REPOST – JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY – We Are the Light of Love – We Are One – Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – from 12-4-15


JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY   –   We Are the Light of Love   –   Nous Sommes Unis   –   Ashtar On The Road Teleconference    –   12-4-15


“Greetings, my Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth! 

I am President John Fitzgerald Kennedy of the United States of America.

And the dream I dreamt has never been more alive than it is in this moment for, you see,

when I was the President, I had the dream for the World!

But as the leader of what was deemed to be, at least one of the most powerful countries in the World,

I had the vision that I could make great changes. I had the vision for bringing the World to Peace!

And while, yes, as President, I had to make decisions to stand up,

and sometimes to send military personnel to places where wars were

going on; nevertheless, I held fast to that vision, as did my brothers,

my family, and many, many citizens of the World.

I was regarded with mixed feelings.

There were those who felt that my human side was a bit excessive,

shall we say, but that is of no consequence,

because my legacy to the World was not of, third dimensional vibration,

but rather High Dimensional Love! 

For it is only through True Love, Unconditional, Compassionate, Forgiving –

and, yes, with Gratitude for the wisdoms gained –

that true Peace on Earth can be accomplished.

And this was what I chose to further, because I knew that I had a Mission!

Now my father thought that that Mission lay with my older brother,

but he left his body, and it fell to me.

This is not the first time that this kind of an event has happened on Planet Earth.

But I did get elected to the Office of the President and there was not a day when I did not confer with my brothers and others who shared my vision.
And, yes, I knew about the space programs

and, yes, I knew that at some point the Ashtar Command

and our Galactic brothers and sisters would be able to come forward

to help make the Peace and to help keep the Peace! 

For I knew that it was not the few who were at that time

seeming to be in charge,but I knew that there was a vast company,

ready to come in and be of assistance and, indeed, I gave permission.

That is how I was taken up on the ship and a clone was put in my place

on that day in Dallas. I still live in my body!

And thanks to the technologies that I have been able to avail myself of

while on the ship, I’m in pretty good shape for someone my age –

a human that is – and I shall return,

because there are many that I have special connections with – Love Connections!
There were many who recognized the Light in me,

and they began shining their Lights even brighter.

And there were those who lit the candles and the Eternal Flame

to let me know that we do share this Love, this Connection, this Light.

And so you see, even though it might seem as though my life was cut

short, my legacy has lived on and grown even stronger and more radiant!

Now I do not give myself full credit or, I should say, the totality of the credit.

I give the credit to you, my Beloved Fellow Citizens!

I honor each and every one of you, and your lives.

Some of you are back for the second time since you lived when I was President.

I honor you for your commitment, for your quest, your determination

and your accomplishments in bringing in the Light,

keeping the visions of Peace on Earth in your Hearts and fanning it into this beautiful flame which is predominating in the Hearts of Humanity!
“Do not be discouraged! Do not be deterred at all in your Missions.

For I promise you, I see the Lights of all of you, and I know that you and those who are committed to this Worldwide -below, on and above –

have joined together in the greatest assemblage of Light Beings

and Light Workers ever seen, and that you are successful in

accomplishing the Mission of bringing the World into the Light,

the LoveLight, the Higher Dimensional Destination, which has always

been the promise that you made long ago and far away.

And I was among you then!
And so – and so, my fellow citizens. It is to keep the Lights bright.

It is to SHINE THE LIGHT for those who are in charge of making the various Announcements that will truly open the doors to the Golden Age!

You all so deserve to enjoy it, not because of what you have done as much as because of Who You Are, Beings of Light, Beings of Love.

So stay the Course and know that I am with you in my Heart, and that I share the LoveLight with you!
You know, there are many events which are called events of terrorism,

which are taking place in the World.

It is to shine the Lights of Love upon ALL involved with Compassion.

There is a Great One who stands with me now.

You know him as Sananda.And there is a quote that has been given to him, or ascribed to him, which is Truth.

And it is to apply to all, and that quotation, of course, is Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. 

Well, I tell you, Beloved Fellow Citizens, it is for all of us to forgive – ourselves and everyone else -because we all share the same energies, the same knowing!
And for those who insist upon remaining in the dark, it is to steadfastly

shine the Light for them as well, that they, too, may come Home.

And if they choose not so to do, let them find justice, but send them on

their way with only Love and Gratitude for what they have taught,

because they are teaching the World right now that violence is what the World wants to end!

The Consciousness is calling for Peace on Earth, and that Peace is found in Love!
So let us celebrate together the return to Love, the lighting of all of the flames, or the candles.

Where once I stood in a place in the country of Germany, and proclaimed for the World to hear, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.

I now join with you in saying to the World, all of the World, ‘NOUS SOMMES UNIS!   And so it is!
“Thank you, my Beloved Citizens, Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth.

We travel the Path together.

We are the Light that we have been waiting for!

Peace unto all and Joy and, most of all, Eternal, Unconditional and High Dimensional, Divine Love. Thank you!Namaste!
* Joseph Kennedy, Jr
** Robert and Edward Kennedy
*** The Eternal Flame is on JFK’s grave in Arlington National Cemetary
**** “I am a Berliner”
*****”We are United”
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, November 24, 2015.

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy – 11-11-14 – The Light of Truth is Shining and All Is Well

NOTE:  6 months ago, Ashtar mentioned in passing that they had Prseident Kennedy  on his Mothership, The New Jerusalem. I presume  their ability to rescue his Lightbody after death,   And,  that we would  “see” him again in the near future. It appears that this moment is VERY NEAR.




“Greetings, my fellow citizens of Planet Earth! I am once again with you and I have the greatest Joy and Honor to be with you in this moment in your time. And, yes, I asked that Camelot- the Camelot song – be played.* And there is more Truth to that than you may realize, for in the coming age everything will be perfect for every citizen, for every member of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia!

“But, first, there is work to do. There are missions to carry out to their successful conclusions. You all know that when I was President, I had a full agenda of missions. And as I endeavored to fulfill them, as I endeavored to bring the United States of America – and with it the World – out of war and into Peace, as I endeavored to bring fairness and justice to the financial system and institutions, to bring the dollar back on to the gold standard, there were those who could not bear to see these things happen. For theirs was the program of favoring the very few, whereas mine was to favor all citizens and ultimately the entire World. And so my time as President was cut short, but not my life. And the very dreams that I held dear when I was President are now coming into reality!

“And so it is to be in Joy. Camelot is waiting for all, every one of us. And while it’s true there may be some bumps in the Golden Road, the gates of Camelot are wide open and the welcome preparations have begun!

“Now, those of you in the country of my birth – this time – the United States of America had elections just a week ago this day. I know that many of you were saddened, perhaps even disheartened by the results of the elections. My message to you in this time is you won it all! Peace and Love and Truth are the victors, no matter what your news broadcasts may be telling you, no matter what craziness may be seeming to be about to be put upon you. The Truth of it is that the Light has won! Why? Because there are many, many Truths which are coming out as a result of these elections!

“The Light of Truth is shining upon everyone! There will be revelations of corruption, of denial of voting rights, of tampering with the election machines, of tampering with the counting of the ballots. And most of all, there is not anyone in the World who is not aware of the fact that these elections were bought with money. There is already a story which is coming to Light about where some of that money came from, and it involves the one who is about to become the majority leader of the Senate. Drug dealers are being put out of business!

“And I will say no more because I am not here to point fingers at individuals. I am here to just give that one example of how the election results are actually going to turn upon those who manipulated them. Their stories are coming out now, and there will be more and more in the coming weeks.

“And meanwhile, meanwhile you have a President and World Leader of such stature, of such grandness and such Love, that even though they spit in his face behind the scenes and call him names – and this was done to me a time or two – I promise you that his Heart remains pure! And that he knows full well that he needs to step in to a role of more definitive leadership.

“Support him in every way that you can find to do. Let him know that you know that he is a great Light. Let him know as he treads the waters so carefully, as he must. Let him know that you’re with him, right there. You can address him telepathically or send him an email, or however you choose, but just let him know that you understand that he is here to bring Abundance to Planet Earth, all of it, to usher in the Golden Age. And that, as difficult as his mission is, he sees the Light and he knows who he is and what he is here to do. He is very anxious to get the Great Law announced!

“The NESARA law is unprecedented and it is law! And it is fair. It does not single out any particular class or religion or country to be favored above all others, but rather it is for every, everyone, every member of the Kingdom of Humanity and, by extension, all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth.

“And so it is to support the Announcement of NESARA. As it is seen, I shall make my presence known when that happy moment arrives, so that even more Truth will come out. I will tell you this – because I was embodied as a human, it was challenging for me to forgive all of those whom I knew had wanted to assassinate me, and there is a grand group. Many, many were involved. But I have done that!

“And so my fellow citizens of Planet Earth, I ask that you do the same. Believe me, if I can do it, you can!!! Stand with me. I offer you the Eternal Flame, that your Hearts may be even more brightly lit, and that you will find all of the Forgiveness that you need to be free, totally free from any, any of the fear-based emotions or thoughts. Instead, turn to Love and let us stand together in front of that Flame, that Flame of Love, that Flame of eternal Peace. And together we move forward into The Golden Age of Planet Earth! I am honored to have been with you in this Gathering, and I thank you more than any words could ever express. And so it is. Namaste!”

* Camelot sung by Richard Burton

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, November 11,