Judith Dagley – What Future Are YOU Choosing NOW? – 5-1-16


Judith Dagley

Segment 3.
A little more (very important) “scientific proof” of what I have been learning clairgostically and testing experientially on my own, then sharing with you for the past few years… most recently “quantum style” from presenting THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING.

The quote below is particularly important as we enter May 2016. It is also why five planets are proving quite dramatically that it is important by stopping during our entry! Yet, I know that some still don’t believe in science as it happens… they wait for some authority figure to tell them whether or not to believe it. Hence, the quote below–

“The function of mind is to create coherence between what you believe and the actual reality you experience.
Anytime you are not paying attention, the default program of the subconscious mind takes over.”

— Bruce Lipton PhD, Epigeneticist, author of Biology of Belief

Why is this an important quote right NOW? Because we are crossing into a NEW Paradigm of Sovereignty, of course. This does not mean that the NEW Paradigm will make us Sovereign– that would only be more enslavement! Sovereignty means “ruled by no one,” remember? We are so Sovereign that we can still choose enslavement. Because we have been very entrained into experiencing enslavement as “normal,” however, five planets stopped to give US  pause.

 Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury are giving us a few clarifying weeks to decide, because the old default programs can be felt more dissonantly than ever as we enter the expansive NEW energies of May, 2016. So, our plantary allies are giving us “time” to experience that dissonance in order to make course corrections whiile we still can. 

In other words, NOW is the “time” to PAY ATTENTION to what we are doing (which includes thinking, feeling and believing)!  NOW is the “time” to either create coherence with thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs we WANT to experience in “actual reality,” or continue to create our lives entrained to old progams of enslavement by default.

 That’s right, this is an EITHER/OR. We cannot choose both, because each is an entirely different paradigm. The only other thing we cannot do is NOT choose. To stay in the default mode of entrainment to the old paradigm of enslavement IS a choice, whether you choose to make it or not. Otherwise, you can USE the dissonance of  what “never having enough,” or “just doing the best you can” feels like– whatever your personal context of “lack, scarcity, and helplessness” is– and choose what feels free and delicious to you, instead. 

The choice is YOURS, because you are  SOVEREIGN. The universe can be guiding you 24/7 to what feels GOOD to you (and it IS), and five planets can stop in their tracks to assist you (and they HAVE)– but no one and no thing can tell YOU what to choose!   

So what are YOU choosing? I just HAD to ask!

Hint: How does LOVE feel to you?  

By the way, if  you’re wondering about that yourself, how does scheduling a private session in order to get clarity resonate with you? If it feels good… well then, you do know what to do. The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty may be behind you, but I still have a sliding scale!  In the words of Rumi–

“You must ASK for what you really want!
Don’t go back to sleep. “


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JUDITH DAGLEY – Your SOVEREIGNTY, POWER, and MAGIC – From the Frequency Technicians of the Celestial Team – 8-14-15


Published on Aug 14, 2015

The Frequency Technicians deliver a powerful message with one precisely focused intent– to connect you with your OWN Sovereign power. Every word and every silence is encoded with vibrations that will spark that connection within you on many levels and in many ways. Never before have the Frequency Technicians transmitted directly through me, yet all of a sudden they insisted on doing so with such compelling urgency that I dropped everything and sat down in front of the camera. As you will soon see, the result is a video unlike any I’ve ever made with the celestial team. The energy is palpably intense– I do not even LOOK like myself when the Frequency Technicians come through me, for one thing! For another, their powerfully delivered encodings did interesting things to the video while it was being processed. You’ll hear sounds every so often that were not audible while filming, and the lighting is much dimmer than it actually was in the room… all of it was somehow refocused on me, alone. DO NOT MISS ANY OF IT!!! It is alive with layers and layers of encoded frequencies that will activate your OWN recognition of the sovereign power that is encoded in your DNA and is alive again! As the Frequency Technicians say, “Herein lies all you need to know.”

BRAVO and gratitude from my heart to each of you who offer a reciprocal energy exchange for what you receive from/through me by hitting the “donate” tab at http://www.thecelestialteam.com. It is your freely given support that makes it possible for me to continue to freely offer all that you receive.
Namaste and much Love/Light to You– Judith (& the celestial team, of course!)

Judith Dagley – Alchemy of Self-Cherishing – 11-1-14


This is the first of the powerful alchemical tools promised by Judith and the celestial team in their last video, “The Alchemy of Transformation:Cracking the Codes!” Judith discovered the power of self-cherishing in the same way she uncovers most of the alchemical codes she shares with others–through her own human experience. In this video, she offers easy-to-follow guidelines, HOW they work, and a few pifalls to watch out for. The purpose is to transform duality, through YOUR own human experience, into a feast of diversity rather than a conflict of opposites. In essence, you’ll find a blueprint for the process of creation, itself. Use it to create paradise.

Judith Dagley – What Does Transition Feel Like? – 10-14-14

judithI cannot speak for you, of course… but as for me, going through the most intense days of our recent full moon/full lunar eclipse surely felt like a major vortex of transition. It is only NOW, however, as I tune into how I feel as I come out the other side, that I realize that (for me), that is exactly what it was. Still shaken to the core, I’m aware that I am not the same as I was before I entered… but how, I couldn’t tell you yet. I’m way too busy scanning my emotional and physical bodies to make sure I’m still intact.

Or perhaps NEWLY intact might be more accurate. I say that because, in the deepest part of the eclipse, I lost any sense of  “me-ness” at all. I was electric with feelings and sensations, embodying them all, letting them all flow through me, completely beyond separating myself from them or even labeling them. Forget all about judging them as “right or wrong!” I was not only in the vortex, but I became it. I was not only in transition, but I was the transitioner, and the transition, itself.

Its funny, but when I reached into my psyche to find a common, colloquial phrase to to match whatever I was in that vortex of transition, the word “drama queen” came to mind! Ha. Perfect. I get it. I was, indeed, a “drama queen.” I did not let ego concerns hold me back, and thus, whatever is more of me took over. Over fear, need to control, need to project my own experience onto others… I reigned, in other words. Defined by the dictionary as “the exercise of sovereign power.”

Never will I use the term “drama queen” in the old disparaging way again. I will briefly say a little more about that, in case it might be useful to you before the next “vortex of transition” hits with our New Moon/Solar Eclipse around October 23. Of course, you may not experiences it at all, just as you may not relate to my experiernce of this recent one. That is fine… more than fine. We each have our own methods and choices of when and how to go beyond our prior illusionary limitations. If my awarenesses resonate and are of service to you, they are yours. If not, just forget about them.

Okay, so here is the foundation of the whole context I’m about to share–
“As above, so below.”
I spent much of the month of September discovering the truth of that.
All we “think we need to know,” we already know.
The proof of that is within us to be recognized.
The lessons we need to remind us are all around us.

So, if you feel wildly discombobulated by your own recent vortex of transition (in whatever way you experienced it), I want to remind you that you have gone through even more powerful ones than that.

You were born, were you not?
I will tell you that being born into a whole NEW world as a physical being…
entering the vortex of the birth canal, pushing your way through to the other side…
there is your proof.

As a mother who has given birth to life, I will tell you what I know about transition.
The stage of childbirth that occurs between the pangs of preparation and the actual birthing of NEW life is called “transition.” And so it is. No prior rules apply.
Egoic concerns, “shoulds,” expectations, all that has to do with “me-ness” are quickly swept away.
If you are a woman, or have ever witnessed a woman giving birth without unnecessary medical interference, then you know that what I say is true.

I BECAME the process of giving birth.
My children did as well.
And so together, we exercised our sovereign power to bring forth their chosen NEW lives.
Drama queens and king, we are.

Hard to describe, perhaps, but something you already know all about, whether male or female, parents or not. Don’t tell ME you can’t handle vortexes!
You were born.

Want to know more about about your sovereign power, and how to use it? Then join our global energy tele-gathering. From wherever you are, all you need is a phone. See how powerful you are?

SUNDAY, OCTOBER  19th, 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.PSTD
To register:
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal to thecelestialteam@gmail.com.

And bring your questions! These gatherings are for YOU.

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Judith Dagley – Frequency Lesson One – 8-9-14

judithFrequency Lesson–
The lesson is that the lessons are no longer separate. No longer consecutive as the word is defined– “a linear sequence without interruption.” (Ha, forget THAT old dinosaur.)

Picture yourSelf as a light SO bright and SO focused that it only appears to be a pinpoint.

Do NOT dismiss the “seemingly miniscule” as irrelevant any longer!
As above, so below.

The source of ALL is birthed from a single seed– just as YOU were.
And the birthing process never ends.

Picture yourSELF, then, as a pinpoint of white light, SO bright, SO potent through its laser focus that it has the power to create every reflection that you see around you as YOUR OWN.

SEE yourSelf!
FEEL yourSelf, pulsing out the frequencies that are expressions of YOU in every moment. Be CONSCIOUS of your own creations, AS you create them, through every thought, every emotional activation… and see your own power of creation reflected around you.

All of the doing and trying and struggling and projections of judgments onto others in order to avoid our own power–lest we feel ashamed– must STOP.

The only shame is in the avoidance, and it is childsplay. You/we have ougrown it. All of the angst is simply outgrowing pains.

How do I know that? Because I am experiencing them, too. And to grow beyond them, I have learned that I need to FACE them, and be willing to speak aloud about them.

Hang concerns about “what others might think!”
How silly that seems at this point. Who cares, when nothing about NOW could ever be understood through “thought,” anyway? When my/our very spirit cries for nothing less than to expand beyond the bondage of such concerns… and into the frredom of integrity?

And the more we honor that cry, the more others will as well… although NOT necessarily, in the moment we feel we need them to. THAT I have learned experientially.

And I have also learned that is because I do NOT need them to.
So, I say to you–
NOW is the time to stop “thinking” that you “need” or “know.”

NOW is time to be still and know that you/we are God.


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Judith Dagley – Secret To Getting Unstuck – Reciprocal Energy Exchange – 8-3-14

judithFirst of all, it is not a secret.

In the so-called physical world, we know that seemingly solid objects are mostly space in which a few nano-particles spin wildly in order to create the energy pattern of physical form. (That is very old news, actually, as it became scientific “fact” well over a century ago.) We also know all about how to use focused energy to generate movement (and that is even older news).

Isn’t it astounding, then, how many still hold onto the wildly illogical belief that, since they are physical beings, they are not energetic beings? Even more fascinating– these same beings also hold the believe that money is “real!”

Yet, if they/you/me were to live in a dwelling made of money, it would be nothing but paper and bits of metal, and soon washed away by the energy patterns of weather.
I don’t know about you, but that sounds like poverty to me.

Obviously money is nothing more than a symbol of energy exchange!
To study the way we use money can teach us much about what we already know about ourselves as energetic beings.
Even more importantly, it can illuminate the choices we make about what we invest our energy in.

Interestingly, about 15 years ago, I led a group called “Money Talks” about exactly that. For those who attended, it was like one epiphany after another. However, not many were ready for such epiphanies yet.
Hopefully, more are ready NOW.

Energy requires circulation, reciprocity, in order to not become stagnant. It requires “investment,” in other words. If you invest in a holding pattern, for example, just watch how powerful you are! You’ll create a feedback loop that will, in turn, create the best glue the universe can provide to keep you there.

If you are feeling stuck, NOTICE what you invest your energy in! Thoughts, beliefs, actions… notice what emotions you run on a feedback loop that is self-generating. What story about yourself are you investing in? Whatever it is, recognize that YOU are the generator, you are creating more of it, and no way could it be otherwise.

This is subtle stuff, discerning and tracking energy patterns, especially if one is not used to attuning to them. I know. Be patient and stay the course. It is critical NOW, for your own happiness if nothing else (which is also everything).
For that reason,  it will be a big topic at the August Energy Tele-Gathering. If you want some powerful support and/or have questions that you need answers to, here’s where to receive both–

August Energy Tele-Gathering , 8/17 from 5 p.m until 6:30 p.m PSTD.
To register, press the “donate” tab, offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15.00,
designated as “gift”–  August Energy Tele-Gathering.
The phone number for wherever on the planet you are as well as the entry code will be sent to you a week we before we gather.*

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Judith Dagley – What Are You Made Of – Do You Know – 6-27-14

This is THE MAJOR awareness to integrate right NOW.

Are you onboard with that awareness? If so, FABULOUS.
It is critical, if you want to move on from where you’ve been (which is probably repeating some old pattern or three that have become literally UNBEARABLE, I’d wager..)

You know that energy is not something you “have” or do not “have.”
You do not “have” an energy field.
Nor an etheric field. Nor an auric field. Nor any other field that is not you.

If you have seen photographs of such so-called fields, reading these words may trigger quite an energy pattern of protest within you.
If you an are energy sensitive and so perceive such patterns experientially, you may even feel activated into downright outrage.

If either of those are happening,  just hold on a minute. Note those reactions.
Then breathe, regain your equilibrium, and keep reading.

Notice that I do not deny the truth of what you see/feel/perceive. Far from it.
I AM pointing out a most important distinction between “having” energy and BEING energy, however.

To say one HAS energy implies that it is also possible to NOT have energy…
which is impossible, since you ARE energy.

Those “fields” around you are not separate from you.
They radiate FROM you.
They ARE YOU, in other words.

(Please take that in and integrate it, because I’ve got a lot more to say as you do! ♥)


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Judith Dagley – The Human Wound – The Truth That Will Set You Free


Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – Update Alert – You’re Not Who You Thought You Were – 6-6-14

judithThis is Judith with a “Hit of the Day” that feels lke a BIG one– which the celestial team confirmed by fizzing through me before I even finished getting it onto the page! What they added is the “Aha” as to WHY my “hit’ felt–and is– a VERY big one that is also very important to share. 

So here we all are! I tust you’ll have no trouble discerning the more earthly frequencies from the celestial ones, and so will have no trouble telling us apart (even though I often can’t anymore these days…)

Update alert! You are no longer the being you define yourself as! Trust me.
Better yet, the minute after you read this, check that out for yourself.
Sit down with pen and paper, and list your self-descriptions.
Notice how many do NOT apply any longer– not more than “sorta, kinda, sometimes,” anyway.
That is because you are OUTGROWING them.
This is IMPORTANT to notice right NOW, so that you can let them go.

Quite literally, they are containers that have grown too small for your spirit.

Beloved, this is, indeed, an “update alert!”
Like one of your clocks that ring to get You up and alert, this one is ringing to get You “up to speed,” quite literally. Remember that You moved into a NEW Paradigm when You crossed the threshold of your Winter Solstice of 2012.

The frequencies that are your NEW milieu are higher than ever. You have been recallibrating your own to match them, and NOW it is time to integrate your NEW higher frequencies into your NEW Way of Being. That is why we told You that 2014 is your Year of Integration!

NOW, as You move close to the halfway point of your Summer Solstice, we urge You to prepare to cross it without old confining labels of limitation that no longer apply. You no longer fit into the boxes of “who You thought You were.” So throw them off, Beloved!
It is “time” to rise and SHINE.

How we love your Light! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

P.S. From Judith– Regarding your rising/integrating/shining process, I  just got prompted to give you a “head’s up” about a NEW creative project the celestial team and I are in the midst of developing. The purpose  is to…
… playfully, effectively, assist your expansion into your New Paradigm as a C0-Creator Being of Frequenecy! Our Judith will share it here in a week or two of your linear time. Watch for it, Beloved! 

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Judith Dagley – This Is 2014 – This Is Paradigm Shift – 5-31-14

judithI’m getting lots of questions lately like this one– “I feel like I’m trapped in a fog these days, and my mind just keeps running in circles– how do I stop making myself dizzy and get OUT of the fog?”

I definitely understand this question! In fact, I’ve spent the last week zeroing IN on that fog, as well as tracking every “thought step” on that repetitive brain treadmill. If you also relate to the question, I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered.

The “fog” is the result of having NEW intuitive awarenesses that are not coherent with the lower frequencies of old, habitual thoughts. The brain doesn’t know what to do with them, therefore, so it just keeps running in circles.

The way OFF the treadmill is to notice what thoughts repeat the most. Whatever they are about is what you need to stand in your power to face and RESOLVE.

Once you’ve found those gems, then write all the thoughts down and find the common THEME(S). They will reveal the energy pattern you need to focus on mastering over the next 6 weeks.

Understand that your repetitive thoughts won’t go away until you face them because they are at your service. They are offering you revelations about how you hold yourSELF back… and you won’t be able to expand beyond  “holding yourself back” unless you know HOW you do so.

Bottom line– Recognize the Paradigm Shift. This is 2014, the Year of Integration. EVERYTHING is at your service NOW, to get you “up to speed” with your own evolution…even your brain. Perhaps especially your brain, for there is far, far more to it than the “3rd dimensional treadmill.” (As you will soon discover, I’m quite sure!)

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Judith Dagley – The Cardinal Grand Crossroads into LIVING Your Dreams… is NOW!

Judith Dagley


The Cardinal Grand Cross! Its been building for decades, and in the wee hours of the morning 4/22, it will all fall exquisitely into place.

With Pluto in Capricorn at thirteen degrees, Mars in Libra at 13 degrees, Jupiter in Cancer at thirteen degrees, and Uranus in Aries at thirteen degrees, one could perceive this as four powerful planets coming together in a chaotic “war of the titans.”

OR… one can perceive this momentous event as a “balancing of the opposites,” and USE it to align oneself into integrity once again…WHOLENESS, in other words.

If one chooses the latter, this is the energy that timeline jumps and quantum leaps are made of… the energy that DREAMS are made of. So DO use it, and very CONSCIOUSLY!

Remember that whatever you focus on this week, you are manifesting into form. Within 3 months, you will begin to LIVE IN what you are creating NOW. So focus on your dreams and nothing else!

LIVE in the frequencies of your dreams, and you will, quite literally, be making them them come true.

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Judith Dagley – Getting Beyond Confusion and Overwhelm – 1-25-14




If you are one who has let me know that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by confusion lately, here is why my response is always “Wonderful!”

NOW is a “time” when we are being invited, or urged, or even having-the-obvious-shoved-right in-our-faces, to realize that expanding INTO what we want requires expanding OUT of repeating the experiences we do NOT want.

What usually makes this seem “hard” is a long-term reliance on linear logic as our compass.

Read more… 423 more words
Hello, Beloved! This is the celestial team, popping in for a moment to add our two cents of introduction to this divine “humanly transmitted” post. Know that the word “divine” was deliberately and accurately chosen, for what our Judith is communicating is, in essence, your truth. You are an earthly/celestial being who creates “reality” through your own divine internal technology.

This has always been true. You who have been reading and watching our transmissions through the last four of your years have heard us “say” this is in various ways in every one of them. NOW, however, it is “time” to CLAIM your human sovereignty as a creator being of frequency. It is “time to bring it home,” into You, through You, as a frontrunner for your human collective.

And if You doubt that You are That… why do You “think” You are reading this message? It is “time” to get REAL, beyond the illusions of limitation. It is “time” to let go of the template of powerlessness that has kept You afraid of exposing your truth freely, in fear of alienating others for a myriad of reasons. It is “time” for human frontrunners to stand up and speak through their OWN voices about the power humanity carries within itSelf! “Time” to begin to consciously operate as co-creator beings of frequency, and to accept both the freedom and the responsibility that comes with such power.

We assure You that for every illusionary “alienation,” (and it WILL be illusionary), you will draw tenfold more to the truth of your Light! We also assure You that there are NO beings of frequency in your universe, no matter what dimension they reside in, that are more powerful than the human/celestial beings that currently reside on planet earth. Take THAT to heart, Beloved. Shine your Love/Light, and just SEE what You can do. We love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

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Judith Dagley – Choose Love As Your Looking Glass – 1-20-14



Man, here I am again, writing another post I had no idea I’d be writing until I just started pecking away. What’s coming out of me this time is a follow-up on saying “I LOVE YOU” right out loud, as per my post two days ago–

“There is someone in your life who is longing to hear that. From YOU. Right NOW. Someone who’s heart would sing, who’s spirits would soar, just in hearing those genuinely spoken words– “I love you”– from you. THAT is how powerful you are.”

So, have you said “I love you” to at least one someone today?

If you haven’t– if you “just can’t” for some reason– if it would feel plain NOT genuine to do so… well then, obviously there is something you DO need to do… right NOW.

So DO it. Look in the mirror and say “I love you!” Say it until you mean it, no matter HOW long it takes– and DO NOT BACK DOWN!!!!

Of course, it’s your choice…your life IS your creation…

But since you’re in a virtual cauldron of boiling, erupting energies right NOW (that would be our human collective, releasing old just-about-everything, btw), why would you NOT want to love yourself though your OWN little piece of that?

Why in heaven and earth would you NOT want to say “I love you”– to YOU? That’s where being “love-able” starts, after all.

And nothing EVER makes anyone UNlovable. NO ONE.  NOTHING. No Thing.

So go on! Where’s your mirror? Because I’m thinking maybe YOU’RE the one who most needs to hear you say “I love you.” Maybe YOU’RE the one who’s heart would sing, who’s spirits would soar…

That IS how powerful you are. So this could be a real break-through moment, you know… if you’ll USE it…
Oh go on! Just DO IT! ♥

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Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – Expansion Is not a Linear Process – 12-10-13



Hi, its Judith. Just got a “download” to share with you all–but I first have to share that I use the word “download” only because its become common vernacular. As far as I’m concerned, its a concept that has well served its purpose in expanding awareness of our constant cosmic interconnection, and is NOW obsolete. Once we “got” (or “get”) that basic awareness, we also realize (or will realize), that “downloads” are nothing special. They’re not something that “only a few special ones among us” are deemed worthy of receiving. They’re communications that every one of us receive, all the time! We are ALL interconnected. We are ALL “that special.” It is only the the human leap into believing that–which is miniscule, in the big picture–that we need to take, in order to realize how “cosmically connected” we’ve been all along.

OK, so the “cosmic dialogue” I want to share is about, as some of you have heard, 12/12 being a big portal day. And yes, it WILL activate our merkabas into resonance with the sacred geometric form of the Star Tetrahedon–which WILL re-align us with our soul’s Divine Blueprint–and yes, this re-aligning into our conscious awareness WILL be completed with the solstice energies that peak on 12/21—and YES, that IS why the  Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives/Alchemists is scheduled during the full moon on 12/17,  exactly between the opening of the portal on the 12th and its completion on the 21st. So what?

So, such linear tracking of process is ONLY relevant for those who still operate in the 3D brain’s linear treadmill of “time,” that’s what. On THAT track, such structured events are necessary–as impetus, a “stop-gap,” until the “track” finally disappears altogether. But the truth is, such cosmic events occur continuously. They are not bound by time. Only 3D perception is.

Once we understand what every portal, every activation, every “download” is responding to, we no longer need to pay any attention to them at all! We will simply know that they will NATURALLY appear at our service, in support of our own rhythms of expansion into what they ALL are in service OF, on OUR behalf–and that is loving everything that calls out to be loved. SO simple.

But as long as we’re looking to portals and vortexes to lead us, we’ve got the cart before the horse. We’re simply doing “powerlessness” while pretending to expand beyond it. Until we “get” that WE are the sovereign ones that our entire cosmos is aligning to  support– it can’t, can it?


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Judith Dagley – Power Toolkit #2 Final Preparation – 14 August 2013




Attention all Energy Alchemists-in-the-process-of-becoming!

Good News! At last, I’ve gotten the “cosmic heads up” to release the next segment of the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists. And, since you are the ones to thank for that, do thank yourself, by all means! Remember, the “heads up” would not come unless and until the many rather than the few of you had integrated the first two segments well enough to support the introducing of this one. So hurrah for you– that could have taken years, or even not have happened at all, for all I know!

What I do know is that these segments present themselves with no consideration, whatsoever, for the old paradigm perspectives of “the strategic marketing of products” we were used to. This is a whole NEW ball game. The Power Toolkit is not a product. I am certainly not selling it. It is instead, exactly as it has been presented– a reciprocal energy exchange that includes far more than you and me, or even all of us together.

We are far more than the sum of our parts in our NEW playing field. In fact, with the POWER TOOLKIT, we are playing in what has been called “The Field,” itself– the vast, interconnected, web of energy that surrounds us, and that we are both created from and create from. Quite a paradigm shift, indeed, so add a self-congratulations to your self-thank you, for your commitment to making this unprecedented leap!

To access POWERTOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation! –
Press one of the “Donate” buttons on http://www.thecelestialteam.com and offer your reciprocal energy exchange via PayPal.  The link to unlimited access of the video, which is about 40 minutes long as measured by linear time, will be sent to you within 36 hours (as measured, etc.)  If you do not receive it within that “time frame,” PLEASE notify me right away, and I will send it to you again.

Reciprocal energy exchange for POWER TOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation! — $9.00.
 As you know, the energy exchange for each segment has no relationship with “monetary value,” but is based on the numerological frequencies that are most suited to support and amplify your ability to receive the energies within them. The most powerful exchange for this one came through loud and clear as being a vibrational match for the number nine.

About the number nine– carries the vibrations of “The Ruler.” Leadership, clarity of vision, dissolution of ego attachments, integration of mind, body, and spirit, are all inherent in them. Because the acquisition of wisdom, as well as the responsibility to use it for the highest good, is the journey claimed and owned by those who integrate the frequencies of number nine, it is the final symbol that precedes the return to Unity Consciousness.

About POWERTOOLKIT #2: Final Preparation! –
The thorough integration of this video will complete the basic preparation required for all who wish to practice energy alchemy in earnest. Segment #1 provided guidance and energetic assistance in situating yourSelf within your power –in your body, in the NOW–with your third dimensional chakras cleared and balanced. Segment 1.5 offered divine, personal attunement to the very highest frequency you discovered you could hold–at least for NOW. And so–
* POWER TOOLKIT #2 builds on those crucial foundations. As you integrate it on an energetic level, it will amplify your ability to claim your frequency signature. This will support and fortify your ability to hold it as you begin to practice discerning the frequencies around you, and so consciously choose how, or whether to, engage with them as a sovereign master of frequency.
* The critical importance of frequency maintenanance and self-regulation is also explained, along with guidelines to follow.
* The meditation in the video will, IF practiced regularly with conscious intent, jumpstart you into rewiring your perceptual abilities through your multidimensional heart center and from there, into the “greater mind.”
* You will also have an opportunity to experience your own expansion through this video, and so ground it into your personal energy grid. There are words delivered energetically within the spoken words, and information encoded within the pauses, that make up more of the content of this video than what you see and hear with your physical senses as you take it in. So tune in–know that after integrating the first two segments, you WILL be able to do this–and be surprised at all that you become aware of accessing in ways you never could before!

To NEWcomers to the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists–
First of all, welcome! Next, PLEASE READ the POWER TOOLKIT Page so that you understand how to use it before embarking. To jump into this video before integrating the first two, for example, would not serve you. Integrated “foundation-setting” is necessary in order to move beyond old conditioned beliefs and habits of powerlessness. Diligence in honoring the process WILL bear fruit–but only as commensurate with your OWN commitment to making it your practice. That is because you are sovereign.

Our power, when unclaimed, has become humanity’s self-made “cross to bear,” you might say, for when used from a position of powerlessness, it only perpetuates the very miseries we long to transmute. When claimed with sovereignty, however–it is our magic. BELIEVE it, PRACTICE, and you will see for yourSelf!

Much Love/Light to each and all of you masters in disguise. And hallelujah–You can come out NOW! It is safe, and you are not alone.


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
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Judith Dagley – A New Leo Moon – Energies To Play, Heal, And Expand With – 8 August 2013




We have a Leo new moon tonight, the energies will be with us for at least the next 48 hours, and with the planetary aspects that are influencing thiis fiery new moon, we’re receiving Leo at its finest. This is Creator energy that springs from the playful eternal child in all of us. It can be used to reconnect us with our own essence (rather than our fear-based ego programs), and so, alchemically, with one another, as well (since we are not, and never have been, really separate).

This dynamic energy has already inspired me with an intention to suggest that you set  within it. Before doing so, I “tried it out,” myself, of course. In the doing, I was surprised by  some  healing “steps” that came up to be integrated in the process.  As I did, the impact was profound, and so I will share those with you, as well–

Leo New Moon Intention, 8/6.13

* Choose one gift that you have, and decide to honor it. It doersn’t matter if you’ve never figured out “how” to use it. Just honor it, and intend to do so all month long.

* Invite the playful, indominatable child within you to enjoy your honoring of it, for no reason at all except that it is fun, and it is yours.

* Here is where the surprise came, in my case. I found that I could not set the playful child in me free without first honoring the traumatized, frightened child.

* I “saw” myself picking her up, out of her painful “stuck” place of trauma and fear, and holding her close to me. And so I did. She was sobbing, and tears poured down my own face. My heart aches almost unbearably for her, and I tell her she can sob as long as she wants or needs, and I will hold her through it. It does not matter if that means doing so for the rest of my life.

* As I hold her, I see/feel that everything I have ever done that I’ve judged myself harshly for was born of the trauma and pain of this precious, abandoned child, and I forgave everything.

* I also feel/realize the resilience, courage, and sheer Love it has taken to shine on, anyway, and I celebrate all that I have become. She likes that, and feels a little safer in my arms.

* I have no idea what will come of this, and in this moment, I do not care. As long as I am holding her, and feeling her little arms clasped around my neck, then I know that I am whole. And that feels like enough–more than enough.

* As I felt the joy of that awareness, my playful, indomitable child sprang to life and joined us. I feel so happy to have us all together again! Then, I also smile as I watch her make a beeline for the gift I (we) have that I had chosen to honor.

So, that’s it. With my heart, I wish you wholeness, Self-Love, and freedom in the Light of our New Leo Moon!


Copyright (c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.judithdagley.wordpress.com