Jose Sanchez – The Legend of the Atoned Twinflames – 4-29-16

The Legend of The Atoned Angels ( Twin flames)

Traveling through time a space and both feel a tremendous pull. An attraction to a force, seen and known yet existing in different shape this time. Powerful beings taking different roads and roles in the ever searching direction, towards each other. To live and to love.

Traveling distances at the speed of god, moving through dimensions. Taking high roles of divine angelic rings and realms and then taking “lowly” roles as humans. When they both blessed and entered a beautiful planet, of which more than half filled with water and a motion and a speed in perfect connection between creating and uncreating.

Life time after lifetime they were following each other’s traces as their perfectly aligned frequency can be recognized in heaven or in the very depths of hell. Meeting through  angelic guidance,the moment their eyes locked magic took place within their hearts and souls
J waved, slowly moved towards her as her angelic blue eyes beckoned with a love not yet known. It was in that very ecstatic that very instant through her lovable laugh, J fell deeply in love. He knew he had found his match and his perfect partner. In that moment nothing else mattered. He merged with her heart to heart and she could feel it, and even her guides supported us.

At times they would say more love less talking . At times they would play music tailored for their hearts to open and for them to be embraced by the magic of music. What set everything apart was the soul recognition through the eyes, which beckoned at each other. This meeting was a meeting of the hearts, of two souls finally finding each other through eternity.

They spent very little time that night seeking, speaking until the recollection of times passed made her shyly walk away. The connection was reborn. This connection opened something great and it led to an amazing romance.

A love affair to remember, magic took place when they were next to each other, love became a natural flow between the two of them . Both  willing to give up all in order to embrace and to expand such love onto the world. A simple touch of the hands was magical as different beings  would assist.
One day at a restaurant three ascended masters did a small ceremony and they said “You are married.” It felt beautiful and so very true. E was ecstatic and so was J , and it was a wonderful dinner specially when master Hilarion and Athena oversee such a union.

Being with her made a simple drive to the beach, ecstatically magical, J remembers….sweet sensations” E Sang along and it was beauty to J’s heart. They had a great time at the beach and J so loved her playfulness.

Smart woman, met a smart man, both from two different realms of academia yet both very well educated. She is educated in the corporate department J educated in life and in the greatest form of healing and frequency transmutation , and much more.,,

Every moment was intense and magical with the true beloveds and when in alignment they are a force unlike any other. Blessed was the moment they recognized each other, and the gift of knowing became stronger. Miracles became a daily reality as they embraced in pure love.
Note: Human life can be amazing when we are in alignment and so much can take place, our connection was magical and tantric in its essence and we fit with each other in true perfection.
We were read the Vedic charts and told we are mirrors of each other and what one lacks the other one has, perfect match if egos can be kept in check. Magic and miracles is who we are, but when you join two twin-flames the greatest miracles of all occurs.

At the human level the sacred union of twin flames is the most beutiul experience anyone can have in this life time. It can also see and be the merging of the souls and the end of the reincarnation cycle for such individuals.

One of the obstacles can be the runner who can’t handle the situation. I was a runner but instead I would go within. The other was a quiet runner and disappearing long periods at a time. all of that put strain in our connection but never in our love. When love is real nothing can touch it.

Discernment can help as spirit or God has no right to say, your partner is cheating on you where there is no proof what so ever. Thoughts like that create unnecessary separation. But true love can never be apart. We are love first as we carry the templates of heaven and the purity of love and even the frequency of the creators.
Above all we carry Father and Mother Gods frequency so that we may all once again reunite in absolute love. We are free to be but when united and when we get past the first years of relationship the true full potential begins to unfold.

It is time to embrace and embody the absolute twin flame templates but in order for that to happen the ego twin flame body must die. Twin Flames are very unique individuals and the roles they have taken are major in shifting the planetary grid. Very reason why they (darkness) attack one or the other to divide and conquer.

My simple and basic advise is to move from a place where we keep score of who did what or who didn’t do that and to understand marriage is a partnership that unfolds like a beautiful flower if nurtured with respect and love.

I am daily making different choices within my essence to be able to realigned to the highest love I feel in this land and between this reality.

Life has made my edges smoother and has made my heart gentler, yet I feel stronger all within my potential. One thing I advice is to enjoy and love every moment and never take anything personally as it is a short route to misunderstanding.

Above all twin flame love never dies and it just keeps getting stronger and burning with a deeper sense of love, unconditional, blessed love. Two humans being as gods through their love. When that happens we begin to heal the original separation which took place between the creators.
It is time for all of us as twin flames to step up to the plate and be the protectors and the nurturers but above all to be the ones to manifest the heavenly templates here and now.

Twin Flame relationships are extremely powerful. let’s use that leverage, that power and change from within.

I Love You Ootya


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Jose Sanchez -In gratitude I honor life – 1-13-16

On a cold rainy Amsterdam morning, I am sat at a quaint Café enjoying a warm cup of tea. After several sleepless nights, I am partaking of the joy and the warmth of such curious aspect of energy in the form of water and herbs mixed in a harmony of force. At the same time noticing the game going on all around me.
I’m in deep thought, scrutiny and reverence of what to this point is known as my life. Admiring all the thoughts, actions and decisions which have brought me here, to this very poignant moment in my existence. Questions arise, am I happy and what have I done to attain and achieve any level of success in my expression as a happy human?
In my mind, I move through time an space in observation of all that such question as am I happy? Stirred within me. I look in remembrance of the joy I felt as a child and the wonder I experienced moment by moment. Before the purity of my being was taken into a different reaction and action , before the day when my heart would be crashed and torn to pieces over one simple fact ” I was love in the form of a child” which threatened the very existence of those around me.
I remember the days when the only love received was through my communion with nature, since those around me knew not how to live and love. I reasoned in the knowing I was a unique experience of myself and myself alone in the void of existence, yet always connected to the master of that existence.
Ah but life in my innocence happened to me fast and furious. I was exposed to many things which molded me into a magnificent force of alienation. The pain always placed before me in the form of a woman, whether this woman be my Mother, aunt, girlfriends, lovers and or wife.
But I digressed, all life experiences good or bad all according to how I perceived them due to the alienation I became programmed with. All has been a direct blessing in the form of understanding and eventually the release on the hold of such an illusion which kept me hidden in the dark. A darkness of my on voice which got lost in the despair of my own uniqueness, which tore me asunder of my own divinity.
A treasure in the rough, one of the best descriptions as to who I am. Took me decades to wake up to the understanding of how lost I had become in the psychosis of this world. Also took me to the understanding we are all willing participants of a grand game of life. Creator partaking in a grand experiment of itself.
Whether lost in the void or lost in the light, I always knew I was being watched over. In essence it was there I found myself and there I realized I was never lost. I realized I was never lost because I was always there and always in the place my own divinity had chosen for me.
Moving forward, I come to where I seat in observation and as the comings and goings of all this creator beings in the form of humans unfold right before me. I also wonder how often do I partake of the psychosis known as separation. How often do I disconnect and how often do I choose to connect. In service always of the All.
I look at faces young and old, and they all have one thing in common; they all look lost ! Not one of them had an expression or resonance of joy. Here I was and I realized and understood that now in spite of all that has and is taking place, I have found myself. Yes I have found my truth and my innocence once again. That, makes me happy and that answered my question and I understood with my heart I am happy!
I am happy with how I have played the game, I am happy of where as a man, father and husband as and as a human of where I stand. Such happiness takes me to deep gratitude and knowing my life will unfold like it was always intended to: In wonderful, miraculous, loving expression of myself.
The gratitude removes from my heart any sadness I felt for a moment of those around me looking lost. I know they know where they are, as they are where their divinity placed them.
A weight is lifted off my shoulders as words said the night before are undo. They are undo by the grace held within my own innocence. A grace manifested by the knowing ” I am master of my reality”
All leads me to say to the one teacher, friend, lover and wife. Thank you, thank you for being where you are and know in your sadness and pain, I am at the risk of sounding mawkishly sentimental I was always next to you. I am next to you now not because I feel obligated or not because I am lost but because my divinity placed me there. My divinity expresses itself in the form of a love so deep, so powerful and so liberating and it was you who helped me find that love.
You who have taught me to love, and you who awakened the true man in me. As I awakened, I awakened to my true force of love. I now love like only love can love and it is such a shift within me that has opened the door to infinite potential.
I am infinite potential and I can never and will never be the same. How I laughed and how I loved and even how I reacted will never be there. Who I was perceived as is no more. I am a new expression of my self. It is through my actions I will dispel the illusion and psychosis of a reality of separation.
Moving through this dimensional reality at the speed of thought I now bring my all to what’s at hand. That being infinite potential and I invite you all reading this to accept whole heartedly such potential.
I invite you to live your every moment in full accordance of the principal of life. Energy is everything and always evolving. In your daily reality keep on manifesting and decreeing yourself in the form of the mighty I am and dare to say ” I Am Infinite Potential. ”
I honor you all for being my greatest teachers. I honor all those close to me for holding space. I honor my beloved wife for her strength and perseverance as life moves fast and furious for you. I honor the All. May you be always in divine blessings.

Jose Sanchez – Time to become responsible Co-Creators – 11-29-15

Divine Wisdom and Divine Knowing include true discernment and how we focus our attention and intentions. We must focus on a reality of love and peace and open ourselves through compassion to Sacred Grace, thus opening ourselves to the promised Golden age.
Our greatest strength is a loving heart and a mind focused on rightful and righteous action and stillness. We are energy and we are reality and where both are directed a form takes shape. Take your mind and heart from outer attention and bring them deep into your inner grace.
You want to see the kingdom of heaven, then go within and see your reflection and your true self. You want peace and freedom then free and open your inner sanctum. Doing so will allow you and all of us to be followers no more. Power in love is our might!
I am Na Hi’El


The current state of events around the world are as chaotic as those taking place within. We have entered a chaotic node which is leading to a quantum leap in our consciousness.  Humanity is about to get a powerful taste of awakening to full responsibility of co-creating reality in a conscious manner.

For the longest time being silent while atrocities took place around the world was lightly taken. Now we are finally coming face to face with the fact we are co-creators and as such we are responsible for everything taking place now. We are the ones who need to change the direction life is taking. We are responsible on whether we entered as a planetary whole into chaotic war or peaceful shifting of reality.

New Earth is just around the corner, it is in plain sight. The shift could have happened years ago if only humanity could have worked as one. After all as a consciousness we are moving in the same direction and have for the most part same interest….love, peace and harmony.

We are slowly but surely manifesting the holy self and as such we have a greater overview of what is taking place. I can’t emphasize enough that taking responsibility for our reality is a must.  We are after all to our reality the same as God is to creation. The sooner humanity understands that it is up to everyone to place their focus and intention on peace the sooner you will live your golden age.

Remember who you are and you will create your true existence in your highest light. Reality and life are about becoming the best being we are experiencing ourselves to be. Time to manifest in harmony and together manifest the joy and happiness we all are here to experience.

Nowadays we have greater levels of assistance and guidance and as the veil thins we can see deeper. There are many forces at play and yes there’s deep resistance but the destination is a gift of life. Evolution and spiritual evolution are a reality and a truth of life. Welcome yourselves home and welcome yourselves to your new lives.

December will surely be a month of integration and of powerful waves of new forces partaking in the upliftment of our dimensional presence. Yes out dimensional presence is becoming more and more powerful. We are imprinting ourselves at multilevels and it is why greater forces are at play in order to keep divine order.

In some ways things will smooth out but in others they will reach a greater tempo, one of them being the fact that humanity needs to step up by taking conscious responsibility of life. 2016 is a year of many surprises and of much deciet coming to light. The true colors of the global deceivers will be shown and humanity will have the opportunity to come closer to understanding why life here on earth has been delayed in its natural evolution. The so called Isis will meet its match as the funding sources start to dwindle. There’s so much coming to the surface including certain disclosure regarding our origins and the connection with ancient civilizations. The tablets of Toth will also activate and new knowledge will en revel eased regarding our ancient heritage….. So fasten your seatbelts a and enjoy the ride.

Love and blessings of the highest light to all of you.

Jose Sanchez – Sublime Wave of the Holy Self – Integration Codes – 9-22-15

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Jose Sanchez  –  Sublime Wave of the Holy Self   –   Integration Codes   –   9-22-15


While many have been distracted waiting for the so called wave x the most beautiful energies have been uplifting our planet’s and our body’s frequency. Previously I had mentioned the Contingency Wave and the one which is touching down today the 22nd, the Sublime Wave of the Holy Self. I’m  sure many have already started to experience altered states of consciousness.

The afore mentioned waves don’t originate just from our source but from farther and beyond what many can comprehend. They say the greatest revolution will happen in the silence of the night. While many wait for the in fashion things, wave x being one of them the powerful sublime internal revolution might be missed. I agree a lunar eclipse and a blood moon are powerful but there are greater forces at play that need to be considered.

Also many are experiencing different symptoms, emotions being stirred, traumas coming to light to be transmuted. I did not write about symptoms and feelings as many attribute them to ascension symptoms, although there’s so much more than just that. Also I believe it is a beautiful feeling to receive and to expect the unexpected without expectations. We are so conditioned to be told what to do, what to receive and so on.

Now it is our time and our moment to claim our birthright. We do not need someone else to guide us, in fact you don’t even need me to write any more as it is all within you. Why Am I not bringing forth a message from archangel Michael or the Holy  Creators? Simply because I am connected to my divine knowing and it is through that knowing I can bring you in my own words the powerful essence being presented to us. You are being mirrored and reminded of whom you are. Let’s just say I am “channeling” my Holy Self.

Take a moment and on this day, channel your Holy Self. Tap into the sacredness of the energy all around us now and bring forth your inner beauty. Your holiness now manifested by the love of our divine Creators. Allow the music of the heavenly spheres within you be activated. God Know you are God!

It is time to express yourselves to the highest degree of your inner light. Time for the student to become the master. Go within and go forth and reclaim your inner mastery. How many of you have taken charge of your reality? How many are waiting for someone else to do it for you? No, No, No the time is here to claim yourselves and your responsibility and you will receive your divine heritage. Your lineage is of royalty, now go forth and be as one.

Blessings my beloved family and may you claim your power and may you be the creator and manifest your most beautiful reality and a lovely peaceful life.

In the sacred space of my holy heart I feel a passionate fire
I Am that I Am
The flame of life dancing to the tune of creation
I Am Om
Life dancing to the blissful state of my Self
I Am Bliss

I exist within the womb of life
I Am Gratitude
The cosmic fold I call my own
Grace I Am
Spiraling within the original force
Golden Love I am
The eternal void, forever space
Holy Time I am

Creational Power in the sublime self
I Am Word
Miraculous presence in passionate existence
Life I Am
Golden Time as the light of the Sun
Sovereign I am

Pure Space
Boundless Joy
Free I Am!

Eternal heart as Love
Cosmic orgasm experiencing a Divine Orgasm
I see me as I Am

Here’s a gift to assist you in integrating the Sublime Wave.


Copyright Jose Sanchez 2015

JOSE SANCHEZ – Sublime Wave of the Holy Self – Integration Codes – 9-22-15

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JOSE SANCHEZ   –    Sublime Wave of the Holy Self/ Integration codes  –   9-22-15

While many have been distracted waiting for the so called wave x the most beautiful energies have been uplifting our planet’s and our body’s frequency. Previously I had mentioned the Contingency Wave and the one which is touching down today the 22nd, the Sublime Wave of the Holy Self. I’m  sure many have already started to experience altered states of consciousness.

The afore mentioned waves don’t originate just from our source but from farther and beyond what many can comprehend. They say the greatest revolution will happen in the silence of the night. While many wait for the in fashion things, wave x being one of them the powerful sublime internal revolution might be missed. I agree a lunar eclipse and a blood moon are powerful but there are greater forces at play that need to be considered.

Also many are experiencing different symptoms, emotions being stirred, traumas coming to light to be transmuted. I did not write about symptoms and feelings as many attribute them to ascension symptoms, although there’s so much more than just that. Also I believe it is a beautiful feeling to receive and to expect the unexpected without expectations. We are so conditioned to be told what to do, what to receive and so on.

Now it is our time and our moment to claim our birthright. We do not need someone else to guide us, in fact you don’t even need me to write any more as it is all within you. Why Am I not bringing forth a message from archangel Michael or the Holy  Creators? Simply because I am connected to my divine knowing and it is through that knowing I can bring you in my own words the powerful essence being presented to us. You are being mirrored and reminded of whom you are. Let’s just say I am “channeling” my Holy Self.

Take a moment and on this day, channel your Holy Self. Tap into the sacredness of the energy all around us now and bring forth your inner beauty. Your holiness now manifested by the love of our divine Creators. Allow the music of the heavenly spheres within you be activated. God Know you are God!

It is time to express yourselves to the highest degree of your inner light. Time for the student to become the master. Go within and go forth and reclaim your inner mastery. How many of you have taken charge of your reality? How many are waiting for someone else to do it for you? No, No, No the time is here to claim yourselves and your responsibility and you will receive your divine heritage. Your lineage is of royalty, now go forth and be as one.

Blessings my beloved family and may you claim your power and may you be the creator and manifest your most beautiful reality and a lovely peaceful life.

In the sacred space of my holy heart I feel a passionate fire
I Am that I Am
The flame of life dancing to the tune of creation
I Am Om
Life dancing to the blissful state of my Self
I Am Bliss

I exist within the womb of life
I Am Gratitude
The cosmic fold I call my own
Grace I Am
Spiraling within the original force
Golden Love I am
The eternal void, forever space
Holy Time I am

Creational Power in the sublime self
I Am Word
Miraculous presence in passionate existence
Life I Am
Golden Time as the light of the Sun
Sovereign I am

Pure Space
Boundless Joy
Free I Am!

Eternal heart as Love
Cosmic orgasm experiencing a Divine Orgasm
I see me as I Am

Here’s a gift to assist you in integrating the Sublime Wave.


Copyright Jose Sanchez 2015

Jose Sanchez – Time to Realize our Power – 8-22-15

Jose Sanchez   –   Time to Realize our Power  –   8-22-15

Thank you all for being so brave and willing to do the inner work.



I come to you with the holy blessings of all I am and all all you are and all we are. My love and my gratitude to each and everyone who is flowing their work wonderfully. Yes we are flowing in the best possible way needed through our own unique frequency, as such we are all exactly where we need to be.

We have entered another space and time through the myriad of waves of uplifting energies. They are coming our way from every angle of creation. Time seems to have sped up and the shift is occurring now at an accelerated pace. As fast as we are shifting that’s exactly how quickly also evil and darkness are fighting for their lives.

Have you noticed all your deep emotions and traumas are being summoned to the surface? Now is the most beautiful time to take a good look at ourselves and heal our core wounds. We are being given the amazing opportunity to take ourselves to the next level of our individual humanity.

We have been given through the contingency wave ( Read precious article ) the power needed to breakthrough our own shadows and darkness. The Sublime Wave of the Holy Self will also grant is the necessary insight t move past our “shortcomings” and move into our sacred space.

We are indeed in powerful times of transformation. No one is immune to what’s coming and what is yet to come. Remain steady in your inner work and know we will all receive the necessary guidance and protection.

The lower vibrational frequencies fighting for their existence are of the mentality if we go down we take you all down. They will not be allowed to keep their temper tantrums much longer as soon enough they will realize we are here to liberate them as well. CERN, HAARP, secret bases and their secret programs of weather manipulation, sexual abuse, pedophilia, MK Ultra,  government manipulation, financial system all have an expiration date.

The difference this time is the New Light isn’t here to eliminate darkness.  By shedding light into it  it is here to help it achieve a greater expression of itself.  We are in an unprecedented time when all are being given the chance to transcend, not just light workers but dark workers as well, since in reality we are all part of Divine Source.

We must rejoice through life’s shifts and changes and must always remain true to ourselves. We must remember as the earth shakes and moves so do we. We are quickly shifting and yes we are being the shift we need to see.
I’m sharing a little something I shared on a new Facebook I recently created to which I happily extend an invitation to join if you feel completed to. Name is Pay it Forward With Love

As we embrace each and every moment with the purity that it represents we begin to realize how beautiful life really is. Within every instant, every breath we take we are given tremendous opportunities to accept ourselves as divine consciousness.

Breathe in the magic of the moment and realize yourselves as the purity and as the magic that very unique eternal now is bringing forth. It is then and through a simple magical breath you can see and be in the sacred heart of the eternal now.

We are all who we are and we all carry the the beauty and the magnificence of creation itself. Therefore go and explore your magnificence through every feeling, every thought and every being who comes your way. You will then see who you are.
Live, Love, Give

Jose Sanchez – The Sublime Wave of the Holy Self/ Symbol – 7-27-15

Jose Sanchez

This a message for those who feel in their hearts the desire to be at the forefront of the upgrade in our cores. To those who wish to see the purity of the true light of creation. My love and blessings to all of you.




A while ago after writing about the unification of light which would change the course of humanity and how the course of disclosure would take place I wrote about how no stone would be left unturned. Meaning every single being and human being on earth would be transformed through the ever increasing levels of energy and waves of light and forces entering and uplifting our hearts and our souls and our frequencies. We are all shifting and transforming from the core out. We are shifting and transmuting emotions, stuck energies and unmoved thoughts and frequencies due to our own making or those forced upon us.

Humanity is being shaken and loved to the core of the sacred heart and indeed ascension is upon us. All the turmoil due to fear and control and the fear of being controlled  is being replaced after the powerful cleansing of and clearing into a magnetic force that can anchor the divinity we all have signed up to achieve. Music is taking place and the most powerful symphony is manifesting right before us.

Forces upon forces of infinite source as beautiful waves from an unending ocean of love are bathing us and our hearts are singing the song of love. Our minds are being taken apart and what we once thought to be real is about to implode and give birth to true life.

This year had been an unprecedented one and it only keeps getting better and better. Light unified and the birth of the Divine Union Force gave way to the up to now most powerful and sophisticate waves of light. One of them being the one we are experiencing now the Contingency Wave which is opening the way for the most sublime of all the energies experienced to date.

We have to this day being surviving and not fully living but from this point on and specially from the 22nd of September on life is about to get real and we will finally experience what true living and loving is all about.

Yes ascension is here now and it will increase so much more but it isn’t about ascension anymore. It really is about loving living here now. About loving how powerful and crucial our small part is to the grandeur of the All.

As a whole we are about to understand the true spirit of compassion, and sharing life in harmony. The frequency is building up for peace to be declared by every living heart here on Earth.  Seeing and understanding we are all love at our very core is our saving grace. ” Human love thy Human Self ”

Sublime Wave of the Holy Self

The sophistication and the simplicity of this wonderful wave/force is incredibly and it can be even more powerful according to how much we open our hearts. It is now the time for the human to take responsibility and to also the holy self to be manifested. All happening in our own very unique band wave and frequency of our loving hearts.

Holy Creators on the Sublime Wave of The Holy Self

The entire creation has entered a new level of existence and manifestation. Divinity has touched every level by and through its holy presence. The Sublime Wave of the Holy Self is a wonderful Amazon gift being given by the living, loving Union of the Holy Self of each and every individual from their true uniqueness of their Absolute selves. You are all receiving the blessing of the true manifestation of the divine.

You have entered an uncharted territory therefore a new navigational energy is needed to fully cement the success of every individual. This wave is the true Union of love as love. Blessed are you who have the knowing to open your hearts to this magnificent wave of unprecedented purity as the direct birth of the Holy Self.

Welcome your light and enter the higher echelons of the Holy Self into the halls of creation. You are now free to be free my dear and beloved children and family of masters and teachers.
Time to embrace your humanity and manifest your divinity as the truly divine Hu-man. Your time is short and precious as the human self and you must all embrace and make the absolute best of such time as shortly you will all be transcending your perceived limitations.

Welcome the frequency and the light and the magnitude of change now being presented to you. Take into your hearts and souls the pure essence of the symbol being offered to you form the highest realms of light and love.
Take haste and awaken to yourselves and know you are Hu-mans and yet you are Gods in your own right.

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JOSE SANCHEZ – Understanding Unity Consciousness – Fractal Frequency, to help you understand it


“Every day is a manifestation of my divine self.”


I must daily face myself and how I perceive my reality. Some days I am presented with great opportunities for growth and other days I am allowed complete peace. My life is always in motion moving towards a great understanding of my inner self.

I feel and believe each and every one has a remote understanding of what unity consciousness really is. One thing I know for sure when we enter into unity consciousness we will not turn into a blob or a massive consciousness unified and undifferentiated. We will in fact begin to appreciate and understand our individuality, our differences and our roles.

We will enter into compassion and gratitude and deep appreciation of the roles and forms we have all taken. From the saintliest man to the dirtiest and the most evil man or being we will begin to recognize, accept and acknowledge them for whom they really are and in doing so we will learn who we are.

Who are they really, who are you really ? They are us, we are them. In understanding this simple fact and knowing there’s indeed no separation then and only then we can enter into true unity consciousness.


What happens in unity consciousness?

“The absolute recognition of the self as a valuable component of everything there is and beyond.” We begin to love and admire our uniqueness and our individuality. We begin to function as a unit with the resources of the individual who recognizes all as an aspect of him/herself. Separation ceases to be and individuality flourishes through deep knowing, and constant communing with each and every heart. The heart field becomes unified and in complete harmony with source as well as the individual spark.

Unity consciousness is a frequency, a vibration with direct connection to Source. In that sacred space we can have access to our greater intuition and to our resources as individuals who can use the mass consciousness to manifest. Unity consciousness is a state of being, a state of mind and above all a state of total harmony into the absolute heart field.

Exactly the manifestation of the absolute heart, is what is taking place now. Many of us have had access to such energy for a while now and now more on a more of the population will open up to the possibility of experiencing such frequency. In reality if we want to understand unity, then we must understand the sacred heart field and the plasmic field surrounding all forms of energy.

Life becomes a direct manifestation of the divine. In divine understanding we recognize everything is perfect alignment and in its highest realization. Life in reality regardless of how we perceive it is always existing in its highest realization. We must therefore perceive ourselves the same way. Unity consciousness is about manifesting ourselves as our highest potential.

Once we begin to understand the simple facts, and laws of life or better yet the many layers and bands of frequency we cease to judge energy in terms of good or bad. In our level there’s many forms of energy working in unison. Wether we perceive it as low or dark, or evil energy living at the highest potential  it knows and or light living as the highest potential it knows. Everything is part of the All and that All is part of a greater All and it goes on and on.

What I’m trying to say is ” Life is simple, live, enjoy, harmonize into happiness and know yourself as love.” When we love ourselves the same way love loves us, we will see everything and everyone through eyes of love.


Here I’m sharing a key to open the door to a reality so beautiful it will expand your mind. Meditate on it, seat on it, visualize it and a new reality will unfold. Unity consciousness is here and it has always been within you.


Jose Sanchez @ ABSOLUTE RADIANCE – Be Always Your Highest Light – 6-15-15

Many of us, including myself experience emotions in such deep intimate manner. When we get angry or sad we experience them deeply. When we love, we love as if there’s only that moment and we give it our all.

Being deep in dark or low emotions can feel extremely heavy and overwhelming. We feel isolated and very alone even amidst those who love us. Understanding and knowing those feeling are temporary can be crucial to overcome and transmute as we transcend beyond the need to punish ourselves.

I am talking here from very personal experience. I am one who used to dive so deep into anger and or despair and I would isolate myself in order to fully watch and observe myself. I observed my reactions, my response and my thoughts. Heavy thoughts crossed my mind time and time again and I embraced them with all my might. I understood everyone of them was a reflection of the pain and fear within.
Moving forward in time I am now still as passionate as ever but now I surf the remaining waves of my fear and direct them in a form that is more constructive and productive and which brings me closer to love myself even deeper.

Yes it is possible to will and observe yourself into joy, into gratitude into adapting to the waves and into riding them rather than have them pummel you to the bottom of despair. Even at the bottom of despair there are precious jewels to find, the greatest being the purity of who we are as a being.
I am having the greatest love affair, and affair with myself. I love me so deeply and it is that love thrusting me forward in a world swiftly changing and transcending and all of us must do the same. Funny one of my all time favorite films is called “An affair to remember” yes heaven itself will remember the love I feel for myself when I allow expansion of the soul. A love so deep all fear and pain pales and dissolves and I only focus on love instead of the pain. I have never denied myself the experience of pain or fear, or anger but I am divinely inspired when it comes to loving myself.
I speak, I curse, I pray, I clean, I make love, I argue always with the greatest love in my heart. Love is my filter, love keeps my ego in check but love allows me to stand in my truth even without a need to be right.
Now back to diving into the darkness of pain and fear and anger. All emotions create a physical reaction all accordingly and based on the Intensity, manifest physical imbalance in many forms. Hormonal imbalance usually manifests through unprocessed and unexpressed emotions.
As you tumble and fall and spiral out of control always remember, “Regardless of what is taking place in true essence we are always in command of which direction we go.” One of the greatest gifts we carry is the gift of light.
Imagine if you held a nuclear power flashlight, perpetually powered and secured and protected. Imagine you dropped it down the darkest well in existence, the flashlight spirals down out of control, ten feet into darkness, a thousand feet, a billion feet into darkness and yet the flashlight is always bright and strong. Centered by its momentum and always holding its light protected and secure. Darkness surrounds it but can never diminish because it is perpetually powered by the atom itself.
The direct manifestation of the atom aka God is within us, so you see our light can never run dry or falter or run out of source energy because source is infinite. We are a power so great, and have been thrown into darkness to bring a manifestation of light all through us.
We all hold a switch that can determine the level of light or lack of we express. Imagine the mind and the heart directed by the soul and there you have your greatest power all within the human form. As easy as this might sound, which in reality it really is easy, all you need to do is turn the switch on!
Whether you are standing on top of the Sun or spiraling through the darkest void, you can choose how much light you are. Through power of intention, motion of thought, flow of love you can find yourself as the greatest light the creator has ever manifested. You are the creator indeed!
Remember next time you feel down or depressed or saddened and feel despair can or will overwhelm you. Remember you have the choice to switch the lights on, all is within the power of your shifting perception and the thoughts you decide to hold.
Life was meant to be loved, explored, loved, hated and then embraced by the deepest love of the soul itself. We are soul, we are not pain, fear or our past. Those are only experiences through adjustable perceptions.
We can adjust based in what we want to experience. You are in the mud, then find the diamond there. Guess what that diamond is you. Your light, your joy, your bliss is your own. Own it, embrace it and live to the fullest with life as your own.


JOSE SANCHEZ – Lemurian, Atlantean, Native american, African, Aborigine – Codes of Transformation – 6-10-15

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Jose Sanchez

Human history is tainted with many levels of separation and destruction, as well as assimilation of pure cultures. Since the beginning of time and after the fall or separation we have carried resentment generation after generation. From Lemuria’s fall, Atlantis’ misuse of power and Native American annihilation or even slavery of Africans and other races that were mistreated due to the color of their skin. We carry the soul core damage and old stagnant energies that need to be forgiven, released and transmuted into the beautiful manifestation we were meant to be.

Now is the time to release the old core wounds and bring forth the golden age of Gaia. We are here in great times of transmutation and shifts and now it is our full responsibility to release the old and manifest and anchor the new. This is the time to heal!

We must learn and understand the same forces who assisted in our separation and fall, are the same forces running our governments and corporations. They have infiltrated everywhere, but guess what their control and power over us is only an illusion that has been fed to us through time. We have the power to release them and relieve them of their assumed place of fake power. We can set them free of their ignorance by us taking full responsibility of our own healing and of our own change.

We are society, we are unity, we are the force they most fear. We have the power and the obligation to fully educate ourselves and to transcend their greed. We want change, we need to be change. We want peace then we need to be peace at first one individual at a time then the masses as one.

Why do you think they spend billions in false propaganda world wide? Why do they spend trillions in advanced technology they hide from the public? Because they are cowards who fear our true potential! Same reason why they hijacked every major governmental body, why they hijacked religion or even created false religions and false devils, to keep us under their thumbs.
I say and we should all say, “ Enough is enough”

The time is here to take action by our full awareness, and by our full presence in our deep responsibility to create the peace and well being we all desire. Time to take action in loving all that we are and in wishing the same well being and the same harmony and peace for all. We are not separate entities, we are a global community and when one suffers we all suffer.

We must all let go of the false idea of security we have been led to believe, while other countries are getting annihilated, while other world citizens are starving or dying of thirst. If one single child is hungry or thirsty then we all are, and we all suffer the consequences as a human consciousness. Better them than us? I don’t think so, we are in this TOGETHER!

It is every individual’s responsibility to release the burden by transmuting it and bringing it all to light. We need to bring truth to light, we were all lied about 9/11 and every single war that has taken and is taking place and as such we must all declare peace and demand the truth. We must abolish corporations that are too powerful that they feel untouchable. We must liberate them from their greed.

There is so much work to be done, and we must all do our part. Let’s bring new thinking, new systems, new governments and new belief systems or lack of but we must eradicate that which is no longer working for humanity and for the planet herself. Let’s be the care takers of our own future and of our descendants and above all we must be the caretakers of our now.

For over a month I have been receiving ideas and downloads that go far back in time. Memories of times long forgotten and times that yet hold a pattern of separation. Lemurians suffered through a painful separation, Atlantean’s suffered from the misuse of knowledge and technology. Native Americans suffered separation from their land, form their families and from their bodies. Africans who are now known as African Americans suffered slavery and suffered separation from their mother land. Natives of the Americas suffered just as much, and even being pushed out of their lands and their rightful claim to a free life. Australian aborigines are looked down upon, or at least were and have been assimilated in ways that was detrimental to the land itself.

The list goes on and on and it has all been due to ignorance. Ignorance has been our greatest enemy and it goes side by side by the greed of money and power. One greedy person cannot and must not have the power over millions or billions of people. We are sovereign beings and we must act sovereign.

I could go on and on about such topics but my focus is mostly on educating ourselves and on taking full action and responsibility. We must all forgive and release the painful past and memories embedded in our very DNA and in our souls. It is all written in the akashic records and in the crystalline halls of Mother Earth.

Now here comes the beautiful part, we have been granted a powerful dispensation through the three major waves we are partaking in. Currently we are in the process of the second planetary wave of change and growth. As source is now closer to us we have more access to new light as well as new tools for transformation.

It is my pleasure and honor to present in a sort of artistic form. Lol yes my soul has been wanting to express through color and so I am now presenting to you a powerful activation of forgiveness, Grace and release. By cleansing the old energies we shall make room for the new.

The codes I am sharing here, carry the frequency and the necessary band wave and force necessary to clear from our DNA and psyche the engrained and programed events in our history that were not of the highest light. It carries divine feminine energies, divine masculine, Native American, Lemurian, Atlantean, African and every necessary code to cleanse and rewrite vibrationally our new time. Print it, and perhaps perform a ceremony, ritual and or prayer and bring in this codes of new light.

I present you the combined form of Lemurian, Atlantean, Native American, African, Aborigines, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

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Jose Sanchez – New Timeline Update – Light Command Symbol – 3-16-15

Jose Sanchez

Every time we transition into new timelines, due to the fact that humanity is awakening we enter more and more the reality of peace. We are evolving and manifesting our divinity. We carry day by day higher frequencies that are affecting our reality in a powerful way. The light and love weavers who have freed themselves from the matrix are doing an amazing job in spreading the freedom templates. Humanity has the eyes to see and the heart to live in a unified field as one and it is now stronger as we successfully entered into a new timeline. Change will speed up even more now, so tighten your belts and enjoy the ride.

The insanity known as the matrix of control is slowly being dismantled. All of us who were born with the codes of awakening and freedom are strongly resonating the frequency to break free as the light command is being activated. The codes and the light command were included in such a way which went mostly unnoticed by those running the control program. The key to activating the codes and light command we carry is to increase our vibrational frequency thus it engages and sips into reality. We carry the transformational energy to break free from the outdated and low frequency emitted by the 4th dimensional matrix.

The low grade 4th dimensional frequency targets our brain in order to affect our minds and our thinking process. By affecting our thinking process our perception of reality becomes warped. It is through fear and constant distraction and signals of mind control carried by the waves sent via the underground moon base, communication media and the devices purposely made to emit high levels of radiation to affect our navigational capabilities.

False patriotism is also a way in which our passion and need to belong to something greater has been miss used by propaganda, mind control and programing. Human hearts have an innate frequency which acts like water, carrying a sort of bonding energy. Notice how when you place water dropped close enough to each other they will merge. Our heart field behaves the same way. By controlling, affecting and interfering with the function of the brain our perception becomes clouded, our thought scrambled and we can then begin to undermine and doubt our intuition. As we began this experiment in our 3D reality we were born with a stronger and wider unified heart field which allowed us greater connection with our surroundings and other beings. Which explains why our ancestors had great knowledge of natural medicine without having the necessary technology and yet they knew.

Through the ages our minds became more condensed and our hearts began to loose or at least emit a smaller unity field. It was then as they started to divide and conquer the individual by separating the unified use of heart and mind, which was how we operated in the beginning. They then began to divide and conquer the masses. Controlling the mind through belief systems and false patriotism and you have the support of the greatest power in the world. The power to create and manifest via the unified field of hundreds and or thousand perhaps million of individuals believing in one cause whether it is the right course of action or not. 9/11 being one of the biggest examples of our current times. The same or similar model has been used time after time as humanity struggled to break free from the matrix since it has been effective for a long time.

Our new timeline shift is a powerful frequency which in spite of the constant manipulation will not allow our powerful transformation to be deterred. We are all assisting in raising the frequency as we as individuals and as a group of beings with a common cause are dismantling the matrix from the inside out. We have a great momentum as the veil thins and the old paradigm becomes obsolete. New frequencies manifested are assisting us to resonate and to vibrate at a high vibrational rate. A higher frequency which opens the heart and then our inner light to powerfully transform the pattern and the frequency of the brain and the mind, keeps us from going in to fear. We then begin to live in the now as the heart = our intuition and our knowing becomes our modus operandi.

Love and compassion = deep gratitude and a balanced heart and mind. Whether we are under attack or not we can keep our hearts and minds from going into fear which breaks the spell of fear. Fear has been the most powerful tool used against our hearts. On the other side of the revolving door it is our hearts they fear as well. Within our hearts exists a powerful multidimensional key that can and will access and tap into their fourth reality and it is how we will transform and free them from their prison. It is crystal clear that the same program being used to control humanity is the same program inadvertently controlling them. Like I have said before we will be the ones to free them from the limitations they have experienced through their inability to go higher than the prison they created.

The great and wonderful news is that we are all transcending and ascending, this time nobody will be left behind. From 3D to 4D we will see a dramatic and drastic change and then the greatest ascension creation has ever witnessed will unfold. The family will be welcomed home and the prodigal son returns to the fold of the creator.

Our work is an endeavor of love and light, understanding and also sheer guts and perseverance. For eons upon eons we have dwelled in a matrix of control which through the power of thought and emotion from everyone involved in it, the enslaved as well as the enslaved it developed a type of consciousness of its own. It was then the controllers became part of the system and their vehicle of gold, became nothing more than a golden cage.

We must now as the love and light weavers that we are, manifest our divinity here but also weave the essence of ascension into the 4D reality. It is how we will liberate them and give them a chance to remember and re experience their true source and origins. We are remembering our divine origins step by step and will soon realize the magnificence within. We will remember and live as the creators we are. “There is one simple key to our success which is to simply raise our frequency through love, gratitude and compassion beyond the point of no return.”

Love sees us all free!

Think of this codes and light command in this symbol as the antidote to the matrix. The more it is used the stronger its effects. 


Jose Sanchez – Our New Time to Create is Here! – Light has been Unified! – 2-26-15



Jose Sanchez

So much has taken place since last time I wrote about being in gratitude. I have gotten to know myself so much better and while traveling I even understood deep within my heart what it is like to see and experience God as a direct manifestation in everything before me and everything and everyone around me. Life has certainly taken a new quality and a new dimension.

Today is the third day after the final step in the unification of light. Five months ago we embarked on a wonderful journey of transformation and we have now arrived at the point where love is fully in control of our environment. We are leaving behind the old thinking and old beliefs and timelines and have now entered and uncharted territory.

We have entered a time and space when even darkness is curios of the transformational power in the unified field of light. The powerful awakening brought upon the divine Union in the codes and light of the divine male and female great central Suns, is beyond description. Even our spirits are now being transformed in quality and vibration. We have reached a new level in our spiritual evolution. The higher aspects of our multidimensional selves are surfacing and humanity and all of Earth’s inhabitants and including Mother Earth will now develop in a beautiful and powerful manner.

Everyone is and will experience a direct transformation due to the new unified field of light. For those who can see, you will begin to see the new colors and qualities surrounding us. For those who can feel a powerful magnetic like vibration has been activated, it is the divine Union of the self that gives off a bonding and a feeling of completion. Slowly for some and almost instantaneously for others there will be an awakening of a deep knowing, a knowing of why you are here and of acceptance as to why you are here. Such process will allow you to embrace life to the fullest and to transform yourselves, thus transforming and uplifting your surrounding environment which in turn will transform the entire planetary essence.

Now that such event has taken place, Mother Earth has a third layer/dimensional layer of light and protection and of uplifting frequencies. Her trinitized light bodies are operating according to divine law that attracts the presence of the masters, meaning there will be an influx of new and super advanced souls who will begin to incarnate. Those new souls will carry at a soul level the Divine Union force. A reconnecting of twin flames will also see much needed increase. We can all now access her threefold light bodies and her threefold inner flame of transformation that have been awakened by the birth of the Divine Union Force which is now fully accessible.

Having access to the new forces and rays and the trinity surrounding our planet can have great impact in increasing our connection and knowing. Much more knowledge will now be manifested and numerous amount of new inventions will be made public. We can now fully access the divinity that makes up our beloved planet.

Peace is the only option now! We have now entered the era in which war is no longer possible. Have you noticed how much they have tried and tried and they can’t? From this point on we are manifestations of peace and compassion. We are steadfast merging into new timelines which are taking us directly into a full experience of peace and of direct contact with our multidimensional selves in a physical way. Disclosure is now our reality.

Having a unified field that is in perfect balance is much more appealing to darkness is quite a blessing. They will be transforming and will begin to understand that they are not facing their demise, but only the end of an era of sacrifice for them. They gave up their inner spark in order to serve a higher purpose and now they are given the opportunity to grow and transform. They are given a new beginning here and now and you will see the change here and now!

I’m always very respectful of what others have to say but… I have read several channelings in which they mentioned 5000 million or so souls have been taken out because they were serving the cabal and that Sananda became injured through the use of scalar technology. I have to say if it would be that easy then our entire reality would have seen an increase of goodness due to the removal of those souls. Also all of our free will would have been stepped on by such event. By the way scalar weaponry for the higher realms is old news and can be easily adapted and nullified. Sananda was not injured by such imaginary event. In fact many who claim to channel him are not even in connection with the real Yeshua/Sananda. I can only ask of you reading this to use and follow your heart and discernment to see clearly and past certain misunderstandings that are given only to create discord via disappointment.

We are still our true power and hope. We are receiving so much assistance from every level and layer of our creation and yet it is up to us to make the final transformation and changes necessary to experience the wonders in front of us. Now that we have greater energetic resources and possibilities through our own deeds to change it is only a matter of choice to dedicate yourselves to transform. We are indeed blessed by the greatest light and the greatest love. Our Very mixed and complexed DNA will now begin to resonate at a much higher frequency that will demand to come in contact with its origins this direct contact will be a natural and beautiful process that does not need to be forced but simply embraced.

We have entered a time and space to create our highest desire of peace and love and joyful living. This is not simply a corridor or transitional period, this is it! This is our time to shine and to live and love to our fullest because heaven has mandated and decreed for it to be so. In short, the game has become more sophisticated and we can have fun with it because the old virus that kept it from running smoothly is now being deleted. Yet by no means expect everything to be handed to you, as it is your duty and responsibility to make the necessary changes and adjustments.

You will love and enjoy the new possibilities of manifestation of light. Enjoy this wondrous and well deserved gift of finally being able to embrace your true self. From now on life has new possibilities and new hues and tints that will lead to a joyful manifestation of our souls and our soul’s desire to grow and expand and manifest it’s true divinity as an incarnation of Love.

Welcome to the new beginning and I ask of you to fully accept what has been given. New possibilities to finally be you. Remember we are now anchors and carriers of the new codes and it is all our responsibility to make this life a beautiful life.
So it is!!!


Jose Sanchez – Love is our True Awareness, our True Consciousness – 1-24-15

IMG_8021Jose Sanchez

1/23/15   –


The simplicity and the beauty of the soul are aspects so pure and beyond the scope of explanation. The awareness and the consciousness that comes in limited and unlimited capacities are part of the intricacies of our design. Through the ages awareness, consciousness and beingness have been pondered and explored to the highest possibilities of the mind and of the heart of poets and philosophers.

The simplest explanation of the difficulty of being able to explain the magnitude of such question is the simple fact that we as humans do not have the language and the vocabulary to explain and describe the basic details. If we begin to dissect the self at a physical level we would need to begin to see the human form as a whole. Meaning we would need to consider the energetic make up of each and every single cell that makes up the vehicle for the soul. We must also consider that we as a body have a connection to a core consciousness of every cell as a united being. Part of our awareness is based on that consciousness which acts as an anchor and as a medium to help us connect and understand our reality. The same pattern follows the bigger picture, our soul is as a cell in the body of a greater being known by many titles and names. When we begin to understand our closest reality within our form we can more readily begin to understand the soul and the power and force of love of which we are a part of.

If we begin to study consciousness and awareness at a metaphysical level and we actually understand and realize our source, at that moment an explanation becomes unnecessary as we begin to see we are everything. We cannot simply state or explain consciousness and awareness because we are everything and part of everything. We must then begin to explain infinity. Infinity is unity consciousness. When we love we touch infinity as we enter the field of unlimited consciousness.

I remember December of 2012 when I had a beautiful experience while taking Ayahuasca for my very first time and apparently my last. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and in fact stop breathing God knows for how long. I ended up disconnecting and feeling and intense feeling of peace and clarity. In that moment as I witness my body laying there and for a moment or two vomiting. It felt so far an alien and yet I was still me except no longer in my body. It seemed as if my body ceased to matter and yet I was very curious and felt great love and compassion for it. I remember I still knew it was me, I still could think and move around but I felt light and capable of experiencing great love and awareness. I could move at the speed of thought and could feel and see everything, I became awareness.

I clearly remember the creational matrix and the infinite amount of light codes going in and around me. I remember going into the void and yet in that space of nothingness I still existed as clearly and as free as the moment I detached from my body, as free as I become when I go into contemplating myself and the divine. It was then I was being taught about consciousness and awareness and conscious living. Something that until this very moment I had forgotten. It seems as if the light codes that went inside me as pockets of knowledge are now being activated and the program or the knowledge contained there is now surfacing into my conscious awareness.

Conscious living is one of the codes awakening. It means we need to live in harmony with our environment but also with the vibrational frequency and awareness of the body that houses our soul. Within the body we are soul, within the creational matrix we are soul, and within the void we are soul. As souls we are a pure living direct spark and direct consciousness of the Creator, the Great Spirit and so on. The direct message is that in truth we are never far apart from who we truly are. Soul-sparks of a greater being. We exist simultaneously at every possible level of existence and so we are also the field of eternal living and the greatest possibilities in and of creation.

In essence we are not our thoughts, our emotions and our bodies. We are an awareness that transcends any and all limitations. Let’s say in this very moment you could trace yourself back to the beginning to the level of quarks, string and tones. Tones being the beginning of the string and the moment before matter. You would begin to see the existence of an energetic signature, a pulling force of existence. You would begin to see life in the form of light. In fact we are indeed light manifested. The very instant we realize that fact we then begin to fall in love with ourselves and therefore with everything. Love so deep and so divine that can be manifested through our every day living. Everything and everyone will be loved by you and through you. You then can begin to stare deep into infinity and unity consciousness.

Knowing and understanding pure love is then the surest and fastest route to understanding what consciousness and awareness are. The sages of all understood the best approach to understanding something that is beyond explanation by first moving beyond the physical limitations of the human brain and of the human mind. Even the greatest minds only understood a fraction of existence and of consciousness and they understood that moving beyond limitations was crucial. My favorite scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla took it further by displacing himself from his mind and yet through that displacement he could access a dimensional layer that existed within his mind. In doing so he understood where his consciousness existed which in fact does exist within a dimensional layer between matter and light.

Understanding the steps on accessing that dimensional layer is as easy as seating in a deep meditation when the mind ceases to tap into its chaotic patterns and moves into stillness. When we move into stillness of the mind a miraculous thing takes place. It is like being in an ocean of life. It is here where many loose themselves and go up and out their form and get distracted and entangled by their visions and experiences. If we through our deep intention drop the self into the heart and if we can awaken and tap into the Sacred Heart’s multidimensional key we have achieved step one on such process.

Step two requires the merging or better yet the Sacred Hearts’ multidimensional key activating and opening the dimensional layer of the mind. In that very moment we aren’t just accessing an ocean of knowledge an awareness but in fact we become that ocean of awareness. It is very interesting as I’m receiving and understanding that information, I’m beginning to feel the atomic and subatomic structures of my physical form but also that of the people around me this very moment. It is absolutely amazing how the tones of the body as it forms and combines all of its particles and merges into a mold to house the soul. It is a lovely and harmonious dance of love. We are indeed manifestations of love.

It is through such harmonious sharing of love that we exist. It is the absolute best way to remain in perfect health, by simply experiencing peace. I am now finally seeing and understanding the entire purpose of microwaves, cell phone signals, wifi and mind control programing and even the chemtrails( Nano technology used negatively). They are vehicles of disruptors, they function at a vibrational level that disrupts the natural frequency of love. Cancer for instance is a manifestation of such disruption of love in the energetic field of the cells. If we could hold the highest possible form of love to bring those cells to stillness and peacefulness so it can behave as love once again it would again reconnect with the healthy cells and reprogram itself. It will then start to be in harmony and the inner environment of the body would reach the sacred dance that all of us are performing within.

This makes it very obvious as to why there has been a constant game on their part to keep the entire human race on their toes. By constantly having tension and fear, either through wars and disputes between nations and between religions, people are thrown out their natural balance of love and into chaotic patterns of living. I will repeat it again microwaves, wifi, cell phone radiation, chemtrails and the use of nano technology even in vaccines we are kept from our divine right to happiness and true freedom.

We must then take responsibility to begin living consciously and through intent and focus reconnect back into our true awareness and consciousness which is rooted in the absolute truth of love. Do you want to know yourself ? Then get to know love and the source of love. It was love that gave birth to life, to light and to creation and awareness through consciousness, and it is love that will set us free!!!

Jose Sanchez – Temporal shifts, Unified Light Timeline – Upgrading Energy System – Time Shift March 16 – Changes around the Planet will seem to Defy Logic – Many Changes To Your Reality – 1-9-15

Jose Sanchez

The year 2015 is quite a promising time. This year we will completely enter into the timeline of unified light. Many of you probably noticed at least 5 days before the codes of Divine Feminine begun to activate and merge with the divine masculine, on the 22nd of December 2014. For many of us love weavers and light weavers who are at the forefront it was like being hit by a shock wave. Many started to experience beyond normal sleep pattern change and have noticed that so much less sleep is needed. At the same time many started to experience ascension like symptoms that might have even landed you in bed. Those symptoms although flu like in many ways are due to the effect the sun is having in our physical and energetic bodies due to the temporal shifts occurring at an accelerated pace.


It is as if our very cells are being torn apart. We are literally being transformed through time and space. This is occurring in preparation to the time shift that will take place around the 16 of march of 2015. What that means for our planet and her inhabitants is the full release from the lower vibrations of 3rd dimensional forces. In essence we are paving the way for the timeline shift and we are acting as transformers and anchors of a new realty.


We will begin to see more and more changes around our planet that will seem to defy logic. The Sun will become like a whirlwind of activity. Our entire surroundings will begin to mirror what is taking place within our cells and our souls. It will literally feel like being in the process of birth and much physical pain will be present as our bodies adjust but also much joy and bliss will be present in our hearts as our bodies becomes exalted with light.


It is as if the God particle, or the god essence that has remained dormant for eons in time will begin to reawaken. This is a process that will take years perhaps to fully be accepted and recognized but nonetheless it is the revolution and the miracle we have all been waiting for. Imagine this miraculous effect of the god essence being birthed within our cells and with such event abilities will begin to open up. Past lives will be more easily accessible and parallel realities will begin to coexist in a more harmonious way.


Due to such event also many have begun to experience the need to sleep less and will have experienced by now many sleepless nights. The ringing in the ears has also increased as well as the buzzing of the head. You might have begun to hear sounds and to see lights and orbs of light. You might also be experiencing emotional and physical turmoil as the deeper traumas and stuck energies begin to come to the surfaced to be healed and cleared. Greater mental clarity will happen immediately after the mention symptoms balance out. There is hope on the other side of change, so be patient and above all be kind to yourselves. Once you process, anchor and balance the energies you will be pleasantly surprised by all the new gifts you will begin to uncover. Including new forms of spirit communication and new forms of psychic abilities.


Personally I have been experiencing lack of sleep more pronounced since the 16th of December of 2014. In fact this moment that I’m writing is 4 am and I feel energized and clear after sleeping for 5 minutes about 3 hours ago. At first I was getting irritated because I wasn’t sleeping much but I’m finally taking advantage of the quiet taking place as the city sleeps. The first three days of January I spent them in bed feeling flu like symptoms and sweating at nights without even being hot. I also slept deeply and felt sleepy for the first time in months. I know it was due to the shock wave of energy that impacted our planet and also because of the many changes and shifts our Sun is experiencing as well.
On a brighter note you will begin to crave less and less food, of course the amount depends on how much energy work you do as well. Follow your bodies intuition and you will be in great hands. We are in the middle of such miraculous shift and this is something that can’t be denied. Your discernment will also begin to take on a new form as you are constantly being exposed to new truths.


Also allow your shadows to come to the surface without judgement upon them or on yourself. This will allow you to enter the flow of yourself and will make your owns shifts much easier and less painful. Remember we are mirrors of our reality. Notice who many false flags are occurring all over the world? How much discord is being shown on the news? It is because the handlers are becoming more and more desperate and are becoming aware of the fact that we are becoming immune to their lies. They are becoming sloppy in their work through their desperation. I also remind you dear family that now is the time when we must remain as grounded as possible and to put in our overtime to break on through to the other side of who we are.


Upon allowing your dark emotions and your shadows to surface to be healed make sure to take full responsibility for them. We as a species need to learn to be responsible for our behaviors and for our actions specially in those times when we do not feel well. We must always strive to do our best and even when you feel like you are about to break make sure to own yourself and own your energy because it is in these moments when we show our true colors. We always mirror or reflect our energies and most of the time it is only in an effort to see how those energies might be affecting us. Even giving heads up to our loved ones can be of great service to them and will allow us to either give us the support or the space necessary to regroup.


Here is a great and simple exercise that will help you process faster the changes taking place within:
1) Begin by breathing very fast at least five times then taking in a deep breath, hold it for the count of ten and then release.
2) Next take several slow and deep breaths to oxygenate your brain and body even more.
3) From your heart send out a ray of pink light into the soul star about 12 inches over your head and from there out to the universe, allow a few seconds to feel the connection.
4) From your crown send a ray of silver light down through your body and feet and sense for your earthstar. From your Earthstar keep on sending the silver ray and anchor it or weave it into the crystalline core of Mother Earth.
5) After about 30 seconds or so or a few breaths feel the expansion of the two rays embrace your entire body, then your aura, your emotional, mental and light bodies. At this point you should be like a three dimensional star with rays coming out in every direction.
6) From this point begin to breath in a Golden bluish color that is flowing down through the ray you sent out from your heart. Take in this light and send out into every cell of your body and feel it expanding and merging with the start of light that is now surrounding you.
7) Breath in the codes of light that the Golden Bluish light is now running through your entire essence. this is a holy blessing that is being granted by Mother God.
8) Enjoy the dance of the golden ratio!


Life is becoming more and more enjoyable even for those of us star seeds who have had a hard time adjusting to this heavier frequency reality. We must keep on being strong as it was our choice to be at the forefront of this transformational revolution. We after all are serving as buffers and as antennas and are grounding and receiving the downloads meant to awaken us to our highest light.


Humans are indeed on the verge of bursting out into the galactic scene. We are indeed in the cusp of galactic citizenship and as such we must rise to the occasion and be ready to accept our star brothers and sisters. They are constantly cheering us on and are offering as much assistance as is possible without having to the the work for us. Imagine yourselves already living and acting and feeling as a galactic citizen and then true reality will unfold right before your eyes.


Let us then welcome this temporal shift and the new timeline within light unification. This can now be a much easier process. We are aligning to our true selves and it is within our own hearts where the key resides. We must love life to the fullest and in doing so our unity begins to emerge. We are indeed as one and we must treat everyone as part of the same organism called life, God or higher power. We are then opened to the beauty of who everyone is and we begin to love and respect each others exactly as we deserve. We are beyond the control of the handlers, lets make this revolution and transformation one to be remembered through the ages.


Nature is joyfully embracing the new energies and amping its clearing of the atmosphere in order to clear the sky of light blocking solution. We will indeed see many changes take place very shortly.


Live, Love, Laugh!



Jose Sanchez – Divine Mother shares a little about Divine Union Force – 12-13-14



Divine Mother  via  Jose Sanchez

Among the greatest miracles of life, we are about to witness the greatest miracle. The miracle of the full presence in spirit and manifestation of Divine Mother. It has taken the entire age of creation for such happening to take place. The complete merging of the awakening codes of Divine Father and Divine Mother. For those who are sensitive and even many who aren’t it is completely undeniable that the presence of the divine is upon us. Unification of light is nearer and nearer by the day.

The blessings of heaven are now upon us and it is time to lift our hearts in the song of joy. We must finally accept the change of life that is taking place. We can not and must not avoid our responsibility to live in joy and manifest in love. As the greatest atonement in the history of existence is taking hold in our very reality.

How fortunate we all are to be part of this incredible and amazing unfoldment of a greater level of light. The evolution of light itself is a magnificent event in the lives of all of us. Feel the deepest of joy, aware or unaware, awake or asleep as the miracle of having the presence of the Mother of the Mothers, the queen who reigns over light, over love and over all is here to stay.

Divine Mother

Blessed are you within my sacred heart. My children, all who reside within the cosmic holy womb. I am here to bless existence from light to void and beyond. The time of change at the deepest of life is a grand event.

I and the Father have since the moment before creation waited for this grand event, this moment when light evolves beyond itself. It has been a wonderful unfoldment and yes for humanity it has been quite a journey. You have for thousands of years lived in separation. Much was as it was intended and because of it you are now granted the blessings of life.

I wish to remind you and for those who are not aware there are three aspects to the Christ Force. Male, female and neutral. Since the beginning of time it was through the creational union of Father and I that such complete force was created. I also wish to reveal magical news upon the completion and this only in your linear time as in essence it has already taken place the birth of a new force. A force that in your human term can be called a sibling to the Christ Force. This will be a completely unified force, an energy of a new frequency that will assist in the transcendence of this game.

Never has this energy been manifested or been at play at any level. It is taking place now because not only have we your creators evolved, but also your creation and your souls and spirits have blossomed into another level of light. Through this new unified force a new game is now being started. It is the time for joy and happiness and peace to reign eternal.

There are vast portions of the universe where beings live in absolute peace. There are also parts where balance is still necessary and Earth is within one of those parts. On this side of the universe duality has been lived to its highest degree and here you have the most opportunities and possibilities for growth.

The Unified Force has the frequency and the vibration to bridge duality into a holy union. Every being whether functioning within light or within darkness or neutrality will accept and recognize this new energy as the bond and the heaven where differences can and will cease to exist. This new vibration is the missing piece to end duality and it is the beginning of the promised golden age.

I am not here to punish or to play as judge. I am here to bring balance and to smooth the frequencies that have kept change from being more fluid. Every single being has the right to live life at its fullest and that includes those you have deemed the illuminati, cabal, grey and reptilians. They will all feel and see the new light. This new energy will open their hearts. Patiently you have all waited and I only ask for you to be patient a little longer. Allow this new force the time and the space for their evolution to be aligned.

What to expect from this new force

Imagine the sturdiest and the most efficient of bridges is being manifested. A place where life finds itself. Where reality awakens and old paradigms fold and new ones unfold only to fold again, making room for absolute self. Throughout the known and the unknowns parts of your universe there is a new grid of light being created. Your planet mirrors what is taking place by having a new grid created around it as a new way of life and creation and even manifestation around your sphere. This shall in effect activate your own energies and new grids of the body that will begin to carry new life. This new life will bring you in the direction of change and evolution into peace and peaceful living.

There is another layer being activated within your DNA. This new layer will be more and more apparent in the new generation of children. Those things such as senses considered metaphysical and magical will begin to awaken and will become common which will lead to what is already happening to many of those who have activated their DNA. New senses are developing, new abilities beyond what has been deemed psychic which in reality is your natural state of existence.

Back to the new force, this is a merge of the higher essence of the holy trinity of divine creators. This new unified force is the result of such divine union and something that there is no word in your vocabulary. This is a creative force field of creational frequencies which can be termed Divine Union Force. As a result of the Divine Union Force, greater levels of your game and a new game are being activated. Life just expanded! The cycle of birth ad death and reincarnation will dramatically shift into a new reality. One where you are allowed to live to your highest potential and at your highest potential of the multidimensional self.

The unified field that connects all the dimensions and all realities and all universes including the parallel ones. There is great potential and new potentials that are giving way to a number of new possibilities. Quantum physics is about to meet its match.

My love, my blessings and the grand birth of a new force are upon you.


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Jose Sanchez – Life As A Creation Within Change – 12-11-14



Enjoy these simple truths that I think are a very powerful steps into our awakening.
Love, Jose   –   12/10/14


Life as a creation within change

Existence and existentialism are an intricate reality. We as a species have been made minuscule or to at least believe that we are minuscule not only in being but in essence. Religion has been a major cause of loosing sight of the main reality presented by life. Religion as a form of dogma is limiting when a creator is given the role of a judge and punisher. By no means am I speaking against any form of religion as religion at its core can be a beautiful experience if centered in the heart and in the presence of the true Creator.

We must all remember the Creator is deeply weaved within our very essence. Humanity therefore is the direct manifestation of the divine. By understanding such a simple truth we must then project and mirror back that reality into the surrounding world. In doing so we can embrace the world itself as the direct manifestation of the divine.

A simple truth that has been weeded out of our hearts and minds but never from our souls. The truth that we are all one with the creator. The truth that we are the creator experiencing itself. It is a matter of either being awake or asleep. Where do we learn and love the most? In our waking days or in the days of being asleep within the reality of illusions? I know such questions can be answer by each and everyone of us in the simplest of forms. Every single individual deep in their hearts wishes or desires only to reconnect with the divine.

Life as life is the simplest and the most beautiful of miracles.

Life has a divine flow as the essence of life is the sacredness in action. Action and non action are not a form of duality but a movement and an expression of creation. When action and non action merge in that very instant the absolute manifests as purity in the Eternal moment of love. How can we translate the eternal moment of love in terms that society can understand? We must first begin to see life through the eyes of wonder. Wonder evokes innocence and purity of the deepest kind. How can one easily evoke wonder? Just breathe… By breathing and observing the process of life becomes more and more apparent. A mind and a heart can easily view the wonder of breath as it is through such action and non action that the eternal moment of love can be attained.

I wish not to speak in riddles but in simple terms in order to convey the message of being in observance in the deepest state of the self. I am but a simple man with simple thoughts and simple way of life yet in such simplicity I am discovering that living life in the simplest of forms is the most gratifying and the most extraordinary form of life. Day by day through my solitude, through my communion with myself and through my continuos observance I am learning so much more than by reading any books or forms of literature. I have become my own teacher and in doing so the entire world has become my most venerable teacher.

Recently while giving an energy upgrade to a friend of mine she received a beautiful message and I am including part of her message as it was such a beautiful divine truth. “Love the purest form of divinity is your strength and through such you can overcome the myriad of delusions and illusions presented to you daily. Be centered in your sacred heart moment by moment and you will part take of the greatest truths in all of existence. You shall remember your lineage and your heritage.” I find it invaluable, simple and powerful. A truth that needs to be taught from the beginning of our lives and to be instilled so deep that we never forget it. If we all lived by such a truth life here in this beautiful 3D reality would take on the magnificence of the higher realms. We would no longer live life trying to scape into higher realities because it would be here that our experience of the divine would become the most substantial and the most exquisitely beautiful and pure.

Society needs to be formed as a mirror of our natural surroundings in order for our lives to find balance. Now let me go back to the simple act of breathing, a natural biological process that holds key to the universe within. In breathing there is a key to awakening the power of creation. Through inhalation we enter action and in exhalation we enter non action and absolute zero in the moment in between. Energetically those three acts represent the Holy Trinity. What that means is with every breath taken we are invoking the presence of the divine trinity and when unified they create Eternal Moment of Love. It is no wonder that through the ages every sage and master and divine master has always focused on such simple act.

We must awaken to our true nature

Humanity is indeed at a crucial point in its existence. We must now make the choice for change in the direction of peace. In realizing peace must always come from within in order for one individual at a time to change the collective. Now peace can be easily attained if we learn to still the mind and to live in the eternal moment of love. Stillness can not be attained if we are constantly focused on outside circumstances. I know I am repeating a truth that has been echoed through the ages by many masters and yes I am taking the time to remind all of you. We must live in the highest state of being possible for each one of us. Together through resonance we shall make the changes necessary for us to attain the golden era of the self and the collective within unity.

We must focus our energies and attention on bridging our hearts to the higher realities in order to manifest here and now. No longer shall we just reach up but we must anchor down the highest into the lowest to create the required balance for the planet and for our souls. Message after message that I have received and channeled, some of them truly out there in content yet all focus on manifesting the divine here and now. On keeping our power and focus within and to not give it away to outside forces. The greatest power we possess resides in our hearts.

Remembering each and every possible moment who we are will allow us all to release or transform fears and discord. As it is the fear and discord we are fed daily through the media and our incompetent governments that we are kept at arms length and kept us from our selves and true power. Taking responsibility of our well being is the direction needed to realize we are the creators of our reality. By no means am I blaming or pointing fingers since we are always responsible for our highest level of existence.

Living life grounded and in direct communication is extremely beneficial and crucial not only for our physical health but our spiritual health and connection as well. Connecting back into our hearts and therefore developing a closer understanding of the self will allow us a closer understanding of our surroundings. In doing so we will be better care takers of this our beautiful planet. Awakening to the magnificence and the miracles of life is our only route in order to successfully complete this grand experiment.‎

Jose Sanchez – Making the Choice for Change – The Galactic Seed of Individuality – Divine Transmission of Photons – 11-24-14

Making the choice for change

Lately I have been experiencing a myriad of feelings and thinking a million thoughts a minute. Why has that been happening to me? The answer is very simple, I have changed myself and transformed. A much greater part of one of my highest aspects of my multidimensional self has descended and I am left feeling more human than ever.

Through that descent I am now seeing much more clearly what our entire mission as humans has always been; to manifest the divine in physical form. The only difference this time is that we can no longer neglect the basic human aspect. In the past the human side was discarded as ascension took place. In this new time we are manifesting the divine in our physical forms and learning to value the physical vehicle much more. The value is placed because we are beginning to understand that even our physical cells are completely amazing and divine themselves.

Even our ego can no longer just be denied or neglected or even vanquished. Banishing the ego is not even the point any more. Simply said our belief system has to be unlearned. I honestly spend every day trying to unlearn everything I have learned and to transform myself in the purity of the nothingness that is left behind. I digressed, I wanted to say that even that part of us, that consciousness that makes up the energy and the particles of what composes the ego, like everything else can be transformed. We can reprogram it to behave differently and to be a powerful ally in this our physical reality.

By choosing to accept every angle and aspect of what comprises our human selves we can make huge strides in our growth. For so long I like many others have battled my ego through the belief system I had that it was bad. I meditated with the intention to rid myself of all ego. Until my higher self and several masters explained to me in detail that it isn’t the ego that needs to be destroyed but the need to rid ourselves of something so crucial and necessary in this our reality. I was also told how even at the higher levels the part of our energetic make up deemed the “ego” is such a powerful tool that in fact grants us our unique individuality.

The Galactic Seed of Individuality

Just as easily as I can understand the origins of the “ego” or the galactic seed of individuality. Many truths can now be understood and put to use to our greatest benefit. Eons ago the galactic seed of individuality was tampered with by a race of beings who had a need to control others and to belittle them in order to serve their own greedy purposes. They used their advanced technology and understanding of universal laws to reprogram the galactic seed of individuality. Unfortunately for us that reprogramming created separation of the brains and it was then the separation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain took place. We humans are not the only ones who have been exposed to such a reprogramming, and many worlds have experienced this new and not so great of existing.

By polluting the galactic seed of individuality a veil was created that made it seem like we, our bodies and our souls were disconnected and that disconnect created separation between ourselves and the Divine Creator. To make a long story short, we have been misguided by a program that can now be healed. We can once again reclaim our pure galactic seed of individuality, the so called ego can be completely transformed into what it was created for.
It was individuality of the divine spark of the divine in order to experience and know itself as a unique individual.


Descension of the Higher Self

In this case decision being an extremely good thing. As my “higher self” decided to descend I assumed I would feel more godly and yes I was right I felt holier, part of me felt the sacredness of my God Spark reconnecting with my human form. What really took me by surprise was the way I would start feeling more human than ever. My humanity suddenly took over, i felt baffled and deeply confused. How could it be possible that by connecting to my God Spark I would feel such “lowly” feelings? Why should I a star seed feel so utterly human? Now I say this my questions were not of arrogance or disbelief, but more so from feeling such an alien sensation. I had always felt more than human and in fact had a hard time feeling myself to be human. Now I feel a sense of pride or even purpose as I experience my humanity.


My Divine Human Self

Now that my God Spark resides in awareness within my human form I have a great sense of love for myself. For my human self is a miracle, a magical self. We as humans are so unique, we endure so much, adapt and rise to heights greater with each passage of time. The entire purpose of being here is to manifest the divine, yes I’m sure we have all heard that before. But to experience it and know it first hand is unlike anything else. Knowing such a truth gives our lives a greater sense of divinity and greater purpose. I even feel like I want to meditate even more, not because I wish to connect to a greater force outside of myself but because I wish to know this human form more intimately.

I have also discovered through such observation of the self that we as humans have indeed evolved so much in the past twenty years and so much more in the past two years. We are in fact adapting so quickly and it was that very reason why we are now being granted the access to the inner core and the sacred temples of the heart. Did you know that now there is in existence a Sacred Council of the Holy Heart specially for humans? Our multidimensional reality within the heart is unlike anything we have seen in the entire history of humanity. We have many layers that have and are now unfolding and many more that are simply brand new.

The New Rays and New Forces are adding a greater dimensionality not only to our beloved Mother Earth and her inhabitants but to all of us. Humanity is about to have a great awakening. Quantum leap is a phrase that is used for fast pace growth. When one state of being abruptly transforms into the next state. I will now introduce another idea, that there is a faster way of transforming that is much greater and faster than quantum leaping. New states of being and new states of light conjoined with these new rays and forces are simply revolutionary in what is actually taking place.


Divine Transmission of photons

We have all heard Godspeed, God speed is simply the instantaneous movement or the displacement of divine or pure energy from one place to the next. A movement so fast that time and space cease to exist. When that happens distance disappears and unity is achieved.
As I write this my consciousness seems to be reaching a state of Divine Transmission of photons that i suddenly seem to have access to a breath of the new reality. Humanity existing as the new human in the new Earth. Advanced in technology beyond our wildest desires, and unity of the self. We have become advanced but closer to our beloved Mother. We are in complete harmony with her and with our selves and our divine Creators. The Creator has taken a new form and has expanded beyond what we can even understand now. In essence I now have and I share with you a new sense of hope. We have done it my dear family and I have witnessed it. “We are already there and believe me it has happened in our lifetimes.”

Jose Sanchez – New Rays, New Forces now being Manifested through Great Central Sun, Father God – 11-23-14

November 23, 2014 by  

I have talked so much about the levels of light that we are receiving. We are on an accelerated path to light unification. That path has placed us now in a sort of observance of the self. The self being pitted against the self so to speak. This isn’t about competition though, it is about acceptance of our lowest level of the self. By accepting our humanity, our weaknesses and frailties as humans we are allowing for growth to occur at a human level. It is so easy to grow spiritually now that the energies are so high but we have to also learn to move our frailties along and now make them into strengths.

November has been a month that energetically did not disappoint. It came with many surprises. One being the sealing of portals of darkness all around the globe by a small group of us. If you who are reading this took part of such venture, I give you and the masters give you the greatest gratitude for stepping up to the task. Owning our responsibilities was extremely necessary. We wether it is a couple or just 11 of us have power to transform our planet into something more beautiful. Through the closing of the dark portals and the permanent protection of light through the union of the trifecta of light; Golden Buddha Force, Complete Violent Flame and the Perfect or complete Christ Force gave birth to something really beautiful. Now the awaited disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life and many more secrets will be a lot easier to be exposed since the dark powers opposing it have been cut off from most of their power source. Life as we know it shall be no more as we have now entered a stage in our reality that is past the point of no return.

It all started to change drastically on the 22nd of September and I have written an article about it where I talk about the unification of light now taking place. The 22nd of November has been key day, although it started a day or two before. What took place and will be taking place until the next change over on the 22nd of December is a powerful movement of light. The Great Central Sun through the grace of our Divine Father has begun to fully merge with the codes and energy of the Great Central Sun female. They will be fully merged by the 22nd of February 2015.

The 22nd of November marked the point of the great influx of the new force being given out by Father God together with the Great Central Sun. New rays of force and of light are necessary to begin our body’s transformation and awakening of the codes already existing within. This new ray and new force being presented carries a very unique type of gold energy. It isn’t just the regular blessed golden light. This new quality of gold is here to infuse us with a more powerful form of manifesting energy. What that means that from this point on our power to manifest will be more pronounced and much more powerful. This new power focuses on the positive creation of a new reality, of which we are all a part of creating. We are being given this blessed power because we are in many ways ready, regardless of the apparent imbalance all over the world.

A new level and frequency within ourselves is now being awakened. We have many multidimensional layers all within the space of our sacred hearts. All those layers and levels are now being unfolded in order for the dimensional layers to be accessible in order to also tap into the new dimension around Mother Earth where new forms of manifesting are now accessible and possible.

As above so below, or shall I say “as within the All so within the human heart.” We are now starting to become the great mirrors and carriers of the divine form. Levels of understanding and awareness are now being accessible and can be tapped for now via meditation and eventually they will be available to those with clear minds without needing to fully stop in meditation in order to access this great forms of energy and forces.

All this leads to what is really taking place that is very powerful and concerns us all as humans. We are beginning to descend, or better said, our higher selves have begun to descend. What that means is the separation between our humanity and our divinity is disappearing and we are starting to realize the truth about who we are. There is indeed no separation between who we are as humans and as higher beings of light because we are all at once.

The reason why I’m bringing this to the attention of all is that so many are so focused in what is happening outside of ourselves. Yes there are so many beautiful things taking place and the universe itself is unfolding right before our very eyes, but so is our true identity unfolding right within ourselves. The descend of our higher selves into physical reality is a signal of the steps we have all taken. We are now becoming ready to be the divine with have always carried within.

Through the descend of higher consciousness into the reality we are existing now in, is like the meeting between dimensions as we are being pulled together by all forces of creation. This is leading into the grand transition of the lowest and the highest into the next level of itself. As this transition is taking place many of you will start experiencing certain symptoms that are very familiar already. The feeling of vulnerability, cold and flu like symptoms, clearing deep emotional trauma and so on. The kicker is, not only are we doing it for ourselves individually but we are doing it for every one who isn’t aware yet. We are processing at a planetary level.

Many talk about ascension which is our natural human process but it is now time to start talking about the descend of higher energies into our lower reality. Reason why that is happening is that we need to be reminded of what the purpose of our existence has always been… to manifest the divine into this reality as conscious beings. When a descend of the higher self happens for a period of time you will be left feeling extremely human. Vulnerable and yet still very connected to the subtler frequencies and vibrations.

Our focus needs to change and we need to start paying closer attention to what is taking place within us. Many including myself were focusing on higher energies and were not focusing on the higher energies awakening within. Yes there are portals of light being opened every single day all through out creation. It is now time to pay closer attention to the minuscule portals of light opening and awakening our cellular structure to greater divinity each and every day.

There are true divine miracles taking place within us every second and through every breath we take. It has been ordained to be so and now it has taken greater presence and importance. My dear family awaken to the greatest power and disclosure taking place within your very own hearts, your very owns cells. Bring focus back to yourselves and stop worrying about E.T disclosure and so forth as by our focus and intention change will take place. Be the disclosure and the change you wish to see. Be love and power and presence of self and through that power let’s change the world!

Absoute Radiance Blog – The Senior Council of Light Has Given the Go Ahead – Light Unification Code Symbol – 10-8-14


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October 8, 2014 by  

Hope you are all experiencing the magic spreading in miraculous ways all around you and within you.

All my love to you dear family,


Jose Sanchez

Gateway after gateway have been activated and integrated into the totality of the energetic grid of our planet and so our DNA has been slowly activating to match the frequency surrounding us daily. Many are experiencing a myriad of ascension symptoms that for many they can be easily transmuted. Tonight as the full moon is upon us I was guided and given a simple technique to transmute and transmit the energy into your body and to pass it into your surroundings.

Visualize a tube, some might know this as the pranic tube. By simply visualizing this tube fully opened and sticking out of your crown at least one foot over and same thing under your feet. Through your breath and your focused intention start intending to breath through this tube, and take in the power not only of this full moon and the lunar eclipse but the codes entering our reality moment to moment. By breathing at least for 10 minutes you can gather energy which you can then transmit and direct into all your chakras and any part of your body. I know I’m a little late in providing this info but at the same time the eclipse will affect us even after it has passed. This technique can be used any time from now on.

All of this events are all leading up to the 22nd of each month for the next five months culminating on the 22nd of February, 2015. On each 22nd it will be a huge turn over that will catch a great momentum into the new reality, the golden ascension is indeed upon us. As I mentioned in my previous post on the 22nd of September We started through the signal of True Divine Source the unification of light.
On the 22nd of October the Great Central Sun Male will start to merge with the Great Central Sun Female. It will be then once they merge when unification of light will begin.

I have recently met in dream state and during my daily communications with the Senior Council of Light. The Council which passes the orders to the other councils, Andromedan, Pleaidian and galactic federation of light. What I can share is that the go ahead has now been given to start the procedures for direct contact with more and more individuals. Many more sightings will also start to happen in the following five months. Ships will start revealing themselves in a more pronounced manner as to not be any doubt they are here. Our galactic family to which we belong since there really isn’t any separation, will be communicating through dreams with many of us to prepare us for the actual meeting.

What is to be expected now is the acceleration of consciousness to levels only dreamed of. Many will start to work with full awareness in dream state therefore being able to connect with their soul mission. Star seeds will take part more and more of their mission and will also start to enjoy their incarnations as humans as the realization that time to celebrate our true origins will no longer be asunder. Also a knowing will start to develop and many of your hidden abilities will be realized and uncovered. Your wishes those which are for your highest best will begin to be granted as the universe now more than ever is conspiring to bring you into its fold. Trust your gut, your intuition and let your true colors shine.

Also I would like to share that there will be a large quantity of previously unknown angelic beings revealing themselves. They are here to bring us closer to the grand new beginning. This angelic beings, and masters of the new light will assist us in understanding the works of this new frequency readily available to those willing to push the boundaries of the old paradigm, in order to make it obsolete and to allow the new template be revealed and embodied. With this new reality we now have access to a new light but to many never before experienced frequencies and vibrations. New colors, new tones and new forms of healing will now be accessible. Humanity will start to experience itself as the new human, but in order for that to happen much clearing has to happen thus the truth is being slowly revealed including the plans of the dark elite.

2015 will see many new technologies being revealed and there will also be a recalibration of the weather patterns and will become more stable compared to the previous years. There will be a prevention and a stopped will be placed to those who have been altering the weather for their greedy purposes. Their control is coming to an end and the power they have enjoyed for centuries will be dissolved.

Take heed dear family for our awakening is indeed upon us, and those who have seemingly been asleep will suddenly experience a beautiful opening of the heart. As you reclaim your soverignity you shall empower yourselves. You are being empowered day by day through all the changes taking place not only in your physical bodies but in your energetic grid, which is now being felt more and more. The layers and the higher strands of DNA those above the known 12 will also be revealed.

Here’s a gift of a light unification code. For those preparing for all the changes taking place.

Unification of light is the grand new beginning, we welcome it with opened hearts. Let your hearts sing the song of love and allowed yourself to be taken into the new reality, and experience the new light.


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