The Spiral Journey – Emotional Healing – Carmelle Migliore, Linda Wojcik – 5D Media – 12-13 September 2013

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The Spiral Journey focuses on lively conversations of Perspectives on Earth Humanity’s energetic re-alignment and our transition OUT of Time. This program will include chats on topics of emotional healing and grasping personal accountability to choose Well BEing and Joy as the springboard into deliberate Multi-Dimensional Creator-ship;

Talk, Music, & Call-in with Numerologist, Carmelle Migliore;
Nutritional Kinesiologist and Spiritual Intuitive, Linda Wojcik;
Along with the Poetic perspectives of the Human process with Geri Jones….and guests!

In our search through our physical world for Cosmic answers, the overlapping of resources, modalities, and methodologies of Self discovery and personal Presence that IS the “Shift”, is highly recommended, and evidently encouraged by the All that Is- or the infinite availability of such tools wouldn’t be there for the asking.

Carmelle’s Blogs:

Linda’s website