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Aurelia Louise Jones talks about Telos and Lemuria in Mount Shasta

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MountShastaLight’s channel

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March 13, 2015 at 5:02 am

Lauren Galey Interviews Sheldon Nidle – Galactic Federation Representative – Being on Board Sirian Space Ships – Advanced Learning about Universe, Lemuria, Atlantis – Coming Changes for Mankind – Stepping Into Full Consciousness

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Lauren Galey


Sheldon Nidle talks about his childhood experience being on board Sirian Space ships and the knowledge he learned about the universe, including Lemuria, Atlantis, and the coming changes for mankind to step into full consciousness.

Lauren Galey Interviews Sheldon Nidle – Galactic Federation Representative – Being on Board Sirian Space Ships – Advanced Learning about Universe, Lemuria, Atlantis – Coming Changes for Mankind – Stepping Into Full Consciousness

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Lauren Galey


Sheldon Nidle talks about his childhood experience being on board Sirian Space ships and the knowledge he learned about the universe, including Lemuria, Atlantis, and the coming changes for mankind to step into full consciousness.

Atlantis – Lemuria Technique – Healing, Abundance

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April 6, 2014 at 6:16 am

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The High Priest of Lemuria – Lord Zeniel Melchizedek – Channeler: Helen Demetriou – 1-14-14

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hollow earth

Lord Zeniel Melchizedek

The land of Lemuria is right here on Earth and I have felt it’s vibrations and that of its High Priests and Priestesses for a very long time if not all of my life. There are many humans throughout history who have been drawn to the enigma of this ancient place and people and who have tried and succeeded in connecting with the frequencies of Mu. I am also one of those people yet what I have learned during my meetings with the Lemurians does not come from any book or what someone has told be but what they have taught me themselves.

We have published one of my meetings with the Lemurians but many of those other meetings have been kept within our own sacred library for there are some things that cannot be taught mainly because they must be experiences rather than told. Today, though, I will share with you this meeting and the channeled words of Lord Zeniel because he has requested that we do so for he and the collective members of Lemuria are very proactive and involved in human and Earth ascension and evolution.

During our ritual to open stargates and communication lines with the various tribes in the universe that we work with, I began to hear my spirit name being called which is a title my higher self. I closed my eyes and I was instantly enclosed within my Merkahbah vehicle. I understood that I would be taken to the owner of the voice that was calling to me and sure enough I began to travel through a wormhole and I understood that I was travelling through the different dimensions of time. Below I explain my account of my journey to the place of ancient civilization.

I begin to feel a slight chill and as I open my third eye to see which realm I am in, I instantly recognized the scenery as I have been here many times before; I have arrived at the place of ice and snow and this place is the land of Lemuria.

I begin to see a figure walking towards me. As he gets closer I can see that he is wearing a long coat made of fur and he is wearing snow boots made of the same material. The coat he is wearing is open, revealing that he is wearing a blue tunic and tight, black trousers beneath. He is very tall though not as tall as the Anunnaki gods and he is large in statue; his body appears to be muscular. His hair is light brown and slightly wavy and long, down to his shoulders, and his eyes are like blue sapphires.

Note: I must explain now how the eyes of the Lemurians are so that you can understand. Their gaze is crystallized as they are one with the crystalline energies of Earth and the masters at fashioning tools of healing and metamorphosis out of the various crystals that grow in the Earth. I could say that the Lemurians are Autogenes meaning self born and those who sprang up from the Earth but I know that this is not so as it will be revealed in this work.

The Lemurian greets me by kissing each cheek and then my forehead and then he hugs me tightly to him. I instantly connect with his pure vibrations that immediately make my own vibrations quicken so that I begin to vibrate at his frequency to enable me to stay in this realm during the time of this meeting.

Zeniel: “Hello, Nanaea. I am so glad that you have come. You heard me calling you, eh? Very good. I asked you to come here because my family and I would like you to enlighten humanity on whom we are and where we come from. We also want to impart some teachings with you that we wish you to share.

My name is Zeniel and I am the head high priest of Lemuria during this time. I am also known as Melchizedek for it is here in Lemuria that Melchizedek incarnated and as you know he is the high priest to the divine hierarchies. I will take you with me to our dwelling place where you can meet the other head high priests and priestesses of Lemuria.”

Helen: “Blessings, Zeniel. I am so happy to meet you and to be here (I smile) and I am so excited to learn all that you wish to teach me. Firstly, can you explain more to me about the Order of Melchizedek? I know that many would be very interested in learning about this.”

Zeniel: “Yes of course I can, sister, but first let us go to meet the other head high priests and priestesses and they can also explain some important stories about us to you.”

I begin to walk with Zeniel and I can see that there is a large building ahead and we are walking towards this. As we are walking, Zeniel continues to speak to me:

“We are what you could call shamans; we live closely with the Earth and we work with the Earth and celestial energies to perform different levels of alchemy. We commune with the spirits of the trees and of course crystals and all of the other elements that are available to us. We hunt, we grow our food and we abide by the seasons.

From a young age Lemurians are trained in the martial arts and learn how to use energy as a form of spiritual practice. Yes, we are warriors and tutored in combat but there is not reason to put this into practice as there are no wars here and no battles; not anymore, not since the split.”

Zeniel senses that I will ask about which split he speaks of and he tells me,

“Do not worry, Nanaea; all will be revealed very shortly because now we are here and now you can meet the others.”

I notice that we are indeed at the building we were heading for and he opens a door and we enter inside.

I am in a very large room and within this room there is a very large, oval table with eleven other Lemurians seated around it with one empty chair next to the head seat which I guess is where Zeniel will sit. Those seated around the table are men and women of different skin colours and facial characteristics yet all of them have the same sapphire blue eyes as Zeniel.

They twelve smile and greet me and Zeniel motions for me to sit in the empty chair and he seats himself beside me.

For a moment the Lemurians look at me smiling and I feel a little uncomfortable at being the center of attention and I am lost for words. Thankfully, Zeniel begins to speak and breaks the silence.

Zeniel: “Brothers and sisters, you know who this is. Nanaea has kindly come to visit us and she has some questions she would like to ask us.”

Zeniel looks at me and says,

“Before I answer your questions I would first like to explain to you that all Lemurians are priests and priestesses and also want to say to you that we are the first root race of humans that were created by the Anunnaki gods. It is important for people to know that they are looking upwards at the skies and wishing to be on some other planet and this is because they believe that there is much better up there than there is down here.

Humans have a problem when it comes to time because they cannot comprehend the age of their own planet which is billions of your years old. They do not understand that we, as the first root race civilization on Earth, are much older than many of the other tribes in the universe and we reside on their planet. Yes, we are in a different dimension, but we still co exist with your dimension and we are Earthlings and we are proud of this. We are also much more advanced than some tribes in the universe.

We communicate with several cosmic brothers and sisters and we also have students from different civilizations who come to us for training for although we were tutored in the arts of the Anunnaki mysteries, it is us who teach it to other nations and we have the authority to do this by our ancestors. It is not difficult to appreciate that considering the Anunnaki are an ancient race who are masters of genetics and advanced technology that other nations would want to learn their techniques and teach them to their own people. Humans really need to change their way of thinking and their perceptions because they do not appreciate just how sophisticated the Anunnaki are and their superior knowledge and wisdom is of a very high caliber and greatly valued among the other star nations.”

Helen: “thank you for explaining this, Zeniel, for although I know this already, it is important for others to know about this, too. Can you explain more about yourselves as being the first root race? How are you different to the humans of today?”

Zeniel: “We are Anunnaki avatars. We were the first race of humans that the Anunnaki created as I have told you before. We are much larger than the humans of your dimension and we are as you know, we are much more technologically and spiritually advanced.

Helen: “Zeniel, can you explain why the humans of today are not as advanced as the Lemurians?”

Zeniel: “Yes, of course, and this I will say now will also answer the question you had while we were outside.

The Anunnaki created the first root race which is known as the Lemurians. We were known as the children of the gods and your world speaks about us as the ‘Sons of Light.’ Many of you know that corruption came to Lemuria when some branched off from this tribe to create Atlantis and the corruption grew and became deeply imbedded in the Atlantean society. Two distinct groups began to form; those who you call the sons of light and those who you call the sons of darkness. This began the downfall of the civilization of Atlantis and luckily Lemuria was still safe and to ensure its safety it had already begun to move into a different dimension to Atlantis.

The sons of darkness are the dark brotherhood; they are the ones who began rebelling against the divine guidance of the Anunnaki and who wished to become gods even though they are gods. They dissected themselves from the divine and closed down all channels between their mental and their higher selves. They wished to reign as kings of the Earth and anyone who opposed them would be taken in chains.

As you have been told previously, the sons of darkness or the dark brotherhood lured in the citizens of Atlantis with their lies and their mind control programs and gained their support and favour and the sons of light had to go into hiding for they were being hunted by the dark brotherhood and their supporters.

Just before this time, more root races of humans were created by the Anunnaki and they were residing in Atlantis. Remember, try to understand the concepts of this time span which was thousands and thousands of years; the rebellion did not just happen in one day or one month or one year.

Religion began to be introduced and the new root race of humans, who had been trained in the Anunnaki arts and who were spiritually and technologically advanced began to forget all of their learning’s. You have read in this book you call the bible that humans were living for many hundreds of your years and slowly through time their life spans became less and disease became more. Death of spiritual knowledge causes death of the physical body and degeneration of the mind. All of these things need to be taken into account. This is why humans began to be born smaller and less enlightened, mainly because of the society they lived in but also because they went into a state of devolution. When you forget you devolve. When you are confused and lose memory of your own divinity, that you come from gods so therefore you are gods, you degenerate and this happened to the whole root race and your modern day humans are the result of the rebellion against the divine.

Not all is negative, sister; during the past 50 or so of your years humans have begun becoming more enlightened and you can see this by the size that humans grow to now. Humans are also living longer but this process needs to be sped up for you know that the new world is upon you and whether your world is ready or not it will happen because it has been too long that the dark brotherhood have held onto your world and only through a shock to the system of your consciousness will all awaken and demand freedom and union with the other tribes of the universe.

So you also wanted to know about the Order of Melchizedek. I am Melchezedek and the order is the priesthood which includes both brothers and sisters. I am also who you know to be Archangel Michael and I am the first avatar of Lord Marduk. We are also known as lords and this is not because we are superior to anyone but it is a title which is given to those who have become initiates of the order.

I want to introduce you to the other eleven.”

Zeniel begins pointing to each member and gives me their names,

“This is Beniel (male) This is Sherel (female) This is Nanel (female) This is Kaduel (male) This is Lisiel (female) This is Uliel (male) This is Sepiel (male) This is Zoliel (female) This is Theliel (female) This is Saniel (male) This is Gresiel (female)

We are the high priests and priestesses of Lemuria and also the Order of Melchizedek. We each specialize in our own individual skills.”

Helen: “Why do you each have Hebrew sounding names with ‘El’ at the end? Why do you not have Sumerian or Babylonian names? Is Sumerian not the language of the gods?”

Zeniel: “Nanaea, our language is Sumerian or I should say the language of the Anunnaki which is the language of the gods. We have ‘El’ in our names because it means we are of the gods. If we pronounced them with the Babylonian ‘Il’ it would still mean the same.

It is important that I speak to you about the Mer-Ka-Ba because we know that our teachings regarding this would greatly help humanity for I wish to say that the Mer-Ka-Bah is like a galaxy that is created by the electromagnetic fields around the body. You see, although we do recognize the Mer-Ka-Ba as being a chariot which transports you through the different dimensions, to us the Mer-Ka-Ba is much more than this.

Many of you know that ‘Mer’ means ‘light’, ‘Ka’ means the spirit that drives the ‘Ba’ which is the ‘body’. Please know that the Mer-Ka-Ba is not only used for ascension purposes but many of us, who are the original Ascended Masters, use it to travel through the different dimensions as well as across the universe as I have just explained to you.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is what you navigate in to travel through time so that you can visit the past and the future but again this is not all that it can do; it is a healing chamber within the realms of spinning sacred geometric shapes which counter rotate against but through each other for from the Mer-Ka-Ba radiates transcendent healing life force energy which enables the cells and its elements to vibrate in alignment with the sacred geometric shapes. Remember that you come from the Earth and your composition is made up of the Earth as well as the elements of the stars. All need to be incorporated into the multi-dimensional hexagram which encumbers both above and below and the uniting of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine within you.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is also an antenna and receiver which amplifies your heart, soul and mental messages out into the universe and receives the same communicational frequencies back so you may use the Mer-Ka-Ba as a communication device when you wish to connect with different collective consciousnesses throughout the cosmos.

The holy and most sacred vehicle can be activated through a number of methods which enable the light body to awaken from its slumbering state and become a part of the Mer-Ka-Ba structure which assists the energies of the Mer-Ka-Ba to vibrate inwards which is back to the source of all that you are as an incarnated being.

So I think that I have said much and this is good, for now. On behalf of me and the Lemurian high priests and priestesses we wish to thank you and know that we will be back in contact with you again shortly.”

Each member of the Priesthood rises to embrace and kiss me and slowly, as I am saying my thank you’s and goodbye’s, the vision fades and I am back in my seat and my usual surroundings.

Link back to original channeling: http://esophoria.org/the-high-priest-of-lemuria-lord-zeniel-melchizedek/

Found at Cosmic Love  –  http://gregdougall.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/lord-zeniel-of-lemuria/

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Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Book, Part 4 – Life Within New Earth, Part 3 – The Sinking Of Lemuria – 11-8-13

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www.mslpublishing.com  /  suzanneliephd.blogspot.com
Author;s Note:
Third dimensional communication is logical, sequential and focused on time-based past, present and future. On the other hand, multidimensional communication is based on imagination, perceptual images and emotional/bodily feelings within the timeless NOW. Something is blocking my ability to imagine, perceive and/or feel next segment of the multidimensional story of Lemuria. Therefore, I will call upon Ra and Ra Mu, the King and Queen of Inner Earth Lemuria.
Dear Ra and Ra Mu,
I come to you NOW via my fifth dimensional, imagistic communication. I ask you to assist me with the next segment of Mytrian’s journey through your vast Lemurian world in Inner Earth. I had the deep honor of being taken for a brief visit to your world and remember the feeling of unconditional love and joy to which you all resonate.
        I have had some difficulty getting totally centered on this segment of the storyline in which Mytrian is about to visit Telos. I live in the beach area of Southern California, which was once a part of Lemuria and often walk through the Northern California Redwood forests that remain from your civilization. I will take a moment to remember that “feel” while I await your message.
“Our Dear One,
       You needn’t wait for the FEEL of our message, as we live within your heart, as well as within the heart of Mytrian. In fact, it is not the visit to Inner Earth’s Lemuria that has caused you pause. It is the FEEL of your Multidimensional SELF as presented in your “story” that has caused you to be still and remember.
Remembering is not an action; it is a stillness of body, mind and spirit. Also, our beloved Lemurian one, in order to remember our inner world, you must go through the memory of the destruction of our topside continent. This memory is not one to which any of us wish to return. However, through the darkness is the light.
       Please allow us to hold your “hand” while you move through that memory HERE within our NOW. We will take you back into our communication in which you are “just telling a story.” It is through calling this memory a story that your unconscious can release its vigilance of protecting you from information until you were strong enough to receive it. Therefore, we begin where you left off with the Lemurian leader saying,
       “Our leaders saw the possible reality of our total destruction and tried vigilantly to avoid it. However, our cycle had ended, and we needed to enter Inner Earth to find safety. However, that is a story for another NOW. Please, follow us into your celebration.”
     The leader then turned to guide us into the city but suddenly disappeared. In fact, our entire vision of the city, as well as our other Lemurian friends, was gone. We were standing alone in a very dark cave within the core of some version of Earth. Worse yet, the memory of how we came to this cave, and even of our own identity, began to blink in and out of our perception.
       Our vague vision of Mytrian was morphing into the images of a tall man and women who wore what looked like ancient Grecian tunics. The tunics were the same for both the male and female and were made of a cloth that looked like spun light. The female’s tunic flowed down to her ankles, whereas the male’s tunic stopped just above his knees. Both tunics were fastened at their left shoulder with a golden clasp.
       However, the clasp was not made of gold and appeared to be more crystalline in nature. At their waist they wore a belt of the same golden crystal, but it was flexible rather than solid like the clasp. On their feet were sandals of yet another version of the golden crystal substance. The female had long dark hair, which she wore in one braid down her back.
       The braid was intertwined with a golden tread. She wore a necklace that hung from a golden/crystal chain with a large pendant that sat on her High Heart. The pendant was a simple circle, but flashed of different colors that visually displayed her every thought and emotion.
       The male was slightly shorter than the female and wore a transparent golden helmet that held back his dark hair that was cropped to the length of his shoulders. He wore sandals that rose to just below his knees. The male also wore a similar pendant over his High Heart, but it hung from a slightly denser cord. His pendant also flashed of different colors to visually display every thought and emotion.
       Both of the pendants were emitting a dark brown glow with red streaks, which we determined to be fear as we could feel great anxiety emanating from them both. Why were they afraid? The Lemurian world we had been visiting world seemed very calm and tranquil.
       However, with that thought our vision switched from the deep cave of Inner Earth to an unknown location, which was relatively flat and smelled of the ocean. However, it also smelled of an unidentified gaseous odor that instantly frightened us.
       “It is too soon,” cried the female who we somehow knew was named Landara.
“Yes,” the warrior Landar calmly replied. “Far too many of us will die now. Fortunately, our secrets are all imprinted into the Cornerstone Crystals of our settlement in Inner Earth. Also, many of our leaders are below to assist those of us who have been able to travel through our passages to Inner Earth.
       “Now, most of the psychic passages have been closed by the terror of the people topside and the physical passages are all filling with water. We are sinking and soon the gases that we smell will erode the remainder of our physical matrix. Our homeworld has ended,” Landar spoke as one tear rolled down his check.
“Come, my Beloved,” said Landara. “We must join the gathering at our remaining Temple. Many of the topside people sleep and are unaware that our destruction is NOW.”
       How anyone could sleep while the earth shook and the waves thundered across the land was beyond our imagination. However, our answer came when Landar and Landara arrived at the nearby Temple.
       “Welcome,” said Laetara, who was the leader of the group of warriors and spiritual or governmental leaders. “We have sent out a ‘glimmer’ to assist the majority of those still topside to fall into a state similar to sleep. In this manner, they will be protected from the terror of their untimely death.
       “In this manner, their collective trauma will not leave deep scars of fear and revenge on the remaining land or within the waters of our ocean. We have lived as peaceful people, and we wish to die in the same manner.”
       Landar and Landara joined the “Circle of Completion.” They were among those who had volunteered to remain topside to transmute as much of the ever-present fear into love as was possible. The group had hoped that more of their people could have escaped to the inner settlement. But, since the ending was sooner than they thought, it was a blessing that those trapped on the surface could sleep through the demise of their magnificent world.
       The volunteers who numbered several hundred, formed a large Circle of Completion in front of the entrance to their Temple of the Sun. The living essence of the Sun Temple called down to his Divine Complement, the Temple of the Moon, who had been taken by the sea in an earlier cataclysm.
       Both of the Temples were living beings, as the crystals that formed the Temples were alive. The volunteers felt the crystalline Sun Temple’s eagerness to join the crystalline being of his beloved Moon Temple who awaited him under the trashing ocean.
       The Sun Temple Being, as well as the humanoid’s, knew that only their forms would die. They knew that their essence was immortal, but it was deeply wounded by the violent ending of their peaceful reality. However, all thoughts of sorrow must be released. They had volunteered to assist in calming the land, sea and astral world that would still remain, albeit in a vastly different form.
       Not only would the form and structure of their world be forever altered, but the innocence of timeless eons of peace, joy, unity and love would be lost until humanity could again return to fifth dimensional consciousness. They knew that “time” would weigh heavy on the body of Gaia for many eons because her surface would be diminished to the frequency of the third dimension.
       The Lemurian leaders and warriors had known for quite a while that the end of their world would be the beginning of “third dimensional time.” Because their consciousness was free of time, they could see that Atlantis would eventually join them deep below the surface. The people of Atlantis, who had once been their family, had become their enemy.
       With the loss of these two great worlds, war, lack, suffering and sorrow would dominant over peace, abundance, joy and love for many cycles of “third dimensional time.” Everyone in the Circle knew that that prophesies were truth. They also knew that the Lower Astral Plane would carry the burden of the loss of two continents and the eons of suffering that would follow.
       However, there was still hope for the higher planes of the fourth dimension.  The members of the Circle of Completion had all made a personal sacrifice in order to assist Gaia during her transition into the lower realms. They made this choice in hopes that they could spare the Land of Fairie and the higher fourth dimensional worlds the sorrow, rage and revenge that threatened to remain within the land, sea and heart of the survivors.
       Their individual and united thoughts and goodbyes instantly stopped when the land made a huge lurch in response to the rising seas. They all felt the Sun Temple calling them to unite in unconditional love and forgiveness. One-by-one, and as a whole, the volunteers ceased their thoughts to focus on the feelings of unconditional acceptance of the situation, unconditional forgiveness of all inner and outer “enemies,” and unconditional love of the land and sea that had been their home.
       When the High Priest of the Sun Temple began to sing, the others joined in. The singing created a deep unity of consciousness and focused their attention on their joint task of transmuting ALL shadow into LIGHT. Suddenly, a huge flame burst out a deep fissure in the center of their circle. Their group was in such unity consciousness that they simultaneously focused on seeing the fire as the Violet Flame of Transmutation.
       Their focus on transmutation of fear into unconditional love calmed them so completely that the sound of their singing became louder than the sounds of the surrounding destruction. The members of the Circle held their united vision of the Violet Flame transmuting ALL shadow into Light and observed as the Violet Light shone through the Land of Faerie and the higher planes of the fourth dimensions.
       Many volunteers in the Land of Faerie also formed a Circle of Completion to accept this light and pass it on to the higher realms. The two Circles of Completion, with a huge Violet Flame in the center, echoed the power of transmutation back and forth between the third and fourth dimensions.
The forgiveness, joy and love resounded between the two realms of reality, served to send their divine message deep into the body of Gaia. Gaia smiled as her core filled with love. This gift greatly assisted Her to remain balanced on Her axis despite the disaster on Her surface.
       Gradually, all became calm. The sounds of destruction were muted, the land accepted the water, and the violent waves transmuted into a steady rising tide. The volunteers held their place within the Circle as the water steadily rose up their bodies. Every voice continued to sing loud and clear and every heart remained opened and loving.
       As the waters advanced beyond their throats and into their mouths, the drowning ones held their position within the circle until only the voice of the tallest Priestess remained. When the waters silenced the Priestess’s sweet voice the song of *“Auld Lang Syne” drifted into Gaia’s ethers to be sung again at the close of Atlantis and at the beginning of each new cycle.
       The ending was completed and the beginning had commenced.
       Our vision ended as suddenly as it had started. Once we had settled back into the being of Mytrian we looked up to see the leader and all our Lemurian friends surrounding us. All their “faces” were beaming with joy. The Leader held out its hand of light and said; “NOW you are ready to join us.”

As we looked past the leader, we saw the beautiful Lemurian settlement shimmering just beyond the curtain of light.

*(The name of the song channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones at www.mslpublishing.com)


Atona Areyus Revelations – Atlantis, Lemuria, Telos, Sharula Dux – Walking Between Realities, Part 3

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Ari Kopel·42 videos

In this episode, Atona continues her “magical journey” with us, speaking about the grays and her experience with an abductee. She goes in depth about Telos ( a Lemurian city within Mt Shasta ), the Lemurians, her friendship with Sharula Dux (Princess of Telos) and Sharula’s predictions back in 1987. She goes into her friendship and experience with Shomundi, known as The Dragon Slayer, her journey into the Yucatan with one of the Crystal Skull guardians/owners and her experiences in the Mayan Pyramids in the Yucatan. She discloses a telepathic communication she received by The Command at the Yucatan and then at Ship Rock, and how the manifestation of this communication was witnessed by others that were present. She describes her transformational experience at El Capitan in Yosemite National Park – an experience that changed her understandings about how this world and reality are constructed!

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