light body.  Everything has become highly charged with living potential… all matter, all energy.

So, for those of us who seem to be getting more and more glimpses of things around us, things scurrying across the floor, what looks like a body somewhere out of the corner of our eyes, or hell, in full view of our eyes… it is spirit becoming familiar with our world and presenting themselves to you!!

The more we work on enhancing our inner vision and inner hearing, this is going to be a collaboration like never before!!  Hurray!!

Before I wander off to start my day, I want to leave you with an email I received from a precious soul who did the exercise spirit has presented you for the last two days.  It is soooo exciting and uplifting and I am in hopes, in encourages you to do it too!!

Hi Lisa, 

While waiting for ‘our call’, I decided to re-read your Blog of the Day that had so captured me earlier in the day.  I was especially in awe of the new instruction as how to ‘see’.  Actually, I have wanted to be able to ‘see’ form for a long time.  So, I started focussing on “importance now of Feeling the frequency,  running it up to the hear ear, then turning the static into creative sound’.  Well, I couldn’t WAIT to find out how,this would “feel”!  
SO amazing, awesome, incredible!!!!’  As I read each few words, each set of next steps,  it began to happen in me!!!! How can I explain it….. The frequency of the words first became the frequency of my heart, then raising that heart/light into my hearing ear, within seconds the sound began but as static, not unfamiliar,……. The next thing was ‘simply’ to turn the static into the creative sound……. Did it as I read it!!!!!!…. Then listened for the sound of the Light frequency and it came through, softly but clearly at first, then a definite resemblance to the five-note phrase signaling the greeting from the incoming ship in the movie “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”!!!  That took my breath !!  Really??  Holy one of ‘em!!!  Now for,the ‘Tricky part’ (or,the other one),  send the Light out through the top of the head, flying with it the desire wanting to Be.  I saw,  actually saw much to my doubting eyes, a ray of what resembled a pale rainbow spiral that flew into space then arched back to me, I think.  I guess I was so fascinated by the fact that ‘It worked’ that I lost focus at the last minute.  I was further instructed to intend the inverted C at the end and as I heard the instruction, the Ray made a turn so fast I can’t say how fast but became the upside C,,, as. It landed it made a swooshing sound.!  Learning to create with the feeling of frequency and sound??  Beyond anything dreamed of!!!  
I have since received instruction as to,whether I am ‘ready’ to take on such a physical responsibility’ in reference to my expressed desire.  As for the brilliance of Lisa and what gifts she is bringing,  beyond all the words that I’ve yet learned!  Not awesome, not amazing, ….. Like nothing before!!  No words!  Deep gratitude!  I’m blown away!  
I love you all so much and am grateful for your Presence seated deep in the heart of my Presence!!  May today be the day the Christmas lights are turned on for us to see!!
(((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and wildest dreams come true!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:

Lisa Gawlas – An Emerging Understanding – Hexagonal Bubble of Creation – 10-24-14

mother-teresa-ripplesWritten by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy,

October 23, 2014 –

What an incredible sight to behold you are.  What an amazing series of events, of understandings, that came thru the readings yesterday!!  I am also understanding so clearly why the ET’s have started their conscious movement towards you, their incarnate human friend/family.

This new hexagonal bubble of creation was perfected on another planet (which one/ones, was not revealed at all) and those of you who have the task of understanding how this super powered creational field/bubble works to the max have friends that are showing up to help you remember.

There are also, interdimensional Beings assisting too, beyond those incarnate on different planets, there are those that exist between the betweens (smile.)

In one of the connections, I could see the (nameless) planet off to my left and earth in front of me, and the interdimensions that exist between the two worlds.  My lady in the field instructions were to access the interdimensional doorway within her new hexagonal creational field and bring back the wisdom, the working knowledge and application of why this is important.  Many people got a very similar message yesterday with their part in this new evolution.

Also, there are going to be many new ways of working, enhancing the energy field of life by these precious people, genuine wayshowers, as we mature into the fields of next year.

Another one of the lady’s yesterday, in her part with working with her hexagon, was all about really understanding the emoting energy frequenting being produced by mother earth.  Each quadrant that surrounded her feet, had a different “emoting” frequency.  I did try to change the word to emitting a frequency and spirit pulled my lips to put the correct word in, emoting!!

I suddenly remember spirits focus earlier this year as we were heading up towards this grand transition speaking about new, rarified emotions coming in, untainted by the human ego.  No doubt, this has everything to do with that.  Now to fully understand the rest of the story.

I was looking on the internet this morning in regards to Dr. Emoto’s death and suddenly I found these amazing pictures that is really telling the story of our present moment:

dr emoto water crystals

Looking at the bottom three, thank you completes the story, creates the circle of completion, surrounded by the hexagonal power house.  Love and appreciation as well as the selfless, serving woman known as mother theresa, hexagons!!!  Mother Theresa was continually in service to others and look at the enormity of her crystal hexagonal center.

In contrast, yet divine compliment, love and appreciation gathers so many other formations around the hexagon center, really amplifying the thought, what you put out comes back to you 100 fold.

Well, I am going to keep this short but sweet today.  My brain is semi-mushy (up a lot last night) and want to save the power reserves for those amazing Beings that will be standing in the field so we can continue to understand this amazing evolution we are at the forefront of creating.

I love you all so incredible much.  Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of loving gratitude to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawles – Golden Age Pours Out of Eclipse, October 8th

 the birth of the golden age

I feel like I have been given the greatest front row seat to the most astounding

evolutionary show earth has ever known.  


Lisa Gawles

I carry forward my deep inner regret that I cannot paint or in anyway capture the brilliance, the wonder of what I see thru You.  You’re still stuck with my words (and typos lol) and your amazing imagination.  Ohhh what our scientists would be able to understand if they could only see thru the lens of my world!

The very first thing I could see when my first lady showed up on the field yesterday, was a blazing star rising up in her west horizon.  This was no ordinary star, it was as large as a soccer ball and the intensity of gold then silver blinking in all its glory as it raised up into the sky.  From what was shared in her reading, we all now have a very personal star within our heavens that was created and shines just for us.  It contains and releases the radiation needed to continue our growth in this new landscape.  We were also advised to not look up into our sky and see yesterdays starry sky.  Just like the new earth has a new vibrational “carpet” so does our sky.

We may even look at the sky as if it has a new filter over the mass, but really, it is the old sky that had a filter, purposely held in place as to not release too much energy at any given time.  For those standing and growing on this new earth, what now streams down from the starry heavens is pure energy to enhance our growth.  Look up, find your star with your new eyes.

It took me a little orientation to find my lady on the field.  The earth is still very, energetic looking (as opposed to solid.)  Her form was still emerging into its next creation.  I could only see her feet up to her mid-thigh, skin translucent, but within the translucent skin was an entire solar system starting to form.  I could see the haze of a milky way, stars, moons and a sun, albeit small, it was quite evident.  It was beyond beautiful.

The connection with her rising star will help her adjust to her new emerging navigational system within her body.  So if I can suggest to every one of you, find your star, meditate with it, enliven the solar energy within you, this is your new gps system and works with worlds beyond our own.

Which brings me to one of my other connections yesterday.  I could see her after this eclipse phase, her mind connected with an ET, or should I say an ET (they would not tell me which ET, it is for her to connect and grow with in discovery) connected to her expanding consciousness.  He was streaming the wisdom from his mind directly into hers.  A unified consciousness expressing as her.

This brings the concept of channeling to a whole new, unified experience.  A blend of human and ET consciousness expressing as one, bringing bold new idea’s out into the emerging new world.

This really brings in the knowing that once, we were “star-seeds” and now, we have grown into the living expression of the hybrid, alive, aware and interconnected with our origins of evolution from other planets and galaxies. A seed is only as valuable as its ability to germinate and spring into life.  THIS is our season!!

Both of these connections brought forth deeper understanding of this upcoming eclipse on October 8th.  The moon once again had that black disk in front of it, but from the center a portal of opening that released the most amazing liquid gold from its center.  I could clearly see my first lady with the transparent skin directly under the eclipse energy, the golden liquid covering her entire body, solidifying her new form.

It was stated several times yesterday thru various readings, this eclipse releases the “Golden Age” of Gaia, clothed within the humans who shall bring it to full life.  That would be You!!

My last connection of the day brought in some very interesting visuals and understandings.  She was standing on the energy carpet of this new earth, ice skates upon her feet, skating around in a circle the exact size of a manhole cover.  She skated around several times, then this wedge of energy carpet lifted up (but not out or off the placement.)   For whatever reason, it is important to note that, and I have found a picture that kinda resembles the opening itself (and nothing else about it lol.)

manhole tilt

The next thing I know, her ice skates disappeared and she had a mining outfit on, with the light shining from her forehead.  I watched her as she went down this metal ladder made of copper and bronze (which is interesting since copper is an ingredient in bronze.) Beneath it all, would be what many consider “hollow earth.”  What was revealed to her was that within this area she had buried “treasures long ago when the earth was just forming.  Pure wisdom of how the earth (and what we will call the true golden age of Gaia) shall be and her part in bringing the story to truth.  A part of her consciousness that has been stored in the earth, untainted by time and the many many processes earth has gone thru, so that it is pure as she absorbs into once again, into her Being and uses it.

Her team also reminded her that she now has all the tools she needs to access the ancient and pure parts of her, the connection and nuggets stored in this pristine earth, hence her imagery of ice skater, to miner, to treasure hunter!!  Ohhhh and with her, I was also able to see into the coming weeks of October, a group of people she will be connecting with, what we would consider her “soul tribe” that will play off of each other to expand what is now embedded in her, and each other.  But, even more than that, was this man surrounded by what felt like four women.  The women were golden outlines of people, no faces that I could see and describe, but the man… he was very very different in my visual.  Tall maybe like 7 feet tall and thin, not in a body shape so much, but if you had a beam of white light that was about a foot wide and 7 feet tall, but yet, felt… human.  Once again, the understanding come thru that he was an activated hybrid  Part ET consciousness, part human consciousness.

I must add too, that in understanding that mans image, I could not push out of my mind the man who showed up in my meditation the other week (and no, it was not BB, just needing to be clear here, amazing how many people assumed/thought/was sure it was BB, smile.) that he too, will be activated as a hybrid!  Ohhh the game is going to get quite interesting!!

Also, another bit of wisdom that came thru yesterdays connections, don’t look behind you, to the old earth you left behind.  It too is going thru intense change and is doing so perfectly for its own ongoing story.  How many of us arrived here in this expanded place many call “awakening” because your life fell apart, blew up, in some way, became destroyed.  Change is an explosion of changing realities.  Focus on where you are going, how you are creating, and the magnificence that is unfolding at your feet!!

With ohhhh so much love, honor and extreme excitement wrapped in (((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas – Take No Prisoners – 9-15-14

Mario Gattoaladino


By Lisa Gawlas



new dayADDED NOTE:  After publishing this blog, someone, an amazing someone called “Stargate Dreaming” on my facebook added something so important to the term “take no prisoners” that I did not want to put it at the bottom of this sharing as a P.S.S. instead, here, up front and first.  Here is what she said:  You say the phrase “take no prisoners” keeps coming up. Perhaps a “prisoner” also might refer to a “pet peeve” or an old habit of holding yourself as “lesser” in some way, or holding on to some negative belief about yourself and your potential & capabilities? I’m picturing the release of all prisoners of lack, shame, hurt feelings, misunderstandings all being released from, like, an old-Western town jail!What an interesting month September is turning out to be.  Energetically very busy, physically not so much, simply due to the tremendous energetic change out happening.  I think the best way to discribe it, is like getting ready to go live in the sequel of the original story (thinking movies here.)  There is going to be familiar backdrops to the story as well as very very different ones too.  The actors (us) are all getting fitted for our new costumes, rehearsing our new lines and roles for the upcoming film.  The biggest change with this new movie is the focal point of the character themselves.  In the movie we just closed out, the focus was the human incarnate.  The theme had been getting out of our own way, strength training ourselves to Spirit, our Soul, our Higher mind.  Reprioritizing what IS important in this world of matter and realizing, applying the knowing if we do not like something, we can change it instantly and at Will.

Now, with our new movie getting ready to launch in real time as we close out September, the spotlight and theme switches from the human incarnate to the soul/spirit incarnate.  We have spent the last 21 months preparing for this massive change out of character.  Our bodies have gone thru the wringer, our minds, if we allowed, completely restrung with higher energy, wisdom, motivation, direction.  Thru this change out, our job was to fully release Will to our Soul/spirit/higher self.

It seems, we did a great job, because here we are in the enormity of September.  I kinda feel like a TMZ reporter, allowed access to behind the scenes interviews and understandings of the upcoming movie, thanx to each and every one of you that put yourself on the field so we can all get a sneak peak and better understanding of our parts in this new movie.

For me personally, I am working extra hard these days to release my own assumptions and expectations.  Man if yesterdays readings weren’t in my face with those straggling old energy things within myself.  As I mentioned yesterday in my sharing, I had seen this full moon of September open up a large doorway in its right side and all this amazing, radiant white light started flooding out.  Instantly and without question, I assumed it meant we are finally on the other side of the moon and the readings will show that.  NOT!!

I do not think we realize how important, how potent we (the human incarnate) are to this story line.  With the presentation of us moving into the belly of the moon, I knew we were being infused with the new energies for our next great adventure, but I never realized that that new energy, was also being infused with us too.  I think the best way to explain this is when we are making chicken soup stock.  We fill up the pot with water (that new energy inside the moon) then plop in the chicken (us humans) to leach the energy of the chicken into the water to create a new thing called chicken stock.  Same is happening here now.  How could our new earth come online without our physical essence within its stock energy?

So what I had seen in the big opening in the moon was the “stock” being released into the new version of earth, setting the stage for our arrival.  With that sneak peak of the opening, the moon itself changed its essence yesterday in all of the readings.  But let me back up first…

Earlier this year, thru many various readings, the eyes of spirit has been set on October.  They would show me/us the October potential that in my view eyes looked very much like a ground bloom firework:


SONY DSCIf we take this picture, make the background filled with Light and the firework itself, completely gold in its sparks, then widen the viewing area to 10 feet tall, but leave the firework the same size… thats how I kept seeing October.  A high source of magnetic spiritual energy already changing the airwaves of earth, of the new earth that I see as October.  The closer we got to October, the more the energy started to fill the viewing screen, until we reached the apex of August, now the entire viewing screen is filled with upward moving golden sparks of Source energy.  Spirit fully aligned with the earth energy.  The human who has allowed themselves the full freedom of getting to Here, is undergoing a rapid change of energy to easily wake up on the new earth without being fried.

The moons energy and appearance changed drastically yesterday.  Instead of being fiery, it is now becoming solid in the color spectrum of gold, bronze and deep red.  What is interesting, even tho there is no “movement” to the color spectrum I see, there is a feeling of the energy moving from bottom upwards.  I found a color image online that kinda sorta looks like what I see, a lot less red tho and evenly colored across my viewing spectrum:


As I sit here sharing and wondering… I suddenly realized the significance of this upward moving energy.  We have worked really hard to bring the energy of “heaven” down here to earth, into us, and now, the earth we are moving into, is heaven as earth.  So instead of the energies flowing downwards, it is embedded in the earth as the earth and is releasing itself to us, naturally, without our effort.  Which now makes sense as to why so many of us have been feeling the vibration, the heat in our feet.  No longer will we pull this energy down thru our crown, it will automatically be flowing thru us.  This alone is going to take some reorientation.  Think about it, we have been programmed to pull the energy from outside/above us, into us.  Now, it IS us.  It flows up thru us and requires/demands instant action.

Our training wheels are off!!!     Gulp!

I suppose this should not be a surprise to us at all, we have been warned, repeatedly over these last two years, the mantle of power is changing and being handed directly to us.  We have been given many many tests over the years to see if we are genuinely ready for this drastic change in venue.

This alone surprised me yesterday.  For the last 12 years of doing readings or personal sessions with people, I have never been allowed to say the word “test” because there was no pass or fail and spirit was adamant about people realizing that.  You cannot fail investing in your spiritual energy and attributes.  Now, it is not so much “fail” as keeping yourself back until you are truly and wholeheartedly ready and WILLing to let it all go and do it instantly… whatever “it” is.  There is also no mercy on this new earth.  We have trained hard and well and are fully responsible for what we do, or do not do, with the energy moving up thru us.

Example, if you have that one moment to assist someone else, and you choose not to because you feel inadequate or not responsible, that energy will become so prevalent in your own life.  The golden pistol returns the energy faster than you are putting it out!!

If you are being called to extend or highly develop the spiritual attributes within you and choose not to, do not be too surprised if you find life becoming stagnant around you.  We all arrived here in the depths of our own stillness as we accessed, brought in, used the higher resources of our Soul.  Now, its an action game.  Pay attention to every inspiration that rises up thru you and ACT on it.

From the flames of rebirth and passion to living it out loud.  Take no prisoners!!!  No more waiting for things to fall into place, your (our) job is to make it happen.  Creators creating!

I guess I am going to close on that note.  There really is so much more I wanted to share, but spirit is saying, thats enough for today.  And so it is!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of wonder, bliss and pure excitement!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I feel it important to leave an understanding of the term “Take no prisoners” because spirit is using it quite a bit these days with an unyeilding energy as it comes thru.  So lets be clear:

take no prisoners
phrase of prisoner
  1. 1.
    be ruthlessly aggressive or uncompromising in the pursuit of one’s objectives.

Imagine that!!  That alone is a HUGE change of focus and energy.

Lisa Gawles – Activating the New Life Forces and Energies Thru Choice, Action –

life force energy
Can ya feel the pounding of the moonlight these days??  Phew baby, you can almost taste the codes coming thru it as you breathe.  Unlike the August super moon which melted every cell in our body, this one, just as spirit has been saying, is solidifying the new light body, the new physical body and creating a realm of clarity, clear desire within, even if in this pre-moon phase, it’s just an inkling.  But hey… after so long of shrugging the shoulders, inklings are feeling gigantic and celebratory!!Of course we are still being “altered” and solidified, but I am also seeing so clearly within my own life, how huge personal choice and clarity of knowing thyself really is in this moment.  But equally too, how much in “real-time” we are working the energies.  Let me ‘splain (smile.)I had mentioned about my meditation the other day, these 8 dead looking black snakes fanned out from the center of the moon.  Snakes, life force energy.  Black, unseeable/unknowable from the outer perspective.  When that one snake I touched rolled me up and stuck me in the belly of the moon, trust me, I ponder what the hell this could be about and not a sound from my team.  From inside my own heart of knowing, all I could think about is this has to be about intimate relationships, it really is the only thing I am doing right now that is way out of my comfort zone (blind dating from the garden of men on eharmony.)  Not once did I get that familiar hit back to me of yes or no, hell not even a maybe!!  How the hell can you breathe new life, awaken a life force energy you are not even sure what it is, especially when it is presented in 8 different ways!!I do readings every single day (just about) and hear the messages of spirit back to each person and one would think I would remember the repetitive messages clearly.  One would think…  So many people’s questions come down to how will I know…(fill in the blank.)  The reply is consistent, you will walk straight into it and be in choice.  Without any real example, the reply can seem so vague, so I was set up to be a clear example of it all.  Who the hell signed me up as a task master too, a puzzle master is hard enough! lol

So, I have shared that I met a person from eharmony whose name happened to be George, the english version of Jorge (pronounced whore-hey.)  He lives in Albuquerque, something I was quite adamant in when directing the energies of this crazy pool of desire.  Not so far away he has to come hang for a week, not so close he would show up every day.  We met here at my house a week ago Saturday and really had a nice time together.  The conversation flowed, never was there “dead space” and that feeling of looking for a way out of this time together.  He even asked about the hundreds of crystals that adorn the inside and outside of my home and it is hard to explain the fullness of even just crystals to someone who does not live in this world.  So with a wild hair springing up from inside of me, I said let me show you.  I got up, got my clear quartz pendulum, put both of his palms on the table and gently explained about the energy flowing out of his hands as I placed the pendulum above his right palm.  The pendulum started to swing in a wilted oval motion, hmmmm… not completely open there.  I did a little hand massage to open the palm chakra and the pendulum then swung fully in a circle.  Good.  I moved to his left palm, completely closed.  Again, I massaged that palm and instructed the pendulum to help loosen the block, as I placed the pendulum over it and I could see four bands of blocked energy in his forearm.  I simply took my hand and stroked his forearm to help the energy flow and said you have some blocks here and then the pendulum started to swing in a wilted oval until I charged his palm with my energy and it swung full circle.  He asked what this means to him, the only simple reply I could muster was, now your energy can flow more freely out of you hands.  I am trying to break him in gently into my world.   On Tuesday we decided to get together again this coming saturday (yesterday.)  On Friday I decided to see about suspending my account with eharmony, on a massive whim that rose up from me, just until I see where this goes with George.  Ohhh, I sooo love how spirit works if we follow the energy prompting.  The first thing I had seen when I got on eharmony is that he UPDATED his profile just moments before.  What the hell??  Now I am confused.  If you have a fish on the hook, why are you chumming the waters for more?  I closed out eharmony and pondered.  It’s funny, I could never get a clear read on him, what his energy seeks in the arena of relationship or even to me.  I assumed I was too close to see or feel it clearly.  And yet… I know better.  Funny the little stories we tell ourselves to make it all better.  By Friday evening I popped him an email.  His reply back should not have surprised me, but it did.  He is currently in a long time “poly” relationship but is seeking a one on one relationship and she knows and supports this and he wants to leave his future options open too and encouraged me to do the same.  Hmmmmmmm…..  I am not looking to engage in a square dance, I like waltzes, hell even polka’s much better.  I told him I need to sleep on it and will get back to him in the morning.

From my phone, I did one last peek onto facebook for absolutely no real reason except my fingers took control over my phone apps.  The first thing I see that fills my entire phones view is this:


I had to laugh, and affirm the truth of it, at least with dating myself!!

I laid there in bed, my poor mental mind on over drive and knowing right down to the core of me, this is not what I desire, at all.  But all those synchronistic energies were present with George…  The one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt, spirit is freakin tricky.  Loki on steroids!!  I also know the journey of my life has been engaging in what I truly do not want to become more clear, more defined on what I do want.  I tossed and turned, sat up had a smoke, laid back down and tossed some more.  And then thru the first (left side) upper windows in my bedroom the moon showed itself.  I love the layout of my bedroom (I just took this picture from the laying down position on my bed lol):


Thru that upper left window the moon shined its amazing light right onto my face, it was peering thru loose clouds which created this most amazing and large rainbow halo around its luminosity.  I breathed it in and asked it for help in my decision-making process with George.  I tossed and turned a bit more.  The moon is now center stage of that window and its brilliance penetrating my eyes.  The stunning beauty of it, of the multi colored circular cloud back framing it…  without even a second thought, I knew I needed to release George back into the flower garden of life.  I was no longer in choice but decision.  In my attempt to roll over and get some sleep, since it was now 2am and I have a day of readings to do, sleep was soooo needed.  But the moon had other plans for this body of mine.  Suddenly my right hand (emotional reach and grasp for life) started to vibrate in a way I have NEVER felt vibration before.  From wrist to finger tips the entire area just under the skin was vibrating like crazy.  So much so I took my left hand and placed it on my right to see if my skin was actually vibrating too, not at all.  Bizarre but really kewl.  I laid on my back, arms out stretched a little just to feel this amazing and very new (in feeling) vibration, as I did, my left foot (physical life support system) started the same vibration.  From heel to toe, my left foot was synchronizing with my right hand… and the feeling just the kewlest thing ever.  Gently my right foot joined the buzz party and I drifted off to a very fractured sleep.  I spent the next two hours in and out of sleep.  One of the last sleep cycles of the night was a dream experience of being in my bed exactly where I was laying and this large (about the size of a half-dollar) bug, that seemed to be a cross between a spider and a centipede was crawling up my right leg.  It was dark brown and instead of being round like a spider it was oval and had tons of legs on it.  I freaked out and jumped up to whack it off my leg.  There was nothing there.  It was so real an experience I would have never thought it was a dream if there was nothing there as my hand crossed my leg.

Instantly (after I completely woke up for the day) I knew one part of the meaning is, you are responsible to remove from your life, the things that bug you.  It was on my right thigh, so connected to the strength of putting my emotional/spiritual desires forward, to leave what bugs you there, invades the reality construct we are creating.  The oval shape shows a morphing of the created field of life, the spider is the dream weaver, the centipede is (from, Ted Andrews) Movement into new psychic connections and relationships. Protection against psychic deceptions.

The first thing I did when I got up 30 minutes before my first reading yesterday was to write George an email, giving him thanx for his amazing presence in my life and for showing me to myself in such clear and concise ways.  I fully realized that neither of us have clear defining edges of what we are seeking in a “relationship” and because of that, we can only bring in fragments of our desires.  We ended it with gratitude for our time together.

The one thing I do and do well is create meals.  Our first time together I created stuffed cabbage and homemade italian bread.  I put it all together the day before so I didn’t have to do it between my day of readings.  I so forgot to take the dough out of the fridge to let it rise before it needed to go into the oven.  When we sat down to eat, I was shocked to see that the inside of the stuffed cabbage was still red.  What the hell?  It had more than plenty of cook time yet, the center was not done.  My bread was nice and crispy on the outside, inside, doughy.  Damn!!  I knew my food was a messenger, but dammit I so didn’t want to look at it in its full meaning.  What appears done on the outside needs some more time for cooking on the inside and is really out of sync with the environment of desired outcome.

So when he choose fajitas (from my menu choice to him) for yesterdays meal, I got a little nervous.  This meat needs perfect timing, one minute too long and it is tough as hell to chew.  Since he was not going to be my guest for dinner, it didn’t matter.  I created my fajitas and sat down for a wonderful meal with myself.  OMG, it was perfection.  The best and most tender fajitas I have created yet.  The taste just bounced around in my mouth like bliss juice, to the degree I could feel the feeling of it as I chewed.  When I finished my fajita and sat back with complete wonder of how wonderful, how intimate this moment felt, suddenly WOW, this energy started to enlarge within my solar flexus, that same bliss, amazing, vibrant love that was in my mouth as I was chewing was now in my solar plexus, expanding.  The bigger it expanded it started to move upwards, rocking my heart chakra with its aliveness, vibrating like the reverberation of a rock concert thru my heart and up into my throat.  It hit the vocal chords of my throat like a massive drum beat and wiggled its way back down to my solar plexus and then back up it went and back down it went.  If I didn’t know better, and I don’t, I would swear I was falling in love big time!!  I suppose when spirit puts a sign in your road to date yourself, it sure as hell ain’t kidding!!!

This energy flowed up and down for a very long time.  There was this moment as it hit my vocal chords that all I could see in my mind was the one section of my eharmony profile that asks what is one thing in life you are passionate about.  What I had put in that space was about metaphysics and energy.  Without even a thought by body got up and sashayed to my computer, opened my eharmony account and changed the energy of that section to:

The one thing I am most passionate about 

Life!! It is amazing and filled with so many adventures and feelings and straight out wonder. Life shared with another, the experience of getting to know someone, the beauty of falling in love, that first kiss… Exploring places no one thought to go yet. Naming one thing is impossible!!

With it, I could feel a brand new fire inside of me.  A clear, concise desire of what it IS I seek in the area of “relationship.”  I sat back down, feeling accomplished and refocused, but my soul fire wasn’t done with the vocal chords.  The energy still dancing like crazy up and down and my ass gets up again, reopens my profile and goes to this next section:

A little more about me

I am self employed, live in the middle of nowhere (my heaven) and live life to its fullest. I am seeking that one person who enjoys the slow dance of a new relationship, the dips of wonder that come with it and can go from a slow dance to a polka without missing a beat. Just one extraordinary man, looking for one extraordinary woman to create one hellofa diverse symphony of music together!!

Well just wowza!!  That was one hellofa fajita!!!  And with crystal clarity I knew I ate the snake lol.  The life force energy of that one snake from my meditation was now alive and activating everything of my souls desire instead of the wishy-washy Lisa desires.  I actually was in a place of warning men about my unique approach to life (metaphysical) instead of inviting them in with desire.  Until this moment, I sure as hell didn’t see it that way.

Because my fajita was created from beef, one must look at the energy of the cow in relationship to the party happening inside my body:  (Cows can teach us about the home and community and the joy, contentment therein. Cows aid us in realizing to be easy-going and live in the moment. They show us about love and connections at work and home.

Now you just tell me that the cow (or any other animal) isn’t madly in love with those who consume its energy with love and gratitude!!

Now that I have taken you the long way home lol, at least in understanding the very different way we MUST approach life, with absolute action and choice with clearly defined edges, that is when, and only when, the life force energy of that “thing” will come alive within you (us.)

Before I close this and completely leave the experience of the night prior dangling…  The vibration within the right hand, powered me up to grasp the very energy that my soul desires in reaching for.  My job as the human incarnate was to apply that energy somewhere.  The left foot vibrating in harmony with the right hand, putting down on the groundwork of your life the action of the deepest soul desire that is reaching out for new experiences.  Because my soul and the fullness of the moon knew my greatest potential of the morning, my right foot started to already vibrate with the completed action.

It is going to be so interesting and so exciting to see what the other 7 snakes have up their energy system!!  With that thought, and my first snake,  I give tremendous gratitude to George for really opening the eyes of my heart with genuine desire that I would have never seen without his Presence!!

2 more days and the honey and bliss bubbles of all your choices become solid!!  Choose wisely, not with the head but only and fully with the heart!!

(((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of brand new, unexplored adventures to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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