Rize Above @ in5d.com – Are You Ready To Liberate Humanity? – 8-24-16



Rize Above @ in5d.com   –   Are You Ready To Liberate Humanity?   –   8-24-16



by Rize Above,
Guest writer, In5D.com

Do you have an inner yearning but can’t figure out what it really is? Nothing seems to really fulfill this inner yearning you have. You want something deeper out of life but you just don’t know what. You’ve looked in every direction possible to find something that will give you excitement, and satisfaction out of life but you came up short every time. You’ve had many late nights spent in deep thought about where your life is going, and why it seems like you’ve lost control. Some days you may have even slipped into a bit of depression wondering where you went wrong in life. For some people they’ve even lost much interest in things that bought them much joy. But while this has been happening to you, you begin to notice that another side of yourself is starting to emerge.

This newly emerged part of yourself is a bit of a rebel. It’s causing you to question everything that you’ve been taught to believe as truth. It started out by whispering in your mind, bringing to your attention all the things that you’ve been taught about the world, and how they really make no sense. This new you has it’s eyes open to how the global population has been manipulated through science, mainstream education, the healthcare systems, religion, and the media into handing over It’s God given power. As you question these authorities more, and more the belief that we don’t really have to accept these is becoming stronger, and stronger.


As you go about your daily routines, you’re now starting to look at things differently. You look at how we live our lives, and wonder:

  • why do we eat the things we eat?
  • why do we fill our lives and minds with worthless entertainment, and act as if we can’t live without it?
  • why do people worship celebrities, and athletes?
  • why are our conversations are filled with mindless blah blah talk?

You think about all the problems our world faces and all the suffering so much of mankind is experiencing and you wonder why we still live idly by as if nothings wrong. Why isn’t our major focus on coming together and finding solutions to free humanity from the tyranny it faces? Now that you’ve starting seeing things differently, you’ve began craving a major change in the way of life.

You may find yourself trying to explain the way you feel to other people only for it to fall on deaf ears or the other person to put you down. It may have gotten to the point where you don’t even waste time telling others how you feel anymore. Sometimes you might even question yourself, and wonder if you’ve lost your mind or if your imagination is running just a little too wild. But then you see and hear about different things happening around the world, and your reminded of the darkness that has seemingly taken over this world. Sooner or later you start to fully accept this new you. You realize this isn’t a faze, or your imagination isn’t running too wild. Suddenly it makes sense why you couldn’t find anything to fulfill that inner yearning you’ve had for so long. That yearning was your destiny and life purpose calling. It was your wake-up call, telling you it’s time to report for duty! You no longer want to just sit back, and watch the evil keep growing in this world. You’re ready to take action and be the light the drives out the darkness!

All over the world people are receiving their wake-up calls. It can come in many different forms. Some people experience seeing different number sequences (11:11, 222, 555, ect.), many experience a complete loss of interest and drive in the current or old way of life. Others may just get fed up of the way things are in the world and wish to see something done about it. These wake-up calls are making people search for answers. They make people do deep soul searching, and realize it’s time for us to step up! Either way, millions of people across the whole world have received their call, and now stands fully ready step into their life purpose, and do their part to liberate humanity, even if that means completely leaving behind their old life. Everyone can sense a huge global event of some kind quickly approaching. It’s my humble belief that sometime before or right after this event takes place, we’ll have clear direction on what we’re supposed to do and/or where we’re supposed to go.

Get ready ladies, and gentleman! Soon we’ll be called to serve!

About the author: Rize Above is a filmmaker, and writer from Toledo, OH. facebook.com/juston.james.7

MATT KAHN – Life’s Eternal Liberator – TrueDivineNature.com


Pleiadian Message via Christine Day – Liberation through the Essence of Sunlight – Rose Rambles .org – 7-8-15



Rose Rambles

My goodness, it’s HOT here! When we left Arizona…we thought we’d left the major heat behind, but not so. It’s been over 100 for 10days now here in Oregon. What gives? The weather here is unsettled and so am I. It feels as if I AM intensely tired and kind of unsettled myself. I mark this to being the result of my own personal veil falling with resulting disturbances in my physical body.

Am I worried? Nah…it all evens out over time, so I AM just experiencing this ride for whatever it brings! Underneath all of this inner discomfort, I AM quite aware of something beautiful underneath waiting to blossom leaving me with a knowing that everything is OK!

The author of this blog found on FirstContactGroundCrew Team (http://firstcontactgroundcrewteam.com/) feekls the same way in this message from the Pleiadins. So…please read this, see how you feel, and…



Pleiadian Message

Beloved ones, we greet you. We bring forward exciting news of this next phase of this New Dawning era. In late June 2015, there was a completion with this series of shattering of veils. This has set into motion an incredible transformational opportunity for all of you who are awake. This was an end of one phase on your planet and the beginning of a new sacred way. Bringing you forward to a “next step” for all humanity on your planet.

There has been a complete multi-dimensional shift in the magnetic energetic setting around the earth plane. This shift makes these energetic changes possible now. This change opens the dimensional veils, bringing an opportunity of renewal to your spiritual, emotional and physical body.

It has been a long journey for each one of you. You have been held and confined by this 3rd dimensional illusion in this lifetime, and indeed for many lifetimes on your planet. This powerful cloak of 3rd dimensional illusion has kept you in a place of struggle, confusion and a belief in lack. Holding you in a seemingly powerless position.

This magnetic shift has set off a new potential for you to awaken, a new potential in which you can birth yourself. We would liken it to a light womb being birthed around your planet, making it possible for each one of you to self-birth consciously. This light womb is a vehicle in which to create a metamorphic change within your physical and energetic bodies.

The light rays

Accompanying this magnetic shift is an unprecedented transformational change within the light rays of the sun, enabling the rays of the sun to carry a new light frequency. These light rays act as a mirror creating a series of light reflections throughout the earth plane. As you align through these light reflections, you experience a dimensional shift within your consciousness, which aligns you beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion, beyond the constraints of this earth plane.

The sun holds the reflected light of all that you are in reality. Within this frequency of light is carried your full capability to recreate your own abundance on all levels. You are being asked at this time to bring back your creation light element that is reflected from the sun into all aspects of your world.

Part of the plan as a human being is for you to move into this process of self-birthing through your own conscious choice action of free will. This process involves you aligning directly with this higher source frequency that is now contained within the sun’s light. This light source holds a mirror up to you, containing multi-dimensional reflections of the pure source light of your higher self.

This new frequency

The rising of the sun each morning over your horizon carries this new frequency of light, and this frequency is held within each individual ray of light. As these rays of light penetrate your planet there are a series of multi-dimensional reflections created by these rays.

The energy of renewal from the light of the sun is at its fullest potential at sunrise and sunset. This is the time where the veils are most thin, where the magic is most potent for you.

As you witness the sun at these times, it is important to open up to what we call the Conscious breath. The breath itself is in and out of the mouth, like a deep sigh. As you take a deep breath in, you need to open to the reflected light of the sun, drawing it forth within you. You can do this by bringing your awareness towards the sun’s reflected light and take that conscious breath in the mouth, and as you breathe out of the mouth there is a natural “letting go” process. The reflected light that you consciously take in creates a letting go process within you.

The essence of the sunlight carries the elements that you have been waiting for. As you breathe in with the conscious breath, the frequency of light held in the sunlight rays can open up through the cells of your body, creating rejuvenation and a renewal within each cell. Your cell receives an imprint of light. This imprint carries a frequency that dislodges the denser energy of the 3rd dimensional illusion held within the cell. Your body can simply release old patterns of stored anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame and sadness, for example.

Reflected light

These denser issues will simply leave your body and energetic field, creating a huge transformation and liberation within you. This is a natural outcome of the action of receiving light, because the density cannot continue to be sustained in your body as you take in these higher frequencies that are held within this reflected light.

These reflections held within the light rays of the sun can be found and utilized through the sunlight flowing through the trees, the sunlight reflected on the lake, the sunlight reflected on a single drop of dew on a leaf or flower and even the rays of light coming through a window into your home!

Open up consciously, look around and witness how this reflected light is everywhere and all around you in so many varied shades, within so many different elements. You can easily reach out to the light with your consciousness, touch the light gently with your awareness, and then take a Conscious breath and receive this light into your cells, into your very being.

The manifestation of this frequency of light held within the sun’s rays was always destined to anchor on your planet at this time. Your timing is perfect and this is your time to recollect your sacred design. Know that we are here to assist you as you move through your re-alignment process.

Align to the rays

To begin your self-birthing process, you need to align to the rays of light, and “let go” as this reflected light opens up a process for your own light frequency to imbed within the cells of your body. Through this interaction, it is important that you open up to consciously receive as your DNA strands are re-positioned, creating changes to your energetic makeup.

Your cells need to begin this process of metamorphosis, and this is achieved through taking in the frequency of this light that the sun’s rays can now provide to you. This action of metamorphosis that takes place within your cells will allow you to begin to receive a nutritional factor that is also being provided through the sun’s rays and the reflected light from the sun. This nutritional aspect of the energy you will receive has been designed to support your new energetic nutritional needs, as well as protecting your system from some of the harmful effects that are to be found in the foods that are on your planet.

Know that the food being made available to you on this planet is being broken down nutritionally. There is a systematic undermining process taking place within your society and this is severely affecting your energetic system. Your physical systems, as well as your whole nervous system, are being compromised. All your senses are being adversely affected through this negative food system that has been set in place by certain human beings on your planet for control.

You can now set in motion another process to counteract what is taking place on your planet by working with this reflected light from the source of the sun’s rays. Now it is your time to liberate your self from another level of these aspects of illusion and be in control of your own destiny!

Your next step

You need this support now, for your next step. You need the nutritional support to allow your systems to fully transform electrically and to support your energetic bodies, physical systems and your expanding light consciousness.

Your physical bodies have been deeply impacted by living with the illusion on this earth plane, and your emotional body also carries aspects of the density of this illusion. Each cell of your body holds the frequency of this illusion and now this illusion can be released from your system. Your body is ready for this. The programming of struggle, existing continually in survival mode and living in this illusion of powerlessness can be over now.

As the veils on your planet continue to shatter, there will be an ongoing liberation frequency birthing throughout your earth plane from the rising frequency of reflected light.

There is going to be a creation energy filtered through the rays of this light, activating your natural ability to align further to this creation through the sun’s frequency rays. Each one of your cells within your body and energetic field will be infused through these reflections, bringing forth many opportunities for each one of you to access a deeper understanding of what is held within Truth. This Truth carries a frequency of light that further adds to this renewal within you.

These reflections from the rays of the sun herald forward a message of truth and hope for each one of you, to not only witness, but to become a part of this living message. If you are willing, through a conscious choice decision, you can join and begin to flow with these rays of truth. You can play your part now by just accepting the light that you feel, see and sense in the moment.

As you align through the sun’s rays consciously, you begin to align to a deeper and more profound aspect of your self. You, through your conscious choice action of working within these reflections, are enabled through a “knowing.” This knowing naturally becomes manifest through you.

A powerful catalyst

This wave of renewal begins to permeate to every aspect of your being. You then become a powerful catalyst for all humanity as you naturally carry the frequency of this new wave of conscious alignment within you. You will be holding these reflections of light and transmitting them outwards through the planet to all humanity.

As you move forward on this journey of self-renewal, you will begin a rejuvenation process within the cells of your body. You will begin to recognize your Spirit. You will begin to remember the aspect of love that truly exists, the love that you are.

The jadedness that has come from living within this illusion on this earth plane will begin to dissolve as you once again turn back towards the instinctive joy of being alive within the universe. You can regain your spirit of spontaneity and realign to your own God creation elements of which you are a part. You will begin to recognize the very elements from which you were originally formed, the God consciousness. It is time to return to this love element frequency and become all of this once more.

You can begin right now, just from the simple step of opening to the reflected light of the sun that exists around you right in this moment of time.

As these old barriers leave your body, this light, your light, is mirrored through the sun’s rays that naturally realign you beyond the illusion and limitation of this 3rd dimensional dynamic, moving you back to the Truth of your existence for this time.

This is your next step, for you to begin to emerge like a butterfly, from the cocoon into the light, flying free into the wind.

This has always been the time for Self Liberation. This time is all about you liberating your self through conscious choice.

Blessings, The Pleiadians


~ By Christine Day, on July 6th 2015


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