Kara Schallock – Ascension Tidbits – 5-27-16

Soulstice Rising
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We are in yet another unprecedented energetic gateway. Each of us is asked to live in our highest potential; to actualize our many gifts. Yes; many gifts. We do not have just one gift or one purpose; we have many gifts and more than one purpose. Creating our New Life is certainly a purpose. Purpose isn’t limited to being a Lightworker or being any certain label or title. Purpose isn’t a label; it is expressing ourselves authentically in everything we do and are…wherever we are and in whatever we do. We limit ourselves by claiming we are this or that. We are limitless.

Be who you are and in this way, you are fulfilling one of your purposes. You are not just one thing; you are multidimensional. You express yourself in many different ways. You express yourself one way in sharing your gifts; in another way within each relationship you have. In the old, you limited yourself by assigning yourself a role. In the New, you do not have a role to play, for you share who you are in any given moment as you are guided. Now is the time to share the essence of who you are and from that essence; your Divinity; you express yourself in many different ways. You are free to choose your experience in each moment. Follow Gaia’s lead; She does not have just one label to be described as. There is great diversity in Her being; as there is in you.

Flowing allows you to shift in whatever direction you choose. Being free means to let go of self-imposed rules…what is appropriate or not appropriate according to your culture and upbringing; what is right or what is wrong…you are here to express your Divinity; your Soul. You can change your direction in any moment. You can free yourself from imposed-upon beliefs. You can try on many expressions and discard them at will if they don’t align with you.

Wholeness is embracing and being all of who we are; not just this aspect or that aspect. We are shape-shifters. We are not bound by others’ judgments or rules. We can choose to be freely ourselves or stay locked up in old beliefs and limitations. We don’t have to stick to one thing; we can flow in and out of anything. This definitely may go against your old rules of staying in a loveless marriage because you’re supposed to (or do anything you’re supposed to) or stay in a miserable job so you can collect retirement or continue with certain behaviors because others expect that of you. There are many examples of how we have held ourselves back from being free and authentic.

When we clear ourselves of old rules, expectations and assumptions, we open up to new gifts. Expectations are based on old beliefs and are focused on the future and often in the illusory “hopeful wishing.” Assumptions are also based on old beliefs and each being’s history and does not allow for anything New. To be New, we must drop our history and our old stories. It requires us to be innocent and see things through new eyes with no preconceived ideas of how things should be. Is this easy? No, because up to this point, everything we have perceived has been based on past experiences when separate ego ruled the way we were; separate ego only knows the past. Soul is in the present moment only. It has no use for the past. The New has no use for the past. The past is the past and is based on limited information; this is both on a personal and global level. The next time you are with someone you have known for a while, pretend you just met them. Gone is your history with them; gone are the preconceived ideas you have about them; and you open to meeting them in the truth of the Moment and in Innocence and Love.

The purpose of Ascension is to evolve spiritually and to have everyday life be One with and as our spiritual life; in other words, to live in our spiritual Integrity. To do this, each must express themselves in their highest and truest way; in complete Authenticity. When you do this and you drop old labels and past history and are in the Moment, you are in complete Integrity. Integrity is not based in old ways of being; it is being in your Soul’s Truth in that Moment…and this shifts. Everything in the New shifts; it is not meant to be static and stuck in one expression. When you keep things simple and remain in the Moment, you will authentically express your Integrity; the Truth of who you are…in that Moment, based on how you feel and when you are aligned with your Heart. In this way, you express your gifts, your Love and your Light with all. You become the Lighthouse, guiding lost ships to the safe shores of their own Heart. You do this by being you; not through a job or an intention or a “supposed-to.”

You teach through example; by being authentically you. You don’t teach to get results; you simply shine and others then have a choice as to how they choose to be. When you share with no expectations and no attachment to outcome, you are on your Path. When you follow your inner guidance in each Moment, you are on your Path. When you only do what resonates with you, you are on your Path. You are fully supported and the way is clear for you to be more. When you disengage from the illusions of the old world, you are on your Path. When you stay positive in each Moment regardless of what your dualistic mind might tell you, you are on your Path…your Path of Ascension; your main purpose.

When in doubt or confusion, surrender to the essence of Simplicity. In the New, things are simple and clear. There is no pandering to the intellect. Simplicity is of the Heart. When you are not sure what to believe or what direction to go in, become still and silent. Go with your feeling. Sometimes this means to not do anything, so trust in Divine Order and Divine Time. When you let go and let be, you will be guided…when it is the perfect time for you. The letting go is letting go of pushing things to happen. This creates stress and there is no stress in the New, for stress is resistance. Surrender to what is and trust that when all is aligned, you will be guided to your next step.

Realize that you are perfectly where it is best for you to be for your highest learning and evolving. When in Acceptance, you release the resistance or doubt or confusion. This then leads to Movement and Awareness. The lower energies of doubt and confusion are contrary to Soul’s knowing. Never doubt that you are guided by Soul. Are you listening? It may take slowing down and a release of intellectually questioning everything. It is perfectly fine to rest in Stillness. Have Faith; be strong in your knowing and trusting.

Watch where you believe you are separate. Religion separates; politics separate; judgment separates; using the term “us and them” separates; labels and titles separate. We are not separate. We mirror each other so that we may evolve more. When you feel separate or better or worse than anyone, ask what you are learning about yourself. Where within do you manifest separation? Do you feel you are better than others; more intelligent; better off; worse off; prettier or uglier; jealous…all of these separate. Do you, in the deeper recesses of you, believe you are not Divine or are separate from Source?

Be also aware when you are thinking linearly (Step A leads to Step B leads to Step C). For instance, we do not necessarily evolve from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th and then to the 5th Dimension. Each being carries their Home Dimension within them. A being can experience life in the 3rd Dimension and yet carry within them the 11th Dimension. We are multidimensional and may experience many dimensions at the same time. Do not have set ideas about how things are, as they may not be that at all. There is much we do not know or can currently comprehend; and that is fine, for our place is to keep things simple and flowing. Everything shifts so what one may experience in one Moment can totally shift in the next Moment. Nothing remains the same. What may upset you in this Moment, you may see the blessing in the next Moment.

In each Moment, ask how you may serve and then take a step in that direction. This, of course, shifts; so flow with your guidance. It will lead you to the experiences that enhance you and further you along your Path. It can be so much fun if you just flow lightly along. It can be difficult if you think you have to stick to one thing to prove…to prove what? Trust what you receive always.

While we continue to be urged forward in our Ascension on Earth, most are in a phase of integrating the New Truths. We still experience Ascension “Symptoms,” and yet we are not as resistant to them as we once were. We still are releasing old patterns and beliefs and slowly are embracing a new way of being. We are shifting from our heads to your Hearts; from thinking to feeling and as we do, we are guided, for this is the Path of the Soul.

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


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SOLSTICE RISING – The New Now – Kara Schallock – 1-4-15

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Soulstice Rising


The New Now 04-Jan-2016


While most celebrate the “new year” labeled 2016, I see that separating years is a reflection of the separation in us and Source. I choose not to play in this game of illusion and rather view it all as a continuum. There is no separation between last year and this year. We continue to evolve and release just as we did “last year.” So rather than buying into the hype of “the New Year,” I view all as the New Now. There is more Awareness and more truths and lies revealed now, be they within, in families, in society or globally. With everything, you are the ultimate Authority, so that rather than accepting all you hear and read, check within for Truth. Also realize that we all are in different phases of Ascension, so I speak of our potential. Do honor where you are and then take a step forward.

Look deep within yourself and see where you are enslaved by certain familial and cultural illusions. Ask yourself if you still want to play in the illusions or free yourself by stepping away from convention, even if it means you step away from being a part of something and more into being your Authentic Self. This is standing in your own Authenticity & Power. It takes Courage to not play in the old game. Old structures and beliefs and illusions and patterns are revealing themselves, so that you can choose to either keep them or let them go.


We continue to let go of our old stories that have kept us in old energies of guilt and shame. Isn’t it time to let them go? Can you choose now or do you need a shake-up or catalyst to get you to change? The choice is yours. Remember also that anything that looks like it happens to you is actually created by you. You designed everything in your life so that you wake up to the Love you are.

We are moving more strongly out of our comfort zones and as this occurs we walk away from any silliness and living on the surface. During this time, one may feel uncomfortable, which is a sure sign you are stepping further away from your comfort (old familiarity). Surrendering and non-resistance helps you not cling so fervently to the old you. We are more and more becoming New and it simply isn’t familiar. By acknowledging the change in you, along with anything it brings up, you surrender to the Truth and to the New. You can avoid it all you want, yet avoidance is also resistance and both create pain. It is much like the hermit crab, who looks for a new home, exposed and vulnerable, because the old shell/home is too small to be in comfortably. We are the same. While we transition into the New, we are vulnerable; yet this vulnerability is the opening of our Hearts. This is when you trust that all is flowing in Divine Order. As you focus on Love, all is taken care of.


Many state “love the pain and the shadows.” Yes and then ask how you want to feel. If you hold onto the pain and shadows because they are what you know and you like being their victim, you will continue to create your life from those. By loving (accepting and being responsible for all you have created) and then releasing and choosing a different way of being, you evolve. Realize you are worthy of a different way of living. Honor Who you are. Be your Authentic Self. This means letting go of the old limitations and being fearless in who you are without excuses or the fear of being alone.

When you deny anything, you are not being authentic and you empower separate ego, rather than strengthening Soul. This creates more pain, because when you do not honor your Soul and instead continue to embrace the old (separate ego), you resist your evolution into being more Love. By pretending that all is O.K; when deep within you know it is not, you create more pain within you and all around you. Be and speak your highest Truth. Be aware that all you share either keeps the illusion going or transforms it and everything around you. Your life is only a reflection of who you are within. This is consciousness.

Face without fear all that you discover within you, your family, your culture and the world. Dive deep, for playing on the surface simply will not do anymore. Do everything in a deeper way; see beneath every word and situation, feel more; do not run from confrontation; rather, see what it is showing you. You needn’t react or become defensive. Be still and go deeper into Truth. If you do not like what you find, let go without defensiveness or reaction (these are ways your separate ego keeps you from releasing the old). Be objective and own what you discover. As you do, you evolve. Everyone has an opportunity to change, evolve and rise in consciousness. We are in the New Now, where anything is possible. So, do you choose to remain in the linear, dualistic old or are you courageous enough to be more?

During the 12:12 Gateway, we received an upgrade in our ability to merge the spiritual with the material. This is the merging of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It is manifesting what is spiritual into physical form; bringing Heaven to Earth. One without the other is incomplete. This is feeling being merged with doing…Feeling first and then taking action. Now we are experiencing ongoing manifestation based on consciousness and this is a major adjustment for many of us. We at first acted without feeling; then feeling without acting; and now we balance both. This is the Sacred Marriage; the Balance between the two.

We have removed so much and have been in a phase of Purification. Now we are called to completely walk our talk…act on our inspirations. We must come fully out of the closet, for there can be no more hiding; we must step all the way into our Power and our Truth. While we have been so focused on letting go, we must now balance it with being our Authentic Selves in every thought, feeling and action. We are called to put complete focus on our Soul Presence without pretending we don’t know or offering up any excuses. You do not need to explain yourself to others who might not understand anyway; just be who you are in Truth. We are in the New and it requires each of us to live our fullest potential.
This is a time of no-seeking; but of all-knowing… Don’t pretend you don’t know. Only you can know the Truth of you. By knowing that all is in Divine Order and Divine Time, you can let go of the distractions of the old Earth. Every time you groan and complain about this or that, you empower the old within you and also within the Earth.


In other words, you stop your evolution and that of Earth’s. As we continue into this New Now, we may have our limits challenged. Everything calls you to pay attention to what is going on beneath the surface. In this way, we can experience profound breakthroughs into manifesting our New paths and dreams. When you focus on this rather than on duality (good/bad, right/wrong, etc.), you manifest where you place your attention.

There can be a major collapse of those things we thought were true in the old. After all, we have blindly followed what was told to us. Now we can wake up and choose for ourselves. This is a time when our Love expands exponentially and that is to live unapologetically in our Truth.
In this New Now, many will make some very big decisions in order to truly step all of the way out of duality and surface-living to being their true and Authentic Selves. It is best to choose before situations force us into choosing. Any time we avoid choosing it only makes it more difficult if we procrastinate. Remember, too, that everything is designed to move us forward. Let go of any dualistic thinking such as, “They are bad (or good);” “That is wrong (or right);” or “This is awful (or good).” All are gifts that are catalysts into being more.

The sands of the New Now are shifting right below our feet. It is a perfect time to be clear about what you create, for nothing is set in stone or unchangeable. It is very important to make conscious choices in every area of your life. This includes relationships, jobs, health and all areas of life. In the old, we would just go along with the program and never question it; it is entirely different now. These choices will either prompt you to go deeper into that area or will prompt you to leave it. As you let go of the old world “rules,” you are free to choose. Go deep into each area of your life and if you find anger, fear or resentment instead of Inspiration, Love and Joy, what does that say to you? You are supported in whatever you choose.

Have a higher perspective; view your life as if you’re an Angel. What do you see? Can you let go of convention and the old rules? Can you claim boldly that you are Divine? What does that mean to you? Many throw that word around without taking the time to discover the Power within it. Being Divine means you are Source/ Soul/I AM. What does that mean to you? List some words that come to you to describe your Divinity.  One might be Limitless; another might be “fully awake;” and another might be Perfection. And yes, in this very Moment, each of us is perfect. Perfection doesn’t mean the end. It simply means that in this moment of timelessness all is in Divine Order…and then we take a step into being more. Nothing is static; everything flows and shifts and changes.
Follow your guidance and energy with everything. You might discover that what you had previously planned doesn’t resonate anymore. You can change at any moment. First you need to take a step into it and feel it, then you can decide if it is right for you or not. Do not force anything and let go of doing something, even if it no longer resonates, to please others.

We are integrating the New and as we do we can see where we are still playing in the old game. We can then let it go and choose how we want to be and feel instead. This calls for some challenging choices; yet each of us is equipped to face anything. We wouldn’t have created it if it was beyond our ability to experience and transform it. As we continue step by step to be more New than old, we create more Love and Bliss in our lives, which flows out to others as well.


~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!



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Kara Schallock ~ Expanding More as Love – 8-22-15

kara-04Kara Schallock



Expanding More as Love 19-Aug-2015

A woman I know was given a vision earlier this year. She was guided to begin a healing center based on “paying it forward,” where no money is exchanged; just a promise to pay the healing forward in some way. She trusted she would be shown the way. Her Soul told her that a new opportunity may very well present itself, which at first may seem beyond her financial means or expertise. She had no idea how her vision would be manifest, yet she trusted. She asked where this center would be and she was guided to a piece of land. She also was told by some that it was a silly idea; after all, there was no house on the property and she needed a place to live. Months later a friend sent her a listing for a 7-acre piece of land…the same land she was guided to! She bought it. She does not currently know how it will unfold, yet is trusting in her guidance, as she is led step by step. She does not have the details of the vision and she has no idea how this all will transpire. She just knows that she is meant to do this, even though she has periods of fear and doubt.
In the 9th Century B.C. there was a powerful prophet named Elijah. He went through many trials and suffering, yet always followed his guidance, regardless of not knowing where it would lead. He also had much doubt and did not believe himself to be a prophet; so unworthy he felt. He was often visited by an Angel. The Angel told him that if a person doubted and questioned, that person was indeed blessed, for those who never doubt or question are led to false pride of separate ego. When Elijah was in great doubt about what he was guided/told to do, the Angel said, “Use your Power!” Elijah told the Angel that he had no such Power; only God does. The Angel replied that all have the Power of Source and do not use it.

I share these stories because we have walked through the Magdalen Gateway and the Lion’s Gate, which awakened our Power further to create and manifest to a much higher degree than before. Yet, most do not trust this and act as if they are still in the old, limited way of living. Take off your old clothes and dress in your New garments of Light and take just one step toward your vision; toward New Life. Let go of the end result, for it may not be what you envision. All is in Divine Order and all you are asked to do is to take a step. You can use this exercise, if you resonate with it:

The Golden Rose
Visualize a Golden Rose before you, with the stem going 1” into Earth. The blossom is golden and fully blossomed. Place your vision from beginning to end and in detail into the blossom. Watch the blossom as your vision transforms into White Light. Then release the Rose into the Universe, watching it float from sight.
When you release the Rose to the Universe, Source helps you manifest your vision according to Divine Order. Divine Order may not be what you envision, yet it will be perfectly aligned with your Soul’s Love. If you stumble and have doubts, know that that is all part of it and it keeps you humble and true to your Path. Just don’t forget your vision. You can set it aside for a while, yet you will always return to it, renewed.

I have had definite lapses in Trust. During these times I doubted all spirituality and let it go. It was during these times in which I actually became stronger and more committed too. The vision and my Path always returned stronger than before. One very powerful time was many years ago. I had just lost my job and since I was the mother of two teen-age girls, I went into a deep depression as to how I was going to provide for them. I went from the bed to the couch day after day, spiraling downward in despair. I consciously was aware of allowing myself to let go and not try to pull myself together. One day I even thought I would kill myself and went into the bathroom and tried to take apart a disposable razor. I couldn’t do it and returned to the couch. A friend told me, “As deep as your despair is now is as great as your Joy will be on the other side.” I didn’t believe him and tossed away all that I believed spiritually. There was no way out. Then a voice came to me and said, “Stand up and turn to your right; there will be a door.” I stood up and physically made a turn to the right and saw the door. I opened it and walked through. I saw that I was to open a spiritual center. My entire body lifted from the depths. Just then the phone rang. I had to tell someone of the vision or it would dissipate. The person who called me was a graphic designer. Upon telling her of my intention, she told me of an office space with cheap rent and that she would make a business card for free. She said, “What will you call it?” Without thinking I replied, “Heart Center.” And all details manifested one step at a time. It was not without challenge and work, yet I was in a completely new space. This was not an isolated event; I have had similar situations and have always risen higher. When we do not say Yes! in order to remain in our comfort zone, that is the greater sin. As the Angel said to Elijah, “You have the Power” and it is true for you. We are as powerful as Elijah the Prophet was and more.

We are vibrating higher and our consciousness has expanded. If you are experiencing vibrations throughout your body and your ear noise has increased along with other physical sensations, know that you are more Light and more Love and more powerful than you have ever been before. Even if you are continuing to go through changes, you are doing it more effortlessly now. The Gateways brought to us huge waves of Light that engulfed us and continue to affect every area of our lives with powerful Transformation. Our old foundations crumble so that new ones can be built and as we build our new foundations based on the vision of our New Lives, we create and manifest according to the consciousness we now are. As each one follows their Guidance 100%, as Elijah did, we are led to and create Heaven on Earth. Our multidimensional selves are empowered. Every aspect of life is bathed in Light and Divine Love. The higher goal is to awaken and evolve not only ourselves, but all of Earth and Her lifeforms, which happens automatically as we rise to all we are and through our Awareness and choices.

Our Intuition and connectedness is enhanced. We see through illusion into Truth. There is a deeper Awareness and Understanding of Divine Wisdom and a greater opening of our High hearts, blending our Heart and Mind as One, so that what we think, feel and do is congruent with our Souls/higher Selves. This will be enhanced with the eclipse in a few weeks. You may question your purpose and how you live your life and who is in your life and where you are going. You want Clarity and guidance about your next steps. This is true for not only those of you who have just begun your Ascension, but also for those who have been on their Path for many years. Everyone has shifted higher.

Stay in the Moment, meditate in your High Heart and follow your Guidance, even if it takes you so far away from what you know that you don’t recognize it or yourself. Get out of your head, looking for results and proof. Trust your Heart’s Knowing as you allow your Intuition to guide you. Allow Divine Wisdom to write your story.
Yes, these Gateways have been extraordinarily powerful! The Light of them has shifted things permanently and will continue to shift upward. Your physical body may very well feel like every ache and pain is present, making them known to you. It is adjusting to this Expansion and releasing old toxins as it integrates more Light. Love it all, so that it can fully adjust and release what doesn’t serve you. Continue to honor your Integrity, regardless of what others are saying or doing. We no longer can ignore our Guidance. In each moment be aware of what you are creating; is it of Love or are you continuing to create old patterns? We can choose how we want to be and at some point, you will realize you are no longer choosing, for you are being your Authentic Self in every moment without consciously thinking about it.

We are learning how to work with the incoming Light in an easier and more joyful way. We are learning that we can view our challenges differently, so that we perceive them as opportunities for evolution. Intentions become actions as we each let go of our attachment to “how it’s supposed to look.” Be aligned with Divine Order and Divine Time; not just in thought, but as a way to Be. See so-called miracles as the way New Life is, so miracles become commonplace. Of course, being Gratitude continues to expand you into this Knowing. If you want to manifest something, surrender it to your Soul. Allow the details to evolve out of your Stillness. Remember, there is no more controlling, wishing or managing anything; just as there is no more saving or rescuing. You can try and you will find that it simply won’t work anymore. In your Stillness, your consciousness expands; the Truth of who you know yourself to be. You needn’t strive or figure anything out. Focus on your Heart and follow your Guidance.

The energies that are flowing now require you to stay focused without being distracted by worldly stories. The energies are shifting many areas of your life. Allow the changes, even when it feels so alien to do so. Resistance causes pain. Anything that does not align with your higher purpose will shift. Let it be. Be the observer, for in this way you can clearly see what and who belongs in your life and what and who doesn’t.
As you focus on the Love within your Heart, all aligns and your consciousness expands. Your expanded consciousness is what creates your New Life. Even if you do not feel loved and supported by those currently in your life, you are loved and supported by so many others. Let go. If this brings up fear and anxiety, release these in the Sacred Rose and know the Truth…you are loved and supported more than you realize. Ask how you want to feel. If you like feeling small and miserable, you can. If you want to feel loved and in Joy, see what is in your way and let it go. The Truth is…you are Love.


LION’S GATE – Kara Schallock @ Kara Schallock – Ascension Notes – 8-5-15


Kara Schallock



On August 8th we will enter what is called the Lion’s Gate. The Magdalen Gateway leads us to this point and is a part of it as well. What is the highest purpose of this merging? The Divine Feminine is, of course, a major part of Ascension and who better to symbolize this than The Magdalen? She brings the essence of Courage, the Courage to transcend the lower aspects of duality within us and our cultures. So many have been faced with much personal challenge. Yet challenge is an opportunity to release more duality so that we may be more Love. The Lion’s Gate is actually a triple 8 (8/8/2015: 2+0+1+5=8). The Lion’s Gate brings forth Strength. the Strength to be all we are. So you see, The Magdalen brought the Courage to be Strength in order to be more Love.

Many have been distraught with the violent passing of Cecil the Lion. This has brought much to the surface…victim consciousness, judgment, despair, duality and more. While I do not condone this act, I see beyond it. Long ago I learned than animals do not show themselves unless they choose to. Native American spirituality teaches that the animal always gives itself to the people. Cecil is not a victim. Now, do you think it is a mistake that Cecil gave his life just before the Lion’s Gate? Do you still believe in death? Isn’t Cecil still guiding and isn’t he in our Hearts to remind us of our Strength? Every animal shows itself to us always with a message to help us grow in Awareness. What did Cecil show you? There is no death. there is only a transition to be Light. If you truly believe in Divine Order, then Cecil and the dentist are all a part of it, as we are.

We are moving into a whole new cycle of evolution/Ascension during and after the Lion’s Gate. It will seem magical, and yet there is no magic involved. We are simply evolving to a place that seems magical, because we haven’t experienced this kind of Bliss before. All of the work we have done on ourselves. all of our shifting. brings us to this place. It especially has been intense in the last few weeks. Be focused now on all that is flowing in your life and let go of your attachment to what you see as “wrong.” This is a separate ego perception. Everything is in Divine Order and to accept What Is powerfully helps us move into the Beauty. post-Lion’s Gate. It is only in our limited minds that we continue to stay attached to right or wrong. Right/wrong, good/bad, us/them are all a part of duality. It is done! Let it go!

As part of the Lion’s Gate we move more into the High Heart collectively. that is a blending of Heart and mind. It begins with feeling and intuiting and discerning what we are aligned with and this is followed by our mind blending with the truth of our Heart. There need not be our Heart vs. our mind. This is the potential of the Lion’s Gate. It is also a blending of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine (Heart/mind), and it is all a part of Oneness. not duality where mind and Heart are separate and male and female are separate. There is only Oneness. This Balance is so important, as the masculine supports the feminine and the feminine guides the masculine. These are unique aspects of the One vibration. When in Balance, we manifest our Creativity. One without the other is incomplete. If it is for your highest evolution to be in partnership for this Balance, lovely. It does not take being in partnership to be balanced however. Each of us has within us both masculine and feminine energies. We each have the Power to create and the Power to manifest.

Yes, there is huge Light pouring forth. It is time to invite our separate ego to be our ascended ego. that is, for Heart and mind to be One and for our egos to be One with Soul. There is no battle here. there is only Love. Without ego we are without a body and our purpose is to ascend in our bodies. to be Soul/Love/Light/Source right here on Earth. From this the Truth is “As above, so below” and “As within, so without.” Ask yourself where in these quotes of Truth does duality fit?

The Lion’s Gate is linked to our Great Central Sun and to our own solar disc, the sun. Through the Gateway, great Light pours from the Great Central Sun to our sun and into us, taking us further into Christ and Universal Consciousness, where Love is the only Truth and from that only Love is manifest. It is why we’ve worked so diligently in letting go of all that is not Love. Of course, do realize that this is the potential for each of us…to receive this Light, and how fully we receive it is dependent on how much each of us has let go and has shifted the old to welcome the New. The fact that this Lion’s Gate is actually a triple 8 means that it is triply more potent than any other Lion’s Gates we have so far experienced. A triple 8=triple Power. This Power will flow into you gently and will fill all those places in which you have let go. it fills us with Divine Love. It brings great Harmony and Peace, especially as we align with the energies, rather than bracing against them, thinking that more intensity will knock us off our feet. To align with the Lion’s Gate, you can meditate with the simple intention of receiving, you can choose to be in a group in order to receive, you can create a ceremony or anything you are guided to do. For me, I keep it simple. I will light a candle and meditate on the date of the Lion’s Gate. I may be guided to walk through the Lion’s Gate visually, as I am highly visual, yet I won’t know till it’s time. So simply follow your own Guidance. It does not matter where you are or how you choose to receive. And since there is no time in Truth, do it any time you choose, or intend to receive all through the day and night. You are in charge. there is no “special” way that is better than the rest.

What you may expect: a clear path to your Heart’s Desire(s), an urge to move or travel or simply a beautiful feeling of Love. Each will receive according to their current state of being, which is perfect and in Divine Order. You may experience a higher level of energy and more Clarity. You may feel freer than ever before…free to be more you, free to move, free to let go or whatever Freedom means for you. Freedom to is much more evolved than Freedom from, by the way. You may be greatly inspired to choose a different path and you may feel so much Love that you simply want to share it. Thus you may very well feel like a great lighthouse of Love. simply being Love no matter where you are or what you are doing.

If a person is not ready for this great influx of Light, it may feel very uncomfortable. This is especially true for those who have already chosen to stay in the old. For sure, this Light will help you out of your comfort zone. This Light could make folks feel anxious, which is not anxiety, but an upgrade to their nervous system. Be loving to others and to yourself with self-care.

Know that this Lion’s Gate does not just happen in a day and then it’s gone (that is 3D thinking). The energy will continue and will further uplift you. The Magdalen Gateway’s energy will continue also. Then in early September, an eclipse will anchor more strongly all that you have received. The date 8-8 is for the active and purposeful receiving of the Light. And so after the 8th, you can continue your intentions to receive. Whatever actions you take are and will be supported. Whatever you think and feel will be highlighted, empowered and manifest, so stay positive. It is helpful to intend to receive through your Crown and into your Pineal Chakra, for the Pineal is the Light distributor. You can intend also to bring it right into your High Heart as well. I like to bring the Light into all my chakras, aura and bodies, including my cellular and electrical systems. You will be guided as to where to direct this Light or you can intend for it to go to where it is needed the most.

The purpose of all gateways and portals and eclipses is to rise and expand in Love. to be all that you are. to be Soul-merged. This is an expansion of your consciousness. your Christ consciousness, where life flows effortlessly and gracefully into the highest possible forms. The choice remains…do you want to stay in the world of duality or bring you and all of Earth to a higher state of being? This means that it is important to let go of all duality, including judgment, anger and other aspects of right/wrong, good/bad, stress/peace, etc.  Can you fully let go of any addiction to drama and duality and be in Acceptance of What Is in this Moment?

If we want it, Peace, Harmony, Love and all your Soul’s desires for your life is here and if this is your intention, it is now available for you. There will still be those worldly distractions and there will still be moments of duality, yet if you know the Truth of Who you are, you can observe without attachment. For certainly, you will see that there are two worlds living side by side on Earth. You get to choose which one you live in.

Note: Because of some issues on the tool that sends out the Ascension Notes, there are a few errors…mostly putting a comma where a semi-colon should be. No worries. the energy of the Note will certainly shine through.

~ ~ ~

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Found at:  https://foreverunlimited.wordpress.com/2015/08/06/kara-schallock-lions-gate-soulstice-rising-ascension-notes/

Kara Schallock @ Soulstice Rising – Ascension Notes – Being Stronger and Committed – 5-13-15

Soulstice Rising: Ascension Notes

Being Stronger and Committed by Kara Schallock – 13-May-2015


All of the downloads we have experienced in this year alone has lifted us to a higher vibration. The downloads now are occurring without a break, while whenever there is a cosmic event, such as an eclipse, Full or New Moon or solar activity, the energy is amped up. Each being receives from their Home Dimension, which helps all empower their true essence/Soul more powerfully. This enhances more Power, Creativity, Manifestation and of course, Love. Lately, all our higher chakras (Heart and above) are especially being upgraded. Our lower chakras have been heightened to higher vibrations already. The lower chakras are our “.ego-chakras”. and their upgrades have helped us be more Soul-aligned, so that Soul is now more powerful than separate go and separate ego has evolved to an alignment w/Soul so that we are, potentially, expressing our Souls more and more.

All of these upgrades help us move more from 3D life/duality and from expectation, attachment and reaction. We now may be in Expectancy (based on intention without expectation of how it should look), Detachment and Response. We have transformed many beliefs and patterns that held us back in the old and with this there have been many endings as well as new beginnings. Many are experiencing more Flow and being O.K. with whatever and however things are unfolding. Life purpose may very well shift as well in alignment with Soul. Purpose is not a form or a title, but is the very essence you share no matter what you do. Long ago I remember being told that there will be no need for healers at some point in time. I see this now as healers are transforming into wholers in which the old way of rescuing, saving and fixing is a thing of the past. Rather, being a wholer sees all as whole and powerful, for indeed this is how the Christ “.miraculously”. cured by seeing/knowing the Wholeness of a person. This recognition of another is pure Love. There is no more “.I am here to show you that you need me”. but rather “.I am here to see you as Love only”. it is a partnership rather than the separation that is created by teacher/student, healer/client, guru/follower. We are all One. A wholer does not take one’.s Power from another, but reminds them that they have the Power themselves.

As a part of rising in vibration and Soul-strengthening, many may not feel as though they belong anywhere, even on Earth. They observe Earth changes and peoples’. rants and strange behavior with Detachment. What they once enjoyed, including people, shifts with nothing taking its place. This is all a part of shifting. It takes quite the spiritual warrior to be in the world but not of it. Many are dissatisfied with the work they’.ve always done and so feel a bit lost. Many have disconnected from the 3D matrix and think there should be something to take its place. We are still in the Void of perceiving not being here nor there. So have Patience with it all and flow with what is. Focus on how you want to feel, for this helps create your New Life. all the while detach from the old. If you are in a job that no longer resonates, be patient. you will be guided. Meanwhile, perhaps find the Joy in where you are while you await your next and higher assignment. Let go of resistance and follow Nature’.s lead. The trees and flowers do not fight or resist the natural order of things. Do your weeding so that the new growth may flourish.

Each one of us is encoded with a particular purpose and of course that purpose is to be of service in Joy and Passion. It matters not what form it takes, for you are being of Divine Service by simply smiling at another. The simple act of smiling sends waves of Love to the recipient. No act is too small, and no feeling is empty. Each feeling you have and each action you take radiates out to all others. it creates a vibrational frequency shift, so be that Light you are no matter what you’.re doing. Worry, anger, frustration, resentment and other lower vibrations also radiate out. Do your weeding. Let your Love shine unhindered.

Some things you may be experiencing (whether past, present or future depending on where you are in your Ascension) are a sense that something is missing or incomplete. you may feel loss (people, the old comfort zone or something that can’.t be articulated), you may also have a sense of excitement about new opportunities not yet here, a new sense of Freedom, a sense of relief once you let go of a belief, a habit, a person, etc. a desire to be more, a Heart expansion, heightened Intuition, guiding or releasing dreams, along with a desire to connect to your Soul Group. With these feelings and Awarenesses, you may also experience certain physical adjustments such as activity in your higher chakras, not thinking clearly, forgetting even what you did yesterday or even what day it is. There are many other physical adjustments as well. Let go of pushing, controlling and “.shoulds”.. Be true and loving to yourself.

It is important now to focus on your Heart Chakra, for it is where the powerful energies from Source and your Home Dimension channel into our own sun and then into your Heart. Currently, we are in another big energetic expansion, so focusing on the Heart and intending to receive and share this Light is its purpose. This creates an upgrade of you being a channel of Divine Love and Light. If you experience an energy kind of like sadness, know that it is O.K. It is a grieving about detaching from what has been and an expansion of Soul within you. One important factor of being in the New and how different it is from the old is the Detachment from wanting to experience outer stimulation. It is much quieter in the New and adjusting to the quiet takes a big shift from wanting to be entertained from without to a sense of Fulfillment and Peace within. This shift also helps you detach from 3D duality, where we judge things as good or bad. In the New, we see things objectively. not subjectively. and assign no category in which to place things. Keep your focus on how you want to feel, rather than getting seduced by outer events, form or even how your physical body is processing the changes. Trust your Heart and not your head. Your Heart speaks through feeling. the present Truth. while the mind speaks of the past and of duality.

As you detach, do not worry about not caring or a lack of Passion. (Actually, Detachment is a higher degree of Love and care.) This is a period of upgrade as ego and Soul merge more as One. This all takes time, so be patient and strong during this time of merging. During this Void-time, there may be much of the old patterns, beliefs or painful memories that bubble up from the subconscious. Look at each one and see them as loving messengers as you release them in the Sacred Rose. As you do, you become stronger and more accepting and confident in your Knowing. This particular time is definitely not for the weak. it takes a lot of Courage to continue, so have Faith and use every emotion and experience as a spiritual practice. There is nothing that doesn’.t have a deeper gift of Awareness within it. nothing is random. Illness or so-called accidents all have a message for you. If you don’.t get it at first, no worries. it will keep repeating until you do get it. We are experiencing the old along with the New (even though the Truth is that we are most definitely in the New, yet still letting go of the old) and for some, this can be confusing. It’.s confusing because most see things as black or white. this or that. here or there. This kind of thinking doesn’.t help. What does help is to flow with it all without trying to make sense of it or trying to figure out where you are analytically. It is best to be in the present Moment and in Allowance of what is.Anything you attempt to analyze only keeps you in the old, because the mind can only assign past experiences to anything and that is truly limiting. Let the “.why”. go and just Be with whatever is going on without assigning a “.good”. or “.bad”. description to it.

We truly are in the New and while you might want to jump back into the old familiar life, go ahead! Don’.t linger long though. And remember what you give your energy and attention to you empower. Keep life as still and simple as possible, with your focus within. There are so many distractions that it is easy to be seduced away from your Divine Intentions. that of being of Divine Service. While our Transformation takes energy and Commitment, it is all worth it. Feel all the Love you are. You are beautiful.

~ ~ ~
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Kara Schallock – Ascension Notes – Soulstice Rising – 1-11-15


Tomorrow we have the opportunity to receive a really powerful download of high dimensional Light (you probably are already feeling it). This is connected strongly to the 11-11-14 “gateway.” (I am guided not to use human terms such as “gateway” and “portal,” as these lock the energies in a box and are finite. Instead, by not labelling the energies, we allow them to be free-flowing, much like it is essential that we be free-flowing.) If you want to remind yourselves about the 11-11 “gateway,” here is the Ascension Note: http://soulsticerising.com/newsletter.asp?NID=182. This 11-11-15 also adds up to an 11, as did the 11-11-14. There has been a continual flow of high vibrational energy since then and now culminates in anchoring the higher energies. Because of this, many are experiencing physical manifestations such as headaches, skin eruptions, sleeplessness and other manifestations that are aligned with each unique Ascension pathway (Ascension is not a generalized, cookie-cutter phenomena).

While many have gotten attached to “we arrive in the Golden Age in 2015” phenomena, as I mentioned in the last Ascension Note, there is no separation between years, for time is human-made. Higher Truth is infinite, timeless and free-flowing. So “last year” flows into “this year” without demarcation. What you were working on “last year” continues, only on a higher level.

With the energies of 1-11-15, there will likely be some very deep old energies bubbling up for release. It can cause some real shakeups in your life, especially if you want a predictable life. In the higher realms, there is no predictable or controlled life, so the most important thing you can do is to flow with it all. And trust that you are safe and guided. Self-care is guided and letting everything go is one way to just Be. Meditation helps you stay in the Moment, which truly is the only place to Be! Let go of the past and the future-tripping. And release anything that bubbles up that is not Love, especially anything that takes you out of the Moment.

For those of you who have been on your Path for a while now, you may see things that definitely are not of the 3-D. Trust what you see and feel. And know too that nothing is in black and white. Some feel like they are complete with the old and only in the New. We are in a continuum of energy. We are in the New for sure and we still will be releasing the old. This is part of being multidimensional…being in more than one place at a time. Some days you will feel so light and free and other days you will feel as though you have bottomed out. Don’t judge it and have Patience with it all and have Patience with yourself and others. There is also more of a valley between those who are walking their talk and those who use the buzz words of Ascension without being what they speak of. Just remember that everyone is exactly where they need to be, and it will shift.

During this powerful time your New Blueprint, heightened DNA and expanded Pineal Chakra are activated even more, so that you will receive more Aha’s!, see more colors and feel yourself vibrating at times. We continually rise higher in vibration and consciousness and a big part of this time is to have our lives reflect it. It does no good to be Light and still act and react in the old way. Be congruent with all aspects of life. Be in your New Integrity; not in rules, but in your Heart’s knowing. Because we are rising more in Light, anything of the old will be more pronounced and feel really really uncomfortable. It may feel as though you have no choice but to shift the thing that is creating the discomfort; be it a job, a relationship, a belief or a way of being in the world.

We are moving quite quickly now. This is because the more dross we release, the quicker we move. As we stay in the Moment and stay focused on being Divine Love and merge more with our high dimensional Souls, we can let go of our “ain’t it awful” old attitude about personal and global events. If you find yourself fixated on what is wrong, you then create more of that. And if you find yourself doing that, bring yourself back to center. You can take a deep breath into your Heart, while you place one of your hands on your Heart (or High Heart). This brings you back to center quickly and easily. You can also call to your Higher Self/Soul and merge as One. You can always ask for assistance, for it is always there for you. Keep your vibration high and let go of any drama or chaos or “bad news.” As you do, you will flow more easily, receive higher Light more easily and will notice how indeed it instantly shifts your mood. Check in often with yourself and see where you are. Are you resisting or flowing?

As part of your self-care, which is self-Love, take much alone time to disconnect from lower energies. The more sensitive you are, the more you will feel the energies, especially now, and will need that quiet time to assimilate the New energies. Whether you are aware of it or not, your energy affects others. And since we are the wayshowers of merging Heaven and Earth as One, it is important to take care of ourselves. If you are exhausted, it is because you need a break, since you are doing much to raise the vibration and consciousness of Earth. And know that your own frequency is much higher now and will become more so.

There is also an empowerment and balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. You will not want to keep silent nor hold yourself back any more. You will want to take action on your guidance, while letting go of any end result. The Divine Feminine raises you in vibration and consciousness, while the Divine Masculine anchors it within your body, making you strong and clear. In this way, you can be out in the world without feeling swallowed up by it. And this also helps you stay in true Balance.

If you are guided to do Ceremony on 1/11, then do so, making your intentions strong, which means to follow up with taking action on your intentions. Remember, 11 is a powerful master number. It is the number of the Visionary. With this 1/11 energy you empower the Visionary to be the Master Manifestor. What do you want and how do you want to feel? Let go of the details and focus instead on how you want to feel in your manifested vision. Elevens also let you know you are not alone, for it is a time when all the Angels of the Divine Light and Plan are with you in Love and Support.


Kara Schallock – More Light, More Awareness, More Love – 11-25-14

“Old” relationships have been popping up over the past weeks for me, and I’ve learnt to gracefully say “no”, bless it and as Kara says, “…set it free”.

Source: Soulstice Rising

November has been a time to dive more deeply into the goo that the October Eclipse Cycle and the powerful portal of 11:11 awakened us to. It’s all a part of our deep transformation. Many have been revisited by childhood memories, old relationships and old patterns that simply don’t serve them any longer. We’re in different spaces and indeed, we’re different people. And as we’ve reviewed the past, we spontaneously set it free and focus more fervently on the New that we are all creating. It is important to remind ourselves that we’re not alone. Many are experiencing similar things. There has been more letting go of those with whom we no longer resonate along with other guided choices we’ve made.

Especially surprising and powerful has been the dissolution of what some thought were “forever relationships,” like the Twin Flame union (as an example). Some question whether these relationships were really Twin Flames or not, since there has been so much attachment, projection and expectation surrounding the “idea” of Twin Flames. Just remember that whatever has happened is for your highest evolution. The one true part of you, your Soul, is always with you, standing by and compassionately observing with Love as each makes the choice to be more or less than who they truly are. You see, one old belief and illusion that has been important to release is the “happy ever after.” We have believed that once we have found our “Prince Charming,” it is to last forever and ever. Many have discovered that this just isn’t so. People come into our lives to help us grow into the beautiful beings we truly are; no matter how long that happens to be. The truly courageous ones have been able to see and receive the gift and let go, if that is what was guided. Remember, there are no “supposed-to’s” in the New. We have the opportunity to choose in every moment that which we resonate with within our Hearts.

Please continue to read here.

Found at   –   http://theearthplan.blogspot.com/2014/11/more-light-more-awareness-more-love.html

Kara Schallock – New Moon Solar Eclipse 2014 – Soulstice Rising Ascension Notes – 10-22-14


New Moon Solar Eclipse 2014 – 10/22/2014 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising Ascension Notes

Whoa! This is one powerful New Moon Eclipse! There is lots of volcanic activity around the world along with our own personal volcanoes. This Eclipse completes this Eclipse cycle, yet know that the energy of it all continues and keeps us on our toes. We are in a deep transformation and this Eclipse empowers that even more. Not only that, but Diwali begins on the same day as the Eclipse: October 23rd. The time of the Solar Eclipse is 3:57 p.m. (MST). Diwali is also celebrated by many non-Hindus, as I do. Certainly the Eclipse energy is helped with all the Light that Diwali brings forth.

Diwali is the Hindu celebration of the lights. It is referred to as the Festival of Lights. It celebrates new beginnings, honors Goddess Laxmi (Lakshmi), Goddess of Prosperity, and symbolizes victory over limitation. So you see how it coincides with the New Moon Eclipse? I love Divine Perfection. All occurs in perfect Harmony. (Please also note that this is my interpretation, as I am not Hindu, yet celebrate much of the ancient ceremonies, for I see the thread that runs through all religions and spirituality and that is Love.)

This Eclipse will help you go even deeper than you have before, excavating even more that is not Love. And with the New Moon, which is all about beginning anew, it is an excellent time to set forth your intentions. So while the Eclipse helps to root out the old, the New Moon helps you move more powerfully into the New. It will highlight contracts you have with others, which are “karmic” in nature (I put quotation marks around karma because in the New, there is no karma; nor other limitations) and helps free you from the attachments of such contracts. In the New, there are no contracts; no shoulds, rules, supposed-to’s…for Freedom is what the New is all about…Freedom and Flow. As you let go of the restrictions of contracts, you open up to New energy and free yourself and others from the confines of contracts, which are of the old.

This Eclipse brings Rebirth and a new way of being; a departure from who you have been all your life. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Do it often and see what happens. Be fearless as you open up to a new expression of you…of Soul. The important thing is to go deep. This is an opportunity; not a challenge. If you dread it, you are not using the power of this Eclipse properly. Change your perception and open wide to see a new perspective and New Life. Be Courageous in your adventuring forth.

Know too that this Eclipse will greatly expand your Heart Center, which helps to align you more with the Truth of you…your Soul. You will sense an expansion of Oneness with others as a part of this Heart expansion. If you have been having memories of old lovers in your consciousness, it has been for the purpose to forgive and expand more into and as Love.

This Eclipse cycle is and has been the most powerful so far, as you probably feel. There are many insights and secrets revealed. All of October has been rather intense and this has been due to all the work we’ve done, how we’ve created our lives based on where our attention has been, and empowered further by the eclipses and solar activity. Gaia feels it too. We are reaching another peak in our transformation. So much of the old is gone, replaced by a new energy. Do you feel it? I know you do. If you are resisting any changes, this definitely is a tough time for you. Flow, Baby, Flow! If you are uncomfortable anywhere in life, go deeper and see what your message is. Is it time to let go? The New is about Flow and Ease; not struggle and fight.

Be aware that this Eclipse is not just contained on the 23rd, but the energy of what it is making available for us will continue for many months. The intensity of it, however, will go for a few days after the 23rd and then we will shift into integration. How to flow with the energies: keep your intentions high and for the good of all. Be aware of the color gold around you…it is Christ/Source Consciousness. Know that your Oneness/Unity Consciousness is strengthening. And know that Diwali is helping anchor much Light within us and onto Earth, especially as you focus on bringing forth more Light as well.

If you are guided to do Ceremony, keep it simple; follow your own guidance, activate your crystals in the sun (preferably before Noon), stay out of drama and chaos and stay focused in Love and intention for bringing forth the highest expansion of Love for all. Be sure to stay grounded, for the energies will be quite high. You can breathe deeply, creating a connection with the core (Coeur=Heart) of the Earth. You can practice Earthing and if you sun gaze, be sure to stay grounded. There are many upgrades occurring (between the Lunar and Solar eclipses). You may already have experienced lots of activity in the Solar Plexus, Heart, High Heart and head chakras. Personally, I have experienced it all including eruptions on the skin in different parts of my body, where a simultaneous detox and upgrade have been occurring.

You may also be guided to spend time alone during the Eclipse. This really helps you to focus without the energies of others, since everyone is in a different space unique to them. Be aware of how connected you are with certain others without being in their physical presence. You are actually in the real Presence of who they are. Realize too that you are traveling without physically traveling. For me, I realize that I had already been to Glastonbury without physically going. So fascinating, as now I have no pull to be there physically.

Stay out of fear. There is much fear in the old. Current fears include Ebola, ISIL, war, etc. you don’t have to be seduced into the old world’s dualistic fear dramas. Keep your thoughts; i.e. vibration; high. This helps you continue on into more of the New and higher energies. Know that your body is shifting greatly. This can lead you to thinking something is “wrong.” It is not; you are shifting physically in order to integrate more Light. If your focus is on fear, you will feel it more and it becomes your reality. Ask yourself where your focus is in any given moment. If it is not on love, then you can shift it through intention and attention. If you focus on being more, this Eclipse helps you manifest that. This, of course, includes Abundance, Heart’s Desires, Passion, purpose and other areas of ‘desire” (Desire is expressed through intention and attention, for we are creators). And trust. Intend that you express nothing but Soul’s desires for you. In other words, trust that your desires are not ego-desires, but Soul-desires. You can always feel the difference.

As always, it is your choice as to what you intend and where you put your energy. Will it be in fear and contraction or Love and Expansion? Choose wisely, Loves. Ask your Soul; your wisest Self; what is best for you. And know that everything; everything; is for your highest evolution; for all truly is Love.

Wishing you Love on your Ascension Path,



Kara Schallock – Soulstice Rising – Ascension Notes – The Equinox and More – 9-19-14


– 9/18/2014  ~ by Kara Schallock

The Equinox is at 8:29 p.m. MDT on September 22 and this is followed by the New Moon on the 24th, further empowering this particular boost in Light. Oh my gosh, it certainly has been intense lately, hasn’t it? Anything you’ve been attached to or had expectations about has gone up in an ethereal mist. And certainly this has been for our evolution into being more than we’ve allowed ourselves to be. While you may not know why a certain thing occurred, let go of the need to know what, why, where, who or how since these are egoic questions and simply accept that all is aligned for your highest good. This is being the Flow, and being the Flow is absolutely essential if we are to be truly anchored in the New.

To align with the Power of the Equinox and Moon, join in the energy. Have the intention of receiving. If you’re guided to do a ceremony or ritual, know that that empowers you to receive and transform. There is great movement with these two events. There is more expansion as well as the potential to leave certain things behind. And, of course, there is more Awareness. This Awareness is like someone wiping the sleep from your eyes to show you where you have stunted your growth. Much of the past is up for review. This includes not only this lifetime, but other lifetimes as well. You do not have to go back to resolve. View it with Compassion dispassionately and then let it go, staying in the New Now. The potential of the Equinox and New Moon is to move into a higher sense of Love; into higher consciousness. The energy will be huge and electric and is a gentle (or not) push to make more changes in your life (your choice). It is action-packed. First you Be and then you do. All doing is guided by being and feeling. Doing without guidance is blind.

The Equinox is another jumping off place. Picture yourself standing on a cliff and then flying off in Trust. Before you jump, take stock of where you’ve been so that you can see yourself clearly without illusion or self-deception. Drop any labels that ego constricts you with and allow yourself to be free to expand. Yes, that may seem really uncomfortable for it carries with it a sense of being lost (an illusion). You are not lost; you are simply floating on air carried by Angels, while being grounded to Heaven and Earth. Open up to a new vision of yourself. Realize that you are moving step by step into a higher and more Soul-aligned you. If it makes you feel more secure (for surely insecurities are so present now) to have one of your Guides hold you, then do so. You can ask them what the most powerful thing that limits you is and then let it go in a big red balloon. Watch and feel what happens.

Realize, too, that as you connect to the Equinox and Moon energies you are joining with millions of others lifting the Earth up in vibration. Let go of struggle, suffering and pushing. These are all fear-based and elements of resistance. Be in the Moment and trust that everything is Divinely orchestrated by Source, Soul and all Divine Beings of the Divine Light and Plan. Know that old energies are clearing from you…if you are willing. When you trust, you become clear about your next steps, focused in the Moment, of course.

As we move toward the Equinox, notice how much New is in your life. This may feel very raw as so much has been stripped away (by you). Being in this vulnerable state of being is when the greatest growth occurs. And know too that your physical body is changing. Yes, many have experienced lots of “Ascension symptoms” and bemoan that. And yet, with all the changes, letting go and shifting, doesn’t it make sense that our bodies shift as well? Our DNA has shifted to a higher degree of Light and so our bodies reflect that. If you are one who complains about your physical shifting, that does no good except to resist the changes. We have the ability to heal/whole ourselves and yet few believe this to be true. So there still exists a dependency on others for healing. Yes, we’re shifting into this powerful place of self-wholing, so that it may not be readily available to you because of your belief that you cannot possibly do that. We’re in the process of shifting that belief now. We’re shifting from being carbon-based to crystalline-based. And it will take as long as it takes. We can facilitate the process if we choose…by realizing that each one of us has the Power to self-heal/whole. After all, if we truly know we’re spiritual sovereign beings and are Soul-merged, doesn’t it stand to reason that we are capable of seeming miracles?

Another area in which we have gotten stuck is to be proud that we are empathic. Let me share that as we have shifted from head to Heart, being an empath has been important. It has helped us feel more and become more sensitive. And it also created a tendency to take on others’ energies. Now, in our new phase, we can let that go. We do not have to take on others’ energies and in fact, it is important not to do so. We are fully Heart-centered now (at least that is our current potential). Being empathic is truly necessary as a step to being fully in the Heart, but we are not to stop there; we are to continue to evolve into being Love and powerful in Love. When you are at that point where the only “protection” you need is Love, then you can let go of empathic tendencies. Meanwhile, have boundaries as we continue to shift into being fully Heart-centered. Check within to see where you are. If you are still taking things personally, you are still in transition from head to heart. All is in Divine Order and Divine Time, so don’t rush it; honor where you are in this Moment. It is the best way to evolve.

Let go of what lowers your energy and focus on the magic of the New. Do not hold on to anything or anyone. Let things flow naturally. You needn’t work hard to attain a certain way of being nor do you have to work hard to “keep a relationship.” That is of the old. Be the observer and allow things to unfold naturally, which indeed can be a challenge if you must be in control and have a need to “make things happen.” Trust. Be the Compassionate Observer. There is no losing or winning; just Being. Stand tall and Be. This is the Path of the Spiritual Warrior.

This is a time when we are learning a lot about self-love. Ask in each moment and situation, “How can I be more loving to me?” This is not selfish, for when you come from a full cup of Love, it spills over to others. So when you are loving to self, you are loving to others. If it is not perceived that way, that is not on you; everyone has perceptions based on their consciousness. Many still blame and that is fine for them, but you needn’t take part in that old way of being.

We are so full of Light and New that it no longer is an option to lower ourselves in any way to please others. Focus on how you want to feel and be that. Remember that the New is about Flow, Joy and Ease. And remember how very loved you are. As we embrace this new level of Light that is coming in on the Equinox, empowered by the New Moon as well as much increased solar activity, you will notice yet another shift in you and on Earth. Your new foundation will be strengthened and you will experience a new level of Balance.

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