Steve Beckow – Experience, Express, Learn – 7-3-15

Sacred 15Steve Beckow

I’ve uncovered a fascinating pattern in my behavior that I call “Experience, Express, Learn.”

I seem to go through life experiencing things half my time, and then spending the rest of my time expressing myself as a result of each experience.

Expressing myself is like catch-up. I seem to need to communicate and reflect on my experiences.

The experiencing part is the actor. The expressing part is the observer.

Another way of putting that is that I move back and forth between the actor and the observer standpoints in my life in regular succession, endlessly. Like two legs walking, I experience and express, experience and express. This may be the earliest and the most persistent pattern that I’m aware of.

That suggests an underlying design feature of life to me – that sentient beings are designed as perpetual students, learning machines. We learn our way back to Source in the Mother’s school of experience, according to my understanding.

That’s certainly what’s happening for me as I go through this experience/express cycle. I’m learning, learning, learning.

Experiencing, expressing, learning. Experiencing, expressing, learning. Why don’t I just drop the pretense and settle into the way of life that I’m aleady doing? That I’ve already chosen?