20 Signs of Light Warrior Activation – via Awakening 5D Healing – 1-4-20



Light Warrior activation is surreal, transdimensional and deeply spiritual. Warrior Activation codes triggering some lightworkers into more of a Grrrrrrrr space and less love, light and rainbows. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! There are a myriad of missions, roles, cosmic travelers signed up for when we volunteered. We are all healers, teachers, light missionaries, some of us are gifted in the arts, communication, medical and science arenas, others are singing the notes of ascension, crafting light into daily lives of folk. We are weaving lightwaves, high frequencies, into the matrix. Some are whistle blowers, Hacktivists or Revolutionaries, all are Free Radicals in the system. Being here, breathing light and life into the densest of spaces, raising the vibrations from ground zero is our mission.

Some of us signed up for supernatural healing. Klearing the astral realm from the material plane. Darker dimensions heaving with tortured, deviant, lost souls, interwoven in the matrix, fuelling it. Warrior downloads are dropped in meditation, dream state and visions. DNA upgrades follow. We can feel lightheaded, faint, nauseous, sick, dizzy, clumsy and weak when upgrades are being processed, embodied. Our mind body soul beings are receiving a mega boost for interdimensional lightwork. We are transdimensional, able to traverse alternate dimensional frequencies, and so much more when we get there.

We have survived spiritual lockdown engineered in mk conditioning, witchcraft, DNA modifications, tracking, soul siphoning, handlers, psychic attacks, abuse, matrix addiction and more. Warrior lightworkers will resonate with some, or all, of the following experiences, and be able to add many more strange, targeted insight.

20 Signs of Light Warrior Activation
1. visions
2. psychic
3. fearless
4. can SEE/Sense the matrix
5. shamanic guides aiding healing
6. constructs materialise during deep meditation, enabling astral training
7. weapons of light being gifted to us
8. mentors aligning to offer guidance
9. woke as a core baseline vibration
10. resonate with Walk In volunteer theory
11. been targeted by dark workers since early childhood
12. handlers present since childhood
13. affected by spiritual lockdown modifications
14. receiving physical messages from Higher Self in the matrix
15. skillsets for light warfare downloading in meditation
16. astral travel
17. sleep paralysis experienced since childhood
18. sensitive to poltergeist activity
19. accelerated spiritual awakening
20. KNOW angelic/source/god/Jesus/light/higher self protection is the reason we are still here.

Healers are transmitting shamanic Andromedean, Arcturian healing practises in accelerated upgrades. Lightworkers are receiving a mega boost to their energy healing. We are in an accelerated growth space. We can Klear much quicker than before. Our daily lives have morphed into a strange, trippy, multidimensional, deeply spiritual, interactive existence, anchored in mindful gratitude and bliss. Ghosts in the machine need to be Kleared. Seeing/sensing demons hiding in people, places and things, matrix black algorithms and political/corporate manipulation, hidden no more. When the vibrations get really dense, dark, the world drains of colour. We use spiritual practice to lighten our internal vibrations. Demons see us as we see them. People release pretence of knowing what’s going on, many are surrendering to their attachments, matrix addictions, ancestral programing. Sleepers. Sleepwalking through their lives. Fulfilling dumbed down conditioning, ancestral curses, hamster wheel conditioning, rinse and repeat. Their souls drain from them a little more every day.

This is a high tech transdimensional ascension. Our Allies render our enemy’s weapons defunct. Celestial alignment conspires to unseat corporate kingpins, destroy their dictatorships, little pharaohs serving a dark and evil lord. We are here to light the Exit sign for hearts and souls lost in the heart of darkness. We stay focused. Connected to guides and source. Committed to raising vibrations by raising our own. Stay centred listening to energy over all else. Warriors we are being kickstarted. Conserve energy. We See vast light nets dissolving all caught of dark intent, in shimmering crystalline light.

Everything else pales into insignificance when we understand the full power behind these downloads. We are restructuring our lives to accommodate interdimensional travel on command, to facilitate light warfare from the material plane. We create the space and the high vibrations. We learn about protection and containment. We practise in constructs during intensive meditative learning programs. We release all of shadow within us. We embrace our sacred rage. We channel divine justice. We lean into source for guidance. We surrender to heart led living. We embody stealth mode. We expand into Christ soldier senses. We are the ones who will be going into the darkest spaces to release all to love, light and peace. We stay grounded by the pain we See everywhere. We care less and less about the pressures of society, expectations of our peers, families or friends. Its about so much more.

We can be overwhelmed by the darkness we See. People reduced to soul truth, demons or Light. Know we are protected at all times. Each of us has a spirit animal for this assignment. Warrior spirit animals take the form of dragons, lions, tigers, wolves, snow leopards, large fierce animals, spiritual, expansive and here with one role, to protect us. If you resonate with my words and haven’t seen or connected with your warrior spirit animal, ask in meditation, for you higher self to allow you to see/sense him or her. Dissolve blocks to belief, turn down human senses and turn up cosmic sensory antennae, they walk our path, by our side, at all times. All on the astral can See them.

Our angel guides can bend space and time. They can manoeuvre and manipulate the matrix construct in quantum time. If we are under attack, and we choose to remain here, our angels will ensure we remain here. The game is not as solid as it looks. It’s all energy. The Archangel Michael and his angel army are with us. Call upon Michael, he is Fam. Travellers know we have been here before, this is the last lifetime here. This is the one we’ve been working towards. Trust gut over all else. Warrior drops will come from 5dhealing throughout the year cosmic surfers. Peace up the rEvolution warriors #dontforgettobreathe

ALANA KELLER – Are You a Lightworker or a Lightwarrior? – by The Event Chronicle – 4-11-18

How To Know If You Are A Lightworker Or A Lightwarrior – And What They Are


By Alanna Ketler

There’s a good chance that you have heard the term lightworker or lightwarrior before, and there is also a good chance that when you’ve heard it, you’ve rolled your eyes. Perhaps you identify yourself with this term, or maybe other people you know do, but what does it actually mean to be a lightworker or a lightwarrior? Let’s explore.

Essentially, it is said that these people are ones that have incarnated on Earth specifically at this time to help shift our planet from the heart to mind. As fluffy as that sounds, there is credence to it.

Do you have an overwhelming urge to help others? Do you have a level of compassion, empathy and understanding for what others may be going through? Do you tend to see the “bigger picture?” Are you an advocate for the truth, the real truth? Are you inspired to do what you can to be the change you wish to see in the world? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a lightworker or a lightwarrior.

Lightworker Vs. LightWarrior, What’s The Difference?

From my understanding, a lightworker helps shift others simply by their state of being. Their vibration alone can help assist others without any real effort, trying, or doing. They are inspiring to others, speak and live their truth, are authentic, vulnerable, compassionate, empathetic and often will share their light through various forms of art.

The term lightworker, although can be given to any gender, and has nothing to do with one gender or another, is of a more feminine energy, and tends to be very intuitive, patient, and empathetic. A lightwarrior is the do-er, this embodies a more masculine energy of taking charge and leading the way. Lightwarriors are often advocates, leaders, speakers, protesters, and people who take on a more assertive approach, these are the ones with the fire in their hearts and a passion to spread the message of truth to the masses.


ERA OF LIGHT – Archangel Michael, Master Kuthumi, One Who Serves – Independence For The Light Warrior – 7-17-17



Greetings this is Archangel Michael and I AM so very humble and proud to be here today speaking to this group who is on this phone call and this group who will be listening to this in various videos and those who are going to be reading this in various transcripts. I’m here today to talk about independence which is appropriate, is it not, for this weekend in the United States for independence.

So independence for you, the light warrior, is to be able to ascertain and discern what is truth and what is not truth. Because we are coming shortly to a time where all of us will be incredibly full of action because we are now coming to a place of action for each and every one of us. Things will be moving at such a pace it may be hard for us to discern what is the right thing to do, what is the right action to take, what is the right decision to take. And independence really does require all of us to go within and seek that guidance that is within us and rely less and less for guidance from without us.

So I invite you today as you feel the oneness that you have created during this meditation that preceded this message, I invite you to go within; to close your eyes, to breathe deeply, to do the interruption of the breath at the top and the interruption of the breath at the bottom, and simply ask a question. I invite you to do this now. Ask: Do I have a connection to my Creator? Ask that question now and see what sort of answer that you get.

Many of you will receive that simple one word whisper of that silence, or that whispering voice within. This is your connection to Source. This is your connection to creator. Strengthen this connection. I invite you to strengthen this every day so that as you go into your service work, as you become very active in the various humanitarian projects which will soon require much activity, you will be able to go within. You will be able to ask the questions and ask for help in making the right decisions. This is true independence. So I give you this as a guidance and as a clue that very soon you shall all be very active. This is Archangel Michael and I now present to you Master Kuthumi.



This is Master Kuthumi. You may call me K.H., as many of you know me by this name. And I AM but a simple master who has served for many years for this purpose of ascension on this planet. And it has taken many generations and many years and many messages to get to this point. And I’m very happy to say that we are now at the point of activity. It is already occurring as you have been told of in the conversations happening before this channeling session, that we are now at the point where things are starting to manifest in reality.

And as this happens it becomes important for you to concentrate on the basics of the light warrior. As my brother St. Germain has mentioned in an earlier message, this necessity to breathe, conscious breathing is one of the foundations of achieving mastery.

And if you find yourself a month and a half later from that message having difficulty maintaining this gentle conscious breathing, I offer to you today another tool or another weapon in the light warrior arsenal. And this is called persistence. Everything that you know that occurs at the mastery level, be it a master baseball player or a master musician does not come without a certain amount of persistence. Would you not agree?

This persistence is something that we all must attain because even the most diligent light warrior may forget to do the gentle conscious breathing after a month or two or after year or two. It may have been that our ego creeps up on us and our ego says, “Well I don’t have to do this anymore.” So I’m here to tell you that persistence is a necessary weapon for you to continue with the gentle conscious breathing and what we have today is, shall we say the ammunition for the weapon and that is called intentions. Daily intentions.

So how does this work? Every day when you wake up have the intention to do your gentle conscious breathing. Make that intention known to yourself and to your physical vehicle that you wish to perform gentle conscious breathing throughout the entire day. So this is an intention. It is a command for your physical vehicle to know that you are in charge. It is a command to your ego to know that this is what you wish to do throughout the day. If you don’t vocalize this your physical consciousness or your ego will start to, shall we say, get distracted and it will go on its merry way looking at bright shiny objects on the floor or get distracted with one thing or another and pretty soon that basic weapon used by the light warrior, gentle conscious breathing, is left at the side of the road.

So I offer this to you today a very simple weapon called intentions. Use your intentions. Vocalize your intentions throughout the day. And that is all.

I give you now to my brother the One Who Serves.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

Wonderful as always to be with you and we are getting so excited about so many things that are coming.

It is not only you that are excited, we are very excited. You think that we just sit around all day and meditate and go Om and all of this and that is all we do? No! As you have heard from St. Germain we party! We have good times.

And the good times are ready to roll, people. They are ready. And we are [??] and everything is coming together. It only takes your consciousness, your collective consciousness to continue this process, to continue moving in the direction that you have been guided to for some time now. We speak not only of this lifetime but many lifetimes.

So, so long ago, before you even came here to this planet to participate in this evolution here, you were what you would call a much higher level vibration, much higher dimensional density. And all of this you somewhat gave up to come here and to be a part of this expression here, to be a part of the evolution here of consciousness, and to be the ones that would move this consciousness along as you are the vanguard. You are the ones that come before to bring about these many changes. You, the light workers and even more importantly now, you, the light warriors are the ones that are doing this.

And all is coming together. Just continue to have patience a little bit longer and you will be amazed at how these things all come together and how everything really is being orchestrated. Okay?

You have questions now for One Who Serves?


Q & A

Q: Yesterday morning I woke up with a healing message and it was repeating: “A message for humanity. A message for humanity.” And then I heard “love.” And the second sentence was, “The veil will be dropped.” And then I woke up and wondered is this just my imagination or was that really a message I was given?

OWS: Oh my goodness! Did you hear what was just said earlier in the meditations by Yeshua, by the way, who was speaking there, that there is no such thing as a figment of your imagination. It is all real! So certainly everything that you are imagining is as real as what you are seeing. This is what you must come to understand. It is not like your parents told you or your grandparents told you, oh that is just your imagination. Pay no attention to that. Wrong! That is not what you want to do. You want to pay attention to that.

You want to continue to work with your imagination. Your visualization skills are very important. Because as you move into these higher vibrational frequencies your imagination, your visualization, is going to become more and more and more important because it will lead to direct manifestation. So if you are not believing in your imagination or your visualization abilities then you will not be able to manifest as you would be able to in those higher vibrations.

You will train, you will learn how to do this more and more because certainly you would not want to visualize some monster or something like that come crashing through your door like some of your movies. You see? Or there’s ones where they are about to go down into the cellar alone and as they’re beginning to descend you’re saying, “No, no, no! Don’t go down the stairs! Don’t go down the stairs.” You see? We do not want that. And there is a buffer that will keep that from happening just so you know. But there will be a training process as you are going through this. Okay? Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes in some way I believe it. I know it is not my imagination but at the same time because there is a lot of information, sometimes I think maybe all of this information was affecting what I am getting.

OWS: Yes and as far as specifically that of the veil dropping, it is. So that was not a figment of your imagination that was real. It was a message for humanity to come through you in this respect and this is happening. The veil is dropping. And at some point the veil will completely drop and it will be amazing to you. As we have said before, get ready because you will be seeing dead people. [Laughter]

Q: What does it mean? You mentioned it last time. What does it mean, dead people? [Editor’s note: Caller is speaking with very heavy accent so is likely unaware this is good-humored reference made by OWS to the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense.]

OWS: You will be seeing through the veil or the veil will no longer be there. It is the veil that is keeping much of the realities, the various dimensional realities apart. And this will no longer be. So when we say you will ‘be seeing dead people’, we are talking that you will be able to see through the different dimensional frequencies into the lower frequencies. You cannot see into the higher frequencies but you will be able to see into the lower frequencies. So therefore, in order for that to happen you will first have to be at the higher frequency, you see, to be able to look back down in a sense here. You are not really looking down it is not quite that way but you will be looking across the dimensions you might say.

Q: Okay now I understand.

Q: I’m trying to figure out this timeline thing that everybody’s talking about you know with the lion and the lamb and the wolf and all that. I’m guessing you guys were listening. What does that mean? Does that mean like literally there are other selves of us having a life in another timeline, another dimension, and now it’s all starting to cross over?

OWS: There is very much involved in this and it would take very long time for explanation here but those things that you are coming up with, as we did eavesdrop you might say on your conversation earlier, and those things that you are coming up with were very accurate in many respects. The dimensions are coming together, you might say, and the various ones that have been attempting to manipulate these dimensional frequencies and densities in the past are no longer able to do that. But they have done their works. They have wrecked their havoc you might say at times. And after they do their part it is up for those of the light, those of the alliance to go back and redirect some of the things that they did. And in so doing it shifts and changes the various timelines as you know them. Now that is not to say that all are aware of these timeline shifts. You are aware of them because you are operating very much more in these higher frequencies but some, many are not operating in the higher frequencies. And, as a matter of fact, they don’t even know what a frequency is so they are not aware of these shifts and changes because to them nothing has happened. You see? For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is always this and will continue to be this.
Q: So the best thing to focus on now is how we want to move forward with raising humanity’s vibration as a whole and what projects we want to individually work on or as a group work on and start putting those plans in place so that we’re ready to roll?

OWS: Yes, very much so. And our dear friend and brother, Moses, said some time ago, you “have received your marching orders.” [Agreement] Not from us but from your Higher God Selves. You see? So this is in process. You are in process. And you are moving ahead as you need to, to bring all of this about. When we are saying you, we are not talking about certainly just this group, we’re certainly talking about you as a collective consciousness as a whole here. All are moving and creating this continuing ascension process that is not stoppable at this time. It can no longer be stopped; it is going forward. And some will go ahead kicking and screaming and others will simply float along into it.

Q: Exciting! [Agreement]

OWS: You have no idea! [Laughter]

Q: Was there a party last night? It looked up there like there had been a party all night.

OWS: There are parties going on yes because so much is coming very close and we, all those of us what you call the Ascended Masters and the Galactics and the Agarthans we are all getting ready for great celebration and moving into that celebration, we are having little parties along the way.

It’s all about enjoyment. It’s all about fun people!

Q: If I remember a little bit more. I feel the feelings of it but I don’t have the memories of it.

OWS: Yes. Think about that four letter word that James has talked about and hates so much in many respects ‘WORK’. Certain words are necessary certainly but not to the point that your society has created here. All work and no play?

Q: ‘PLAY’ is also a four-letter word.

OWS: Yes it is but it is a fun one!

Q: What is the breathing actually doing for us?

OWS: Mainly it is coming to a center; centering yourself. Focus. Finding focus within yourself so that you are moving out of the hurricane, the tornado around you, into the eye of the storm, into the center where all is calm and blissful. And in that blissful calm state you are then able to connect more easily with your Higher God Self, with your mentors, your guides, all of this. This is where you find this in that quiet moment within yourself. This is where then you hear the whispers. You see?

But if you are outside in the tornado, outside in the hurricane with all the winds and everything you certainly are not going to hear the whispers. You might hear the shouts though.

Q: It’s easier when I’m not walking. But when I’m walking and do the out breath I can’t help my body from wanting to inhale too quick without a pause.

OWS: It is like you cannot ride a bicycle and chew bubble gum at the same time. [Laughter] We have to throw that one in!

Q: Of course!

Q: When we go to redeem our currency will our mentors help us in determining the amount we should request? Will they help us to be able to disperse these currencies? I don’t want the funds because I was listening to Winston Shrout saying that having the notes, which were debt notes, could keep us from ascending or I don’t quite understand that but I don’t want to have a lot of notes left …

OWS: We are going to explain this to you in a different way here. Rather than answering your question directly we are going to speak in terms of three dimensional activities and understandings versus higher vibrational activities and understandings in terms of fifth dimensional.

One is it is coming from a three-dimensional point of view, the old way, the old paradigm, ask for what you want, make sure you have everything ready, all your papers signed, all of these things, your trust set up, all of this, that is the old way. That is the one where many are still operating from. You yourselves when this occurs are going to be hopefully operating at the higher vibrations. In other words you are going to go into your appointment, or whatever it is, and you’re going to ask for your help. You’re going to ask for your connection with your Higher God Self, with your light mental body, with your mentors, your guides, whatever you want to call them. But you are going to go in with the understanding that all is being orchestrated. Continue to believe that and that is what you will see.

But if you go in with turmoil; if you go in with thinking, ‘oh my goodness, I don’t know if I have this. Did I remember this? Did I remember to say it this way or so on and so on, and that will just keep you in the three-dimensional paradigm and that is where you will be. You see?

Do not be there anymore. You are coming out of all of this. You are being trained. We are helping to train all of you to come out of this old paradigm and into the new and experience all that comes in the new paradigm. You see?

Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes somewhat mostly. So just… when you go in just kind of talk with my higher self and request whatever just request what I feel I can disperse you know without…

OWS: There is a better word and understanding for you: Surrender. Surrender as you go wherever it is you go for your exchange or whatever it is going to be called. Surrender and everything will be exactly as it needs to be. Okay?

Anything else creates stress and makes this entire project then a chore. You do not want it to be a chore. You don’t, do not want it to be the same old same old. You want it to be the new age, the new vibration, higher vibration.

We need to release channel now. And before we do, though, we just need to suggest this one thing. As you are continuing to move through this next month, this month of July into the month of August, there are going to be many shifts, many changes on many levels of consciousness. [unmuted phone interference] There are going to be many levels of consciousness that are going to shift and move within you and outside of you and many things are going to be … well that is what we say, shifting and changing. But as you are moving closer into that time of August and into the Fall and all of this, just be ready. Be ready.

And those of you that are going to attend the next Advance, there are many things that are planned for this to continue this process, to continue this program.

Now that the one Charles has also come aboard here there is going to be a shift here that is going to happen as a result of this so that the Charles and the James are working together here and bringing about an extra level of shift, you might say, that can occur because of this. Charles may not yet be aware of this but he will be. And he is also expected and planning to be at the event as well. So there will be surprises yes, but even more than that there will be experiences. Okay?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Channeled by James McConnell
http://www.meetup.com/ancient-awakenings – http://www.ancientawakenings.org
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated “Believing is seeing!”

Sherina Malgorzata – The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Guru – by Georgi Stankov – 6-9-15

Image Source

Sherina Malgorzata, June 9, 2015

This disquisition was preceded by a correspondence between me and Sherina, in which I had asked how is the Guru doing, because I felt telepathically that the Guru had serious financial problems and associated with it many fears and I wanted to check my perception.

And before you start guessing the Guru’s personality, let me assure you that the Guru is at home everywhere – here in Vancouver in the Rose Radiant Academy and in Europe, for example, in Kakanien as “The Man Without Qualities” (Robert Musil), as Girolamo Savonarola in Florence or as Ignatius of Loyola in Spain.

Or as Sherina subsequently wrote to me when she gave her consent to this publication:

“The Guru has the gift to be a sacred court, judge and executioner in one person. This is still a class higher than the swots. They embody only the “sacred court”. No, the Guru can be more than that.

He is the Ultimate Judgment and you have no chance of defense. In a letter you get the indictment and the immediate enforcement without possibility to appeal and the initial decision is immediately enforced. And this happens not only with you, but your whole family, your husband, your children are equally indicted and convicted as you. Then the indictment is divinely endorsed and you can be sure that the way to Heaven is closed for you for ever.

The Court reminds me of Star Trek universe where a creature Q from the Q-continuum plays the judge of mankind. Q is a Q and appears omnipotent in front of humanoid species.

What can I say. With all my love and respect for the Guru, I can only say: What a pity.

Really, whole worlds separate us, whereby I happily explore the universe and collect my life experiences and “marks” and the Guru is trying to acquire the status Q, apparently for the benefit of all.

Whether you may publish my correspondence, you ask me? Yes, you should, it is perhaps the only way to inform the Guru, what it is all about, but also to tell him:

“I have not forgotten you and even though you have indicted me, because I could not follow your demands and requirements and you have cut all the bonds with me (with a very dangerous invocation), something binds us that you can not destroy and that is love. You could not crush or sever love. You are not endowed to do this. And in all your apparent Q-holiness you still enjoy my love, but no longer my protection. I have handed over this task to God.

You’re like a “divine swot” and I admire you for your stamina. Remember however, how wonderful life is and that for all and everyone is taken care of, even when you are sitting happily under a birch tree and chewing on a straw. “

In Unconditional Love for Life, Sherina

For all the love to the Guru,

I think that everything is all right and if the Guru now gets into trouble, then only to rethink and to align with the new: new ideas, new creations, new concepts, new outlook on life, on friendship, on fellow human beings, on God!

So far, that has taken a form that does not allow anything new, but as you have already noticed, life forces us to evolve and every time we try to build something for us that feels really comfortable, there comes a storm and we have to create something new.

The Guru has, let’s say, created a “Temple”, and all the “dissidents” are thrown out of it. Following the motto: “If you think otherwise, then you are manifold possessed (by dark beings, note, George.) And one has to get rid of you” and so far it works very well, insofar as the Guru stays ‘clean’ and free of demons, by deserting “blindly” all his friends who think differently.

You can not allow yourself to think in a different way in the presence of the Guru, but only within certain boundaries, which are defined and specified by the Guru himself. But as soon as you jump out of this boundary , then the Guru is immediately uncompromising, a being, who does not tolerate contradiction, and then the friendship is terminated immediately and without any discussion. And it does not matter how faithful you are to the Guru, how much you have liked the Guru, how much you have loved him.

He puts every friendship to the test, any love to the test, any loyalty to the test. And this is something only a few can bear. That is why it does not surprise me at all, that slowly heaven has had enough of  him. The Guru has forgotten how to be Human. The wings, which he has tailored for himself, are now too big and it turns out that he can not hover because the wings are too heavy for our dear Guru.

But he can see how others around him have already received their wings and fly, and everybody who flies past the Guru, must hear that this does not occur rightfully. No, nobody is allowed to fly as long as the Guru cannot fly, otherwise it is connected with demonic activity.

No, without the Guru nothing works.  He is the chosen one to serve the people and only after the Guru can fly, are all others allowed to follow. But only then!

The possibility that there are people who fly before the Guru makes the Guru fearful. Not that he did not wish this for the other people, no, but because he works so hard for heaven that these celestial flights are reserved, in the first place, only for such a good performance and no one, who is not as disciplined as the Guru, can enjoy this according to him.

This can be seen clearly in the light reading. As long as the Guru writes and reads, the energy is okay, but in the moment when the Guru starts lecturing, then it becomes evident that the energy has not yet reached the quality that one would have wished for. And the Guru is aware of that. Initially, the Guru was always silent and everything sounded so heavenly. Only when the Guru started to give lectures, could you perceive immediately that there is a difference like night and day and that the Guru, without his messages, has very little to say and often repeats himself, or only relays half-knowledge, as was the case with the Indigo children, who he had apparently confused with the crystalline children.

Many people, including myself, have the same knowledge that the Guru has.  What the others do not have, neither myself, is the gift to receive wonderful messages and therein is the Guru a master. Absolutely. But this makes the Guru no more holy than the others, and no more devoted to God than the others. On the contrary, it makes out of the Guru “a holy stick”. If you are loving, then it stands still, if you’re not fond of him, then you get immediately a holy thrashing and you can lie prostrated on your path, weeping and with self-doubts. And believe me, it requires all of your strength to get up and release the self-doubt, to align again and move on.

I do not know if the Guru is aware of that, but he has discouraged so many people to progress further. He has driven the people into self-doubt. Thank God, I made provisions that 290 souls were not affected by this behavior.

However, the Guru will probably never admit it. He just cannot understand that there are beings who are only able to fly through conscious divine laughter, through conscious divine dancing and thinking. The Guru may still stay disciplined for another 1000 years, with cold and a quarter of a smile, sitting in complete silence and he will experience nothing and he will not personally savour the state of divine love. He cannot enjoy Love.

What remains in the end? Nobody, only his family and the so-called blind believers who lie prostrated at the Guru’s feet and that is always welcome because it allows the Guru to say aloud that he does not need devotion. Then he can loudly emphasize that he is not a teacher, but only a simple man. Had the people not laid down at his feet, then he could not behave so. Then he would have to strive for the recognition of his work, but also in such a case the Guru would stress that he only does it because that is his duty.

Actually, the Guru is in a very difficult situation. I have also seen it with Michael Elrahim Amira of An Te kana. Michael asked me to translate his book and I said – no. That would have brought me a lot of money, but I can tell right away when one has gone astray.

This all had to be simply enunciated and everybody who has read the Guru’s website in the past few days, knows that he has encouraged all of us to say what others do not dare, and I have never had a problem with that.

With Love


Rob Behr – Portrait of a Light Warrior – Back into Unity – by Georgi Stankov –

Light Warrior

Rob Behr, April 13, 2015


A different label, but nevertheless the same as we all experience.
For me my almost 63 years of being in the flesh sure has been a rollercoaster of remembering through tough experience and survival in every bit of it as was the same in the many lifetimes in earth history helping sustaining then (little) present light needed in preparing the whole for this grand finale of final so(u)lution.

It was never easy for none of us, we came time and again, we did what we could and now we will one way or the other finish this whole endeavor, go back within or without, with form or formless and still be, again, the warrior of the Beginning, when we helped create and obliged ourselves with this great responsibility to also finish at the End what we helped set into motion at the Start.

 It’s comparable with raising my family, having raised them actually, and seeing the difficulties that they will encounter in the world which you as a parent do not like but still understand that remembering and maturing back into the being before you landed here, makes it a must and an obligation for anyone to experience the choices to – at some point – recover from what I would like to call “illusiamnesia” (amnesia from the state of illusion) to then hopefully wake up  to what’s real and discover how close the route to conscience really is. A road full of hindrances and asking for great endurance and just letting it happen. A road with angst for failure for your loved ones and a road with difficult responsibilities in choosing time and again and not to falter yourself. And then knowing that someday you will meet the point when, whatever the outcome, they will find their way and your job is done.

There is an end to everything and sometimes we forget that the state of being in the flesh that we now experience is of such low density that it is difficult to comprehend the changes we must endure for staying in the body while transmutation of it is also going on 24/7. Living in your house while it is being rebuild is, I think (and experience for so many years) one of the most difficult things and hey!, it is also the reason why the group of First Hour attendees is small. It’s tough but sure is maybe only bearable for the bravest, right?

Maybe not a good analogy but still usable is the years of pain, fear, living between edges of surviving and dying being experienced by deployed troops. They had no idea whatsoever what was awaiting them, yes they left home with a good portion of fear but also with companionship and conviction that they do the right thing. Well, most veterans will think differently if you could ask them about it after all they experienced and besides that, many do not fit anymore in the believe system they left. Instead of leaving hardcore fields of death to get back to peace and happiness many experience a second round of pain and death (repulsion).

Having said that and as part of my (this) incarnation as a military professional also in deep pain and fear, I yet experience that this second phase of my life since 1992 is actually a blessed experience. I rather have 10 times the pain of the LBP and the discomfort of the whole process (that indeed never seems to end), than the experience where the conviction ends in an illusion of deadly proportions. I rather be in the illusion and then wake up than the way around with scars on the soul and the energy centres of the physical temple.

I believe that being here the way we experience all, is the only option to help heave this world, this sector of creation and this humanity or what qualifies. If Source Creator or God of the Universe or whatever you want to name the Force of the higher dimensions, should do the work then isn’t that exactly what God is doing? Aren’t we? I am that’s for sure as I know so. But are you? Then if we are the hands in the physical then the only way of dealing with it is enduring and making the best out of it. And what I do is to constantly train myself to stay on top of it, meaning, by keeping the wheel in my hands while flowing with the changes I am enabling myself to discern and prepare in time, to take hold of diet, unwanted intruding of others, repulse anxiety and/or any kind of stress and have joy like watching a good movie or simply by enjoying life. And believe me, I can’t tell you how many times I have been at all low, experiencing death in the physical but knowing it is a transmutation death when all atoms, all cells are literally being overhauled and even completely changed. Then I give into it and thank God for the experience. Well, the last months it does not seem to stop so I have the opportunity to thank God a lot (grin..).

Yes it is maybe one of the heaviest experiences of all but the thing is that when you make a deal with yourself (you have to be ready to do so, it has to come from your deepest being); when you agree with this being that you are, this amazing warrior of light, this creator god with the hands in the physical, to accept whatever comes and agree and know that it is the most dense world and why we are here and have to change, then we can accept whatever comes, physical death, health, ascension with the body or without, well.., whatever comes. By having accepted this I am already since a long time able to enjoy all of my pains and changes. And I tell you I feel that I am still in my infant years and that I am not old at all, not going to live 25 years more or 60. Simply because I am one that never accepted the word old and never accepted the way of thinking of this society. If I am infinite and immortal, then how can I think in terms of old? No way, not part of my believe system, never will be, period!

And yes, to end this writing (again an end), I really experience Unity, but not with human. Back in the days as a ‘Way Shower’ before this whole new age thing became a next society pool of influence and deceive, well not all people in there, but the thing people were thinking was that love and unity was going to be a ‘horizontal’ thing, from man to man. But only few considered that love and unity comes from the real inner work (‘vertical’) that gives this pure connection with the light realms, with your higher being and God or Source Creator or the Force. And then, when you finally have this harmonious connection again in unity with the divine light and divine love, then all people with that same connection are connected automatically and of course by frequency/vibration and thus in Unity.

I feel we do progress a lot towards the End and it will be successful. And remember, the way we go through it can vary individually. But I believe that if you do what you should and further stay positive and with great conviction while accepting the transition as it is, then the outcome at the end is exactly what was meant for each of you (us). But to get there we should indeed pull all the strings together into a harmonious way of discerning, living and enduring.

Thanks for reading about what I think and about some of my experiences as a Light Warrior.


Rob Behr


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