SAINT GERMAINE – LIGHT WORKERS – Come and Re-Charge in a Place of Calm – 3-4-18 – by Therese Zumi Sumner


Therese Zumi Sumner

TZ here; yesterday I found myself in a place of stress within for no apparent reason. I decided to take a break and connect to Source. When I connect to Source I do so by connecting to the portal of the Galactic Central Sun here in our milky way and my thoughts are connecting to Mother Father One. Steve Beckow has over the years explained the Mother Father aspect of Source – God – One something like this. The Father or Divine Masculine Source energy is still. The Father rests in Source and The Mother or Divine Feminine aspect of Source moves ‘Their’ will through creation. Everyone else on the higher dimensional planes like the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Spiritual beings like Sananda, Saint Germaine, Ashtar and Astara {Osiris and Isis} are always doing the will of Divine Mother and thus the will of the Father.

For as long as I have been acquainted with Cobra he has spoken about the Goddess or Divine Mother. We so need on this planet to leave behind the focus of the patriarchal. We need to leave behind a focus on the Father alone and bring a new focus to Mother – Father One. Steve has explained that we reach the Father through the Mother.  I grew up in Ireland where the patriarchal Catholic church controlled everything in our lives. You may have heard Saint Germaine’s description of the Old Atlantis and its whereabouts {link below} and Ireland was part of Atlantis that did not sink. Did you know that Ireland was probably one of the first places in western Europe to become Christian? Then Catholic. Saint Patrick we were taught drove the snakes out of Ireland! You see there was such a strong belief from way back in the Goddess energy that no amount of programming could take away that love of the Goddess from the Irish. We continued even within this programmed patriarchal religion to put our main faith in Mother Mary. I do not believe that I would be here today on this planet without my faith in Her. Yes, I loved Jesus, but I leaned on Mary. Indeed, most Irish people I knew prayed to Jesus through His mother Mary. Some would say that Universal Mother Mary is the Divine Mother.

Cobra has said so many times “Goddess wants peace and peace there will be.” Here is an excerpt from his blog;

Friday, June 8, 2012

Surrender of the Cabal Meditation

“Return of the Goddess meditation was a great success. The critical mass was reached, and Goddess has returned to planet Earth after 5000 years of exile. This means that Kali Yuga is officially over. It means that the feminine aspect of the Source has been irrevocably anchored in every physical, etheric, astral and mental particle of this planet and will stay here forever. You can now connect with the Goddess energy anytime you wish. Isis got her crown back:

Goddess wants peace. After 5000 years of insane wars, produced by disbalance of feminine and masculine aspects, real peace is finally possible. Goddess wants peace and she will get it.”  

The entire Co of Heaven ~ Council of Love ~ Lightworkers ~ Galactic family we are all working for the Mother ~ Goddess and so for the Father.

Ok so let’s get back to Saint Germaine who I connected with yesterday in meditation. He would like me to remind again all lightworkers to come and recharge their energy at this oh so important phase in the transition. Whenever we feel that we are not in ‘unity’ with our Higher Self and in a flow of trust and focus in the now we can turn to our favourite guides for help.

“Come and sit with me in the Temple of my Violet Flame. Come and let us extinguish what is not of love, what is not of wholeness, what is not of you.”

…You are creating the new and that is truly the purpose of the Violet Flame.


It is restoration, yes, it has the ability to incinerate, transmute, transform, transubstantiate that which is not of love and wholeness.

But what it really does, that is about ten percent.

What it really does is allow the new, allow the love, the true I AM Presence to emerge. And that is what I am doing with each and every one of you. I am so excited….

When you say you are tired, when you are saying, really what you are saying is that you are somewhat distraught and worn out. And I am teasing you and in a kind of paternalistic way saying, “Take the purple pencil and write what you are calling on.”

But if you feel too tired to do that, simply come and sit with me in the Temple of the Violet Flame. And this goes for preparing yourselves, restoring yourselves, fueling yourselves.If you feel too tired to simply write on your pad, come and let me refill you with the I AM Presence. Then there will be no containing you. So as a daily practice, it doesn’t matter if you transform or transmute your recliner chair into the violet bonfire, I will be there. Your bed into the violet bonfire, I will be there. Spend some time in the flame and this will really help.

……In terms of practicality my advice and social responsibility, stewardship,

I have two things that I would recommend: {1} One is the first and the foremost is, of course, drift into the future, see what’s there and bring it back.

See as if you are gathering, throwing your nets the same way you did with Yeshua, the same way you’ve done so many times, throw your net and bring it in and anchor it in your heart, in your legs, in your cells, in your being. Bring that future dream into your now. Time is fluid. Also, see in your heart’s desires is what do you feel drawn to?..

{2} Calm, calm, calm is the watchword right now. And this is coming from the master of fire, so let me say to you it’s not about ranting and raving and engaging and being shrill about what is going on. It is quiet, calm conversation and it is bringing people back to the question, “Is this how you really want to live?” And you will see, nine out of ten, and maybe ten out of ten will say “No. No, this wasn’t the idea I had in mind at all.”

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