BRAD JOHNSON – WIELDING THE LIGHT – via New Earth Teaching (S01E04) – 9-1-19

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

Published on Sep 1, 2019

Brad Johnson shares insight on how each of us have come to the Earth as soul volunteers and learn how to wield our light to bring a unified world into fruition.

So Just What is a LIGHTWORKER – by Russ Hatfield – 5-8-19- – Ashtar Command Crew – 5-14-19


How does one define a lightworker? That question has a myriad of answers, a great many to contemplate beyond a person who brings light to a dark place or someone following the light whose actions shine forth. What we’ll try to do is expand a bit beyond those descriptions so let’s look at the definition of the light being brought by those who wish to pursue that path.

For our consideration we will take two main forms distinguished by their characteristics, light as in a spiritual light that lifts the consciousness higher and light as in something with weight. The majority of lightworkers focus on the first as spiritual learning helps both the person and those with whom the learning has been shared by the person after that. The second is more personal because it is weightlifting by the lightworker for those being crushed and can’t lift the weight of the world themselves.

You see, this dimension is dense energy wise so it is lightworkers who can take it on themselves to lift others into the light. A lightworker generally doesn’t commit to such a path in a single life but through a series of lives where a person is naturally drawn to that path after trying everything else. Then, sometime in the time before this life even started, we reminded ourselves to answer the call when it came to take the next step on the ladder of ascension.

Life after life of facing challenges and learning to deal with those lessons prepares one to grow outside of the standard belief systems and that call being answered is actually a constant reminder of why we are here, each of us existing as time travelers who can only go forward in time, unable to remember the previous lives until we finally ascend to the next dimension which is the ultimate goal of everyone, acknowledged or not. 

 For me, the call came in 1982 when walking past a bookstore I saw a notice of an upcoming class on the Kabbalah open to anyone. Having long before given up on organized religion, it sparked a memory of something forgotten I had never heard of yet. That class began a study of crystals, Atlantis and meditation which eventually led to a move to Sedona Arizona to take my learning to the next level.

It was there that I met Omal and Korton through some channelings I was a part of and the rest is the present. In fact, the present has the possibility of becoming the age of the lightworker as no one can tell what may trigger a mass consciousness change. One possibility is that the trigger is a part of our genetic makeup which suggests that anything could be the key. With the world being connected as it is, we are here to witness and be a part of a growth of consciousness taking place globally.

Each person doing their part on an individual level to spread the light from within through their actions and words but just suppose the opposite was true. What if humans have already caused irreversible global devastation from the changes done to the planet through many of the shortsighted advancements of technology? In the mass extinction of the human race that would follow, the survivors would inevitably become lightworkers out of necessity or see what remains of the human race die off as well.

Were that to happen, the lessons of Atlantis would finally be learned but at such a cost no one living would ever want future generations to pay. Now could be the time to reverse the effects of humanity’s lack of foresight but it will take a miracle.   So what’s next? With what’s at stake, change on a range of crucial issues ahead is assured. Consciously, lightworkers influence all they meet and the exponential impact has made itself known in business, media, family life and politics. Socially and in social media, right-wing extremism is falling out of favor and is being replaced by the humanity of equality.

It’s lightworker’s unorganized, volunteer spirit to make the world a better place that means there are no rules to follow except upholding the light whenever possible. Realistically, lightworkers need to focus primarily on bringing the light up within themselves and then let it shine forth to others which can be challenging at times. What makes it easy is that besides no rules, there isn’t a set course of study or belief. Like a blind person who knows when a fire breaks out nearby, lightworkers can sense the planet’s future and have chosen this incarnation to learn from an incredible school of life to become a force for light. Lightworkers are part of an unacknowledged family called the Brotherhood of Light no matter the level of participation due to the lives leading up to this current learning experience.

The Brotherhood of Light is a vast assemblage of worlds and races who have all chosen to be a part of a galactic community of light. On this planet alone are credible sources of training from thousands of websites devoted to the light. Innumerable areas of research are available to grow consciously and find the training that comes closest to a person’s frequency of spirit. The Hades Base News and more specifically the Hades Base Center for Ascension when it comes online later this year are just two examples of where that training can be found but no single source of information has all the answers. One warning which should be mentioned is that consciousness growth can sometimes split a lightworker’s life in half.   Often, a lightworker lives in two worlds, one where they maintain a job, pay rent or a mortgage, own a car, shop, go to school and another where they share thoughts and ideas separate from the first world due to conformity. Mixing the two can sometimes cause complications so one world may only be online and the two worlds rarely meet except in situations where acceptance of both worlds has been found. Then there is the perfect world, the one where both have always existed together and the world is a paradise beyond belief.

In that world schools and universities would have classes in the various psychic skills available to anyone. From the increased educational possibilities, astral travelers could visit others around the world at will, healers could keep the population healed naturally without going immediately to drugs, meta-concerts could be arranged to modify the weather for perfect growing seasons, those with psychokinesis could help with construction projects while those with the power of manifestation would bring it all together. Telepathy would replace a lot of external speech while travel to the stars would be commonplace where we could even meet our galactic neighbors. Maybe it would be better to call it a future world if lightworkers have their way and we get that hoped for miracle.

Perhaps it would have come together previously had not Atlantis been destroyed or the Library at Alexandria never burned to the ground or any other of a million different scenarios. This reality required the various incarnations to take place, the exact lessons to be learned, all those lives to be lost, saved, loved and hated to make one into the lightworker they have become. Tens of thousands of years may be at play in our evolution and so we face a planet needing our help more than ever. Then again, it’s never too late because we’re always on time. On time at our birth, on time in our development, on time for the greatest technological revolution of the ages that makes it able for all of us to connect instantly.

This is a celebration of light that could usher in that perfect world once enough lightworkers make the miracle happen.In love, light, and Wisdom as one.Russ and Karra———————————-(On behalf of myself and my twin-soul Karra, co-writer, and member of Ashtar Command, we have posted the latest editorial and edition of the Hades Base News for this month

Please also enjoy the free podcast from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base for this month called “Presenting, Our Galactic Neighbors”. A synopsis of that channeling session will be posted mid-month.)

Barbara Marx Hubbard Passes – Tribute to Divine Goddess, Visionary and Lightworker – Courtesy of Paul Butler – 4-11-19



4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker – by Empath Community – 11-16-18 – via GOSTICA

4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker


The following article is from the Gostica web site.  I hope that you enjoy it and that you understand that you are NOT alone in this transition to a higher frequency and connection to the oneness of all.  You are AWAKE and it is a very liberating experience.

Ladies and gentlemen, before we start with this article, I would like to ask you a simple question – are you a lightworker, or you know someone who is? If your answer is yes, then please, show them respect and honor their gifts, because without lightworkers our planet would be much darker.

4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker

4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker

1.) You Notice That You Don’t Fit In Any Type Of Class Or Group

First of all, you’ll notice that the feeling of being misunderstood is amplified. Well yes, and you don’t feel like you belong “in this world”. You just want to return “return home.” The things that were once easily tolerated are no longer.

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Lightworkers have very little interest in the media and what other people buy into as “normal.”Spirituality becomes a way of life and there is no need to partake in any one religion or philosophy.

2.) You Know Things (Without Anyone Telling You)

4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker

Lightworkers, you’ll notice that words no longer hold weight on their own. You feel deeply and you crave space for prayer, contemplation and meditation. You are moved to tears on a drop of a hat.

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You also find that you cannot be in crowded places because you are well aware of energy and frequencies. And yes, you begin to read and feel others without the exchange of communication. Lightworkers tend to need seclusion and alone time to recharge their energies as they take on the vibrations of those around them.

3.) People Tell You Their Problems And Secrets – All The Time

They have an invisible thread to others. As we said, Lightworkers have an open heart that is felt strongly, which is the main reason why people share secrets, problems, and personal stories. Usually when they are finished, they will comment on how they’ve never shared these things with anyone before.

Lightworkers are always being exposed to the problems of those around them without judgment. They have the ability to listen and guide others through difficult moments while navigating with divine wisdom.

4.) They’re Not Afraid Of Death Or Dying

4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker

Death becomes a transition in the stage of life for Lightworkers. And, the real truth is that many lightworkers have had near-death experiences, diseases, and have overcome huge obstacles in their lives.

Their journey has allowed them to let go of the illusion that death is final. There is an acceptance that life is transcendent.And, one last thing – as a lightworker, your job is to have an open heart and a deep awareness to help others transition through these ever-changing times.

Lightworkers are showing the way for everyone, they carry the torch, holding the light of this planet in balance, they have come here to help the planet shift into higher consciousness.

They are extraordinary beings and they have come here to fulfill their lightworker mission. Lightworkers carry this light within their soul to enlighten and illuminate the world. Most lightworkers are healers and how they heal things is completely up to them. 

Well, some of them take on the role of teaching, energy or psychic healer, some do their work in subtle ways. When a lightworker comes into the physical world, they sometimes struggle to find their light within. Lightworkers forget their mission and purpose, often their light is put out altogether.

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When their light is “on”, the lightworkers go on their journey of self discovery and try to heal them selves. But, unfortunately, when their light is “off, the lightworker beomes a darkworker and dwells in the shadow trying to find ways to start their light again. This is a very difficult procedure for lightworkers to go through, however when their light is shining bright again, they become powerful again and resume their mission.

And, one more thing – all the lightworkers have different mission! But, their primary goal is to help people through their shadows and find their light. Most lightworkers are accountable for balancing the energy of fear with the energy of love. Lightworkers are great at manifesting and most often create things with just their thoughts.

They have special unique ability to heal and make everyone feel comfortable and safe. They’re also very intuitive and have immense psychic ability! And yes, lightworkers are also very sensitive to energy. You may come across a lightworker when you go through hard times or the time of your awakening, they help people realize their purpose in life.

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It’s not your job to change anyone, but to accept their choices and bring forth the Divine light. Your presence as a warrior of light is a major shift in consciousness and spiritual evolution. And, remember – you are not alone!

Throw some love into the wind.




Published on May 28, 2018

The Great Awakening IS unfolding FAST now peeps! Finally! After 4 decades of work to bring the frequencies of the planet and the collective to a HIGHER VIBRATION, WE are certainly seeing the results now! Ascension IS unfolding and New Earth IS Right HERE, not somewhere else we are going to… many of us have been saying that trying to relate it to others for years now… This is my first vid since August 2017 where I spoke then about what would unfold after the Great American Eclipse… what was stated in that video is proven true now… ha… As Q states: “Future proves Past… ha… Aint that so very true! Much LOVE! bb My 2011-2012 writings put into book form by Gillian Grannum entitled “The Great Awakening” can be found and free copies downloaded at the bottom of the page here:… My Facebook page now Highly Censored to keep info from being shared can be found here: Of course my YouTube channel where over 250 videos on ascension I have recorded to date can be found here: Donations can be made via PayPal using my email: Thank you for your support! Much LOVE! ]bb aka : Walking Star (Native American Name) aka: Ma Na Ra (Angelic Name Masculine) aka: Manna Ra (Angelic Name Feminine)


KAUILAPELE MESSAGE – The Light Workers – Why WE are here, right now – 4-18-18



This is related to the last Kp blog WDiM post.

See the light? The Light in that “selfie” photo, taken on Mauna Kea (btw, it was back on 1-29-18, a “11111” day)? Well, it looks like I’m holding the Light… bearing the Light… something like that, at least.

Well, that, my fellow Light Workers (Light Holders, Light Bearers), is what I feel we are here to do, right now… Hold the Light!… for ourselves, for the planet, and for each other.

Yes, of course, there are situations in which we may be “Light transformers”, “Energy movers”, “Darkness clearer-outers”, etc., etc., etc.

But at this moment, I sense it is most important to be one of those “Light Holders” and/or “Light Bearers”.

We have the capability to hold the intention of a Higher outcome for this planet than many others may have. We can “Hold the Light” for the planet, and be a “Light Bearer” for those who may not yet be “tooled” to do so.

For myself, I feel it is most important, at this particular moment in time, to refrain from judging, manipulating, pressing my own views on, etc., etc., anyone, anything, any event, any appearance. I ain’t doing it, ain’t gonna do it, and it just ain’t worth spending myenergy on those things.

Trust THE PLAN… The Divine PLAN… The Higher PLAN.

Hold the Light. Bear the Light. BE the Light.

And that is all.

Aloha, Kp

ALANA KELLER – Are You a Lightworker or a Lightwarrior? – by The Event Chronicle – 4-11-18

How To Know If You Are A Lightworker Or A Lightwarrior – And What They Are


By Alanna Ketler

There’s a good chance that you have heard the term lightworker or lightwarrior before, and there is also a good chance that when you’ve heard it, you’ve rolled your eyes. Perhaps you identify yourself with this term, or maybe other people you know do, but what does it actually mean to be a lightworker or a lightwarrior? Let’s explore.

Essentially, it is said that these people are ones that have incarnated on Earth specifically at this time to help shift our planet from the heart to mind. As fluffy as that sounds, there is credence to it.

Do you have an overwhelming urge to help others? Do you have a level of compassion, empathy and understanding for what others may be going through? Do you tend to see the “bigger picture?” Are you an advocate for the truth, the real truth? Are you inspired to do what you can to be the change you wish to see in the world? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a lightworker or a lightwarrior.

Lightworker Vs. LightWarrior, What’s The Difference?

From my understanding, a lightworker helps shift others simply by their state of being. Their vibration alone can help assist others without any real effort, trying, or doing. They are inspiring to others, speak and live their truth, are authentic, vulnerable, compassionate, empathetic and often will share their light through various forms of art.

The term lightworker, although can be given to any gender, and has nothing to do with one gender or another, is of a more feminine energy, and tends to be very intuitive, patient, and empathetic. A lightwarrior is the do-er, this embodies a more masculine energy of taking charge and leading the way. Lightwarriors are often advocates, leaders, speakers, protesters, and people who take on a more assertive approach, these are the ones with the fire in their hearts and a passion to spread the message of truth to the masses.


KATELON T. JEFFEREYS – Lightworker, Spiritual Warrior – And…My Work Continues – More Sound Keys! – 9-19-17

2017-09-19 12.57.54

Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys


Related image

I haven’t written in awhile but I want to assure you that I continue to do daily conscious sessions, with my light team, to assist in shutting down the dark forces and bring forth the FULL shift into the light.  I also continue to work out of body 24/7 to do this work.  Since mid-Oct. 2014, I have not missed one day of this work, no matter how much in pain I was from dark attacks or even when I was extremely ill. Since that Oct. time I have always done one daily conscious session alone, then sometimes one with John Ross, and even occasionally, an additional one with another friend. I did stop doing joint sessions with John July 21st, but have continued on alone since then. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve heard that I started this work when the dark was first created millions and millions of years ago.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting this part of my work done 🙂

Almost 40 years ago, I was briefly a disciple of Rajneesh, or Osho, the name he gave himself later.  I never met him, nor did I live in the community in Oregon, but he would appear to me energetically, often, during meditations.  He gave me the spiritual name  Aradhana.  12 years later, an Iranian friend of my Mom’s told me the meaning behind the name. She explained that in her culture, if you desire something, you commit to pray for it without ceasing, and that continued prayer without ceasing is called “Aradhana”.  My prayer for millions and millions of years has been for all creation to be free of the dark, to be able to live fully and completely in love and light, free to be.

On March 2, 2017, I opened Sound key # 92.  I am posting a couple links at the bottom of this page, other articles I have written about the Sound keys.  The short version is that Source somehow provided me with Sound keys, within me, to find and open, to assist in the work I and others are doing to help bring forth the Shift into the light and shut down the dark. I don’t fully understand them but each one is different, looks different, feels different and has a different focus. They all provide foundation building , shielding, protection, healing, light and love to all humanity.  They also act as weapons, to shut down the dark forces on and off planet, and anything attempting to derail, interfere with or stop the shift into the light.

When I open each sound key I see it, hear it, and/or feel it. I have it fill my heart, send it down to ground in the earth and provide assistance to Gaia. Then, I bring it up and run it through each of my chakras, and on up to anchor in Source, then down through my entire body, meridians, organs, glands, etc. and out through all layers and levels of my energy field. I then send it to assist all the teams working to bring forth the shift and shutdown the dark, then out to all other light workers doing this work, then out to all humanity and joining with all the other Sound keys, then, turning the full weaponry onto the dark, to dissolve all that keeps them in power.



Thanks Katelon

We all send our love and appreciation

KATELON – The Sound of Oneness, Sound of Creation! – July 4, 2017

Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

I wanted to share an amazing experience

I had on June 8th.

First I’ll share what led up to it,

so please read to the end 🙂

Image result for katelon

via The Sound of Oneness, Sound of Creation! — Empower and Balance

Steve Beckow – Will Lightworkers Miss the Boat? – 3-3-16

Gandhi 22Steve Beckow

I had a recent discussion with a lightholder at a meet-up who wanted to know why we were discussing money matters (the Reval) at a spiritual gathering.

Why were we not talking about enlightenment and God and spirituality?

I wanted to expand on that discussion and clarify the matter.

A lightholder is one who puts enlightenment at the forefront of attention, turns within, and detaches from the worldly round of life to seek it.

A lightworker is one who serves the Divine Mother’s Plan for the age, foregoing turning within to turn without and address the problems that exist in the world.

Spirituality is additive; it isn’t “either/or.” A lightworker can be a lightholder and vice versa. But saying one is a “lightworker” is a way of saying that one’s first and overarching commitment is service to the Divine Mother by serving the well-being of the world.

Do we miss the spiritual boat by turning towards the world? No, we don’t. The path of service is also a path to God. In Hinduism it’s called seva or karma yoga. “Seva” mean service and “karma yoga” means the yoga of action. Lightworkers are activists; lightholders are contemplatives.

Lightworkers won’t lose out on enlightenment. You can see that I’ve experienced transformative love, bliss, ecstacy and exaltation, all in the past year. Never in my years as a lightholder have I ever been so rewarded.

And I’m so busy that I don’t have a lot of time for meditation. So much for the thought that a busy (occupied) mind cannot advance in spirituality. These outcomes demonstrate that a lightworker won’t lose out on the benefits of spirituality.

You and I have ascended in other lifetimes or we wouldn’t be here. If we hadn’t ascended, all of us would be burning with a desire for Ascension. We’d be so focused on our own spiritual practice that we’d have no time for service.

Moreover, under those circumstances, to hear from our guides, as I have, that we can visit the higher states but we can’t stay there would be a terrible blow, a grievous disappointment. But knowing what our soul contract is, our role and mission, and knowing that we return to our realms when the task is over allows us to accept the circumstances of our mission.

When I look at my life, there are all kinds of indications that I’ve been this route before – as have you. The ease with which I drop into meditation, the raft of spiritual experiences I had in the 70s and 80s, more recent truncated experiences that would have been full-blown enlightenment under ordinary circumstances, an intense interest in enlightenment – on and on the indications go.

And it’s the same with you, I’m sure. Most lightworkers are angelic in origin (1) and angels are transcendental. That means we’ve come from beyond the twelve dimensions of human reality.

Here’s what AAM said to me in 2011 on why I wear the blindfold, a statement which I believe includes you in its scope:

“If you came with full capacity and meaning – yes, the vision, the hearing, the knowing, the full memory, the access, all of the above – and you were to communicate to humans, to the collective, there would be a sense of separation.  That is why you, as with so many, have been kept under cover.” (2)

We’ve been asked to come and leaven the loaf.   Or you could imagine that we came as waiters at the banquet of Ascension. The Divine Mother prepares the banquet and we serve the guests.

The lightholder at the meet-up was disconcerted by the discussion of the Reval. In his mind, we were being worldly, profit-driven. Well, of course we’re not. I don’t know anyone at that meeting who cares for money overly much, except as an instrument to end homelessness, develop new technologies, clean up pollution, etc.

We’re excited at the service to humanity we can provide as a result of participating in the Reval.

Volunteering to be pipelines for the outflow of the Mother’s wealth entails a great deal of sacrifice. I’m a monk by persuasion and handling money is a hugely-confronting thing for me. My memory is Teflon-coated these days. I forget something five minutes after I hear it and I’m going to be handling money? Give me a break.

I met with my bank manager today and was totally blissed out. I leaked information I probably should not have and acted like a person who was stoned. But I can no longer suppress the bliss. I’ve resolved to have a colleague come along with me if it ever happens again that I’m that deeply in bliss.

Sometimes I’m so deeply in bliss that I can’t walk. I certainly can’t do complicated tasks at times like that.

But I’m trusting that it’ll all work out. And the celestials have assured us it will. Here’s Archangel Michael for instance:

Archangel Michael: Not that we will allow you to go wrong – let us be very clear.  This plan has been in unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others and for those who will benefit from the abundance programs, plural.  (3)

All the anxiety and caution will certainly be worth it if it results in financing some of the activities that help build Nova Earth.

Lightworkers serve the Divine Mother. And her mandate for us is to build New Earth. Masters like Jesus, Sanat Kumara, Maitreya, the new Buddha (Ranjit), etc., are the lamplighters of this age. What they’ll reveal about the nature of Reality will turn us and our world upside down.

Will I drink their words in? You bet. I can’t wait. But then I’ll go back to that part of my mission that’s concerned with building Nova Earth.

Wes Annac – Proud to Be a Lightworker – 1-17-16

14d61bcf278ab44fd8acd4612b714127By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I wrote the following for the 181st issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, which I offer for $11.11 a month.

Income from the newsletter helps me get by and ensures I can continue to offer free content, and every subscription is appreciated. The option to subscribe via PayPal can be found at the bottom of this post.

To begin for this week – I don’t usually care much for labels, but there’s one label I think is misunderstood in the conscious community: lightworker.

People associate it with things that are considered ‘new agey’, and while I’m not condemning those things because I think people should embrace whatever helps them, I don’t think the word lightworker needs to be associated with them.

Specific beliefs aren’t required to spread the light, and you don’t even have to use the word lightworker. It’s easy to feed the spiritual ego by getting distracted with labels, but genuine divine truth has little to do with what we call ourselves.

It has more to do with our ability to calm the overactive mind and utilize the heart’s wisdom, and when the heart is open, enlightening vibes pour through that we can share with everyone who’s beginning to wake up.

This is where the idea of the lightworker comes in.

In my eyes, to be a lightworker means you spread the light and try to raise the consciousness of the planet; nothing more, nothing less.

The word ‘lightworker’ is defined differently by each person who embraces it, and we can make of it whatever we want. The problem is that some people have a fixed idea of what a lightworker is, and they don’t resonate with the philosophies with which it’s associated.

It seems like the new age movement is the spiritual community’s favorite thing to criticize, and I guess it’s because spiritual people don’t want to be associated with people who are also spiritual but believe things that they think are too wild.

They want to be taken seriously by a society that tends to lump all spiritual people into the same group, and some of them criticize the new age movement in an effort to make their spirituality seem more sensible.

To be a lightworker doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a ‘new ager’, and I’m probably one of few people who doesn’t criticize the new age movement.

We’re all on a unique path back to God, and for some, the way is paved with channelings, tarot card readings, discussions of UFOs and other things the world isn’t ready for yet. I’m sure people will eventually open up to all of that stuff, but those of us who want to spread the light should be able to do so without condemnation regardless of whether we embrace the new age.

If you share your love with the world, you can call yourself a lightworker regardless of your beliefs.

If you’re like me and use writing, music and other outlets to uplift people, I’d say your lightwork is just as effective as the work that’s done to directly change the world.

We can spread the light with creative or spiritual work while addressing and solving the world’s problems, and an absence of social and spiritual consciousness will have devastating consequences. Even if we’re aware in one area, our awareness isn’t complete if we’re blind in another.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate for spiritual people to put all of their attention on spirituality, because there are serious problems in this world that’ll go unsolved if we’re all too busy trying to evolve to lend a hand to those in need.

If you believe we’re all one, then you could see helping others as a collective spiritual exercise. Think about it; we rekindle our oneness when we have enough compassion to help the needy, and we know that on a deeper level, we’re no different from them.

We’re all spiritual beings walking around in these heavy bodies that allow us to live on this planet, and deep down, we’re all aware of the oneness we share. We have yet to rekindle this awareness at the surface, however, and the first step to rekindling it is to help others.

Therefore, it’s not only necessary, but important to focus on the world’s problems while subsequently spreading the light and trying to spiritually evolve. A combination of love and social/spiritual awareness will allow us to change the world while glimpsing enlightenment and helping others reopen their inner portal too.

Let’s not be afraid to call ourselves lightworkers, and let’s remember that we don’t have to follow the new age movement or any spiritual trend to reconnect with our creator and share the positive vibes that result.

As long as our inner fire is lit, we’re connected with the source of all guidance and creative inspiration (which is love) and we’re willing to help others, we’ll achieve all of our goals and more. We’ll finally make the changes this planet has needed for centuries, and the combination of inner and outer change will allow us to create heaven on earth together.

We have the potential to transform this world by pouring massive amounts of light into whatever we use to wake people up and share our light (again, I prefer writing and music), and we just have to understand our potential and act on it.

I gladly consider myself a lightworker, because deep down, I know I’m here to raise the world’s consciousness. You probably are too, and you can call yourself whatever you want, or choose not to call yourself anything at all, as long as you work hard and fulfill your mission.

This is the most important part of it, so let’s never let our love deplete. It’s our greatest tool in the planet’s transformation, and it alone will inspire us to uplift ourselves and our broken world.


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Lightworker Karin Lacy – Living in the 5th Dimension – Advice for suicidal Indigo Children – 7-1-15

2 Part Message from Lightworker Karin Lacy   –  

Living in the 5th Dimension   –   Advice for suicidal Indigo Children   –   7-1-15


This is a two-part piece.

Part 1: Living in the 5th Dimension

Part 2: Advice for suicidal Indigo Children


January 2015

Dear fellow travelers;
We are presently going through the most difficult time of our entire
human history.
Many people are traumatized by life, especially those of the Indigo
Children generation, better known as Generation X.
Many of this generation of higher vibration innately know that
something is fundamentally wrong with the way we live our lives. In
response they collectively slip into what has been termed “cognitive
dissonance”, that is, they find ways to justify the “wrongs” in order
to feel better. Many choose “willful ignorance” towards the rapid
decay of our society, putting their head in the sand, so to speak.

I would like to address the people who are suicidal, who are seriously
considering to take their own life and put an end to their misery. I
also write this article for those who lost a loved one to suicide,
especially for those parents who carry a dark shadow of guilt, blame,
and shame in their energy field.

When I was two years old there was an incident when my mother broke my
will. She had enough of a naughty girl once and for all, she lifted me
by my arms and slammed me on the table. My first chakra must have been
compressed from the impact, for I suffered from about a thousand
insecurities throughout my life.

At age 21 I tried to commit suicide. It was in 1968 in East Berlin,
the capital of the German Democratic Republic. I didn’t think I would
ever make it in life. Even though I seriously meant to kill myself
with 80 sleeping pills, I was found and woke up in the hospital. I had
the typical white light tunnel experience and was sent back with the
message that my time had not come yet.
Of course committing suicide was ‘illegal’ and this crime meant great
shame for the family and usually was kept secret.

Even though I went through much hardship in life, I never tried to
kill myself again, for I knew I would be sent back. But I saw suicide
as a backdoor option, something I would consider when life becomes
unbearable. That helped insofar as I could stretch my level of
endurance further out.

When I was in my mid thirties my process of awakening begun. I
explored countless alternative healing modalities, self-help books and
therapy methods to heal my emotional scars.

My life improved dramatically when I became aware that I am here on
Earth by contract and that my mission is to serve as a Lightworker
during the time of the Shift of the Ages.
When I immigrated to America in 1991 I gave all my focus on my
Lightworker mission.

I mention these events from my own life to convey that I am familiar
with the subject of suicide.
Nowadays committing suicide is not rare anymore. A large number of
soldiers commit suicide after they come home. In Japan there is even a
suicide forest. And the Swiss offer legally assisted suicide for
affluent tourists who can afford it.

From what I came to know over the last five or six years I would not
even consider suicide anymore. The afterlife is not the heavenly place
we have been told awaits us. The lower astral plane where most of us
end up after our physical death rather is a feeding ground of
non-physical parasites, called Archons. The energy harvesting of
humanity is not limited to the Earth plane, it continues in the lower
4th dimension.

Advice for suicidal Indigo Children
Eight years ago I wrote a book called “Potty Training for Indigo
Children – Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and
Abundant Resources for the 21st Century”. One chapter is called: My
Advice for Suicidal Indigo Children.
In this 4-page chapter I recommend for depressed Indigo Children to
use Cannabis to lift themselves out of their state of mind and
deliberately change their outlook on life.

One of the main reasons our global rulers declared the herb Cannabis
the forbidden medicine is that Cannabis serves as a de-programmer from
our matrix system of domination and control. In other words, it can be
used as a tool to awaken from the dream. That is why in some Asian
countries Cannabis smuggling and using is punished with the death

Now that we are in the year 2015 Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp is on its way
of becoming legal. Of course the government and pharmaceutical
corporations want to be in charge of growing, distributing, selling,
and tax collecting. However, this is not going to happen. The roundup
of the criminals known as the global Cabal or Illuminati who have been
taken the human population hostage, has begun. Soon their trials will
be televised for all of the human family to see. We cannot build a
Golden Age with the same criminals in place. The “war on drugs” is
among their major crimes designed and engineered for human

Separately I’m going to post the 4-page chapter “My Advice for
Suicidal Indigo Children” from my book “Potty Training for Indigo
Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and
Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.

It is my desire that you may benefit from reading it.
Light&Love, Karin Lacy

Please visit my website at

End Part (1)


Part 2: My Advice for suicidal Indigo Children

Karin Lacy, Lightworker

Chapter 10
of my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children” –
Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant
Resources for the 21st Century

Published on my website in 2007

My Advice for suicidal adolescent Indigo Children.
Beware of the Rivers of Thought.

Suicide among young people continues to be a serious problem, not only
here but in all countries of the world. Each year in the U.S. alone
thousands of teenagers commit suicide. Suicide is the third leading
cause of death for 15-to-24-year-olds, and the sixth leading cause of
death for 5-to-14-year-olds. They say 90 % of suicidal teens have
undiagnosed mental disorders. Depression is the most common of them.
Life events bring them down. Eventually, the stress and depression
cause them to plan and commit suicide.

Dear Indigo, if you have ever considered or tried to commit suicide,
know that you are in charge of your life. This is a planet of Free
Choice. It is comforting that we humans have this option of
deliberately ending our own life if it becomes unbearable. From your
Higher Self’s perspective there is no judging if you decide to end
your suffering. Wanting to kill yourself symbolizes your yearning for
being back home in the blissful state in the realm of pure positive

The Lightworkers call this pull from the other side “the vibration of
home”. From your broader perspective committing suicide is not wrong,
rather it is seen as a courageous act of you finally taking charge to
end your misery on Earth and to reemerge back into the non-physical.
You know innately that you did not intend to suffer, but that your
life was supposed to be joyous and wonderful in all ways. From your
broader perspective you knew that you are a blessed being who wanted
to come to Earth for the experience of joy as a human creator.

There is no end in the sense of death and of course there is no
punishment for suicide. When you die you leave your physical body
behind and reemerge back into the non-physical. Some say we usually
choose a period of resting and reflection after each lifetime.

People who committed suicide may especially wish for contemplation and
reflection about their life as an adolescent human being on Earth,
before taking “a new run at it” and be born again as a human creator,
under easier circumstances.

Remember, we as the human family are living through a most crucial and
difficult time in our evolution. We are transitioning through the
Shift of the Ages, towards a leap in consciousness. Obviously we all
wanted to be here during this time of awakening.

Of course, our leaders and controllers love to sweep the issue of
suicide under the rug altogether. It is so obvious that the massive
number of suicides among adolescents indicate that something about the
way we live our human lives must be horrifying and repelling to so
many “human newcomers” that they prefer to return back home into the

By taking their own lives these divine beings in human disguise
demonstrate to our leaders and controllers that they prefer the
Ultimate Freedom of Returning Home. They are not wired or programmed
to live by society’s rules and laws, for they did not come forth to be

Beware of the Rivers of Thought

By the time people are adults they normally have forgotten their own
years of teenage rebellion. After all, nobody taught them to use their
own inner guidance system to navigate themselves through life. They
were brought up to be “Followers”, meaning to follow outside guidance
instead of their inner guidance.

The majority of people are not aware that every thought that has ever
been thought still exists and that the Universal Law of Attraction
brings the thoughts together in streams or rivers of thought.

From a viewpoint of energy there is a vibrational generation gap that
is happening constantly. The parents/teachers/
grandparents simply are still unaware that the rebellion that they
felt when they were teenagers is from that same “river of thought”,
which our next generation is adding their emotions to now. So there is
always the Next Generation who rebels against the status quo, because
they are born with different intentions and understanding.

As society is now learning, you Indigo Children are wired differently
from the previous generations. You have a stronger desire for life;
you came forth with high standards of connecting to Source Energy. You
are the new breed of humanity that will set the tone for a new era on
Earth. You will not be Followers, but live in a new way as Self-Guided

Those of the Indigo Generation embody as one of their traits this
powerful feeling of wanting to be in control of their own life
experience. In a few years from now the Indigos will become known as
the “System Busters” of the Old World.

Obviously many of the school teachers – and especially those who have
become authority figures within the educational system – lack the gift
of empathy with their students. They are locked off from their inner
guidance and their heart connections have been muted. Their focus is
on fulfilling their semester schedule, because they are Followers
themselves on the social ladder. Great teachers, those with a passion
for serving the youth, will not want to be part of the educational
system that restricts them like it does the students.

I watched on TV these huge education ‘factories’ called High Schools
with 4,000 or more youngsters as students, where they train the next
generation to ignore their own guidance system and follow outside
guidance instead. Going to school in these huge educational
institutions in the big cities means the students have to pass through
a metal detector for gun control at the entrance gate, flanked by
police officers. I also watched on TV surveillance videos taken in
school halls how police officers stunned rebellious male students with
electroshock guns, the new police tool.

It is the same with the drug problem. Parents, teachers, or other
authorities who take on the role of leaders and controllers, cannot
comprehend the meaning of drugs among adolescents. They cannot find
within themselves an understanding of why young people might reach for
something that makes them feel better, no matter if society

The educators are vibrationally too far away from you of the next
generation, thus the generation gap.

It saddens me to see these Indigo Children being confined and limited
in such ways. No wonder there are so many youngsters suffering from
depression! I remember Dr. Kutscher in “Kids in the Syndrome Mix”
reminding the parents and educators what a terrible, empty feeling
depression is and that watching depressed young people needs to evoke
from us an incredibly empathic response. He sees depressed teenagers
every day, who end up in his office as the result of ten or fifteen
years of participation in the school system.

What you Indigos need is an environment that provides freedom to
stretch and experiment instead of confinement and conformity. You know
instinctively that your intent was to create your own path and that
exuberance for life was what you wanted to experience in a human body
on Earth.

Sooner or later parents and teachers will come to acknowledge that it
is good that our young people are looking for ways to feel better.
Does it not demonstrate what powerful creators these youngsters are?
They have pure desire, and the Universe delivers the marijuana that
they are asking for – right into their schoolyard. “Ask and it is

We do have a full-fledged drug movement for the reason that people
want to feel better. Our next generation, our youth, sees all these
things in the world that feel wrong to them and make them feel
powerless. They know they too will soon have to settle in this world
of struggle and hardship. In looking for relief they reach for drugs
in order to feel better and reconnect. But then society goes after
them with so many rules and laws until they are cornered as wrongdoers
and the vicious cycle begins.

From a broadened viewpoint it is good that you young people are
looking for relief in the form of marijuana. If you want to feel
better it means your own inner guidance system is working! It means
you have chosen something that is temporarily causing you to feel
better and you did it deliberately, and now you have regained some of
your personal power. You have shown yourself that there is a way out
of the despair that you were feeling. In other words, in the moment
that you acknowledge that “I did this deliberately, because I wanted
to feel better, and I now do feel better”, you are taking your first
step of regaining your power. And that is when the discord and the
resistance begin to diminish, and then you are on your way of using
your own Inner Guidance System.

In case you, dear reader, are one of the suicidal adolescents and you
are feeling useless as a human being in this society and are mostly
depressed, I ask you to give yourself another chance. Put off your
suicide intent for the moment right now and see it as a backdoor
option. Reconsider your situation and give yourself two choices
instead of one, to leave or to stay. For just a moment play with the
idea of staying and re-birthing yourself here and now. Remember, you
have within yourself guidance that is always there. Weigh the pros and
cons by the way you feel. What feels good is good, and what feels bad
is bad for you. And whatever it takes for you to get back in touch
with your own guidance is fine.

If you have been contemplating suicide and you are already so
depressed that you cannot pull yourself out of this low dense state
anymore, try to use marijuana with the intent to use a joint as your
lifesaver. Plan to make it a sacred event and prepare yourself to meet
with your Inner Being, Guides, God, or whatever you name your
connection to Source.

Set forth your intent, ‘Intent’ is everything! As I described earlier
in utilizing marijuana as a tool for deliberate creation, set up a
meditation place with incense and candle and perform a grounding
exercise. Say your prayers and call your Guides for assistance. Have a
notepad and pen ready. Inhale only one hit of marijuana, because you
don’t want to get “stoned”; instead you are reaching for the state of
heightened alertness. Once your consciousness shifts higher and you
bask in this euphoric state of well-being this is when you start
visualizing and scripting how you want your life to be.

Start communicating with your Inner Being and ask for assistance in
re-birthing your New Self here on Earth. Plan your next thirty days,
starting with the moment when you will come down from your high in a
few hours. I suggest that you carry with you in your pocket a crystal
or stone as a constant reminder to use your Inner Guidance System to
lead you through life for at least the next 30 days.

Dear friend, in this book I can only speak about the herb marijuana.
It is all you need to turn your situation around. As I said
beforehand, I have never tried any other mind-altering substances. But
the fact that the hard narcotics are more difficult to get, cost more,
get you in bigger trouble if caught, should be reason enough to choose
marijuana instead.

Use marijuana temporarily as a catalyst for making a new beginning
right here and now.

If smoking marijuana as a tool to connect with your Inner Guidance
prevented you from committing suicide, your next step (or your first
step) would be to see a medical doctor who is licensed to give you a
“Doctor’s Recommendation” (Permit Card) for smoking marijuana to treat
your depression and other symptoms. Share your marijuana experience.
You can speak openly to these courageous doctors. They have great
compassion for their fellow humans and they would not reject somebody
who seeks their help as a patient. They serve as the trailblazers for
those of us who want to live a life as self-empowered citizens and who
want to choose and grow their own herbal medicine and sacramental

You can find the doctor nearest to you by visiting, the
nation-wide organization for the legalization of
Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp, which has all doctors, patient’s caregiver
groups, and dispensaries listed.

Dear reader, remember that your Inner Being or Higher Self is with you
at all times, it is reading with you now. Your Inner Being is your
non-physical counterpart that wants to guide you towards your highest
fulfillment. Choose your thoughts on purpose and always reach for
thoughts that feel best. This is how you will reconnect with your
Inner Guidance or Higher Self and create a new YOU, exactly to your
liking. Go for it!

Please visit my website at

Sandra Walter – A Profound Exhale of Creation – 5D / 6D New Earth Grid Systems, completed January 12 2015 – 1-15-15


Sandra WalterSandra Walter

January 15, 2015


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The final merging of the grounded Earth grid systems, the crystalline grid, and the 5D/6D New Earth grid systems – which are a much more flexible, less static system – was completed on January 12. Some of you may have received the nod from your Higher-level teams or directly from the SUN itself confirming this alignment.

On Tuesday afternoon I was meditating the SUN, connecting with the SUN’s core, when a huge surge of golden light shot forth into my energy fields and knocked me backward with a sudden overwhelming YES. I went into the laugh-cry of gratitude, continued my meditation, and that evening I was guided to spend the night on the mountain. I grabbed my Arctic sleeping bag and headed up. It was an icy, clear night with the usual lightship traffic, including that massive golden lightship which a few of you have experienced. Downloads flickered like speedy filmstrips, and I spent most of the next day in bed integrating.

2012 was the end of pillar work, 2013 released us from the work of transmuting for the collective, and earlier this month we completed the necessary gateway work to fuse the 4D grounded and 5D grid systems of Gaia via the crystalline grid. Beloved Shasta serves as a storehouse for ancient templates from various civilizations. The I AM templates, Violet Flame/Germain templates, Native templates, Pleiadian/Lemurian templates, Sirian templates, Arcturian templates. Venusian templates, Golden Race DNA templates, and a host of other well-intentioned holographic guidelines for this moment, this Shift, this Ascension were deeply encoded, some wrapped in metaphor and hidden in the etheric realms of Shasta for safekeeping.

Beneath Shasta was a giant etheric crystal geometry. Metatron called it the Crystal of Om a few years ago. This crystalline ball of geometry may have been interpreted as a solar light within the mountain in the past. Gateway structures operate the same as the body vehicle, planets, solar light, galaxies and Universes – they are tube torus energy fields with a central chamber which links them to the Higher dimensions. Linking the tube torus of the heart center with the torus energy fields of the body vehicle, Higher Self, and Higher dimensional expressions of Self is one of the goals of the Ascension process. Everything is linked through the heart center, which contains a pure connection to Source, and the levels radiate out from this core point as dimensional expressions, like Russian nesting dolls.

Shasta has a massive energy field. Earlier this month the crystal sphere which holds a unique technology of shifting geometry (it adjusts to currents of cosmic consciousness) rose up the central chamber of the torus and fully activated the templates which are in alignment with our current phase of ascension. As it lifted it raised the templates into activation and is now beaming forth those codes and DNA sequences making them readily available to all who choose to engage with them via the crystalline grid dimensional interface.

The merging of the gates around Mount Shasta began on the 11-11-2013. Gateways – the actual structures, not the windows of dates given to interact with them – work with the same delivery system of the infinite structure of the tube torus. For years it was the Gatekeeper’s work to open these, because there had to be grounded consent to this activity, and it also gave the Higher levels a monitoring system for where our collective level of consciousness was, and how willing we were to participate in the process.

This is why Gatekeepers called forth accelerations in the highest interests of all concerned. Some Gatekeepers heard the energy fields as they approached them, and some saw them. Regardless, the work included an alignment of energy fields through the heart center in order for those gateways to amplify. The key to the gates is in the heart alignment. Always.

Now that the grounded work of alignment and activation is complete, the waves of cosmic energy are now released more frequently, more consistently, and with a greater intensity. It is an act of grace that our Higher levels have been able to filter these energies up to this point. Now that our level of consciousness, our collective agreement, has consciously opened these pathways between the Higher and lower levels of Gaia, our experiences will become more profound, more creative, and align with a true state of Creator consciousness. I AM sure many of you are experiencing a new level of freedom, sovereignty, and deep resonation which reverberates through all levels, layers, and dimensional expressions of you.

While our Higher Teams may continue to provide dates of amplification – passages where leveling up is much easier – the grounded experience of calling forth and holding open gateways during photonic waves becomes an at–will practice. Personally, it has been revealing to provide the Cosmic weather report on when flares and cosmic waves would provide amplification. In my personal journey, I AM choosing to focus on Ascension Path for the moment as well as bringing in the prophetic and profound metaphors of our present journey. Delicious expansion in alignment with the True Self. Aho.

A Note to Gatekeepers

The fascinating and somewhat exhausting practice of Gatekeeping takes on a new level. Some will move on to holding space for others to experience 5D/6D heavenly realms and beyond. Some may teach alignment, some may serve as interdimensional escorts (excited to explore that one), some may move on to the multidimensional merge which my Divine Team is currently referring to as the Royal We. Not my favorite term during all of this I AM business, however they assure me they mean the same thing.

Things are so lucid now; awake, dreaming, meditating, activating, integrating, work, play, light, dark, all ONE. Dreams are hilarious and purposeful. I AM greeted by Melchizedek who appears in a (very stylish) suit at a meeting of architects. My guides show up as Police officers, blaming the recent tech glitches on that Vulcan who testified last week.

The big Gold lightship is a metaphoric projection for the Solar Cosmic Christ, to guide my awareness to the risen Krysthl (which is why I received the Yes! before seeing it and the templates rising that evening). Things are lovely, creative, sleepy, briiliant, simple and complex at once. Somehow we manage to understand through the heart and keep up. At last we are out of the mind game and into the much more playful, deep dreams of Source.

The merging of grid systems provides constant opportunities to everyone for engaging with the Higher realms in a direct, clear way. As always alignment is key; if your heart torus is not aligned with pure intention and your Higher levels, your experience in these chambers of light will spin you off-center. This is what we mean when we say someone is spun out; their torus energy fields are getting warped by lesser intentions/lower energy structures (either their own, or something else’s) so they spin off-center.

The Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Series

As our alignment with Zero Point becomes more acute, as parts of our brain awaken to interpret the multidimensional Self, and as we call forth Golden Race DNA, Christed DNA, Divine HUman DNA (whatever your consciousness allows), our experience grows more profound, more unfamiliar, and more calm and centered than ever before.

We have two windows this year which complete the series of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse passages:

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 4 (15 days)
Equinox September 23 – Blood Moon Eclipse September 28 (5 days)

These act like a sieve for cosmic energies becoming more and more focused in their delivery. Understand that timespace is an energy contained in tube torus structures. The resonation of your own torus fields expands and accelerates to match a Higher spin of our collective experience of time. Density burns off as we heat up/spin faster; the collective is free to experience a faster rate of time, and for those resonating through the heart center, you will experience profound stillness as you align with all aspects of your True Self. In the stillness of center, you move your personal energy fields to align with the highest possible experience available.

This is what the Equinox through Blood Moon passages provide for us, just like the Gateway passages of 2012 through 2014, only it is a much more precise activity. Availability of higher choices. It is highly complementary to anyone on the path of Mastery, Solar Cosmic Christ, and Alchemy to align with your own true center and navigate your experiences from the heart. In pure moments of alignment, your DNA, brain, pineal, and awareness will experience tremendous expansion.

A Word on the Multidimensional Merge

As portions of the brain activate, they awaken in a neighborhood of cells that have been working from a lower level construct for a very long time. As you call forth and command new neural pathways within the brain to operate in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you may experience moments of blank-slate or blank stare, as if you just stepped out for a moment. The crystalline structures activating within the brain and the activation of the long-dormant areas of the brain will be steering your activity, thoughts, and energy fields to align with the Higher Self.

Understanding that the Higher Self operates from a much more pliable state of timespace, the brain begins to attune the consciousness to a new Higher state of beingness. This is why the psychological fallout from the Shift was such a concern, because if older parts of the brain attempt to control new parts of the brain which are activating, there can be considerable conflict in a person’s consciousness. This is why surrender and alignment have been so important as these structures activate. If you are experimenting with simultaneously merging with your 6D – 9D Selves, pace yourself. Remember to align your heart and energy fields as they expand outward so that you align with True aspects of your Divine Self.

The same applies to third/forth eye journeys; remember not to steer the vision with the mind. Stay aligned with the heart, ask your Higher Self, Christed Self, Higher teams to show you the truth continually as the visions present. I understand how vivid these journeys and experiences are becoming. Be sure to balance these experiences with integration. It may be helpful to light-ground in creative ways that are private and unique to you.

Even though I AM a Wayshower, I AM happy to see the more presentational and anxiety-trigger forms of guidance and spirituality dissolving this year. All is evolving to suit the demands of the high-vibe collective. I weep with joy and gratitude often at the developments in our expansion. So much, so fast, so brilliant! I Love You. Thank You all for this Divine co-creation.

In Love, Light, and Service,


Note: There will not be a video version of this message.

If this work is assisting your journey, I welcome your donation, thank you!

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Lisa Gawlas – Take No Prisoners – 9-15-14

Mario Gattoaladino


By Lisa Gawlas



new dayADDED NOTE:  After publishing this blog, someone, an amazing someone called “Stargate Dreaming” on my facebook added something so important to the term “take no prisoners” that I did not want to put it at the bottom of this sharing as a P.S.S. instead, here, up front and first.  Here is what she said:  You say the phrase “take no prisoners” keeps coming up. Perhaps a “prisoner” also might refer to a “pet peeve” or an old habit of holding yourself as “lesser” in some way, or holding on to some negative belief about yourself and your potential & capabilities? I’m picturing the release of all prisoners of lack, shame, hurt feelings, misunderstandings all being released from, like, an old-Western town jail!What an interesting month September is turning out to be.  Energetically very busy, physically not so much, simply due to the tremendous energetic change out happening.  I think the best way to discribe it, is like getting ready to go live in the sequel of the original story (thinking movies here.)  There is going to be familiar backdrops to the story as well as very very different ones too.  The actors (us) are all getting fitted for our new costumes, rehearsing our new lines and roles for the upcoming film.  The biggest change with this new movie is the focal point of the character themselves.  In the movie we just closed out, the focus was the human incarnate.  The theme had been getting out of our own way, strength training ourselves to Spirit, our Soul, our Higher mind.  Reprioritizing what IS important in this world of matter and realizing, applying the knowing if we do not like something, we can change it instantly and at Will.

Now, with our new movie getting ready to launch in real time as we close out September, the spotlight and theme switches from the human incarnate to the soul/spirit incarnate.  We have spent the last 21 months preparing for this massive change out of character.  Our bodies have gone thru the wringer, our minds, if we allowed, completely restrung with higher energy, wisdom, motivation, direction.  Thru this change out, our job was to fully release Will to our Soul/spirit/higher self.

It seems, we did a great job, because here we are in the enormity of September.  I kinda feel like a TMZ reporter, allowed access to behind the scenes interviews and understandings of the upcoming movie, thanx to each and every one of you that put yourself on the field so we can all get a sneak peak and better understanding of our parts in this new movie.

For me personally, I am working extra hard these days to release my own assumptions and expectations.  Man if yesterdays readings weren’t in my face with those straggling old energy things within myself.  As I mentioned yesterday in my sharing, I had seen this full moon of September open up a large doorway in its right side and all this amazing, radiant white light started flooding out.  Instantly and without question, I assumed it meant we are finally on the other side of the moon and the readings will show that.  NOT!!

I do not think we realize how important, how potent we (the human incarnate) are to this story line.  With the presentation of us moving into the belly of the moon, I knew we were being infused with the new energies for our next great adventure, but I never realized that that new energy, was also being infused with us too.  I think the best way to explain this is when we are making chicken soup stock.  We fill up the pot with water (that new energy inside the moon) then plop in the chicken (us humans) to leach the energy of the chicken into the water to create a new thing called chicken stock.  Same is happening here now.  How could our new earth come online without our physical essence within its stock energy?

So what I had seen in the big opening in the moon was the “stock” being released into the new version of earth, setting the stage for our arrival.  With that sneak peak of the opening, the moon itself changed its essence yesterday in all of the readings.  But let me back up first…

Earlier this year, thru many various readings, the eyes of spirit has been set on October.  They would show me/us the October potential that in my view eyes looked very much like a ground bloom firework:


SONY DSCIf we take this picture, make the background filled with Light and the firework itself, completely gold in its sparks, then widen the viewing area to 10 feet tall, but leave the firework the same size… thats how I kept seeing October.  A high source of magnetic spiritual energy already changing the airwaves of earth, of the new earth that I see as October.  The closer we got to October, the more the energy started to fill the viewing screen, until we reached the apex of August, now the entire viewing screen is filled with upward moving golden sparks of Source energy.  Spirit fully aligned with the earth energy.  The human who has allowed themselves the full freedom of getting to Here, is undergoing a rapid change of energy to easily wake up on the new earth without being fried.

The moons energy and appearance changed drastically yesterday.  Instead of being fiery, it is now becoming solid in the color spectrum of gold, bronze and deep red.  What is interesting, even tho there is no “movement” to the color spectrum I see, there is a feeling of the energy moving from bottom upwards.  I found a color image online that kinda sorta looks like what I see, a lot less red tho and evenly colored across my viewing spectrum:


As I sit here sharing and wondering… I suddenly realized the significance of this upward moving energy.  We have worked really hard to bring the energy of “heaven” down here to earth, into us, and now, the earth we are moving into, is heaven as earth.  So instead of the energies flowing downwards, it is embedded in the earth as the earth and is releasing itself to us, naturally, without our effort.  Which now makes sense as to why so many of us have been feeling the vibration, the heat in our feet.  No longer will we pull this energy down thru our crown, it will automatically be flowing thru us.  This alone is going to take some reorientation.  Think about it, we have been programmed to pull the energy from outside/above us, into us.  Now, it IS us.  It flows up thru us and requires/demands instant action.

Our training wheels are off!!!     Gulp!

I suppose this should not be a surprise to us at all, we have been warned, repeatedly over these last two years, the mantle of power is changing and being handed directly to us.  We have been given many many tests over the years to see if we are genuinely ready for this drastic change in venue.

This alone surprised me yesterday.  For the last 12 years of doing readings or personal sessions with people, I have never been allowed to say the word “test” because there was no pass or fail and spirit was adamant about people realizing that.  You cannot fail investing in your spiritual energy and attributes.  Now, it is not so much “fail” as keeping yourself back until you are truly and wholeheartedly ready and WILLing to let it all go and do it instantly… whatever “it” is.  There is also no mercy on this new earth.  We have trained hard and well and are fully responsible for what we do, or do not do, with the energy moving up thru us.

Example, if you have that one moment to assist someone else, and you choose not to because you feel inadequate or not responsible, that energy will become so prevalent in your own life.  The golden pistol returns the energy faster than you are putting it out!!

If you are being called to extend or highly develop the spiritual attributes within you and choose not to, do not be too surprised if you find life becoming stagnant around you.  We all arrived here in the depths of our own stillness as we accessed, brought in, used the higher resources of our Soul.  Now, its an action game.  Pay attention to every inspiration that rises up thru you and ACT on it.

From the flames of rebirth and passion to living it out loud.  Take no prisoners!!!  No more waiting for things to fall into place, your (our) job is to make it happen.  Creators creating!

I guess I am going to close on that note.  There really is so much more I wanted to share, but spirit is saying, thats enough for today.  And so it is!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of wonder, bliss and pure excitement!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I feel it important to leave an understanding of the term “Take no prisoners” because spirit is using it quite a bit these days with an unyeilding energy as it comes thru.  So lets be clear:

take no prisoners
phrase of prisoner
  1. 1.
    be ruthlessly aggressive or uncompromising in the pursuit of one’s objectives.

Imagine that!!  That alone is a HUGE change of focus and energy.

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Everyone Is A Gatekeeper – 9-9-14


A Lightworker commented on Sandra Walter’s last post on my wall, “What IS a Gatekeeper?” Well, truthfully WE ARE ALL when we choose to focus on magnetics and moving energy from the higher realms to use for New Earth Construction. Here are a few of my feelings on that subject.

Happy 9-9-14 Gateway. 5 Years ago today Archangel Michael called me out to go public again… whew

The Meline LaFont video from a year ago that was my Lord Metatron Initiation, which you can see the “encodings” being downloaded and caught by the camera:

Sandra Walter’s newest post on Gatekeepers which spoken of in this video:…

Ascension is a personal choice……

Aisha North’s Newest…

Lightworker Dana Mrkich – A Bizarre Day! – 8-5-14

Dana Mrkich


A bizarre day!

What a bizarre day! I was on the phone to my sister Krisi when her phone on its own accord hung up and starting dialling our other sister Jel. 

Then we started receiving texts from her, which she thought she was sending to someone else. Earlier, someone replied to an email of mine, only they were supposed to be forwarding it. 

I nearly crashed the car twice in 30 seconds in what can only be described as a moment where I either left my body or just totally forgot how to drive a car on the road! 

On top of all that, in the last 24 hours I’ve had a series of amazing synchronicities happen that are off-the-richter-scale, and am hearing of lots of people having major meltdowns/breakthroughs of one kind or other in that same time. 

Have we just had some massive blast of light flood the planet? Are we about to have a ginormous solar flare? I really don’t know but I’m interested to know: how was your day?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Steve Beckow – Witness or Lightworker? – 6-23-14

Sun 234Are we all here on mission or only some?  Does the fact that we reincarnated today mean we must be on mission?

The question came up recently in an offline conversation. I haven’t been able to shake the subject since.

I think that everyone here today chose to incarnate because they were convinced that something special was going to happen in this lifetime.

Some may have seen it as Redemption, others as the end times, others as Jesus coming in the clouds. The form the vision takes or took is purely secondary. The fact that it anticipates Ascension is primary. I think people at some level knew something was happening.  I think they are here to bear witness to these times.

I also think that they’re the largest group on Earth today.  Let me call them “witnesses.”

I further think that a much smaller group is also here today and is actually “on mission.”  I call them “lightworkers.” What’s the difference between the two?

I call “lightworkers” people who volunteered for such “heavy-lifting” assignments as opposing the cabal who brought us 9/11, fostering Disclosure, managing the flow of abundance, building Nova Earth, ushering in the tsunami of love, preparing for Ascension, etc.

I also call “lightworkers” those who chose to stay apprized of events and hold the space, light, and love for them to occur.

I further call “lightworkers” those who provided other services to those on mission because they were holding down their own fort. Someone has to raise the kids.

We lightworkers are here and, in partnership with the Company of Heaven, we’re on the brink of success.

But I have a relative who’s allegedly holding on so as to witness Ascension, though on dialysis and suffering from multiple conditions. At soul level, he wants to see the glad day, Archangel Michael told me. But on an everyday level of consciousness, I don’t think he’s aware of very much and he’s managing a great deal of pain.

I don’t see my relative as actively being “on mission” in regards to these goals (yes, he may be clearing for the collective) but I do accept and honour the fact that he wanted to be here to bear witness to these times. And evidently he will, I’m told.  And I’m thrilled for him!

Perhaps it’s only wish fulfilment and perhaps it’s only the vision I’m holding. But I see us on Earth today as running the gamut from those who are aware of Ascension to some degree on some level to those who are actually working on Ascension. And yay to us all! I am so thrilled and grateful to be here at this time.


Lightworker Bill Ballard – Process of Building New Earth – An Energy Update – 2-3-14

pearls2u·228 videos

Everything is being shaken up again as these new and intense energies are incoming. What a wild ride it is. It certainly seems like a mad mad world out there huh?

Persons asked me to give an update of my experience and what I feel and read from my field. Here it is.


I am helping others on a personal level with their Ascension process. Here is my video discussing the High Energy Exchange……

If you have questions, please contact me via my email, Skype at . That address is also my method for financial transfers via Paypal at

Find me on Facebook:

My Free YouTube vids on Ascension:…

My Ebook “The Great Awakening”…

Bill Ballard – Energies and The Event – There are Many Potentials for That – 1-17-14

pearls2u·227 videos

Check out Meline’s Global Meditation below. Let’s do it!


Sandra Walter – Collective Shift in Reality – Early 2014

Beloved Light Tribe, the moment of revelation has presented. Gaia is taking off the mask to reveal her 4D shift in early 2014. Awakened or not, here she comes. At long last, mass awakening is about to begin.

The photonic light waves penetrating the planet will continue to increase in intensity. By the end of December, the Ascending to 5D tribe will experience deep shifts in consciousness, with major amplifications from January through March equinox. These are unique to your level of light and willingness to engage with the unknown.

The unawakened collective will (finally) see unusual changes – and start questioning their reality. I sense most will be distracted by Earth changes or personal phenomena before they realize Unity is the goal of this evolutionary passage, however great waves of awakening are expected in early 2014.

Mass Awakening to Light
Photonic evolution targets our perception, dissolving the self-imposed veils. At this juncture, Unity is best served by collective experience. It is up to the Ascending collective to demonstrate that the Shift is about Love, Compassion and Oneness.

Wayshowers, we must focus on Love. Heightened emotional states triggered in the collective will require balance on our part. Hold and radiate LOVE to all life on this planet. Be gentle, kind and patient. Be a pure conduit of Source Light Intelligence; generate a flow of Light from the God spark within. Keep the Heart center open and flowing through the internal Source-Point as the external aligns with the highest interests of all concerned.

Magnetic Harmony
Magnetic balancing is busy during this passage. Sensitives may feel it in the body as vertigo, dizziness or nausea. Gaia experiences shifts in her plates and grid systems, and the elementals respond with weather intended to balance. Multiple magnetic balancing points were created by many light teams throughout 2012-2013. They provide options for erratic electro-magnetic flows; multiple points for magnetic surges to gravitate to, rather than a limited choice of North and South poles. The sacred sites, vortexes, and portals on the surface of the planet will assist in directing the new light to these new magnetic balancing points. Some sites are already serving as balancing points themselves.

The intention with this system – and many other systems which were implemented for this passage – is to provide as smooth a journey as possible for Gaia, HUmanity and the Kingdoms. While it would be beautiful to sail through the photon belt without Earth changes altogether, shifts must occur. They may appear dramatic to those unaware of these compassionate efforts.

Weep with Joy, Dear Light Tribe
As powerful as the last three months have been for the Ascension tribe, we are in for a whole lot more. Accelerations of this magnitude take conscious choice from moment to moment. Beyond being present, be Presence. The grace and power of your true self is being revealed; integrate it as it presents for you. True integration means a permanent change.

Denial of the truth is no longer tolerated on both personal and planetary levels. Don’t let your lower levels torture you if they cling to what was; surrender to who you truly are as it is revealed. Expansion of consciousness can get overwhelming as these new levels of light turn up the volume. Breathe, know all is well, find the love (not the drama) in these upgrades.

One-way Departure
The Ascending tribe is experiencing deep revelations, dimensional bleed-through phenomena, profound stillness and sensations of departure. Remember this is a permanent departure from the past. The Collective intuition senses that the 3D platform is no longer there, which triggers stability issues. Keep the personal and collective psychological affects in balance by breathing in acceptance of change, staying open to the flow of the Shift and focusing on heart intelligence. This light can be overwhelming; simplify wherever you can.

The December – March Shift will be brilliant and challenging.  Remain calm and centered in your Heart-stream. Anchor love, peace and compassion with every conversation, every action, every thought. Let us unite as shining examples of what Ascension is all about. Guide everyone around you to the Light by demonstrating how beautiful it is to embody the highest Love.

Aisha North – A short update on the energies


Aisha North Blog

You have perhaps noticed a little lull in the proceedings, a small pause for breath if you will, a chance to sit back and really start see yourself in all of your glory? For again, this is what this is all about, a chance to step back from the hubbub of your everyday life and step within, close the door and enter your own inner sanctuary, where you can begin to get acquainted with the real essence of who you really are. For you are so much more than what you think, and even if this is a message we have repeated again and again, it is one we will continue to preach until the last one of you have fallen down on your knees in awe from seeing the real you for the very first time. And yes, this will take time, but it will indeed happen sooner than many of you think, for now, this process of you opening up those doors within has certainly taken on a whole new meaning.

For we are more than aware of the seemingly endless procession of inner doors so many of you have ventured through during all these years. Some of them you have entered crawling on hands and knees, almost in despair, and totally exhausted from the long haul that took you there. Other doors you have literally jumped through in glee, with your arms in the air whilst shouting for joy. And now, more and more of you will start to experience the latter, as you have already managed to work your way through so much of those old limitations that served to drive you to your knees in frustration and despair.

For now, you have all entered a part of the stream that will bring you forward with much higher speed and with less toil and frustration following in its wake. For as you jettisoned your old baggage, you also gave yourself far more leeway to enter the discover-mode instead of the cleansing-mode, and as such, we think you will all have the chance to sit back and survey what you have before you. And in doing so, you will start to see all of those open doors beckoning you, as there are no longer those high piles of old baggage hiding them from you.

So again we say, take some time to sit with yourself, breathe into your very core, and smell the scent of fresh air that is wafting toward you from those inner chambers that are beckoning you to come an visit them. For they are not the cramped little rooms of the old, filled with all sorts of debris. No, these are large and airy halls, filled with all sorts of wonders, with more than enough space for you to enter them and make yourself even larger in the process. For as you go into those new chambers, you will start to unfold and grow at a rapid rate, but never fear, you will not find yourself constricted in any way as you do so. For these rooms are there to help you to grow as much as you can, and as we said, there are no limits any more. Not to the capacity of these rooms, nor to the potential you have within, waiting for you to come and unlock it. So take some time to celebrate the fact that you have already taken yourself this far, for it is by no means a mean feat, but then, let your curiosity guide to forwards again, for now that path is well and truly cleared for you to find it with ease.

Aisha North Blog

Bill Ballard – 11-12-13 – 3D Ego, 4D Spiritual Ego – In relation to 5D-6D Ascension

pearls2u·220 videos

Lightworker Wayshower Bill Ballard – A Vision Quest – New Monetary Energy Exchange – 11-7-13 – (Not Recommended For Most People)

pearls2u·217 videos

Brother Jimi Hendrix asked, “Are you Experienced?” Well, quite certainly, I AM! I found that I am perpetually in the frequencies I so was seeking during my vision quests of the 1970s and 80s. I have not done one since the early 90s until this past week. I found I am so very “there” now. The experience last week showed me all the spiritual work of chakra activations, initiations and LIGHT BODY EXPANSIONS into my layers of Higher Self has all paid off and the magical mushrooms can no longer take me into higher frequencies. IM THERE NOW which was my intention for so long.

In this video I describe the experience I had with a friend, and what I felt from her as she had a 2nd experience where I felt I had no need to participate other than guiding her through.

During this past week I also know that it is time now for me to begin helping individuals for a monetary energy exchange to support things and some luxuries for my experience as we wait for humanity to collectively go through their ascension process. I have not been asking for anything other than donations until now as my focus has been to create a world without use of $$$. But, my level of energy I have to offer is at the leading edge of LIGHT and Higher Dimensional Frequencies in my personal field which is in the leading edge and greatest abilities from most any others on the planet at this time.

As we are in a holding pattern waiting for the collective to go through their individual ascension processes which may take some time to come, it is time to use my abilities to help others teaching the ways in the New Age industry, so I too can have some of the pleasures of life I have been holding myself from these past years while I kept my focuses strictly to Mother Earth’s clearing and ascension process. That is done now and it is time for me to work with other individuals for monetary energy exchange.

Méline Lafont – I AM Presence Descending – Ego – Her Personal Ascension Transition

Méline Lafont·9 videos

Sandra Walter on A Fireside Chat – Creative Evolution – March 16th, 2013


Lightworker Bill Ballard – Update of Energies – Fall 2013 Equinox – 9-24-13 – Previous Fall Equinoxes

pearls2u·209 videos

This is an update of my personal experiences of the Fall Equinox and the water healing ceremonies that Kim Bright and I did here around Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. As the message was flowing, what came back to me was how each Fall Equinox since 2009 was so very special in my personal ascension process. Stories came up and out of all that as this video unfolded…. What a fantastic time to be alive!

BTW…. Here is that 11:11 Album I mention in this video.…)

Aisha North – The Manuscript of Survival – Part 356

Aisha North Blog

As you have mayhaps noticed, the intensity of this stormfront may have left you breathless in more ways than one. We hasten to add that this is in no way a signal of anything negative, far from it. Rather, it is indeed signs of a cleansing and restructuring that will give you many a cause for celebration in the time ahead. We know that during these storms, celebration may seem to be the furthest thing from your mind, as the effects of these lashing winds of high voltage energy is not to trifled with. But again, this is only a signal of the thorough upgrading and indeed reconstitution this whole planet of yours is receiving at the moment, and a such, celebration will indeed be a thing on the agenda not far from now.

You see, these beings that go by so many different names, most of them with very negative connotations and rightly so, these beings are now no longer able to withstand the pressure of these storm force winds, and as such, they will have to relinquish their hold on the hearts and minds of everyone on this planet. For now, the high pressure hoses have been put into action, and no one trying to escape these jets of light will be able to do so. As we have said earlier, anyone already facing the sun as it were, will only feel this as a mighty push in the back. But for those scurrying to find a safe hiding place, these jets of high powered light will serve to wash away any hold they might have on the surface of this planet once and for all. For now, the light is coming in at such a speed and with such intensity, it will be like a merciless battering ram against any closed door, and as such, the effects will be more than noticeable.

These words may sound harsh, but remember, the light IS powerful, and it will have seemingly devastating effects to anything not build to tolerate these high vibrations. But again, the light is not out to destroy, merely to rebalance, and as such, whoever is tuning into the light, will be supported by this, not shaken apart. So find a steady ground on which to put your feet, and feel how you are being pushed ahead by these strong surges of light, pushing you ever closer to the Source. And the closer you get, the more you will find yourself at home. For you belong there, as that is where you are all from. And only those still set on turning their back to their true nature will find these times to be almost unebearable.

To everyone else, they will be perhaps more than a little challenging, but they will also be full of exhilaration and joy. For you will shout for joy into these powerful gusts of wind, and you will raise your arms to the heavens and rejoice in the fact that now, you feel yourself lifting as if floating over the ground from the forces that are battering you, reminding you of where you came from. You will not return there just yet, but you will understand that this source is what will be carrying you ever forwards in the remainder of your sojourn here on this planet. For you have much to do ahead, but the travail will be more than outweighed by the joy you will feel whilst undertaking it.

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