Lisa Transcendence Brown – The Heart and Every Cell of Our Bodies is Constantly Being Filled with LOVE – Rambling Rose dotorg – 8-19-16

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Lisa Transcendence Brown   –   The Heart and Every Cell of Our Bodies is Constantly Being Filled with LOVE   –   8-19-16


I really,  really like Lisa Transcendence Brown has to say, and the way she says it! So…please read her article, become aware of your own divinity, and…


By Lisa Brown, 08/18/2016

Good morning sweet Light Family!!! 

Another magical day of brilliance, peace, magic and the most amazing everything! 

The heart and every cell of our bodies…. constantly being FILLED with sooooo very much more PURE love… the gratitude for all things…. it’s the simple and subtle things that we see and experience with our entire BEing, through total presence, total connection…. 

Sacred…. felt through every cell of our Light Bodies…. Sacred… every connection, every word, every exchange….

Not just in a moment or for an hour…. but every moment, every breath, every thing…..

Sacred is our presence…. and the love that is present is profound.

Sacred connections…. the human aspect forgot these things… It separated off, went to sleep (unconscious) and focused on that which was outside first….

Here everything is the opposite…. we focus inside and allow outside’s vibration to match. We align our own realities… and anything out of tune… WE TUNE IT…. however is appropriate right then.



Polona Aurea Dawn – Relationship Harmonization, Light Activation – Ascension Pioneers – 4-4-15



Dear Ascension Pioneers!

This Lunar Eclipse is all about inner harmonization and balance. This is perfectly aligned with the Full Moon in Libra. The way of true temperance is the way of inner harmony, when all aspects of the Self reside in perfect balance. On a physical level of our Existence, we experience the integration of polarity through relationships, which serve as our mirrors. They are always our helpers, never blockers. Through each and every relationship we integrate a certain aspect of the Self, which comes through as a particular Soul Essence, and this applies for more intimate relationships and even those we would not primarily consider as very important in our life. Every single relationship or physical encounter has a purpose behind it, and the more we reflect on it, the more knowledgeable we will become of our true Self.

Sometimes what we consider as a complete opposite to our experience, might hold the greatest gift for us, and we grow immensely through it. The thing is that we cannot escape our destined Spirit initiations, and sometimes certain relating experiences need to occur for us to deepen the strength of the Self in our Human form. As a Human collective, we are all one big family, and this is actually how we assist one another to progress and evolve further on the ladder of Love. When the integration of a particular Soul Essence is complete, we will know it, and we will feel like that initial “opposition” has become the greatest gift in our life. It is not only the beautiful and the easy that enriches our lives, for sometimes the most challenging aspects of relating enrich our lives the most in the end.

During this most important time of the Lunar Eclipse, it’s recommended to reflect on all our relationships and the way we commune with the Self through them, and how they assisted us on our journey of personal Ascension. There are no rights or wrongs, and we can never truly make a mistake. All that is left is Love, and when we realize the deeper Soul embodiment process that is behind every single relation we have ever experienced, we will know only unconditional Love in Unity. This is what we are here, as Masters of Polarity in Unity consciousness that we call Ascension.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Polona Aurea Dawn – Grand Cardinal Cross – Explanation, Light Activation – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my video about the Grand Cardinal Cross. You have probably noticed that almost everyone Now talks about the alignment of the so-called Grand Cardinal Cross forming in April. The play of these interwoven planets is a constant Now, but this is when it will be the most exact. Because not everyone yet knows what this truly means, Spirit guided me to share a higher perspective on it … through the eyes of Divine Creation of One. The first important thing to be aware of is the fact that we can’t just blindly follow the generalizations that come from the external. The main point of Soul awareness is to always form our Divine knowing from within.

This means that we need to see how things relate to us personally, and how they are interwoven into our sacred Soul journey at this time. This is how the fabric of our uniqueness is being formed. Besides what is being shared about it in general … what does it bring to us? What is the current expansion of our Divine Soul? We need to understand what it means on a higher level of simplicity of the Divine Truth, and how we can most benefit from that energy support of that activation and the embodiment of that sacred Truth.

What this Grand Cardinal Cross alignment represents on a higher level (the grand scheme of things) is the balancing of the inner polarities in our physical embodiment. We have a formation of four opposing planets, which are currently all in cardinal signs. The cardinal signs are those that begin a certain cycle of Creation … they usher in a new season, and these signs are; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The planets that are currently in these signs while forming a square (rectangle) position are as follows; Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. It is important to know what these plants represent and how these signs then attribute those aspects, but it’s even more important to be aware of how we ourselves embody those as inner archetypes/Soul Essences.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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Polona Aurea Dawn – Source-Self Empowered Co-creation Light Activation


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We have some crazy weather patterns all around the world now. We have huge energy shifts, and then the weather shifts follow, which are often a result of many things … and not all of these are natural shifts of Mother Earth. Some of them are also artificially altered, and as much as we can’t prevent for natural/destined shifts to occur, we can influence our collective field which was manipulated. We have the power! We have all the power in our group consciousness, through the majestic power of our Source Self! I keep receiving messages of our inner power to influence the weather patterns in the collective field, because that is the power of our Magical Self that knows how to work with Soul alchemy. The Magician archetype is all about the focused intent, magic and alchemy, working with the elements, willpower and connection to nature. We all know how to do this deep down, but only if the intent is pure … so let’s go! Let us gather all of our inner Source power of the sacred Self and co-create! We have the power of invocation and summoning the power of the Divine … running through us and all Life in Creation! Let us call in/invoke the power of our 4 basic elements of water, earth, fire and air, and then the power of the fifth element, which is the ether, and then Soul alchemy and Magic as well! And let us then visualize all of these in perfect balance and equilibrium of their natural state, within the Divine Plan of Perfection! And let us then feel and become all of these elements ourselves, so that we also embody this Perfection of the Divine!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Soul Alignment Light Activation – 1-24-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are moving into a Chinese year of the horse, and this will bring in a new speed and intensity. In order to be in alignment with the New, we have to be New from within. What does that mean? It simply means that we need to be as authentic in our Soul as we can. When we reside in Soul, we are well prepared for Self mastery and attainment. How can we better prepare from within? I would say that the best preparation is to declutter anything that is not authentic with our Soul and anything that is non aligned from without as well. If there are still any inauthentic energies present around us, like situations, time investments or even people (especially those wearing a mask and not being true), we need to let that go. This means that we then bring more focus to our inner Core, where our personal truth resides. No more scattered energy and wasting our precious devotion on something inauthentic! The horse energy also brings integrity, clarity and revelations of the hidden. If we will not clarify things in this preparation time, we will still be asked to do it after, but due to the speed of the energy, it will be more natural and easier to do it now. That is why I was guided to offer a simple Soul alignment Light activation out in Nature, to support our journey in great Divine flow! We are not reprogramming ourselves, like some like to say, for that is just a new set of programming. We are freeing ourselves and entering a space of a clean slate, where from Now on … everything is pure potential and pure opportunity for Divine expansion. This is what Self mastery is about, and we can move into it very deeply and consciously. Remember, all of this is within You already. All You need to do is tune in and remember.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn