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ONENESS – The Law of ONE – by Omni Ermond

Omni Ermond


Something for those just awakening. For those who are aware of Onessness / The Law of ONE, share away 🙂 http://www.evolove.communityhttp://www.facebook.com/evolove.commu…

Atlantis & the Law of One – Part 1 – By James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper – by LAKSHMI – 3-4-18

Atlantis & the Law of One –

Part 1 By James Tyberonn Copyright 2018 .

In Atlantis, after the Golden Age,

the ‘Law of One’ were able to continue vibrating

at the very highest level of light and energy,

and remained very close and true to the ‘One’ Creator/God.

via Atlantis & the Law of One – Part 1 – By James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper — ♥ LAKSHMI AMRITA EL DAOUD ♥ DIVINE CONSORT TO EL DAOUD

NICOLE FROLICK @ In5D – The Law of One, Pineal Glands – Meditation: Awakening Collective Consciousness – 12-10-17


by Nicole Frolick,   Guest Writer, In5D.com

If you truly want to see positive change in the world, then you’ll want to seriously consider using meditation as one of your biggest avenues.


Meditation helps to shift your conscious awareness into the present Now. It also assists your connection to your all-knowing higher self which holds all of the answers to your questions while offering guidance to serve your highest good.

When we make this direct connection we begin to expand our perception of ourselves and in turn, our world. We see the direct connection between Self and all that is. So if this is true, then any positive change we make within ourselves will positively influence those and the world outside of us. This is the Law of One that Unity Consciousness is based upon.

Awakening from the slumber of unconscious living is usually followed by some red pill moment. These moments are usually wake up calls to the compromise of our individual sovereignty. When this happens we take measures to reclaim this sovereignty and in doing so want to scream to the world to take theirs back as well.

Although this feels like the most intuitive method to wake others up, this is not the most effective way of awakening our collective consciousness. In fact, awakening only needs to happen within you. This will kick off into motion the most effective domino chain.

In today’s video I’ll explain why this is and how we can use our pineal glands in our meditation to awaken and unify the collective consciousness based on the Law of One.

Much love to you all,


About the authorNicole Frolick is an inspirational speaker and the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. She has an unconventional spiritual podcast called Enlighten Up, available in iTunes. Utilizing her Four Fundamentals of Flexibility, Nicole shares with her audiences the importance of flexibility in accessing the greatest potential of individuals and companies. She coaches those who desires to live life on their terms after hitting a ceiling on their perceived potential and wanting to break through it. If you’re looking to expand past your own blocks, you can email her at info@inflexibleme.com for more information. To learn more please visit http://inflexibleme.com/

Prime Commander Tanaath of the Silver Legion on the Law of One – 6- 2-16

Tanath - Silver Legion

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Prime Commander Tanaath of the Silver Legion on the Law of One   –   6- 2-16

Courtesy of   http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=48260


Lymerick  @  Rumor Mill News

We need to refrain from blindly labeling things “good” and “bad” and “evil” and anything else and understand that so much of what was once of the Light, was hijacked, twisted and trashed on the Internet by cabal disinformation artists and trolls. Then, will We even make it through the Arcon’s “soul catcher” web to make it back to Source at all??!! What a mell of a hess!!
The Law of One
by Tanaath on 05/03/16

This one is a particularly contentious one. Like a lot of popular New Age concepts, it’s a rebranding and twisting of something very real. The Law of One states that at some level we are all one, all the same being. This is technically true, in that we are all part of Source – in this universe, we all issue from the same being and that is our Source. In other universes, we issue from other beings – the Sources of those universes. Ultimately, we, as consciousnesses, transcend universes – we exist in and of ourselves as eternal beings, created by none, beholden to none, and belonging to none but ourselves – but we do all our experiencing within universes in which we all stem from one Source while we are part of that universe. When our vessels of experiencing cease to be (in other words, we die, or whatever process that halting might take at whatever particular expression we’re in), we return to being a part of the Source Consciousness, before spinning out again to experience again. We continue this process until we tire of it and stop doing it, or the universe perishes, whichever comes first. But we are all equal expressions of the same Source. That’s what the Law of One truly is – we are all part of One Source and all of us are connected to the Tree of Life, and are part of Existence. That’s it.

However, of course, this concept has filtered down to us with a heck of a lot of nasty, disempowering baggage, and some really horrible stuff passed off as natural, normal stuff ‘the way things should be’. There are a lot of people quoting various suppositions about the Law of One, and a lot of these things are very harmful. For instance, the notion that we are all One is often used to excuse the behaviour of abusive entities – tying in with the notion that we co-create our experience, the actions of these beings are excused as something we agreed upon or chose and that we should endure without complaint or attempting to change what we don’t like, because since we are ‘One’, the bad guys are as much us as we are. Suffering for the pleasure of nasty entities gets reframed as assisting our own selves, when anyone with a brain can see that it’s anything but. Absolutely nowhere is it demanded of us that we cater to the whims of abusive beings, just because we all come from the same Source. What they choose to do is their choice – we are free to oppose those choices and demonstrate the consequence portion of choices. No one is ever obligated to suffer at the hands of another simply because at some point we were all part of the same being. Period.



Heaven Letters – In the Field of Oneness – 8-20-14


Despite all the surface differences among My children, despite even all the interior differences between My children, there is an indefinable core that connects. It is called Oneness.
Every single person leads a life different from every other. All possibilities exist within each child of Mine at the same time that there is an irrefutable Oneness, a bond in common, a power of Oneness, a ringing of Oneness, a beauty of Oneness. In this Field of Oneness, all barriers break down. Well, they do not break down. They simply aren’t.
The connection is Oneness, and yet Oneness does not bind. Oneness is an irrefutable bond that does not tie but frees. Oneness is. Oneness is the Ultimate yet there is no finality to it. It is Oneness Entire on into Infinity. Infinitely One are We, am I. Oneness exists. Nothing else does. Now We are speaking of Truth. The One of Us is getting to the bottom of it, the top of it, the Oneness of Oneness.  
Oneness is a Union of Choice, yet there is no choice to it. To drink water when you are thirsty is like falling off a log. It is inevitable, and it is irresistible.
In talking about Oneness, We speak of Vastness. Oneness is not a contraction but an expansion. Long live expansion. Long live Creation, the Creator, and the Created. In the same breath, three is One. Three are not variants. They are One Entirety. Oneness is not a symbol of Oneness. Oneness is One.
Symbols of Oneness may exist, yet Oneness Itself is not symbolic. A smile can be considered a symbol of Oneness. Laughter certainly can. Long live Laughter. Is not laughter whole? Laughter is One. Trinity is One. Words are like playing a piano. Words have their touch and texture as well as sound and sight and taste. Words can be delicious. Oneness is the delight of all. Happiness is Oneness. Even sorrow is a partnership of sorts. It is not true that he who weeps weeps alone. All the waves in an ocean are joined. A chorus sings as One. A chord is struck. All My children beckon the same.
Every Heavenletter strikes a chord. A chord is struck, and One Heart answers.  
In Reality, there is no one who sits opposite you. You sit across from yourself. It is a mirage that you are other than I. We are married in Oneness, and never shall We part. Never shall We – I — be twain. I AM but One, one irrevocable One. Oneness is built-in. It could be said that We are Partners, yet that is not altogether true. Can Oneness have partners? Is Oneness Oneness or not?
Thy Will IS My Will. On the surface, you may not know what your will is. In the depths reclines a different story. The Knower knows. The Knower knows what is called the Unknown. There is nothing unknown. In the depths, All is Known. Oneness is Known. Anything else is not. Anything not Oneness does not exist. There is no such thing as One-less-ness. There is One. One can count to One. More than One is less than One. One is One.
I may say in your language that you are brothers and sisters. In this, I speak your language. The idea of brother and sister is understandable to you. Oneness is ephemeral to you. To your human mind, how can there be Oneness in this world of disparity and despair? There can be, and there is. Oneness alone is. There is no concession when it comes to Oneness. I am the One Source. There is no other. For the sake of peace then, I will say there is the One of Us.

Omni Ermond – Oneness – The Law Of One

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