Kara – Soulstice Rising, Our Next New Phase – 12-31-14

Soulstice RisingKara

Be reminded, my Loves, that what I share is your potential as it exists in the higher dimensions. You are honored right where you are and everyone is right where they belong. Some are living their New Lives; others are somewhere in between the New and the old, others are just now awakening and many are still asleep, dulled by the 3D illusion of separation and strife. Some will resonate with what is shared here and others not so much. Remember, this simply is what I am guided to share.

One of the most important tools you have is that of Detachment.

I know of a few people who are definitely in this stage of being. Detachment helps one let go of 3D illusions.

This season, that is almost complete, is a great example of this. It is rife with separation and many fall back to sleep in order to fit in with the masses.

It is the Path of the highly evolved being to stay focused on Who they are; not just in words, but in true feelings and true action.

Being detached helps a being rise in vibration, consciousness and dimension. It can feel uncomfortable, because it is not the way we’ve been programmed to feel and be.

However, as one Sister-friend said, “… the energy is there to blast through the illusion once and for all.” Another friend posted on my Facebook Community Page about how strange it feels to be so detached from 3D and how it is difficult to do basic chores and wondered how one can offer anything in 3D when living in the higher dimensions is so free and effortless in simply Being Love.

Another Sister-friend writes how challenging it is to work at a job that is in 3D, even while sharing her LoveLight. I’m sure some of you, and I trust many of you, can relate. I certainly do.

I share also that in the higher dimensions there is no time separation; it simply flows as One; it is time-less. So when referring to 2014 ending and 2015 beginning, it seems silly to me, for they flow together with no break in between.

Time and years are human constructs, designed to hold us in an old paradigm. I also encourage us to let go of the word “paradigm,” for it is merely another container, even when called a “new paradigm.”

When one reaches a particular higher dimensional state of Being, one questions all things including popular notions of spirituality and Ascension. One sees the higher truth in others and in all things.

There is no hiding; only being authentic and true to oneself, detached from all expectations of how things are “supposed” to be. Detachment is not “not caring.” It actually is a higher form of Love and Freedom. It sets all free to be and choose what resonates within.

As we flow into the higher energies seamlessly, we can also let go of portals and gateways, which also seem separate from the Flow.

What I have experienced is an infinite, non-stop, steady flow of high dimensional Light. So if there is a difference between the phase we’ve been in and this phase we are now entering is that… Infinite, ongoing Light.

I know that doing Ceremony heightens our experience, and yet, we needn’t be attached to doing these on a particular day, do we?

Just like we needn’t share Love on a particular holiday or get together with loved ones in a particular timeframe. Let us be Love every day; in every moment.

Most of us are somewhere along this continuum and we are able to see clearly where we are still attached, what and who we still are called to let go of and how we continue to evolve through our choices.

There is no deadline and no “supposed-to’s” or “shoulds.” There is only this Moment and we can choose to be more or resist and stay right where we are.

We will continue to receive downloads of Light and we will continue to hone our choices as we continue to evolve infinitely with no time constraint.

Now is the time to be real; to strip off our many masks until we stand naked in pure Authenticity.

We needn’t explain or define or articulate what we feel is Truth, for that has been done in all the religions. What we are to now do is to Be and follow our feelings (guidance).

How can we articulate our own state of Being, especially as it shifts day by day and moment by moment? For isn’t that then placing it in a box; a paradigm of constriction?

We can paint a picture and write a story, yet can we truly share how we felt deep within doing so? And each one of you will take away something unique from each picture, story, writing and channeling; even this one.

This is because each of us has our own experiences and our own perceptions and history, which then filters what is shared so that it is meaningful for our own personal growth and evolution.

When one sees a tree, another will see the beings in the tree or a forest or the world. As “they” say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Ponder that statement and feel the larger meaning.

We are called to honor who we are honestly and authentically. We are called to walk our talk and to be a role model of what we talk about.

We teach by being the highest we can be, and as we do that we integrate the New within us and our Light touches all others.

You can emulate another who stands in their own Light, but do not follow them; be your own Light. This is what we’re called to Be in this New Phase.

It is time that we live our Truth.

We have integrated enough Light so now let us put it into action.

Stay focused on who you say you are and the backward pull into the old 3D duality will become less and less of a challenge.

Even as you still must pay the rent and shop for food, you can do it consciously without being seduced back into duality.

Stay centered and grounded and take care of your physical body so that you may be even more of a channel of high dimensional New Life.

Remember that we are the ones who have chosen to bring Heaven to Earth and not the other way around.

Remain focused on being your highest self, stay in the Moment so that you can feel your next steps and know that you are incredibly blessed as a Being of Love.

Know too that you are expanding in all that you are… Creativity, Abundance, Love, Peace, Joy and more.

What you focus on, is what you attract to you, because what is attracted to you resonates with your consciousness.


Soulstice Rising Newsletter By Kara, Our Next New Phase – 12/30/2014 at http://www.soulsticerising.com/newsletter.asp?NID=186

Kara – 11-11: Portal of Enhanced Consciousness of Love – 11-10-14


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11-11: Portal of Enhanced Consciousness of Love 11/10/2014

There has been a lot of movement since the eclipses of October. The movement and recognition of what still has remained of the old has been quite huge. And now we’re here, at the threshold of this most powerful Gateway. I was told last night in the wee hours, when we receive many of our messages, that this Gateway is the most important and catalytic portal, even more than the Equinoxes and Solstices. It is one that the Angelic Realm of the higher dimensions is helping us through.

This past week especially, we have been receiving huge, high dimensional energies that continue to integrate into our bodies clear to our DNA, cellular and electrical systems. This has helped old memories to surface all for the purpose of letting go of any past that has lingered in our consciousness. As we go through the 11-11 Gateway tomorrow, we step through a golden curtain of cleansing, much like stepping through a gentle waterfall that clears us further. The potential of this Gateway is to step more into our mastery as Ascendees, and this allows (if it is time for you to do so) each to live life from a Soul perspective.

Step by step we have risen more and more in vibration and consciousness and sometimes we have wondered if we have changed at all, yet if we look at our journey thus far, we can see how far we’ve come. There have been many awakening moments, many Aha’s, changes and manifestations as we kept flowing along our individual Ascension paths. We have been guided gently throughout, for we have been guided by Love. While the changes haven’t been easy, the more difficult we have experienced them, the more powerfully we move into being Soul-merged.

As we move through the 11-11 Portal, have the intention to be nothing but Love. Not only have thoughts of being Love, but feel being Love. Treat yourself lovingly by meditating and being slow and conscious with every move you make. This helps you align with the Gateway, and it helps to bring others along as well energetically, even though they have seemingly attached themselves to the old.

The 11-11 Portal is an opportunity to advance in the consciousness of Love. And this allows your Light Body to further merge with your current physical body. It also activates your New Blueprint, which is located on an etheric plate sitting behind your Crown Chakra. It is encoded in Light Language glyphs. Your New Blueprint is not your original blueprint; it is based on a higher consciousness and who you are evolving into. Dormant Soul-Codes will also be awakened and activated. Know also that this is known as the Angelic Gateway and so will be more gentle than other events, for the Angels exude a great deal of Flow and Grace. As you step through the Gateway, you are helped through by many high dimensional Angels and greeted by more high dimensional Angels on the other side of the Gateway/Portal. As you prepare for the 11-11 (by the way, 11/11/2014 also adds up to an 11, making this Gateway incredibly powerful), keep your vibration high, your busy-ness low and your intentions clear and have an aura of Gratitude throughout everything in your life.

New higher and more loving perceptions are gained as you pass through the Gateway. If you feel angst or any of the lower emotions, make sure you release them in the Sacred Rose: http://soulsticerising.com/spiritual-musings.asp?NID=17 first, as whatever you step through the Gateway with, you empower. What is it you want to empower? Have this intention as you step through.
New Clarity and an expanded consciousness of Love are yours, if that is your intention. Freedom is also highlighted in this Gateway, as is an awareness of the gifts your Soul wishes you to express. And know that as you intend for yourself, it naturally includes all others and Gaia. And know that the higher purpose of this Gateway is to bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven in a grounded, real way.

This 11-11 Gateway empowers Soul-merge, if that is your intention. Of course, this is what Soul desires and knows that each being has free will. So if this is your desire, make it known. Offer prayers of Gratitude, for this truly is the only prayer necessary, for all is already within you. Giving thanks is a way to make manifest your deepest dreams and desires. And know that the Power of this Gateway continues through the 12-12 Gateway, the Winter/Summer Solstice, and up to the 1-11-2015 Gateway (which also adds up to an 11!). Remember too that 11 is the master number of the Visionary, so all visions are greatly empowered during this time.

Whether you choose to do Ceremony with others, at a sacred site, virtually or alone, the effect is the same, for we are all One. What you do on your own you do with and for all of life. It is important for you to ask your own Guidance how to do your own Ceremony. Whether you do Ceremony or not; or simply meditate, the time really doesn’t matter, for in the higher dimensions, all is truly timeless. The important thing to remember is to keep your vibration high and your intentions clear. Invite the high dimensional Angels to be with you and ask Them how to honor this 11-11 Gateway/portal of Enhanced Love Consciousness. And remember, you carry the Power and Love of this Gateway through to the 1-11-2015 Gateway.


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Kara – Expanding into More Light – Enhanced Merkabah

ScreenHunter_11 Nov. 10 14.49

Found on  Galactic Free Press


We are in a powerful movement forward and upward. You might question all that you have known, including what you know about Ascension and how you are traversing through life. This may very well leave you feeling confused or lost. However, if you can trust that all is unfolding in Divine Order, and let go of the need to know what, why or how, and stay in the Moment, you will be just fine. Much is disintegrating including your desire to put things in a category/label and your desire to be a part of something.

Certainly one of the biggest shifts is that of belonging; whether that belonging is to be a part of a like-minded group, a family, friends or whatever makes you feel less alone. I can tell you that the reason so many have felt alone is because it is important to realize that you are not alone, but a part of something bigger than the group mindset. It’s a big shift that is essential. Realize that you are not alone, but a part of something universal; rather than worldly. We can only ascend on our own in order to anchor our spiritual sovereignty and Authentic Self. The sense of needing to belong somewhere actually limits you and limits your Unity Consciousness. Be discerning about any group you join; go deeper and ask yourself why you want to. In fact, be discerning about anything you are drawn to do and/or be a part of.

We all must step into our own Power and the present energy is helping us do just that. Remember when I shared about the Sirian Universal Merkabah back in July? That Merkabah is amping up in energy, and since we are receiving this even higher Light now, we are being taken to a whole new level. The Merkabah has been steadily activated with every Gateway, Full and New Moon and Eclipses. It’s huge energy now and asks that we let go of what we think we know and be empty in order to receive this Light. I posted something on my Facebook Community Page about this a few days ago, not really knowing what the energy was, but simply sharing how it felt. The energy of the Universal Merkabah has been ongoing and has increased in Source Power, so you may feel more sensitive and your body may be adjusting. A few days ago, when I connected to the energy, my ear-ringing took on a whole new level…it was so loud! This often happens when there is a new level of Light energy flowing through. And your body often tells you when this happens…in its unique way.

As part of this amping up, threes are very prevalent. Three is a beautiful number and symbolizes Joy and Creativity. This is a message that not only are we in touch with the Trinity and Merkabah (3×2=6), we are asked to have our Soul speak to us through Creativity and Joy. Of course, when one is creative; no matter the form; they are connected with Soul and thus experience high Joy. Doing so raises us up in God/Christ Consciousness, activates our Soul’s DNA (which rests within our physical DNA), and our Souls are merging with and as us…as we allow our entire past go and all that we think we know. Also, go beyond what you know the Trinity to be. For me the Trinity is Source/Soul/Me; One. The New Trinity is not separate aspects; it is the sacred geometric shape of One.

Trust that you are led by Soul. This means that any plans you make may not be honored, for all is in Divine Order. When your desire is manifest, it is aligned with Soul. The only thing you can do is trust that Soul knows what It’s doing. If things seem to be on hold, perhaps there is more old to let go of. Truly, the only thing to do is to surrender to the Moment. Soul already knows your deepest desires. If there is any attachment to what you want, it probably will not come to pass. Attachment to form is another big thing to let go of and replace it with Divine Order and Divine Time. Take a look at your life. Realize that whatever is present right now is meant to be there for your highest evolution. If you don’t like it, see what lesson/gift is there for you to integrate, accept and/or release. If you are in judgment of something, this is attaching to it and until you can allow it to be, it will not evolve into something New.

Yes, we are evolving in this cycle; more than we have ever before. Do you feel it? It will be different for each of you. It doesn’t matter how it manifests; whether you are just waking up or whether you’ve been on this Path for years; know this: it is an expansion of your Christed Self; the leader in you. No longer are you a sheep, following whatever beckons you. Being Christed means you follow your own Heart. It means to be fully awake, aware of yourself 100% and of others. It means that you can see what still needs release and it is to not try, hope, or wish things were different. It is to be in full Acceptance of where you are. It means you are detached from personal desire as well as what others are doing, including your closest connections. It means you are in Acceptance of each moment; not wishing it was done with or different. Being Christed means you see the gift in everything and you do not judge anything or anyone as good/bad, smart/dumb, awake or asleep, etc; for these are all of 3D duality and being Christed is only of Oneness, with no opposites; no Light and dark. Being Christed is to be in Acceptance of What Is.

As part of this powerful time, you have an opportunity to release all past lives, including your lineage. You have an opportunity to let go of deep cultural beliefs; this frees you from the 3D matrix, which holds you back in the old. Ask yourself about Christmas. Is it a cultural belief that you follow because it is expected of you or…?

As you continue to release the old, you will notice that your life will be very different. Welcome! You are creating the New. See how simple it is? You let go and the New fills you up with Love. Know that your Heart Center is the core (Coeur) of you. It is where the Angels, Ascended Masters and Soul speak to you. It is so important to meditate within the Heart Center. It is the Gateway to higher dimensions and your Christed Self. As your Heart is activated, as it is now, you may feel heart palpitations (or butterflies in the heart), a sense that your Heart is expanding or even being squeezed. This focus on the Heart is why you feel more sensitive and are more intuitive. The Heart is clear; it is not wounded or hurt or broken. It is the home of Soul; therefore, the Heart is pure and strong. It is the purpose of the Solar Plexus to handle emotions and perceived pain…in order to keep the Heart clear.

As you focus on your Heart, you empower your Christed Self. Your feeling-sense is enhanced, as you let go more of your intellect-sense. Your separate ego thus becomes more your unified ego; that of being the Soul’s vehicle for expression. As you align with the vibration of the Heart, it becomes easier to let go of anyone/anything that does not similarly vibrate. Certainly, to be Christed is to have everything within you and around you be congruent, is it not?

Allow yourself to rise, evolve and Be your Christed Whole Self. It is OK to let go of anything that does not resonate with you; in fact, it’s imperative. It takes great Courage to do so and you are so very honored as you commit to being all, in Truth, that you are…and keep it simple. The more complicated things are, the more your Vision and Heart are foggy. May you be profoundly blessed during this powerful time.

~ Channeled through Kara