Lima, Peru – Raelians look to build Extraterrestrial Embassy – By Hillary Ojeda – 2-12-15

Lima: Raelians look to build extraterrestrial embassy
Raelians convened in Miraflores to discuss the building of an embassy.

(Photo: El Comercio)

A group of Raelians see Lima as the potential home to an alien embassy intended to welcome extraterrestrials to visit the capital.

Raelians, of Raelianism or the Raëlian movement, met in a hotel room of Miraflores to discuss what could be an extraterrestrial embassy. Members of the UFO religion believe Lima to be a prime location.

Leader of Raelians of Latin America, David Uzal, told El Comercio about the other-wordly meeting.

“Imagine the economic benefits,” said Uzal. Lima could be the first place to welcome extraterrestrials and receive elohim after hundreds of years, according to Uzal.

Raelians believe that a species of extraterrestrials known as elohim created human beings. The religion’s father is French Claude Vorilhon and was founded in 1947. Raelians can be found all around the world and believe that humans were created from genetic experiments from beings of other planets.

Recently, they’ve connected on the goal of building an embassy for welcoming extraterrestrials, in Lima. The first preference was Israel, but for undisclosed reasons, Lima is now the city of choice. According to Raelians, Peru has a long-standing history with the elohim and maintain an imprint with its active energy.

Only yesterday, was the latest recording of a UFO that took place in Miraflores during the filming of a local program.

Peruvian representative of Raelians, Erich Rever, told El Comercio that the application process has already begun and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received the request for an extraterrestrial embassy.

“We don’t want to convince anybody, we just want to spread the message,” said rever.

Between Feb. 15-22, Raelians of Peru and from abroad are meeting in Santa Eulalia for a retreat. Just east of Lima in Huarochiri, the group will convene at the Happiness Academy and share the message of Raelianism.