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Published on May 16, 2017

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Jesus via John Smallman – Realization of the absolute futility of conflict of any sort is dawning on humanity – 7-31-14

Jesus - sananda

ย Jesus

Here in the spiritual realms excitement, as you might put, is approaching fever pitch!ย  Yet all across the world, and particularly in the area of Palestine and Israel, it would seem that people are experiencing hell on Earth.ย  There is an enormous amount of unnecessary and totally unjustified pain and suffering as anger intensifies and conflicts rage, but be aware that this is the essential raising into humanityโ€™s conscious awareness of the futility of these ways of behaving, relating, and attempting to resolve differences between peoples.

For eons conflict has totally failed to resolve disagreements let alone establish peaceful co-existence between warring factions.ย  Finally humanity is getting the message, but it has taken this recent escalation of conflict across the globe to really bring this message home.ย  Consequently enormous numbers of good and loving people are working together to persuade those filled with hate and resentment to take a break from conflict and to meet with one another, initially to end the hostile activities that are tearing families and societies apart, and then to work together to establish a loving acceptance of each others right to live in peace.

It does seem to you that people have been futilely attempting this for generations, which they have, but now there is such an intensity of Love bringing peoples together that the angry reactionary excitement of those you might describe as โ€œhotheadsโ€ will be calmed down in order that their often intense rage ceases to fuel the fires of dissent that it seems can never be extinguished.

It is a time for acceptance, for accepting that enormous numbers of people have been killed, tortured, and injured, and that nothing can alter that fact, and for also accepting that to continue burning with rage, just as before, will bring not solutions but only more utterly unnecessary and horrific suffering.

Up until very recent times it had been considered logical by humanity generally that the way to win a conflict was to increase the size of their armies and the effectiveness of their weapons.ย  However the nuclear ending to the second world war made it clear that this was becoming an increasingly dangerous and indeed insane attitude to maintain or encourage.

Humans are social beings who chose to limit their access to their individual spiritual natures, and as a result they divided into different races, creeds, and cultures, further separating themselves from their oneness with their divine Source.ย  However, deep within every human being, hidden under a dark and divisive cloak of fear there burns an inextinguishable flame of Love.ย  As a consequence of the escalating violence across the planet over the last few decades, and the realization that the threat of a worldwide nuclear holocaust has not yet been totally removed, many, in desperation or perhaps frustration, are lifting that dark cloak within themselves and finding their true nature beneath it waiting to embrace them.

And this is why, here in the spiritual realms, we are so excited, uplifted, and encouraged, because we can see the absolutely amazing and elevating effects that the Tsunami of Love is causing and promoting very rapidly across the planet and throughout humanity.ย  Realization of the absolute futility of conflict of any sort is dawning on humanity, and many are now getting together to gently and lovingly restrain those who, as yet, cannot see this and would continue engaging in senseless, wasteful, and in fact insane conflict.

So what we are seeing is that the futility of conflict has finally been truly recognized by the vast majority, consequently it will cease.ย  From your perspective, reliant on the mainstream media for much of your inadequate information about the state of the world, the situation seems increasingly alarming.ย  That is not a bad thing because it strongly encourages people to take notice and focus ever more intently on being loving in every moment.

It is humanityโ€™s total embrace of Love, All That Exists, the Power Source and creative Intent of God, that will stabilize the New Age allowing it to grow and prosper as divinely intended.ย  When Love is locked out, avoided, or denied chaos ensues, and the illusion is a state of chaos.

Love is One.ย  Separation, the illusory state in which you appear to have your existence as humans, is chaotic because your ability to communicate is severely restricted by the limitations a human vehicle imposes on the divine being who chooses to experience life from that perspective.ย  Your free will choice to separate from your Source and from all the infinite skills and abilities that state provides meant that only chaos resulted.ย  It was initially very exciting for you, you had brought limited skills to the illusion โ€“ the rules of the game โ€“ but they were quickly found to be inadequate, and then its chaos overwhelmed you.ย  Your different languages, cultures, religions, skin colors, and apparent differing levels of intelligence further divided you, and meaningful communication, which had initially been difficult, became virtually impossible.

Over the last few hundred years or so there have been ongoing attempts to improve humanityโ€™s living conditions, although those who had inherited power and influence strongly resisted alterations to the status quo.ย  Nevertheless, it marked a turning of the tide, and then the nuclear devastation at the end of World War II brought the realization that either you had to find a better way to live together in peace and harmony on the planet or you were doomed to destroy yourselves.

This has not happened, and it will not!

However it remains essential that you all embrace the eternal and inextinguishable flame of Love buried deep within each one of you โ€“ and daily meditation within your quiet inner sanctuary is the way to do that โ€“ because that is the way to return to the state of oneness that is your eternal nature.ย  As One it is impossible that you would do anything that would harm another.ย  It is as One that you have your eternal existence, and in that state communication is instant, clear, comprehensible, and utterly loving.

Remember, your awakening has been divinely assured, so focus on bringing it to fruition by intending to be loving regardless of any situation that might suggest to you that Love does not work.ย  It does, and that is why you are moving forward so positively and determinedly to your inevitable awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jesus – April-24-2013 – Galactic Federation of Light

Matt Muckleroyยท668 videos

Fear is an illness, and it is healed by Love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance
April 24, 2013 by John Smallman…

The purpose of an illusion is to capture your full attention in order to distract you so that you do not see something the illusionist wants to keep hidden, unseen, and unrecognized by you. And you are the illusionist! You wanted God to remain hidden, unseen, unrecognized. And the illusion that you built has worked extremely well. However, the vast majority of humanity has had its fill โ€” the value of novelty wears off โ€” and now wants and intends to see and recognize what has been hidden. That intent is completely in alignment with the Will of God, and therefore cannot fail to be achieved; consequently, humanity will awaken, and into eternal joy.

Your divine destiny is inevitable, but you have free will and can therefore delay your arrival, your awakening indefinitely if you choose to do so โ€” remember that time is also illusory! Not releasing your baggage โ€” all the emotional “stuff” that has accumulated over the eons, and your many earth lifetimes โ€” delays you. With the new energies enveloping the Earth, and consequently surrounding and affecting everyone on the planet, all that stuff is bursting into your awareness from your inner depths where it has been hidden, causing unsettling emotional disturbances or inner turmoil. All that you need to do is acknowledge it without dwelling on it, and allow it to pass on, as it will. You no longer need any of it (you never really did!), and engaging with it and attempting to make sense of it is a big distraction for you. Just allow it to flow through and it will. Yes, it is uncomfortable — like pulling a splinter or a thorn out of your flesh, it hurts — but if you do not remove it, it festers and becomes infected, far more painful, and demands even more of your attention lest it become gangrenous.

Again, it is your choice whether to dwell on it or let it go, and that is where forgiveness achieves wonders because it is the healing balm par excellence. When you have been offended or abused, your egos rise to protect you, insisting that you require and deserve restitution, while demanding recognition of and punishment for the one who has hurt you. It is a natural human response. However, if you dwell on the offense or abuse by remembering with bitterness the pain it caused, the emotional charge it carries is further energized leading to resentment and anger which eats away at you, making peace or contentment impossible.

When you choose to forgive the perpetrator โ€” and to make that choice you need to see the event, the incident from a new perspective โ€” healing occurs and your pain starts to reduce. Your intent to forgive strengthens further and the pain dissolves. You can of course remember what happened, but it no longer causes you pain and you do not dwell on it because there are happier and more interesting things to occupy your mind.

If forgiveness seems impossible for you to even consider then ask your guides or angels for help. Describe what happened as though you were telling a close friend, and then release to them the story you have just told with the intent that the emotional charge you are holding be released. Your intent is an amazingly powerful tool but it certainly helps to ask for assistance from those in the spiritual realms when setting it or using it. And they are always there ready and willing to assist.

Often when you share a story of abuse or pain with a friend they will commiserate with you, take your side, and agree that what occurred was indeed unconscionable. That is in a way what friends are for, in the moment. But afterwards, when you want to free yourself from the pain, retelling the story also strengthens your sense of being victimized, disabling your ability to view the event from a perspective that allows you to recognize the intense pain being experienced by your abuser, who is calling out for love, and your own deep, though hidden, desire to forgive.

Truly, because you are divine beings, beings of Love, your innermost desire is to share and extend your Love indiscriminately and unconditionally through compassion, understanding, healing, and forgiveness. However, since you built the illusion you have hidden that part of yourselves, the major part of yourselves, from your egoic selves which find it threatening and terrifying. The egoic part of you believes that the world is a very dangerous place, and it is constantly presented with evidence to prove that this is so. You have probably noticed that those who appear more calm and more at peace with themselves are generally far less ego-driven than those who are driven by commitments and deadlines that absolutely must be honored. And that the former are far less accident and incident prone than the latter.