REMEMBERING LEMURIA – THE THIRD GOLDEN AGE – 3-30-19 – via New Earth Energies

NEW EARTH ENERGIES – Thanks For Sharing

It was a time when new earthling Souls were starting to take on a physical shape and they were helped by their guardians who took them to Gaia’s waters so they could adjust to her frequencies and over thousands of years develop a physical vessel for the Spirit.

At that time we could breathe under water and came from the water as human/spiritual beings – this was different to the amphibious beings coming from the waters because they were on an evolutionary route which was unconnected to our path.

Gaia was shining and beautiful and we delighted in everything around us and also in our human feelings and emotions. We were as harmless as children, free and joyful and our wise protectors and guardians looked after us as we adjusted to everything new around us, slowly integrating our emotional, physical nature/desire body.  

We created wonderfully and lived in oneness.. very much right brained, female in nature – empathic, psychic loving and from the Heart , also extremely intuitive. We were telepathic and could travel using astral projection and had advanced spiritual technology.

Over eons of time and towards the ‘end times’ of Lemuria, many sank lower in the third dimension, forgot how to Love, live in harmony with others and Mother Earth, forgot where they came from and who they really were, they had lost their innocence, became greedy, controlling, dishonest and their vibrations now very low.  
The kind and loving ones still in touch with their Creator knew what would happen – in the end the great cataclysm – they were unable to save their beautiful Land which went below the sea.

Some went to other dimensions or to other lands before Lemuria was destroyed. Others went to Telos via underground tunnels and locks to the caverns.

Telos is a magnificent underground city of a higher dimension beneath Mt Shasta in California. The highly evolved beings of Telos are survivors who came from Lemuria which was situated in the Pacific Ocean before she was destroyed. 

Lemuria was the third Golden Age and at her height all was perfect, in harmony and very beautiful with wise Souls from other Universes.

The Telosians wait for us to know about them and their way of life, also to unite with us. This can happen when we awaken and live together once again in Harmony and Peace as the world changes into more Love and Light.  

We cannot remember or imagine our magnificent heritage. We chose to come here at this time in the progression of ascension and we here represent our Soul family.  
We returned to Gaia as Record Keepers to
trigger the memories of Lemuria in her times of perfection and harmony.

We are only visitors here on Gaia, we are from the Stars and we are Divine Beings.. The veils are thinning and we will remember this.

We are approaching a very special time of the new Golden Age.. a wonderful experience for all that choose Love, when Gaia and all upon her will be leaving behind all the sadness and darkness and ascending along with the galaxy to higher dimensions.

Many of the ancient and indigenous nations knew about these times and that we are coming to the end of a world age, a transition to another world age. We are now in a purification stage, coming into a new cycle.

We are coming once again into the photon belt – a group of light photons which runs through the CENTRAL SUN of the Pleiadian structure and we are required to take a massive leap in consciousness, replacing our fears with Love, and this will be a harmonious transition if we can do this.

The beautiful Light of Love vibration is coming in very powerfully now and we have much help.. 

By Colleen Costello

Jessica, Abe Delmar – Free Energy, Pole Shift, Lemuria, Atlantis – 1-30-19

Mostly Pole Shift

Energy Shifts


Abe Delmar

Part 01

The connection between the pole shift, Lemuria, Atlantis and free energy through energy portals along the equator of the Earth. // Jan. 30, 2019 Information in this Free Energy series is reading energy ahead of current time. Maybe to help set us up to receive it. I sense 5 to 10 years in the future. LINKS: Read the transmission — Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 1 —

Part 02

Information in this Free Energy series is reading energy ahead of current time. Maybe to help set us up to receive it. I sense 5 to 10 years in the future. Strong portal of energy to Inner Earth Gaia found in Ecuador. Message to open this portal to open free energy on the planet. Tesla machine, Tesla tower. Activation and strengthening of powerful energy portals in original placements of where Atlantis and Lemuria used to exist. // Feb. 1, 2019 Pole shift updates, Lemuria and Atlantis updates. EDIT: *Central America resides strongly NEAR the equator line, so it opens to very large amounts of equator and inner Earth energy* Read the transmission — Part 1: Free Energy series — “RA Energy, Restoring the Heart of 3D Inner Earth Sun” video —

Part 03

Tesla comes through to offer more information about free energy, how Atlantis and Lemuria generated energy, and how to bring forward free energy to our future. How to access knowledge of Tesla through our inner lost knowledge tesseract. Tesla’s strong knowledge of free energy opened Atlantean energy on the planet that sparked the ascension of Gaia over 100 years ago. Vibration of inner Earth is raising in frequency and strengthening, offering us the ability to utilize it for free energy. Information about Tesla and his perspective of 3, 6, 9 vibrational heartbeat of God Source. // Feb 4, 2019 Information in this Free Energy series is reading energy ahead of current time. Maybe to help set us up to receive it. I sense 5 to 10 years in the future. READ the transmission — Free Energy Pt. 1 — Free Energy Pt. 2 — ‘The Tesla Files’ docu-series on History Channel — Image of spiral spire found here — Super Blood Wolf Moon reading video — *~* JOIN the FB Group: BOOK a Personal High Vibe Heart Reading: RECEIVE a written Light Language Activation Message from your guides: *~* Website: Instagram: @abedelmar Email:


DUANE: I’m adding this Tesla video for more information..

DANIEL SCRANTON – Lemuria, Atlantis, ETs, New Timelines ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – 1-9-19


Lemuria, Atlantis, E.T.s & New Timelines ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the possibilities that exist for humanity now that you have been working so well with the energies you have been sent. We can see that new possibilities have opened up for you, and those possibilities involve a greater connection to the roots that you have there on planet Earth.

We are seeing more of the crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis being excavated. We are seeing a timeline where you discover the truth of how long there has been human life on your planet, and we are also seeing the possibility that irrefutable evidence of extra-terrestrial life on planet Earth will be discovered, and it will be discovered by someone who will not cover it up.

Now, what all of this will do for all of you is yet to be determined. More possibilities will open up for you depending on how you handle all of that information as a collective. The information stored in the crystals from Lemuria and Atlantis are enough to take to humanity to new heights.

But with those discoveries that you have in your very probable future come the traumas, as many of you have yet to fully process the emotions you’ve experienced from the losses of Atlantis and Lemuria, and also from the experiences that you’ve had with extra-terrestrials. Of course, not all of them have been good, and we are referring to past life experiences with them as well.

What you have shown yourselves to be ready for is an intense time, a time of information coming to you that many of us in the higher realms believe you can now handle. But you are the ones who must take it on and face it, and we are the ones who have faith in your ability to do just that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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No Repeats of Lemuria & Atlantis ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – 1-6-19


No Repeats of Lemuria & Atlantis ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to distribute light code activations to those who are ready to receive those activations. The environment that you are in at this time is absolutely appropriate for you to receive these unique light codes.

Now, the way that we are delivering them is through the connections that we make with you while you are sleeping, and these activations will ensure that you stay on course throughout this ascension process. There are going to be times when you feel tempted to take the easy route and find yourselves then going down a path of self-destruction.

But these light code activations are going to remind you of Atlantis and Lemuria, which were attempts to accelerate the evolution of consciousness using technology. And both failed. So when you hear about the wonders of technology now and you think there are possible shortcuts to getting to where you are going, please realize that these shortcuts are pitfalls.

That is not the experience you signed up for. You chose to ascend with your consciousness in your physical body, and you chose to do it through processing your emotions, accessing more unconditional love and compassion, and going within to discover the truth of who you really are. It is the longer way. It is the more painstaking approach, but it is the most satisfying one, and ultimately, the most successful way to ascend.

And when you do it the old fashioned way, you don’t need to worry about the technology failing, and you also have something to give to the rest of humanity. You will have your wisdom and your experience, and you will use it to help others ascend. It will not happen because you created some gadget in your garage.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – Grid Failures – 10-12-18 10/12




Published on Oct 12, 2018

We have the ability to shift collective events together through our will and intent…even those programmed to manifest through the collective unconscious or collective karma. And power failure isnt really anything to fear, may be annoying for a few hrs. This is not everywhere, its collective timeline based off potential through the energy of the collective unconscious. Whatever timeline im seeing w this blackout, its been planned for a very long time. Cyber, technology aided. It may be after a False flag or after a weather event- i saw this in that order. Hundreds of millions w out power. This has started already but it hasnt happened at the level im seeing yet (If this is experienced in the collective timeline) I saw remotely & clairvoyantly (i was shown this) an awareness and active preparation/planning IS taking place right now with this in different ways. It even looked dark during day time at 11am. I was shown this too. But that may be symbolic. This could be to remove & collapse the illumanti/Cabal or by them. I have been seeing Putin, Assad, Trump. Protection needed or being brought in for Assad. (Im not political- i dont have a TV. I see events & random collective stuff, just give what comes through. Sometimes it makes no sense to me) Was also seeing statue of Liberty as Ishtar. The fall of Vatican is connected to this… Its like a ritual or energy/spell. Fall of Babylon (the Matrix) control. If you are dealing w personal attacks.. energy attacks, attacks through others or through agents, AI attacks right now to create triggers/reactions DON’T FEED THEM YOUR ENERGY People are fighting AI in comments on social media too and getting all triggered and upset- its all manipulation to mess w your energy and distract you. If you share info or plan on it w pure intent, ignore the haters or attackers, they’re usually the matrix system portals, clones, AI, possessed, asleep, etc… Im working on emails & readings so I will only be posting information that comes through over the next week or so on the channel (if things come through that are direct messages) Anyone that did not want to wait for their reading due to me having to take time out for my health from personals, please just send a payment request to the PayPal account: instead of sending request through email, my email fills up too fast from the channel i may not get it Anyone else that has sent me an e-mail request or inquiry about a reading I am not offering any services at the moment I am only working on bookings that were made or purchased prior to me having to take several months off from personals for my health. I’m not sure if or when I will be doing personals again in the future.



Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 1 — Lost Knowledge from Lemuria and Atlantis, Past Life


Published on Sep 18, 2018

In Part 1 of Inner Lost Knowledge, I discuss my past life in Lemuria along with knowledge about ancient Lemuria and Atlantis civilizations from my own past life perspective, brought forward from channeling the Guides, Abraham. We talk about history of Lemuria and Atlantis from my past life perspective, Hawaii’s connection to Lemuria, unlocking lost knowledge that many of you hold within and how to do that, and the connection between heart, mind, blood, cellular structure and DNA in holding lost knowledge within you. This video acts as a ‘gilded knowledge keeper open portal’ to unlocking inner lost knowledge in the hearts of those who have had past lifetime(s) in Lemuria and/or Atlantis. Not all lost knowledge people hold within them will be of love and oneness. There will be lost knowledge about definite NOT love and oneness. All is needed in order to fully grasp and learn from past mistakes and embrace a brighter future. Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief system and discernment within you. LINKS: “Introduction to Energy of Oneness” video:…

THE QUANTUM SOUL – Lost Knowledge Pt. 1 — Lost Knowledge from Lemuria and Atlantis, Past Life



Published on Sep 18, 2018

In Part 1 of Inner Lost Knowledge, I discuss my past life in Lemuria along with knowledge about ancient Lemuria and Atlantis civilizations from my own past life perspective, brought forward from channeling the Guides, Abraham. We talk about history of Lemuria and Atlantis from my past life perspective, Hawaii’s connection to Lemuria, unlocking lost knowledge that many of you hold within and how to do that, and the connection between heart, mind, blood, cellular structure and DNA in holding lost knowledge within you. This video acts as a ‘gilded knowledge keeper open portal’ to unlocking inner lost knowledge in the hearts of those who have had past lifetime(s) in Lemuria and/or Atlantis. Not all lost knowledge people hold within them will be of love and oneness. There will be lost knowledge about definite NOT love and oneness. All is needed in order to fully grasp and learn from past mistakes and embrace a brighter future. Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief system and discernment within you. LINKS: “Introduction to Energy of Oneness” video:… — Instagram: Website: QHHT/Hypnosis: Email: hello [at]

Published on Sep 21, 2018

Intense weather patterns joining with collective conscious and unconscious energy to help birth hidden land masses in pole shift Earth changes. How intense weather serves to bring your inner lost knowledge to the surface as well. As hidden land masses of ancient civilizations awaken and birth, your inner lost knowledge also begins to awaken. Your energy (contained in the collective conscious and unconscious) plays a big role in manifesting or birthing the hidden land masses in a way that is less destructive than if inner Earth Gaia would birth Earth changes on her own. Channeled message. LINKS: Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 1 Lemuria and Atlantis Past Life —… — Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief system and discernment within you. — Instagram: Website: QHHT/Hypnosis: Email: hello [at] — ♡ Oneness and love be with you.

THE EARTH PLAN – About Lenmuria and Telos – by Aurelia Louise Jones – July 2018

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by Aurelia Louise Jones   /   THE EARTH PLAN

Source: Lemurian Connection

The Lemurian Age took place approximately between the years 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago. Until the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later of Atlantis, there were seven major continents on this planet. The lands belonging to the gigantic continent of Lemuria included lands now under the Pacific Ocean as well as Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand. Also lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. The Eastern coast of Lemuria also extended to California and part of British Columbia in Canada. For a very long time before the fall in consciousness, the Lemurians lived in a fifth dimensional frequency or dimension, and were able to switch back and forth from fifth to third at will, without any problem. It could be done whenever it was desired, by intension and the energies of the heart.

The Lemurian race was a mixture of beings that came mainly from Sirius, Alpha Centauri and a smaller number of them from other planets as well. Eventually, as these races mixed together on Earth, they formed the Lemurian civilization. To say the least, it was quite an awesome mixture. Lemuria was really the cradle of civilization on this planet, the “Motherland” who assisted in the eventual birth of many other civilizations. Atlantis came about at a later time.

The continent of Lemuria thrived in a state of paradise and magic for a few millions years. Eventually, as a result of wars between the two major continents, great devastations took place on Lemuria and on Atlantis. Twenty five thousand years ago, Atlantis and Lemuria, the two highest civilizations of the time were battling each other over “ideologies”. They had two very different ideas about how the direction of other civilizations on this planet should go. The Lemurians believed that the other less evolved cultures should be left alone to continue their own evolution at their own pace according to their own understandings and pathway.

The Atlanteans believed that all the less evolved cultures should be brought under sway and controlled by the two more evolved civilizations. This caused a series of thermonuclear wars between Atlantis and Lemuria. Later on, when the wars were over and the dust had settled, there were no winners.

During these devastating wars, people who were highly civilized stooped to quite low levels, until they eventually realized the futility of such behaviors. Ultimately, Atlantis and Lemuria became the victims of their own aggression, and the homelands of both continents became greatly weakened by those wars. The people, through the priesthood, were then informed that within less than 15,000 years their continents would sink completely. In those days, because people lived an average of 20,000 to 30,000 years commonly, they understood that many who have caused the havoc would live to experience the destruction.

Please read on….

The Lost Continent of Lemuria – A Human Remembering – 7-3-18

DUANE:  I feel that this is an excellent time to revisit and feel our soul ancestors.   We are uncovering our Beingness, our connection to God  and our sacred transfiguration into  Creator Beings.   The ancient Lemurians showed us how to live in peace, harmony, abundance with spiritual guidance.




Published on Jan 4, 2018

Scientists have discovered at least TWO sunken continents on Earth. The discovery of these continents has changed the way we look at Earth’s history, offering new evidence which many authors have interpreted as material which points to the fact that the mythical continents such as Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis were real. Most of us are familiar with the legends of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu. According to numerous legends and texts, Earth was home to numerous continents which have been ‘lost’ in the distant past. One of them is the continents of Lemuria, a massive landmass which is said to have stretched from India to Australia—before written history. Sources: Rem Setu – Art of Living:… Rama Setu Construction:… Lost continent Mauritius:… 💜 Subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video. Thank you 💜 Join our Spiritual Kingdom on: ☀️ Official Website: 🌺 Facebook Page: 🌺 Facebook Group:… 🌺 Google+:… 🌺 Twitter: 🌺 Instagram:… 🌐If you wish to support my work and help me: I would be forever grateful.



ERA OF LIGHT – Jelelle Awen – Message From Lemuria – Your Heaven Is Within – 8-1-17

the collective

Your heaven is within. Mine is here too, in this now, in my heart, in my body, in my soul. I can share it with you and, as I do, we ARE heaven together and creating this as our experience together of life.

Life doesn’t create the experience yet, rather, you create your experience of life. Isn’t this wonderful that you can dial this in to BEcome this more? It is easy to forget this in the world you live in, that you choose to experience fuzzy signal INside of your inner heaven so that you would focus outside you.

As you return to your Heaven within frequency, you experience heaven on the outside. The two vibrate in unity rather than in dissonance. This is the natural way….the animals live and know this, you can learn from them in this. Dolphins ride the waves and the waters ride them too….they are in synch and the water is not ‘doing anything to them’ other than BEing with them in synergy and flow.

You are more like the dolphin then you realize sometimes and in your ‘with each other’ consciousness too can you become more like a pod of dolphins swimming together….without words, without contentions, in harmony together as you glide in the waters of life and community.

Your heaven is within. Seek it there and you will find it, discover it, and can never really ‘lose it’. Share this heaven within and others get to join you as they find theirs from within too.”

This is a message from Lemuria…Mu…BEloved Mother Land….feels like the most wonderful tropical vacation EVER to be there. Access to Mu is available in the Now, as it is not an ‘ancient civilization’ yet rather a vibrational frequency that is currently accessible. Going there could be a part of your journey to feel your heaven within. Ask your guides to ‘take you there’ during meditation and see what you feel and discover.

There is so much trust in the Lemurian people…… even as they ‘know’ that their world as they know it is on a collapsing timeline. Connecting with my Mu aspect named Rae-Na (wise woman to her people), I am imbibed with the frequencies of this trust….just complete relaxation into the unknown, even if it brings necessary death.

Mu offers us a template for a civilization that is in profound transition and how to respond to that with love and trust. Rae-Na also offered to me that they are creating vast cities underground to ‘go’ when the surface world collapses. This is their alchemical response to change….and all are coming together to ‘make’ this happen.

I believe there is a wonderful template here for us in this now age as we navigate the same kind of potentially life shifting transitions from 3D to 5D with potential collapse or at least dramatic shiftings in our industrial infrastructures. It seems that this is why Lemuria is coming through so much stronger for so many right now and why the veils are thinning in our visceral feeling of it as being in the ‘now’ and not in the past.

This music helps me connect with the energy of Mu as well….beautiful Mu music and ‘scene’ that looks like it as well:

» Source – Channel: Jelelle Awen

Celestia – Never Before Has The Veil Between Our Worlds Become so Thin – 7-19-17 – by roseramblesdotorg

Posted by paulinebattell, 07/18/2017

Celestia, Sister of Adama ~

With great admiration and gratitude,

we congratulate Aurelia Louise as she

presents to you another of her treasured volumes

on the history, energy and mission of Lemuria.

Aurelia has been a guardian of these energies

for lifetimes beyond measure.

Her heart’s commitment and devotion to …

 Celestia ~ Never Before Has The Veil Between Our Worlds Become so Thin ~ July 19, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

Sephora FyreByrd, One Who Knows – Sources, Power, Atlantis, Lemuria – 4-4-17

Source: Dinar Chronicles


Sources, Power, Atlantis, Lemuria by Sephora FyreByrd and One Who Knows


First & ForeMost I Have To Say THANK YOU To Richard/OWK! I AM SO HUMBLED By His ShoutOut Giving ME Credit & Acknowledgement.

In All Truth I AM A Symple MESSENGER That Was Chosen by GrandFather Dragon, The Dragon Elders, Mother Creator, Father Creator, Source & A Few VERY SPECIFIC People At The Top of The Power Structure in the Republic of the United States to Get Some VERY IMPORTANT Love-Based Information Out To EveryOne. I Brought This Up To Both VALIDATE & Back Richard Up On What He Put Out There Todaye.

Like Him, I was ASKED To Put Together A Post Revealing WHO My Own Sources Are. GrandFather also “HINTED” That NOWE Is The Tyme To COMPLETELY Join Forces & Put Out A Post TOGETHER. That’s EXACTLY What This Post Is… ENJOY!

The Power that is BEing Referenced Here Is LOVE! The Love that I AM Talking About Here isn’t What Y’all May Be Thinking Though. The Love That I’m Talking About is NEVER-ENDING DIVINE LOVE.



Atlantis Was Once An EXTREMELY ADVANCED, PowerFull Civilization… Lemuria Was Also The Same. They Both Had (AND STILL HAVE IN THE HIGHER VIBRATIONAL REALMS & FREQUEN-CIES) Technology That Is SO ADVANCED Compared To What We CURRENTLY Knowe That We WILL BE COMPLETELY FLABBERGASTED When These Come Into Our Knowing.



This Links Into & PERFECTLY Validates The Post By Eric Raines A Few Days Ago About This Very Topic. I Took The Aforementioned RaineBowe Picture on 3-26-2017 @ 4:54 PM. Richard/OWK Actually SAW That Device By The DISTURBANCE FIELD It Created. I Also Took Another Picture Of That SAME Area 4 or 5 Days Later SHOWING The Dyfference.


OWK (Star Fynder): First let me say that I didn’t think that this story/information would ever be released to the public. But, it is in line with Disclosure and so I will tell this story since Grandfather wants you to know about it.

March 23 ….

The story starts for me on the 23rd of March. I was talking with AAM, and he directed me to see a post that featured him and his message. The post had just been put up for all to see, but it was old at that point. It was “Channeled” on the 19th just before the Equinox on the 20th. He had some (unknown to me) reason he wanted me to see what the post said. I didn’t understand it at first, since I talk with him often anyway. Here is the post and the important part of it. If you want to read the rest of it, you can click on the link and read the rest.

By the way, this is where he talks about the time lines splitting into two different ones. I thought that this is what he wanted me to know and share. So I talked about time lines on the Zorra Call and wrote a post about it as well:

Zorra Call:
“Zorra Call Re-Play & Transcript (3-25-2017)” – One Who Knows – 3.26.17

My Post:
“Pick Your Time-Line Reality” – One Who Knows – 3.27.17

While that might have been the point, I have come to realize that there was something else in store for me that was way more important. In that regard, I am only going to quote the important part of the AAM post that relates to the story I am telling you now. Here is the relevant part of his post:

The AAM Post…

Sananda, AAM, OWS: Timelines are Going to Begin to Split

Sananda, Michael, One Who Serves: The Timelines Are Going To Begin To Split

Archangel Michael

And I AM Archangel Michael. I Am your brother, I am your loved one just as you are my loved ones and you are my brothers and sisters. Friends together through eternity.

These moments of time in your sense I have spoken of, others have spoken of this day that you are coming upon, this spring equinox. The day that is going to begin a shift of consciousness unlike anything you have felt before. It is not to say that tomorrow (The 20th) will bring the event, will bring the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun, but it is the precursor of this, it is the beginning of this, it is the beginning of the many things.

And there is one other change that is happening: that is the reconnection of the many ley lines and the connecting structures, temples, pyramids, all of the sacred sites being connected once again on these waves of light … no longer connected by the darkness.

For so long, those of the dark have taken these spaces, these energy sites and utilized them for their own means. But they have been taken back! They are being reconnected now and tomorrow the 20th will see not the completion but near completion of all of these centers. There are still some to move ahead with, still some that need to be connected or reconnected once again but that is also coming soon.

What That Post Meant

In hind sight, I can tell that the “Evil” (Dark) devices were place on the Ley Lines of the Earth, and were causing damage to the energies on Earth. He mentioned that they had “Connected” and Re-Connected many places but that there were still some more to “Complete.”

This is where Sephora and my story begins. The removal of the last 4 evil devices on Earth. It all started on March 26th.

Date: March 26th

Sephora saw a rainbow and took a picture of it and sent it to me.

I was looking at it and noticed that it was not a “Usual” type rain bow since it was sort of flat and not very arched. It turns out that I have a skill of noticing when something is “Different” and needs further investigation and this picture was “Calling for it.” It also turns out that the Rainbow was put there by the Galactics to “light up” (Point out) the evil device.

When I enlarged the picture to get a better look at the rainbow I noticed a very strange thing in the shot. From a distance, it cannot be seen, but when it is greatly enlarged, it is very noticeable.

At this enlargement, I noticed that there was something that looked like it was up in the top of that tree. At this point, I could tell that it was NOT a bird, and frankly, it seemed to have a white glow around it. So I zoomed in even more to see what it was.

Importantly, in the above picture, notice the detail of the branches in the tree. Even though this picture is enlarged quite a bit, you can still see the whole tree and all of its branches. This will be an important detail later in this post.

I brought this to Sephora’s attention and she passed it on to her higher realm contacts to check out in more detail. And it was quite surprising to find out what it was…

It turns out that this was some high powered ANNUNAKI device designed to imprison the Human Population. It was Planted there over 30,000 years ago and has been “Running” and doing damage to us ever since.

Importantly, this was NOT the device itself but was only an “indicator” that the device was there in another dimension. To make a long story short, the device, that was cloaked in another dimension was causing a light pole in our dimension to be invisible to the camera. That is, only this small part of the light pole could be seen.


Sephora and I got the word that the device had been removed. She went back to the location and was “Drawn” to another nearby place and to make a long story short again, she took more pictures and I noticed another weird place in the photo. It was another one and it was removed as well. So far, that was two devices we identified and got removed.


She got a photo of the first place where the rainbow had been so that we could compare them and see the difference between them. This is the “After Picture.”

Notice that it was the same exact place that the other picture was taken. So I enlarged it to see if that weird thing in the tree was still there or if it was gone. What I saw surprised me. It was a Light pole. It turns out that the device was “Masking” the rest of the pole from the camera, in a higher dimension.

It turns out that there was a light pole in front of that tree. The device in the other dimension was causing most of the light pole to be invisible to the camera. Interestingly, it was actually invisible. Remember the picture earlier where you could see all the branches of the tree? There was no blank space in the picture, where the pole was. That means it was really gone out of our reality as far as the camera goes. All this happened on the 26th and I am not sure of the exact time that those 2 devices were shut down and removed since that was being done in another higher dimension by AAM.

However this post (Next) came out later, and I heard it was directly related to what we had done. I will quote the first part of it and you can click on the link to read the rest. Notice that the post was on the 30th, but it was talking about what happened on the 27th, the day after we got those devices removed.

Later… (Post)

Ascension: Energy Update from Eric Raines 3-27-17

Eric Raines Energy Update (3/27/2017)

A very interesting development took place today around 12PM Pacific time. A massive false light matrix was extricated from the planetary surface, with connections to the moon, as well as Saturn being dissolved.

This false light matrix has been masquerading as benevolent ET/spiritual contact for millennia and is as old as the Soul Trap technology recycling the surface population back into incarnation after incarnation. The Earth’s moon is a natural satellite brought here from elsewhere, Technology was placed inside of the moon both physically and etherically, and the orbit was locked into a non rotating Lagrange point, locking the energy of the manipulated satellite into the Earth’s etheric and gravemetric/magnetic fields… (Click on the link above to read the rest of this post)

Later On: About 3-30-2017 Afternoon/Evening

Sephora and I were talking about the post and how we heard that it was the result of our discovery of those 2 devices and their subsequent removals. I was wanting to know what they looked like and how they were connected to the ground.

I suddenly “Connected” with Mother Gaia. She said she knew who I was and could feel my steps on her surface. She said that she was so glad to get those 2 devices off her surface. She then described them so that I could visualize them.

They were Cone shaped and were about 20 feet in diameter at the base and rose in cone shape to about 60 feet in the air. It is a very odd thing to describe from another higher dimension, but where that “Piece of the light pole” was showing was the transmitter area where it was transmitting evil stuff into our dimension. That is why only that small part of the pole was visible. That transmitter area was in “Our” dimension and frequency range.

Finding these devices is like hunting for a submarine. Most of it is in another dimension, like underwater, and only a small part is “Peeking” into our dimension like a periscope above the water. If you can spot the Periscope, you know the rest is there in another dimension.

2 More Devices…

Mother Gaia then told me that there were 2 more devices that were near me and she thought they were within a few miles of where I live. If I had the right intention, and took lots of pictures around different places, I could locate them.

To shorten this story… after quite a bit of discussion… I was able to figure out where they were, but it was late at night on the 30th. The next morning, I went and took pictures of the suspected area and between me and Sephora, we located the other 2 devices in the pictures. The resolution on my camera was not as good as Sephora’s was, but was good enough to find them. They were quickly removed and dealt with by Arc Angel Michael.


It turns out those were the last 4 devices on the planet. There are no more. In the weird cosmic plan, it seems that Sephora was meant to find the first 2 that were near her, and I was somehow destined (Meant) to find the last 2 that were near me. I now realize that this is what AAM was hinting to me when he wanted me to read the post with his message in it. It is clear to me now, especially since we have been told since, that this was our job to do, that we agreed to do it, many thousands of years ago. That this time in history, we would be the ones to identify these objects and AAM would be the one to remove them. He wanted me to read that post that there were still ley line issues to be “Completed.” I had no idea then, but recognize it now, that he was hinting that I would be the one to help get rid of these evil damaging devices.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Sehopra and I have been busy doing more than posting in Dinarland. My guess is that our higher level contacts were no coincidence either. We have some larger part to play in this Change on Earth. When I got into this investment, I NEVER thought I would be talking with Grandfather, AAM, Gaia (The Earth), Prime Creator, and Zorra, and helping to remove evil devices from the face of the Earth. You never know what your future holds until you get there. There is way more to this story and many other things that I and Sephora have been involved in, and I will share them when I am told to do so. But for now, know that this World and Universe is an amazing place, and that everything is working out just like it should.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows & Sephora FyreByrd

The Firmament

The Firmament


The Firmament and Lemuria


The term Firmament has been mentioned at different times in history, but a mysterious cloud surrounds the true nature of this concept. Find below fascinating information about what the Firmament was, why it was important, and how it played a role in the Lemurian civilization.


The Firmament was a layer of frozen water (ice) above the Earth’s surface. It was a huge crystalline shield in two sections, one situated at 15,000 – 18,000 and the other at 35,000 to 38,000 feet above the Earth’s  surface. It was like a clear lens. At certain times of the day, when light was reflected, it served as a mirror of the world below. Crystal temples all over the Earth held up the Firmament.

Who Made The Firmament?

The Firmament was originally constructed by the initial etheric civilization that came to earth approximately 35 million years ago. This was done to protect planet Earth from the radiation of the Sun and other dangerous cosmic radiation that regularly come through the solar system. The Firmament was maintained, broken, and re-established many times as different civilizations and invasions came. Thus, various floods have occurred throughout the geological history of this planet ever since the time of that initial etheric civilization.

The Absence of Weather

When the Firmament existed it was under the direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy – and those who constructed the crystal temples in accordance with the Spiritual Hierarchy’s wishes – so it could perform several functions for the atmosphere of the planet. First, it lowered the radiation and heat levels so that the climate of Earth, from North Pole to South Pole, was within five degrees of one another! Thus, the tropics were around the upper 70s (degrees Fahrenheit) and the polar regions were around the lower 70s. Large ice sheets did not exist across the north and south polar regions as you have today.

The second major difference in the atmosphere was that the winds and clouds did not exist. There were no clouds and every day was a sunny day! What further added to this fact was that the winds were minimal and were kept to a maximum of 5 – 7 miles per hour. Also, because there were no clouds, there were no rainstorms; so rain is something that is unique to your present era.

A Storehouse of Prana

The complete Firmament atmosphere invigorated the mind and body since the radiation energy stored prana in the Firmament. Prana then drifted across the Firmament and maintained it almost as if it were a giant  refrigerator. You might call it a refrigerator of prana or energy!

The body of any creature existing on your planet was invigorated by this energy. The heat and other radiation that would cause body deterioration were kept out of your surface atmosphere by the Firmament. Another side affect of the Firmament was that the stars were magnified so that the sky would be seen as through a huge telescope. Thus, the Firmament prevented a ravaged atmosphere in which there are great differences in climate, storms, and extremes of weather. Also, a large amount of radiation was prevented from entering Earth’s atmosphere. After the Firmament’s collapse, radiation eventually shrunk the physical size of humans and gradually limited the length of their life span. In fact, some biblical stories include long-lived beings. This is a result of the protection of the Firmament. Your present atmosphere does not protect life as the Firmament once did (and will do so again).


As the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis matured, conflict developed between the two. As a last resort to the struggle for control, they decided to attack the crystal temples which held the Firmament in place. Initially, the strategy was to destroy the Firmament above the enemy. However, they underestimated the effect of the destabilization of the Firmament.

Attacks were made simultaneously on the crystal temples, and so disrupted the structure of the Firmament in the heavens. This caused the end of the Firmament, and the falling of millions of gallons of water from the sky. This is historically and biblically known as the Great Flood.

What was left behind was not only a period of roughly 40 days of rain but a whole new world. The old histories of humanity had been virtually flooded away and all that was left were the oral stories and legends.

Excerpts from the book You Are Becoming A Galactic Human by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle. Information channeled from Washta, Teletron, and Mikah, by Sheldon Nidle.

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from DEUS NEXUS – Ancient Civilizations – Theories of Atlantis and Lemuria – 9-16-15



The continent of Lemuria, though largely discounted by the theory of plate tectonics and the existence of other sunken continents still visible on the silty bottom of many oceans, lives on in people’s dreams. The Native American Indians have been said to be descendants of the Lemurians, as are certain tribes in Turkey, the Aboriginals and the population of Madagascar.

Believed to be located in either the Indian or Pacific oceans, according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky the Lemurians are the third root race making them very ancient indeed, proceeded only by the ‘Ethereals’ and Hyperboreans, each laying claim to no living descendents today. Interestingly according to Madame Blavatsky, the fifth root race – the Aryans who do have descendants alive today is now one million years old.

Lemuria according to traditional theosophy began over 34 ½ million yearsago, and they were dark skinned and a loving, simple race who co-existed peacefully with the animals around them. When their continent slowly began to sink as a result of so many volcanic eruptions across the continent, the Lemurians dispersed; colonizing the neighbouring East Indies, Southern India and Africa.

The evidence, despite the lack of proof on the floors of both the Indian and Pacific oceans, centralizes around the zoologist Philip Lutley Sclater and his findings after amassing the fauna of Madagascar, finding the similarities puzzling in that they belonged not only to Africa but to India as well. Sclater surmised that there must have been a land bridge, a lost land named Lemuria after the Lemurs endemic to Madagascar.

MU 20

There are many other theories surrounding Lemuria including that they later became the Aryan race in India and invented Sanskrit, and that the Maoris of New Zealand arrived from a sinking island as well as the legends of Easter Island and the continent of ‘Hiva’ that sank between the waves and many people perished.

Lemuria or Mu is also said to be the home of dragons, and the time when we truly began to move away from our more animalistic and began to evolve much faster. Some theories (mostly eccentric ones belonging to Madame Blavatsky) also assert that Lemurians were giants who laid eggs before evolving to give birth to live young as mammals do.

Lemuria is often talked about nostalgically; could this have been the human races’ lost Eden? The garden that sunk beneath the waves and the last sight we had of our primitive but loving natures? Did Lemuria sink because of our wicked sins as Blavatsky put forward, or was it a rung on the inevitable spiral in history, a civilization that was wiped out as so many have been since in order to keep trying until we get things right?


life-atlantis“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences”. ~ Freeman Dyson

The fourth race; before the Aryans but after the Lemurians were said to be the Atlanteans, rising and giving birth to the Toltec and Mongolians races and spreading out into Africa, the Americas and all of the Europe that we know today. The Atlanteans in comparison to the Lemurians were much more advanced and God-like; beautifully intelligent and ambitious.

They worshiped the sun and advanced their technologies rapidly, much as we are doing today… there is even some links between the Atlanteans and extra terrestrials, some theorizing that this race arrived from the skies in the first place.


Earth History According to Ra – Atlantis and Lemuria

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I’d like to devote our next few Ra reports to the study of Earth’s history – the history we haven’t been taught in school – so we can know what’s really been going on for the last hundred thousand or so years.

Ra’s a great source to turn to if you want a clearer picture of the things that have been happening on this planet, because they aren’t limited by the physical and time-based constraints we are and their perspective on our history (and plenty of other things) is expanded.

Along with the Confederation, Ra has been with us throughout most of our history, trying to help us when and where possible. They want to help us understand the principles of the Law of One, and in doing so, advance as a species into the next stage of our evolution. Some people look down on the idea of a ‘harvest’ because it sounds like something negative, but in my mind, it’s just another word to describe the collective evolution we’re experiencing.

We’ve been preparing for this evolution for centuries, and according to Ra, various ancient societies have been contacted by well-meaning ‘Confederation entities’ who tried to teach the Law of One and found that their teachings were changed to benefit the societies’ rulers. This is why so many ancient civilizations built pyramids and seemed advanced in a lot of ways but became brutal and barbaric at some point.

Ra, along with the rest of the Confederation, quickly learned that direct contact wouldn’t produce the results they expect, and while the societies they helped seemed to make progress at first, it always went downhill.

Before getting into the history of Atlantis, Ra tells us about the entities from the continent known as Mu.


Questioner: [I] was wondering about the advent of the civilization called Atlantis and Lemuria, the way these civilizations occurred, and where did they come from [inaudible] civilizations?

Ra: I am Ra. This is the last question of this work. The civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria were not one but two. Let us look first at the Mu entities.

“They were beings of a somewhat primitive nature, but those who had very advanced spiritual distortions. The civilization was part of this cycle, experienced early within the cycle at a time of approximately fifty-three thousand [53,000] of your years ago. It was an helpful and harmless place which was washed beneath the ocean during a readjustment of your sphere’s tectonic plates through no action of their own.

“They set out those who survived and reached many places in what you call Russia, North America, and South America. The Indians of whom you have come to feel some sympathy in your social complex distortions are the descendants of these entities. Like the other incarnates of this cycle, they came from elsewhere.

“However, these particular entities were largely drawn from a second-density planet which had some difficulty, due to the age of its sun, in achieving third-density life conditions. This planet was from the galaxy Deneb.” (1)

The growth of the Atlantean race, which is a different race from those who inhabited Mu, was slow at first. When they did advance, however, they did it quickly – so quickly that their advanced knowledge (which was given to them by the Confederation, as we’ll learn) corrupted many of their leaders.

“The Atlantean race was a very conglomerate social complex which began to form approximately thirty-one thousand [31,000] years in the past of your space/time continuum illusion. It was a slow growing and very agrarian society until approximately fifteen thousand [15,000] of your years ago.

“It reached quickly a high technological understanding which caused it to be able to use intelligent infinity in a less informative manner.

“We may add that they used intelligent energy as well, manipulating greatly the natural influxes of the indigo or pineal ray from divine or infinite energy. Thus, they were able to create life forms. This they began to do instead of healing and perfecting their own mind/body/spirit complexes, turning their distortions towards what you may call the negative.” (2)

The Atlanteans quickly became advanced, but the people who held the advanced knowledge became so selfish and warlike that it eventually led to the destruction of their continent. They were given the teachings of the Law of One by the Confederation, but like other, more recent ancient civilizations, they ended up misinterpreting and distorting them.

Ra describes the destruction of Atlantis.

“Approximately eleven thousand [11,000] of your years ago, the first of the, what you call, wars, caused approximately forty percent of this population to leave the density by means of disintegration of the body. The second and most devastating of the conflicts occurred approximately ten thousand eight hundred twenty-one [10,821] years in the past according to your illusion.

“This created an earth-changing configuration and the large part of Atlantis was no more, having been inundated. Three of the positively oriented of the Atlantean groups left this geographical locus before that devastation, placing themselves in the mountain areas of what you call Tibet, what you call Peru, and what you call Turkey.” (3)

Ra also tells us about the knowledge the Confederation shared with the Atlanteans, which led to their advancement and, after their leaders distorted it, their destruction.

Questioner: Was the [first action to help the Atlanteans] taken by the Confederation when a call occurred?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Who or what group produced this call, and what action was taken by the Confederation?

Ra: The calling was that of Atlanteans. This calling was for what you would call understanding with the distortion towards helping other-selves. The action taken is that which you take part in at this time: the impression of information through channels, as you would call them.” (4)

Atlanteans who reached a higher level of understanding sought help from a higher power, which the Confederation provided. Knowledge was shared and healers arose who were dedicated to understanding the Law of One, which allowed Atlantis to flourish for a short time.

Questioner: Was this first calling then at a time before Atlantis became technologically advanced?

Ra: I am Ra. This is basically correct.

Questioner: Then did the technological advancement of Atlantis come because of this call? I am assuming the call was answered to bring them the Law of One and the Law of Love as a distortion of the Law of One, but did they also then get technological information that caused them to grow into such a highly technological society?

Ra: I am Ra. Not at first. At about the same time as we first appeared in the skies over Egypt and continuing thereafter, other entities of the Confederation appeared unto Atlanteans who had reached a level of philosophical understanding, shall we misuse this word, which was consonant with communication, to encourage and inspire studies in the mystery of unity.

“However, requests being made for healing and other understandings, information was passed having to do with crystals and the building of pyramids as well as temples, as you would call them, which were associated with training.

Questioner: Was this training the same type of initiatory training that was done with the Egyptians?

Ra: I am Ra. This training was different in that the social complex was more, shall we say, sophisticated and less contradictory and barbarous in its ways of thinking. Therefore the temples were temples of learning rather than the attempt being made to totally separate and put upon a pedestal the healers.” (5)

The healers were genuine at first, and unlike some teachers in our modern society, they weren’t worshipped or put up on a pedestal. They didn’t offer their services and study the ‘mystery of unity’ so they could be famous, and their only desire was to share the knowledge they were given by the Confederation.

However, over time, more selfish agendas arose and the Confederation’s teachings, as well as their technology, were used to further these agendas.

Questioner: Then were there what we would call priests trained in these temples?

Ra: I am Ra. You would not call them priests in the sense of celibacy, of obedience, and of poverty. They were priests in the sense of those devoted to learning.

“The difficulties became apparent as those trained in this learning began to attempt to use crystal powers for those things other than healing, as they were involved not only with learning but became involved with what you would call the governmental structure.” (6)

Being involved with the government must’ve caused the healers to crave more power and influence, and they gradually twisted the teachings and technology they were given to achieve things the Confederation never planned when visiting them.

This eventually led to the destruction of their society, and if the elitists of our day had their way, a similar destruction would take place worldwide and they’d find some safe place to hide away.

Fortunately for us, no such destruction will happen. Instead, the elitists who are following the corrupt doctrines that were distorted from the Confederation’s original teachings will be exposed. Once justice is served, humanity will have a big lesson to learn about forgiveness and moving forward.

In our final quote, Ra’s questioner summarizes what happened in Atlantis and Ra gives confirmation that his summary’s accurate.

Questioner: I will state the picture I have now of Atlantis and you can tell me if I’m correct.

“We have a condition where a large enough number of the entities of Atlantis had started at least going in the direction of the Law of One and living the Law of One for their call to be heard by the Confederation. This call was heard because, using the Law of Squares, it overrode the opposition of the Atlantean entities that were not calling.

“The Confederation then used channels such as we use now for communication and also made contact directly, but this turned out to be a mistake because it was perverted by some of the entities of Atlantis. Is this correct?

Ra: This is correct with one exception. There is only one law. That is the Law of One. Other so-called laws are distortions of this law, some of them primal and most important for progress to be understood. However, it is well that each so-called law, which we also call ‘way,’ be understood as a distortion rather than a law. There is no multiplicity to the Law of One.” (7)

Telepathic requests were made by the Atlanteans who were waking up, and the requests were answered by the Confederation in the form of channeled and direct contacts where they shared teachings, technology and insights about the scientific and spiritual nature of our existence.

The teachings were openly shared for a short time, with no extra credit being given to the healers who were simply conduits for these teachings, but overtime, the healers became involved in running the Atlantean society as their egos grew and they became selfish with their knowledge.

The situation grew worse and worse, until eventually, the advanced weaponry that resulted from their manipulation of their knowledge destroyed the entire continent. Today, we hear cute stories about a mythical underwater city without knowing that this city did exist (but not underwater) and holds secrets that the people in power don’t want us to know.

I’m sure people are ridiculed for talking about Atlantis as if it exists (just as much as they’d be ridiculed for listening to channeled extraterrestrials), but at some point, we have to open up to the things that have been hidden from us – about our history, our future and the direction we’re moving in as a society.

I’m sure we’ll learn more about Atlantis as more people begin to research these hidden truths, and personally, I look forward to learning more about our history and the things that have been suppressed to keep us from understanding who we are and what we can achieve.

Let’s keep our minds open and keep searching for truth, because we’ll find that it’s everywhere if we’re willing to search for it. The key is to stay open to it, and it’ll find its way to us and help us evolve.

GEORGI STANKOV – A Short Energy Update – 6-15-15

Our Move to New Lemuria is in Full Sway   –   Georgi Stankov


This will be a short, but very optimistic report as the good news is already in the title. Since the middle of last week we have entered the last most intensive phase of our transformation and step-wise ascension to new Lemuria. At the same time the PAT is fully engaged in creating this wonderful 5D1 level, which is still very much a clean slate.

These very creative and positive developments run parallel to the full energetic (and very soon physical) dismantling of the ruling cabal which both, Carla and I, and I hope some more of you, have accomplished with our invocations to contain the heinous agenda of the Bilderbergers in Austria. From what I gather, we were very successful in this effort, but I do not want to release any details now as this website is very closely read by the secret services of the dark cabal. Why should they know more about our successful operations than the rest of the world about the criminal decisions of this reptilian shape-shifter “doom and gloom” club.

Now back to our move to New Lemuria. In my latest energy report as of June 11th, I already announced that the move to New Lemuria has commenced. I referred to my dream on June 9th and my disease on June 10th. The latter was in fact a massive transformation and ascension of my bodies to 5D. Only yesterday the Hyperboreans established one more time a short telepathic contact with us and confirmed that during this day 6 of my 18 bodies were moved to New Lemuria.

Now it is very important for all the PAT to interpret this ascension process in its totality and not in a linear fashion. All our 18 bodies, including our physical body, are U-sets that contain themselves as an element and the element is energy. In our case, our bodies are almost entirely of 5D and higher dimensional energies as we have already raised our frequencies that high. Whenever a higher body of us is moved to and anchored in 5D1, this automatically affects all other bodies and they must synchronistically align and be transformed according to the law of constructive interference.

When six of my bodies were firmly moved to New Lemuria the other day, this was associated with a huge transformation of my physical body which manifested as a severe flu with fever, accompanied by pain and other clinical symptoms. The surprisingly quick recovery the next day points out how well prepared our bodies are for this transition and how quickly they adjust to the new higher dimensional environment.

Since then I am experiencing each night massive energy bouts from the source that transform my body in preparation for our final move to 5D1. These are not dreams but real massive waves. I am working very closely with Carla within our united field. This night, for instance, I bilocated in the living room where I received and emitted huge source energies of transmutation and Carla was coordinating and regulating the amount of energy flow as not to overload by body. During this action she was hovering under the ceiling.

These transformations not only affect our bodies now, but also expand our awareness in a very palpable manner. Only this morning Lou from the East Coast of Canada wrote to me:

“Just a quick note to say that the last two days have been wonderful for me.  I am feeling like all is right with the world, good spirits, calm and collected.

It’s hard for me to put into words, but this is what I’ve been feeling: I am having flashes where it seems like I am back in time, feeling like I did on a summer day when I was 15 years old, for a moment, a particular day.  Then I have a flash where I am in my 20s, a particular day comes to mind, I feel what that day feels like and then it’s NOW again.

I have noticed this time jump stuff before, but never so many in such rapid succession. It’s as if time is not linear, like it’s all happening at once, which I have heard before as a theory.

As often happens, words are escaping me when trying to describe this stuff! If I had to sum it up I would say that it feels like the Earth is resetting back to the way it should have been all along? Like we have been bumping and sliding all over the place and now settle into our natural “track”. 

And here is what I responded, based on my personal experience in the last few days:

Dear Lou, I am very glad that you tried to describe this simultaneity of past, present and even future memories which now flash in and out of our daily consciousness as a symptom of the expansion or our awareness. I can only say that I experience the same sensations and that this is all part of our move to New Lemuria which is in full sway now. This also holds true for the transformation of our bodies which has entered the most intensive phase.

We also felt physically much better the last two days – for the first time since very long. I think that we have made it and that we must be now only patient when this final phase of transition will be crowned with our ascension to New Lemuria.”

We have entered a unique and most decisive last phase in our ascension process when past promises of ascension are now becoming reality. As this is an extremely intricate phenomenon, it will necessitate some more linear time to be completed. How much more, nobody knows. But we all can feel it now, and it feel hilarious. At least this is what I perceive as I feel with each day how the burden of previous cleansing duties and other energetic obligations fall from my shoulders. All the energies I now receive are coming only to transform my personal body and the energetic structure of our Lemurian portal. There is a bliss in the air and in my fields, a kind of summer laziness that envelopes my daily life in a very nice way and emanates a sense of easiness  – an Italian “dolce vita” and “dolce far niente” style of life –  after a tedious and very long climb to this steep peak.

We have finally arrived at Olympus – the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia.

CARLA THOMPSON – Message from the Hyperboreans – Creation of 5D1 New Lemuria – 6-4-15

Carla Thompson, June 6, 2015

by Georgi Stankov


Yesterday, on June 4th, I was graced with a strong connection to representatives of the grand Hyperborean civilization.

I have never channeled this group before (except for contacting us once in a telepathic manner in 2014) and their energy signature is quite different from that of the others, the Elohim, the Agarthans, the Telosians, the Archangels, and so on.  My human brain could not capture the true essence of their language, so I have more or less written this message as I captured it in the visuals. Their matter-of-fact yet gentle and poised nature was striking in contrast to others I have connected with, but I was nonetheless so pleased to have confirmation of what we had dreamt about and experienced the night before. Perhaps this message will trigger dream memories for some of you as well.


With love,

The Message

We are the Hyperboreans of the Seventh Realm and we greet you to confirm your participation, with us, in the creation of an energetic platform that shall receive the ascending humanity (I had confirmation they were speaking of the Lightwarriors of the First and Last Hour, note Carla).

This platform or ‘energetic way-station’ has been created between the upper fourth dimensional level where you reside, and the first level of the fifth dimension.  If the civilization named ‘Telos’ were considered to be at level 6 of 12 levels of the Fifth dimension, then you would be correct in sensing this new energetic way-station is at the first level of the Fifth Dimension.

However, we emphasize here that we do not generally describe energetic expressions numerically, in a linear sequential fashion, as this is not correct at all. We are only referring to a specific frequency numerically to aide you in your categorization and qualification of these expressions.

This new energetic creation does hold promise of creation within form, similar to the form described in the many Telos books you have enjoyed, although this new expression shall be created by the new light warriors that are now ascending, and YOUR creation does not need to look like Telos. The Telos of the Inner Earth was created by the ancient Lemurians and THIS expression, your NEW LEMURIA, shall be created solely by your Selves, and it can therefore hold a magnificent new way of expression, a certain refinement of your highly refined and preferred values you are holding now, following this unique incarnation cycle on your Gaia.

We ask you: What do you wish to experience more of? What do you fully and truly enjoy? What supports you? What fulfills you? What en-joys you?

Further, this creation does not necessarily need to be made of things to DO; this new creation here simply needs to be made of what you FEEL.

Up to this point you have been the co-creators together with us, since this ‘energetic platform’ is a compilation of your energetic blueprints merged with ours. Once the final ends are completed, the creation shall be solely yours to enjoy. In the end it is a pristine, quarantined world, and it shall be yours to hold and to share, for as long as you desire.

The ascension of the human mind-body-spirit system is a complexity that challenges creation to its core. This platform creates the necessary conversion point as a gentle introduction into the overall fifth dimensional expression where each of your 18 bodies shall be acclimated one at a time; beginning with the causal body and continuing on through the ethereal, emotional, mental and finally the physical body. This is the general progression although an individualized one. It is also necessarily a gradual process because the density from third to fourth to fifth does not allow for a full, sudden shift into what you sense as the Fifth dimension, unless a major portion of that transition is done gently, carefully, and in an individualized progression. Matter must be re-worked energetically, in order to accommodate this highly refined space, the New Lemuria.

We wish you great peace now, as this is your greatest reward!”

Lauren Galey Interviews Sheldon Nidle – Galactic Federation Representative – Being on Board Sirian Space Ships – Advanced Learning about Universe, Lemuria, Atlantis – Coming Changes for Mankind – Stepping Into Full Consciousness

Lauren Galey…

Sheldon Nidle talks about his childhood experience being on board Sirian Space ships and the knowledge he learned about the universe, including Lemuria, Atlantis, and the coming changes for mankind to step into full consciousness.

Lauren Galey Interviews Sheldon Nidle – Galactic Federation Representative – Being on Board Sirian Space Ships – Advanced Learning about Universe, Lemuria, Atlantis – Coming Changes for Mankind – Stepping Into Full Consciousness

Lauren Galey…

Sheldon Nidle talks about his childhood experience being on board Sirian Space ships and the knowledge he learned about the universe, including Lemuria, Atlantis, and the coming changes for mankind to step into full consciousness.

The High Priest of Lemuria – Lord Zeniel Melchizedek – Channeler: Helen Demetriou – 1-14-14

hollow earth

Lord Zeniel Melchizedek

The land of Lemuria is right here on Earth and I have felt it’s vibrations and that of its High Priests and Priestesses for a very long time if not all of my life. There are many humans throughout history who have been drawn to the enigma of this ancient place and people and who have tried and succeeded in connecting with the frequencies of Mu. I am also one of those people yet what I have learned during my meetings with the Lemurians does not come from any book or what someone has told be but what they have taught me themselves.

We have published one of my meetings with the Lemurians but many of those other meetings have been kept within our own sacred library for there are some things that cannot be taught mainly because they must be experiences rather than told. Today, though, I will share with you this meeting and the channeled words of Lord Zeniel because he has requested that we do so for he and the collective members of Lemuria are very proactive and involved in human and Earth ascension and evolution.

During our ritual to open stargates and communication lines with the various tribes in the universe that we work with, I began to hear my spirit name being called which is a title my higher self. I closed my eyes and I was instantly enclosed within my Merkahbah vehicle. I understood that I would be taken to the owner of the voice that was calling to me and sure enough I began to travel through a wormhole and I understood that I was travelling through the different dimensions of time. Below I explain my account of my journey to the place of ancient civilization.

I begin to feel a slight chill and as I open my third eye to see which realm I am in, I instantly recognized the scenery as I have been here many times before; I have arrived at the place of ice and snow and this place is the land of Lemuria.

I begin to see a figure walking towards me. As he gets closer I can see that he is wearing a long coat made of fur and he is wearing snow boots made of the same material. The coat he is wearing is open, revealing that he is wearing a blue tunic and tight, black trousers beneath. He is very tall though not as tall as the Anunnaki gods and he is large in statue; his body appears to be muscular. His hair is light brown and slightly wavy and long, down to his shoulders, and his eyes are like blue sapphires.

Note: I must explain now how the eyes of the Lemurians are so that you can understand. Their gaze is crystallized as they are one with the crystalline energies of Earth and the masters at fashioning tools of healing and metamorphosis out of the various crystals that grow in the Earth. I could say that the Lemurians are Autogenes meaning self born and those who sprang up from the Earth but I know that this is not so as it will be revealed in this work.

The Lemurian greets me by kissing each cheek and then my forehead and then he hugs me tightly to him. I instantly connect with his pure vibrations that immediately make my own vibrations quicken so that I begin to vibrate at his frequency to enable me to stay in this realm during the time of this meeting.

Zeniel: “Hello, Nanaea. I am so glad that you have come. You heard me calling you, eh? Very good. I asked you to come here because my family and I would like you to enlighten humanity on whom we are and where we come from. We also want to impart some teachings with you that we wish you to share.

My name is Zeniel and I am the head high priest of Lemuria during this time. I am also known as Melchizedek for it is here in Lemuria that Melchizedek incarnated and as you know he is the high priest to the divine hierarchies. I will take you with me to our dwelling place where you can meet the other head high priests and priestesses of Lemuria.”

Helen: “Blessings, Zeniel. I am so happy to meet you and to be here (I smile) and I am so excited to learn all that you wish to teach me. Firstly, can you explain more to me about the Order of Melchizedek? I know that many would be very interested in learning about this.”

Zeniel: “Yes of course I can, sister, but first let us go to meet the other head high priests and priestesses and they can also explain some important stories about us to you.”

I begin to walk with Zeniel and I can see that there is a large building ahead and we are walking towards this. As we are walking, Zeniel continues to speak to me:

“We are what you could call shamans; we live closely with the Earth and we work with the Earth and celestial energies to perform different levels of alchemy. We commune with the spirits of the trees and of course crystals and all of the other elements that are available to us. We hunt, we grow our food and we abide by the seasons.

From a young age Lemurians are trained in the martial arts and learn how to use energy as a form of spiritual practice. Yes, we are warriors and tutored in combat but there is not reason to put this into practice as there are no wars here and no battles; not anymore, not since the split.”

Zeniel senses that I will ask about which split he speaks of and he tells me,

“Do not worry, Nanaea; all will be revealed very shortly because now we are here and now you can meet the others.”

I notice that we are indeed at the building we were heading for and he opens a door and we enter inside.

I am in a very large room and within this room there is a very large, oval table with eleven other Lemurians seated around it with one empty chair next to the head seat which I guess is where Zeniel will sit. Those seated around the table are men and women of different skin colours and facial characteristics yet all of them have the same sapphire blue eyes as Zeniel.

They twelve smile and greet me and Zeniel motions for me to sit in the empty chair and he seats himself beside me.

For a moment the Lemurians look at me smiling and I feel a little uncomfortable at being the center of attention and I am lost for words. Thankfully, Zeniel begins to speak and breaks the silence.

Zeniel: “Brothers and sisters, you know who this is. Nanaea has kindly come to visit us and she has some questions she would like to ask us.”

Zeniel looks at me and says,

“Before I answer your questions I would first like to explain to you that all Lemurians are priests and priestesses and also want to say to you that we are the first root race of humans that were created by the Anunnaki gods. It is important for people to know that they are looking upwards at the skies and wishing to be on some other planet and this is because they believe that there is much better up there than there is down here.

Humans have a problem when it comes to time because they cannot comprehend the age of their own planet which is billions of your years old. They do not understand that we, as the first root race civilization on Earth, are much older than many of the other tribes in the universe and we reside on their planet. Yes, we are in a different dimension, but we still co exist with your dimension and we are Earthlings and we are proud of this. We are also much more advanced than some tribes in the universe.

We communicate with several cosmic brothers and sisters and we also have students from different civilizations who come to us for training for although we were tutored in the arts of the Anunnaki mysteries, it is us who teach it to other nations and we have the authority to do this by our ancestors. It is not difficult to appreciate that considering the Anunnaki are an ancient race who are masters of genetics and advanced technology that other nations would want to learn their techniques and teach them to their own people. Humans really need to change their way of thinking and their perceptions because they do not appreciate just how sophisticated the Anunnaki are and their superior knowledge and wisdom is of a very high caliber and greatly valued among the other star nations.”

Helen: “thank you for explaining this, Zeniel, for although I know this already, it is important for others to know about this, too. Can you explain more about yourselves as being the first root race? How are you different to the humans of today?”

Zeniel: “We are Anunnaki avatars. We were the first race of humans that the Anunnaki created as I have told you before. We are much larger than the humans of your dimension and we are as you know, we are much more technologically and spiritually advanced.

Helen: “Zeniel, can you explain why the humans of today are not as advanced as the Lemurians?”

Zeniel: “Yes, of course, and this I will say now will also answer the question you had while we were outside.

The Anunnaki created the first root race which is known as the Lemurians. We were known as the children of the gods and your world speaks about us as the ‘Sons of Light.’ Many of you know that corruption came to Lemuria when some branched off from this tribe to create Atlantis and the corruption grew and became deeply imbedded in the Atlantean society. Two distinct groups began to form; those who you call the sons of light and those who you call the sons of darkness. This began the downfall of the civilization of Atlantis and luckily Lemuria was still safe and to ensure its safety it had already begun to move into a different dimension to Atlantis.

The sons of darkness are the dark brotherhood; they are the ones who began rebelling against the divine guidance of the Anunnaki and who wished to become gods even though they are gods. They dissected themselves from the divine and closed down all channels between their mental and their higher selves. They wished to reign as kings of the Earth and anyone who opposed them would be taken in chains.

As you have been told previously, the sons of darkness or the dark brotherhood lured in the citizens of Atlantis with their lies and their mind control programs and gained their support and favour and the sons of light had to go into hiding for they were being hunted by the dark brotherhood and their supporters.

Just before this time, more root races of humans were created by the Anunnaki and they were residing in Atlantis. Remember, try to understand the concepts of this time span which was thousands and thousands of years; the rebellion did not just happen in one day or one month or one year.

Religion began to be introduced and the new root race of humans, who had been trained in the Anunnaki arts and who were spiritually and technologically advanced began to forget all of their learning’s. You have read in this book you call the bible that humans were living for many hundreds of your years and slowly through time their life spans became less and disease became more. Death of spiritual knowledge causes death of the physical body and degeneration of the mind. All of these things need to be taken into account. This is why humans began to be born smaller and less enlightened, mainly because of the society they lived in but also because they went into a state of devolution. When you forget you devolve. When you are confused and lose memory of your own divinity, that you come from gods so therefore you are gods, you degenerate and this happened to the whole root race and your modern day humans are the result of the rebellion against the divine.

Not all is negative, sister; during the past 50 or so of your years humans have begun becoming more enlightened and you can see this by the size that humans grow to now. Humans are also living longer but this process needs to be sped up for you know that the new world is upon you and whether your world is ready or not it will happen because it has been too long that the dark brotherhood have held onto your world and only through a shock to the system of your consciousness will all awaken and demand freedom and union with the other tribes of the universe.

So you also wanted to know about the Order of Melchizedek. I am Melchezedek and the order is the priesthood which includes both brothers and sisters. I am also who you know to be Archangel Michael and I am the first avatar of Lord Marduk. We are also known as lords and this is not because we are superior to anyone but it is a title which is given to those who have become initiates of the order.

I want to introduce you to the other eleven.”

Zeniel begins pointing to each member and gives me their names,

“This is Beniel (male) This is Sherel (female) This is Nanel (female) This is Kaduel (male) This is Lisiel (female) This is Uliel (male) This is Sepiel (male) This is Zoliel (female) This is Theliel (female) This is Saniel (male) This is Gresiel (female)

We are the high priests and priestesses of Lemuria and also the Order of Melchizedek. We each specialize in our own individual skills.”

Helen: “Why do you each have Hebrew sounding names with ‘El’ at the end? Why do you not have Sumerian or Babylonian names? Is Sumerian not the language of the gods?”

Zeniel: “Nanaea, our language is Sumerian or I should say the language of the Anunnaki which is the language of the gods. We have ‘El’ in our names because it means we are of the gods. If we pronounced them with the Babylonian ‘Il’ it would still mean the same.

It is important that I speak to you about the Mer-Ka-Ba because we know that our teachings regarding this would greatly help humanity for I wish to say that the Mer-Ka-Bah is like a galaxy that is created by the electromagnetic fields around the body. You see, although we do recognize the Mer-Ka-Ba as being a chariot which transports you through the different dimensions, to us the Mer-Ka-Ba is much more than this.

Many of you know that ‘Mer’ means ‘light’, ‘Ka’ means the spirit that drives the ‘Ba’ which is the ‘body’. Please know that the Mer-Ka-Ba is not only used for ascension purposes but many of us, who are the original Ascended Masters, use it to travel through the different dimensions as well as across the universe as I have just explained to you.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is what you navigate in to travel through time so that you can visit the past and the future but again this is not all that it can do; it is a healing chamber within the realms of spinning sacred geometric shapes which counter rotate against but through each other for from the Mer-Ka-Ba radiates transcendent healing life force energy which enables the cells and its elements to vibrate in alignment with the sacred geometric shapes. Remember that you come from the Earth and your composition is made up of the Earth as well as the elements of the stars. All need to be incorporated into the multi-dimensional hexagram which encumbers both above and below and the uniting of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine within you.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is also an antenna and receiver which amplifies your heart, soul and mental messages out into the universe and receives the same communicational frequencies back so you may use the Mer-Ka-Ba as a communication device when you wish to connect with different collective consciousnesses throughout the cosmos.

The holy and most sacred vehicle can be activated through a number of methods which enable the light body to awaken from its slumbering state and become a part of the Mer-Ka-Ba structure which assists the energies of the Mer-Ka-Ba to vibrate inwards which is back to the source of all that you are as an incarnated being.

So I think that I have said much and this is good, for now. On behalf of me and the Lemurian high priests and priestesses we wish to thank you and know that we will be back in contact with you again shortly.”

Each member of the Priesthood rises to embrace and kiss me and slowly, as I am saying my thank you’s and goodbye’s, the vision fades and I am back in my seat and my usual surroundings.

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Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Book, Part 4 – Life Within New Earth, Part 3 – The Sinking Of Lemuria – 11-8-13

Author;s Note:
Third dimensional communication is logical, sequential and focused on time-based past, present and future. On the other hand, multidimensional communication is based on imagination, perceptual images and emotional/bodily feelings within the timeless NOW. Something is blocking my ability to imagine, perceive and/or feel next segment of the multidimensional story of Lemuria. Therefore, I will call upon Ra and Ra Mu, the King and Queen of Inner Earth Lemuria.
Dear Ra and Ra Mu,
I come to you NOW via my fifth dimensional, imagistic communication. I ask you to assist me with the next segment of Mytrian’s journey through your vast Lemurian world in Inner Earth. I had the deep honor of being taken for a brief visit to your world and remember the feeling of unconditional love and joy to which you all resonate.
        I have had some difficulty getting totally centered on this segment of the storyline in which Mytrian is about to visit Telos. I live in the beach area of Southern California, which was once a part of Lemuria and often walk through the Northern California Redwood forests that remain from your civilization. I will take a moment to remember that “feel” while I await your message.
“Our Dear One,
       You needn’t wait for the FEEL of our message, as we live within your heart, as well as within the heart of Mytrian. In fact, it is not the visit to Inner Earth’s Lemuria that has caused you pause. It is the FEEL of your Multidimensional SELF as presented in your “story” that has caused you to be still and remember.
Remembering is not an action; it is a stillness of body, mind and spirit. Also, our beloved Lemurian one, in order to remember our inner world, you must go through the memory of the destruction of our topside continent. This memory is not one to which any of us wish to return. However, through the darkness is the light.
       Please allow us to hold your “hand” while you move through that memory HERE within our NOW. We will take you back into our communication in which you are “just telling a story.” It is through calling this memory a story that your unconscious can release its vigilance of protecting you from information until you were strong enough to receive it. Therefore, we begin where you left off with the Lemurian leader saying,
       “Our leaders saw the possible reality of our total destruction and tried vigilantly to avoid it. However, our cycle had ended, and we needed to enter Inner Earth to find safety. However, that is a story for another NOW. Please, follow us into your celebration.”
     The leader then turned to guide us into the city but suddenly disappeared. In fact, our entire vision of the city, as well as our other Lemurian friends, was gone. We were standing alone in a very dark cave within the core of some version of Earth. Worse yet, the memory of how we came to this cave, and even of our own identity, began to blink in and out of our perception.
       Our vague vision of Mytrian was morphing into the images of a tall man and women who wore what looked like ancient Grecian tunics. The tunics were the same for both the male and female and were made of a cloth that looked like spun light. The female’s tunic flowed down to her ankles, whereas the male’s tunic stopped just above his knees. Both tunics were fastened at their left shoulder with a golden clasp.
       However, the clasp was not made of gold and appeared to be more crystalline in nature. At their waist they wore a belt of the same golden crystal, but it was flexible rather than solid like the clasp. On their feet were sandals of yet another version of the golden crystal substance. The female had long dark hair, which she wore in one braid down her back.
       The braid was intertwined with a golden tread. She wore a necklace that hung from a golden/crystal chain with a large pendant that sat on her High Heart. The pendant was a simple circle, but flashed of different colors that visually displayed her every thought and emotion.
       The male was slightly shorter than the female and wore a transparent golden helmet that held back his dark hair that was cropped to the length of his shoulders. He wore sandals that rose to just below his knees. The male also wore a similar pendant over his High Heart, but it hung from a slightly denser cord. His pendant also flashed of different colors to visually display every thought and emotion.
       Both of the pendants were emitting a dark brown glow with red streaks, which we determined to be fear as we could feel great anxiety emanating from them both. Why were they afraid? The Lemurian world we had been visiting world seemed very calm and tranquil.
       However, with that thought our vision switched from the deep cave of Inner Earth to an unknown location, which was relatively flat and smelled of the ocean. However, it also smelled of an unidentified gaseous odor that instantly frightened us.
       “It is too soon,” cried the female who we somehow knew was named Landara.
“Yes,” the warrior Landar calmly replied. “Far too many of us will die now. Fortunately, our secrets are all imprinted into the Cornerstone Crystals of our settlement in Inner Earth. Also, many of our leaders are below to assist those of us who have been able to travel through our passages to Inner Earth.
       “Now, most of the psychic passages have been closed by the terror of the people topside and the physical passages are all filling with water. We are sinking and soon the gases that we smell will erode the remainder of our physical matrix. Our homeworld has ended,” Landar spoke as one tear rolled down his check.
“Come, my Beloved,” said Landara. “We must join the gathering at our remaining Temple. Many of the topside people sleep and are unaware that our destruction is NOW.”
       How anyone could sleep while the earth shook and the waves thundered across the land was beyond our imagination. However, our answer came when Landar and Landara arrived at the nearby Temple.
       “Welcome,” said Laetara, who was the leader of the group of warriors and spiritual or governmental leaders. “We have sent out a ‘glimmer’ to assist the majority of those still topside to fall into a state similar to sleep. In this manner, they will be protected from the terror of their untimely death.
       “In this manner, their collective trauma will not leave deep scars of fear and revenge on the remaining land or within the waters of our ocean. We have lived as peaceful people, and we wish to die in the same manner.”
       Landar and Landara joined the “Circle of Completion.” They were among those who had volunteered to remain topside to transmute as much of the ever-present fear into love as was possible. The group had hoped that more of their people could have escaped to the inner settlement. But, since the ending was sooner than they thought, it was a blessing that those trapped on the surface could sleep through the demise of their magnificent world.
       The volunteers who numbered several hundred, formed a large Circle of Completion in front of the entrance to their Temple of the Sun. The living essence of the Sun Temple called down to his Divine Complement, the Temple of the Moon, who had been taken by the sea in an earlier cataclysm.
       Both of the Temples were living beings, as the crystals that formed the Temples were alive. The volunteers felt the crystalline Sun Temple’s eagerness to join the crystalline being of his beloved Moon Temple who awaited him under the trashing ocean.
       The Sun Temple Being, as well as the humanoid’s, knew that only their forms would die. They knew that their essence was immortal, but it was deeply wounded by the violent ending of their peaceful reality. However, all thoughts of sorrow must be released. They had volunteered to assist in calming the land, sea and astral world that would still remain, albeit in a vastly different form.
       Not only would the form and structure of their world be forever altered, but the innocence of timeless eons of peace, joy, unity and love would be lost until humanity could again return to fifth dimensional consciousness. They knew that “time” would weigh heavy on the body of Gaia for many eons because her surface would be diminished to the frequency of the third dimension.
       The Lemurian leaders and warriors had known for quite a while that the end of their world would be the beginning of “third dimensional time.” Because their consciousness was free of time, they could see that Atlantis would eventually join them deep below the surface. The people of Atlantis, who had once been their family, had become their enemy.
       With the loss of these two great worlds, war, lack, suffering and sorrow would dominant over peace, abundance, joy and love for many cycles of “third dimensional time.” Everyone in the Circle knew that that prophesies were truth. They also knew that the Lower Astral Plane would carry the burden of the loss of two continents and the eons of suffering that would follow.
       However, there was still hope for the higher planes of the fourth dimension.  The members of the Circle of Completion had all made a personal sacrifice in order to assist Gaia during her transition into the lower realms. They made this choice in hopes that they could spare the Land of Fairie and the higher fourth dimensional worlds the sorrow, rage and revenge that threatened to remain within the land, sea and heart of the survivors.
       Their individual and united thoughts and goodbyes instantly stopped when the land made a huge lurch in response to the rising seas. They all felt the Sun Temple calling them to unite in unconditional love and forgiveness. One-by-one, and as a whole, the volunteers ceased their thoughts to focus on the feelings of unconditional acceptance of the situation, unconditional forgiveness of all inner and outer “enemies,” and unconditional love of the land and sea that had been their home.
       When the High Priest of the Sun Temple began to sing, the others joined in. The singing created a deep unity of consciousness and focused their attention on their joint task of transmuting ALL shadow into LIGHT. Suddenly, a huge flame burst out a deep fissure in the center of their circle. Their group was in such unity consciousness that they simultaneously focused on seeing the fire as the Violet Flame of Transmutation.
       Their focus on transmutation of fear into unconditional love calmed them so completely that the sound of their singing became louder than the sounds of the surrounding destruction. The members of the Circle held their united vision of the Violet Flame transmuting ALL shadow into Light and observed as the Violet Light shone through the Land of Faerie and the higher planes of the fourth dimensions.
       Many volunteers in the Land of Faerie also formed a Circle of Completion to accept this light and pass it on to the higher realms. The two Circles of Completion, with a huge Violet Flame in the center, echoed the power of transmutation back and forth between the third and fourth dimensions.
The forgiveness, joy and love resounded between the two realms of reality, served to send their divine message deep into the body of Gaia. Gaia smiled as her core filled with love. This gift greatly assisted Her to remain balanced on Her axis despite the disaster on Her surface.
       Gradually, all became calm. The sounds of destruction were muted, the land accepted the water, and the violent waves transmuted into a steady rising tide. The volunteers held their place within the Circle as the water steadily rose up their bodies. Every voice continued to sing loud and clear and every heart remained opened and loving.
       As the waters advanced beyond their throats and into their mouths, the drowning ones held their position within the circle until only the voice of the tallest Priestess remained. When the waters silenced the Priestess’s sweet voice the song of *“Auld Lang Syne” drifted into Gaia’s ethers to be sung again at the close of Atlantis and at the beginning of each new cycle.
       The ending was completed and the beginning had commenced.
       Our vision ended as suddenly as it had started. Once we had settled back into the being of Mytrian we looked up to see the leader and all our Lemurian friends surrounding us. All their “faces” were beaming with joy. The Leader held out its hand of light and said; “NOW you are ready to join us.”

As we looked past the leader, we saw the beautiful Lemurian settlement shimmering just beyond the curtain of light.

*(The name of the song channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones at

Atona Areyus Revelations – Atlantis, Lemuria, Telos, Sharula Dux – Walking Between Realities, Part 3

Ari Kopel·42 videos

In this episode, Atona continues her “magical journey” with us, speaking about the grays and her experience with an abductee. She goes in depth about Telos ( a Lemurian city within Mt Shasta ), the Lemurians, her friendship with Sharula Dux (Princess of Telos) and Sharula’s predictions back in 1987. She goes into her friendship and experience with Shomundi, known as The Dragon Slayer, her journey into the Yucatan with one of the Crystal Skull guardians/owners and her experiences in the Mayan Pyramids in the Yucatan. She discloses a telepathic communication she received by The Command at the Yucatan and then at Ship Rock, and how the manifestation of this communication was witnessed by others that were present. She describes her transformational experience at El Capitan in Yosemite National Park – an experience that changed her understandings about how this world and reality are constructed!

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Lost Civilization of Lemuria – Author Frank Joseph

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A Lemurian Chant

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Bradford Tilden sings an ancient Lemurian Chant of blessings and Gratitude. Recorded during a concert in Sao Domingos de Rana, Portugal, on November 6, 2009. For more information about Bradford and his channeled healing music with his voice and crystal bowls, visit

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