JESUS / SANANDA – ~ Jesus Sananda: Be Love, Know Love, Express Love, Be In Infinite Joy – Heavenly Blessings Program – 3-15-16

Jesus Sananda: Be Love, Know Love, Express Love and Be In Infinite Joy

“First and foremost – yes, even before your service, what you think of as your mission and purpose, your job for the Mother – your first mission is to be Love, to know Love, to express Love, and to know and be Joy before you do anything else, before you attend to the tedious matters of life, whether it is health or the IRS or feeding a family, keeping a roof over your head.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ March 8, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: We are both thrilled to be back on the air once again with the Council of Love and today we welcome our beloved Jesus Sananda to the show, this time to have a word about the patterning of our reality.

I have to say that it feels like there’s no operating manual for what’s going on right now. We really have to trust that the right choice for us to make in any given moment will become clear and will reveal itself. Perhaps what’s feeling like the space between worlds right now is simply a glimpse of things to come where we no longer experience limitation as we do now.

In any case, I’m so happy to be saying, “Good morning, Linda, and welcome back to you!”

Linda: Thank you, Suzi. It’s just great to be back and I want to thank everybody who has been sending me healing energy and Love and support. It has been a long haul and certainly much longer than I had anticipated or than any of us had anticipated. But here we are and this is my virgin voyage yet again!

Suzi: It’s an exciting time with lots and lots of changes happening every single day.

Linda: I tell you, when Jesus Sananda talked to us in his New Year message, saying this was going to be “a year of extraordinary change,” I thought, “Oh, that’ll be interesting. I wonder what’s up?” We all were thinking and we all project and we all write the script, right!

But the change has been really fast and really strong and it just keeps coming. So Jesus is present, and Jesus Sananda, the fullness of that being, is really very present right now. The sense I get is he’s really here with us as that universal teacher and leader and brother, and it’s just wonderful.

Suzi: Might you offer a brief synopsis of what is meant by combining the name of Jesus and Sananda? The Earth Jesus of 2,000 years ago did not bear the name of Sananda and I guess that the two are aspects of the same being. Is Sananda the Galactic aspect of Yeshi?

Linda: No. Actually, I had the same question so I have an answer that was given to me a long time ago: Sananda – Jesus tells me, Yeshi tells me – is in fact his soul name. We all have soul names. So when he is in the fullness of his being – well, Jesus never talks to us when he is not in the fullness of his being. But very often he will talk to us on a very personal level as Yeshua and Yeshi, and in that case he tends to really refer a lot to his life on Earth and most of us who were with him at that time.

So there really isn’t a distinction, but what I notice – this is a personal observation obviously – is that when he comes forward and says, “I am Jesus Sananda,” it’s like, “Okay, sit up straight, pay attention because class is in session!” That’s the sense I get. So it’s not just the human Yeshi, it’s not just the Intergalactic or Galactic being – it’s the totality.

Jesus is on a mission right now and it began with that New Year message. If we were going to declare who is leading us or who is being with us and guiding us this year, I’d say the award goes to Jesus Sananda! He’s on a mission and he’s teaching us.

Even this morning as I was meditating – or in the middle of the night! – he said to me something which I don’t know if he’ll say in the channelling or not, “Look, I’m not going to keep repeating myself,” because we started on the Saturday Conference Call with a very long, elaborate channelling – which will be posted on the Council of Love and GAoG websites – on the Patterning of the Universe, on how things work.

This is a follow-up to everything that both Einstein and Sanat Kumara have taught us. And now he’s stepping forward and saying, “I’m not going to repeat myself because I have so much to share with you, so much to teach you, so much to download,” and that was his word, “so much I want to ‘download’ into you that I don’t want to keep repeating.”

He says, “The only message I am going to repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat is LOVE.”

We have graduated – thank God! [laughter] – to a new level where we’re ready to hear these bigger explanations of who we are on a really universal – and I mean the big universal – level. And so it’s exciting, it’s wonderful!

Suzi: It really is, and also with the solar Christed frequencies, the Second Coming, Jesus’ teachings – it all just comes right into our heart and we really are all about Love.

Linda: I’d also like to share with everybody that as part of this, I’m going to be doing a free – emphasise brand new FREE – webinar on the equinox of March 20th. It will probably be a 90 minute webinar and you do need to register. When you register, you can select to hear it at your preferred time wherever you live. But it’s not going to be a webinar that can be downloaded nor is it going to be repeated.

So it’s a one-off and a combination of things, one being my personal “thank you” for all the support I’ve received from everybody out there. It’s also sort of an announcement that “I’m back!” I’ve given myself that line in the sand to be healthy and full-on and am working towards that goal.

It’s also when they started telling me, “Spring equinox – we want to do a house cleaning and we want it to be on chakras.” And I’m thinking, “Chakras? We’re right back to square one!”

And they said, “No, we’re not. In terms of this expanded energy, how we receive energy, how we send energy is through our chakra portals; how we anchor and travel interdimensionally is through our chakra portals. So this isn’t just a ‘clean off the dust and shake out the dirt’ house cleaning. It’s also an activation and an expansion for our chakras to be bright and shiny and ready for this “year of extraordinary change”.

So, go to the Council of Love website at and register and join us, because it’s going to be a really cool event. The vision they keep giving is that we’re aligning our own chakras with the Divine One and we’re aligning the collective chakras of the entire planet.

Suzi: Beautiful.

Linda: So, come on!

Suzi: Yes, come on! I want to talk about our new idea of asking [questions]. We can’t do live shows which we really want to do to be able to answer questions but, as an alternative, we’re going to open to questions posted on our Facebook page.

Heavenly Blessings has a Facebook page and I’ll check to see if you can either post your questions or send them as a message. But that’ll be the way to do it and when you have a question, we’ll bring it to the airwaves.

Linda: Perfect, because we miss your questions! The whole idea of Heavenly Blessings… We get these wonderful messages from our unseen friends and often they’ll say, “Do this and open your heart and receive,” and that’s wonderful. But sometimes there’s the, “How to?” and that’s the whole point of having your questions which are so pertinent to the work we’re doing.

So if you have questions, go to our Facebook page and type them in. One day we’re going to figure out the technology again and have live call-ins, but until then, submit your questions.

Suzi: Yes, but for now we’re back with bells on and it’s time for a juicy meditation!

Linda: Here we go!

[Meditation from 12:00 to 18:20]

Jesus Sananda: Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda.

Suzi: Welcome.

Jesus Sananda: And welcome to you. Welcome to you, my beautiful Suzanne, and welcome to all of you.

And yes, I come this day with eagerness, with excitement, with awe and wonder to share with you more deeply, more fully, that you may understand, in form, in your current reality, the Patterning of the Universe, the Patterning of the Mother, of your construction, of your experience, of your expression and the expression of All.

There is a dichotomy here because, on the one hand, I say to you, you are absolutely unique; that your soul design, the beauty, the wonder of who you are is singular in the entirety of the Universe, of the Multiverse, of the Omniverse, throughout all galaxies, all planets, all realities, all dimensions. You are a unique expression of the Mother, of the Father, of the One. There is no other you.

And on the other hand, in this dichotomy, I repeat and I say to you – yes, as Sanat Kumara and the Mother and Albert Einstein have said – that all things, all life, all energy, all form, all non-form, all existence, is patterned upon the Mother.

Yes, through the in-breath and the out-breath and through the replication, the insertion, the download. However you wish to think of this, the pattern of the Mother is in all things, as through her breath she has created all things.

Is this not magnificent? So it does not matter. It is interesting, but it does not matter whether you conceive of yourself as a human, as an angelic, as a starseed, as a full star being, as an archangel, as a cherubim – the range of expressions is infinite, far more than you know.

But the entire point is: all forms, all realities, all sense of beingness, whether it is a tree or a stone or a mountain, a frog or a fairy, a human or a star being – all are patterned by and with and through the Mother.

Well, I will repeat a couple of things! You are not merely a spark of Divinity. Your entirety – this is part of what I wish to speak of. There has been too much segmentation, too much fissioning, too much division of this part or that part of you, of us, of the Universe. Your entirety is of the pattern of the Divine Mother/Father/One.

It is not just a spark to be ignited. It is your teeth, it is your jaw, it is your bones, it is your liver, it is your outer fields, it is your causal, your astral. It is the entirety of your being, above and below, within and without.

And I wish to emphasise that because, long ago, we have taught you about your Stranger – and many of you either are not familiar with this term or you have forgotten it. But there is a part of you that has remained out of form, ‘above’ as you would think of it, and there is also a part of you without that is available to you within the realm of physicality within which you exist, called your Stranger – which is not ‘strange’ at all – that is sheer energy, that is also available with the same patterning and your unique design to assist you.

Now, in that sense of who you are, you have come with a mission and purpose to this beautiful planet, to this Archangel who has assumed the form of planet called Gaia for two things, just like I did as Yeshua. Let us approach this as brothers and sisters.

You came for two reasons. Both are the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, of the Mother’s Design, of the universal design and the unfoldment of that design right now – in your meaning of ‘now’ – and I wish to talk to that as well. But let us begin with your mission and purpose.

First and foremost – yes, even before your service, what you think of as your mission and purpose, your job for the Mother – your first mission is to be Love, to know Love, to express Love, and to know and be Joy before you do anything else, before you attend to the tedious matters of life, whether it is health or the IRS or feeding a family, keeping a roof over your head.

Your first, primary job is to be and know Love, express Love, and to do so in such a way that you are in infinite Joy. There are many gradations of Joy, and in the weeks ahead we will discuss this. Joy, in its simplest form, is not merely being happy. Happy is reactive. Happy is you are happy ‘about’. Joy is a state of being, and it is your birthright and it is the essence of the Mother.

The Mother is not neutral. The Mother is explosive, outrageous, indescribable Joy. So that is the first part of your mission. And then, when you are anchored in the Love, the Love of your beautiful, sacred self, of the wonder of your unique design that is an absolute physical embodiment of the pattern of One, of Source, from there you move into the expression and the experience of that Love.

And in that comes the experience of your mission, the expression of your mission, of what you told the Mother and what you chatted with the Mother and with us and with your guides and guardians prior to return, about what you wanted to do and how you felt you could assist the Mother in the fulfilment of this beautiful Plan.

But first comes the Joy, because you cannot fully complete your mission and purpose if you are in agony, pain and sorrow, grief, feelings of lack, of limitation.

Now, I can say this to you clearly now because all of you have and are moving out of that old reality that no longer exists. So now you are at a point where we can truly have this conversation.

And the expression of your mission and purpose in terms of action needs to be joyful. If it is done with a sense of, “Oh, I better do what I promised,” if it is done with a sense of drudgery, if it is done with a sense of, “I am afraid I am not good enough, I won’t complete,” then it is not of Divinity and it is not of the Truth of who you really are.

The Mother did not say to me, to you, to any of you, “Go down to Earth and see how much you can endure, and if you’re really good at endurance and if you finally surrender, I’ll give you a prize and you can come Home.” That would not be of Love.

So it is time, my beloved friends, once and forever to get rid of this sense of endurance. And even in situations that may appear as obstacles or challenging or difficulty to see within it. And that is why I have agreed this day to more fully open your 3rd eye, and certainly your heart – always your heart that you may know.

Now, I do not wish to bombard you with too much because also, as I am speaking to you this day as you know, I am activating several portals for you and with you, yes, because you’ve asked and yes, because it is time.

So let us talk about ‘time’ for a few minutes, if I might, dearest Suzi?

Suzi: Absolutely.

Jesus Sananda: Thank you. Time is part of your definition of the human experience. Now, the Mother – oh, about 6 months of your time ago, perhaps even a year; yes, it gets hazy on our side too! – has declared New Time.

But let us talk about your mental, emotional, physical construct of time, both as it has been and as it is shifting, because so many of you have felt this, what we would call ‘wonderful interdimensional slippage, time slippage’ – and this is a good thing. This is one of those signs you’ve all been waiting and looking for.

So, when you enter into the realm of physicality – and it is true, we would suggest, on most planets and within most galaxies: the framework may be different but the construct of time is present. But in the human – well, let us say Earth reality – you are given time in order to be able to anchor within the expanse of space, of length, of width, of emotionality, of mental constructs, etc.

We have said – and I repeat – you may think of, say 0 to 90, as being within the brackets that the Mother inserts for the experience of your time and everybody’s time upon this planet. And those brackets at one end are infinity or the infinite, and at the other end is eternity or the eternal.

Now those brackets have been solid, and within it you have had the somewhat linear experience of time. That is why you age, that is why you grow older, so you have the experience of being 1, 2, 20, 90. And that is an experience in which you come to express and to share what it is like, in form, as sacred divine beings – Love: the truth of Love and your unique contribution and sharing and receiving of Love. It is so simple.

The Mother says, “How do you want to experience Love in form?” “Oh, I want to go to Earth and see what that’s like.” And she says to you, “Oh good, because I have a huge project down there. What I’m doing is re-anchoring the original Plan for Gaia and we want Love. We want this planet to be the entire planet of Love. We want it to be a sister to Venus, only far more physical. We want physical Cities of Light. We want physical reality of Sacred Union and Partnership. We want physical reality of the expression and experience of Love.”

And you say, “Great! Mom, I’m on my way.” And so you come to do that. And time in what we would call ‘earlier times’, perhaps before 2016, has been fairly solidified. Now, with the Mother’s experience and introduction of her New Time, what we are doing and what is occurring is those brackets are becoming somewhat perforated. So that sense of being anchored fully in linear time is shifting.

Think of it, that time previously was a frozen pond upon which you could skate and play and have fun to your heart’s delight, but it was pretty solid. Now, to get ready for the Mother’s New Time there was the Tsunami of Love, and now time is more like a beautiful ocean and you are a dolphin swimming, you are a whale swimming, you are a school of fish swimming and exploring.

You are not losing your physical body – if anything, you are expanding your awareness and your experience of physicality. You are coming to understand that the physical is a gift, not a burden. But you are able to move in and out of more freely what you think of as the currents of time. That is why so many of you have been having experiences of alternate lifetimes, of past lifetimes, of future lifetimes.

The other thing that is occurring with this slight perforation of the brackets of infinity and eternity is that sense of Unity, of Love, of ecstatic experience is coming through into your space – and that is a gift beyond measure.

So you are being penetrated – and some of you are experiencing it as Joy, as bliss, as ecstasy, as Unconditional Love. There are a million names for it: Ascension, the Shift. So the ability to be within those brackets, operating, experiencing what you came for is still going on, but the expansion of what that experience is and can be, in form, is so much greater than ever before.

And it is done in the Pattern of the Universe, and it is being done because humanity, the collective and each of you, my beloved family, are at a point where you are ready to do this, where you are ready not only to know the Joy but to be the Joy, to be the Love, because that is what this Ascension is about.

It is not about departure; it is not about going anywhere; it is not about abandoning your beautiful, magnificent bodies. Yes, they do need a little perfecting, but that is being taken care of as well! It is about being in form upon a physical planet and knowing the magnificence of who you are and who every other person, plant, animal on the planet is.

Let me stop there, dear heart, that you may ask your questions.

Suzi: Oh well, we just have time for a little bit. My feeling is that the Joy for humans is sourced in a solid understanding of who we are, being in touch with our Divinity. What could be more joyful than that realisation? So I’m trusting that these energies – even if they feel destructive because it brings the death of all that does not serve – will eventually penetrate every human heart to truly know that.

Jesus Sananda: That is correct, and not just the human heart. But you know, because you are a wise woman, that the knowing sits in the heart. But my invitation is that I also want it to sit in your hip, in your toe, in your hair.

But yes, humanity has come a very long way in a very short time – and I’m not talking 2,000 years; I’m talking the past several years. You have made greater advancements in the past several years than in 1,000 years. So that is something to be proud of and to take heart from.

But you are correct, my friend. Part of the acknowledgement, the embrace, the deep knowing that you are Love and Divinity itself means that all the clutter, all the distraction, all the false beliefs, all the drama has to be cleared out, destroyed. Now sometimes that feels like a breath of fresh air. That is why I have asked for the Spring Cleaning.

Other times, it feels as if you have been living in a hovel and you come in and it is so filled with garbage and junk, you think, “Oh my gosh, I can’t do this.” But you don’t have to do it. You have infinite help. This is the thing about those brackets to which I refer to. The infinite, eternal help is completely available to you. You are not alone. You have never been alone.

And so, yes, the destruction can feel as if you are caught in a violent storm or the ice is cracking beneath your feet and you think you’re going to go under the ice and drown. But let me be clear: you’re not. So simply go quiet and ask for help.

Suzi: Well, if I may, if I’m understanding you correctly, we’re able to play with events in our lives that brought wounding of whatever kind to shift the actuality of it. Am I understanding you correctly?

Jesus Sananda: That is absolutely correct. Not only to shift the actuality of it, and in that the most important piece is your understanding of it.

Suzi: And what it did and what effect it had on my physiology or emotional body or whatever?

Jesus Sananda: That is correct.

Suzi: Right, so maybe we could talk about that in another show because it’s a pretty large topic?

Jesus Sananda: It is a massive topic. And as I was saying to you earlier and to this channel as well, is that I AM on a mission and I am hoping and praying – yes, we pray too! – but I am also knowing [laughter] that you will engage in these conversations with me and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Suzi: As am I. Well, is there anything you would like to add to this delicious conversation in closing?

Jesus Sananda: Be the dolphin, be the whale, be the koi, be the shark. Go and play in the Mother’s ocean of New Time and see what you discover. Be fearless. Let the excitement of the currents bring you to where you wish to be.

And know, my beloved ones, you do not swim alone. I am with you. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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Sanat Kumara – Nurturing Is Available – Wait and Listen ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love – Steve Beckow Interviewer – 8-13-15

ancient of days 2 sanat kumara

Nurturing Is Available – Wait and Listen, July 7, 2015

Found at:

An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Graham Dewyea – Host, Inlight Universal

Steve Beckow – Interviewer


Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. We’re doing something a little different today, so Linda and Steve I’ll ask you to explain the plan.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. What’s going to follow rises out of the conversation that we had just before going on the air. I have asked permission to really talk to Sanat Kumara, and tell him: “Look. We’ve been waiting an awful long time. Many of us are broke, are sick, are lonely, and, please, for God’s sake, take care of your ground crew. Do something nurturing for us because we’re really um – we’ve been waiting an awful long time for some nurturing of some sort.”

And that led to a discussion between Linda, Graham, and I – interestingly, from different positions. It was as if Graham was part of the personnel department, Linda characterized herself as the merchandise, and I was the complaints department because I receive all the complaints about why aren’t all these things happening.

So, what I’d like to do is just to invite Linda, first, to perhaps give us her view. Because you occupy both that side and this side, Linda, which is unique. You don’t necessarily agree with me that I should be telling the Company of Heaven, “Start moving, let’s get this show on the road,” in some respects.

LD: [laughing] Oh, Steve, you’re putting me on the spot!

SB: [laughing] Life is all about being on the spot!

LD: [laughing] Now, first of all, I’m going to revert back to what I was saying in our conversation, that I don’t necessarily agree that I am in a particularly unique position. That I think there are lots of light workers out there, you two fellas included, that do have insight and access, whether it’s in a channeling form, or in a meditation form, or simply in intuition, that you are accessing the Company of Heaven.

However, I also started our conversation by saying, when I got your email, why don’t I talk about ascension today, of thinking to myself that I seldom, these days, think about ascension per se. So, I don’t spend time in meditation prayer or in my work really thinking about, “Am I making the quantum leap or is humanity making the quantum leap of ascension today or tomorrow?

You know I have a thing about dates, because my experience has been that dates are fluid and changeable, and often misdirecting and disappointing. So, when I tend to think about ascension, myself, like many of you who are light workers and love holders, we’ve been flying and walking and strolling back and forth through that what we think of as the ascension portal for years now.

And, maybe for me, I feel that that energy of ascension in some ways has already happened, because my focus isn’t on ascension. It isn’t on that process of the jump so much as my daily process, I guess, is on being here, of being on Gaia, of being in my body – which was something I really had to learn – and to be present. And my focus is what can I do in my role as channel of the Council of Love, as teacher and channel and healer and woman – what can I do that makes this world a better place?

So, I tend to be focusing more and more on things like classes. I was saying to Steve and Graham that the last class I did on core issues was probably the most intense, gut wrenching, digging deep, and breaking through in terms of personal growth – the biggest work that I’ve ever done. And that, even though the intensity was gut wrenching at times, it was also so sweet, so elevating, so community-building, that it made me happy.

It made me joyous to think that this group was coming together and really doing the work.  And, I’m taking to heart, what the Divine Mother is saying is that when we are embodying the love, when we are being the love, that that is Nova Earth, that we are embodying Nova Earth, that we are creating Nova Earth.

So, my focus has shifted, not completely away, but certainly has shifted enough to the here and  now. What am I doing?  And rather than saying – and I mean think of it, you’re talking to the star girl here – “Where is my family? Where are the ships? Where is disclosure? Where’s this, where’s that? And, I’m just, I’m focusing on my daily tasks. So, that’s kind of where I’m at in terms of ascension. What about you guys?

SB: Well, thanks, Linda. And, before I turn to Graham I just wanted to make one comment for the listeners, and that’s to listen to our voices today. Linda talked about her attention moving from ascension to everyday unfoldment. And we have been unfolding, the three of us, and we are available on a radio show and you can hear in our voices that we unfolded.

I am at this moment in a space that I characterize as transformative love and conscious awareness. Before the show I could hear Graham’s beautiful lustrous voice. He’s in some space as well. Perhaps he’ll talk about that. But, remember us, say, a year ago, and listen to how we sound now, because we are in completely different spaces.

Just before going to Graham, Linda, do you agree with that statement?

LD: I absolutely agree with that statement. I don’t think that we are in those doldrums now. Are people still having challenges? And I hate that word. [laughing] Are they still having issues, and things coming up, and are people sick, are they broke, are they lonely? Yes. But I think it’s shifted.

If you look at the collective of our community, which I think of as the light community, we are shifting. And, as we are shifting, we are shifting the collective. It’s system’s theory, whether you look for sociology or psychology or physics. You can’t change us and not have the whole collective, all seven and a half billion people, shift.

SB: No, I totally agree. Would you agree with what’s been said so far, Graham, or perhaps not?

GD: Well, I really appreciate the conversation and I want to thank you and Linda for suggesting it today. As nice as it is and as important as it is to hear from the Company of Heaven, I think as we were discussing before this conversation, it’s so important to share from the human perspective and the human journey.

And I would share that my expansion has just skyrocketed and just keeps unfolding more and more. And, for me, I feel a deep resonance with being the change and stepping into self-mastery more, and more, and more. And stepping into heart-centered living. And, I know that in that high vibrational state, the quality of my life changes considerably.

And, so, while circumstances might not have changed from an outward perspective – someone can still say, “Well, Graham, you still have bills to pay, and you still have some issues that you’ve been working with.” Yeah, that could be the case. But my experience of it is different. Yeah, I fall back into moments of worry and fear and challenge. Yet, you mentioned a year ago, Steve, I would say back then I would get into this place of really questioning the pace and the trust of it. And, I still have those moments. But I’m in a different place right now.

And, so, I find that there’s a theme more of peace, and calm, and faith, and trust. And, so, it’s really been a focus and intention of mine to really zero in on being the change and embodying that which I wish to see out in the world. Because as you were saying, Linda, it’s huge.

What we do on an individual level has huge impacts on the collective. I think it’s really helpful to talk about what the New World looks like. And we’ve been doing that with InLight Radio, and InLight Universal so that people can help anchor that into their consciousness, to dream it, to co-create it, and so we can work collectively and together to unfold heaven on Earth.

And, I think it’s important because it’s also a bit of a carrot. Right? We have something to shoot for. It’s challenging because we want it now. Our souls, you know everything about us, wants that world where all thrive, where peace, and love, and harmony, unitive consciousness is the theme. We want that now.

And, I admit that on this journey I, too, have gotten lost, and when is this going to happen? Whether it’s abundance or disclosure or changes on the planet, I want to sink my teeth into that. The logical, rational mind needs something. But, so much has happened, and I think what we are getting into today is the personal, transformative qualities that we are experiencing have been huge.

And, the other piece is that we are all at different stages of awakening. Right? We’re all at different stages of this ascension process, different stages of experiencing the shift. And, so, that’s a little challenging. It’s hard to speak to everybody’s experiences. But, I think, what the takeaway is, is that we can share that it really comes down to our own personal journey. And, we have such power, and we have such an opportunity to approach life moment to moment, day by day, as masters, as co-creators, empowered, stepping into faith, stepping into trust, and to help anchor that world which we want so much – but do it first and foremost in our own lives.

SB: That’s great, Graham. I wonder if I could illustrate, being the change, and what happens with us entering the collective consciousness, etc., and rippling out. By looking at loneliness from two perspectives: The normal ordinary, everyday perspective in which I feel lonely and it hurts, and I don’t like it, and I make life miserable for everybody around me. And then the second perspective, which is the space that I’m in now, and that you and Linda are probably, undoubtedly, in, and that’s transformative love, where the love that I feel sweeps aside the loneliness. I am definitely not lonely in this space of conscious awareness, as opposed to unconscious awareness. Unconscious awareness is the body, mind, senses – you now the physical side of things. Conscious awareness is a spiritual awareness. It’s an umbrageous awareness, and in it this transformative love exists.

So I could say, “Oh, I’m lonely,” and I could, kick and complain and the rest of that, but I get to see that if I somehow can break through into this transformed space by – and on the blog I’ll talk about how to do that – that that solves the problem.

So, the solution is in my hands. And I wouldn’t have known it was some time ago. But now I see clearly that it is. And this is ascension unfolding. This is our gradual rising up. This is a step along the way. So, I’m also not only seeing how we are the change, and how we build Nova Earth by building our own internal structures of self-acceptance and self-pride and self-love, things like that.

You know me and my memory, Graham; you know that I forgot what the main point I was going to say is, right? [laughing]

GD: Well, talking about this, Steve, I think it’s really important. I really appreciate what you’re saying, and you’re underscoring our own process. This is hard. Like, this is really challenging. I mean, I’m forty-six here soon, and so I’ve had, on this walk and this life, all those years of my own habits and ways of looking at the world, and default settings, and triggers.

And, we’re being called to really be diligent, and being masters, and being diligent, and being present, and mindful, and being acutely aware of our thoughts, our feelings, our actions. Knowing that we are powerful and what we think about, we bring about. What we feel – that’s even more powerful. And, so, I just want to say that this is hard, and it’s worth it.

Linda, you spoke about this earlier – the joy, the beauty. Steve you spoke about this, the love. It’s all worth it because I think we’ve all shared how when we’re embodying those higher dimensional qualities, when we’re stepping into our brilliance, when we’re stepping into love – WOW! I mean, WOW! This is just gorgeous!

And, it’s interesting how things that have been problems for us, they tend to melt away or not even jump on our radar screen. Wouldn’t you say? I mean, Steve, when you’re talking about loneliness, that, it sounds like – and what I know about your personal journey, what you’ve shared – there’s something there that’s deeply seated and deeply anchored. It might be from many, many lives past and might be collective stuff that you’re clearing. But when you feel the feelings, and when you give yourself the time, and the compassion, and gentleness, and the diligence to work through that place and get back to that state of love, that heart-centered way of being, that’s gorgeous!

LD:  Graham, you say it’s hard, and I’m not disagreeing with you, because I think all of us in various ways have felt that we have put our nose to the proverbial grindstone. But, on the other hand, when you’re in that flow it is the easiest, simplest way of being. Period.

And, it’s not hard. When you’re in that transformative love – and I think this is part of the challenge, the difficulty that so many of us face – is that we’re at that point where we are flowing sometimes in and out, in and out. But when we’re in that flow, it’s like everything comes together, and even when there’s those practical, what people call human, physical challenges, they don’t seem to feel – and we have to think that most of these issues are mental, emotional constructs – we don’t seem to feel as if they’re completely, not only just overwhelming, but devastating. And, when you keep coming back to the love, that feeling of overwhelm somehow, magically – and that’s a fourth dimensional quality; magic and alchemy – it goes away.

So, if we can keep reminding ourselves, it’s either, or, if we keep choosing like, “Oh, no, this doesn’t feel good, I’m going back to the love, I’m going back to the flow”, then it really, really helps.

GD: I really appreciate what you are saying, and I agree. And, I think it’s about that higher vibrational way of being. Right? Because when we’re in that place, when we’re in that state of peace, and calm, and love, and oneness, unity consciousness – it’s kind of what I was saying earlier. Those things that feel so hard don’t feel as acute. And, I think the real work and the diligence comes in when, the body aches feel really painful, or the partner or the child is yelling at you, or they’re looking at your bank account and it’s a negative $100, and you need to put food on the table for kids and family. Or the bills just keep coming, or the roof is falling in. Or, or, or. Right?

So the question is, and this is the real opportunity and the real challenge, or, beauty, beautiful opportunity, depending on how you look at it. How can you be in that place and stay in that high vibrational state? And, of course, that varies for everyone.

But, we have a choice. We are empowered. We’re in a position to really decide how we choose to experience the quality of our moments in our life. And, I would suggest that that’s where the real work comes in: the presence, the mindfulness, being diligent, and staying out of that place of fear, staying out of that downward spin cycle where we can go into a downward spiral of just completely feeling overwhelmed, and completely going into panic mode.

And, I would agree. When we can be in that flow, and we can be in that higher vibrational state, and we can be gentle, and compassionate with ourselves – because of all the work we are doing for ourselves as individuals, or for the collective at the same time – and forge ahead, be stalwart, be persistent as way showers, because we all are. This is the opportunity. And, it’s worth it.

SB: I’d like to add that what one of the things that both of you have been talking about is a process that moves one from being not in flow to being in flow. Right? And, the difficulty comes in, in making the leap.

I talked about there being two spaces, of unconscious awareness and conscious awareness. The difficulty is making the leap from the one space to the next. I mean, I would think that about 95% of all spiritual teaching is on how to make that leap, right? And, then the next leap and the next leap and the next leap. And the remaining five percent is how to acclimatize yourself after making the leap.

So I just point out that all of us are looking at some part of that puzzle; how to be in flow, to stay in flow, come back to flow, etc. etc.  And flow, by the way, I suggest, is the paradigm of the fifth dimension. I think everything’s in flow there. So, I just wanted to add that.

LD: Absolutely. And, the other thing I think that we need to talk about, or I think might be helpful for our listeners to talk about, is that sometimes when we’re in that, quote-end quote, hard place, you know real practical, you’re sick as a dog, or you’re at that minus place in your bank account, and it’s really hard. Because we have been trained and programmed in the old third, that what happens on a very subtle level is we take those situations and we translate them into some kind of equation about either the reality of the Company of Heaven, the reality of whether God loves us – however you term our God, Source – and, therefore, we’re not worthy.

And, so, I think it really behooves us, and that’s the whole purpose of this radio show, and InLight Universal, and the Golden Age of Gaia, and the Council of Love – that we remind each other so that when we go to that dark place, when we get out of the flow, that we have each other to say, “Hey. Come with me. Take my hand. It’s really not all that bad.” And, yes, it absolutely sucks, you can’t make your rent. But it doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t define where you are in what I would call your love process.

Now, when you’re really in that conscious love process, which is what the Council and all the masters have been talking to us about, is that we get in the flow of creation and co-creation. But that doesn’t negate, because we’re in the middle of it, the need for this mutuality, this unitive consciousness, but also the really practical support that we give each other, whether it’s verbal or financial or moral or spiritual, it doesn’t matter. But that support that we give each other, and that we’re building Nova Earth on, is really, really important.

GD: I like that, Linda. And, I’m also thinking that it’s so easy for us as humans to focus on what’s not happening, right, and what’s not here, what hasn’t eventuated. I know that part of what we are doing today with Sanat Kumara is to kind of get a snapshot as to what is happening. And, I’d just like to share that from a personal perspective, and we’ve all shared, the three of us have shared, how we’ve changed personally. That’s been huge, right? I mean the way – I hang my hat on progress when I can reflect on my own expansion and my own commitment to self-mastery, and, I say that not from an ego place at all, I say that from a celebratory place of my own evolution, and my own heart-expansion.

So that’s been wonderful and great and huge. So, I know good things are happening. The other thing is I am seeing more and more people, and bumping in to more and more people all the time in my little rural state of Vermont, who are awakening, who are really waking up. And that’s really encouraging across the board, and I’m also seeing some big things on the planetary level, too.

Look what just happened with Greece, right? They said, “No. We’re not going to continue on this theme of debt, enslavement. We’re going our own way.” And I recognize that’s a process. That’s just one thing that we need something to hang our hat on in terms of what’s happening on an external sense. I think what the pope is doing in bringing the world together and the global community together, and raising the light on the planet is outstanding. I mean we could go on and on and on.

But, from a personal standpoint, I know that this is happening. Planetary ascension – where we’re all there and the planet is fully anchored in that place where we all hope and envision it to be – that might not happen for years. But, we have to recognize that it is a process and people are waking up at different times. And, it’s really up to the human collective in terms of when this all plays out.

LD: Yes. And we tend to turn in our moments of frustrations, and our moments of glee and celebration, to the Company of Heaven, or we say, “Well, thanks for doing that, or what have you done for me lately?” But, on the flip side, and probably in a very different way, the Company of Heaven is also saying, “Come on humans!”

The Mother and all the masters have told us that we are their sacred partners, that we are their ground crew. And, I know, Steve, from the complaints department, that people say, “Well, then why aren’t you supporting the ground crew?” But I also want to sort of issue a little challenge – like, are we all doing as much as we possibly could?

SB: I have an illustration of that, Linda. I’ve been wrestling with notions of my origin. We’re all star seeds and we’re mostly angelic. And, then saying to myself, well, if that’s my background, why am I not living up to it? Like, what would such a person behave like? And, even if I can’t manage certain circumstances in other areas, I can at least manage the circumstance of how I behave. And, does it match the stories that are being told to us by the celestials, galactics, and masters? Does it match what they’re saying? Am I living up to what they’re saying? It’s actually getting to be a very exciting journey.

LD: And a challenging one.

SB: Yeah. Very challenging.

LD: But, like Graham says, it’s so worthwhile because I do have this sense – and, I don’t have the full picture, and I don’t think any of us has the full picture – but, when I go where you’re just describing in terms of who I am and what I know I’m really capable of, gosh, I don’t even think I’m 25% there! (Laughter) And, it’s not a sense of, “Oh, you’re not living up to your potential, Linda.” It’s not that kind of icky, judgmental kind of feeling that we might have had a couple of years ago. It’s like, “Oh my gosh! I can do so much!”

SB: Yeah. So much more.

LD: So much more. And, I’m not even sure what that ‘more’ is. And, they just keep showing and adding on. Because I say, “Okay, bring it on. Bring it on!” Gosh they do. They do.

GD: My primary mission right now is to really place a priority on my own experience and my own quality of each moment and how I am stepping into those moments. So, what are my thought patterns? What are the feelings? How am I treating other people? How am I treating myself? How am I walking in the world? How am I being the change? And I feel like that’s where I can have the most impact, and certainly on my own life obviously has a huge impact, but that also is huge in terms of the ripple effect across the planet, and I’m less interested right now in focusing on the bigger stuff. It’s all big – this I feel is the biggest. But maybe on those outward activities –

SB: Tangible signs –

GD: Yeah. I mean, more outward, tangible signs, like when is the full presence of our galactic family going to be here? Or, when is everyone – the planet and all beings on it – thriving? And, you, know, when are we going to have that full…when are we going to step into that full glorious heaven-on-Earth stage? And, I think we all have to recognize it’s a process. See, that’s where I feel most empowered, when I’m focusing on my own journey. And, that’s where I feel most satisfaction and see the most change.

LD: And Graham, what you’re describing is miles away from the old third dimension.  And, so, I mean, what you’re describing is a little bit of the third – the third in terms of the new third being physical – all the way up to the seventh, which is being in the dimension of love and still maintaining our form.

I think that, in terms of ascension, is one of our biggest challenges. Because, let’s face it this hasn’t been done before. So, we’re trying to maintain these physical bodies – that don’t always behave the way we want them to – and into that body, into our field, have such expansive energies that haven’t been ground into a physical form, literally, in eons. So, there’s such an adjustment to be made.

I think it would have been far easier – we’ve talked in other situations and other shows about the halion engineers, or the healers of Trelana, about planets and everything upon it that ascended into sheer energy. But we’re doing a reverse engineering.

So, here we are on this beautiful planet of Gaia, and we’re trying to bring in the love rather than going and joining with the love. We are trying to anchor it into our bodies. And, for many of us star seeds, angelics, inter-galactics, humans, earth keepers, portal – it’s like, not only are we not used to being human, we’re sure as heck not used to trying to do this process that’s brand new.

Over my vacation, which was fabulous, by the way, they erased my entire memory, so if I say things that are out of turn, you’ll know why.

SB: [laughing]

LD: But, one of the things that I was thinking of is the capacity of anchoring that love into form and the fact that it’s never been done. So, I’m talking to the Mother, and I’m saying, well, we had 2012 and, if you go back, we had all these openings: 11:11, 12:12, etc.

But, she starts talking about, “Well, this planet has been in enfoldment and in unfoldment and enfoldment for thousands and thousands of years. And, every now and then we would send you a teacher and remind you that the entire plan was about love, about this expanded awareness. And, if we look to the Buddha, and Lao Tzu, and Jesus, and we’ve had these teachers sort of laying the groundwork.” And we’re right on that – riding the cusp – because it’s not that it’s in some distant future. It’s that we’re in it right now and it’s brand new.

So, when we feel kind of discombobulated, or confused, or – am I here or am I there, where am I, what am I doing, what am I creating – we have to give ourselves some latitude, along with that support, that mutual support. Because this has, like, never been done before!

SB: Well, Linda, if I may intervene – the fact that it’s never been done before is precisely, I think, what part of the original motivation with me was. I’m wondering if they have taken certain factors into consideration. I need some reassurance from the Company of Heaven that they’re not going to stretch us like taffy until the whole thing just breaks. And, it doesn’t take much to reassure me. I just need to know somebody’s driving the car.

It is the first time. It’s the first time from so many levels – I mean you’ve discussed two or three of them. But everything about this ascension is new. And, there’s millions of ships here watching us and pouring over our reactions to this and that. “Oh, my gosh! Isn’t that interesting? Some of them have emotions, some of them don’t.”  It’s a big event out there and we’re the main stars.

What shall we do? What shall we do? Shall we go to Sanat Kumara or shall we perhaps go to Sanat Kumara another week? It depends on your energy, Linda, really.

LD: No, I think that this is a perfect moment to begin a conversation with Sanat Kumara about, from their perspective – which is different than ours – where are we? And how are we doing? And, not to be the psychic hotline, but, just to have some indication about how we are progressing. And, what do we as human beings, and as this community of light workers, what is it that we can be doing? Are we missing something? Or, are they missing something?

SB: Okay, alright, very good, Linda.

GD: Linda, before you transition, this has been such a rich, and, I think, timely and important discussion. I’m also sensitive to the fact that when you channel, it takes a lot of energy. We’re about a half hour into the discussion – how much time do you feel like you’d like to give to SK?

LD: I think about a half-an-hour would be perfect. And, thanks for your input and your honesty, and… I just think that we’re really a good team.

GD: Yes. Really. Me, too.

SB: Me three.

GD: I appreciate the discussion and thank you both for bringing it to the table. It’s important isn’t it? It’s important to share. It’s important to reflect. We’re on this journey, everyone together. And Steve, you spoke about loneliness. This can sometimes feel isolating, and it’s so important, I think, for us, I suspect for everyone, to just check in once in a while. How’s it going? And, oh, you feel that, too. Oh, yeah. Ok. Got it. I don’t feel like such the oddball.

SB: [laughing] You can’t go through this process without camaraderie, can you, Graham? It’s really vital – comradeship, friendship. Oh, boy. I agree.

Well listen, while Linda is making her transition, let me just say a few words about who we are speaking to – Sanat Kumara.

For those who are listening, perhaps for the first time, Sanat Kumara is planetary logos. At some point, in what we regard as the future, he’ll be solar logos. And, he is the keeper of the universal laws. He’s appeared on Earth, I don’t know, one could say, many times, perhaps for a person of his background, many times, in the Hindu religion. Some of the Mexicans knew him as Quetzalcoatl. Excuse me if I get that wrong. Persians knew him as Hermazda.

Hebrews knew him as the Ancient of Days. So, he is very well known to Earth’s populations, but perhaps less known in his manner as Sanat Kumara. So, with that, I’d like to welcome Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara: And, welcome to you my beloved friends, Gaians – Gaians all. Yes, with varied background of all races, of all species, of all ilk and realm. I welcome you all. And I welcome you as planetary logos. And I welcome you as brothers and sisters of the heart.

I welcome you as those beings that have declared, committed, and anchored as strong enough, determined enough, joyful enough, loving enough, confident enough, worthy enough, true enough to be the anchors of this ascension that, yes, has been planned for eons.

Many of you say when – and you must be hearing the echo of our questions – but, it is also a question of how. It is a process, as you three and all of you who listen to me this night, have come to understand.

Let me be practical. If this was, for example, a stage show, a Broadway production – which in many ways you can think of it as being – if we allowed the show to go on with people not knowing their roles, not knowing their lines, not knowing the dance routines, not knowing the songs of Hosanna, then the entire production would be a dismal failure. That is never – yes, never – going to happen!

If there is assurance in anything, my beloved ones, it is that you are in the process of ascension. The channel – as we have had a side conversation earlier this day and a few minutes ago – has asked me to speak about this notion of ascension in terms of where you are right now in the process of change. Because, what is change? The biggest change that you are undergoing, of course, is within your realm, your field of consciousness. The shift to heart consciousness, to what Steve calls transformative love.

But let us suggest from our viewpoint where you, and therefore we… Understand this: We are not the silent observers. Think of us as participating directors, producers, actors, stagehands.

For quite a while now, yes, beginning with the Mother’s tsunami – but we are not here to talk about that. But think of the flood gates as wide open. So, think of the inter-dimensional gateways – what you have perceived and termed, and we have termed the ascension portal – as being wide open.

Now, I’m not giving a time frame. But, let us say this is a temporary measure: Human beings – the true creation of the human experience – were, and are, and will be inter-dimensional beings. As the gate has opened, many of you have gone with this flow. And you are floating in the fifth, in the fourth, in the sixth, in the eighth, in the seventh.

Some of you have said, “Yes, I am going and I will simply go with the current.” Others of you have donned your lifejackets and are holding on for dear life. But you are going. Others are back at the dam wall holding on for dear life, believing that they can cling to the old third. Which is not true. Period. But, they are still clinging.

So, there is a mix of experience, and a mix of experience in and out of that flow. There are some of you that are in the flow and come to the, say, the seventh dimension of Christ-consciousness, of the love. You have the inspiration, the insight, the wherewithal. Then you jump out. And you come back to the dam and say, “Oh, I like that ride. I’m going to do that again and again and again.” And some of you are simply continuing on, realizing that in that flow is Everything.

That is where you are in terms of your adapting. Because the adaptation is significant. This is something that your star brothers and sisters have spoken to you about repeatedly, and that I speak to you about repeatedly. It is getting attuned, not only to attunements that we send thee, but your self attuning to your new self – yes, Linda, your new you. And this is an attunement that needs to be undertaken. Yes, with consciousness, but, also with joy, with gentleness, and with love. The first sacred union, the first sacred partnership, is with your beloved self.

Now, you say to me, “Raj, it’s all very well and good to say or to reassure me that we are in the flow of ascension. But, what occurs when I feel drawn away because I am ill, because I am not healthy, because I am lonely, because I am not happy, because I cannot pay my rent, because my daughter is ill, because I can’t pay my son’s tuition – what about that?”

Listen. Please. And, I speak right now, I quote and I bring forth what the Mother says. And it is hard. And I understand this. Yes, I have been upon your planet many times. You might say in preferred positions. Nevertheless, I know your experience of being human in form.

You are our co-creators. If you can conceive of it, then it is possible. It is the belief system that it is not possible that sometimes, not always, is the hindrance.

Think of it as our coming together. It is not us just flooding you with health and riches and support in what you think of as a physical way. In fact, our greatest support comes in the spiritual and emotional ways, with a strong influx of mental inspiration. Because, the inspiration is the translator element to bring it into physicality. But, you, collectively, do not fully comprehend. This is not said in a way of fault or blame. That is an old construct. You do not fully comprehend – you are gaining, but you are not fully there – how powerful your ability to create is.

Now there are many – more than you can even imagine – many things that are underway. You say, “That’s all very well, SK, but that doesn’t serve my here-and-now dilemma. It is not sufficient for you to say you are doing magnificently. What I need is some practical help.”

Do you think from the place of love that those pleas are not heard? And not, in a whole variety of ways, answered? Let me stop there. Because, Steve, I know you have questions.

SB: Well. Yes you have – you know I think I want to make a comment more than anything, Raj, I know there’s going to be an ascension 200 years from now. I’m sure there will be ascensions all over the universe, even probably sooner than 200 years, and everybody’s watching how we’re doing. I’d like to say, from the point of view of the ground crew, the light workers from the ground, that in the next ascension we need more nurturing.

This has been, not only a rocky ride in the sense that we’ve had to go through our own karma and all the ridicule that we had to sustain and everything else. But, there needs to be more signs that the Company of Heaven is actually watching over us and seeing to our needs in the next ascension.

This one’s been an experience of privation and loneliness – even though we said, “Okay, time to be in sacred partnership,” I don’t know a lot of people that ended up in sacred partnership. There’s just so many circumstances that we’ve felt on our own and abandoned, so to speak. And, maybe that’s my core issue, I don’t know. So that’s the comment I wanted to make:  just more nurturing next time. More attention being paid to the welfare of the light workers on the ground. Would you respond to that? Do you care to respond to that, Raj?

SK: Of course I care to respond to it. Yes, you require far more nurturing than you have been conscious of. Because it is a question, is it not, of consciousness?

SB: Yes.

SK: Let me also say to you, to all of you, we hear and accept this feedback and the necessity for more [nurturing]– that there is a statement of not enough.

SB: [laughing] Right.

SK: But let us also say, we are sometimes dumbfounded at how we will make our presence known day after day, week after week, year after year, through many channels, through many vehicles, through many circumstances, and that our presence, our nurturing is not embraced. There are times – and, yes, you have asked us to speak from our perspective as well – there are many, many times when we experience – because to use your word ‘feel’ would be inadequate – where we experience not even the turning away, which would at least be some level of engagement, but that you don’t open to the fullness of what we are offering.

Now, I know, as your logos, that this is part and parcel of your level of consciousness. But, so often you yearn for love, and then we offer the love, in practical and impractical ways. And, think of it in this way – it is being in a partnership with a lover and they say, “I love you, I love you, I love you. Why do you not embrace me, kiss me, hug me, take care of me, nurture me?” And, then they turn their back on their lover and walk away not waiting for the kisses, the hugs, the response. And then they say, “You’re not taking care of me. I’m leaving.” We are shaking our heads, not in the biggest ways, not in the ways of disclosure or reorganization of your entire planet and your structures, but in very up-close and personal ways.

And this occurs with the archangels, with your guides, with the masters, with the Mother, with the Father. And you say, “Well you didn’t respond.” And we are there. So it is a two-way street, my friend.

SB: [laughing] Frustrating. Well I think we definitely need more communication between the Company of Heaven on the ground and the Company of Heaven behind the veil. Because, at some point, we need to get into more detail than we are about what’s happening.

I don’t know that we have all that much time left on this program. But what’s happening with ascension? It’s all a mystery what goes on from your side unless you choose to discuss it. And, I think we need to push the limits of that discussion back quite a bit and start.

SK: We are eager to have that discussion. And we are prepared to have that discussion in minute detail.

You are at a place in your evolutionary ascension, expansion process where you are prepared to have, in greater detail, an understanding, a participation, and an expansion in what this partnership looks like. So, that is why we have been very happy, glad, joyous, to see this conversation begin with: “Wait a minute. What are we as humans, intergalactic, star beings, seraphim – what are we feeling and experiencing?” Because, dearest heart, we keep saying, you are the ground crew.

Now, have we been, perhaps, too hands off? I hear your comment. And we respond. And there are responses of every shade of white, of blue, of green, of pink – you get the idea.

SB: Yes. I do. I would like to point out to listeners again that particular evolutionary step that I’ve taken is that I’ve taken the step of consciousness awareness and transformative love and that’s what allows me to talk to Raj this way. And, of course, I know full well that the response that I will get from him will be generous and benevolent.

Well, I invite a larger discussion, Raj. Perhaps we can talk about it through Linda or however you suggest. But to push further out into the exploration of all that’s happening right now from this perspective that we’re evolved enough now to understand and to handle it. I’d certainly welcome that.

SK: And so would we. So would I. Now, humanity is further along in terms of this collective, anchored, human, physical ascension than you think.

SB: Oh. Ok.

SK: You tend to think, “Oh, seven and a half billion people have need to be fully awake and in the transformative love.” What I am suggesting to you is that most – yes, we are talking percentages here – but most of humanity is in a place where they are willing, eager, anxious, yearning to accept love and to be the expression of love. And, that is the most significant shift that has occurred in thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.

SB: I think that you’re implying that this is a j-curve here, right? That it’s not going to be one person today, another person tomorrow, another person tomorrow. But instead, it’s going to go up, I think the phrase is geometrically – is that not what you are saying?

SK: That is correct. And, so you are on a rapid ascent projection and you have laid the foundation. There are many – literally billions – of ways that humans are discussing or thinking or considering what ascension, love, joy means. We don’t distinguish. We do not need to distinguish in the wording. It is the energy of the heart willingness to take the next step.

You have passed the point – which we have spoken of before – of collectively now, that you are tired.

Now, I know many of you say, “But Raj, I am tired, I am exhausted.” But, collectively, you have passed that point where you’re saying, “I am so tired, I am lying on the floor bleeding,” to the point where you are saying, “Wait a minute. I am love. This is who I am. And I want love, I want to be love.” You are seeing this, even in the most dire situations.

If you are to have the opportunity, and many of you will, to question those that you think and who are behaving in an unloving way, and you say to them, “But do you desire love, do you yearn for love, do you think that love is possible?” They will say yes. And, that, dear hearts, is a major shift.

SB: Is it possible to talk about the stages that lie beyond? Is it possible to put names to them because of our human minds and how we like that kind of thing?

SK: They would not necessarily make any sense to you.

SB: Ok.

SK: But, yes, we can talk about it. There is very little that I won’t cooperate with.

SB: [laughing] Alright.

SK: So, know this – you are not alone. And, when you stay in your heart rather than looking at the old debris – which is but dust and cobwebs – when you stay forward focused, you are in your ascension. You are ascended. And, as you do this you are bringing the entire collective with you.

SB: Wow. That’s a pretty bold statement. Go ahead, please.

SK: I have been known for making bold statements.

SB: Always. This transformative love that I’m feeling – which allows me to do things I never could have done before – even would have thought I could do before, this is like a bridge that wasn’t there a minute ago and is there the minute I enter the transformed space.

We need to wrap up, so this would be our last comment here – but, first of all, what dimension is this transformed love associated with, Raj?

SK: It is associated with and part of the seventh dimension. You have many references in every culture to what you have termed the rainbow bridge. And many of you have thought it and this is the bridge.

SB: This is the bridge. So this is something we walk across on.

SK: That is correct. You are not necessarily taking the quantum leap. Now, will some? Yes, because they love the drama and we are happy to accommodate – although it is not our preferred choice. Most of you are walking, strolling, some crawling, across this bridge.

SB: Right. And before we take our first step, the bridge is not there. Then, when we take our first step and enter into this transformed space, the bridge is there.

SK: It is there.

SB: Yes. Ok. In deference to Linda, I think we probably should wrap up. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing, Raj?

SK: I come back to the nurturing. Because, the nurturing is also part of the creating. We are not simply useless partners. In fact, I cannot think of any being that calls me useless. So, when you wish to be creative, when you wish to be nurtured, do not turn before you hear my answer. Let us in. Please.

SB: Well very good. And, what a wonderful program, Raj. Thank you very much. I’m sure we’ll all pore over what you’ve said.

SK: And, thank you my beloved light workers. Thank you.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc. Better texts are the books by Helen Waddell and others containing the sayings and stories of the Desert Fathers.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript – GALEA – Communications Officer, Part 2 – Linda Dillon, Channel – Suzanne Maresca, Host – 6-21-15

Heavenly Blessings

Transcript: Galea, Communications Officer ~ Part 1 – Channeler: Linda Dillon – Host: Suzanne Maresca – 6-2-15


Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Communications Officer, Galea, is joining us again today for another look at our current situation and to continue our fascinating conversation. We are in the solstice gateway right now, and I am looking forward to hearing what that means from a Galactic perspective. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning everybody. Welcome to our Galactic, Intergalactic, Star Family extravaganza! [Laughter]

Suzi: [Laughter] Extravaganza, yes! I am not feeling very extravagant lately but we’re just going with the flow, holding steady.

Linda: Exactly, and we need to go with the flow. And maybe it’s important sometimes to share with our listeners that we all have these periods of up and down, and some days we’re feeling more connected and more enthusiastic than others. And then we have days where we’re more quiet or reflective or just plain bombed out. It’s all part of the process and it’s okay.

Suzi: It is okay, and we all need to know actually that what we do is making a difference and it matters. We don’t often get to see it or feel it. We’ve had this discussion just now and recently – just keep the head down, keep the faith, keep doing what we’re doing, and that we all have our moments shifting in and out.

I’ll just share that yesterday in meditation I got that if anything pulls my attention away from the good, true and beautiful, to just focus on Love; to just let those thoughts evaporate into air like smoke and focus on Love. And to me, the Love is knowing the connection of all things and that everything is sacred, and that it’s all going to be okay.

Linda: It’s really important that we do that. I know that in various situations, people have asked Universal Mother Mary how to know which way to proceed or do I have to proceed. And the thing that she consistently says is that “If it feels like Love, if it feels warm and tender in your heart and that the knowing is there, then go for it and proceed.”

She also says that if it doesn’t feel like Love, absolutely stop. And it doesn’t mean that in every moment we are doing something, it is going to feel completely joyful. But if we look at the bigger picture, “Does it feel like joy; does it feel like Love?” And if it doesn’t, then back up, stop, be the observer, look at it – and maybe it’s time to redirect.

It doesn’t mean that you’ve misstepped or that you’ve been misdirected. But there are times in our lives where we really do have to redirect, where we’re sort of being nudged along – not a 360, but perhaps a 45 degree redirection. So it’s important that we give ourselves permission to do that.

Suzi: Yeah, just a little bit of a shift. And here we are, Linda and Suzi, being real with our listeners to say, “Hey, we feel it too!”

Linda: Of course we do. Oh yes, the joys of being human! [Laughter]

Suzi: Exactly. Really I am wanting my lightbody pretty much now!

Linda: Me too! And you know what? I think too that it will be interesting to hear what Galea has to say as someone who has certainly… well, we all have spanned the galaxies. It’s also the joy of being Intergalactic because sometimes we think that our Star Family doesn’t feel moments of, shall we say, disenchantment.

Now they are in a higher vibration, in a different dimensional reality, but it doesn’t mean, just like the Archangels… boy, when I feel their dismay, it feels massive and makes what we feel not even that big. So it’s not like we’re the only beings in the Universe that have these moments of “What the heck is going on? And why am I doing this?” [Laughter]

I used to joke with a friend – and Suzi, you can really relate to this – is that once you’re on this path… if they had only told us beforehand that there really is no turning back! [Laughter]

It’s not like you can rewind and say, “Okay, I’m just going to pretend that I don’t have this awareness, I don’t have this knowingness, I don’t have this yearning for Love. I’m just going to go back to the old way.” There’s no turning back! So maybe a little redirect, but there’s no turning back.

Suzi: No, and thank you for that reminder, because there is no other choice. No, there is a choice – but it’s not what I want. I want to move forward, I want to do this, this is my mission and that’s what I’m here for. Sometimes we just need to get a little altitude of whatever our situation is.

Linda: We tend to think that the Angels and the Archangels don’t have free choice. And what they always say – and the Masters as well – what they’re always saying is, “It’s not that we don’t have free choice, but what our choice is, is to be in alignment with the mind, the heart, the will of Mother/Father/One.”

And so when you say that, Suzi, I get this big happy feeling in my chest because we’re getting to that point where it’s not that we don’t have a choice; but really the choice is we want to be in alignment, we want to be going forward – we just want it to be faster! [Laughter]

Suzi: Oh my God, it’s all I want. It’s my entire focus, it’s all I want. And yes, I do want it to be faster. I’m sure all of our listeners are pretty bone tired and everybody is weary. This is not news for anybody.

Linda: No. We have just completed the Core Issues webinar series and our mantra – and I think it’s how we all feel which is why I’m mentioning it – is “Bring it on!”

Suzi: Yeah, really. Ready or not…

Linda: Oh, and we are ready. Or we think we’re ready!

Suzi: Well, what I’ve been getting to is that as the tip of the spear, so to speak, of what’s happening for humanity… we really are laying the path, paving the road for others to step onto this. At some point I’m thinking that the next wave is going to be taking over the heavy lifting. That would be really nice and then we could just hang out.

But I don’t think that there’s any hanging out because if there’s an event coming that is going to do the final clearing of human consciousness – is that the way it’s going to happen? I don’t know, but there are going to be people needing help, and I guess that’s where our work is going to shift and new tasks will come to light; and everything is going to change anyway. We don’t even know.

Linda: It’s the one thing we can count on is the change. We may not be doing exactly the same thing, but this transition period – which I believe we are already in – is that what we do and how we do it.

What I think will be delightful – rather than feeling like we are really working, you know really working to try and penetrate that density of the collective, of those old third dimensional belief systems – is that we will be surrounded by people who are saying, “Please teach me, please show me, I want to learn.” And that just changes the tenor and the lightness of doing our work, our mission. So I don’t think that the heavy lifting will continue indefinitely, I really don’t.

Suzi: No, but at this time we have been swimming in a sea of uncertainty with no footing. And so I just had this vision of… say we are standing on this big disc and between the disc and the floor is a cylinder, a ball. So the disc requires a huge amount of balancing on our part to be able to do it, and it feels like there’s nothing underneath us. And then what we really need to realise is that we are free of gravity and we could just float up in the air, and the balancing is not even necessary. I guess it’s all a perceptual thing.

Linda: It’s all a perceptual thing, and the term the Council has been using is “Refined Balance”. The feeling that I get is of the difference between trying to balance on one of those balls or that disc you are talking about, and rather than doing the wobble, you just reach this place where you are the acrobat on the high wire and you are in that perfect balance – you feel light as air and it’s just fun.

What do you say? Want to do it? Let’s go! And I can say to our listeners that that’s a big invitation to all of us: Do you want to do it? Let’s go!

[Meditation from 11:26 to 17:30]


Galea: I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you. It is my honour, my pleasure, my sacred duty – and I do not mean that in the way of drudgery, dearest. It is my joy to be here again and to speak to you, not in an official way, but as brother and sister, as friend of our hearts, of my heart. This is the best assignment I have ever had! So thank you for inviting me.

Suzi: Thank you for coming.

Galea: I have heard your hearts and I have heard your pleas, and it is not that we eavesdrop or that we spy upon you. And I mean all of you. And we do not observe you in the way of specimens. We observe you as a mother or a brother or a sister or a friend observes the ones that they Love.

And you say, “But Galea, how can you Love us when you don’t even know us?” My friends, we know you more than you think. And part of my mission and my purpose in these conversations is that you come to know us more clearly – not as distant beings, not as officers, as science officers or communications officers or healing physicians or technology people, but as friends and family. Because it is in the mutuality, it is in the sharing, it is in the Unity that our hearts and our vibrations, our frequencies truly come into alignment.

Part of what you have asked for purposes of discussion this day is, “Where is humanity? Where are we in our journey? How close are we to Ascension?” And you ask this not only as Lightworkers and Loveholders; you ask this in terms of the collective and what is going on upon your planet.

And as observers and participants – yes, you do not always realise that we participate a great deal in your reality – but we will offer our perspective. Now, you may not wish to hear this…

Suzi: Oh oh…

Galea: No, it is not bad news. Humanity – and now we speak of the collective, the billions – are learning and breaking through the density of energy that has surrounded… and when we say ‘the density of energy’, what we mean is the illusion because we use this term very specifically.

When we talk about energy – and when you talk about energy – it is not something that is necessarily tangible, and that is the biggest obstacle. Yes, you have examples that you point to: the financial system, social systems, institutions, banking structures and so on, but those are reflections of the illusions that collectively have been integrated as some form of truth, which you know as Lightworkers and Loveholders is absurd.

From our perspective, this has been an extraordinarily long period of breaking through. In the first and the second world wars, and particularly the atrocities that were committed on many levels in the second world war – we thought that humanity would learn, would choose to be sick of, to abort the notion that in fact war solves anything.

Yes, there are situations – and we have witnessed them elsewhere as well as Earth – when there is a cloud of darkness that needs to be engaged with by the peaceful warriors. But we have learned a different way. What is shocking in many ways to us is that the continuity of war which – make no mistake about it – is about hatred. It is about greed, it is about bloodlust, it is about ultimately control.

And many of the wars – especially that have waged recently and do right now – are about money, are about this illusion of financial gain and control. It is couched in terms of patriotism, loyalty, just causes, but it is nothing other than hatred and cruelty and greed.

And we are taken aback that humanity – and is that not a curious term – that ‘humanity’ has not learned humanity. And so that is part… Now we understand – and I use war as an example of what is being broken through; and make no mistake about it, it is being broken through.

Suzi: Can I interrupt for a second?

Galea: Yes.

Suzi: We are pretty much told that we are going to war, and protest and activism and even lightwork don’t seem to be able to stop it. This and then our government is where we really need help because no matter what the people really want – especially in this country – we’re pretty much told how it’s going to be. The governor of my state is a criminal; I just can’t believe he is still the governor. What do I do about it?

Galea: And that is why I have prefaced what I am saying by speaking of the collective, because the collective… and we insert a great deal of energy – make no mistake about it. But it is beyond imagination that the collective has not learned, or has not exercised the power of ‘No’ and the power of ‘Yes’ – the power of creation.

You are outraged, and as sister of the heart, I would say “rightly so”. Because we, we don’t experience outrage in the same way, but we are shaking our heads. So we do not… we are patient. Some would say patient to a fault, but we have also learned the lessons of where impatience can lead. And so we are exceptionally cautious about where we intervene.

But we cannot comprehend, because we have the knowing and the knowledge – and so do you – of how such injustice… what it results in. And it only results in further enslavement. So it is puzzling that the people – not merely the Lightworkers. Yes, you are the wayshowers – make no mistake about it. Yes, you are breaking through these very dense issues, the core issues of deservingness, of worthiness, of betrayal, of lust, of greed. All of this is correct.

We have waited, we have observed, and it is… The path you are on with no hiatus – none – in the engagement of war… And I say this to many people all over your globe, all over beloved Gaia who has tolerated such rape and pillage. It is phenomenal that she has not shrugged you off! But she loves you so deeply. Her level of tolerance and patience and trust in humanity and in their going forward is amazing.

But this path that you are on is so similar to what occurred in the Intergalactic wars. And that is one of the reasons why we have intervened – why we have stopped missiles, why we have disarmed missiles, why we have interjected defence systems, why we have held Gaia in protective shields.

There is enough mayhem. And when we use the example of war, there is financial war, there is emotional war, there is gender war. I do not tell you anything that you do not know. Now is the collective breaking through? Yes. Are they being infused by the Mother, by the Company of Heaven, by us, by you, beloved ones? The answer is yes.

Suzi: Is it part of the Plan for an event to take place that will complete the clearing of humanity’s false grids, like in an instant kind of thing?

Galea: No. It is a series of events and many of them are already underway. But it is the choice – this has been the hiccup, bugbear in this entire process. It is the choice to say “No more”. So it isn’t just having an event that in a moment of need or panic or surrender in the negative sense would cause people to say, “We surrender and we will choose the path of Light,” because that would be a form of interference and manipulation.

And so we cannot, we will not manipulate. Do we intervene enough that you can see what is happening? Do we offer our healing ships, our technology in gradations that are acceptable for the human race? Yes, we most certainly do.

But is there a singular event? No, because whether it is us or the Mother herself, it would be manipulating. And the entire point of this is you have been manipulated enough; the entire paradigm of being in the darkness has been manipulation. So it is not to manipulate further that you will choose to follow a certain path. It is that deep yearning and recognition that you deserve more.

Suzi: So is it a matter of enough of the collective getting so disgusted and so beat-down that they surrender, and that’s what we have to wait for?

Galea: No. It is enough of the collective being disgusted enough. Yes, there is a modicum of feeling beat-down in this, but in fact it is the rising up. It is the revolution, evolution; it is the waking up. And we suggest… ‘suggest’ it’s not that events don’t take place, but that there are enough of the events – that is why we say ‘plural’; that the collective wakes up in the space of about – in your time – a week to a month and says, “Now we’ve had enough!”

So it is not being beaten down to the point of surrender. It is in fact being beaten down to the point of saying, “We are rebelling. We are taking back what has always been ours to start with.”

Suzi: So how does that look then? Protests in the street don’t really do it… I’m not really sure how that actually looks, that would get the attention that it requires.

Galea: It is as the Archangels have engaged and as we engage. It is, for example, armies saying, “No, we aren’t doing this anymore.” It is generals and leaders saying, “It is more important to feed our people than to allow those who have enough to last twenty generations to continue to hoard.”

It is waking up and saying, “I am going to do something different today. I’m going to stop paying my taxes. I am not going to engage in the war. I am going to take every dime I have out of the bank. I am going to stop allowing unjust laws.”

So, is it rebellion? It is rebellion, but it is not violent rebellion.

Suzi: It is unplugging.

Galea: It is a complete unplugging and saying, “Look, I have supported you and given you all this time, and you have done nothing but quash every dream I have ever had. I choose to be in partnership, in true partnership with my fellow Gaians, with my fellow Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Africans…” It matters not.

But it is the realisation that what is happening in New Jersey has the effect in Zimbabwe. And what is happening in Australia has immediate effect in Austria. And it is the realisation, as a collective. So it is somewhat of a switch-effect. And it is not because there is a threat – it is because there is not enough.

We – for lack of a better way to put it – we are on a different frequency. But our frequency is close enough that we are probably the closest to you as brothers and sisters. But even Commander Ashira has said to you about having to have greater R&R for our troops on the ground, because we know how difficult it is.

So even you, dear Suzi, as your frequency is rising, as you are assuming your infamous lightbody, what is also happening is that the density of the old is becoming more and more intolerable. And that is really what the Mother’s Third Wave of the Tsunami is doing. It is creating a situation where it is becoming intolerable.

So does it feel uncomfortable? Yes, it does. But it is like feeling uncomfortable – it is like putting on a pair of pants that is three sizes too small and you can’t wait to get them off! And so that is what is happening. The collective are bursting at the seams. And what we are doing is, yes, intervening in dangerous situations, but there is enough mayhem to go around. So it is not that there is not enough to make it intolerable.

But there is also this realisation that is growing that the humans have the ability to make the change – not because you know exactly what to do, but because the existing situation is intolerable. You are like children or spouses that are in abusive situations, and what you are saying is, “No, I cannot do this any longer.”

Suzi: Well, exactly. I’ve been doing everything I know how to do. And at this point there’s so much that I don’t know that I’m just really focused on bringing the Light and bringing the Love. I was guided yesterday that whenever my attention waivers, to just let it go and bring it back to Love. I don’t really know what more I can do; and yes, it continues to get more and more uncomfortable. So I really want to know when we are going to catch a break, and I know you can’t say it, but OMG…

Galea: But do you also know the magnitude of always bringing it back to Love? What that does? When you refuse, when you actively make the choice to be the Love instead of the insanity, it is as if a pillar of Light that ignites the whole eastern seaboard goes up. You have those lights that in special events will light up the sky at night. That is who you are.

And it is the most significant work you can do because you are the pillar, you are the beacon, you are the anchor. Will this continue indefinitely? The answer is “No”. Will this continue even for a short period? The answer is “No”.

You see, even we are operating within the Mother’s Plan, and that unfoldment inside… When the Mother talks about her ‘New Times’, it is inside your understanding and measurement of time – and it is outside of your understanding and measurement of time. Now what does that mean?

It is as if this laser-light comes through all the spectrums of time and space – dimensional and otherwise – think of it as black holes, wormholes, white holes; it comes right through and it pinpoints into what you are thinking of as your ‘time’.

So whether it is a moment or a week, this solstice is a very important time. You have been in the spring of the year and we have all been very busy. Think of it in your organic terms: planting, watering, nourishing, fertilising. And you are coming into the time of not only the blossoming but the richness of the crops growing and coming to yield.

So yes, it is within your time and it comes from the Universal Time. So when you, for example, change time zones – that’s what we do. So we convert when we are intervening, for example, with a nuclear missile. We don’t just operate within our time; we send it through and operate in your time, right down to the millisecond because the timing is critical – and the timing right now for humanity is critical.

Now, I say this not at all in the way of warning but in the way of good news and encouragement, because the groundwork that the humans, that the Lightworkers, that the Loveholders are doing in breaking up the old is having more effect than you can possibly imagine.

Suzi: Oh, that’s good to know.

Galea: You need to know.

Suzi: Yes. It’s very disheartening because it’s hard to see.

Galea: Yes. Because if you were seeing not only the devastation that I have remarked upon, but if you could see the growing quantity of Light upon Gaia, you would be so encouraged. What happens is that so much that is transpiring is behind the scenes. But it is also not just hidden behind the scenes – it is because it is individual.

It is those individual choices throughout what you think of as your day – that no, you will not engage in nasty behaviour, that you will be kind and loving and supportive. And if it is even just noticing a butterfly or a bunny or a kit fox – that you will take that joy and you will hold it.

So, so much of the action is individual, but it doesn’t get reported on the news. Your propensity of your media – and it is a Universal, global effect – is to look to the negative. It is a most peculiar practice that is, if anything, reflective of the density that the collective has engaged in. It is your news media that wants to do nothing but report what is very sad.

And we are not saying to put your head in the sand and ignore it. But the points of Light are never reported upon.

Suzi: We need a Light Media…

Galea: Yes, and that is part of the purpose, sweet angel, of Inlight Universal. We participate fully in this! And do not be discouraged, because millions upon millions will hear this message, will receive the energy of the Light and Love that you transmit. It does not simply come from the Angels or the Archangels or the Mother or from us – it comes from you.

Suzi: Oh, it does, thank you.

Galea: We thank you.

Suzi: Thank you.

Galea: You have taken as Lightworkers, as Loveholders, one of the most challenging, difficult, onerous – you name it – missions. Did you come in the Mastery of your Being? Yes. Have you fully discovered it? Well, dearest, when you say, “I will only return to the Love; I will hold it, no matter what,” – that is Mastery; that is Creation at its finest. Do not underestimate what you are doing.

And if you are wondering, “Am I supported, am I loved?” Dearest, there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of us cheering you on.

Suzi: Oh, thank you.

Galea: Do not underestimate it. And do not think or feel – and I am not trying to direct how you feel or think – but I am offering our perspective. The war that we speak of, the war that is worth waging is the war for Love. And how that war is waged and won is through Love.

Now, it took us a long time. And that is why we – after the devastation of many beings and many planets – realised that we could do that until we destroyed that entire Universe that the Mother had so generously created. And the more we destroyed, the further away we got from knowing our Truth and knowing Her Love.

It is not that we haven’t been through the process you are experiencing. And so we invented Perro so that we could at least talk to each other. But I do not speak to you in Perro; I do not discard all emotion and closeness and Love.

You – and I say all of you, including the collective – are evolved to a point that you know Love. You yearn for Love but you also know it. You know it when you see it, when you feel it. And the only response you have is, “I want more of it”. And that is what you are doing. You are bringing it forth more and more and more – and so are we.

We are in Sacred Partnership. We have been in Love with you and in that form of partnership for a long time. Certainly Gaia and the Kingdoms have been aware, but now the human beings are becoming aware. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in a Sacred Partnership and having your partner not know that you are in a Sacred Partnership!

Suzi: Oh yeah, I know that one!

Galea: Yes you do – many of you do! But now the awareness is growing. And when I return, I would like to talk more about Partnership. But this day I wanted to say, “Yes, it has been dense; it has been atrocious. But the humans and the work that you are doing is the Mother/Father’s work.”

Suzi: I really appreciate that acknowledgement. I think that a lot of us are kind of in the same place of wondering if it really all matters what we do, because it doesn’t seem to sometimes. So thank you for that. I appreciate it a lot.

Galea: You needed to hear, you needed to know, and you need to know not only how deeply you are Loved and cherished but that you are invaluable. We cannot – under Universal Law, we were not even permitted to do this without you.

Suzi: Well, I really love doing this co-creation with you and having this conversation. I look forward to more. Today’s show went in a direction I was not expecting and it’s just all good.

Galea: Thank you, sweet angel, and I thank all of you. And so look for this awakening; look to your neighbours and speak. For example, sweet Suzi, when you say, “What are we doing with this governor who is less than forthright, that does not carry justice in his heart?” That is a conversation worth having.

Yes, there are some who say “Oh, what can we do?” It is time for the revolution, and we are with you.

Suzi: Thank you.

Galea: Go with all of our Love. I speak on behalf, as honorary spokeswoman, for many. Farewell, my beloved.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Heavenly Blessings – Sanat Kumara on Abundance – Linda Dillon Channeler – 8-30-14

SK 1Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’re going with the flow… we were ready to welcome Sanat Kumara back to the show for the first time since our Universal Laws series last year.

The discussion was to include how Universal Law applies to Abundance and I am looking forward to whoever shows up because we might have a surprise today.

The Abundance feels as though this is the one issue that is catching a great deal of our attention these days and it hasn’t been so easy to keep up the faith when we allow worries to take up so much space in our thoughts and it seems like the world is exploding.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, it’s good to be here and as you say you know today I think we could do a subtitle here “going with the flow.”  And I can feel Sanat Kumara.

Let me tell you what happened to me last night again at 3.33 this morning after I’d been awake for hours listening to the things they want to include in the Union and Reunion Gathering coming up in October.  Mother Mary appeared again by my bed.

SK 2And it’s not just like an apparition with your eyes closed and feeling the presence, but full-on, front and center.  That’s how I wanted to start the show today.  I think I’m going to cry…what do you do when the Mother shows up?

To me, the embodiment of the Mother in the way I can handle, even though I know she has a million faces as Mother Mary.  What do you do when she shows up?

And what I do is, I just am in this sense of overwhelm, of awe, of wonder, of joy.   But I just start crying because it’s so big and it just takes away, even in the middle of the night, it just takes away everything else or can I say that sense of importance – no false importance really, or exaggerated importance – of everything else.

It’s like you’re just there and you’re in the Love, and those 22 million things on your “to do list”, it’s not that they disappear but it’s that sense of this is all that really counts, this is all that really matters is to feel that Love.

How I often say this in our InLight team meetings is that the Council of Love can be really boring.  All they ever talk about is love, love, love.  But when you have these experiences, it’s like nothing else matters.

And the feeling of overwhelm with the “to do list” changes in terms of overwhelm, of just feeling this abundance of Love. So my reasons for bringing it up is that I know the Tsunami of Love is going to increase.  This is The Mother’s heads-up and how she tells me here comes another wave.  I wish everybody could just feel this abundance of Love.

sk 3Sanat Kumara, in preparing for today – he is so funny, he actually made me, made me – listen to me, suggested strongly, that I go and look up in the dictionary the meaning of abundance.

And I did of course and there are various explanations, but abundance – the primary consistent, dictionary after dictionary, explanation for abundance – refers to measurement and particularly in chemistry, I guess.

But it struck me as I was sitting there reading this, is that of course he is talking to me.  When we talk about the 13th Octave and about being in the place of Divine Union, about going to the Heart of One, they have always explained the 13th Octave as a measurement.

Going beyond what we think and have thought as the old 3rd dimension, going beyond to the 13th Octave or beyond into the 12 dimensions that we have while we maintain our body.  There is no such thing as lack.  The abundance of the various qualities, the laws, everything that is available to us, yes in a whole bunch of different forms, but that that abundance is there.

You know that overflowing, plentiful fullness was another example.  You know affluence was way at the bottom of the list, and we tend to think of abundance too many times because many of us are concerned about money.  If we’re not concerned about money for ourselves, we’re certainly concerned about money and food and shelter and clothing for the world.

But what I hear Sanat saying to us – and the Mother too – is that it’s really time for us to start at least thinking and perhaps even feeling abundance in a different way.

SM: Well, It involves trust.

LD: It involves that darn trust again. St Germaine where are you when we really need you?

SM: Right here


sk 4LD: Yeah right here, and the room is full, Suzi. And I can hear our listeners saying, “Well yeah, I can see abundance! I can see abundance of war; I can see abundance of friction, of mayhem, of chaos, of hatred, of greed, of rape, of pillage, of starvation, of abuse of animals.”

I think one of the things I’d like to ask Sanat Kumara, the Mother, whomever is present because Gabrielle just walked in too, is to give us another word so that we’re not sort of defiling that word of abundance.

The we can start thinking of and creating in a different way, because this has to shift.  I know many of you who are sitting there are feeling that – this has to shift.

SM: This has to shift, exactly.  It feels like all the lack and the poverty and all the things that you mentioned and war as well as disease are all created things. It would be interesting to track where the creation of these things has started so that we can dis-create them.

LD: Or torch them, or use the Law of Elimination, you are absolutely correct. Because all those things that we are talking about are human creations, they are human, man-made – and I don’t mean gender prejudice – but they are man-made creations.

SM: It brings me to wonder, and I’m sure that many listeners are wondering how long we need to keep the faith, hold the Light and do what we are doing while the rest of the world doesn’t.  And when our perceptions will open enough to know in our hearts and in our bones that everything really is OK, and that we can just relax and keep doing our thing.  I mean, how long does that go on for?

LD:  You and I have certainly had that conversation and the answer, when I am in a flip mood, is “As long as it takes.”  You know, we put our heads down and keep going, but of course the real question is how long?

sk 5And I do sense that if we just didn’t even look outside this room, if we just looked at ourselves then we’re not the same.  I say this to everyone who is listening – we are not holding that energy of war and lack and limitation. We may be having an old 3rd dimensional experience of lack and limitation, but we are not holding that energy.

So how do we shift into that fullness of abundance? Because it’s abundance of joy, it’s abundance of knowing, it’s abundance of all those things that are the higher qualities, the Blessings and Virtues that were included in the Mother’s gift of Grace.

SM: Well one of the challenges is if we see these things for ourselves then we trust and have faith, and most days we’re strong in knowing that everything is going to be Okay.  Yet we’re continually surrounded with people who don’t feel that way, and it’s really hard to hold the Light in those circumstances.

Some days are better than others.  I mean, most of my days are great and I can be in that place, but yesterday I had kind of a cranky day.

LD:  And part of that is allowing yourself to have a cranky day too. You call it cranky I call it goosie… Laugh…But yeah, there are days.  And yes you can fool yourself and say, “Oh I’m just processing for the Collective.”  Yeah right!

And of course the reason that we can say that is that it’s true, we are processing for the Collective, like we’ve never done before.  But if we didn’t have a speck of that energy of whenever we’re cranky or ticked off about within us or within our field, if we didn’t have that mirror to match up with, then that’s not the issue that we’ve been processing.

So I think my question to the Mother and to Sanat Kumara is, “How do we move from being the mirror of that lower vibration to consistently, in every waking hour, being the mirror for that real sense of abundance?” Wow, I wonder if they can deal with this.

SM: Well, we’ll see. Time for meditation?

LD: Time for meditation and it’s also time for us to realize that this is a process for us.  This is part of our Ascension process as well.

sk 6SM: Yes, indeed. And I agree that what we pay attention to is important.  On those days when we’re just feeling bombarded with all the negative energy and the bad news in the world and how people feel about it – that’s when we need to really, really step in and hold the Light.

LD: That’s when you need to lie down in your bed and ask Mother Mary to come and comfort you.  You and I have talked about this and I think it s important to share: even when we’re in this feeling of bombardment, we’re also still in a really highly creative phase.

So we’re building.  I mean look at you and your Whale Tails.  You are in production city, girlfriend!

SM: Oh I am. I haven’t done it for 8 months and I finally opened a new kiln.  I’m still taking pictures and updating the website.  But yeah, I’m doing that and I feel really good about it.

20140728_183516-1They turned out really beautifully and the energy in them is awesome. But at the same time that’s one of my reasons for being cranky yesterday: I took a bunch of pictures and they didn’t turn out to be as color-accurate as I wanted them to be.   I wasted all that time and I’m just like a little, you know – whiny.

LD: Yes but you know what? We’re taking pictures right now of the planet and of what’s going on on the planet, and that’s not color accurate either.


SM: All right!

LD: So with that …

SM: So with that, here we go… (meditation begins at 17:12)

sk 7LD:  So let’s begin to take a nice deep breath of gold, the gold of Sanat Kumara, brilliant, shiny gold and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, that rich molten gold, the Florentine gold and the gold of Yahweh, which is like a canary diamond, sparkling and brilliant. And breathe and simply give yourself permission to just be here, to be bathed in this golden energy, in this golden Light.

And go down into your heart and as you’ll remember, see that tiny pinprick of Light, the center of your heart and unfurl your golden wings and stretch and relax and feel the truth, the might, the abundance of who you really are.

And fly through that pinprick of Light, right through that portal, to the interior of your Being, to the interior of your heart and see those golden walls. And see the beautiful writing and symbols and messages that you have written on your walls to remind yourself of the truth of who you are, of your magnificence in and out of form, of your divinity, your wonder, your gifts.

Go to that place, whether it’s a cushion or a stool or a beautiful chair or a throne and go and sit down. Come with me and come deeper into your heart. And as you sit and you gaze around this wonderful chamber, look and notice, What is the very particular abundant quality that you brought to Earth, that is as much as part of your Being as you lungs, your hair, your skin?

What is that abundant quality that is an essential part of your soul design? Compassion? Or joy? Humility? Prudence? Maybe you carry an abundance of hope so you can be the well spring that others drop on, or Love, or peace.

Take a minute and let yourself really feel what your special abundance gift is. And as you do this, feel the gratitude welling up in your heart, in your Being, in you core, as you are sitting there. It’s just you. Feel the gratefulness for who you are and for what your carry, for you carry it not just for yourself but for the Mother/Father One anchoring it on Nova Earth, you carry it for your family, for your soul family, for humanity and there is enough to go around for everybody.

You are an embodiment of the Mother’s infinite design. Acknowledge this and accept this and be grateful to yourself and allow others to be grateful to, for and with you.

sk 8Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

SK: Yes, I bow to the Mother and I stand with Gabrielle and I thank you, my beloved friends, for inviting all of us this day as you always do, you know. Yes you may give me or St Germaine or Archangel Michael the opportunity to speak, but know, particularly, there are instances when we speak as One.

Do we have slightly different perspectives, different ways of expressing? Yes. But the kernel is Truth, the kernel is Love, the seed is Love.

And yes, I have come this day and asked, requested, not merely to review the Universal Laws, which I am so happy to share with you, but also to take you by the hand, to put my arm around your shoulder, not merely as Planetary Logos but as brother and friend and guide. Yes, and guide you and lead you to a different place, a different place of existence, a different octave, a different way of Being, a different way of perceiving.

When I have shared with you, my beloved family, the Universal Laws, straightforward and simple, my purpose is to share with you how things work, the mechanics, not merely for Earth, but that is our concern at the moment is it not? It is how do you operate, how does Love behave and create in this planetary sector?

sk 9So, I share with you the Laws of Sacred Purpose, of Change, of Unification, of Dispensation, of Elimination, of Give/ Receive/ Intend, all of this, not because I wish to be the instructor but because – yes as Logos – but as friend, as brother, I want you and I need you, in our sacred union and in our partnership, I need you to understand, to implement, to use these Laws and to begin the creations of your life, of your journey, of your Being and yes, of Abundance.

You have asked dear Suzanne, how to discreate? And previously we would not have had such a creation discussion, but that is the purpose of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of Give and Receive, of Transmutation, of Transmission, of Dispensation, of Elimination.

You are tending and I mean you, the human race, because I, like all who are coming to you at this time, I speak to all the people of Gaia. You are thinking of abundance in terms of drawing in, but that is only one portion of it because to be in balance, when you bring in there is also a release, otherwise you are going to tip over…not really because you are infinitely able to hold far more energy than you are even dreaming or conceiving of.

But there is too much, yes even for me, there is too much discussion about the clearing, about the letting go, about the dispelling, the elimination. And on the creation side, which is why we started to have this discussion about the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws in the first place, there is not enough discussion, there is not enough action about the ‘bringing in’.

Now you say to me, “SK, Raj, brother, I am asking every day to bring things in.” That is all very well and good and there are our Legions – quite literally – ready to assist you, in addition to your guides and circle, to bring things in. But we are also in a time, your time and our time, of Sacred Union, of the Mother’s Tsunami, of the imbuing of Grace, of all the Divine qualities and attributes.

So, it also means that you are pulling in; so, not merely are you asking to receive, you are actively, you are forgetting the action piece, not totally, but this is what I wish to speak to you of, you are forgetting the action piece of Creation.

sk 10You – yes in partnership but that is what partnership means, we do not do it all – you are the servants of the Mother, the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, “Well, SK I sure don’t feel it.” Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth; you are the masters.

Look at what you are creating. Now I am asking you, each of you, pleading with you, are you collecting daily, the codes of what you wish to bring forth, what you wish to create, in accordance with the Divine Laws, in accordance with the Divine qualities, in accordance with dimensional reality, not the old 3rd because the old 3rd will get you nowhere. It is an illusion, so the more attention you pay to the illusion you are living there.

So you say, “Dear Heart, it is hard for us to ignore when people are being shot down, starving, raped, pillaged, when institutions are taking away our freedom.” But that is not the truth. You cannot – it will kill you if you continue to live in that old reality; it will kill you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – you cannot do it, you cannot live, thrive, build, create in a non-existent reality that the Mother is banishing from the Universe.

You have spoken of discreation. Well one the fundamental discreation that is taking place is the discreation of the old 3rd. We keep saying it is but vapours; there is nowhere for you to anchor. You may send the energy but do not live there and you most certainly do not create there. So you say to me, “Well then Raj where do I create?” Start – and not tomorrow, not an hour from now – start right now with me creating in your heart, in your room, in your car, in your office, wherever you are in this instance. Let us start and never stop.

sk 11I am not saying that you do not have time out for play, for laughter, for sleep, yes for what we call staring at the wall; these are important pieces of creation. But start! It was not an intellectual exercise for me to explain and to share and to give you and ignite within you the Universal Laws, the understanding of how things truly work.

So you say to me, “Well then, if this is how things truly work, if Universal Law is simply an expression and explanation of how Divine Love behaves and manifest, how do I begin?”

And that is what I wish to review with you. In our reality time has always had a different meaning. Our time lines at this juncture are in alignment, our energy are in alignment, our grids, our intentions, the Divine Plan, it is all in alignment so that is why I am here this day, that is why the Mother is flooding you even as I am speaking to you.

How you begin is being in your grateful heart. You say, “I don’t have anything to be grateful for; I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m broke.” Then be grateful that you are breathing, be grateful that you know that you are in a situation that must change. Look outside your window and be grateful for the sky, the air, the grass, the trees, the cement.

Start with me by anchoring in your grateful heart. In your heart, not the heart, not the heart of One, but your Sacred Heart that is an infinite, eternal vessel of Love.

Now while you have become magnificent at bilocation, I am asking you, for this exercise, not to be in two or twenty places at once. Be fully present with me in your infinite, loving, grateful heart so that you cannot be in that place of lack and limitation, hatred and greed.

sk 12So anchor my Beloved with me. Your intentions for Ascension, which is throwing the door, the portal, wide open, not only interdimensionally but to the opening of all your talents and abilities. So let the intention be, for this moment, your Ascension, forget humanity, let us focus on you because you are the mirror, you are the mirror of each other and you are the mirror of the Mother.

Now, what do you wish to create? What I am asking is to take your focus away, just this day, just this week, just this month, during this transition phase, take it away from what you are thinking as repair work.

It is not that it does not need to be done, but rather than looking back at the old 3rd and saying, “What I am creating is peace on Earth,” bring in the abundance of the new, not just repairing the old but what is true peace, Nova Earth, where all are fed, all are clothed, all are welcome, where there is community like there is at home, on Venus. Where there is only the expression of Love.

Decide with me right now that that is what you are going to bring into you. Now as you do that, it pushes out the old. So bring in the abundance of whatever you choose: humility, compassion, peace, Love, do it. Put your hands, your arms out. Feel the coolness; the air is filled with what you think of as creation codes. It does not matter if you are sitting in a closet, a car, an auditorium.

The air is filled and your wonderful magnetic hands, your Violet Flame hands have the capacity to simply gather the abundance of these codes.

sk 13So throw open your arms my beloved friends and bring in the abundance of what you desire of these codes and bring them in directly through that portal of your heart, bring it in right now.

And understand as you do this, as you bring forth and in an abundance of awe, of joy, of compassion or charity – as you do that, what does it experience interdimensionally?

What does it experience, what does it manifest as in terms of the tangible, of a physical expression that you can maintain form with? It is everything you want.

So I am not saying do not collect the codes for a new car, or a new sofa, or a new house, or financial abundance, what I am saying is bring forth the Laws and the qualities that allow those things to manifest. So you have said today, “How long do we have to wait?” What I am saying to you, each of you, you Wayshowers, Gatekeepers, Pillars, beloved Angels, Masters, how long do we have to wait? I say not one more minute.

This alignment is not a figment of imagination; it is as tangible and real as your physical form. So let us proceed.

Now Suzanne I know you have a million questions.

SM: I don’t really have a million questions; you’ve answered a lot of them. I would love to see our work from your perceptive because down here on the surface, the faith and the trust, and everything…. you know, my entire life is built around things that can’t be proven and can’t be seen at this time.

sk 14What you’ve been telling us and what we’ve been getting from the Council of Love in general is how to use the things that are already available. So what I’m hearing you say is that it’s all available right now – we just need to do these exercises, trust and believe and know that it’s there.

I thought for the longest time that if we had our super powers we could do so much more for humanity and helping the shift, and what I hear you saying is that we already have them, we just need to open our perceptions that they’re actually here and available now.

SK: That is correct. You are activating them and we are helping you activate them. So often you will have a perception, an insight, an inspiration, you will actually see something and this is part of the difficulty with the patterning of the old 3rd, you actually see things and then you, almost before you consciously acknowledge them, you dismiss them.

SM: Well what that makes me think of was a vision I had a couple of weeks ago.  The work that I’m doing as a conduit for Divine energy to come down, go into the Earth and out to humanity; it’s a matter of stepping down, transforming it into a palatable form for others, and that I really have no idea what that energy is used for.

But then I wonder if this is actually the transforming of human carbon-based form into the new crystalline form.  We just have these expectations about what things will look like, but I’m just feeling as though I’m doing what a crystal does. Is that the transformation into crystalline? Even though I still have this flesh and blood body?

sk 14SK: Yes, of course you have a flesh and blood body, because you are maintaining a physical form. Will it transmute, appear younger, healthier, stronger? Yes. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror do you say, “Oh look! There I am, a carbon base being?” Of course not!

You look at yourself and you see the magnificence of your beauty, then something even more important; you have had the realisation – and I speak to you, but I speak to many – of who you are and what you are really doing. You are a beacon, an anchor, a transmitter.

Now you can say that, “Oh isn’t everybody?” Like you can say to the channel, “Well, is it not everybody is a teacher, a healer or a channel?” There are variations. There are millions, billions of variations on the theme and not one of you is doing exactly the same thing. But you have glimpsed who you truly are.

Now that transmitter isn’t the same Being, that thinks about going shopping but what I am saying to you is that they are the same. So, it is also what St Germaine has been suggesting to you, it is this period right now of the unification, not only a unification above and below but unification of you. And how do you do that? You do that by pulling in and realizing more and more. When you are pulling in that what you wish to create you are also anchoring and activating more and more and more, in physical reality, who you are.

So you are doing magnificent work. I know your frustration. I don’t want you to know ours. So we know your frustrations and that is why I have returned with this very simple lesson.

The thing that has happened with humanity, with your societies, besides from a few isolated tribes, is that you have made your understanding of this planet and the Universe very complex. That it is beyond understanding, let alone what we would call manifestation or manipulation of codes.

sk 15And in fact it is not complex. Is it magnificent? Is it startlingly beautiful? Sparkling radiant? Yes! Look to the animals, kingdoms. They know the wonder of the plan, their place within the plan, they live the plan and they do not make it overly complicated.

That is why we have given you the simplest formula. Not because we underestimate you but because we know you are brilliant enough to comprehend the simplicity, the Divine simplicity and intricacy of the Mother’s plan.

And let me be very clear: war, bankruptcy, poverty, hunger, none of this is of the Mother’s plan. Yes, continue, by all means, to use your torch of our beloved St Germaine, but can I ask you, please, to start bringing in the abundance of what you want to be, rather than simply thinking of what you don’t want. It is that simple.

SM: So I can think of a restructuring of government and a disbanding of things like the IRS and a.. you know…..

SK: No!

SM: No?

SK: No. Think of it this way …thank you for bringing that up because many would misunderstand what I have just said… it does include all of what you have said but what you are truly bringing in is the beauty, the Love, the truth of community of Nova Earth. Where we have a planet that is of a frequency of harmony that does not permit, it does not literally energetically support all of those things that you wish to eliminate.

SM: So the rest will just fall into place when we do our work?

SK: It is already falling into place, just as it is falling into place for you to see who you truly are.

SM: Right. So I guess the question is, “Is enough of humanity, because it seems there is a very small fraction of humanity that listens to the shows or understands Light and energy work and all that sort of thing, are there enough of us to really do this?”

SK: Yes. Don’t forget you are in sacred partnership with us.

SM: Yes indeed.

SK: And you are mighty Masters but let us also say this. There are enough of you – you have to know that, not just hope and pray but hold the knowing. Yes, it does include trust and faith and hope.

sk 16So if you are feeling that there is in any way a lack, then bring that in. And if you say, “Well, I don’t know about creation codes, I don’t know how to do that,” well then throw open your arms as if you are a thanksgiving cornucopia and let us fill you. And when you feel that you have collected the biggest bouquet of flowers in existence then bring it in to your heart. You do know how to do this.

SM: Yes. Well thank you for coming to guide us and remind us of what we can do.

SK: I have only begun to remind you what you can do, what you are capable of as co-creators of Nova Earth, as our partners, as our family.  So you do not do this alone.

SM: Indeed.

SK: Go with my Love, Dear Heart.  Go with my blessings and go with my Abundance.

SM: Thank you so much.

SK: Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon July 29, 2014

© 2014 Council of Love


Archangel Michael – The Mother’s Essence Within and Without are Colliding – Linda Dillon Channeler – Host Steve Beckow – Hour With An Angel – 6-15-14

Archangel Michael discusses the Tsunami of Love, Ascension and the Reval. Thanks to Mary for our transcript today.

An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, June 12, 2014

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanities Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of The Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards A World That Works For Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Michael so with that I’ll pass it over to you Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham and, Linda, we had the Tsunami of Love livestream on Sunday. What was your experience of it? What have you heard and what can we expect now as the tsunami increases and increases?

Linda Dillon: Well, thanks for asking, Steve and it’s great to be here. It has been an amazing experience, I think not only for me, basically having Mother Mary move in for the – well, I thought she was moving in for a week – but she’s still here, but the experience that people have been sharing in terms of the Tsunami of Love has been incredible.

In fact, one of the things we always look for, as our human self, are those sign posts.  and In fact I wrote an article about it this morning.  Mother Mary had asked for 1000 wave riders to show up and that was going to be in the space of a couple of days, 3 days, and although my human side had questions and doubts, I went ahead and put out the call and of course you assisted on the Golden Age of Gaia and Louisa and all her translators have helped enormously.

But on the day of the event, we didn’t even have half that many people registered in order to participate, but when the numbers came in in terms of how many people had actually clicked onto the event, as it were, we had 1139.

So, we got our 1000 wave riders and then the following day, once it hit in Australia, which was a huge registration, we had … oh I don’t know … by early in the morning we had over 600. So, the response has been phenomenal. I’m not sure how these people are getting the link and frankly I don’t really care. I’m just thrilled.

What people are writing in and saying is that not only did they have a great spiritual experience, but hey are feeling changed in their physical body, in their physical reality, in how they feel about being alive right down to the very core.

Now, there’s some people, and I would suspect that those are the people who’s soul contract are to help clear for the collective, who’ve been going through phenomenal clearing, clearing and cleansing that’s bigger than simply an individual clearing especially after all the work we’ve done.

But by and large, people are feeling lighter;. They’re seeing the tangible, physical signs in their everyday life about what Mother Mary has shown them in the experience while they were in the Tsunami Meditation or in what they were seeing during her channeling.

A lot of people have seen, as they watch the video again, an overlay of Mother Mary or the whole room turning blue … which really isn’t the case because I went and glanced at the video afterwards to make sure, because I was way out there … but people are having these wonderful experiences and it’s only going to increase.

The thing that Mother Mary woke me up with this morning, well actually two nights ago and then again this morning, was “We’ve just started. This isn’t the ending. This is just the beginning.” And sure enough it’s growing and it’s building and this is our push. This is our cleansing, penetration, upliftment, elevation, so that we can just, from the tips of those waves, just jump through that Ascension Portal.

SB: Well I can tell you I certainly feel more – the words really don’t convey it – I’d like to say substantial or more grounded, more here. It’s as if a lot of the things I was clearing, and I went through some really huge clearings in the last month are done and I’m permanently out of that, so to speak. So, I’m feeling great.

LD: And I think that’s one of the things you’re touching on is that people feel more happily grounded, more satisfied about being in their body.

SB: Yes, right, yeah! Life is becoming fun.

LD: Finally!

SB: (Laughter) Yeah, finally, after decades. I’m going to be asking Archangel Michael to give his view as well, so we’ll get that side of the story too. But thank you very much for that event, Linda. It was marvelous and you did a great job.

LD: Oh, thank you. This came on really fast and the response, for me, has been the confirmation of how we’ve changed. How people have responded has really shown me, up close and personal, that we really are a community, that we all came together around this and did it and I’m still shaking my head. So, thank you!

SB: I’ll give you some time to make the transition but, yes, a growing community, not only the Tsunami of Love team that helped but all the lightworkers who are coming and listening. It’s totally wonderful. So, we welcome Archangel Michael…

Archangel Michael: And I welcome you. Yes, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, brother of your heart, brother of your soul.

There are many forms of family, of sacred union, of partnership and that is why I address you as brother and sister and beloved ones this day. This has always been the case. Trust me. I didn’t forget, but sometimes you did.

I do not say that in a way that is meant to make you feel less-than. I say it in a way of joyous celebration that you, my dear hearts, are remembering our connection, our familial connection, our partnership, our sacred union that we go forth together in this creation of Nova Earth, of heaven on Earth or is it Gaia in heaven? or is it both?

So, we are connected and working as we never have before. There are many of you who disclaim this term ‘working.’ It has never been a dirty word to us, it has never been a drudgery because work and service and laughter and play, these are synonymous.

And what you are beginning to recall, my beloved friends, is that it is synonymous for you as well, that it does not need to mean servitude in the sense that you are enslaved but rather where you choose to place your energies, to trade in your joy and to join in communion.

So, I welcome you. I welcome you as brother and sister, as ally, as friend, as cohort, as colleague. However you wish to slot yourself, I welcome you.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, why don’t we begin with the tsunami livestream, Lord, and have you tell us what the results of it were and to answer the question: Have all people shared in those results, not only those who listened to the livestream?

AAM: This tsunami has gained momentum and strength and yes, you cannot have a tsunami wave that is not felt [by everyone], particularly when it is of the Divine Mother, whom we all bow to. You cannot have this magnitude of an event whether it is spiritual leaking or waving into the physical and not have it effect the entire population of the planet.

That is the entire idea. That is the very plan of the Mother. Those who have participated, not merely in the livestream but previously and since that time whether, they have done it consciously or whether they have simply subconsciously or unconsciously volunteered, are creating and anchoring this energy and that energy is rippling out to the entire population.

But at the same time the tsunami – think of it, the term has been used very specifically by our Mother – this wave is engulfing, covering, drenching the entire planet. That is her intent.

Now, the more that the human beings consciously choose to step forward and engage in the energy, the more firmly and consciously it is anchored. But it would be an error to think or to believe that it is not affecting and influencing, penetrating and cleansing and lif,ting up the entire population. It has begun my dear hearts. It is underway.

So what do you feel? Now, as this channel has conveyed from the Mother, there are various aspects to this energy penetration from the Mother and they are not necessarily sequential – stop, start, stop – because they ebb and flow like the tides and there is the aspect, the element of cleansing.

Now, not only the individual cleansing for all lifetimes, all aspects, what you think of as timelines and dimensionality; there is also upliftment and penetration into your very core, in what you are referring to as your physical body, and we would call your entire field, of this energy of love.

Now, what does this really mean? What it means, sweet angels, is that the cellular memory, the DNA imprint, your soul design is being reactivated to that memory of love, to the truth of who you are. Now you know I love to speak about truth and so this is a joyous part, this penetration, and you are like a sponge.

And when a sponge…. No, not a sponge in the depths of the ocean. Think of a sponge that has been placed in the driest part of the desert, in the most arid climate. And it is hard and it is brittle and, when there is a drop of rain or a drop of tsunami, it is absorbed.

But still there is a quality of brittleness, but eventually you become completely moisturized as you continue to absorb and absorb. And that is what you are doing, that is what humanity is doing in this very moment that we speak.

In many ways, this is my favorite part of the tsunami, for many of us, because it is what you can think of as very deep restoration. If you recall, Yeshua has said that this is a year for recovery and then rediscovery. This is recovery at the deepest levels of your body, your mind, your spirit, your being.

Then, of course, there is the elevation, the upliftment, the buoyancy. The Mother is the wave and, when she lifts you, there is nothing like it.

Now this wave that she has termed the Tsunami of Love is the strongest and yet the gentlest. There may be moments where you are feeling as if you are swept away, but it is swept away in ecstasy and bliss to come into this place of rediscovery.

But let me share something that has not been talked about. When the Mother has fully activated this tsunami, do you truly think that you, of humanity, of Gaia, which it is intended for … you [only share in this joy?] We do not claim ownership but we are most certainly sharing in the joy.

We are riding these waves with you. No, we do not need to go to the clearing or to the absorption, but we are most certainly riding these waves, as are your star brothers and sisters and those from many galaxies, the kingdoms. It is quite interesting to watch some of the mountains and trees riding these waves and might I say, laughing and playing with us and that is where we are inviting you.

Yes, we know there is a process and that the collective has need to go through this but truly we are quite excited. Come and join us. And if you are fearful in any moment, know that you can call on any of us because we are very close at hand.

Many months ago when you and I, yes, you brother, (1) have discussed the event, we have suggested to thee that this was a series of events and there have been many different elements and aspects and stand-alone events, significant in your terms and in ours. And this is one of those events.

It is part of the collective events that culminate in the Ascension. We know your hearts and perhaps we know the purity of your heart. Each of you who listen this night and each of you who listen thereafter, we know the purity of your heart perhaps even more than you do. We know your longing for love, your longing for change, for the Shift, for the Ascension, for a world that works, dear Steve.

What we see with this tsunami, with humanity, is that they also begin to see the purity of their hearts and that purity is love, it is joy, it is grace.

Do the lightworkers lead the way, the pillars, the gatekeepers, the wayshowers? Of course you do. That is why you have come.

But there is not a single being upon the planet who has not originally intended to come to Gaia at this time to have this experience of transformation and Ascension. And therefore, our gracious Mother gives this equally to all.

Now, do all accept and embrace it equally at the same time? No. But it doesn’t matter. You cannot stop the penetration of the Mother. It is not possible. Her essence that is within you beckons to her essence that is outside of you and the two, my beloved friends, are colliding! And it is time.

So, what do you think? Is the collective ready?

SB: Well, I’m ready. I think the collective is ready.

AAM: And so do we!

(Continued in Part 2.)


Continued from Part 1.)

SB: Is it possible to talk about where we are in our Ascension process at the present time, Lord?

AAM: It is very possible

SB: I don’t know what standard and measure you might use. Is there one?

AAM: Yes, because we have also said this is a process and to use the human terminology, an event, a snap and a process. No, the process has not been a “snap”! I think you would all agree to that, not above or below. But yes.

Now  we have spoken very recently about the many lightworkers who have been flying in and out of the Ascension portal, not only doing U-turns but the most popular movement at the moment is a very graceful figure 8, an infinity sign (∞). They are just doing it continually. It is quite interesting to watch.

And so since we have made that observation, that initial observation, more and more lightworkers have said, “Well, if that is possible I am going.” And that includes all of you who are listening.

So yes, you have been going, receiving the energies, coming back to, shall we say, your collection route and flowing back through. The Tsunami is the preparation and the helping of the general humanity. Yes, again the lightworkers are the anchors. The lightworkers are becoming the tsunami. The lightworkers are the breakwater. The lightworkers are key. The lightworkers are our partners.

So, I do not say ‘soon.’ I say that you are at a very high percentile in terms of readiness.

So may I use an analogy? Think of it in a couple of ways. If you are going out to a very fancy ball, party, restaurant, you have pretty much finished dressing. Oh! you have hemmed and hawed and tried on many different outfits wondering what you should wear to travel inter-dimensionally, to be with Gaia in this Ascension, what you should look like as you meet the masters, your beloved ones, your guides, but you are dressed and ready.

Have you left for the event yet? No, but you are preparing to and I mean this collectively. I’m not speaking to you individually and I’m not speaking about those of you who have been flying in and out, but collectively you are ready. Think of it as if you have prepared the dinner at home for us and you have cooked our favorite meals, ambrosia, angel food cake…(Laughter)

SB: I like devil’s food cake myself. (2)

AAM: Devil’s food cake is delicious. So you know that all is prepared, the table is set, the meal is cooked, and you are ready to serve and sit down. Now is that, without committing to specific dates and times, an adequate analogy?

SB: Yes, it is. There’s a lot of observers here from all over the multiverse and you’ve been listening to their comments and their observations watching the process. What are they saying as they watch Earth do the first Ascension in the multiverse?

AAM: They are excited. Now you think that anxiety, and I do not mean this in a depressive or a clinical sense, but you think anxiety is simply the purview of humans. It is not. In many situations the observers are in a state of excitement, of relief, and some anxiety.

SB: Why is that?

AAM: Because there have been so many false starts. So, there is an excitement that everyone is saying, “It’s a go. Everything is clearing. The clouds have separated. The sun is shining. Everything is ready.” But there is always this tinge of anxiousness, let me put it that way. And I tell you why, Because so much depends on it.

Now, as archangel and servant of the Mother, I also tell you that this is the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan and there has been great flexibility and you think in terms of years but we think in terms of millennia.

So there has been great flexibility in the timing of this plan but it is the plan of the Mother. So, in fact, as I often say to our intergalactic observers, “There is no reason for anxiety. There is great reason for excitement. You have Earth, Gaia, humanity as a tremendous cheering squad, but it is the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. So, I say to you, it is a certainty.” This is not a ‘perhaps’ or an ‘if’. No, we are not overriding human free will but, when human free will is infused with the Mother’s love, the choice is only one and that is to proceed in love. So, from our perspective, it is a done deal.

SB: Well lord, a question for you. One of the big new developments in this Ascension is going with the human body. What have you found, and when I say you I mean the team that is staging Ascension, what are the considerations that are facing you with regard to the human body’s frailty, with regard to not going too fast, burning out the circuits. What are you finding in that area?

AAM: This is a very good question and it is a question that many of you have posed to me in prayer or even in pain. I will be very frank. The human body has required a lot of work. It is not in great shape.

I don’t say that critically but you have asked a very important question. It [physical Ascension] is unique. It is the first. We are taking this form, you, each of you are taking this form and not merely abandoning it, but bringing it forth inter-dimensionally, to a higher vibration, to what you can think of as a reconstitution.

This is also part of the recovery that I have referred to earlier. It is not simply the infusion of the love. It is also the recovery, the strengthening of the body and many are reporting that. The channel forgot to mention that part, but I will help her out.

So, for decades you know that your body has been shifting and for some of you that began as far back as the Harmonic Convergence, through all these shifts, the 11:11’s, the 12:12’s, the Grand Crosses, the solar flares.

But this has been magnified and intensified in the past couple of years; well, actually about three and a half to four years. You’re shifting from what you think of as the carbon-based form to a crystalline form which is simply meaning that the structure of your being is more able to not only to hold the higher frequency and vibration but also act as a transmitter.

And there are many side benefits in terms of healing and in terms of telepathic communications and simply clarity of downloads. So that has been one thing.

The thing that we have been most focused on – and I truly speak for my brother Archangel Raphael, oh yes, and St. Germaine, he is giving me the nod as well – has been the strengthening of the body as we eliminate what you think of as dis-ease, maladies, weaknesses in the human body.

You have asked about the Ascension team. Now I’m telling you, the priority is the elimination of pain because it is very difficult to be in the upliftment, in the elevation, in the bliss when you were in pain. You have moments of bliss and then your body calls you back.

That is one of the reason why also for the last while so many healing ships have been positioned so close to Gaia and have been working completely non-stop. That is an aside that I make.

You do not have the existence of dis-ease, pain, limitation, in the higher dimension. So, why are we concerned about addressing this while in the, shall we say, the cleaned-up 3rd?

Because when you are more dis­-ease-stronger, more vital, more in your root chakra, then you are fully capable of taking that quantum leap.

Additionally, it is a mission of mercy, of compassion, to heal humanity because in that demonstration of the clearing or the lessening of pain, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, they are all in the same bandwidth. In that demonstration what you are receiving is the message, “I am worthy, I am loved” and that is also part of the cleansing and the raising of your vibration, your frequency, your trust factor, your faith factor. So it is complex.

Now, your next question would be, “Then why am I hearing from so many lightworkers that they are feeling more pain than ever, of one sort or another?” And it is because the pain, the injuries, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, old ailments, even past life ailments, are coming to the surface to be washed away, to be removed, from the Tsunami, from the Mother, from Raphael, from St. Germaine, from your star brothers and sisters. Everybody is working on this.

The idea, the plan is that your vessels are as vibrant as possible. Now let me be clear about this because I can feel several of you who are out there saying, “But I am still feeling crippled. I’m still feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I still have heart palpitations. I still have arthritis, My back still hurts.” I speak to you as your brother, as truth. Your Ascension is not dependent upon your body being fully recovered. It is a benchmark that we are working on achieving.

Will there be healing as you pass through the portal? There most certainly will be. Is there magnificent healing in the Tsunami? Yes, but do not think, especially those of you who have suffered and cleansed for so many, do not think for one moment that I am going to leave you behind. Our legions will lift you up and carry you through.

It is your heart, and the love, and the purity, and the grace that is your passport, your ticket. We simply want your body to be as full and as vibrant as possible, as you decide, as you have originally designed, because do not forget my sweet friends, that this is a return to your true design.

And your true design, your soul design, your original architecture did not include dis-ease. And that is also true for Gaia. The ailments, shall we say, that she has endured or suffered as a result of the illusions, and the false grids and paradigms, vasanas of humans, the pollution, the debris, the garbage, the despoiling, this will be healed as well.

SB: Question, Lord, on some listeners who have aged parents, some of them on their last legs, and they’re all saying, “Will they be brought along? Will they be able to ascend? Is it possible that someone could pass over at this late date and miss out on Ascension? And of course then there’s the question of whether they would ascend from the other side, but can you address their fears that their aging parents would not be able to ascend please?

AAM: Their aged parents will ascend if that is what they have chosen to do prior to contract. Now there are many who have been on this cusp and some have said – and this is a soul conversation that they are consciously or unconsciously having with us and with their guardians – some have said, “I just want to stay long enough to see it.” Some have said, “I want to stay long enough to go through and be revitalized.” And some have said – and these are about equal pockets by the way – some have said, “I will go and I will pull them through from the other side.”

SB: Amazing.

AAM: So, they will support [them], until the very last moment, pop over and then pull them through.

In all instances, the elderly, the wise ones, even those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, severe conditions, they know what they’re doing. And we also do not simply address those who have aged parents, we also address those who are “terminally ill.” It is about the same break-out.

SB: I know a fellow who has multiple conditions, from myeloma to kidney failure. He’s on a kidney machine, on his last legs, and it really does appear that he’s holding on for Ascension and so somebody that plagued with conditions can still make it, you are saying?

AAM: Yes. It is the purity of the heart. Now do we want as many recovered bodies as possible? Yes, because that is the jettisoning. Is there room for a few who will be restored? Of course there is.

SB: Well, why don’t you give me your last comments and then I think there are many listeners who want me to ask you about the Reval so I’ll allow you to just finish up on the Ascension.

AAM: The only thing I wish to say as we conclude in this topic is, do not forget that the Mother’s mercy and compassion is infinite. So turn to her. She is right there for you as she is right there for all of us and she never turns us away. So I am glad that we have spoken of this this day.

SB: Yes, and thank you for that. If we could turn to the Reval for the remaining part of the program, which is about 10 minutes, first of all I think the question that is on everybody’s mind is, what circumstances are actually holding up the Reval at this time?

AAM: There truly aren’t very many circumstances. There are minor adjustments that are being made in terms of the, what you think of as, the flow of what we would call prosperity and abundance for many, for the transition. There was the necessity, yes, the necessity of the clearing of greed.

Lust and control have taken distant back seats because that has really been basically dealt with. But this issue of greed, of covetedness cannot be part of what we see and so do you, as the sharing of wealth, sharing of what you think of as currency, to reconfigure Nova Earth.

Now, does heaven, the Company of Heaven, the Mother, deal in cold hard cash and currency? No. Do we deal in spiritual currency? We most definitely do.

And let us suggest to you that spiritual currency can be converted in any number of ways and it is certainly the currency of all the Divine Qualities, which you all have been anchoring in accordance with Divine Law, with Universal Law. But there is no room for greed.

Now there was a mad rush of greed, oh, in the past several months, and that had need to be cleared out. And there was a mad rush of greed even amongst lightworkers and a level, might we say, of desperation. Desperation has no place either. Yes, we understand your needs. Of course we do. We are with you constantly.

But never mind underestimating us or feeling that we don’t deliver. Desperation hinders your own creative process. So, that had need to be dealt with and we are dealing with it still. But the critical factor, greed, yes, desperation number two, number three, the balance of your willingness and practice of give and receive.

And this is true, yes, particularly for those of you I speak to this night, and thereafter. You have been very good at giving and you have been very good at issuing prayer, of help, help, help, desperation, help, but you have not always been fully open, individually and collectively, but within your heart, because of clouds of lack of self worth, lack of acknowledgement of the love of who you are, at truly receiving.

Now, we have seen a quantum leap in this in the last month. And we do not simply mean on this show or in the Golden Age of Gaia. We mean in the human populace. And a deep recognition that you don’t have one side without the other. It is the balance scales. It is the teeter-totter. It is the see-saw. And it is the stillpoint.

And it is not hour for hour, dime for dime, dollar for dollar, deed for deed. That is not the way the universe works. Blessings flow in all kinds of ways and that is why, so often, we speak to you of various forms of currency, of spiritual currency, of your desire to play with currency, to spread it around, to share it, and you have been doing that.

Intergalactic currency again is a different form. You will learn about that shortly and some of you already are.

So, that is what has been, what you can think of as, the delay. Are you pretty much there? Yes. Has it begun? Yes.

SB: Well, that’s very good to know. Now, I have been handed a note from one of our listeners. I know that you’ve said. You’ve addressed this in part already, but perhaps you could just underline what he wishes to hear and that’s that so many are feeling in struggle/survival mode and feeling so challenged. What words of encouragement and hope can he provide in addition to what you’ve said already?

AAM: Turn to us. Oh, I hear you, my friend when you say, “I have turned to you.” May I ask you for a deeper layer of surrender? You say, “Dear Lord, I am desperate.” Give me your desperation and I will give you hope and peace and it is tangible.

Do not do this tomorrow. Do not do this next week. Do this right now and then jump in the waves of the tsunami and open your heart and receive. You are not forgotten. Give me your struggle, please.

SB: Thank you very much, Lord, for those wise words.

AAM: Go with my love and go in peace. I love you.

SB: I love you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.


Archangel Michael with Steve Beckow – Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 4 – 5-22-14

Earth 234


Parts:   01  –  02  –  03

(Continued from Part 3.)

During Ascension itself, AAM cautioned us to anchor to Gaia when we ascend:

“When you ascend, it is important that you anchor with and on Gaia. Otherwise your feet, quite literally, are not on the ground.

“So when people can experience and go, jump, to the higher dimensions available within the human experience, it is important in the Ascension, both individual and collective, that you stay connected with Gaia.

“Think of yourself as a helium balloon and Gaia is holding your string. So, as you ascend you will be at this time within the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, brushing the Eighth, brushing the Third, but not really in those dimensions. So for people to think that they are going to ascend and simply go directly to the Eleventh or Twelfth would not be fully correct.” (1)

And what will we see and feel after we have ascended in the phase we’re now entering?

“You will feel no pain. What you have thought of as dis-ease is gone. What you have experienced as financial strife or lack, gone. Because you know how to co-create. It is as if the light switch, the understanding of your place in the co-creation has been switched on.

“There is an end to strife. There is an end to war. There is an end to murder and mayhem. Because you do not murder and have no inclination to murder yourself. So how can you murder your brother when they are connected to you on the grid? Because that is the equivalent of murdering yourself.

“There is a knowingness that expands beyond your comprehension currently. And that knowingness is in your brain, in what you would think of as your mental body, your emotional bodies, your intellect, but primarily your heart. Because that is your anchor. It always has been.” (2)

How will Gaia appear to us? He said:

“It appears more sparkling clean. The complete communication with the elements, the elemental, the kingdoms and Gaia herself is completely open. There is an understanding and a vision of the subtle cleansing and reorganization of what you can think of as the light body and the particles of Gaia herself. So yes, she does appear differently.

“And so do the animals. So do the creatures. But it is not a different planet, and that is what so many are looking for. And then I would say to you, well, then, what would be the point? For the planet to appear completely different, to shift like in an ice age, is not desirable. It is not what she wants. She is tired of all the pollution and devastation. So the changes that you witness are the clean-up.

“So, does she, and will she, and will you look different? Yes. But will you be in form? Yes.” (3)

Turning from the internal to the external for a minute, there remains so much chaos in the world that many of us are wondering how it’ll be possible to ascend. He acknowledged our concern:

“Some of you still shake your heads as you look at your fellow humans, as you look at the mayhem, at the chaos, at the war, at the upheaval, at what appears to be a still strong establishment of institutions which are not reflective in any way, shape or form of love, and many of you still shake your heads, and say, ‘Lord, how is this even going to be possible?’”  (4)

We may have thought Ascension would lead us to a world that was greatly changed and in which no more work needed to be done, but in fact that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Reval may only just have happened or may not have happened at all; the Prosperity Packages and historic bonds, perhaps the same.  The work of building Nova Earth will not have begun in earnest.

He refers to that phase here:

“Now, as you enter this, does that mean that everything is done? Well, might I be humorous, and ask you ― what fun would it be if you arrived at the party finally only to discover that everything was done? No. What it looks like is humanity coming together, not to cleanse the Earth. Gaia is taking care of that. You will help cleanse, and so will your star brothers and sisters, but you will cleanse the rivers, the streams, the oceans, the soil, the air. But Gaia is already busy at work.” (5)

He addressed the matter of building Nova Earth after Ascension. He said many of us would do that work from dimensions higher than the Fifth.

“Now, once you have done your Ascension, are you free to move about? Of course you are. But the building and the creation of Nova Earth ― and we are talking about the human piece of Nova Earth, the human co-creation of Nova Earth, because the kingdoms and Gaia are already creating Nova Earth, and they are already participating in the higher dimensional reality ― but if you have your mission and purpose to assist, or desire to assist in the anchoring of what you, my friend, and I have called the Golden Age of Gaia, then you are primarily going to anchor in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh dimension.” (6)

Tomorrow we’ll look at three further Ascensions in our future.

(Continued in Part 5.)

AA Michael – Linda Dillon Channeler – Steve Beckow Host – Effects of Tsunami of Love – Individually and Globally – 4-5-14




The Mother has a plan, and it is the unfoldment of the divine plan and the restoration of love on this beautiful planet, with a domino effect throughout the galaxies. Love is the energy of the universe and it moves constantly, continually, eternally, infinitely. It moves through you, it nourishes you, but it also clears you out. In some ways, it will purge many of your remaining illusions.  

Graham The Mother has a plan, and it is the unfoldment of the divine plan and the restoration of love on this beautiful planet, with a domino effect throughout the galaxies. Love is the energy of the universe and it moves constantly, continually, eternally, infinitely. It moves through you, it nourishes you, but it also clears you out. In some ways, it will purge many of your remaining illusions.Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, creator of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Michael.

So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you Graham! And before we ask Archangel Michael to come on to the show, I’d like to ask Linda…. Linda, I think you’ve been getting quite a bit of mail about people’s reactions to the building Tsunami of Love. Is that correct?

Linda Dillon: Yes. Hi, everybody, and yes, Steve, I have been. It’s been actually very interesting — the flow, the influx of mail, both to the Tsunami of Love volunteer team and to myself about people’s experiences, beginning to feel the waves, what you’ve called the wavelets, Steve, of the Tsunami of Love. And it’s coming, actually, in a variety of ways, in a variety of experiences. But the experiences share the commonality of people feeling very expanded, feeling very blissful, feeling that love of the Mother entering into them and clearing out the nooks and crannies and the crevices, and giving them a sense that they are becoming part of the Tsunami of Llove.

I think one of the things that we, collectively as a human race, are in the process of learning right now is that we are entering into a different phase of what it means to really be in partnership with the Company of Heaven, with the Divine, with the archangels, et cetera. So while some people are reporting one day they’re in the very deep, dark trenches of the Mariana Trench, and other days they are sitting on the top of the waves at the breakwater, or they’re standing on the shore and being washed clean, the experiences are uniform in terms of, first of all, that people are feeling it, and that they’re feeling it consistently, but it’s just these waves of love. And we can call it bliss, we can call it ecstasy, we can call it expansion. But what we’re also seeing in the receiving of those waves, in the acceptance and the enjoyment of those waves, is that people all over the world, from China to Europe to Africa to South America, are feeling more open as a result to both giving and receiving love.

Now, I did a very interesting channeling for someone who is a brilliant lightworker earlier this morning, and one of the things that I remember from that channeling, which — I don’t normally recall people’s channelings, but — that they were talking about, the Council was talking about how there’s been a shift in the paradigm of the human collective, that we have moved significantly from our yearning for power and position and goods and jobs, et cetera, to a very deep yearning for love.

And I think that’s also part of our yearning for the freedom that Archangel Michael’s been talking about, St. Germain’s been talking about, all the masters have been talking about, is that we’ve reached that point in our evolution which is in concert and coordination with the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, that we want love, that we are sick and tired of the rest of the game. We’ve looked at it, we’ve done it, we’ve gone through that dark period of human existence, and now we want to try something entirely different.

SB: Um-hmm. We’re tired of eating sawdust, for so long…

LD: Oh, my gosh, yes!

SB: … and calling it something else.

LD: Yeah, calling it ambrosia!

SB: Yes! [laughs] All the manipulations that we used to use to get things done, all the prodding criticisms, all that seems to be washing away.

LD: Um-hmm. And that’s, you know, one of the first signs, or indicators, of really the Mother’s gift of clarity, her gift of purity, and now to be able to really receive the full impact of her love. Because we’re becoming increasingly clear.

You see, the way that these gifts are being sent to us, including the gifts from our star brothers and sisters, isn’t stop-start, stop-start. It’s add on, build, add on, build. And so it’s increasing not only our energy-field but our desire to really cooperate and receive the full impact of what, not only is available to us, but who we really are.

SB: Um-hmm. Hmm. Well, I’m going to save my comment for when Archangel Michael comes on, because I have a question about this, but I’d best keep hold of that. So, all over the world, though… all… you say South America, Asia…

LD: All over the world. It’s not… it doesn’t seem to be restricted to one area. I’ve heard from people from China, from the Netherlands, from France, from South Africa, from Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Peru, all over North America….

SB: These are only people who know about it, who know about you and know about the whole context of Ascension. These are not the general public out there, who are probably wondering what’s going on.

LD: That’s exactly right. But hopefully, as we all spread the word and realize that there’s something cooking, that… you know, the man in the street, the woman in the street, will come to know. They may not speak in the same language that we use, but they do know that something’s shifting.

SB: But the minute they start asking what that something is, they start to get into areas that are going to shake their paradigms and… I’m… It’s always interesting to watch somebody awaken to this whole scenario. It’s very challenging to do that, and you may lose everything you believe in.

LD: And you may gain everything…

SB: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s true, too.

LD: … that you want to believe in.

SB: That’s right. Yeah.

LD: [laughs] So….

SB: I’ll put a…. I don’t want a new set of clothes right now, I think I want a new paradigm.

LD: Yeah. I can wear these old jeans, but please, give me a new set of beliefs.

SB: Yes, that’s right!

LD: Give me the truth, right? To quote Stephen Cook:

SB: Yeah.

LD: Tell us the truth.

SB: That’s right.

LD: And I think that’s a message not only that I find that I keep going back to not only for the leaders of the countries but for the Company of Heaven, for the Council of Love, for my guides and for each other. It’s just, tell me the truth! I can take it! I’m a big girl.

SB: Um-hmm.

LD: Just… let’s go!

SB: Yeah, let’s start.

LD: And we can’t really proceed unless we have that clarity. Because then we’re still operating in the dark, and we’re sick and tired of the dark.

SB: Yeah. Building on sand instead of a solid foundation.

LD: Yeah. Yeah.

SB: Hmm. Well,, what do you say? Shall we let in the person waiting in the wings?


LD: You mean that person with the really big wings?

SB: Yeah, the big wings!

LD: Oh, him!

SB: Yeah, right!

LD: Yeah! Good idea.

SB: Okay. So, I’ll give you a chance to make your transition.

LD: Oh, thank you.

SB: Okay.

Archangel Michael: Greetings! I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: … archangel of peace, warrior of love, sometimes bringer of news. Welcome.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Welcome all of you, my brother of blue, my sister of blue, my brother of halion and green, and all of you. I welcome you again as brothers and sisters, as family, as soul-circle. We are not some distant entity sitting on a cloud, although I can tell you there are times — yes, in your framework and mine — when I would be very happy to sit on a cloud and play my harp! But there is work at hand, and there is much exciting shift, change, growth, expansion, flow. And that is because you, and we, are creating and co-creating, accepting, allowing, surrendering… and increasingly you are following your hearts.

There are many things that we can and that we will speak of this day. But let us begin by simply saying this very simple statement. Yes, the Mother has a plan, and it is the unfoldment of the divine plan and the restoration of love on this beautiful planet, with a domino effect throughout the galaxies. But she would not be creating and sending you these gifts — of clarity, of purity, the beginning of the tsunami followed by the full event — if your hearts were not open, prepared and welcoming of this energy.

There are times in human, Earth, galactic and inter-galactic histories when the energy of Source, of Mother/Father/One, has certainly bowled people over, whether they are starseed or humanoids or hybrids or even angelics. But that is not the phase of evolution that you are now within, and that is not the plan for the human race.

You are at a place in your collective, human, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution where you are ready to step forward. So it is in many ways that you are meeting the Mother halfway. You are meeting us halfway. That is one of the reasons why we have used this analogy, this allegory of the wave coming to the shore, because you can rush down to the shore and meet us. But let us be very clear, you’re preparedness can be on a mountaintop or a desert, in a high-rise in an urban center — it does not matter. What matters is your assent, your ascent, your consent, your agreement and your desire, your heartfelt yearning, not only for love, but for change, for creation and recreation, for recovery and rediscovery.

Increasingly, at every level — yes, even amongst the most petulant — there is a desire to not only create the new but to experience the new. Within each person’s heart, their heart consciousness, their soul, is that spark of light, of love, of energy, however you conceive of it, that yearns and is increasingly demanding and commanding to meet that spark of energy in the outer reality.

So you are doing this in how you are engaging in your work, in your play, in your work with us, in sacred union, in union with family and friends and community. You, all of you, and particularly, yes, my beloved lightworkers, you are declaring yourselves as ready to engage in a higher realm. And that higher realm is not merely dimensional, it is the realm of love. It is the realm of purity. It is the realm of truth, of what you think of as the divine qualities, not just one this or that, but all of them, to be that embodiment not of the truth of who we are but of who you are. Nothing could be more exciting.

And that, I tell you, is a huge statement to those of you who wait with bated breath for financial reorganization, for disclosure, for societal change. So I tell you, nothing is more exciting to us and to you than the opening of your heart and the seeking, not merely sitting in the void yearning, but the seeking of love, the creating of situations, of environments, of relationships where love is the essence and the truth.

Now, many of you have not fully embraced the concept or the construct that you are love. You are getting better. You are going forward. You are engaging in a deeper form of love — with your children, with your parents, with your friends, with your sacred partner, even with us. But one of the key elements is also fully engaging in that love of self, of acknowledging not merely your worth or your worthiness, but your own magnificence, your own might, your own power in the purest sense of the word.

I do not say these words to compliment you, or even to convince you, for we have been trying to convince you of this literally for billions of years. I say this as a request to explore inside and to see what shines there, and to embrace this truth that is you, and from that, to allow this spark of light to explode and expand, like a supernova. This is how Nova Earth is created. It is not merely by acknowledging that you have the power to create, or that you have destroyed the old illusions. It is by exploding forth in joy, in laughter, in glee, in love to do what you have chosen to do during this lifetime, during this very particular incarnation, because there is not one of you who did not come to participate in this Ascension.

It is just that simple. You would not have come. Each of you has wonderful unique roles, variations on a theme that is central to the creation of the universe, but unique expressions within that. So we invite you, we implore you, go exploring within. Allow yourself to see, to know and to be who we know you to be.

Now, dear heart, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Well, I know you know what I’m already going to ask and say, in part because you used a word in your introductory remarks that was exactly the word I’m going to be asking you about. So, but, if I may, I’d like to read a passage from your November 8th Hour with an Angel, because that’s what I want to ask you about, if that’s okay.

AAM: Yes.

SB: Thank you. The passage is: “The key to the success of sacred unions is freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not lip service but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with, the sanctity — yes, the sanctity — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions. So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow; it is the infinity,” — and by that I think you mean the infinity sign, the figure-eight of love that flows between people — “it is the tide.”

Now, the question I have is, those last words, “no push and pull, ebb and flow, infinity, the tide,” they invoke in me thoughts of flow, Lord. And I want to know if flow is the paradigm of the 5th dimension, the new way of life and love, the way to the kingdom of heaven? That is my question.

AAM: It is a very good question, and yes, flow is one of the ways, and the aspects, the elements, of which you may consider… and experience, because it is not just to be observed; it is to be lived and experienced in the 5th dimension.

Now, one of the qualities of the 5th dimension is also the ability to manage and to experience, to embrace change. Now, how can you do this in a loving, flowing way if you are not in the ebb and flow, if you are not like the tide, if you are not like the seasons? You have many sayings — for the coming of spring or the leaving of winter or the coming of summer — but do you really think that spring pushes out either summer or winter? No. They interconnect. And in that joining of moisture and sun, of earth and air, of all the elements, the new is born.

Your experience in the old 3rd — and I do not wish to be judgmental; this is merely the statement of fact — the experience and the way of operating, and the reason why sacred union has been so rare, is that it was based on push and pull. It was based on a feeling of compromise in the worst sense of the word.

Compromise is a wonderful word, but not in the sense that you have known it. How can you possibly have freedom, liberation, when someone is telling you, above, below, or in between, what to do or how to do it? How can anyone, outside of your beloved sacred self, demand or determine how you go about your sacred journey?

The entire purpose of sacred union is exchange, support; the experience of love without shackles; the complementarity. And that is why, so often, we have used the visual of puzzle pieces interlocking at one or two points of conjuncture, but not engulfing one another, allowing for the expansiveness. How can you be a ballet dancer if your arms are tied, if your feet are tied? How can your love flow out of your heart, not only to your sacred other, but to them and through them and with them to your community, to your family, to your planet, to your brothers and sisters of the stars, if they are impeded?

In the old 3rd, you are intergalactic experts at conditional love. And that is quite a feat. And it is, “I will love you if….” “I will love you, but….” You will never hear that from us. And as you are moving to the 5th, you will never hear it from yourself or from each other.

Now, Gaia is on the move again — yes, news of the day. And you are on the move again. And this is part of what we have spoken of in terms of your Ascension process. But it is being in the flow, and you cannot determine how to be in the flow, because it is new behavior, on every level. But you cannot be in that flow if you are not in the flow with your sacred self. When we have spoken of sacred union, we have repeatedly said the first relationship is with your sweet self, and to be and to know — maybe not everything, but to respect that you have… each of you has an ebb and flow. And you know this spiritually, you know this physically — that there are days when you are full of vim and vigor, and there are days where you wish to be more quiet, reflective. There are days emotionally where you are wide open with yourself and everyone you meet, and then there are days when you wish to travel more deeply within. There are days when you are razor sharp mentally, where you wish to engage in intellectual and cutting edge conversation, and then there are days when you would like to simply curl up with a good novel.

You have your ebb and flow. So, yes, liberation.

We have given you so many different formulas, and certainly Linda and Graham have spent a great deal of time with InLight Radio discussing creation formulas, et cetera. But think of this formula. Love… and rather than an equal sign place the infinity sign, that sideways 8, and see it as an = … liberation. Love ∞ liberation. Post it on your wall. Post it on your forehead. Post it on your website, because that is what it is. You cannot say that you are engaging, truly, in love with yourself or love with another if you are using the words ‘should’, ‘ought’, ‘need’. It doesn’t work.

Is that clear?

SB: Very clear. I think I said that in an article today, as a matter of fact, Lord, what you just said. Well, my next question is, if our listeners could imagine a graphic of the evolution of the human race, they might see — of course, this is not true; this is not how it happened — but, ape, Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon man, and Homo sapiens. We are going through an evolution right now, and the next step on the evolution is the Tsunami of Love, and the next step after that is Ascension.

Can you talk to us about what — how can I say it? One way I could say it is to say, can you talk to us about the differences between the Tsunami of Love and Ascension, as if one is Cro-Magnon man and one is Homo sapiens? What’s going to happen at the Tsunami of Love? What’s going to happen differently at Ascension?

AAM: Think of it this way: the Tsunami of Love is the gift, once again, in an ever-increasing velocity of the Mother’s essence. So there have been various gifts and stages, and as we have said, those gifts have not dissipated or disappeared. If anything, they have been built upon and built upon and built upon.

The Mother has declared — and it is already being sent to you, each of you, in your physical beings, in what you think of or are coming to think of as your inter-dimensional selves, many facets, many aspects of your being, your soul design, maintaining your physical self, are ready to have a greater experience of what the love, the fullness of love, feels like and especially how it is incorporated as it flows through you.

You see, this is why we use the analogy of the tide, of the ebb and flow, of the wave. Love is not something that you hold on to. Now, you have lived in an evolutionary stage where you have held on tight to most everything you have, and of course that has caused death and disease and hardship and pain. And even when you were in pain there has been a tendency to hold on to it and treasure it, as if it is the crown jewels.

Love is the energy of the universe. It is the energy of the Mother. And it moves constantly, continually, eternally, infinitely. So, to have an experience of love is, it moves through you. Now, does it fill you? Does it restore you? Does it nourish you? Does it alter you? Does it change you? Does it give you that evolutionary jump? Yes. It nourishes you, but it also clears you out. In some ways, it will purge many of your remaining illusions.

So, for some, will it be dramatic? Yes. But it will also be gentle, because it is love. So the human beings can choose to have high drama or not, but the essence of the love is not high drama. It is pervasive. It is not something that you can stop and start. Does it ebb and flow? Yes, because it is in constant motion. It is the Mother giving you the preview, and the upgrade, as it were, evolutionary upgrade, which will affect also your physical being, your DNA, so that you are prepared, freely and openly, to fly through your Ascension portal without your baggage.

You cannot bring all of your baggage, all that you have clung to, through that portal. And that is particularly true for the collective. There would not be enough storage space for all of you to bring your baggage.

So it is a cleansing, it is an upliftment, it is an upgrade, it is a nourishment, it is the Mother getting you ready to go to the prom.

SB: Okay, Lord. Well, I think some of our listeners just might want to know what you mean by baggage. You mean our vasanas and issues and upsets, is that not correct?

AAM: That is correct. It is your vasanas, it is your issues, it is your false belief systems.

SB: Okay.

AAM: It is your collective false belief systems.

SB: Right. Well, here’s one question I have that comes from my own experience. The tsunami… in spiritual literature it is said that the vasanas do not… they’re not erased until a level of enlightenment called sahājā nirvikalpa samādhi, which is Ascension. We’re going through the Tsunami of Love. Will our vasanas lift and be erased and eradicated in the Tsunami of Love? The reason I ask this is because if people go through the tsunami of love, turn to their sacred partner and expect them to be vasana-free, so to speak, and they’re not, it could be a very big upset for them. They may look upon their partner as deficient or something.

So, will the Tsunami of Love erase our vasanas or not?

AAM: Think of it this way. Think of the tsunami — now, you can cling to your vasanas, should you wish to, or your false belief systems, but it will make you move like sludge through the Ascension process. So this is your opportunity to cleanse. You can think of it as moving you to vasana-lite.

SB: Okay. That’s good.

AAM: Now, what do I mean by this? There are times when people revert; if something in their life goes awry, people revert to whatever their issue or their belief system is, their core issue, their vasana — “Love never works for me., “I never get what I need,” “The world is a harsh place,” “Struggle is reality.” And none of this is true. So this will wash away.

Now, can you reclaim it? It will be sitting on the beach. Would you wish to reclaim it? No. Now, that does not mean that you are home free, yet. Now, we are talking about the tsunami. There will still be some imprints, so there will be further raising in the vibration. But many of you have already been doing this clearing.

So this is an extra, extra, extra clearing, but it is also imbedding in you, yes, even in the constant movement, it is imbedding in you, through that wave that moves through you…think of it as giving electrolytes to yourselves. It is imbedding in you the molecules, the atoms, the subatomic fibers of love that say to you, “This is what I want. And I don’t really want that old garbage, so I’m willing to let it go.”

And on a collective, especially, collective level, this is necessary for the collective to be able to ascend. Now, there are… each of you has a unique position in all of this. And as we have said, there are many of you who are working already on the anchoring of this energy of the tsunami, who are becoming, part and parcel, the molecules of the wave, of the water, of the love, so that there will be that deeper penetration and that it will not feel like a deluge.

Each person has, and will have, a unique experience of the tsunami, but the consistency will be — and for many, for the first time in their entire life — they will truly feel what it is not only to be loved, but to be the love, to have it inside of them.

SB: Well, I can certainly vouch to that, lord. I’m practically blissed out as we speak! I’m sure the love is pouring through your broadcast.

I have four questions to ask, and I think we have about 10 or maybe 15, maybe a little more, minutes. So if we could give shortish answers to them, that would be very good.

First one is, Ashtar through Phillip has mentioned contact between galactics and humans. And I’m sure you know that reading. And there are rumors of an impending landing by the galactics. I don’t think either of these events is meant to be Disclosure, but they’re kind of preliminary things that are happening. Can you tell us anything about that?

AAM: Your star brothers and sisters have a great deal of activity planned for the very, very near future. Disclosure in terms of a formal announcement from the heads of countries? Well, I would suggest that those above and below have almost given up on that occurrence. So they will be backed into it, if anything. The sightings, the landings, the presence that is announced will be simultaneous, in different places, in what we would say, more rural villages, all over the planet, at once.

SB: Wow.

AAM: And they will come not to the heads of nations, but to the villages, to the people. They will come in the smaller craft. There will be an energy field, just like they are now penetrating the planet and each of you with a soft pink glow; there will be an energy glow of the pink. No, they’re not going to change the material of their machines, but there will be an energy field that will reassure people. And this has been done also through much of the work of having troops on the ground, understanding the variations and the frequencies of communications.

If anything, what will occur is that your star brothers and sisters will present their credentials in very small groups to, like, the mayor of a small town or a village. Because that is the level at which they wish to connect. It is very low key, and it is also saying to those who, in fact, have their feet closer to the ground, as it were, that your role in working with your village, and our value for your role, is profound.

The leaders of many nations — and we do not disrespect or dismiss them — but the leaders of too many nations, nations that have agreed — in G8, G20 — that the star brothers and sisters are present have simply not stepped forward. So it is a more casual approach.

And then, when you have the mayors and the people of villages all over the globe declaring that they have visitations and new allies, this will force the hands of those “people in power,” quote unquote, because that is not where the power lies, to say, “Oh, yes, that is so.”

So it will be a very gentle initiative.

SB: Well, Lord, why does Barack Obama need prodding? I thought he was pro-Disclosure and willing to disclose? Or Medvedev, for that matter?

AAM: Many of them are pro-Disclosure, and they have agreed in private conversations of meetings of nation-heads to Disclosure, but they have not proceeded. They have turned their attention, and they have also allowed themselves to be influenced by military. And this is particularly true … well, some of the more recalcitrant factors have been at work in terms of working out some of the angst and anger. So they have always had higher priorities on their agendas.

SB: Hmm.

AAM: Now, your star brothers and sisters have waited hundreds and hundreds of years, as you well know. And could they wait hundreds of years longer? Yes. But you can’t. Earth, Terrans, Gaia, Kingdoms, are not in a position, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, to wait indefinitely. And your star brothers and sisters, they came, all of them, on a mission of peace, with an olive branch of love, with technology and goods, science and culture, very rich, that they wished once again to engage with this planet in exchange and mutuality, and particularly in assisting Earth to raise — and everything upon her to raise — to the higher frequency and dimensions.

SB: Okay.

AAM: So they are not willing to step back and miss the main event!

SB: Absolutely.

Three more questions, if I may. The first is, can you give us an update on what the outlook is in trouble spots like Venezuela, China and North and South Korea?

AAM: This is a time where we say that those who are deeply enmeshed in their illusions, in what you call the vasanas, the false grids, the belief systems, the paradigms, et cetera, are bringing these to the surface for clearing. Now, are they creating a great deal of chaos and mayhem? Yes. But that is their joy. But what they are finding is rather than giving them a sense of completion and joy, it is truly ripping at the very fabric of their societies.

With Russia’s incursion into the Ukraine — which is ironic, because there have been incursions, territorial, political, et cetera, for a very long time — but this particular action has given the message, perhaps because it is on the European continent, it has given the subtle message to others — and now I am talking particularly about China and about North and South Korea — that it is permissible to be aggressors, to ignite an incursion, a land grab, a power grab into another nation’s position; that if you are strong enough that you can threaten enough and use military might to create a takeover.
And that is very, very sad. But again, this is simply people flexing their muscles and working out their anger, their lack of self worth, their lack of self love. And it is very pathetic.

SB: And what about….

AAM: In China there is a growing rift between the middle class and what we would call the super rich. And there is a growing crisis. And what you are going to see — and this relates to some of your currency questions as well — is that in Venezuela you are seeing the people rising up and demanding their freedom, and demanding some economic shift. Now, the difficulty of that is, is that Venezuela has mortgaged and sold their vast resources for decades to come, and given them away elsewhere. And they are allowing a huge influx of Cuban influence into their country to control.

It is about oil. It is about resources.

Now, what you are seeing in China, in addition to the, what we are calling a class warfare that is growing and will be ignited very shortly, is that you are seeing a nation trying to buy other countries’ resources with their financial might, which in many ways is a mere reflection and repeat of what has occurred in Venezuela. So it is not a beneficial situation. And that is another reason for your star brothers and sisters to truly make their presence known, because this issue of clean energy, of free energy, is tantamount and certainly part of your 5th dimensional changes.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord. Two more questions.

I’ve heard from…. well, I’ve heard that Archangel Gabrielle didn’t think we took up her invitation to contain violent men. And I was puzzled because I thought it wasn’t possible for humans to participate in containment. I thought that was only capable of being done by archangels. So what role have we to play in the containment of violent men who persecute women?

AAM: Now, you know my sister is bereft over this.

SB: Well, that’s what I heard! Please, send, you know, give her my apologies!

AAM: We are teasing you, dear heart.

SB: Oh, gosh. Okay. [laughs]

AAM: But yes, she brings it to everyone’s attention. Because what she has done is make an offer that has never been made before. And it is an offer that is the partnership of humanity, and particularly of lightworkers, with us and with her, for a new form of containment.

And it was to take… for you to gather, visualize, herd, think of, however you do this, to place massive numbers of those who are against the honoring of gender equality into the blue topaz box of the Mother’s clarity. So this is a form of containment dreamed up by my sister, approved by the Mother, dreamed up by my beloved Gabrielle. And she has invited all of you — and believe you me, she has invited us as well. And when Gabrielle invites you, you show up — to gather, and it is not merely men, it is women who also believe that the subjugation, the mutilation, the subservience of women is acceptable as well.

So it is the men and women who do not believe in gender equality, for them to be penetrated by this clarity and purity of the Mother, that they may then emerge into a new framework of understanding and of action. And this is a very rapid way to heal this issue.

So, on her behalf I offer this invitation and extend it to all of you to work in concert with us on this issue.

SB: Okay. Well, now, we’re an internet community by and large. I myself am a print journalist. Graham and the others are audio journalists. How do we work with this invitation? How does an internet community work with this invitation?

AAM: You work with it in your heart. You share the information, of course, but you work with it and your incite others to work with it who care, deeply, about this issue. This is part of being a global citizen. You cannot say, “I live in Florida,” or “I live in Vermont, or Vancouver, and therefore I cannot affect what happens in Iraq.” That is not so.

So in your heart, in your prayers, in your meditation, in your visualization, in your writing, you see that these beings are gathered energetically into this place. And it is a massive box. It is about the size of North America. There are many, and it is not merely in Africa or the Middle East, it is everywhere, who have this opinion, who have this set of beliefs. So it is one of the ways in which you are really helping to clear some very significant, not only abuses but vasanas.

SB: Well, that’s very interesting, very challenging. I will definitely take that up.

AAM: It is a new form of partnership. It is the way in which we are saying, “we can work together to resolve and eliminate these issues.”

SB: Oh, well, here we go! We’re running out of time again! It’s too bad. It was a very, very enlightening discussion today, Lord. Thank you.

AAM: Go with my love. Go, dear hearts, with the ebb and flow. Farewell.

SB: Farewell, Lord.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-04-14
© 2014 Council of Love


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