Karen Doonan – Dissolving of Timelines and Removal of Distortion – 10-16-15

Karen Dover

Karen Doonan   –   Dissolving of timelines and removal of distortion   –   10-16-15


Within the old earth construct we are taught various concepts that work to contain and suppress the human life experience in TRUTH. The old earth construct is DESIGNED to be divisive, we are taught continuously how to divide and it is often presented as something that is the exact opposite. Whilst we divide our day into hours, minutes and seconds we filter out that we are DIVIDING, DEFINING and LABELING and in doing so are containing our life experience. For many who exist within the old earth construct the ability to move into and out of various “dimensional” timelines is taught as something to be explored and to be worked with. This hides in plain view the DIVISION that is part of the integral design of the old earth construct.

In TRUTH we are ONE energy that has incarnated into a human form except within the old earth construct we have NOT incarnated into one human form, we are ONE energy that has incarnated into millions of variations of human forms. Each timeline or what is often referenced as a “past life” is a DIVISION of our energy in TRUTH.  Where we exist in the old earth construct and have millions of different timelines and “past life” life times we are fragmented.  This fragmentation is celebrated and continually referenced by the old earth construct deliberately in order that the division is strengthened and we are kept deliberately divided in order to prevent our expansion and move into evolution in TRUTH.

I have blogged previously in relation to the expansion that occurs as part of the ascension to evolution process that sees us become WHOLE at a human waking level in order to then move into the phase that is now available to us which is the expansion OUT into the wider universe in TRUTH.  Whilst we exist in various dimensional timelines we are in SEPARATION and DIVISION and the energies that are now unfolding and pushing the frequency of the entire human race are dissolving these dimensional timelines in order that we can bring all of our energy into TRUTH, which is ONE timeline that is founded upon the frequency of the LOVE that IS which is the very fabric of all creation in TRUTH.

At this time there may be various symptoms that are being highlighted at a human physical level within the human race as the dissolving of the fragmentation begins.  Many people will have very vivid dream landscapes as our energy processes the fragmentation through our human vehicle. The resetting of the outer waking reality can only occur in TRUTH when all the dimensional “versions” of our energy are brought into our human vehicle, this sees patterns of behavior and “SOUL” contracts and “lessons” dissolved completely for these are not TRUTH, they are simply the reasons given in order to hide the division of the old earth construct DESIGN. It is this design that has kept the human race from evolution, continually re-incarnating over and over into these “timelines” was never for “lessons” it was simply part of the design of a construct which sought to prevent the evolution of a species.

Many will find this phase of the process extremely challenging as the dimensional timelines dissolve they are no longer available to reference from and as they dissolve the generational and ancestral patterning and “consciousness” that is created from this also dissolves. This sees the various false teachings of working with energy fully negated as the structure is no longer there from which to draw the information. This information of course was part of the integral design of the old earth construct again placed there in order to give the illusion of movement whilst hiding the division and fragmentation that it is in TRUTH.

View the old earth construct design akin to an armada of ships sailing on a sea, the focus always placed up what is ABOVE the sea, the boats themselves, what is hidden is the spaghetti or rope(s) that ties the boats together beneath the water. This prevents freedom of movement, it may look like you can sail one way but if you are tied to a few boats then you will be able to go so far and then no further.  This example is given in order to highlight the false teachings in relation to human relationships, incarnating over and over into the old earth construct produces are very close energetic bond with those who we have spent those different life times with. The false teachings that seek to teach of “twin flames” or “SOUL mates” are simply the result of lifetimes spent with the energies that continually share the human life experience with us. Therefore the energy that has taken human form and which you have spent the majority of your human life incarnations with as a spouse will show up as a “twin flame”, these energies meeting in a timeline will feel INTENSE attraction to one another and seem to have a deeper connection that any one else but this is simply the result of continually incarnating into a construct that prevents expansion and evolution.  It is akin to driving the same car for years and years and becoming so accustomed to the car that trying to drive any other car seems somehow “not right”.  This particular false teaching has tied the human race in knots and as it is not TRUTH is not supported on any level.

Freedom in TRUTH is just this, FREEDOM without any strings or hidden agendas, the old earth construct is by DESIGN illusion, division and deconstruction, in order to expand out of this then the distortion had to be dissolved in order that FREEDOM in TRUTH could even be reached. This is the reason that “5D” reality and living is simply another version of the old earth construct, it gives the illusion of a new reality but in TRUTH is simply a variation of a construct that was DESIGNED to fragment and separate.  Only TRUTH exists in the wider universe and only TRUTH is supported in the new earth frequency realities.

This is major expansion and will see various miracles unfold as family “patterning” is dissolved allowing for healing to begin where “historically” there has been division and separation.  This dissolves ALL of human “history” in order that the human race can move into expansion and into full evolution of species in TRUTH.

Many at this time will find the outer waking reality challenging as the outer waking reality resets itself, there may be various “glitches” which are in TRUTH simply resets as the human logical mind will try to default to the patterns taught and re-enforced within the old earth construct.  It is akin to walking along a road that dissolves with each step that we take, there is in TRUTH nothing to turn back to, it is expansion in TRUTH at all moments, as it is TRUTH then the heart space will begin to open as part of the expansion into evolution is to move from the mind centered living of the old earth construct into heart centered EXPERIENCE at a physical waking level.

We are asked at this time to honor our human vehicle which may require more sleep and rest than we have allowed it. The processing of frequencies is much easier on the human vehicle when we are in what is referenced as sleep. The resetting of the outer waking reality is easier coped with after a period of rest, in extreme cases where a human being chooses to try to circumvent or ignore the process then the fracturing of their outer waking reality may occur so there may be an increase in what is termed “psychotic” episodes within the general population as those who try to maintain control over the outer waking life as per the teachings of the old earth find that the teachings simply dissolve into thin air. Evolution is expansion and expansion is moving into new ways of living and being.

We are fully supported at all moments of all moments and this vast expansion is being put in place in order to expand the human life experience, there may be many who choose to label it some sort of destruction of the human race and there will be scenarios presented by the dissolving old earth construct that seek to teach destruction of the entire human race and the end of the world. This is simply the dissolving of a construct and we are asked to move into our heart space and understand from within this space.  Our human logical mind has NO reference for that which will now unfold and those who are here in place in order to help support the next phase of human evolution are being prepared and highlighted in order to help with the exodus at a very human physical waking level of the human race out of containment and into TRUTH.

As we take the steps into expansion we not only leave behind the old life experience we dissolve the pain, grief and trauma as these reference points dissolve as we come more fully into wholeness. This sees the release of the holding patterns of the old earth construct and will see a new evolution of human relationships, with human relationships resetting to be on a foundation of LOVE in TRUTH. Attempts at keeping hold of relationships that are built on anything but this will be negated, many relationships will dissolve in order to reset the entire human life experience and this will see the strengthening of human relationships across the entire human life experience, albeit the human logical mind may attempt to teach the exact opposite. Only TRUTH is supported in the new earth frequency realities.

Coding will go out to those who are now required to expand and TRANSCEND the very human part of their being that has kept them locked out of the wider universe. The dam has burst, the snow-globe (please see previous blogs for examples using this symbology) has shattered fully and expansion into evolution is now fully underway. I will be uploading more podcasts and addressing this expansion in the Truth Codes Radio show which will be uploaded to the podcast site and the Truth Codes Ministries youtube site. (Please note that the Radio Show is NO LONGER available on any other platform). For those who are working with the Universal, Angelic and Galactic card sets further cards will be made available shortly and will be available via the main Truth Codes Ministries website.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

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Karen Doonan – Creating in the void in TRUTH – 3-25-14

Karen Doonan




Many of you have asked how it is possible to disconnect from the old 3D earth reality and live day to day and this blog addresses this very “puzzle” for your human logical mind may try to teach you that it is not possible.  Many of you see the distractions clearly within the old 3D earth reality and you can also feel the frequency of that which is in place and APPEARS to be the actual construct of the human life experience and this is where your human logical mind will attempt to blind you. The old 3D earth created reality has always APPEARED to be real, the human life experience APPEARS to be real but ALL shifts and ALL moves at all times for in TRUTH ALL is energy and energy constantly flows, shifts and changes.

Many of you at this time are literally praying for miracles but allowing your human logical mind to attempt to “define” what a miracle is and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported in the New Earth reality.  It is to be noted that in order to birth a new reality then the letting go of the “old” reality must be undertaken but the old 3D earth created reality reference points are no longer in place, they have dissolved.  This allows for rapid expansion of the human life experience on ALL levels of your BEing. At a human conscious waking mind level this translates to you personally having more “room” to maneuver,  this also translates to more OPTIONS available to you and many of them are still hidden in plain view.

I realise that it may seem relatively easy to state “create your own life experience” and the human logical mind will instantly ask “how is this done?”.  Well one way of working with this is to understand that the old 3D earth created reality has NO HOLD OVER YOUR HUMAN LIFE EXPERIENCE, however it will not come knocking at your door and introduce itself and say “by the way I have no say in your life anymore, sorry for all the chaos I caused”.   It will remain silent hoping you havent worked it out by FEELing the shifts and changes in the frequency of everything that is now unfolding in your waking life experience. Many of you are being presented with new opportunities but allowing any ”past experience” you have had to filter out what is being presented to you, I would remind you all gently that the ONLY way to determine if something is a lower dimensional frequency or a higher dimensional frequency is to FEEL said frequency.  Trying to work out or worse ASSUME is to walk blindly,  ALL is energy and ALL is frequency, the energy signature of EVERYTHING in this universe is available to ALL, so work at a frequency and energy signature level at all moments and TRUST how you FEEL.

Many of you may be under the distortion that a new reality is created overnight and that by totally disconnecting from all that is presently in place on this planet will see it starve of energy and something put in its place for you, this is further distortion and is a scenario that is supported by the old 3D earth created reality for it sees you PAUSE IN THE VOID.  The void being the place of pure energy, it is the space between spaces, it is where you move into from the old 3D earth created reality and is where you CREATE your New Earth reality from.  What you create must have the frequency of TRUTH and the LOVE that IS but aside  from this the world is literally your oyster, whatever you wish to experience CAN BE EXPERIENCED but you have to create it, you do this by dreaming it. What is it that you wish to live on this planet?  this is your starting point.

Now many of you may be reading this and saying “okay lets go with this, I wish to live an abundant life and be luxuriously happy”. Then your human logical mind may try to persuade you that you are being selfish, this is a teaching of the old 3D earth that sought to teach you dis-empowerment, this is a very deep teaching within the spiritual arena and one that should be dissolved fully. It is NOT selfish to wish to live in abundance, the more that you have the more that you can SHARE with those around you, the more that you can be happy the HIGHER the frequency and more expansive your energetic signature is.  As ALL ARE ONE then your higher frequency will then push and exert pressure on those around you to move them to a higher more expansive frequency so it is a win/win situation at all moments of all moments.

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Many of you look to the financial state of the planet earth and allow this “bigger picture” to blind you at a personal level. Money JUST IS, it is a TOKEN of abundance on this planet,  money ITSELF is not the distortion, what is the distortion and what has created the problems as it were are the teachings around money, that is what you have been TAUGHT TO BELIEVE about money. It is these teachings that will work to attract or repel money into your human life experience, nothing else.   How many of you grew up with your parents stating to you “money does not grow on trees”.  This is factually incorrect of course as money is paper and paper comes from trees. 🙂   However on a serious note how you FEEL about money and your belief system that was created within the old 3D earth created reality is what drives money into or out of your life. Many of you are allowing the old 3D earth teachings to persuade you that it is outwith your control and is something that is taken from you. NOTHING CAN BE TAKEN FROM YOU on any level for ALL is energy, you can however be persuaded to GIVE your energy away and this is why the old 3D earth reality was created to begin with.  It is VERY good at persuading, it gives part of a picture at any one time and will never openly show you the whole picture at any point. In short is “spins” the whole of the human life experience. It is your CHOICE at all moments of all moments of whether or not to give your energy away or to work to expand your energy, you cannot do both at the same time, hence moving into the void will see you remain in the void until you begin to create.

At this moment in this your human life experience your SOUL is showing you the steps to take in order to create your life in the New Earth reality, all that prevents you from taking these steps is the whisperings of the old 3D earth created reality that seeks at all moments to pull you back down in frequency by attempting to teach you that you are something you are not. YOU ARE A VAST BEING OF LIGHT, you came here to live TRUTH in the LOVE that IS in this your human form. TRUST the process that your SOUL is now showing you and asking you to interact with. ONLY YOU create your life, what YOU create is your responsibility and is YOUR creation at all moments of all moments, dream and BE.





Karen Doonan – Update on the Separation Of World in Truth – 3-22-14



The equinox energies have worked to help move the separation of worlds rapidly. It is to be noted that whilst the New Earth was still in the “overlay” of the old 3d earth reality then the old 3d earth reality had the effect of SLOWING down the manifestation process of those within the New Earth reality. Now the separation of worlds is complete the energetic signatures of both realities are no longer in conflict. By this I mean  the old 3d earth created reality no longer has ANY influence in respective of the manifestations of the New Earth frequencies.  This allows for RAPID and SWIFT manifestation and EXPANSION by both the Planet Earth and those who are now creating from the New Earth frequencies.  They are now two SEPARATE realities each with their own frequencies.

For those of you who have been working to manifest in the New Earth you may now begin to FEEL the shift in frequencies with time being dissolved and the ability to dream your dream into creation. The dreamtime platform has also cleared and expanded as it is also no longer influenced, the human logical mind not part of the process but the actual old 3d earth created reality frequencies were still present as the overlay was still in operation. This is all now negated. The LIGHTER frequencies will begin to unfold and deepen and expand from this moment and many of you may be feeling this LIGHT as joy and happiness, as if you took a deep breath, breathed out and suddenly FEEL more relaxed and calm. This will now rapidly expand for the “holding ” has been broken, much like holding back an elastic band and then letting it go, the momentum built up needs an outlet, the outlet of the momentum that has built up in relation to the New Earth energies is now propelling many of you into position with “holding patterns” being broken and movement being rapid and very swift indeed.

For some of you the void is still around you, this needs to be worked WITH and it is vital that you begin to interact with the New Earth energies by actively manifesting with them. It is not TRUTH to assume that everything is already in place “for” you and that you need simply just follow a path, this is a teaching from the old 3d earth created reality and needs to be fully dissolved. The New Earth asks that you create the life of your dreams, it has NOT already been created for you and you align with it, you are CREATING it moment to moment and this must be anchored at a very conscious human waking mind level, if you remain passive then the void will see you in limbo for the void is PURE ENERGY, you must interact with this energy in order to create with it.

To use a very simple analogy, the New Earth is asking you to create, this is like painting a picture, many of you are attempting to paint the picture by staring at the paintbrushes and paints and imagining the picture. This will not create the picture that you are imagining, you must pick up the paintbrushes and actively put the paint on the canvas. The canvas in this analogy is the LOVE that IS, it is the very fabric of the universe. Painting the picture is done by imagining the picture in your minds eye and then capturing what you can see in the actual painting before you. In other words you must take PHYSICAL steps in the world to create your dreams, these steps will be placed in front of you by the universe, you must interact with them in order for your dream to manifest in the outer waking reality that is the human life experience.

There are many teachings of distortion that seek to teach that simply imagining the New Earth is all that is needed. Building of a new life in a new reality is done breath by breath and action by action, if you repeat the same actions over and over you will simply remain where you are.  By actively WALKING your TRUTH then you create in TRUTH, for only TRUTH is supported, any distorted frequency that attempts to interact will be clearly illuminated for you in order that you can dissolve it and ALTER your frequency and actions in order to create the life of your dreams.

This is the balance of the female /male energy in TRUTH, creation and action in perfect harmony.



Karen Doonan – God: Message to the Children of the New Earth – 3-16-14

Karen Doonan




Beloved ones, I am the energies that are placed for you in the context of GOD and I am here to communicate with you through my channel in order to prepare you at a very human conscious waking mind level for ALL that will now unfold around you, through you and within you upon and within planet earth at this time. There is much conversation among and around the human race in relation to what will unfold in what is termed the “EVENT” and I am here to help you anchor the full unfolding of your dream in TRUTH into the New Earth reality that is now breathing and expanding upon and within planet earth in TRUTH.

I place before you the GARDEN OF EDEN and ask that you throw off the shackles that have been placed around your wrists and your ankles, so long have you worn these vibrational shackles that many of you have not even stopped to take them off or to notice them pulling at your human vehicle. YOU ARE IN FREEDOM, this the birth right of ALL sentient BEings in the UNIVERSE of 3 and the FREEDOM is in each breath, each moment of each moment and you are asked to anchor this fully at a cellular level in order that you can align fully with the ACTIVATED sacred geometrical energy patterns that are now taking effect.

These energetic patterns are not seen by the naked human eye so are apt to be filtered out at a very conscious waking mind level and I am here to remind you that ALL is energy and ALL JUST IS. That which was always to BE is now rapidly accelerating and is taking FORM upon and within planet earth in the outer waking reality of the human vehicle in which you have incarnated in order to experience this very EVENT.

For many of you at this moment this is a moment of complexity, the human logical mind triggered to the point of collapse and yet there is RELEASE in this very scenario, the human logical mind no longer needed in order to DRIVE the human experience, it is needed in order to REFERENCE your human life experience and the two scenarios are not interchangeable. Many of you are still holding tightly on preferring to try to “make” your SOUL show you the next step in your human life journey, akin to the little child who is refusing to walk forward until they are rewarded.  This is a residue from the teachings that you have endured in the old 3d earth created reality and I guide you clearly to TRUST, the reward that you seek is ALREADY WITHIN YOU, for it IS YOU in TRUTH and many of you are still looking outwith your human vehicle, searching for proof that you exist whilst filtering out that you are in a human vehicle. YOU EXIST for YOU ARE ETERNAL, you need no proof of this and yet you have been TAUGHT to search for proof at all moments of all moments.

This searching will see many of you in circles and patterns that are now DISSOLVING, therefore the chaos will feed on chaos will feed on chaos and I am here to move you out of this spiral in order that you may choose to move into EXPANSION, this is the sacred geometry that now calls to you on ALL levels of your BEing for IT IS YOU. You are the UNIVERSE for YOU ARE the LOVE that IS, you have merely taken human form in order to experience this planet. Do you understand my guidance?

I place the codings:


111 111 222 888 444 66 77 88 33


11 22 11 22 44 33 99 000 111






H2O blue delta pink magenta diamond




I ask that you understand that at a SOUL level you are shifting and the resonance that you are now achieving is spiraling outwards in order to move the human life experience OUT of the old 3d earth created reality in order to dissolve it fully. At this moment you are asked to align with the HEART space for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH and to focus on the LOVE that IS.

The storms that now rage around you (symbolically and energetically) seek to release you from the tight bondage of the old 3d earth paradigms. You have been TAUGHT that you cannot exist without them and this is not TRUTH. Allow your SOUL to show TRUTH to new levels of your BEing and BREATHE and BE as you now step out of the storm and into the calm of a NEW EARTH.   As you do this allow the NOISE of the storm to dissipate, allow yourself to acclimatize to the SILENCE for there is much power in the SILENCE. Then begin to tune to the NEW sounds of the New Earth, it is a place of peace and tranquility, it is the POLAR opposite of what you have been TAUGHT is life upon this planet.


I am GOD (in a human context) and I walk with you always, take my hand and let me show you the GARDEN OF EDEN in TRUTH, simply open your HEART and BREATHE.

(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


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Karen Doonan – All is Frequency – Separation of Worlds begins NOW – 3-14-14

Karen Doonan


Karen Doonan

It has long been stated that the New Earth reality is a SEPARATE reality from that of the old 3d earth created reality and as many of you are now experiencing this will now manifest at a human waking conscious outer reality.  The ability that many of you have to interact with the old 3d earth created reality on any level will now fully dissolve, this will see you “float” in the void until you can establish a RESONANCE with the higher dimensional reality that you dream into your outer waking reality.  This is what I have termed the “overlap”, the energetic space where the old 3d earth created reality is visible underneath the transparent New Earth reality.  It is whilst in this space that it is vital to place ALL of your energy into the New Earth so that you can begin to solidify the New Earth reality whilst ALLOWING the old 3d earth created reality to fully dissolve beneath you as it were.

The movement into the New Earth reality is PERSONAL and UNIQUE and is not ONE solid path, by this I mean there is not just one reality that is available to experience. This is in direct contrast to the old 3d earth created reality where the bondage of the karmic dimensional timelines saw you live a very constricted and suppressed reality that allowed for ZERO expansion at any level of your BEing.  This allowed you at a very human conscious waking mind level to allow your human logical mind to anchor contexts such as “fate”, “books of life” etc. These are CREATED reality concepts and are not TRUTH therefore there are not supported in the New Earth reality.

For those of you who experienced the overlay of the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS RADIO SHOW on wednesday 12th March this is an example of the different realities that exist. For those who could reach the show then the reality that you currently exist within overlaps the reality in which the RADIO SHOW and those who also took part exist within. For those who had difficulty and could not reach the show this is an example of trying to reach beyond a frequency that you exist within at this moment. FOR ALL IS A FREQUENCY.  Those who are now allowing the expansion of the UNIVERSE OF 3 New Earth energetic frequencies to flow through them will now find that these overlays begin to appear in all “sections” of their human life experience.

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The “separation” of the worlds now begins in TRUTH, the birth of the New Earth reality that YOU have CREATED will now begin to manifest in your outer waking reality and this will now commence rapidly, such is the expansion that is now occurring in the UNIVERSE OF 3.  I would guide you at this time to walk in FAITH and TRUST of YOUr SOUL, that which you are experiencing is a reflection of the frequency that you are CURRENTLY running deep within your human vehicle. Attempting to change your outer waking reality will LOWER your frequency and see you begin to move back into the chaos that is the old 3d earth created reality but as this is now dissolving you will not fully walk in this reality either.

The human logical mind will begin to trigger during this process for it EXPECTS to see two realities, in many cases it will try to teach that there MUST be two separate planets and this is highly distorted. ALL IS NOW in this MOMENT, overlaid frequency upon frequency upon frequency. Imagine if you will blowing a bubble and having other bubbles begin to form around and through the bubble you have just created.  This is an analogy of what is ENERGETICALLY being created by these New Earth higher dimensional expansive energies.