Elizabeth Patric of Spiritwater Gardens – I Believe in Nature Spirits Initiative – 12-8-14


“I Believe In Nature Spirits Initiative” by Elizabeth Patric, Dec. 7, 2014 at www.spiritwatergardens.com

Hi Everyone! We have lift off for our “I Believe in Nature Spirits Initiative!”

This exciting project was inspired through my years of play and co-creative activities with the non-physical realms of love and light frequencies that are integral part of the natural kingdom.

One of the first things that I was asked to do as I began to work with the nature spirit realm about 17 years ago, was to create a sacred space where they could anchor their web.

On my property, on the slope down to the lake, this is an undisturbed place, about 30 feet in diameter, where there are about a dozen trees that create a circle. I have made a promise to the non-physical realms to never mow and to never cut a branch or tree in this sacred space.

As your awareness expands, you learn that, when this dimension is anchored in your surroundings, there is a whole dimension of playfulness, delight, joy, humor, and a “feel like dancing quality,” that can offer such an enjoyable aspect to your life on planet earth.

These qualities come from that dimension that we often refer to as fairies, sprites, nature spirits, elves, etc. These light beings not only contribute to our overall well being, but also bring healing and transformation to our bodies, minds and spirits.

This realm, when cultivated, can bring wonderful qualities to the plant world as well. Plants flourish where the nature spirits flourish.

These energies also bring health to the atmosphere (this is how we can change the weather!) waters, soils, and so much more.

Unfortunately the “web” that the nature spirits realms rely on is collapsed.580

We, as a human collective have completely neglected this realm and we can no longer afford to ignore this essential part of our precious Gaia. We need to bring this dimension back into our perception of what it is going to take to bring in Nova Earth.

Except in a few areas on our planet, we have so much environmental deterioration that the nature spirit web has no way of anchoring.  They need to tether their web on earth in places where there is a promise that no disturbance will occur.

For this initiative, we are asking that you  step up and guarantee to the nature spirits that you will set aside a sacred space that is at least 12 feet in diameter on your property. You don’t have to make any investment, except that you make a promise.

The momentum will build as we are going to be sharing  a map (on the website) where you will be able to see all of the people all over the world that are creating these sacred spaces!!!!

You will see that I already have a few volunteers populating the map, but we need the earth to be covered!!!!!!!

Historically, there was enough wilderness so that the nature spirits could maintain their web. Now they are depending on individuals like you to hold space for them, so that tethering can occur on a global level.

The benefits to you are endless, so it is a win win no matter how you look at it! Let the fun begin!

582To learn more, just visit www.spiritwatergardens.com. On the home page, on the bar across the top, click on “I Believe in Nature Spirits Project”. There is no cost to join this program. There are no obligations.

As we progress, I plan on sharing other resources and websites that encourage the natural spirits of love and light frequencies in this area of the website. (Let me know if you are a “believer” and have a resource you would like shared).

Please join us in the fun and in a very essential step that will restore this integral part of the nature kingdom back into its enlightened form for a very major shift for Nova Earth and The Golden Age. Become a “believer.”

This small shift in perception has the potential to make huge changes.