OPEN HAND – The Soul’s Purpose and the 7 Rays of Consciousness – 10-10-13

What is purpose and where does it come from?


Sense of purpose is crucial to a satisfied and harmonious life. We all seem to have a yearning for something, even if in some people that sense of destiny is partially suppressed, denied or distorted. Purpose in life is what makes us tick. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, it defines sense of worthwhile service and it brings the divine nature of the etheric into reality. Yet when unbalanced it can also make us desperately unhappy. So what is the purpose of the soul, where does it come from and how can we attune it so that we may experience a fulfilling and successful life?…

let there be light!

From the Openhand perspective, all arose from the great void before time came into existence. Pure presence, the absolute, God, separated into two flows of consciousness; one outwards to ever greater sense of separation and the other inwards to ever greater sense of unity and at-one-ment. We call the two flows “Separation Consciousness” and “Unity Consciousness”. This underlying dynamic has created the entirety of universal form. As the Separation flowed outwards, its energetic strength increasingly diminished until the pull back inwards of Unity caused a condensation into form. Thus materiality happened in the shape of gases, liquids and solids. The immense gravitational forces caused the formation of planets, solar systems and galaxies. And within that form, life has evolved as we see it today. When we look at the big picture along these lines, there appears to be no intended purpose. If there was, who intended it? Where did that creator come from and who created the creator? No, to me, life sprang into form spontaneously because it was inevitable, given an infinite array of time. But there still is sense of purpose which most people feel. Why is that?…

Sense of purpose arises from the pull back to the source of life itself. Separation Consciousness has subdivided and condensed into multiplicity of form. But each fractal of materiality is infused with the impetus for increasing sense of unity. It is a pull back to ever higher degrees of unity and oneness, which manifests as a yearning to fully express the memory of the original condition of absolute oneness. This is what defines and shapes the soul within each of us. The soul is an inherent divine sense of purpose, direction and destiny, which when we align with, fulfills all our true desires and needs.

Distortions impacting true impulses

This interplay of the multiplicity of separated form and action, yet infused with the pull to higher sense of unity, defines every thought, emotion and action that takes place both in the macrocosym of the universe and the microcosym of our daily lives. All our choices are defined by this simple underlying dynamic. To me, all of form and creative action is caused by this Relativity which Einstein so eloquently introduced.

In our daily lives it is witnessed in the struggle within each person to overcome personality distortions causing us to make choices which are not at one with our soul. Until we are enlightened, we all have distortions. These are attachments to material phenomena or experiences, the attachment to relationships, to looking good, feeling good, being successful, being loved etc etc. It’s where we identify and get stuck within the Separation Consciousness. We allow ourselves to be defined by that sense of limitation.

We have temporarily at least, taken on a false self identity – ego – within the free flowing nature of the universe. We’ve become trapped by the illusion, temptation and seduction of separated form. The soul, which is spontaneous and interrelated with the entirety of the universe has been duped into accepting itself as less. Hence the inner struggle to find realignment – Enlightenment – such that this repressed inner harmony can once more arise.

Each distortion conceals a hidden gift

In order to find this internal realignment, we have to recognise the contradictory flows of consciousness within. So every natural impulse will likely be distorted in some form or another. Eddy currents of attachment are created which trap the soul into them. These eddy currents – or distortions – arise from the conditioning of our upbringing and society. They emanate from fixed beliefs, ideas, dogmas and repetitive ways of doing things.

In every moment of life, we are invited to make choices. If we examine the patterns the choices fall into, we will notice each one invites us to express either our distortions or gifts of beingness at the heart of the distortions. The distortions cause us to express our separation from unity consciousness and on the other hand, our gifts cause us to reunite both ourselves and others with the “absolute” – the Void of Silence. It’s like we’re either making choices based on control and limitation or instead, absolute freedom of unbridled authentic expression.

Since flowing towards the absolute is our divine destiny, we achieve much greater internal harmony and sense of completeness if we express our gifts rather than the distortions. If we begin to recognise this dynamic in our lives and apply ourselves with commitment, perseverance and core splitting honesty to always express our highest truth as defined by the inherent gifts, then over time, the distortions – our conditioned behaviours – dissolve and the soul is liberated within us to express the absolute completeness it is. In other words we become enlightened.

The Journey of Enlightenment

To me, successful living means aligning with the universal flow, having it course unhindered through me and thereby allowing it to animate my being with unbridled freedom of self expression. I recognise this as an enlightened life, permanently allowing freedom of natural expression to flow unhindered through me. Identity which constricts and limits is continually confronted and peeled away. There is the natural alignment with the higher sense of unity and purpose.

In attaining this state of being, my attention was brought consistently to the underlying nature and gifts of beingness of the soul concealed within the thoughts and emotions of the moment, defined within the choices we tend to make. Either we’re giving into conditioned distortions or we’re expanding through these and unleashing the radiance of the soul. It’s what defines the spiritual path.

On my journey of Enlightenment, I discovered that if in any distortion, where I got fearful, tense, tight or worried, or if I was wanting something I apparently lacked, then if I could find the underlying authentic beingness trapped within these distortions and express those instead, then the veils of limitation would peel way leaving the authentic expression to shine forth. Furthermore, each time I applied myself to life in this way, I discovered that I kept dropping into the void of pure presence – the infinite source from which life has arisen. I experience it as the continual taste of pure, unadulterated heaven!

The Seven Rays of Divine Impulse

So knowing the characteristics of the soul – of beingness – can greatly help to align with our destined journey through life, restoring inner peace, contentment, harmony, fulfillment and simple joy of living. In sharing them here below, I hasten to add that they are my own personal experiences from my own journey. However, I have witnessed very similar in the others that I have worked with and helped facilitate. There are other spiritual guides who’ve also described them in similar ways:

  • Ray 1: purposeful creative will Ray 1 is the driving sense of purpose to create. It is the manifestation of the divine masculine principle throughout the universe. From the place of separation, it is that undeniable inner will to find and create a higher level of harmony both within ourselves and between all sentient beings. It causes us to challenge and break apart the status quo which may be holding us in a lower level of realisation. The Ray 1 inspires life’s motivational leaders.
  • Ray 2: surrendering unconditional love Ray 2 initiates the impulse of unconditional love for life. It is the manifestation of the divinely feminine principle of surrendered acceptance throughout the universe. It is the empathising compassion that willingly embraces, does not judge nor need to change the inherent imperfection in all sentient life and situations. Ray 2 strongly inspires the selfless servants of life.
  • Ray 3: interpreting authentic reality Ray 3 harnesses and processes higher abstract wisdom delivering it in a form to provide a clear interpretation of our current, authentic reality. In other words, it’s how we know what’s really real. People with strong Ray 3 influence notice the natural patterning in life bringing the formless into form in such a way that can be understood and appreciated by many. Ray 3 inspires life’s translators, creative artists and mathematicians.
  • Ray 4: harmonising through right resolution Ray 4 is the divine rationalising energy which helps us find right resolution with our environment and other sentient life. It is the ray impulse which blends passion with compassion. It provides the discernment to confront unjust situations in a non judgmental way. Its purpose is to break apart the lower harmony to find a more equitable higher one. People with highly active Ray 4 tend to be life’s diplomats, politicians and teachers.
  • Ray 5: realising abstract higher wisdom The Ray 5 enables us to hold the infinite complexities of the universe as pure knowing within our beingness. This ‘science’ is abstract, all encompassing and rather than realised, is more sensed, as an art form, like poetry in perpetual motion. Ray 5 enables us to attune to the universal flow and harness it for co-creative exploration, deeper understanding and further evolution. The Ray 5 animates life’s scientists and creative business leaders.
  • Ray 6: yearning self expression Ray 6 inspires us stay continually focussed on our life’s purpose: to realise, unfold and express who we really are. It generates commitment and devotion to our cause, radiating our soul in all its brilliant colour. The Ray 6 provides the unquenchable driving force to express our innate qualities and inspire others to shine their inner light too. Humanity’s philosophers, spiritual leaders and performing artists are all driven by the Ray 6 influence.
  • Ray 7: shaping synchronistic magic Ray 7 provides the ingredient of pure magic on our life’s journey. If we are able to master our inner distortions and pause just long enough in the drama of life, then we can open up to spontaneous, synchronistic and co-creative magic. Thereby we catalyse and initiate the surrounding field for the maximum benefit and upliftment of all. In this way, Ray 7 inspires life’s ‘magicians’ and entrepreneurs.

Taken from the book 5GATEWAYS: a profound spiritual routemap

A Dance with the Divine

If we can stay in the place of the observer of ourselves through each moment in life, then we will taste the influence of all 7 rays and their corresponding distortions. Ultimately, by means of profound self honesty, we unveil what I call “the jewel within the lotus”. It is our very own “Soul Ray Harmonic”, for each of us, a unique blend of the rays which ebbs and flows through life with the uplifting harmony of a symphony orchestra. When we’re aligned and attuned to this, life feels like an exquisite dance with the divine. In shining these qualities through all events, we burn away the dross of conditioned behaviours lighting a fire of transformation both for ourselves and others. This is the inimitable, inviolable taste of fulfilment we have been unknowingly seeking all our lives. It is the underlying driving purpose of the Soul. It sets us absolutely free to express in every moment exactly who we are. For me, there is no other greater purpose of life!


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“We all know that our life and our

time here on this Earth is not a place that we stay forever,

we came for a specific reason,

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