Dimitri Halley – Journey to Self Through the Language and Meaning of Dreams

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EBTV presents host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) with returning guest Dimitri Halley (http://www.DimitriHalleyCenter.com) exploring the nature of reality and Self through dreams.

Dimitri is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, and founder of the Dimitri Halley Center. He is a depth psychologist at the individual and collective levels, and a professor in the psychology of paranormal phenomena. He studies the deeper reality of Quantum Physics, spirituality, and is an expert in dream analysis.

Specific topics covered in the video include:

1. What are dreams? (2:05)
– dreams as a relationship with our own unconscious, connection to the Self
– the language of imagery

2. Why and how are dreams so real? (4:25)
– progression of our evolutionary journey changes how we experience dreams
– the information and reality presented by dreams
– connection to the tribal and indigenous wisdom of dreams

3. How to understand our dream connection to Self, and balance between the yin and yang. (8:03)
– phenomenon versus nomenon
– how the dreams takes us out of the illusion of the senses
– dreams allow us to explore the unbounded
– Self versus the superficial self
– at the surface level every dream tells us whether we are too much yin or too much yang (out of balance)

4. The element of dreams as a novel language. (12:10)
– dreams help us understand & speak the Tao/Source/Divine
– the use of imagery & fractals

5. How dreams use the language of imagery and emotions. (16:10)
– how dreams transcend us beyond the illusory reality
– dreams teach us the language of where the Self lives

6. Why our society pays so little attention to its dreams. (18:10)
– the detached and fragmented state of our society
– the purpose of the separation from Source

7. How our separation from Source is connected to the role of dreams. (19:30)
– the role of free choice, free will & intention
– the habitual / conditioned / programmed nature of separated individuals

8. Dimitri’s personal experience with dreams. (22:15)
– experience with Carl Jung
– connection to Shamanism

9. The consequences of integrating the sensory and dream realities. (26:40)
– the different dimensions of reality unification
– how our dreams can present us with our true vision and life purpose

10 How to classify dreams, and understand different types of dreams. (28:56)
– the limitations of classifying dreams
– the unique language of dream symbol and meaning
– how the fragmented scientific approach limits us
– why symbols are unique for people depending on their state of psyche / Self / evolution

11. How to understand dream analysis and interpretation. (33:33)
– the role of feeling / emotion in dreams
– how Dimitri works to analyze and interpret dreams
– how dreams teach us the true nature of reality and to navigate
– the role of statistics in dream interpretation

12. The general understanding of nature versus man-made symbols in our dreams. (39:51)
– how certain symbols are yin, while others are yang and can show imbalance
– the importance of knowing the levels of the Self before understanding dream symbols

13. Why understanding our yin-yang balance is essential to our evolution, development and quality of life. (43:20)
– how our mind, body and dreamscape interact to show us our state of being

14. What interactions with:

a) the deceased mean in our dreams? (45:17)
– dreams as a portal to beings who have passed from physical reality
– the challenges of letting go on the physical and spiritual sides
– the psychological and spiritual sides of dreams with deceased

b) extraterrestrial beings mean in our dreams? (48:30)
– the frequency variations of our state of being
– the importance of frequency in how we attract “alien” beings

15. How to understand external “abduction” or “control” in dreams. (50:30)
– the more we reach the Self, the less we are influenced by the external
– the role of addictions and possessions
– when we lose yin-yang balance, we descend in frequency
– the consequences of the repression of the feminine

16. What dreams that include flying/personal flight can mean. (54:32)
– flying as a rise in frequency vs drop in frequency
– how dreams can symbolize our re-learning to fly

17. What the nature is of dreamless sleep. (57:20)
– not dreaming vs not recollecting dreams
– Eastern vs Western phenomenon of non-dreaming
– the importance of intention
– the healing impact of dream recollection and reintegration

18. How to see the bigger picture of recycling and sustainability. (1:00:20)
– the depletion of the chi / energy and the need to learn how to manage our chi
– the deeper meaning of concentration / focus

19. How the Self is connected to our individual and collective dreams. (1:01:40)
– the importance to be mindful of our projections and pre-judgement
– personal liberation from the illusion and victimhood
– the importance of walking within our own shadow to heal and integrate