Brenda Hoffman – Are You Compromising Joy?

Brenda Hoffman


Dear Ones,

You have likely discovered that despite your best attempts, you are feeling somewhat burdened by the holiday activities. Such is so because you are not only fulfilling 3D commitments, you are also allowing, even encouraging new skills and directions within you.

What you are not yet aware of is that you are also likely to feel more joy than expected throughout the next few days. Such is so because you have climbed and conquered the mountain of guilt, shame, lack of self-love, and fear that was your 3D being lifetime after lifetime. Instead of wishing and hoping, you are beginning to feel the need to change, to create experiences that better meet your inner needs.

Even though you have prepared for months, years, even decades, it was only recently you allowed your inner-being to direct you. For you believed lifetime after lifetime that your directives were dependent on those wiser or wealthier than you.

Such is not to say you are completely free of 3D dictates, but that you question far beyond what you ever have. No longer are you willing to appease someone at your expense – emotionally or physically.

You are ready to create your new life. A life which may include those you now hold dear – or not. You are a new being in a new physical body.

Perhaps such a declaration does not seem that important now. But as you adjust to new you with new needs, you will understand what we are speaking of. For this need to create a new life is little different from what was true when we suggested you explore self-love.

The 3-D phrase of self-love held little meaning for you until you started living in self-love.

So it is for your creations. Your first creative wishes were perhaps of items that would propel you forward in your societal domain – a new car, home, bigger television, etc. That is until you began questioning the need of others to discount, ignore, blame, or shame you.

Instead of accepting “browbeating” as part of your expected life, you felt the need to talk back, respond, deflect, ignore, or leave.

So it is now. You are shifting from pleasing everyone to knowing that before you can truly please anyone, you must please yourself. For your happiness, your joy is your light. Such is so because more and more beings of the earth are tired of the moodiness, anger, physical violence, betrayal, arrogance, and all other pieces that encourage anyone to feel less than they are.

Others will begin to question your joy.

Even if you have not yet pinpointed where your joy originates, you will soon enough. For your joy is dependent on your freedom of thought and action. As you allow those pieces to flow, so will your joy expand through and around you.

You are your own guru means that no one but you can make you sad or happy.

As you claim the energies now pummeling earth, you will decide sadness is no longer your friend. And that despite others’ tales of fear and anger, such is their choice, not yours.

Until now, you have felt the need to sense and then respond to fears and anger, pushing aside your joys in compliance with the woes of others. “How can I be joyful if my friend is suffering?”

Instead of accepting that your joy is a more important healing tool than sympathetic woes can ever be, you compromised your joy to meet the needs of others.

If everyone creates their life – and they do – why do you need to play their game instead of yours? Is it not more fun to play than to cry?

As a child, your best friend was most often someone fun to play and talk with. So it is now only in reverse. For you are in a new role in a new time.

Perhaps those friends and family who continue to feel the need for fear and pain will wish to be with you – or not. That is not your decision – it is theirs. Just as you are now declaring your freedom from fear.

Many of you wonder what you should do or say to those with physical ailments or emotional stresses. What do you wish to say? Do you wish to console them? Exit from the relationship or help repair them emotionally or physically?

The only choice you no longer have is to try to make them whole at your expense.

For you are no longer willing to placate, coddle, or take care of them if they are not willing to care for themselves.  Such will be your deciding factor. If they wish you to deny your truth to take care of them because they are too afraid, too lazy or too stuck in fear to do so for themselves, you will not be interested in furthering that relationship.

Some of you worry that such a statement indicates new you is selfish and unsocial. The opposite is true for you are claiming yourself in a new joy environment. Something you have planned for and dedicated yourself to for eons.

You are free and so is everyone.

How often do you expect others to take care of you? Most likely, you – because of your strengths – have been the designated caretaker for many of those you hold in your heart. But doing so is no different from a parent protecting their child from all pain and then suddenly thrusting them into the world expecting them to function in a world filled with fear and failure.

You forerunners are the joyful guides of those who wish to follow. Commiserating and taking care of their pain does not help you – and most certainly creates fear in them as they realize they cannot be like you. For they will continue to hold 3D fears without knowledge of how to eradicate or complete their clearing process as you needed to do before you discovered self-love.

You are not selfish or fearful. You are the joy example that will only strengthen as you declare your freedom to be and the same for all. So be it. Amen.

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JESUS – CHRISTMAS, A TIME OF JOY – via Victoria Cochrane – (REPOST – 12-24-14)


Christmas is a joyful time for many who can spend it with their family and loved-ones. However, for many it is a sad and lonely occasion. Many people no longer have family or friends close by, and some even choose to be alone rather than to spend it with anyone. For those people, Christmas holds no joy at all.

The Christmas message is one of hope and new life. It is one of connection to God the Creator of all-that-is and his unconditional love for all humans, not just Christians. Whether you are alone or with family, sick in hospital, and are Christian or non-Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or of no faith at all, my love is within you and will lead you to the shining light and unconditional love of the Creator. The Supreme Source holds you safe in his light and makes no judgement on your actions, words, thoughts or deeds. His love is total and all consuming, bringing peace, joy and feelings of goodwill to all who wish to connect with it.

Never feel you are alone. There are no conditions, no requirements, no need for forgiveness or attachment to any religion. The love of the Creator just is, and it is available now, in your heart and all around you. It is in the whisper of the trees, the chirping of the birds, the babbling of a stream and in the beating of your heart. Be still and feel, hear and know the love of the Creator that is rightfully and Divinely yours.

This Christmas give thanks for all you have, even if it is little. Open your heart to my presence to lead you to the Creator, for feelings of peace and happiness within you will project out to those around you and bring back more of the same to you.

May love and tidings of joy be yours this Christmas, wherever and whoever you are.

I AM Jesus

Victoria Cochrane

FIND YOUR JOY! – SANANDA via Kerstin Eriksson – by – 12-3-17

Sananda aaa


Today, I have to say dear beloved friends, I have a great message to you!
Joy is everywhere, and it is yours to embrace fully!
Joy is a living energy!
Joy is alive, and well, and joy is awaiting your call!
Joy is your best friend!
Joy is a free energy, always full with love and hope and faith!

So would you let go of your joy, voluntarily?
Would you let go of your dearest friend?
No of course not!
But what if I say;

you have forgotten about joy, your own joy, that you had as a child.
You have lost a big bit of your joy, and you have searched for your joy for a long time
and you have only found pieces of it.

Now there is new times!
Now you call upon your joy, and you will find it again.
Even though, it has been kidnapped!

The new fifth dimension upgrade makes this possible.
Now the joy is ready to come back to you,
as your own joy has your DNA code.
All of us have!
Your own joy wants to come back to you, and surround you again as it did when you where young!

Those that have stolen others joy, can no longer do it.
But you have to be alert, and awakened, to realize this,
your part in it, is to call your joy back!

It has to do with the abundance of life,
you have to make a choice,
you have to use your free will,
and to embrace this with your heart!

Your hearts light and love are now intoned with
fifth dimension, and can now recall, the joy, that has been lost for very long.

Joy is a loving energy, and belongs to you, as you once created it!
Joy, misses you, to swirl around you, making your day more happy, filled with more faith, hope and love…as the life in 5 dimension is all about!

So, don’t hesitate, dear beloved friends,
say a prayer for recalling your joy,
I love you


Channeling with Sananda, Sunday 3 December 2017
Recalling your love. Let there be joy! Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson

MIKE QUINSEY – Message from Higher Self – 8-11-17 – You are well into the New Age!

Image result for Mike Quinsey


11th August 2017. Mike Quinsey.

You are well into the New Age and the necessary changes are progressing and beginning to take place. They cannot be stopped and are necessary to commence the establishment of the new version of the Earth. The old Earth is to be cleansed and all that is of the lower vibrations will disappear. For the Human Race that means a life without drudgery or the incessant need to cope with the lack of things that would have given you a peaceful and rewarding life. The negative influences will gradually lessen until they are completely removed. At the same time great changes will ensure that your life becomes more rewarding, and it will be a wonderful experience to be present on the new Earth, and most importantly you will create more free time for yourselves.

Those souls who have been successful in raising their vibrations will rightly be those that ascend, and find a level of happiness relatively unknown in your present time. Life will be joyful and in unity with all others, and love experienced that is beyond your present comprehension. The Golden Age will truly have commenced and the eager co-operation of all souls will carry it forward to levels you have not yet experienced. It is just reward for all of the hard work and dedication put in by you. There will eventually be the one Human Race with all souls equally sharing in the bounties of the Earth that will be in abundance. Everything you have ever desired will be possible and the power of thought will be universal. Individuals will be able to have whatever their needs, and no one will take more than they require as the energies of greed and self-service will have been long gone.

Understand that when the old cycle ended because you had raised your vibrations sufficiently, you avoided an end to the Age that could have easily brought about the near destruction of Earth. It was seen as a certain possibility as the principle nations faced each other in readiness for nuclear war. Having avoided such a world catastrophe all old prophesies have now become defunct and a new era has opened up, and you have been gradually moving into the changes you have brought about by raising your vibrations. War is no longer an option and in time all things of war will no longer be carried forward. Peace is settling upon Earth and soon restoration will commence in the many war torn countries, allowing the people all the time they need to recover. It will also hasten the introduction of new innovations, that have been held back waiting for peace to settle upon Earth, giving the right opportunities enabling them to be released.

There are two main timelines, so at times there may be some confusion as to where events are leading, but be assured that for those of you who have lifted your vibrations are heading for a bright, beautiful and peaceful future. Once it commences mankind will quickly take a great leap forward into the New Age, and there will be no doubts in your mind that the past is being left behind for good. Of course you will have memories of the good times but these will soon be eclipsed by the happy times that are to come. Freedom will really mean that you are free to travel the world in safety, and as new methods of transport come into being you will not spend so much of your time travelling as you did previously.

By focusing on a bright and peaceful future you help it manifest and will feel safe in that energy, and untouched by what goes on around you. Understandably you may feel sad that some friends or family do not seem to be on your wavelength, but bear in mind that they may be following a different path that will also have the opportunity to ascend. Please do not pre-judge anyone as in truth you cannot know their life plan that can be totally different to yours. All souls on Earth are going to gain through their experiences and nothing is wasted even if they do not ascend this time round. Not every soul will have expected to ascend this lifetime, but will have wanted to gain experience to speed up their evolution. To be on Earth at this time is a privilege, as many wanted to come but were not chosen. So those of you here at present have been specially chosen, so make the most of the opportunity given to you.

The future is exciting and you can breathe a sigh of relief, as you are well on the path to the completion of your long journey through the lower vibrations. It has been tough and very trying, yet you have found your true selves, and now stand ready to move up into the higher vibrations. Much has already been prepared to make your lives easier and more pleasurable. The Human Race is only just coming of age and will become as One with all others, and go forward to achieve even greater progress. You have so much ahead of you, and at the same time will have earnt your freedom to travel the Galaxy in your continuing quest for knowledge and experience.

Even by your method of explaining time in linear terms you are relatively new in the Universe, and will have the help of the Pleiadians who seeded you in the first instance. In fact they have been following your evolution for a considerable time, and now recognise your progress as indicating you are ready for a great step forward. As and when a suitable time is reached they will make contact with you, and with the benefit of their experience and help you will speedily move on. At the higher level all Beings consider themselves as One and help each other to make progress. However, freewill is still in place and you will make your own decisions where your future is concerned, although guidance is always available should you desire it.

The cleansing of the Earth is nowhere near completion, and the old clings on not realizing that its time is up and it must make way for the birthing of that which is to replace it. Cycles come and go all of the time but in the end time it is essential that the new is allowed to come in, and there will be strong resistance but it will be to no avail. Already plans are well advanced for the introduction of new ways of doing things that will be labour and time saving. Progress must be a continual process if you are to benefit from new discoveries that are being held back, that will make life for everyone much easier and more acceptable. The New Age beckons and for some time it has been known that new technologies have already been developed, that will overcome many of the problems that you now experience.

Humans are noted for being impatient for help or change when things become burdensome, so be assured that those Beings that oversee your progress are busy trying to bring important changes into being. You have been told quite often there has to be a right time to go ahead with them, to ensure all goes well and that the negative forces cannot interfere or impede them. It is better to wait for a while knowing that when things do go ahead it will be the right time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Jesus through John – You were created for eternal life in utter joy – 7-2-17

 Lord Sananda
Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday July 2nd.


Change is in the air!  Yes, all the channeled messages are telling you this, because you do need to focus on your awareness of this.  Don’t just dismiss these seemingly repetitive messages with a shrug and the thought “here we go again,” as your egoic memory kicks in to tell you that you have heard all this before and that really “it’s just the same old, same old.”

I assure you it is not!  Enormous changes are ongoing that will vastly alter the way you live and interact with one another all across the world, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religious persuasion, or political beliefs.  This time of great change has been a long time coming, but it is now firmly established on Earth, and despite the unsettling and disturbing news of conflicts and all the consequential problems that follow on from them, a sea change has occurred and the old and damaging ways of interaction are being rapidly discarded.

You all want to live in peace and abundance on your beautiful planet, and you all want to see her restored to vibrant good health with all the ugly and damaging industrial scars repaired, healed, and brought back to an ecologically sound state.  This is going to happen, but first the ongoing despoliation due to mining, drilling, industrial scale farming, and insensitive and unwise waste disposal has to cease.  There are many groups working on this and it will happen.  Your task as Light bearers and Light workers is to hold the intent for Love to flow abundantly into these groups, thus enabling them to work harmoniously together to achieve their loving aims for the planet and for humanity, using discernment – never judgment – to resolve issues where there appears to be disagreement.

Disagreements dissolve when full discussion of all the possibilities occurs in an attitude of willingness to look at them all without egoic preconceptions driven by an individual’s need to be right or to be the leader.  Every member of a group is an essential part of it, even if only to demonstrate the need for harmonious acceptance of the differing views that naturally arise due to the experience of separation that all are undergoing.  You are all One, but, as you operate from separated individual bodies, it is very difficult for you to accept that and work as One.

Team sports encourage this, but even they have become overly competitive over the last five or six decades as sport has become a business.  Sporting activities just for the fun of them are extremely good for your spiritual growth and development, but when they become unduly competitive, driven by egoic needs to be seen and highly praised as a special individual – better than everyone else – they are very destructive and divisive.

Undoubtedly there are gifted individuals – humans of exceptional abilities – but they still absolutely need the support of their team mates if they are to achieve their aims.  Highly gifted individual humans are just at the forefront of the evolutionary wave that humanity is undergoing, and their real purpose is to demonstrate what is becoming possible for more and more of you, not to undermine and destroy the self-confidence of the “average” human in his or her own abilities and competences.  When their self-confidence is badly damaged or destroyed individuals find themselves unable and/or unwilling to even attempt to fulfill their human potential, thus failing to understand and learn the lessons with which a human life presents them, and this is quite tragic for them, and utterly unnecessary.

Everyone has a meaningful life purpose, there are No exceptions!  However, most cultures engage in judging and shaming those who appear to be abnormal in any way.  Love never does that!  You all are LOVE.  Be yourselves, be loving, do not fear to be who you are in case others will judge you as weak or stupid.  Being yourselves, being Love, is how the world is returned to its rightful state with you as its guardians, honoring its needs as it honors yours.  You have a saying from literature “No man is an island.”  Finally humanity is realizing the absolute truth of this very wise comment.  Even if you chose to go and live alone and in seclusion as a hermit you would still be utterly dependent on the Earth’s bounty for your individual survival.

If you can truly consider what it means to be One, One with each other, and, of course, One with God, you will come to understand that there is no other way!  You are One, One Mind, One Heart, all eternally interconnected through the Source that is All.  There is nothing outside, so to exclude anyone is utterly insane.  You need to learn to accept the differences that are many-fold between individuals, and you need be open to hearing and learning the lessons that these differences offer you.  They don’t just come into your lives by chance, by coincidence; everything in your life is an essential aspect of the path you chose to follow before you incarnated.  Be aware.  When you are then judgment falls away because you see how meaningless it is to attempt to judge another.

By what standards do you judge?  Obviously by those of your own very limited opinions and beliefs.  As your awareness opens up more and more you begin to realize how extremely limited are your views and opinions.  Often awareness is refused because it can be very frightening to understand how limited and narrow is your perception of the meaning of life.  It can feel much safer to follow narrow and rigid rules – set by yourself or by authority figures or organizations that you honor out of fear – because then you do not need to use your own intelligence, wisdom, or discernment, but can rely on others who are mostly just as fearful as you are.  You just refuse to acknowledge that fear, and hide it under the judgments you make, or by behaving violently to “prove” to yourself and others how strong and powerful you are.  But of course, eventually, this deceit catches up with you, intensifying the fear that you were attempting to hide through these attitude and behaviors.

Love is the only means available to disarm and dissolve your fears, and you need nothing else!  Love, as you have so often been told, is All That Exists.  It surrounds you awaiting your acceptance of It.  When you open your hearts and welcome It in your lives will change dramatically for the better.  But you can’t pretend by putting on a loving mask or front and hiding behind it, you have to be who you truly are, a beloved child of God living as you truly desire, loving what arises and giving thanks for the fact that you are eternally One with Source, and therefore that all your needs are always met in the moment in which they arise.  If it does not seem to you that they are, then you are misreading the situation and then possibly responding or reacting inappropriately.

Just remind yourselves daily, when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary, that you are a perfect child of God, infinitely loved and cherished for all eternity.  You are having a human experience, an experience you chose to have when you chose separation from God, in order to prove to yourself that you had no need of Him.  But, as you have been told so often, separation from Source is impossible!  You have enormous creative abilities and you used them to construct the illusion in which to have your dream, or more appropriately your nightmare of separation.  You did not understand how terrifying it would be when you built it, but when you entered the illusion, thus losing all your memory and knowledge of God your eternal Source, you instantly felt lost, abandoned, alone – an impossible, unreal, dream state – terror arose because it appeared totally real to you.

You are always and eternally connected to and One with Source.  Even to momentarily imagine being removed from that state is terrifying because it indicates that there is a state of existence that is not eternal, that is limited by time and has an end.  You were created for eternal life in utter joy, and to imagine that you could move out of that state, as you did, is terrifying.  Life is eternal, BUT within the illusion it appears to be but a short moment of existence in a vast universe that is completely unaware of you!

You all know people who are always seeking acceptance, acknowledgement, praise, and love.  In truth that is how all humans live their time limited lives, and so the fear of death is always hovering in the background.  Some even flirt with it by engaging in extreme sports or other dangerous activities.  They are, like everyone else, just seeking confirmation that there is No Death!

Well I joyfully assure you that there is no death!  You are eternal and immortal beings, infinitely loved by God, and when you lay down your human bodies, as you all will, you will immediately know this.  And of course, in this modern age of mass instant communication – Reality is infinitely faster! – you can now hear from those who have had Near Death Experiences and who have returned to tell you about it and assist you in letting go of your fear of death by reminding you that it is not terminal.

You are all the eternally beloved children of God, eternally and inseparably at One with Him.  There is nothing to fear, so engage with Love, your true nature, in every moment, and delight in the joy and energy that arises within you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.  And remember that I have been there, and I knowwhat I’m talking about!

One Who Knows Update – Stay In Your Joy-Spot! – July 4, 2017

Received via email from OWK…..

Stay In Your Joy-Spot!

I have been hearing a lot of people who want to be “Good”

but talking like they are still programmed by the Cabal.

What is being good anyway?

I can tell you that Being in Lack is NOT being “GOOD.”

All this non sense talk.

via One Who Knows Update – Stay In Your Joy-Spot! – July 4, 2017 — Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

You are the love and joy beneath the pain – by Purplerays – 6-11-17

“Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behaviour. You are beneath the thinker. You are the stillness beneath the mental noise. You are the love and joy beneath the pain.” ~Eckhart Tolle Text

via You are the love and joy beneath the pain. — Purplerays

No Joy Is Too Small | Heavenletters

God said: When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself: “What can I think of to do today that will bring me even a little joy?” It’s also fine to ask: “What can I think of to do today that will bring a little joy to the world?” Basically, the answers to two questions […]

via No Joy Is Too Small | Heavenletters — Rainbow Wave of Light

Understanding Joy by Amina Deb @ In5D – 1-13-17


by Amina Deb,
Guest writer,


We read, talk, write about following our dreams, being true to ourselves, living in joy and love in order to experience peace within ourselves as well as peace with others. Easy platitudes, but what does that really mean?

For this article, and beyond if it suites you, let’s accept as truth that we each hold and carry a Divine, pure spark the foundation of which is Love. Let’s also accept what physicists say about everything vibrating and having a signature frequency; the signature frequency being what makes a particular thing “stick together” thus forming a person, chair, plant, etc.

Having accepted that we are, at our core, each unique, individual vibrating sparks of Love, by doing something that is joyful for us, it actually means we are in alignment with our unique signature frequency. This is why it is joyful, enjoyable and fun…. we are in alignment with Love as it is being uniquely expressed through us in the way that is only applicable for us as an individual.

A lack of joy means we are not in alignment with our unique, true selves. Ever heard the phrase, “going with the flow?” Yep… we are either in the bandwidth of our signature vibrational frequency (being in the flow) or we are not. Feeling love, contentment, joy, peace means we are in our personal “flow”.

A hint: if there is mind chatter, repetitive thoughts over past or future situations, ruminating over other people, the actions of others, work, anything at all… we are outside of our unique “flow”.

Much like tuning the dial on an older radio, the more static (thoughts & mind chatter) the further away we are from the exact frequency that is our unique signature vibration and thus the further away we are from aligning with joy, excitement and peace.

Now let’s accept one last piece to our little thought experiment. Let’s accept that we do receive back what we put out, that life mirrors us, that we attract to us what we are the vibration of. This means we are ALWAYS 100% supported by life and the universe. If we vibrate love, peace and happiness, life supports us in that by mirroring the ways we are loved and the ways we find peace as well as happiness in daily life. When we slip into the vibration of lack or fear based beliefs, life supports us there too and gives us reasons to feel lack as well as reasons to be afraid.

Not only are we being shown through the mirror of life that we are always 100% supported, life is also reflecting back what lies in the depths of our unconscious/subconscious mind. This is why all the positive affirmation in the world at times do not to work. Affirmations must match unconscious beliefs, hidden definitions, and personal perspectives in order for them to be effective.

If affirmations are falling short of materializing, there is a disconnection between what is believed by the conscious mind and what is believed to be true by the subconscious mind. Life always mirrors what is lurking in the depths of the subconscious. Trust life knowing that it is lovingly showing what beliefs are keeping our heart from beating in total trust of Love. Daily life is actually a treasure trove full of gifts and information just waiting to be claimed. It is our free ticket to a life full of joy, happiness, love and peace.

If life is reflecting what we would not prefer, it is an invitation to look deep into our beliefs. One of the easiest ways to illuminate them is to consciously hold awareness as to whether or not we are following the path of what is joyful in each moment. Joy is our tractor beam allowing life to express itself through our unique creation in a way that will be in service to all.

Are we easily able to follow our joy or are we struggling with what we “should” be doing? If we are struggling with the “oughts” and “shoulds”, it means we are holding a belief that is out of alignment with our core signature frequency. The good news is that with such information, we have a place to begin our investigation of belief explorations and play with life.

Following what contains even the slightest shred of the most joy in each moment with even the smallest and simplest of choices keeps us in alignment with our Core Truth. If the floor needs mopping but playing with our dog feels more joyful …. Choose to play with the dog because that is what is in alignment with our signature vibrational frequency at that moment. The floor will get mopped in perfect timing. It may take another 3 days but so what?! It is far more important to stay in alignment with personal flow so life can arrange itself in a way that supports us with ease and grace.

Remain flexible. Just because a particular thing “lit up” with joy does not necessarily mean it must be followed through to the end. If something brighter and shinier shows up, stop and follow that instead. Oftentimes one joyful thread was only present as a means to lead us to another. Think of it as following a trail of breadcrumbs. Hold each step, each crumb experience, as the magical event it truly is with no attachment or assumption as to the outcome. This keeps the doors wide open for an infinite number of miraculous ways life can unfold.

Synchronicities are the magic in life that happens when living in our personal flow. To do what “ought to be done” will stifle that magic from unfurling. I’ve tried this and it WORKS. Surprisingly, sometimes a couple of hours later or maybe a couple of days later, moping my floor will be what contains the most joy. Not only will my floor get mopped, it will surprisingly take less time and effort.

Nothing will be left undone that needs to be done. Notice I said: “that NEEDS to be done”. Living life by following our personal flow will illuminate quickly those things being done out of our “training” to do them. We quickly see all the ways who we truly are have been hijacked and overshadowed by the motivations, some well-intended of course, of others.

Even if we don’t choose to actually follow what brings us the most joy in a particular moment, taking the time to notice when we act on our joy and when we instead follow the “oughts” and “shoulds” is incredibly insightful. Watch, notice, and be amazed.

Start small. Start with baby steps. Practice by asking in each moment, “out of the choices I have right now, what is the one thing that “lights up” the most for me?” Now obviously, we would each choose going to the beach in Tahiti, taking that much needed trip, skiing, all of those fun things that pop into our heads but typically those big ticket items are not something that can be acted on in that moment. Choices come from what is within our capacity to act on in that moment.

Joy supports us in letting go of the lower vibrations, old habits and attachments to the past that are no longer applicable to the existence of living in the higher levels of our consciousness. Joy is the tractor beam to finding and living all we were meant to be. Joy is what leads us to be in service to ALL and as a part of the all, we participate in receiving service as well. Joy is our birthright. Joy brings magic. Joy opens our hearts to living in Love.

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,
Amina Deb

The Trap We All Fall Victim ToAbout the author: Amina Deb Lewis has been a seeker and student in esoteric, spiritual and scientific studies for over 40 years. As the proverbial square peg in a world of round holes, her greatest joy in is sharing various perspectives and tools on living your Individual Unique Truth to its fullest capacity possible. Contact info:

Suzanne Lie -The JOY Of Hope – 11-14-16


Suzanne Lie

The higher message is come in like an invisible rain that your body feels but,
you, your consciousness, can’t quite interpret.

You, the human, feels an invisible message is caressing your heart and stimulating your mind.

Then you, the human, realize that you know something that you did not know before. That is, before you thought that maybe something loving, something special, was whispering into your imagination.

This special message feels like a first drop of rain after a long drought,
or a warm fire after being out in the freezing winter.

Yes, the winter has been long, and it threatens to offer another storm.

But, you refuse to participate in a frequency of reality in which that storm will be waged.

You know that “change is afoot,” as Sherlock Holmes would say.

But you do not know how that change will occur.

Will you even recognize it when it is in front of you?

Or will you walk right through the change and never know that an opportunity was missed
because you were “searching” rather than “being.”

A new operating system is being downloaded into the body of Gaia.

This operating system is planetary and is not influenced by mere humans.

In fact, most humans will not notice the soft breeze, the random thoughts,
and the quick moment of euphoria that you feel when there is no apparent reason.

How does it feel to be a bird and to lift off from the ground with the power of your wings?

You do not have wings, but you do have imagination, and imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

If your imagination can assist you to think fifth dimensionally,

your perceptions of reality will follow that thought as it travels

beyond the confines of third dimensional life and into your new reality,

as well as into your heart and mind, to grow those wings.

But your wings are not of feathers.

Your wings are of light and are invisible to those who are blind to the mysteries of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

Those humans are too busy seeing, hearing and living within the 3D Matrix that traps their imagination in worry and confines it in the dark fog of doubt.

Yes, there is doubt in your physical life because you are being squeezed into small packages of reality that some one else is creating.

Then, that some one else reminds you that there is something wrong with you.

They say that all you do is daydream and look off into that which is invisible.

But it is only invisible to them.

To you it is visible. To you it is real.

You see it, you hear it, and you wish to hold it in your heart and remember that hope is yours/ours to create!

No one, and no thing, can pry that hope from our heart and mind.

In fact, any one who would try to steal our hope would not be able to even perceive it.

Hope can only live as long as we remember that, “We are not alone”

We are forever guided, protected,

and loved by our own multidimensional expressions of SELF.

The fact that we can remember the difference between doubt and hope

allows us to “read” the energy trails that stream into us, around us, and through us.

We are the hope that we create

We are the hope that we accept

We are the hope of the ONE within the NOW that guides us through the storm.

We are the humans who are wet from the invisible rain of Light and Love.

We are the humans that are brave as a bull and gentle as a lamb.

We are our Multidimensional SELF within every cell and atom of our earth vessel.

WE ARE HERE NOW to follow our Hope

into the love that guides us HOME to our true SELF.

WE ARE HERE NOW to share our Hope with those who need it,

And even with those who dare not ask for it.

The joyous part of HOPE is that:

The more we give Hope to others, the more we give Hope to our SELF.

The joyous part of HOPE is when we give to others!

Hope is the gift that we give away

And it circles back into the Heart and the Mind of the Giver.

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The Cycle of Joy ~ Energy update ~ Channeling the Masters through Jenny Schlitz — Our Shifting Perspective

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WHAT BRINGS ANGELS JOY? – Archangel Metatron via Melanie Beckler-4-13-16

Beautiful Angel
WHAT BRINGS ANGELS JOY?   –   Archangel Metatron  via  Melanie Beckler-4-13-16
How To Discover Your Purpose and Deepen Your Joy

Joy and purpose are this week’s Ask the Angel’s themes. Archangel Metatron shares with us that angels’ exist at the vibration of joy and love. The purpose of angels is to support all of humanity and to help us transition out of duality.

Wondering how it is you do that?

The key, is aligning with your highest purpose. Metatron shares how to deepen your calling once you have realized and aligned your life with your true purpose.

Learn more from this powerful Q & A with Archangel Metatron, channeled by Melanie Beckler.

“From the angels perspective, what would give them the greatest joy?” – Harry

“Our greatest joy is our default. Beloved one, understand that we, angels, are non-physical beings. We serve a specific purpose. We serve according to divine will. We exist in a state that is divine, in a state of non-duality. And so, the question we would like to turn this around towards is – What brings you the greatest joy? For this is in accordance with our mission and purpose to serve you, to love you, to support you in aligning joy and blessings in your life.

We are joy by default. We are the vibration of love by default, of peace, in union with the Divine at all times. Existing to support you, to support humanity, in transitioning out of duality, out of despair, out of suffering, into remembrance of your ability to retain this full connection with divine joy, love, peace, prosperity, harmony at all times as well.

And so, what brings your greatest joy?

It is indeed, when you are in alignment with your highest calling and purpose. This is what is fulfilling. And you align with this by being present, by being clear. Clarity, meaning you’re not weighed down with thought, and belief, and tension, and lower vibrational energies. Being clear means you allow your truth, your higher self in spirit to shine through you, to be reflected in all areas of your life.

Angels Vibrate with Joy and Love×1024.jpg 652w,… 700w” data-lazy-src=”” data-lazy-srcset=”×300.jpg 191w,… 652w,… 700w” sizes=”(max-width: 329px) 100vw, 329px” />

Living in love, living passionately, taking inspired action, living in a state of joyful bliss does not need to come about from anything external in your world. In fact, truly vibrant and joyful bliss can be found despite whatever the circumstances of your external world may be.

When you step back in a position of observer, when you step back out of duality, into divine love, joy can be found in every situation. Joy is the quality of letting God light shine through you, living as the divine angelic being you authentically are, embracing curiosity over fear, willingness before doubt, love before judgment.

This is not a list of how we in the angelic realm think you should live. It is the list of what vibrationally resonates with your truth. And when you are in vibrational resonance with truth, with your highest self in spirit, where there is nowhere in your life that you’re betraying yourself, that you’re second-guessing yourself, that you’re doubting yourself, joy is able to shine through.

This is not to say you need to stay in a state of joy always – When a loved one dies, when you witness a tragedy, when sadness appears. So too, can you step back into the position of observer – Observing the one who is sad, and loving that one that appears. If anger arises in you, which does so, because you feel like your views are being squashed in some way, like you are being suppressed in some way, and so, anger arises, love the one who is angry that appears, love the anger that arises within you.

And this vantage of observer that is always in joy – The joy of observing, the joy of witnessing. This is what we desire for you.

This, I will concede is that which will bring angels the greatest joy – Seeing you in your authentic truth, your highest light, not being weighed down by the events of the world around you, but observing, witnessing, loving. And so, it is…


“My life purpose is to love people. What can I do more to help them deeply? Thank you.” -Dany

Dear one, as you know, in every moment, you have the opportunity to love. And we say to you, you are doing well. And we encourage you to notice that there are no small or shallow deeds when it comes to love. And so, someone asking for change on the street to love them, to help them deeply – Send a blessing, surround them with angel energy healing light, ask their angels to help them on their path, be willing to listen to others with genuine interest, with care, with love.

The act of listening is a powerful gift. It is the gift of presence – Not thinking how you may respond, but fully listening to every word, being fully energetically present with another. This is a powerful gift, especially in your busy world today, of cell phones, and mobile apps, and constant distraction, where it’s normal to be talking to someone, and seeing their eyes glaze over as they exit the conversation into thought and distraction.

Listening is a gift that the soul feels, that nurtures one spirit. And so, how do you listen? How do you truly listen to bring this deep gift of love to be present with another? Practice the gift of loving through listening by breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let your mind focus on your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Your mind can multitask – Yes. This is why you can be having a conversation with someone while listening to the words of a song, or talking and driving, or thinking, and thinking you are listening. But to really listen is to be fully present. And so, let a part of your mind fully focus on your breath. Turn listening into a meditative state where you are breathing, not thinking. And the other part of your mind is able to listen, and receive.

When you do this, the other person will notice, consciously or at the soul level. And this is a powerful gift that truly helps people – For so many of you are used to being ignored, brushed aside, not really listened to, not taken seriously. Through listening, you give the gift of presence which is an invaluable gift – For presence allows you to more fully love.

And so, breathe, be present, and listen. Through this, you are saying – “I’m here for you. I’m with you. I’m really with you. I’m here for you. I love you.” And this is deep. This makes a difference. And then with that presence and listening, hearing what they’re saying, hearing where they are, without letting your mind think about what you could say next to be clever, or wise, to be smart, to look cool.

Ask the Angels - Channeled with Melanie Beckler

When you really listen to where they are and what they’re saying, then from your heart, your response when it is your turn to speak from a place of presence appears. And you will be given the words that will most help. The willingness to speak wisdom, to offer help, to give guidance is empowered greatly through listening, through presence, through love.

But again, you’re doing well. And remember that there is a common misconception that to be spiritual in your work, you need to be a psychic, or channel, or open a crystal shop, or write a book – Quite on the contrary. To be spiritual in your work, to do your spiritual work is to be present with whatever you’re doing.

Through this, the position of janitor is a powerful, spiritual occupation. The position of a server at a restaurant – A powerful, spiritual occupation when entered into with presence – To listen others, and to listen for the still, silent void within. For from this calm void, the infinite guidance of source, of spirit, of the universe, of angels is contained. And when you really listen, only then can you hear what another is truly saying, and who they really are, and how the universe is guiding you, and what is really possible, and who you really are.

Dear spiritual being, you are loved, uplifted, and blessed. Step back into still, calm void. Breathe in, breathe out, and just be. This is powerful, deep, meaningful spiritual work. Continue. You are doing well. And so, it is…

~Archangel Metatron, channeled by Melanie Beckler

Joy Is The Harbinger of Ascension – Suzille and the Arcturians -3-15-16

Suzanne Lie


Joy Is The Harbinger of Ascension   –   Suzille and the Arcturians   -3-15-16


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Joy is the Harbinger of Ascension. This Joy can begin by flowing through the sky, a leaf, an animal or a human. Joy is not just an energy field. Joy is the doorway to open into your reality of fifth dimensional New Earth.

Unconditional Love allows you to feel Joy and Joy is the inter-dimensional portal to New Earth. There is the Joy of a new-born child, the healing of a beloved person, a successful and fulfilling project, and an important contribution to planetary Ascension.

Remember, Ascension is not a place. Ascension is a transmutation. Transmutation is when the frequency rate of a person, place, situation, thing, or planet shifts into a higher frequency of reality.

If you allow your higher self to speak with you, your fifth dimensional expression of SELF will give you a great deal of information about the path that you have chosen before you took this form, but you forgot.

Fortunately, the highest light has attracted your attention back into the fifth dimension and into the fifth dimensional expression of the “you”, who is over-lighting its fragment of the “you” who volunteered to wear a third/fourth dimensional Earth Vessel.

This Earth Vessel, however, is becoming far too small. This dynamic is occurring because your Multidimensional Mind, your Third Eye, and your High Heart are awakening and opening. This opening best occurs when you remain grounded in the planetary body of Gaia.

Once you are grounded in Gaia, your inter-dimensional portal will open and you will feel the connection in-between the core of Gaia and the portal of your own Higher Self. You will also feel the “you” that resides in-between the earthly and higher dimensional opening of your portal.

This “you” can perceive all the frequencies of all the portals that are within your Earth Vessel. Some of these portals are grounding portals, and need to be channeled through your third dimensional physical vessel, as well as your fourth dimensional astral vessel.

This version of YOU is the planetary “you” because you are wearing a garment of the same elements and elementals as Earth. This is likely the version of you who will experience a sense of “ascension.” In other words, this is your inter-dimensional self.

The form you that represents the entire planet, as well as all the frequency from the core of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water that Gaia has shared with you so that you could wear an earth vessel.

The dark ones did not want to share. They want to steal all that they can from Gaia and from all Her beings. These dark ones had the “assignment” of creating the downfall of the “third dimensional expression of Gaia.” But all nature must die to be re-born and that is the NOW of the New Dawn.

To assist in this rebirth, you must LET GO of the third/fourth dimensional versions of reality into which you bi-located. You released you primary attachment to your lives of comfort, purpose and Joy on the higher dimensions, so that you could inhabit a physical body to more fully assist Gaia.

None of you realized that life on the third dimension could be so difficult, as you all volunteered from your Galactic societies within the Now of the fifth dimensional One and far, far beyond. Third dimensional life was much more difficult than you ever imagined and many of you got lost in the myriad 3D illusions.

At least that is how you judged yourself. The truth is that all of you are doing everything that you can within the circumstances, the body, the times, the cultures, the economic spectrum, and the challenges that the particular Earth Vessel you are wearing is now facing.

Therefore, all of you are among the ones that will ride the huge tides of change, as well as all the waves of change that have been moving through the everyday life of third dimensional Gaia’s shores.

These tides of change, winds of change and inner expressions of change, have merged with the skies of change, the consciousness of change, the thoughts of change and the emotions of change and the fluidity of change.

These great changes are all happening around your Earth Vessel and deeply within your Earth Vessel. Fortunately, many of you have remembered the healing power of Unconditional Love and the trans-mutational ability of the Violet Fire.

With the memory of your SELF you can say, “I refuse to participate in “that” reality—and I send it unconditional love and Violet Fire!” transmute that which is stuck in the darkness into the Light. That Light is dawning brighter and brighter each day.

It is only by holding true to your own higher expressions of self that you can remember to re-member the decree of:

“I AM a Multidimensional Being who has chosen to take an earth vessel on physical Earth.

“I AM a Multidimensional Being who came here NOW to assist with the Ascension of Gaia.

“I AM wearing an earth vessel to share my higher frequencies of SELF with all life on Earth.

I AM that I AM.

I AM my Personal Self.

I AM my Planetary Self and

I AM Here NOW to assist with the Planetary Ascension.

JESUS / SANANDA – ~ Jesus Sananda: Be Love, Know Love, Express Love, Be In Infinite Joy – Heavenly Blessings Program – 3-15-16

Jesus Sananda: Be Love, Know Love, Express Love and Be In Infinite Joy

“First and foremost – yes, even before your service, what you think of as your mission and purpose, your job for the Mother – your first mission is to be Love, to know Love, to express Love, and to know and be Joy before you do anything else, before you attend to the tedious matters of life, whether it is health or the IRS or feeding a family, keeping a roof over your head.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ March 8, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: We are both thrilled to be back on the air once again with the Council of Love and today we welcome our beloved Jesus Sananda to the show, this time to have a word about the patterning of our reality.

I have to say that it feels like there’s no operating manual for what’s going on right now. We really have to trust that the right choice for us to make in any given moment will become clear and will reveal itself. Perhaps what’s feeling like the space between worlds right now is simply a glimpse of things to come where we no longer experience limitation as we do now.

In any case, I’m so happy to be saying, “Good morning, Linda, and welcome back to you!”

Linda: Thank you, Suzi. It’s just great to be back and I want to thank everybody who has been sending me healing energy and Love and support. It has been a long haul and certainly much longer than I had anticipated or than any of us had anticipated. But here we are and this is my virgin voyage yet again!

Suzi: It’s an exciting time with lots and lots of changes happening every single day.

Linda: I tell you, when Jesus Sananda talked to us in his New Year message, saying this was going to be “a year of extraordinary change,” I thought, “Oh, that’ll be interesting. I wonder what’s up?” We all were thinking and we all project and we all write the script, right!

But the change has been really fast and really strong and it just keeps coming. So Jesus is present, and Jesus Sananda, the fullness of that being, is really very present right now. The sense I get is he’s really here with us as that universal teacher and leader and brother, and it’s just wonderful.

Suzi: Might you offer a brief synopsis of what is meant by combining the name of Jesus and Sananda? The Earth Jesus of 2,000 years ago did not bear the name of Sananda and I guess that the two are aspects of the same being. Is Sananda the Galactic aspect of Yeshi?

Linda: No. Actually, I had the same question so I have an answer that was given to me a long time ago: Sananda – Jesus tells me, Yeshi tells me – is in fact his soul name. We all have soul names. So when he is in the fullness of his being – well, Jesus never talks to us when he is not in the fullness of his being. But very often he will talk to us on a very personal level as Yeshua and Yeshi, and in that case he tends to really refer a lot to his life on Earth and most of us who were with him at that time.

So there really isn’t a distinction, but what I notice – this is a personal observation obviously – is that when he comes forward and says, “I am Jesus Sananda,” it’s like, “Okay, sit up straight, pay attention because class is in session!” That’s the sense I get. So it’s not just the human Yeshi, it’s not just the Intergalactic or Galactic being – it’s the totality.

Jesus is on a mission right now and it began with that New Year message. If we were going to declare who is leading us or who is being with us and guiding us this year, I’d say the award goes to Jesus Sananda! He’s on a mission and he’s teaching us.

Even this morning as I was meditating – or in the middle of the night! – he said to me something which I don’t know if he’ll say in the channelling or not, “Look, I’m not going to keep repeating myself,” because we started on the Saturday Conference Call with a very long, elaborate channelling – which will be posted on the Council of Love and GAoG websites – on the Patterning of the Universe, on how things work.

This is a follow-up to everything that both Einstein and Sanat Kumara have taught us. And now he’s stepping forward and saying, “I’m not going to repeat myself because I have so much to share with you, so much to teach you, so much to download,” and that was his word, “so much I want to ‘download’ into you that I don’t want to keep repeating.”

He says, “The only message I am going to repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat is LOVE.”

We have graduated – thank God! [laughter] – to a new level where we’re ready to hear these bigger explanations of who we are on a really universal – and I mean the big universal – level. And so it’s exciting, it’s wonderful!

Suzi: It really is, and also with the solar Christed frequencies, the Second Coming, Jesus’ teachings – it all just comes right into our heart and we really are all about Love.

Linda: I’d also like to share with everybody that as part of this, I’m going to be doing a free – emphasise brand new FREE – webinar on the equinox of March 20th. It will probably be a 90 minute webinar and you do need to register. When you register, you can select to hear it at your preferred time wherever you live. But it’s not going to be a webinar that can be downloaded nor is it going to be repeated.

So it’s a one-off and a combination of things, one being my personal “thank you” for all the support I’ve received from everybody out there. It’s also sort of an announcement that “I’m back!” I’ve given myself that line in the sand to be healthy and full-on and am working towards that goal.

It’s also when they started telling me, “Spring equinox – we want to do a house cleaning and we want it to be on chakras.” And I’m thinking, “Chakras? We’re right back to square one!”

And they said, “No, we’re not. In terms of this expanded energy, how we receive energy, how we send energy is through our chakra portals; how we anchor and travel interdimensionally is through our chakra portals. So this isn’t just a ‘clean off the dust and shake out the dirt’ house cleaning. It’s also an activation and an expansion for our chakras to be bright and shiny and ready for this “year of extraordinary change”.

So, go to the Council of Love website at and register and join us, because it’s going to be a really cool event. The vision they keep giving is that we’re aligning our own chakras with the Divine One and we’re aligning the collective chakras of the entire planet.

Suzi: Beautiful.

Linda: So, come on!

Suzi: Yes, come on! I want to talk about our new idea of asking [questions]. We can’t do live shows which we really want to do to be able to answer questions but, as an alternative, we’re going to open to questions posted on our Facebook page.

Heavenly Blessings has a Facebook page and I’ll check to see if you can either post your questions or send them as a message. But that’ll be the way to do it and when you have a question, we’ll bring it to the airwaves.

Linda: Perfect, because we miss your questions! The whole idea of Heavenly Blessings… We get these wonderful messages from our unseen friends and often they’ll say, “Do this and open your heart and receive,” and that’s wonderful. But sometimes there’s the, “How to?” and that’s the whole point of having your questions which are so pertinent to the work we’re doing.

So if you have questions, go to our Facebook page and type them in. One day we’re going to figure out the technology again and have live call-ins, but until then, submit your questions.

Suzi: Yes, but for now we’re back with bells on and it’s time for a juicy meditation!

Linda: Here we go!

[Meditation from 12:00 to 18:20]

Jesus Sananda: Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda.

Suzi: Welcome.

Jesus Sananda: And welcome to you. Welcome to you, my beautiful Suzanne, and welcome to all of you.

And yes, I come this day with eagerness, with excitement, with awe and wonder to share with you more deeply, more fully, that you may understand, in form, in your current reality, the Patterning of the Universe, the Patterning of the Mother, of your construction, of your experience, of your expression and the expression of All.

There is a dichotomy here because, on the one hand, I say to you, you are absolutely unique; that your soul design, the beauty, the wonder of who you are is singular in the entirety of the Universe, of the Multiverse, of the Omniverse, throughout all galaxies, all planets, all realities, all dimensions. You are a unique expression of the Mother, of the Father, of the One. There is no other you.

And on the other hand, in this dichotomy, I repeat and I say to you – yes, as Sanat Kumara and the Mother and Albert Einstein have said – that all things, all life, all energy, all form, all non-form, all existence, is patterned upon the Mother.

Yes, through the in-breath and the out-breath and through the replication, the insertion, the download. However you wish to think of this, the pattern of the Mother is in all things, as through her breath she has created all things.

Is this not magnificent? So it does not matter. It is interesting, but it does not matter whether you conceive of yourself as a human, as an angelic, as a starseed, as a full star being, as an archangel, as a cherubim – the range of expressions is infinite, far more than you know.

But the entire point is: all forms, all realities, all sense of beingness, whether it is a tree or a stone or a mountain, a frog or a fairy, a human or a star being – all are patterned by and with and through the Mother.

Well, I will repeat a couple of things! You are not merely a spark of Divinity. Your entirety – this is part of what I wish to speak of. There has been too much segmentation, too much fissioning, too much division of this part or that part of you, of us, of the Universe. Your entirety is of the pattern of the Divine Mother/Father/One.

It is not just a spark to be ignited. It is your teeth, it is your jaw, it is your bones, it is your liver, it is your outer fields, it is your causal, your astral. It is the entirety of your being, above and below, within and without.

And I wish to emphasise that because, long ago, we have taught you about your Stranger – and many of you either are not familiar with this term or you have forgotten it. But there is a part of you that has remained out of form, ‘above’ as you would think of it, and there is also a part of you without that is available to you within the realm of physicality within which you exist, called your Stranger – which is not ‘strange’ at all – that is sheer energy, that is also available with the same patterning and your unique design to assist you.

Now, in that sense of who you are, you have come with a mission and purpose to this beautiful planet, to this Archangel who has assumed the form of planet called Gaia for two things, just like I did as Yeshua. Let us approach this as brothers and sisters.

You came for two reasons. Both are the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, of the Mother’s Design, of the universal design and the unfoldment of that design right now – in your meaning of ‘now’ – and I wish to talk to that as well. But let us begin with your mission and purpose.

First and foremost – yes, even before your service, what you think of as your mission and purpose, your job for the Mother – your first mission is to be Love, to know Love, to express Love, and to know and be Joy before you do anything else, before you attend to the tedious matters of life, whether it is health or the IRS or feeding a family, keeping a roof over your head.

Your first, primary job is to be and know Love, express Love, and to do so in such a way that you are in infinite Joy. There are many gradations of Joy, and in the weeks ahead we will discuss this. Joy, in its simplest form, is not merely being happy. Happy is reactive. Happy is you are happy ‘about’. Joy is a state of being, and it is your birthright and it is the essence of the Mother.

The Mother is not neutral. The Mother is explosive, outrageous, indescribable Joy. So that is the first part of your mission. And then, when you are anchored in the Love, the Love of your beautiful, sacred self, of the wonder of your unique design that is an absolute physical embodiment of the pattern of One, of Source, from there you move into the expression and the experience of that Love.

And in that comes the experience of your mission, the expression of your mission, of what you told the Mother and what you chatted with the Mother and with us and with your guides and guardians prior to return, about what you wanted to do and how you felt you could assist the Mother in the fulfilment of this beautiful Plan.

But first comes the Joy, because you cannot fully complete your mission and purpose if you are in agony, pain and sorrow, grief, feelings of lack, of limitation.

Now, I can say this to you clearly now because all of you have and are moving out of that old reality that no longer exists. So now you are at a point where we can truly have this conversation.

And the expression of your mission and purpose in terms of action needs to be joyful. If it is done with a sense of, “Oh, I better do what I promised,” if it is done with a sense of drudgery, if it is done with a sense of, “I am afraid I am not good enough, I won’t complete,” then it is not of Divinity and it is not of the Truth of who you really are.

The Mother did not say to me, to you, to any of you, “Go down to Earth and see how much you can endure, and if you’re really good at endurance and if you finally surrender, I’ll give you a prize and you can come Home.” That would not be of Love.

So it is time, my beloved friends, once and forever to get rid of this sense of endurance. And even in situations that may appear as obstacles or challenging or difficulty to see within it. And that is why I have agreed this day to more fully open your 3rd eye, and certainly your heart – always your heart that you may know.

Now, I do not wish to bombard you with too much because also, as I am speaking to you this day as you know, I am activating several portals for you and with you, yes, because you’ve asked and yes, because it is time.

So let us talk about ‘time’ for a few minutes, if I might, dearest Suzi?

Suzi: Absolutely.

Jesus Sananda: Thank you. Time is part of your definition of the human experience. Now, the Mother – oh, about 6 months of your time ago, perhaps even a year; yes, it gets hazy on our side too! – has declared New Time.

But let us talk about your mental, emotional, physical construct of time, both as it has been and as it is shifting, because so many of you have felt this, what we would call ‘wonderful interdimensional slippage, time slippage’ – and this is a good thing. This is one of those signs you’ve all been waiting and looking for.

So, when you enter into the realm of physicality – and it is true, we would suggest, on most planets and within most galaxies: the framework may be different but the construct of time is present. But in the human – well, let us say Earth reality – you are given time in order to be able to anchor within the expanse of space, of length, of width, of emotionality, of mental constructs, etc.

We have said – and I repeat – you may think of, say 0 to 90, as being within the brackets that the Mother inserts for the experience of your time and everybody’s time upon this planet. And those brackets at one end are infinity or the infinite, and at the other end is eternity or the eternal.

Now those brackets have been solid, and within it you have had the somewhat linear experience of time. That is why you age, that is why you grow older, so you have the experience of being 1, 2, 20, 90. And that is an experience in which you come to express and to share what it is like, in form, as sacred divine beings – Love: the truth of Love and your unique contribution and sharing and receiving of Love. It is so simple.

The Mother says, “How do you want to experience Love in form?” “Oh, I want to go to Earth and see what that’s like.” And she says to you, “Oh good, because I have a huge project down there. What I’m doing is re-anchoring the original Plan for Gaia and we want Love. We want this planet to be the entire planet of Love. We want it to be a sister to Venus, only far more physical. We want physical Cities of Light. We want physical reality of Sacred Union and Partnership. We want physical reality of the expression and experience of Love.”

And you say, “Great! Mom, I’m on my way.” And so you come to do that. And time in what we would call ‘earlier times’, perhaps before 2016, has been fairly solidified. Now, with the Mother’s experience and introduction of her New Time, what we are doing and what is occurring is those brackets are becoming somewhat perforated. So that sense of being anchored fully in linear time is shifting.

Think of it, that time previously was a frozen pond upon which you could skate and play and have fun to your heart’s delight, but it was pretty solid. Now, to get ready for the Mother’s New Time there was the Tsunami of Love, and now time is more like a beautiful ocean and you are a dolphin swimming, you are a whale swimming, you are a school of fish swimming and exploring.

You are not losing your physical body – if anything, you are expanding your awareness and your experience of physicality. You are coming to understand that the physical is a gift, not a burden. But you are able to move in and out of more freely what you think of as the currents of time. That is why so many of you have been having experiences of alternate lifetimes, of past lifetimes, of future lifetimes.

The other thing that is occurring with this slight perforation of the brackets of infinity and eternity is that sense of Unity, of Love, of ecstatic experience is coming through into your space – and that is a gift beyond measure.

So you are being penetrated – and some of you are experiencing it as Joy, as bliss, as ecstasy, as Unconditional Love. There are a million names for it: Ascension, the Shift. So the ability to be within those brackets, operating, experiencing what you came for is still going on, but the expansion of what that experience is and can be, in form, is so much greater than ever before.

And it is done in the Pattern of the Universe, and it is being done because humanity, the collective and each of you, my beloved family, are at a point where you are ready to do this, where you are ready not only to know the Joy but to be the Joy, to be the Love, because that is what this Ascension is about.

It is not about departure; it is not about going anywhere; it is not about abandoning your beautiful, magnificent bodies. Yes, they do need a little perfecting, but that is being taken care of as well! It is about being in form upon a physical planet and knowing the magnificence of who you are and who every other person, plant, animal on the planet is.

Let me stop there, dear heart, that you may ask your questions.

Suzi: Oh well, we just have time for a little bit. My feeling is that the Joy for humans is sourced in a solid understanding of who we are, being in touch with our Divinity. What could be more joyful than that realisation? So I’m trusting that these energies – even if they feel destructive because it brings the death of all that does not serve – will eventually penetrate every human heart to truly know that.

Jesus Sananda: That is correct, and not just the human heart. But you know, because you are a wise woman, that the knowing sits in the heart. But my invitation is that I also want it to sit in your hip, in your toe, in your hair.

But yes, humanity has come a very long way in a very short time – and I’m not talking 2,000 years; I’m talking the past several years. You have made greater advancements in the past several years than in 1,000 years. So that is something to be proud of and to take heart from.

But you are correct, my friend. Part of the acknowledgement, the embrace, the deep knowing that you are Love and Divinity itself means that all the clutter, all the distraction, all the false beliefs, all the drama has to be cleared out, destroyed. Now sometimes that feels like a breath of fresh air. That is why I have asked for the Spring Cleaning.

Other times, it feels as if you have been living in a hovel and you come in and it is so filled with garbage and junk, you think, “Oh my gosh, I can’t do this.” But you don’t have to do it. You have infinite help. This is the thing about those brackets to which I refer to. The infinite, eternal help is completely available to you. You are not alone. You have never been alone.

And so, yes, the destruction can feel as if you are caught in a violent storm or the ice is cracking beneath your feet and you think you’re going to go under the ice and drown. But let me be clear: you’re not. So simply go quiet and ask for help.

Suzi: Well, if I may, if I’m understanding you correctly, we’re able to play with events in our lives that brought wounding of whatever kind to shift the actuality of it. Am I understanding you correctly?

Jesus Sananda: That is absolutely correct. Not only to shift the actuality of it, and in that the most important piece is your understanding of it.

Suzi: And what it did and what effect it had on my physiology or emotional body or whatever?

Jesus Sananda: That is correct.

Suzi: Right, so maybe we could talk about that in another show because it’s a pretty large topic?

Jesus Sananda: It is a massive topic. And as I was saying to you earlier and to this channel as well, is that I AM on a mission and I am hoping and praying – yes, we pray too! – but I am also knowing [laughter] that you will engage in these conversations with me and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Suzi: As am I. Well, is there anything you would like to add to this delicious conversation in closing?

Jesus Sananda: Be the dolphin, be the whale, be the koi, be the shark. Go and play in the Mother’s ocean of New Time and see what you discover. Be fearless. Let the excitement of the currents bring you to where you wish to be.

And know, my beloved ones, you do not swim alone. I am with you. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Jesus Sananda: Be Love, Know Love, Express Love and Be In Infinite Joy,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, March 8, 2016, at

Mayan Message – Joy in Every Moment – 1-11-16

via Theresa Crabtree, Mayan Messages, January 10, 2016

Joy is an attitude. It is a choice one makes every moment. The key to joy is gratitude. When you are thankful for every experience you are having, your whole Being energetically opens to the possibility of feeling joy.

We encourage you to spend time this week being in joy, every moment. Continue with this practice until it becomes habitual. You came from a place of joy and soon you will return to that place. In the meantime, you have the right to be filled with joy. It is your choice!   Be in joy! Be joy!  Men 1

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 235 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.

Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

© 2010 Mayan Messages. All Rights Reserved.


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Alexa Erickson – The Science Of Joy, How To Create It – Study Finds We Are Hard Wired To Give – 1-9-16

Alexa Erickson   –   The Science Of Joy, How To Create It   –   Study Finds We Are Hard Wired To Give   –   1-9-16

Happiness. It’s a loaded word. We are constantly trying to understand it so that we can incorporate it into our lives. We try to define our happiness by all the little things that make up our existence. Does our appearance make us happy? Does our health make us happy? Do we feel fulfilled enough in our jobs to feel happy? Are we in love? Do we have a family? Do these things determine our happiness radar, too? And then, once we mull over these things, we measure just how much each aspect of our lives makes us happy. And then we question if we could be happier. It’s a strange and vicious cycle that, ultimately, has you asking many more questions than simply living from a place of peace.

And then, of course, there’s the day-to-day things that give us bursts of immediate happiness. They are so different for each person. It could be as trivial as a bite of chocolate; as easy as curling up on the couch for a movie. Perhaps it’s stepping out for a long and indulgent run, rain or shine, the fresh air smacking you in the face as your blood pumps rapidly throughout your body. Happiness, as we know it, seems like something internal. Until now.

According to leading scientific research, the root of happiness has nothing to do with diving into a bowl of pasta, putting on makeup to enhance your appearance, pumping iron, or even taking advantage of a relaxing movie night. So, while we know that we enjoy external things wholeheartedly, apparently, there’s something much more practical yet surprisingly meaningful to take into consideration.

A new study conducted by Canadian psychologists says that our own personal joy is created simply by being nice — not in terms of being respectful or polite, but by bringing out the good in other people through kindness. One of the study’s authors, Lynn Alden, who is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, says that we should focus on being kind to others in a selfless manner, not a selfish one. “It’s more of an attitude change – being alert of things you can do for other people and doing them spontaneously because you want to do them. It has a side effect of making you feel good,” she explains. She continues to say that we are actually “hard-wired” to appreciate others’ happiness.

For the study, 115 participants with high levels of social anxiety were monitored. What the researchers discovered was that people who feared interacting with others displayed a sense of calmness when they began to perform acts of kindness for others. And it didn’t matter how big or small the act was. It could be as simple as doing yard work for a neighbor, and still, their personal levels of happiness rose, even aiding them in desiring to interact with the individual at hand.

It seems completely contrary to how the majority of us live our lives in the modern day world. We are in an endless cycle to achieve a sense of greatness in a variety of aspects. We live by the term “survival of the fittest” in order to be the best that we can be. But, Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., who is a psychology professor at UC Berekely, narrates the following video to uncover that sympathy is actually our most powerful intuition. So, perhaps what’s really important is creating a community complete with kindness as a means to achieve our utmost happiness.

Sananda – Today we will be speaking on joy!


Good Morning, My Beloveds,
Today we will be speaking on joy! This world is a very confusing place right now; your news is full of war and destruction. I think it is time for all of us to bring our minds and our lives back to joy.
It is when your hearts are filled with love and joy that you start to remember “home” … the time before. So I would ask you, as you are reading this missive right now, “Is your heart filled with peace? With love? With joy?” Or are you hoping that in reading these words, or the words of any person who is called “a channel” that you might find that place inside of you where there is joy?

I would tell you now, you need only yourself to find total contentment with your life; and in that, there is joy.

In my teaching while on this Earth, my words often focused on finding peace within yourself; total trust of who you are and who you were intended to become in your lifetime. And with that peace, came joy. I pointed out to those that would listen that there is joy all around you! You only need to look, to remember, and to feel your joy.

We are not looking for miracles here. It is not necessary for a miracle, to feel the warmth of joy; though it doesn’t hurt any for a miracle here and there to occur! There is contentment and joy to sit in your back yard and look at the garden you have toiled over to bring beauty or food to your home. There is joy in the smile of a child as he takes his first tentative steps into the newfound realm of toddlerhood! There is joy in an ice cold glass of clear, cold, pure water on a hot summer’s day. There is joy in being able to fold into the warm and tender arms of your beloved. There is even the bitter-sweet joy of the memory, if your beloved has passed on… or is yet to be found.

In the movie “Heaven is for Real,” the joy came not only to the minister and his family, but to his entire congregation when they were able to move past their mortal stumbling blocks that would have them **only** believing in heaven… to the **knowing,** beyond all doubts, that it is real and…  that we are here watching each and every one of you, standing by your side in sorrow or fear; and again laughing the deep belly laugh of total joy; or just sitting by your side in quiet contentment. The lesson brought to those people by this beautiful small child was one of joy! He brought them the gift of knowing, beyond all doubt, that I am real and, with that knowing, came the gift of life filled with love and total joy.
I would ask each and every one of you to finish this journey by totally believing in yourself; in the knowing of who you are or who you long to be!  Listen to your heart when it is speaking to you. Know that in all of the Universe, it is your heart (or your Higher Self) that will give you nothing but the Truth. Allow yourself to move beyond “I think there might be a heaven, or a Heavenly Father” to the knowing, with all of your heart, that this is one thing you need never doubt. And in that knowing, will come the peace and the joy you need to complete this incredible journey that you are on, right now.

It will bring you Harmony; it will bring you Unconditional Love; it will bring you Home…

I am Sananda, and I wish you Total JOY!

Michael Davidson – Why People Who Bring Enough to Share Are Happier – Tiny Buddha

Girls Sharing


Joy comes not through possession or ownership but through a wise and loving heart.” ~Buddha


We all have these random little personal philosophies or rules that we live by. Oftentimes, these rules are hidden beneath the surface, not in a form that we are aware of or is easily expressible.

But I do have one particular “random little personal philosophy” that I live by (and am aware of!) and would like to explore further. It is my philosophy of tipping.

This philosophy of tipping was thought up specifically with reference to tipping, say, in restaurants, but can easily be generalized. Here is the original formulation:


I cannot afford to eat at this restaurant if I cannot also afford to give a large tip.

Now, this doesn’t mean I need to give a huge tip each time—I just need to be willing to in advance.

So, if I’m going to a restaurant where I know a decent meal will cost $20, I will commit before going in that I am willing to spend closer to $30. Generally, the tip will be fairly typical—about 20 percent for a good job—but the actual magnitude isn’t the point.

What matters in this case is that I consider a large tip to actually be a part of the cost of the meal already. Of course, the tip is part of the cost of a meal, but I don’t think most people look at it that way.

Rather, most people think of the menu price as the cost, and the tip is this annoying extra that you have to pay at the end. I’ve had friends who go out to eat with me, order whatever they want off the menu, and then find that they don’t have enough cash to pay for a tip at all.

In my case, if I didn’t have the money available to give a sizable tip, I wouldn’t even make it inside the restaurant. After all, that would mean I couldn’t afford it.

This may sound like a very simple life philosophy, and one that hardly seems worth reading about (let alone writing about). But the implications, when the principle is taken to its logical conclusion, are far more significant. Let’s generalize it now:


If I am not willing to share something, I shouldn’t get it in the first place.

Please, do not take this to be a legitimate moral or economic principle—it is pure and simply a life philosophy, or a heuristic for making choices in my own life. Your property is your own and you are certainly not an immoral person if you don’t share, but you may very well be happier if you do.

A major benefit of all this is its fiscal sensibility. While you may end up spending more on tips and getting extras of certain things in order to share, you will ultimately end up being more careful with your finances and use your money less.

This sort of mindset makes you far more likely to have a potluck with friends than to go out to eat, or to save money rather than spend it.


But once you’ve really internalized the idea, you’ll also find yourself experiencing a significant happiness boost. Why? Because giving feels good. Being kind feels good. And sharing positive experiences with others feels good.

Ultimately, it involves spending more time and money on others and less on yourself. You certainly shouldn’t be neglecting your own needs and desires. But when you do nice things for yourself, make sure you have a little extra so somebody else can enjoy it with you.

Okay, great. So how does this work in practice?

As a whiskey lover, I consider it a nice treat to drink a delicious, high quality whiskey. Jameson may be perfectly fine most of the time, but I like to have Johnny Walker Black Label around for special occasions.

Unfortunately, JW Black is pretty expensive—it would be very easy for me to hoard it and not let other people drink any. Instead, I drink it primarily when I have close friends around. It’s a vastly better experience when shared!

The nature of the material possessions that I tend to purchase is similar; I try to buy things that have more sharing potential. Most of my possessions at this point are books and DVDs, both of which I am routinely lending out to others or enjoying with them.


Predictably, this lends itself to a more “simple” lifestyle. I buy a lot less than I could, but the things I do own have a high return on investment with regards to my happiness.

A big part of this philosophy, though, is to share with strangers. If you are going out for a night of drinks in the city, throw an extra few singles in your pocket to give to the homeless people in the area. If you can’t afford $5 to give to five homeless people, then you can’t afford the $50-100 it would take to go out.

It’s not just about money, either. The same principle can apply to the way you use your time.

If you can afford to play video games all day Saturday, then you can spend an hour of that time volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping a friend move. In fact, studies have shown that spending time on others makes you feel as though you have more time available…cool!

As with most areas in life, it is hard to apply a philosophy like this perfectly, but that’s not the point. I’m far from perfect with this, but even so, I’ve derived great benefits from focusing on this principle, and you can too.

Friends sharing image via Shutterstock

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About Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson has written for over a year about finding happiness and health. The keys to his heart are dark chocolate and an encyclopedic knowledge of Simpsons quotes. Get his free 8 day e-course on how to create a healthy lifestyle that makes you happy and follow him on Twitter.

Wes Annac – Wisdom With Wes – Love, Joy, Service – 11-24-14

Snapshot_20140731_2This life is about love, joy, and freely serving others. Our prime purpose in being on earth is to love ourselves, the people around us, and the planet as a whole. As easy as this seems, a lot of people have complicated it and, in doing so, made it more difficult for humanity to open up to the idea that simple love, joy and service are all we really need.

A lot needs done to change the broken and defunct aspects of this world that could easily stop us from creating a positive future, but there are greater spiritual forces at work to awaken the planet to the injustices that are repeatedly perpetrated right under our noses.

These spiritual forces want to educate us about their existence and subsequently increase our perception of the tyranny that rages here on earth, and when we become aware, we can hold the forces who strive to hurt this planet accountable before ultimately forgiving them.

The people will reassume the power to make important decisions when we’re all awake and aware of the spiritual nature of our reality and the things that have been done to keep us oppressed, and until this time comes, the best thing we can do is embody the love, joy, and selfless service we’ll practice in our quickly forming new earth.

The time has come for a genuine, collective spiritual and political awakening to take place, and when the dam finally bursts, we can start contributing without jumping too heavily into the fray.

We’ll want to retain balance, which is why living in love and simplicity is so important right now.

How do you choose to enjoy your life today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂


DL Zeta – Joy is the Feeling State of Abundancer – 11-22-14


Joy happens within the moment. Joy activates the soul. True joy comes from following the higher purpose of your soul. Joy is something you experience now. If you feel there are reasons why you can’t experience joy right now, begin to create reasons why you can. If you’re looking to the future to allow joy into your life, it may always remain just out of your reach.

Part of joy is experiencing love and compassion for yourself. Value who you are. Value the gifts you have to offer, value your time. You do not owe anyone your time. Take charge of how you spend your time. Affirm you are a unique and Divine being and this will be your experience.

Much energy is available for those who are on their spiritual path at this time. If you are aligned with your intention and your joy, if you hold the intention to assist with the healing and transformation of the planet, much abundance is available to you now.

There are times when you will need to say no to others. Dependency is not for your highest good; nor is it for the highest good of others’ to validate their choice to live in a state of crisis. This sends the message to others that they can command your attention by creating crises. The way to experience joy in your life is to respect and honor your time. When others respect and honor you, validate this behavior by rewarding them with your attention.

The path of joy involves accepting all that has been in the past. Release the past, never looking back in regret. Open to receive the message of the experiences you created. Release the past by loving it and expressing gratitude for it.

You will not experience true abundance as long as you resist doing the things that bring you joy. Each moment you allow yourself to move along the path of joy is an opportunity to experience greater love and abundance.

As you allow yourself to experience joy and abundance, you will become magnetic to people and circumstances aligned with these frequencies. From this place of alignment, more love and abundance will naturally flow into your life. We offer here some ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life, opening to receive greater love and abundance and blessings.
This is where you begin to act through joy – to choose and do things based on the joy they bring you. As you explore all the things that bring you joy, you come face-to-face with your spiritual purpose. If you’re not sure of your exact purpose, just begin doing what brings you joy and you will soon find it.

Begin each day by affirming it is another glorious opportunity to experience joy. Hone your gifts and talents and share these with others. This is another day to step into the unlimited abundance of spirit.

Having a goal and purpose for everything you do allows you to examine each proposed activity to see if it adds meaning and joy to your life or if it is just another empty, meaningless activity void of fulfillment.

Observe if what others are asking of you is for your highest and best and for theirs. Examine if staying at a job that has grown stale is for your highest good. Learn to read the subtext of your life.

By staying at a job where you feel in undervalued and unappreciated, you are affirming it is the same as saying you’re not worthy of anything better, that you are in effect the one doing the undervaluing and under appreciating, and others are simply mirroring this to you.

Ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life:

One) spend time in nature

Two) notice where you place your focus and attention

Three) create a joy list

Four) focus on the blessings in your life

Five) create emotional freedom. End self-sabotage

Six) Value and honor your time and energy and learn how when to say no to others

Seven) cultivate your imagination. This is your doorway to experiencing joy

Eight) be here now

Nine) practice discernment with others

Ten) read the subtext of your actions to learn any ways you are buying into scarcity

Eleven) build a new vision for your life

Twelve) align with your spiritual purpose

Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams by DL Zeta…/

Pleiadian Delegate – Through Tears of Joy and Love – 11-15-14

july2014jpg 3











Remember, In the Beginning, before Time,
our Sacred Light, did, forever Shine.

Surrendered you and I, one Heart,
arisen, from the ashes, now,
we start. 

To rise, in Freedoms Call,
on Earth, the holy Birthright, of the All.

In this, the Awakened Ancient Dream,
once so distant, or so, it seemed.

But through the fog, the mist and Darkness,
was the Light, the rainbow, and the Brightness.

Of our Heart and Soul, and its True Desire,
that lives in our endless,
passion and fire.

And now through tears of joy and Love,
the Heavens merge on earth, from, Above.

Rejoicing, we now, deeply Celebrate,
our anointing, our union, our ecstasy, at Heavens Gate.



I Am Forever Yours, my Beloved!!


Ascension Message from the High Council Of Orion – What is it that You are Seeking to Embody? – Joy, Peace, Love, Trust, Understanding – Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood – 5-25-14

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.

What is it that you are seeking to embody?


We specifically use these words of “seeking to embody”, rather than what it is that you desire, because, in your world at this time, desiring tends to be more about the things in your world. You desire a better job, a better boss, a different partner, a more loving experience, more money, less stress, happier children, whatever it might be. For in each of those human desires there is an unseen, unspoken understanding that when those things are in place you will have something else: peace of mind, less stress, a greater experience of love. Those higher-level emotions may not be at the forefront of your desires, for you’re looking at the desires from the point of view of changing your life circumstances. Yet we would suggest, beyond that, if we asked you “When those things are in place, what is it that your life will embody that you feel is not embodied at this time?

So, digging behind your human desires, moving deeper past that, to look at those high-level human qualities that you are really craving. That craving is coming from your Soul level; your Soul level of desiring to be expressed as those embodiments of joy, peace, love, trust, understanding. Those are the qualities that your Soul is calling out to infuse in your human experience through your desires, through your human experience. Understanding that your human condition, if you will, will not bring to you that which your Soul is asking you to embody at this time.

We go back to our original question and say “What is it that you wish to embody in your life at this time? What’s beyond your human desires? What’s that end goal of these human desires?” As you begin to work with and identify what those human desires are and then look past the human desires to the Soul level embodiment, connecting with that. What we’re going to ask you to do is first of all, embrace your awareness of what that embodiment might be. Perhaps it is Trust in the goodness of the world or Trust that things are working out the way they are intended to on a Soul level, despite what your human experience is. Perhaps it’s this unending connection, a steadfast awareness, of the constancy of Love in your life, despite outward appearances. Perhaps it’s that effervescent bubbling of Joy that’s always there within you, that you can connect to at a moment’s notice, just by drawing your awareness to it.

Once you identify those qualities that your Soul is asking you to embody, at this point in time, what we ask you to do is just allow that awareness to be present to you at this moment in time. Instead of reaching out and struggling to hope to, in one moment in time, capture Joy for a fleeting moment, Trust for a fleeting moment, Love for a fleeting moment… What if you just feel your way into the awareness of the embodiment of each and every one of those qualities that your Soul is desiring for you to embody right now?

What if you draw your awareness to the essence of Love that always exists at the Soul level, not looking for evidence of it in the world around you? What if you decide to trust in the flow of nature and the universe in a way that defies your human experience? Even when your mind begins to argue with you because it has a very large pile of the “evidence” to the contrary, you steadfastly hold the idea of choosing to Trust, knowing that it’s there despite the evidence in your human existence. As you begin to just draw your awareness to those high-level qualities that your Soul is asking you to embody at this point in time, knowing and trusting that it is a foundational energy within you, you will then begin to see evidence of it popping up in your life. Is this going to happen all at once and all those human experiences that you are wishing would just disappear in a moment, are they can be gone instantaneously? Most likely not. But as you connect with those moments of what your Soul is asking you to embody, they ripple out very quickly and you can find more and more evidence of it.

For understand that at the core of our message today is the understanding that what you are truly seeking has nothing to do with the human experiences that you are having.
Ceasing to look at human experiences as evidence of where you are on a spiritual journey or in a spiritual scale would be helpful. For that which you are seeking to embody is not evidenced always in the human realm first. If you embody it, then it shows up in the human realm, instead of hoping the human realm shows up with it and, therefore then, you can embody it. So we’re turning the tables on this idea that as you connect with the Truth of your Soul’s expression in your human life, just by allowing that it might be true initially, it then flows out to manifest in human experiences.

What if just for even one day you decided not to use the evidence in your human experience as a judgment about your Soul level truth? What if you, on your human level, gave yourself a break and stopped judging your human experiences in terms of your spiritual and Soul level “failure”.

You’ll be surprised at the insights in the shifts that you will feel as you begin to practice this, first one day, and then the next, and then the next. Until you’ve had many days strung together where you have an opportunity to bring your awareness to these truths that exist and are there despite evidence to the contrary in your everyday human life.

We will address this more for this is a very large topic. In the meantime, and as always, ask us for assistance and we will be there in a moment, in the way that is most appropriate for you, always helping you turn the spotlight of who you are on your Soul level truth.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”


Wes Annec – Reclaiming Joy in a New Era






Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Joy is our natural state of being, and our impending evolution back into a place that’s blissful and ecstatic to say the least requires us to release our stress and tension and move back into a place of heart-centered exuberance.

There’s no sense in following a path that doesn’t resonate with us, and instead of succumbing to the likes of boredom, I think we should recognize that we’re intended to do anything and everything we can that fills us with joy and wholeness.

We’re intended to enjoy everything we do and experience here on earth, and if we don’t, we might regret our experience when we’re back in the higher spheres. We might regret that we didn’t enjoy ourselves as much as we could while we were here, and it goes without saying that being free within is as important as freeing ourselves from our corporate governments.

It’s important that we do things we enjoy here on earth, and if we find that we no longer enjoy or feel uplifted by certain activities or methods of service, we’re encouraged to discard them in favor of something that truly works for us. Even if it takes us a long time, we’ll eventually find our passion and pursue it ferociously.

When the burning flame’s lit and we feel inspired, nothing stops us from working away. As long as we enjoy ourselves and the things we do in the lower vibrations, we’ll transmute the dense, oppressed energy around us into lighter, more uplifted energy.

In our first quote on this subject, Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff tells us that joyful and blissful moments are becoming more commonplace.

“More moments of the frequency of bliss and ecstasy are becoming more commonplace amongst those of you who have waited long for these moments.

“Tune in and tune up, Dear Ones, for this is only the beginning. Each soul discovers truly, all that was needed is within them and they are the ones who make it happen in their outer reality. The denser energies are fast departing leaving behind the anticipation of the new.” (1)

Discovering that joy and bliss can’t be hinged on outer circumstances will help us enjoy our existence like we’ve always been intended to. We’ll naturally follow our dreams with passion and enthusiasm as a result, and we’ll never feel held back or unenthused again.

We’ll tap into an infinite sense of motivation to use what we’ve found within to help others evolve, and we won’t experience the dull feelings that tend to characterize the earth. In their place will be complete and uninhibited livelihood, and it’ll feel better than anything we’ve yet felt.

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele encourages us to maintain a daily higher vibration and reinforces that bliss is becoming our new state of mind.

“Many of you are beginning to see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel now. All that you have been experiencing in your cleansing phase during the past several years is coming to completion.

“What is important now is to continue to maintain your higher vibrations on a daily basis, as this makes the way forward easier and more filled with grace and ease. You have been slowly finding that ecstasy is your new frequency and the moments of experiencing states of joy are becoming more and more frequent.

“This state is your natural state of being so welcome it into your lives.” (2)

Pain and negativity aren’t natural, and we’re encouraged to move beyond them and step into the fullness of a joyful existence. It doesn’t matter what we do while we’re here, as long as we enjoy ourselves and refrain from violating the freewill of others.

When basic moral law is reenacted, we’ll be able to express ourselves easily without having to worry about stepping out of line or alienating ourselves from the rest of society. We know what is and isn’t right, like I’ve said before, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking and remaining in a place of brimming joy.

Jeshua via John Smallman encourages us to continuously rekindle our joy and question any mental restriction or hindrance that comes up.

“Joy is your right. When you are experiencing joy you are on your path; when you are bored, dull, or depressed then you have taken an inappropriate direction and may need to retrace your steps to the point at which joy weakened or ceased, and then take the necessary steps to rekindle it.

“Frequently, it is quite easy to see what changes you need to make; it is just that it often seems that you ‘shouldn’t.’ Question that restriction, and if it appears invalid for you, then discard it, and reclaim your freedom and the joy that goes with it. Joy will lead you home to Reality and to all that that has to offer.” (3)

Boredom and dullness are obstructions, and I think they deserve to be seen as such. If the things we’re doing don’t resonate in our heart of hearts, we’re encouraged to look beyond them and pursue the things that fill us with a passionate sense of inspiration.

Life is wonderful when we follow our heart and go out of our way to do things we enjoy, and we can’t create a positive future if we don’t make an active, concerted effort to be free from self-imposed oppression.


The Spiritual Hierarchy via Sheldon Nidle tells us about the joy that comes with rediscovering and reclaiming our oneness.

“Our wisdom comes from the supreme Source of all things. When you achieve this state of oneness, you are able to experience the thrill that comes from contributing your own essence to the whole, and your entire Being is flooded with a sense of elation at the thought of what you are to accomplish.

“This is the state of bliss that the Creator has so lovingly decreed for you, and the next period of your lives is to be focused on becoming one with this indescribable state of Being!” (1)

Merging back into a blissful state of oneness will feel better than we can possibly imagine, and this is our destiny as an ascending species. However divided and miserable humanity might be right now, we’re being called to see beyond our division and anchor a new way of life that integrates joy and oneness.

We can do it, but we have a lot of hurdles to clear.

In a message through Suzanne Lie, we’re told that the choice to believe in the higher state of consciousness we’re rediscovering will enable us to experience a heightened level of joy and bliss.

“…you need to take the risk to believe that your reality is shifting NOW into a higher frequency. If you choose (as it is a choice) to believe that you are transmuting into higher frequencies of your Self, and hence of your world, you set a state of consciousness filled with hope, joy, forgiveness, gratitude and Unconditional Love.” (2)

We anchor the qualities of the heavenly place we’re going when we choose to believe in the reality of everything we’re learning, and being in a joyful space probably enables those around us to do the same. Our joyful state of mind effects the collective, and if everyone could be in a higher space, even for a moment, the direction we’re headed in would completely change.

We’re also told about the endorphins our inner pharmacy emits when we’re in a constant joyful state.

“Within this state of consciousness your body releases, not adrenaline, but endorphins. Your Pineal Gland is signaled to open to higher frequencies of Light, which further stimulates your inner pharmacy of consciousness expanding and joyful ‘drugs.’ You feel ‘high on life’ as your body is calibrated to that experience by your own inner pharmacy.” (3)

We’re calibrated to an experience of pure bliss and ecstasy, and all we need to do to attain this state of consciousness is strive to be happy and joyful. I’m not saying we should suppress negative emotion when it arises, but we don’t have to let it bring us down or stop us from feeling joyful.

In reality, nothing stops us from reclaiming joy but ourselves. Even if we’ve been hurt by others in a big way, we can move beyond the scars their hatred has caused and peer into the infinite and unconditional love of the higher dimensions.

When we forgive the people who’ve hurt us, we release much of the karma surrounding the pain and enable ourselves to move forward.

We’re then told about the increased clarity tapping into the divine mind offers.

“Because you feel so joyful, elated and focused, you find that you focus only on that which fills you with Love and joy. Because of this choice of perception you begin to see and hear solutions, creations and new ideas for how to improve your life. Your creative channel into the higher frequencies of reality is turned on. Thus you dedicate yourself to helpful and creative endeavors.” (4)

Once our perception begins to enhance, we focus on using our newfound gifts to be of service to the evolution of the creation around us. We work to find a greater level of enlightenment, and at the same time, we guide those in the lower spheres by helping them through lessons we’ve already learned.

Devotion to service seems to be a big aspect of higher-dimensional life, and it’ll feel great to possess the artfulness, creativity, and colorful clarity a greater perception will offer.

‘Mary’ via Pamela Kribbe tells us that our natural state is joy and that the heaviness of the earth weighs a lot of seekers down.

“Your hearts are in need of Light. For all of you, this is a heavy place to be. Your natural state of being is joy, playfulness, creativity.

“You often feel smothered by the heavy energies on Earth, and you feel disconnected from Home. I want to bring the energies of Home, the original source, to you today. So breathe it in and remember who you are. I want you to bathe in the Light of your soul and the connection between our souls.” (5)

If it isn’t clear by now, embracing joy is essential to reaching a higher state of consciousness, and boredom or dullness won’t show us the way back home. We have to be willing to be playful and creative if we want to express the gifts of the heart space, and tapping into the heart will enable us to feel a heightened level of joyful exuberance that we’ll never want to stop feeling.

Humanity’s subtly returning to a joyful existence that’ll wipe the grime away from our minds and enable us to see what the rest of creation has to offer. Consciously reclaiming the joy we have the sacred right to feel will aid us in our quests to find enlightenment, and as we continue to evolve, we’ll find that each dimension is more joyful and blissful than the last.

We’re going to enjoy ourselves wholly from here on out, and as long as we make an effort to move beyond dullness and into an active, enthusiastic frame of mind, we’ll start our wonderful journey back to the most blissful realms Source has to offer.

We’ll probably continue helping others find enlightenment when we re-reach a higher place, and we’ll enjoy every bit of work we do to spread awareness in the lower realms. We’re at the very beginning of our reclamation of joy and bliss, and as long as we live in love as much as we can, our consciousness will continue to grow from here on out.

Wes Annac – Encouraging joy, because everything else is an illusion.

Pleiadian Dance for Gaia – Solara An-Ra

SolaraAnRa·108 videos

I’m experimenting with making inspirational dance tracks ~ a type of Pleiadian rap lol! The music is not mine ~ – the words are from the Pleiadians. I hope some of you get up and dance! 🙂 I would usually lead a dance or movement type meditation live – this is the first time I’ve tried recording something like this.
Love love love,
Solara An-Ra, Magic Weaver. I hope some of you get up and dance! 🙂

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