Kryon 2018 December – What Will Happen in Near Future?

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KRYON 2018 – Be Ready for Big ChangesIn Our Life

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Published on Dec 8, 2018

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KRYON – How to Get Through The Veil So Your Higher Self Can Give Proper Guidance – 1-2-18



Published on Jan 21, 2018

In this Channeling, Kryon gives the secret to removing yourself from 3d reality to receive guidance, and clarity on what your true purpose for being here on Earth is. Kryon explains why you should have full trust in your Higher Self, and reveals what your situation looks like from their perspective.
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KRYON – What is in Our Future? How will we Change?



Published on Sep 15, 2018

Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a “Support” Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways. For more info visit…

KRYON: URGENT CHANGES – August 2018 – 8-4-18


Published on Aug 4, 2018

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Kryon Teaches Lightworkers How to Stop Aging in Detail


Published on May 3, 2018

This Channeling is a little longer because it is absolutely loaded with powerful information.
Kryon teaches Lightworkers how to retake control of every aspect of their realities including the healing and aging of their bodies, ending Karma and old energy attachments, activating DNA and gaining full access to your Higher Self and Akashic records.
Kryon teaches how to activate this new life by telling you exactly what to say word for word.
Kryon also discusses why some Lightworkers are given tough situation so they will be forced to break free for 3D instead of just staying stagnate and accepting life as it is.
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