Lightworker Bill Ballard – 1-11-15 – 23rd Anniversary, Opening 11 11 Doorway – WE DID IT !!



What an amazing adventure we have had since Opening the 11:11 Doorway 23 years ago today. So much we believed and foresaw then has shifted generating a new reality that no one could have prophesized. From our view 23 years ago we were looking at 2 worlds separating and the lower vibrational world of the two destroying itself, similar to the destruction of Atlantis but with those ascending continuing onto New Earth. With all the ceremonies and frequency increases as well as the activation of true blue walking talking ascending masters all over this planet, we have shifted it for the collective… All will come through this ascension process as we proceed…. How long will that take??? I certainly do not know but to see the shifts that have unfolded and the majic we have performed and are currently experiencing in our individual experiences…. Its happening! We did it! We have shifted this planet and the human collective! WE are on our way to New Earth, and together! LOVE!

Ronna Herman’s Archangel Michael message of 1/1/15…. Always a fractal of my own messages each and every time! WE, Ronna and I, bb, come from the same fragment obviously. Ronna describes her process of activation and bringing forth information during her 87 plus years on planet since Harmonic Convergence and Opening the 11:11 Doorway… This is a good listen too with an open mic Archangel Michael channeling! Amazing as usual! Click the “Replay” link at the bottom of the page here:… and…

Palona’s newest message 2015 ~ The year of the magician… AND…

Matt Kahn’s December 2014 message about 2015…

Patricial Cota-Robles Healing waters of the past 20 years “During the past 20 years, powerful Activities of Light have taken place involving the Healing Waters of the World. Since 70% to 80% of the Planet and 70% to 80% of our physical bodies are composed of water, it is important for us to know about these events and to realize that they have greatly accelerated our Ascension process.”…

Gillian MacBeth-Louthans January “The Quantum Awakening Newsletter” ~Always spot on for me~…

An old 1996 interview with Solara about 11:11 and beyond… Things certainly have shifted!…

Hilarion just after I published this video.…

IN5D today about Edgar Cayce and 11:11…

Cosmic Rays Surge for this 23rd Anniversary of Opening the 11:11 Doorway from Suspicious Observers…

From Sandra Walter :…

Meline LaFont http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.c…

Kara Schallock on 1-11-15…

Dana Mrkich…

Lisa Gawlas…

Lightworker Bill Ballard – One Global Ascension – Just Be Love! – 8-27-14


Hey Hey Beautiful People!

This is my first video in a long time. I have held off in posting such as I am with so many other persons as we go through this multi-versal ascension series of initiations. My involvement and what I say could have an effect on others here and I had felt the need to remain in private for this past month.

Energies are shifting now, again and this is the first time I have felt comfortable in making a new post.


Lightworker Bill Ballard – Going with the Energetic Flow vs Dis-Ease – 5-31-14

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Sometimes darkness we experience can really open us up to our next levels of LIGHT initiations.. We only have to see and understand why what unfolds in our life is going on… I certainly have witnessed this in my life so many times now and here it has just unfolded again.

So much is at play right now on planet. So many persons are here to simply “hold the vibrations” while others of us are not only holding those vibrations but also here creating change and playing our part in that globally. We each play our parts in this global ascension of humanity and Mother Earth. What seemed like would take forever is really unfolding in the “twinkling of an eye”.

We are in a duality material world, here for the experience. The question is what do we wish to create and what level of vibration do we choose to hold as individuals? That understanding IS the comprehension of multi-dimensionality while incarnate. All dimensional levels are playing out right now as the collective wakes and sometimes it is simply NOT comfortable to be around others who are not playing from their hearts… It’s just an experience for all who are playing the games, plain n simple.

To live the experience without generating karmic issues is a real trick right now… Sometimes we just have to let things “just be” for the present moments knowing it will all work out in the end…

It’s ALL Good!

Matt Kahn’s video I was speaking of in this one that made so much of my current experience make sense.

Celia Finn’s latest on Timeline Manipulation I was speaking of… Yup, I feel this is going down right now too… Time Travel 102 : Navigating Timelines” by Celia Fenn. How Time “engineers” are affecting our perception of reality.

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Transmutting the Ongoing Generational Historical Karma of Our Family – 6-2-14

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My last video had so many private messages on what came through resonating with what was captured. Many of us are consciously transmuting family karmic issues from many previous generations and from culture clashes throughout history since the Fall of Atlantis… For us this is ongoing and certainly not pleasant. The Karma STOPS Here.

I know I cannot remain here, but will have to shift back working with others who hold higher vibrations and intents with their conscious LIGHTWORK. Today I did geomancy here working on the Gulf’s vibrations. So much was coming in as I did that and there is no way it could all get into an hour long video. We are shifting the Metatronic magnetics of Creation… Ascending Universes. It’s pretty cool stuff as we realize the depths we play at consciously, but it is also very painful as many of those we transmute for are awake and know what is going on, as we have now spoken about this for so long, but many persons even though we have been outspoken for a long time, telling what is going on, they are not choosing to advance with us…

Remember as Bashar states so many times… it is where we choose to hold our vision right now that will be where we advance to in our own future… and those not choosing to GET IT NOW… will be left behind by their own choices…. We ALWAYS have to “walk our talk” and with LOVE!

Sometimes, LOVE just hurts… and it is that “HURT” exactly which is the magnetics that must be transmuted and with LOVE… One’s personal experience during times of ascension is ONLY the responsibility of that individual. If they choose NOT to advance or talk without walking the walk… well, then they made their choice… Let em go with LOVE! It’s time to go to the next level, again. This rescue mission is over now… Job well done! It is time to get to others holding the higher light and visions and who are working together… Time is almost out for those on the fence to align their energies, do their personal work and walk the talk… The world KNOWS now the change time, aka ascension is here!


Lightworker Bill Ballard – Back Home in Mississippi – Full Moon In Scorpio – 5-15-14

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I was on my way to Peru but made it to Miami where I was forced to turn around and come back to Mississippi because of circumstances both in Peru as well as the Airlines my flight was booked with.

I have been home for 6 weeks now and the energies have been really chaotic for me. Clearly the “2nd Ascension Wave” has awakened and is going through their “freaking out” about whats going on globally. I got home 6 weeks ago the day of Spring Equinox. Much has gone down since which I had no clear messages on and I didn’t understand until now…

Last nights Scorpio Full Moon and the deep clearing everyone planet wide is going through finally allowed me the first clear messages since my arrival. I get it and “see” it now… ha!

Its ALL good!


Lightworker Bill Ballard – There is NO Zero – We Are The QEG – Quantum Energy Generator – 3-5-14

What Is A Lightworker?

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Hey Hey Beautiful People!

Well This past week has been pretty intense. The learning curve has been amped up in a most intense way. Things I believed to be true are not and even my own world of what I thought IS, is not… haha!

Many of us have been hearing of the QEG or Hope Moore’s descriptions of the Quantum Energy Generator. As I listened to last nights radio show with Ralph and Marsha Ring and a wonderful panel… as this show was posted I was already listening to and being blown away mathematically by Peter van Runt’s interview of Roman’s description of Cosmic Math and Sacred Geometry…

Whew… That hit deep and as I watched I learned all I believed was true from what I found in school was all wrong… haha… Back to first grade for me!

I have to say that Fernando Vossa’s focus on consciousness is also in full alignment with all I have known and brought forth on my own journey…

Check out the 2 shows as both these are mind/consciousness expanding…

Bottom line is, as the message came through in my vid… WE ARE THE QEG in physical form… What Hope is bringing forth is the material manifestation of the QEG for the dimensional transition!

Cary Ellis and Dave Stewarts Radio show yesterday on similar subjects…

What a trip! What a Ride! Look how fast all is forming and changing!

Bill Ballard – Calling out to CAD Designers for 3D Printing – Changing our Planet – 2-22-14

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I am making a call out to CAD designers for our 3D printing project to change our planet. This is for the 4D transition into 5D.

If you are interested in this project please contact me via email, Skype or to make donations via Paypal at or Dave Steward at his website as he is the coordinator of our 3D printer group at: or on his Skype via a search at: lightworker-sxm

Please share this with anyone you may know who has this interest or CAD skill set.


Bill Ballard – Clearing the Self Imposed Quantum Debris From Our Field – 2-9-14

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Some reflections on Quantum Mechanics and OUR OWN generation of the field we experience as life… Its not being done to us… hehe!

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Cosmic Magnetics – Ascension – Twin Flames – Current Fractals – 10-15-13

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It appears our Sun has shifted magnetic polarities and is firing up again. We currently have 4 “M” class CMEs aimed at us from solar flares these past days. They will be incoming 1 per day these next days. I will be willing to bet that we will see some X Class flares occurring really soon as things heat up. Between our Sun/Helios and those of us activating on Earth… WE are really LIGHTING this little blue planet up! Yeeeeehaw….. Ascension is underway FULL FORCE NOW!

It is interesting how it is affecting those of us consciously raising our frequencies and going through our ascension process. It is also interesting how the fractals are also occurring on a local, national, global and collective scale. It’s also going on with our Twin Flames whether we are with them or not or whether they are consciously going through their ascension/enlightenment process or not. The magnetics affects ALL, and NOTHING will be left untouched. There is a process of magnetic mechanics unfolding.

As I have been going through my personal clearing these past weeks, and for me a very small bit of anger at the quantum level has been super amplified by the intense LIGHT and Frequency I hold in my field really making this feel uncomfortable, I had to look at what was causing this. The smallest things in polarity really has an effect on us as we expand our beings and LIGHT quotient in our fields, just like being under a magnifying glass. What seems so small feels so very big… But that is necessary because we cannot carry these issues or emotional baggage with us into higher vibrations and frequency, aka higher dimensional states of conscious awareness. Clearing MUST be done at all levels before one can move higher and take more initiations.

We are ALL going through this right now. It is so very beautiful to watch… and there are those who are fighting the shift into their hearts and because of that having a not so fun time right now. Then there are others of us who have indeed shifted into our hearts, living in 5D and still having clearings going on as we go through higher levels of our initiations and further clearing. There is more and more going deeper and deeper, and as I said above, the smallest becomes so greatly amplified when we have increased our LIGHT and Frequency to higher levels.

This MUST be done before anyone of us makes it to our Avatar Abilities… You cannot have someone who can manifest instantly still having bad thoughts and emotions or aggressions towards another… What could happen if you have individuals doing this? You could seriously harm another, a localized area, or even if you were powerful enough, even the whole of the Universe… THAT IS Why you don’t have negative beings in 5D! They don’t exist there and persons who say they do simply HAVE NOT MADE IT TO 5D and into their own hearts yet to comprehend what they claim… No negative ET or Archons in 5D or above… they are not in their hearts… 5D is simple, shifting the individual’s consciousness from head out of ego and into Heart/LOVE… That’s a fact Jack!

There are many of us working on our individual Avatar Abilities. With that we have to clear all down to the quantum level in our beings. No negative emotions can remain if we wish to achieve this new way of magical being and living. Someone commented on a post on my wall where Andy Bojarski does a St Germain channeling where the message is how pure we must be to achieve this state we intend on becoming. The person said, “Oh, and all you have to do is to be perfect.” Well yeah… That’s Right! WE have to clear ALL OUR CRAP before we can enter a state of being like that which wields so much power, or we could do great harm in a single thought and emotion that is not of the highest state of being. Do ya see? Haha

It’s all a very wonderful process we EACH are going through right now… The whole of the collective WILL ascend, or until they do, ass-end… hehe

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Channeling the Energies of Metatron and Prime Creator – The Encodings – 9-6-13

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What a video that last one was with Meline LaFont! That was quite an experience to say the least! The encodings are still rampant through my field and are so very visible in this video although the Merkaba energies are way too advanced now to be contained.
My energies are so far beyond anything I can full describe but that is the same with so many Gate Keepers at this time of planetary ascension.

Of course the message came in at 55:55 Prime Creator Number…. haha

I encourage everyone to listen to these new videos including but not limited to

Last video with Meline LaFont spoken of in this video…


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