LIFE COACH CODE – 12 Types Of Lightworkers that Transform Human Spirit! – 7-20-17

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Source: Gostica > by Melanie Beckler;
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Serving humanity doesn’t have to be in the limelight, on the stage, you don’t have to be a spiritual teacher to have an enlightening impact on others. No matter where you are: in a normal looking environment, working in a corporate job, playing in the mainstream area of reality… wherever you are, you’re able to walk your Lightworker’s path.

People notice your vibrancy, your love, and support for others, your exemplary service, and the positivity you naturally impart with others. That’s what really helps in the end.

Just being you and in alignment with your truth is enough. That’s what inspires positive change in others, that’s what heals and ignites the light in others’ souls!

There are 12 types of a Lightworker and all of them serve the same core purpose, being of service to humanity. That service might be healing humanity, inspiring humanity or leading humanity to a positive change.

The 12 Types Of A Lightworker

When identifying your Lightworker journey, you must pay attention to your inner guidance. Your intuition will guide you in discovering one or more unique gifts in you.


1. The Gridworkers and Gatekeepers

These Lightworkers deal with the grids on Gaia. They create the human grid that connects the hearts of all awakened humans. They are the actual doorways on the earth that connect sacred sites through lay lines and act as portals that allow light to come to this world through their open hearts.

Gatekeeping is a more advanced form of Gridwork in which Lightworkers work with a team to open interdimensional gates that allow higher levels of light and love to flow in. While Gridworkers bring light through already opened spiritual doorways on Gaia Gatekeepers open doorways where there weren’t any before, or even ones that were closed due to stagnation.

2. The Divine Lightkeepers

The core mission of this type is to embody the light. No matter the external circumstances, they’re here to retain higher vibrational frequency and presence. They are the lighthouse of humanity.

In tumultuous and chaotic events, their light shines enough to give hope and inspire others. These Lightworkers uplift and support humanity in the unfolding awakening process. Most of them are comedians, motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, celebrities or even local grounded individuals who you feel comfortable to lean on to.

3. The Transmuters

Transmuters neutralize the negativity and darkness by diving into it and releasing their light. When the negativity is returned to divine neutrality, it’s restored to balance. By transmuting past karma, transmuters work on behalf and for the collective consciousness of humanity.

They might also transmute along their ancestral lines. They may have chosen to be born into an ancestral line that has plenty of negative karma. They serve to release, dissolve, heal, and help their entire ancestral line’s vibration to level up.

4. The Healers

Healers help practically everything: humanity, the earth, animals, souls and all beings by healing their mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual aspects. As a Healer, you must listen to your internal guidance about the modalities, techniques, and ways in using your gifts through service.

Most empaths are unrealized healers who need to use their emotional abilities to unlock their healing potential. It is important that you focus on healing yourself first because by doing so you can raise your vibration and fill up yourself with the light that can heal, support, serve, love and guide others.

5. The Seers

These Lightworkers have opened the third eye or psychic sight making them able to see beyond the physical and the veil of illusion. Their gifts include providing readings or services to inspire, empower, and guide others to their truth and the truth of the world.

They may also focus on areas where their energy is much needed for healing, transmutation, or release. It’s here where their light, power, and presence make a big difference. These people are usually the ones who reveal the truth behind the shadows. Most of them are really good psychiatrists who are labeled as parapsychologists (think of Carl Jung), truth activists and even professional psychics.

6. The Divine Blueprint Holders

Everyone has a divine blueprint, which is a template to a fully awakened self. All Lightworkers have this template, but the Divine Blueprint Holders are the most active in tuning into it and retrieving the codes of awakening. They are best at translating these codes so everyone can understand them and use them to raise the levels of their consciousness.

The Divine Blueprint Holders use sacred geometry and other sacred forms of communication through their work. They can be literally in any field and area of life but it’s the way the create and do things that matters. That’s how they subconsciously communicate The Divine Blueprint.

7. The Dreamers

The Dreamers serve their gift by dreaming, interdimensional travel, and going into the dream space which allows them to access alternate dimensions of experience.

The Dreamers are usually people who are called psychonauts. They use certain rituals or supplements to embark on psychedelic trips and access realms and ideas that would later inspire and uplift the human spirit. If it weren’t for The Dreamers there wouldn’t be 90% of the art, technology and inventions we have in the world today.

8. The Messengers

Messengers receive guidance and messages from the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, and their Higher Self.

They share these messages through videos, blogging, teaching, or writing. Whatever media or platform, Messengers serve humanity through the awakening process by sharing powerful spiritual insight and information. They are explaining to people what’s happening to them making them better understand this journey of evolution through the guidance they receive from the Spirit.

9. The Manifestors

These Lightworkers are involved in weaving light to manifest changes on the earth, which could come in the form of intending and manifesting timelines, manifesting positive events or creating the template for greater love, greater light and harmonious co-creation. They do this through various ways like meditation and visualization accompanied with self inspection.

The Manifestors manifest for the highest interest of all beings, Gaia, animals, and all of the humanity. But as they keep manifesting they work strongly on their inner selves to make sure their manifestations are not of egoistical nature but from their heart center. Most of these people don’t even focus on manifesting but on clearing the way so what they resonate with is for the good of all.

10. The Ascension Guides

They are the ascending Lightworkers. They step into greater levels of light and share what they learn about the ascension process. These people step into the edge of enlightenment and push even further by questioning and embodying higher levels of light. Most of their teachings are aimed at the spiritual masters so they can push even further the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The Ascension Guides show us how to overcome some of the pitfalls of enlightenment to help everyone not lose themselves on their way to ascension. Some of their teachings might even contradict the regular teachings of Lightworkers. This is because they approach the truth from a much higher viewpoint and see the flaws that might surface with blind spirituality.

11. The Wayshowers

Wayshowers walk their talk. They embody the ascension process and live their lives in the most authentic way. They keep the highest interest of all beings and live an awakened and inspired life. These people are not even aware that they serve humanity in some way. All that The Wayshowers do is live in resonance with their truth and the teachings other Lightworkers share with the world.

These people are the heart of the Lightworkers. They are what inspires and motivates other Lightworkers to keep doing what they are doing because there is still good in the world that needs their light. And by looking at them, other Lightworkers are reminded of what really matters.

12. The Unifiers

These Lightworkers see how everything connects with everything else. They are really good at finding patterns and merging various philosophies into one. They are the translators that gather the teachings of other Lightworkers, the truths and philosophies of spiritual masters, and shape them in a way that is really easy for people to consume.

The Unifiers are good at perceiving the essence behind different opinions. That’s how they can find ways in connecting people together. They naturally see beyond the 2 sides and understand the whole that the 2 sides are a part of. These people are not just for translating but for unifying different teams of Lightworkers together so their impact can be much greater.

Even though you are mostly identifying yourself with one of the 12 types of Lightworkers, you are likely to have some traits from all the other. We are all a different mix of these types based on how these secondary types can benefit the realization of our primary type’s purpose.

Source: Gostica > by Melanie Beckler;
Inspired By:;

A Message to Lightworkers by Caroline Oceana Ryan – 4-16-19 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia


A very interesting and unusual slant on the matter of Notre Dame. Thanks to Celine.

A Message to Lightworkers – April 16, 2019

Caroline Oceana Ryan, Ascension Times

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:COR: My friends, What is the significance of places of worship burning down completely or in part, in different parts of the world?

Particularly, yesterday’s fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Millions of us wept as we saw that beautiful structure, which has such a strong presence and has stood for so long, being invaded by such a powerful destructive force.

Can you give us some clarity as to why there seems to be such an energy of tumult and sudden shifts in the world now? I’ve experienced it in my own life this past month, and so have many others.

Is this a great cleansing? A transmutation of some kind?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are happy to have this time to speak with you today.

We would say, that though there is, as we have said often, an element of chaos in creation, and you are most assuredly creating a new world, that several other factors are also involved here.

You have seen how some have noted that Notre Dame—Our Lady—is symbolic of the Divine Feminine, whether in form of the Mother of Yeshua or some other Divine goddess expression.

It is important to note that there are no holds now on how energy on the Earth expresses itself.

For a very long time, energy on your planet was held in certain patterns and waves.

People would find it difficult to say or do or believe things that were an individual expression, and that varied from what their social class, religion, gender, or culture had been taught to believe.

You have seen oppressive governments in some countries, where this is still attempted—a stranglehold on certain thoughts or behaviors.

Except that in the Earth eras we speak of, this influence was not obvious to the masses.

It was simply “in the air” to believe only certain things possible or true, due to the energetic matrix which people lived under and unknowingly followed.

These old oppressive energetic structures are no longer working so unfailingly now. In fact, they are failing colossally.

Human thought and emotion, and most importantly, inner wisdom and imagination, have broken out of the old system into an era when individual thought stands at least as strong as the socially trained, carefully programmed group belief.

And in many cases, it stretches well beyond what the group has been told to consider to be truth.

Photo by Lynne Newman

As human beings exercise this new freedom, they influence countless others across the world on the etheric plane.

None of this is accidental.

Humanity’s own intention has pulled this planet from a place in the cosmos where ignorance and slavery were the norm to a place of individualism, authenticity, and soul purpose—a multiplicity of beliefs expressing as Truth, and an expression of the honesty of the individual journey.

You are awakening, in other words!

You are no longer automatic puppets and slaves.

And though that is a relief to know in some ways, it ushers in a very great “shake up” on other levels.

When you see institutions burning that have long symbolized the comfort of certain traditions, understand that much of that comfort is an inadvertent addiction to the “cover” of the old structure.

Deep within the Love you experience for a particular sacred space, is the drive to know yourself, to know the Universe, in ways and at a depth you have never experienced while in a human body, or not experienced for millennia.

That intent to know and revere the inner sanctuary cannot be destroyed, unless you choose such.

In regards to Notre Dame—no one can harm your connection to Yeshua, to Mary Magdalene, to Mother Mary or the apostles, or the Archangels.

No one in that well-known story will turn from you or repudiate your desire to know them and to know yourself in the Light of their story, though the old rules of religion may instruct you otherwise at times.

Humankind is not only (mostly unconsciously) releasing its need for religion as a spiritual guide or resource.

Humanity is overcoming and exceeding the limits of religion.

It is breaking apart those strictures and boundaries that have not only kept your ideas and understanding small and confined (and often erroneous), but forbidden you to ask certain questions and hold certain thoughts or images as possibilities.

We understand that you are experiencing discomfort in many ways.

The old order is exerting whatever influences, pulling whatever levers of control it still possesses now, in an all-out effort to keep people’s vibrations low, their expectations small, their beliefs dim and grey.

You will not fall for this, though it may feel that way some days.

You have recently had a tax day in the United States—note how many now are realizing the extreme inequalities of that system, and are asking, essentially, why the king’s men must still be paid, in a country that was crafted to be a democracy.

Photo by Angela Pereira

To return to your question, fire is a fascinating element.

You have yourself witnessed its power to transmute and to clarify, in sweat lodge experiences, and in Nature.

The flames and heat intend not so much to harm as to promote a powerful energy that yes, transmutes in many ways, and also purifies and clears that which has decided to return to the air, to pure etheric form.

The timbers of that institution understood that—remember that there is life and consciousness in everything!—and willingly gave themselves up to what was intended to be an emotionally wrenching event, yet what will turn out to be a cleansing and clarifying one.

The medieval energies of that structure have been seeing the results of their era end, and move on.

Knowing it was time for them to do the same, they have released their Earth form, and also returned to the ethers.

It is time to release the energies of master and slave, of kings and lords and peasants, of the hierarchies that spelled misery for many millions for many centuries.

As you witness the result of powerful shifts in astrological placements, you are also witnessing what is being birthed on your planet as a result of these crucial moments, and humanity’s own decision to Ascend.

And so, we would say, do not fear these shifts and changes, however much of a shock they may be some days.

Though events such as these are being used as a lever to intimidate, lower vibration, or bring feelings of disempowerment, you have noted, as you saw groups of people singing outside the edifice while it burnt, that the opposite is true.

Parisians singing hymns as they witness Notre Dame cathedral in flames
YouTube video – from The Guardian online

You are not merely, with this great shift in consciousness, overcoming the hierarchical tyranny of several Earth ages, dear ones, as great as that is.

You are writing the way forward to a whole new moment for this planet, in which your voices sing not the one note prewritten for you, but the many harmonic notes you decided independently, before incarnating, to add to the collective celebration.

This glorious combination of voices is now serving to break through the old paradigms of oppression, to bring you to new places of strength, grace, calm, and a centered sense of purpose.

It is aiding you in awakening, to Know and to Remember why you are here.

You will not celebrate every moment of this transition—there is much sadness in any form of letting go of the familiar, when that has been a comfort and a well-known pattern.

Yet in the name of your freedom and Ascension journey, you have decided on that very thing.

And all of us in the higher realms (and also here with you upon the Earth) rejoice to see your increasing forms of independence, your inner empowerment, and your outer.

And your increasing knowing that you are completely loved and believed in, and guided at every moment.

You have only to ask, to know that Wisdom as your own.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.

You are all of you Rising now, to new and unseen heights.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Recent: A Message to Lightworkers – March 19, 2019

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

KaRa (Pleiadian Emmisary) – One Who Serves – All That You Have Wanted To Occur In This Lifetime, Is About To Unfold ! – via James McConnell – 4-8-19

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KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.  I greet you from all of the Pleiadian councils and the many, many ships that we have.  We greet you, and we thank you, all of you, all that are listening and will later read these words:  we thank all of you.  For without you, we would not be here.  We would not be watching over this entire process.  We would not be a part of your ascension.  Because you:  all of the Lightworkers, the Warriors, and the Sharers, and Bearers of Light, are what this is all about, bringing mankind to a higher state of consciousness. 

Those of you that have participated in your latest endeavor, that which you call the expedition, at this point you are beginning to understand, but yet not anywhere near fully.  For as the One Who Serves has said, “you have no idea what you have done and what you are continuing to do, and even more, what you are about to do.”  I will leave that as just a glimmer of what is ahead, a tease, you might say. 

Know you have your fable, or your saying, “carrot and the stick.”  The carrot is held in front of you on a stick.  You constantly try to reach for it, but it keeps being out of reach.  We have been holding that carrot in front of you.  You have been reaching, and reaching, and reaching for it.  We have not been pulling it away like some of you might think.  We have been holding it there so you could reach for it.  Reach out, my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, reach out for that carrot.  It is there for you.  All that you have wanted to occur in this lifetime is about to unfold. 

But it always requires the consciousness of man to bring this about.  And although there have been many phases of the Great Plan of the universe, many phases, many different plans that you call your A, B, C, D plans.  If one doesn’t work, another one is tried, and another one, and another one.  Tweaked here, tweaked there.  That is what has been happening. 

We, those of us, the Pleiadians, all of the other civilizations that are here working with you have been planning.  In great councils we meet.  Councils which you yourselves, those of you who are ready for it, will be called upon to assist and be a part of these councils.  Great Sananda has spoken about this to you.  When the time and the vibration is right, we will be ready to share much more about this. 

For now, know that you will be a part of these councils if you choose.  You will have many different parts of your missions to bring to success.  It will be up to you to choose how you want to proceed.  For once the final darkness, the veil of darkness has been completely lifted, you will be free to reach out to the universe, the galaxy beyond galaxy, beyond galaxy.  Yes, to literally go where no one has gone before if you wish.  For this, my friend, is your destiny.  You are loved beyond measure by all of us. 

I, KaRa, bid you farewell for now. 

Reach, my friends, reach for that carrot.  Continue to reach for it.  Know that one day, one moment, you will grab it and it will be yours.  All that you have been through, all the travails, all of the problems, the negativity, the darkness will have lifted, with only light in front of you and in you. 

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

ONE  WHO  SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani, padme, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  

One Who Serves here to continue the show here.  And we use that term purposefully because it is quite a show.  You are putting on quite a show.  And you, as you have heard other times, you are our entertainment!  We watch your show!  We watch it diligently.  We look forward to it each and every week.  Like you have your TV shows and you look forward to that next one that comes the next week, and the next week, and the next week, and the next week, and you can’t wait until it comes.  Well, we do the same thing.  We can’t wait to see what you do next!  What escapades you go on.  What new things come up.  What new questions arise within your consciousness? 

And speaking of which, what questions do you have? 

Host with Guest’s Internet Question:   He is working on his breathing.  He is asking about it, but the message was lost.

OWS:   Yes, we can tell you because we are finding it now within The James.  He was wondering about the breatharian movement.  We will not comment on this particular person, but we will say that that movement is real, it is something, but it is something that comes as you continue to rise in consciousness and your vibration. 

For those of you who don’t know, it is about taking the pranic energy within you and sustaining yourself on that pranic energy.  Like we do.  We do not need to have sustenance if we don’t want to.  There are times, of course, when we have gatherings.  We have social gatherings, and we sit and break bread—not so much break bread anymore, that is an old saying.  We do much more than that—vegetables, fruits, all of these types of things are wonderful.  And yes, certainly wine at times, and all of these kinds of things. 

But the breatharian movement, working with the pranic energy, is about taking that pranic energy into your body and having it sustain you.  It is a wonderful weight loss program, I can tell you that.  But do not attempt it, and please understand this—I will repeat this—do not attempt it until you really believe you are ready for it.  It takes a great deal of perseverance and higher consciousness to be able to succeed with it. 

Now, with that understanding, you can do bits and pieces.  You do not have to do it all at once.  You can visualize the pranic energy entering through the back of your neck into your spinal column and sustaining you.  But do not let only that be your sustainment.  Continue to eat right, drink many fluids, all of this.  And if you want, you can begin to limit more and more and more, which many of you are already doing.  Many of you are eating less and eating much better in terms of vitamins, your minerals, your less pesticides, and all of these kinds of things.  And this is wonderful. 

But again, when you are ready.  If you are not ready to give up the eating of animal flesh, then don’t.  Don’t force yourself to do it unless you feel you are ready to do it.  You will know.  Your consciousness will tell you.  Your body will tell you when it will no longer sustain you with those types of eating habits.  Okay?  Does this answer this question?  Yes, we believe it does.

Host:   That’s all we have.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be any other questions here?

Guest:   Hello One Who Serves.  We were having a discussion earlier about Ganymeade.  I was told Jupiter has 67 moons and one of them is Ganymeade, but it was brought there, like our moon was brought into this quadrant section of space.  I don’t want to go into a linear construct here, but how long ago are we talking to a degree.  Is Ganymeade new compared to our moon of lengthy time being outside Jupiter, or has it been there longer than our moon?  Ashtar Ka Ree said it was brought there.  And all the animals and all the life and all the plants were brought to this moon.  So it is interesting and I wonder if you could shed light on it.  I love you, and thank you.

OWS:   You are correct in terms of both your moon here and that one that you speak of have been brought there.  They are artificial, and they have been brought as what you might call satellite moons.  They were brought a long, long time ago.  We will not say directly, but it is in terms of thousands, and thousands, and thousands, and thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.  Long time.  Okay?  The actual date, the actual time frame would not even begin to compute in your three-dimensional understanding yet at this point. 

Guest:   Thank you. 

OWS:   There is one other thing:  do not think of it is terms, even though we said thousands and thousands and thousands of years, this is pertaining to your way of your time chronology.  But think of it in terms of no time in space.  So it is all about vibration, and it is all about the past, present, and future all being one now in the moment.  So therefore you cannot come to a complete understanding of how long something has been there because it is in the now as we speak here.  Do you understand?

Guest:   Yes.  To give it a linear construct is a little bit silly, isn’t it, I don’t even know why I asked that question.  But I just wanted to get clarity.  It was definitely brought there.  And it is interesting that these moons, these satellites, are brought to these particular planets, and there is a reason for that, I’m just trying to figure out that reason why these particular moons were brought to these planets. 

OWS:   Can we make a suggestion to you?

Guest:  Absolutely.

OWS:   Stop trying to figure it out.  Let it be.  You do not need to understand these types of terminology and chronology.  There is no reason for it.  Just think in terms of the perfect now, in the moment consciousness moment.  And then, everything begins come together, you might say, and all begins to make sense when you no longer try to make sense out of it.

Guest:   Thank you so much.  Thank you for answering my question. 

OWS:   Would there be any other questions?

Guest:   I would like to know if I have fully completed the activation within the sacred objects that you and your brothers and sisters apported to me from Lemuria.  If that activation is complete within me and within the sacred objects. 

OWS:   Can we be completely honest with you, Dear Sister? 

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:   Then we would answer that question as a no.  It is not complete.  It will not be completely complete (can we say it that way?), it will not be a finished deal or project until you have learned how to work with those crystals directly and be able to rejuvenate your own body as a result of it. 

Guest:   Hmm.  That’s what I have been working on!  That’s quite a project!

OWS:   Yes, it is quite a project, but only if you believe it is quite a project.. 

Guest:   Oh I believe it, yes.

OWS:   Be in the perfect now, in the moment, with the vibration high around you working with those crystals, and see yourself in the crystals rejuvenating your body.  Now you will not go from your age now to 20 years old overnight, but you will begin to notice a lessening of wrinkles.  You will begin to notice an energy in your step.  You see?  Little by little.  If you practice this. 

See yourself as if you were looking at a crystal ball.  See yourself in those crystals, but see the self that you want to see.  And the younger that you see yourself, and can visualize that and can hold that visualization, the younger you will become. 

Now we know that is quite different from the programming that you have come to understand.  But we can add this:  this is not only for this one that we speak to here.  This is for all of you.  All of you.  Begin to see yourself as you want to see yourself.  Visualize yourself as younger, vibrant.  And you will find that even those that are in what you would call the Far East, the Himalayans:  some of them are 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 years old and so on, and they look and act like they are 40, 30.  You see what we are going with here?  It is all about belief.  All about belief.  Believing is seeing. 

One other thing you can do, and we know this is difficult for many to do because how many say, “oh, this is my birthday!”  As you are saying “this is my birthday,” you are thinking in your head oh, I am another year older.  See, even if you won’t admit it, we know that you do that because that is your programming.  You got another year older, and another year older.  But if you would completely forget your birthday, not even remember when you were born.  Think about that, what would that do for you?  You would not be thinking in terms of a year older, again and again. 

Guest:   It would make you immortal.

OWS:   Yes.  Very much so in terms of your physical bodies are meant to last.  But, as you know, the food that you eat, the drinks that you take, the lack of exercise, the environment what you are in, what you breathe in from your skies, the energies coming from the electromagnetic energies all around you, all of these things tend to deplete the body. 

But if you begin more and more to take conscious awareness of this, you can listen to your body and begin more and more to feet your body, not only food and drink, but feed it sustenance of all different types:  energy, thoughts.  All of these things can literally rejuvenate your body, reverse the aging process. 

Look at some of your Lightworker friends.  Do they look the age that they are?  Many of them don’t.  Many of them look much younger because they believe they are much younger. 

Okay?  Any other questions, here?

Guest:   I don’t usually ask questions about personal things, but I have had a light outside of my house up over my house.  I do believe it is a spaceship, but it is round.  And I have seen spaceships that are triangular-appearing before.  It is a light, and it is not the moon, because the moon moves.  I have walked out there and I have looked up, and it follows me if I go down the driveway.  Then when I just walk over to where my mailbox is, it makes a shadow, that’s like the moon.  Now this has happened for three nights, and I go out.  So I woke up early and went out at 7 o’clock, and it was still dark, but it was there.  I have tried to find out from someone  if that’s them in a spaceship.  But it is so large, I know it is close.  Do you happen to know who it is or what it is please?

OWS:   Yes.  We do.  Would you like to know?

Guest:   I would love to know.

OWS:   This is a protection for you, Dear Sister.  A connection for you specifically that is aware of you certainly, and they are watching over you now.  Because, and this is not for anything to fear here, we are not speaking in terms of moving out of your body in terms of your physical death or anything of this nature.  So we want to put that aside right now.  We are talking about your transition that you are making, again, not from the body that you might think of in terms of transition, but transition from your third-dimensional understanding to your fifth-dimensional consciousness. 

This is happening, and they are watching over you to assist whenever they can.  Because when you have certain thoughts, they are picking up those thoughts and they return those thoughts to you with, what you would call, a different spin on them.  Do you understand this?  Taking a more negative thought and changing it and turning it so that it becomes a more positive thought for you.  Do you understand what we have given here, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes I do.  Boy that’s wonderful to know, and thank you.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to believe that things happen like magic to me, but they have been, and I am so blessed, and I am so thankful, and I have so much support, and I realize that.  Thank you so much for being so generous to let me know.  Thank you so much.   I love you.

Another Guest:   That was me that was saying I see it.  I could see it as he was explaining it.  I understand fully exactly what they are doing for you watching over you as you transcend from the third to the fifth and changing thoughts.  I can see it.  And it is going to happen for many of us, I believe. 

OWS:   That is correct.  That is where we were going next with this in terms of whenever there are personal questions here, almost always we will turn those personal questions into a collective consciousness question when it pertains to all or at least man of you.  Okay? Would there be any other questions here?

Guest:   Yes.  Three or four years ago, I believe it was either Rampta or ___ Shah who said that, I guess mainly the planet as a whole was at 3.48 in vibration.  I was just wondering if you could tell us, maybe for the whole planet, have we gone beyond that, and are we closer to 4.0 as a planet?

OWS:   What we can tell you without getting into very specifics here (because it is always changing, it is constantly in flux), the energy, the vibration of the planet herself is increasing rapidly.  It may not be perceived by those of you through what you call the naked eye or even the blend within your body, but many of you are beginning to sense more and more those energies, and the connection that you have with the earth, with Gaia herself, and this is picking up rapidly. 

The consciousness of the planet and the consciousness of the collective whole of this planet, the collective consciousness of this planet as far as the people themselves, it is all interconnected and becoming more and more entwined, you might say.  As the people’s consciousness increases, Gaia’s consciousness increases.  As Gaia’s consciousness increases, the people’s consciousness increases.  You see?  It is all happening simultaneously.  And the frequency that you are picking up is greatly increasing more and more.  Okay?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.  It is sort of like a leap frog.

OWS:   Could look at it that way, yes.  It goes up, but it comes down again a little bit based on man’s consciousness.  Man’s consciousness here on the planet controls everything here.  Okay?

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Your question now, Dear Brother, here?

Guest:   Thank you One Who Serves.  I come here with great humility to you, and thank you and the collective and everyone who guided all of us.  Thank you personally for your gentle loving hand that guides us.  Thank you.

Question:  Another member and I were talking yesterday and we both received visions, and I was receiving visions while you were giving answers to people just now.  I am seeing the other two members and myself, all three scuba divers, and these are two fearless women, two of the most fearless. 

OWS:   Warriors.

Guest:   Warriors, gladiators.  Gun Slingers of Light.  These women:  I see them, I see us in a balance of the divine feminine and masculine, going into these waters and retrieving these records.  And I see us coming out bathed in gold light, sunlight, and the sun shining on us, and all of our family, the entire Ancient Awakenings Family, with you, with the Ascended Masters, on a diving platform or etheric platform.  And we come out of the water and we hand these to our family.  And James is at the forefront, and we hand these crystals with all the records in them.  I believe I am on to something.  Can you comment?

OWS:   What we can say here is yes, you are on to something, but it is not something that is imminent for you.  You are not at this point, as we find it, ready to do what you are speaking of.

Because in order to do what you are speaking of, you first need to have the keys to assist you to open up or unlock those secrets, just as we have spoken of the records in your crater area, and it is very similar.  When you are able to unlock the records there—you have unlocked the etheric records, that is true—but when you are able to physically unlock the records, not in your three-dimensional body that you are in now, for that is likely not going to happen.  But when you are ready at a fourth, or even fifth dimensional level with your light body within you, then you will be ready for that.  And once that is accomplished, then you will be led, if you wish, it is your choice, but you may be led to other places where you can do the similar thing.  But once you have the key, you can unlock any of them. 

Guest:   Yes, and I understand that. 

OWS:   We need to ask if there are any other questions from someone who has not had a chance.

Guest:   Hi One Who Serves.  I am asking if we have any solar flashes coming to earth on March 21?  If yes, is there anything we need to do or not so far at this point?

OWS:   Yes, there is something you need to do.  Ready?  Let it be.  Let it be.  Do you understand this?  Do not be in the doing.  Be in the being.  That is important.  For when you are in the doing, you are wrapped up in your third-dimensional consciousness.  When you are in the being, you are in your higher fourth, and even fifth dimensional consciousness.  Big difference.  Be in the higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness when this wave of energy comes through.  Okay? 

Guest:   Okay, thank you.  Can we do some meditation though?

OWS:   Certainly you can do meditation.  You can do anything you want, that is up to you.  You have free choice.  We are only suggesting to you not to get bogged down by doing anything to get ready for it.  Just let it be, whatever it is.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay, thank you so much, One Who Serves.  Love you.

OWS:   Okay.  Any other questions here?  We need to release channel shortly.

Guest:   Yes.  That was one of the questions I was going to ask if there was something to do, but thank you for answering that.  The other question is anytime I look up in the sky it seems like there is between six to eight or even ten ships up there.  They don’t go anywhere. They just hang there.  They are closer than stars for sure, and they kind of fade in and out a little.  Do you have any word on that as to what that might be in this area?

OWS:   Yes.  You have heard of the term “parked.”  They are parked.  They don’t need to move.  They are stationary.  They move when they want to move, but mostly many of them are stationary watching over everything, assisting, maintaining communications of many different types, holding those councils that KaRa spoke of here.  You see?

Guest:   Awesome.  And is there anything for me particularly in that? 

OWS:   Again, it is very similar to the last question.  Just be.

Guest:   Okay, sounds good.  Thank you.

OWS:   The more you try to analyze, the further away you get from just being.  That is important.  You want fifth-dimensional consciousness, be fifth-dimensional consciousness.  You want third-dimensional consciousness, then do everything that you have been doing up to this point, and continue in your third-dimensional consciousness.  See?

Guest:   Thank you.

Another Guest:   One Who Serves, can I ask you a quick question, please?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Thank you.  On Friday when we were chanting, I had this need to just start creaming rather loud.  By the way, I wanted to thank you very much for helping us reaching our crescendo—that really, really helped all of us.  But then I was deeply grounded with Mother Earth, I felt it in my entire body, and I feel I was one with her, and then all that energy that was rising up from my chakras, it just got louder, and I felt like I just kind of blew up like a volcano top.  Can you help me understand that experience please? 

OWS:  Exactly what experience are you referring to?  What part of this?

Guest:   When we were reaching the crescendo on the crater top on Friday.  It was a moment that I felt so rooted with Mother Earth through my voice, and with that energy I started screaming really loud. 

OWS:   Have you not already answered your question? 

Guest:   I just needed to understand it a little.  Yes, I guess I did.

OWS:   Confirmation.  Yes.  Many times, many of you ask for confirmation of something that you already know, and that is just perfectly fine for us, for we are here to serve.  But always remember:  you have everything within you that you need.  And when you no longer need anything outside of yourself, then I guess we get put out of job, here!  You see?

Guest:   Yes, I see.  But it is such a great comfort to have your input as well because it kept me going and trying to go further and further, and I appreciate that.  It was so wonderful to be able to release from Mother Earth all that energy and finally feel at peace.  It was wonderful, and thank you so much for helping us reach the crescendo. 

OWS:   Certainly, yes.  We thank you for everything that you all did, and not only those that went on the expedition, what you are calling “The Magnificent Nine” here, but to all of you who are on these calls to be a part of Ancient Awakenings.  You are all a part the creating and the spreading of the higher consciousness throughout the planet, more and more and more than you can possibly understand yet at this time what you have done and what you are doing continually now. 

We need to release channel here now.   Shanti.  Peace be with you.   Be the one.

Guests:   Shanti

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”

Prepare For Change .net – Light Workers: Prepare Yourself for these Changes as we Experience Quantum Upgrades – 12-20-18


The 444 synchronicity activation is in the process of getting triggered.

Lightworkers, earth warriors, volunteers, prepare yourself to integrate these upgrades in your life. No more facades or masks, it is the time to be your true self.

1. Being able to connect to very high frequencies of lighter energies.

2. Very clear and lucid dreams, experiencing astral projection and the likes.

3. Ability to discern what is really going on behind the scenes of politics.

4. Being very sensitive of the existence of surrounding energy fields.

5. Being more mindful of the chi and the solar, root and sakra chakras.

6. Experiencing and appreciating synchronicity as a sign of the deeply embedded codes of nature.

7. Experiencing a lot more deja vu, fluctuations of time, flashbacks etc as you become more aware.

8. Fresh energy and drive to make your mission of healing the earth successful.

9. Physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, nausea, low blood pressure, flu and aches, signs of the activation of your chakras.

10. People being attracted and drawn to you.

11. And some people being averse.

12. Experiencing a difficulty in putting on your masks which you’ve adopted for this matrix.

13. Your body being drawn to practices such as reiki and yoga for inner fluidity if movement.

14. More empathy for others and a need to remove negative energy from your surroundings.

15. Knowing that the flow of universal love will take care that what’s right for you, will happen.

16. Practicing yoga and meditation so as to rebalance and manifest your inner vibrations.

17. Purging of karmic toxins from the body accompanied by physical symptoms such as heatwaves, shivering and nausea.

18. Being consciously aware of the working of the matrix and heightened awareness which will help you to detach yourself from it.

19. Experiencing occasional bouts of depression, restlessness and despair brought on by the need for your consciousness to expand.

20. The overwhelming feeling of being part of a whole, connectedness with everyone and everything else.




Patricia Cota-Robles NOVEMBER 7, 2018

As we have discussed many times since

the beginning of this year,

our Father-Mother God have initiated a new Divine Plan.

This plan is designed to help Humanity

transcend the painful effects of our

surfacing negativity by amplifying

every person’s Lightwork …


SITARA – The Tribes Are Gathering -10-2-18 – via Golden Age Of Gaia



“The lightworkers of the world are gathering together in unity.” (Hilarion.)

So much has moved. So many energies have been released. So much love is being put into place.

I believe we are at a place, a threshold in the building of Nova Earth, where we’re experiencing the gathering of people around us who are a part of our soul group and who share our mission and contract for fulfilling the Mother’s plan.

I know it’s happening for me right now and for the members of the Bellingham meet-up group anyway!

My heart’s desire and the focus of my mission and purpose is building community. That includes the premise that everyone deserves a home, a safe, warm, clean, dry, and loving place to live.

My Reval abundance will go towards bringing that into existence starting here where I live and branching outwards.

As I have held this vision I have been visualizing individuals who are friends and acquaintances that will be the board members of the foundation I’m creating. I have put out a heart call to the Universe that the appropriate people would come forth to join me in this work and it is happening.

The apartment below me has recently become home to one of my “kids” who worked for me for years when I owned a business. She always called me her “other mother” and now she’s my neighbor and still like a daughter to me.

She wants to be a part of my vision.

The apartment above me became available and a lovely young couple moved in who treat me like their beloved aunt and through conversations have expressed a desire to work in the foundation to accomplish these goals.

And just recently, a man who also worked for me and felt like a son, through life circumstances, has come to live with me as he was experiencing a kind of homelessness.

When he learned of my plans for the foundation he quickly said “I want to be a part of that.” So I am literally surrounded by “family”. (That brings up the notion of what is family anyways, but that’s another discussion.)

Our Bellingham meet-up group started out with about 6 people who came together for a meet-and-greet with Steve Beckow and Kathleen Willis four years ago.

Yesterday we had 20 people and those were just the ones who could make the meeting; some were not there.

Over the past months we’ve experienced growth with new members of the community reaching out and finding us, four in the last three months. We’ve coalesced as a group with a shared vision of service and rebuilding society and the planet.

I believe that we lightworkers have arrived at a tipping point, a place in this journey where tribes are gathering together. People are finding their soul families and those soul groups who have a common vision and purpose.

I encourage everyone to open your eyes and your hearts when people come into your lives unexpectedly or out of the blue. You’ll feel a heart connection and you’ll know that it’s time for us to gather our soul mates together to get this blessed work underway.

I encourage everyone, if you want to find your Tribe, start a meet-up group or join in spiritual groups that are already established. You’ll know if you “belong” or if they are your soul family. It’s time to gather together and go forth arm-in-arm to build Nova Earth.

SOUL SISTERS TRUTH – Grab The Popcorn! – The Show Is About To Begin! – 10-1-18 – ENERGY, LIGHTWORKERS



This last full moon changed everything for everyone on earth. Pluto going direct has just added to all that is about to unfold. It’s about to get crazy and it’s all going to happen really fast. Grab your popcorn and watch the show.

What happened with Kavanaugh this week is about to set off a chain of events that is the catalyst to the mass arrests beginning. We are going to first watch the Democratic party implode and then the Republican party will follow. They seem like enemies but at the top they all work together to screw the American people as much as they can. There is no honor among these people. It will be every man and woman for themselves. Watch the blame game and telling on each other begin. That is why Trump had to be elected. He is not a politician and can’t be bought, bribed, or controlled. You have to be a certain level of awareness for who Trump really is to be revealed to you. He is very important to our mission. I told people 25 years ago he would be president one day and they all thought I was crazy. I am not so crazy now. All will be revealed to everyone soon Pluto going direct ensured this.

The event is not a wave. The waves got us there but when it happens, it will be one big flash of light that hits the entire earth at once. My guides told me this was very important to let you know, for 2 days they kept emphasizing this to me. They kept interrupting me saying “A Big Flash Of Light Is Coming” and they want you to know this.

I know this weekend was rough for everyone, the energy was off the charts. Saturday night I began to feel it in the back of my neck, then my entire body. I first started to feel the headache, then the body aches followed and of course a new batch of hives. The hives drive me crazy.  Eventually my back of my head and spine were full of energy and pressure. I am getting no sleep up and down and my whole body sweating. Sweat will drip off even my legs. I didn’t even think there were sweat glands there. I know the sweating indicates I am doing a massive amount of astral traveling in my sleep. This energy is also activating your DNA. This this energy also sent the masses in the 4th dimension into kundalini. Most of my coworkers are in kundalini now and they have no idea what is happening to them. The chaos is about to begin and we are needed badly. Lightworkers may have noticed that they are seeing the numbers 911 constantly, 911 is the call to lightworkers that our real mission is about to begin. You may also have noticed seeing a lot of 1’s, 4’s, and 7’s. These are not just synchronicities these numbers are activating your DNA and getting you ready to step fully into your mission. What is about to happen will make what we have already been through seem like cakewalk. It is about to get real serious real fast.

Many lightworkers were recently relocated and positioned. This was to get us into a safer place before the collapse begins. It is all about to collapse. When Metatron showed me, he took me way above the earth. We both looked down and he pointed for me to watch. At first a couple small boulders tumbled to the earth. Then a few more and then a massive rock slide just overtook the whole earth and it showed me everything crumbling and collapsing. This was our systems and structures collapsing not the actually earth being destroyed. It is all about to happen really fast and it will be amazing to see.