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Andrew Bojarski

Hello everyone.  I have not posted in a long time.  I have had some changes in my life recently.  My father had a stroke and he is living with me and I am taking care of him.

However, my intention is to post more in the upcoming future and eventually get back to do individual healings; one on one, like I have been doing before.  This is what I am guided to do.



However, I wanted to talk a little bit about what I am seeing out there and have been guided to create this post.  There is so much negativity and criticism as a lot is coming up to be released.  Specifically, America is going through a presidential election this year and there is a lot of anger and hate out there causing a lot of division, hate, and blame.  People are angry and upset.

Please understand that when you criticize, judge, or condemn another of God’s Children, you are not only injuring that other person, but you are admitting into your own experience the very element that you are seeing wrong in the other person.

Know that whatever your conscious attention is fixed firmly upon, that quality is impelled into your experience.  What you see with deep feeling within another person, you force into your own experience.  When you criticize another, you invite that same criticism unto yourself.

Please only send out to everyone the Presence of Divine Love.  If you silently see something wrong with another person, that is worse than the spoken word, as it allows the force to accelerate.

Please do not judge the presidential candidates or the process, or anything in your life for that matter.  Just observe and send Love.  When these discrepancies are forced to your attention, just say to your I AM Presence “There is the I AM Presence within that person, and I AM not concerned with the human, outer self of that person.”

Know there is the I AM Presence acting there in that person.  Remember that the moment you see an imperfection, you are forcing that quality into your experience.

It is useless to argue any point…truly.  Any argument is from your outer, human side, that always wants attention, and to be right.  Still the outer and focus on your I AM Presence.  There is no right or wrong, but only thinking it so makes it so.

All is truly perfect, Divinely Perfect and all is happening and unfolding as it should, based on Divine Law and the Law of Cause and Effect.  Let things play themselves out.  Get your popcorn out and enjoy the show.  All that is latent is coming up to be released.  The Light is coming and flowing greater and greater.

Embrace and engulf yourself in the Light and do not allow your outer to have any opinions regarding all that is happening around you.  Trust that God has your back, the God in YOU, the Glorious Presence on God that YOU ARE!

You cannot ascend when you see imperfections in others as you close the door to your heart as imperfections are just separation, and there is no separation in the Heart of the Father.

And Love is the key that has then left you to open this door, your heart.  Only enough love will bring this key back to you for you to enter.  Love all of God’s Children, regardless of what you see on the outer within that person.   After all, it truly is just the outer.  All of us have the glorious Light within and we are all individualized Presences of God, regardless of what you see in the outer in another.

Go within and you will see the beauty of every one of God’s children.  And when you see their beauty, you will send them love and strength to allow their I AM Presence to come in so that their outer can be better managed by the inner consciousness and awareness allowing for a glorious awakening in that person…like a beautiful rose petal that opens up and turns into beauty for the eyes to see.

Be the sunlight that shines on this rose allowing that person to open up and awaken.  That is the greatest gift you can make to another person, your service to the Light, to that other person in their awakening to their guaranteed ascension back to the Father’s Heart…

I am sending you all my love and Divine Blessings…


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DEEPAK CHOPRA -A Path to Personal Forgiveness: Defeat the Three Dragons – 12-12-15

DEEPAK CHOPRA   -A Path to Personal Forgiveness: Defeat the Three Dragons   –   12-12-15

All of us, I feel fairly certain, believe that forgiveness is a positive quality. But the fact that religion has been the traditional basis for finding forgiveness has made it seem quite often that there’s something saintly, or at the very least unusually gentle, compassionate, and selfless in those who can forgive. Since the current project is to create a wave of forgiveness with a global reach, I think forgiveness needs to be brought down to earth.

To begin with, forgiveness comes at the end of a process, not at the beginning. In order to forgive yourself or another person, three obstacles must be overcome. Let’s call them the three dragons of judgment, anger, and blame. Each has had powerful effects in everyone’s life. Millions of people feel justified in clinging to their own dragons, and it takes conviction to realize that nothing about judgment, anger, and blame actually serves anyone’s self-interest.

The reason that we cling to our dragons is out of a belief that they somehow serve us. In medicine we call this a secondary benefit, as when a child with tonsillitis gets to stay home from school and eat ice cream after his tonsils are removed — that’s a secondary benefit of being sick. The three dragons also have secondary benefits even though they represent a psychological malady.

Judgment has the benefit of making you feel righteous, justified, morally superior, and on the good side of “us versus them” thinking.

Blame has the secondary benefit of shifting responsibility to someone else, escaping moral scrutiny, and having no need to examine your part in the conflict.

Anger has the benefit of justifying revenge, providing an outlet for hostility and aggression, and keeping you safe from fear, which is a much harder emotion to deal with than anger.

As a practical matter, then, the process of forgiveness is about choosing to renounce these secondary benefits. Why make such a choice? Leaving aside the people who have inculcated forgiveness as a moral or spiritual virtue, someone has to actually experience the advantages of forgiveness. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and fortunately, almost everyone who has walked the path to forgiveness testifies that they feel much better personally without the burdens of judgment, blame, and anger. Second-hand testimony is a helpful motivation, but realistically, it’s a minor factor compared with the personal sensation of defeating your own dragons.

I’d like to encourage anyone who wishes to become a unit of peace in the world to consider walking the path of forgiveness, and so as a practical matter, let me simplify it — in essence, the following things are necessary.

A Path to Forgiveness: 7 Key Steps

Find your own peace through meditation, yoga, or other contemplative practice.

Renounce the illusion that you can change someone else’s morality or worldview.

Know that you can do more to change the world by who you are than by anything you can say or teach.

Take responsibility for nonviolence in your speech and actions.

Address the issues of judgment, blame, and anger in yourself.

Associate with like-minded people who are committed to peace and forgiveness.

Adopt a vision of the highest possibilities for humankind.

If you pay attention to one or more of these steps every day, you will bring the power of self-awareness into play, and self-awareness is the level of the solution. Talking about forgiveness, struggling to overcome your own judgment, blame, and anger, even vowing to have no enemies in the world — these are good intentions that need a level of peace consciousness in order to be truly lasting and effective.

What I’m calling upon here is a merging of spiritual and moral values with psychological realism. A mind filled with judgment, blame, and anger has trained the brain to favor those pathways. Forms of violence become habitual when they are paralleled by pathways in the brain that have turned into the path of least resistance. The more you favor intolerance and prejudice, the easier they become. People who now see reason to abandon blame and judgment have turned those attitudes into default positions that their brains click into. It’s important to take seriously the numerous studies in social psychology that show something we all wish wasn’t true: The more you offer anyone rational reasons for letting go of a harsh prejudice or fixed opinion, the more strongly they cling to those prejudices and opinions.

By the same token, the most effective negotiators are those who enter a situation showing respect for both sides of the dispute — that’s because peace consciousness lowers the other person’s defensiveness. So we have already listed several reasons why forgiveness is personally beneficial:

You feel lighter and more unburdened.

You no longer allow judgment, blame, and anger to be in control of your responses.

You will be more effective in situations where conflicts need to be settled.

You are undertaking a change that will free your brain up from a mindless default setting.

This perspective will help you to consider the path to forgiveness, but the hard reality is that trying to be more peaceful raises a threatening specter. A voice inside warns, “If you forgive the bad guys, they only get stronger, and in the end you lose.” To bolster this warning, there are lots of frightening historical examples, such as the appeasement with Hitler that allowed him to invade helpless countries without fear of reprisal. Everywhere that evil and bad faith must be opposed, from Kosovo to ISIS, from the concentration camps to the Gulag, the power of forgiveness seems not just feeble but immoral.

For this reason, we are all fence-sitters about both peace and forgiveness. We pick and choose when to fight and when to forgive. We blame the people it’s impossible to forgive and make peace mostly with those who already want to make peace. Gandhi faced a tottering British Empire that was ready to make concessions; we have no Gandhis who stopped Attila the Hun. When it comes to fence-sitting, the following points may help to promote more forgiveness.

First, be easy with yourself. Forgive whom you can. Make the right gestures and keep making them, but don’t struggle to forgive someone you simply feel doesn’t deserve it. You aren’t meant to become a saint, only a unit of peace consciousness.

Second, allow yourself to evolve. Forgiveness is a path. The more you walk it, the more your awareness expands, and the possibilities of peace, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness expand at the same time, because these are qualities of consciousness once resistance has been removed.

Third, obey the practicalities without becoming a slave to them. As a practicality, criminals need to be caught, tried, and sometimes imprisoned. But to use this as a justification for revenge, cruelty, fear, and social feuding is to become a slave to wrongdoing. “Love the sinner but hate the sin” is a dictum almost impossible to live up to, but the distinction makes sense.

A world in conflict has always been with us. Fear, war, violence, retribution, and “us versus them” thinking have been in place since recorded time. But humankind evolves, and we are unique among all living creatures in holding the power of evolution in our own hands. A forgiveness initiative brings something new to the evolutionary table. For every person who becomes a unit of peace consciousness, the future changes even as the present is uplifted.

This post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and “Forgive for Peace,” in conjunction with the UN’s International Day of Peace (Sept. 21, annually). The International Day of Peace is devoted to strengthening the ideals for peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. Forgiveness is the first step on the path toward Peace and therefore the Forgive for Peace Campaign was established. It also marks an annual day of non-violence and calls for a laying down of arms to bring about a 24-hour cease fire on September 21st. To learn more about Forgive for Peace, visit here.

Illumination and Inspiration – Lady Nada and Sananda – Discernment and Openness in place of Judgment – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 8-7-15

Illumination and Inspiration   –   Lady Nada and Sananda   –   On Judgment   –   Channeled by Fran Zepeda   –   8-7-15

Fran Zepeda

Fran: This capsule of information came in as I was pondering how much judgment has been a part of our lives, but also how things are changing, and asking for illumination on the subject, I received this and share it with you now: ,


Lady Nada and Sananda  (Received August 2, 2015):

“Throughout your long existence in duality, judgment has been your stalwart, your guidepost, your guiding light to navigate your many twists and turns within your reality. And it has served you well. It has seemingly kept you safe and kept you moving towards your goals. We say seemingly, because while it has moved you forward and kept you safe in many cases, it has also limited you in your many experiences in your journey of moving into higher consciousness.

Yet judgment has served its purpose. It has been necessary and has served you in your sojourn in duality, in navigating your many phases of evolution towards enlightenment and higher consciousness and Oneness. It has been a necessary phase to move you further along in your development and to allow you to move into your continual refinement of your energies as you move out of duality, and ultimately to discover that judgment can now be replaced with discernment and openness to new experiences in consciousness.

Looking at and examining the many times you have used judgment as a compass will be an enlightening exercise in discovering and examining the workings of your old ways of moving through life — that although they have served you, it is now time to allow yourselves to shift into the new perspective brought into your consciousness by the new higher energies, steadily becoming more comfortable residing within you.

You can now look at each new choice, idea, thought and occurrence as a canvas to explore the many sides of a question, occurrence, thought or idea as all-encompassing and all-pervading, with many facets and points of view, allowing you to see that within all of it holds the whole truth, to which you become open and more accepting and to feel more comfortable living within all of it, as a whole, with a feeling of “it is what it is”.

It is important you do not judge yourselves for judging, for in many ways this form of navigation in life has served you as you have moved through your eons within duality. And as you know, it is always a challenge to move out of the old ways. However, you are finding that it is becoming easier to move beyond this older mode of operation you have used to guide you, as you merge with your higher selves, aspects, and higher consciousness and embrace the new vibrant energies of change that are upon you now.

Dear ones, it is becoming easier for you to recognize when and how you judge things as good or bad, black or white, negative or positive, as you allow yourselves to ride the waves of change and open your energies to embrace all perspectives, all expressions and all thoughts as containing a multitude and plethora of possibilities, embracing it ALL in the present expansion of your consciousness.

And discernment will serve you in guiding you in the direction of your highest good, of your highest consciousness, your highest vibration, bringing you into new territory, allowing you to stay in the higher dimensions with more ease and sustainability.

And discernment is a means of choice based on your inherent compass housed in your heart and higher consciousness, your inner voice to which you are learning to listen and abide by, based on your Divine Love Essence and Soul-stirrings as you climb the ladder to higher consciousness, perceiving things from the perspective of your Christ Consciousness ever-building within you, as you merge with your higher aspects and lovingly take in the higher energies pervading you now…

…And thus inherently choosing all action and thought based on this higher consciousness, anchored in Divine Love, guiding you now in place of the way judgment used to guide you.

And there you have it, dear ones, as we offer you another means of opening up your perspective and consciousness to a higher level of clarity within your inherent journey into the higher realms of consciousness.


Healing to Wholeness Sessions and Channelings by Email are back on Special, to assist in your further Awakening:

Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included. ,

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Ascension – Self Reflection, Judgement, Forgiveness – True MerKaBa – 8-2-15

Hello dear Sisters and Brothers, I wanted to follow up with my article on Twin Flame alignment and elaborate more specifically on self reflection as this is or these are the final trials we will face in our ascension process as we cross the Rainbow Bridge. Many of us are well passed the Veil of Secrecy, yet we are not quite ready for self reflection, or have yet to establish a close interaction and understanding with our higher selves/hearts.
We all have a Knowing Self and a Thinking Self, or in another way, a Temporal Self and a Spiritual Self. The Veil of Secrecy exists between these two aspects of our full spectrum selves as the Bridge of Consciousness, however this is not the Rainbow Bridge which exists as a process of self reflection as we begin to understand the Christ Self or Angelic Self and then look upon our lives with divinity. This is the ascension process. We will all look upon our deeds, misdeeds, moments of charity, grace or mistakes in absolute truth from the perspective of our Highest Light; the God Self. For all the gifts we have gifted to our fellow brethren, we will experience these moments outside of time and equally so, for all the errors in judgement that may have hurt another, we will experience those moments as well from the perspective of the ones we left an impression upon.
Ascension is essentially a reception of ourselves in a totality of the love we are incarnate. We must release all fears, regrets and uncertainties, then forgive and accept ourselves for the time we are incarnate in the space we hold. In fear, greed, hatred, anger and lust, we know ourselves in absolution, struggling to understand those emotions that we shared with one another throughout our incarnate lifetime. And those will be baby steps for some and long strides for others. For those that exist in a state of acceptance and grace, we will have the opportunities to lend a hand for those suffering in emotional crisis as even baby steps can be too arduous at times. Either way, from the fall of man, we will rise again in unity and love once again.
When we “know” what to do, we are receiving information in the form of light or energy from both the Cosmic Star Center and the Causal Star Center in through our Crown Gateway. When we “Think about what to do” we are thinking in a trinity as God Self, Christ Self and within the temporal mind which is, in this trinity, an infinitely powerful mind. The Veil of Secrecy exists between the Crown Gateway and our higher light. The more self reflection we can do in Living Prayer/Meditation, the less difficult our journey across the Rainbow Bridge will be. Let us all sail with wings wide open in grace, dear sisters and brothers.
Let our Ethereal journey be an emotional cleansing of all that we are. Let that Energy in Motion carry us with Divinity. Our (E)Motions are our Two Hearts always working in self reflection. Even if we are not aware of our Higher Selves, that Higher Heart(Thymus) is still only half of the (M)ass we hold in space and time(E=MC2). And set apart by whichever dimensional world we are incarnate within, that time is relative to the (C)Speed of Light we are vibrating at; for example the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions moving at different rates so speed and each world/creation/dimension higher and faster than the previous. Our Spiritual and Temporal Hearts and Minds are in tandem, our incarnate experience or expression of our highest light, now, then and hence forth.
For more information about how we anchor to Mother Gaia through the Earth Star and receive our Divine Blueprint from the Cosmic Star centers, see True Love Sacred Geometry. We receive our Divine Blueprint through the Ascension Star Center as that focuses downward towards the Earth Star Center. And we receive the Divine Mother or GaIa’s empowerment of her surface energies at our Root Center as it focuses to a point at the Cosmic Star Center above the head. In this we, we are relative to “Father Time” and graced with the privilege of holding and sharing Space within our Mother Gaia. We are part of her and we are ascending with(in) her as one.
In so many ways, we are a Holy Trinity. Let our Golden Flame of Divinity carry us wings open, soaring into our future. With Blessings of Love and Adoration, ♥ Jacob


Questions for Jim Self – How do I Release the Belief that I Did Something Wrong? – 8-29-14


An excerpt from
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Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

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