JESHUA – God is not high above you, it is an energy – God is everywhere – 7-17-18


Published on Jul 17, 2018

Channeling — Jeshua — Therapist and Client — Pamela Kribbe – Dear friends, I am Jeshua, I greet you all today. I am close to you in my heart, because we are deeply connected to each other… Feel God within you, and feel how simple this energy really is. God is not high above you, it is an energy that flows through you, through all life on Earth, and even through the material objects and things with which you are surrounded. God is everywhere, and God does not feel limited by forms… Channeling : A natural communication between a human and aspect of the Creator that can be expressed in numerous ways. A Channel : A tube or funnel of light formed at the crown chakra which supports heightened sensitivity to the divine, insights and sacred guidance which is beyond the Earthly reality as well as the ability to channel. Who Can Channel : Everyone has the ability to channel, it is simply to expression the Creator through your body, mind and emotions. = = Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan.



JESHUA via Pamela Kribbe – The Rhythm of the Earth – 5-22-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia



Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I greet you all. You are dear to me. I have respect for you, respect for your courage and perseverance. You are vulnerable in your humanity: in the not-knowing, in the searching, in the entering unknown paths. I see your fear, the longing, the homesickness for the light, for security and freedom.

Thanks to

You are always searching and on occasion you get lost on paths which have been marked out by society, by the voices of fear telling you about not being enough or not having enough, and the need for protection. These voices were so loud in the past that they have penetrated deeply within you and have become louder than the voice of your heart, your inner voice. You are all fighting against the voices of fear, the voices of the past.

I have respect for you, because you have taken on this struggle, this fight, this quest. You have taken a leap of faith and that calls for courage and surrender. Therefore, respect yourself and realize that what you are doing here, in your life on Earth, is part of a greater whole. What you do has an effect on others, on the totality of the web of lives and souls with whom you are joined. This effect is greater than you imagine. You emit to other parts of the world, to other living beings without your knowing this. You are greater than you think.

Much of the time, your awareness is preoccupied with your fears, your problems, the concerns that keep you busy in everyday life. But your soul’s energy is much greater, much more extensive and broad than the personal concerns that preoccupy you and with which you identify.

I ask you to now become aware of the infinite being who you are. Your soul has chosen this body in which to manifest in this life. In choosing for this body, you also chose for certain parents and the family in which you were born, the living conditions in which you grew up.

The soul surrenders voluntarily and allows itself to become constricted and ensnared in a web that is woven by both fear and love. Through your parents, and later through the world around you, through your relationships and your work environment, you meet up with fear and limitation and darkness.

Also, however, there is always love present, which you can find only if you choose to. If you are very aware of your own center, you can see through the fears, the masks, the illusions in the world around you. Instead of focussing on your worries and your so-called shortcomings, you then become aware of the light that is always present and radiates within you; the light that comes from a very different world, one that is not limited by fear, judgment, or lack.

Your most important task on Earth is to find this light within yourself and to nurture it and to give it earthly hands and feet, to truly allow it flow into and onto the Earth. That is your true purpose; everything else is secondary.

Now connect with your feet; feel them on the ground and feel yourself borne by Mother Earth. The Earth, as a living being, is your ally; feel her vibration, the silence of nature, the fluid ease with which the life processes unfold. Feel the essence of Mother Earth in and below your feet. The Earth welcomes you and loves you as her child. She wants you to have everything you require and, above all, she wants to help you to discover your own light, for she needs your light.

She becomes inspired and made fertile by your consciousness; you are a creator and the Earth wants to receive you. Feel how the Earth loves you. Feel her motherly flow rise up through your feet and calves, fill your knees and upper legs, and feel how the essence of the Earth, her consciousness, fills your lower abdomen, your pelvic area.

Become a child again who knows it is borne and does not need to worry if it is safe. And that is the way it truly is: you are safe in the arms of Mother Earth. If you allow it, she cares for you from your birth until your death. If you are attuned to her, you are joined with a rhythm that is right for you.

All life processes and inner growth processes have a certain rhythm, a cadence. Your rhythm falters only because of your fears or because you fail to believe in and listen to that rhythm. It is the energies of the head that interfere with the natural flow of your life, so free yourself from these ideas which are mental judgments. Descend with your consciousness into your pelvic cradle and feel the gentle voice of Mother Earth: slow down and rest here!

Imagine that your pelvic cradle is itself the womb of Mother Earth and you are rocked as in a hammock that gently moves back and forth. It is intended that you feel safe on Earth, because only then can you unfold in your own way. To develop yourself is like the slow unfolding, the blossoming, of a fragile flower that carries the energy of a different world. That flower needs time, proper nourishment, protection, and stability.

Now imagine that you surround yourself with these energies and you give yourself the space to grow in a way that suits you best. Right now, do you especially have a need for rest? Feel that for a moment. Rest does not mean doing nothing; it most often means giving attention to yourself, your real needs. It is also possible that you would like to do something that you long for and have long denied yourself. Maybe now is the right time to nourish your soul. Pose this question to Mother Earth.

Imagine that you are rocking gently back and forth in a hammock; it is safe and you are relaxed. There now arrives an animal from nature that brings a message to you, and that message is an energy, a healing energy. Receive it and look into the eyes of this animal; accept it as a guide from Mother Earth.

You are here on Earth to give form to your soul’s energy in an earthly way, and that is only possible if you feel at home on Earth. You all carry baggage from the past that makes this difficult and makes you feel unsafe in your body when among people, and even with yourself and your emotions – and I see this.

There is a struggle caused by the gap between light, warmth, and security on one side, and the fear and cold you experience on the other. However, I appeal to you, to the deepest consciousness within you, that the light, warmth, and security are stronger than the fear and the cold. You can feel this in your everyday life by connecting with the Earth, nature, and your own lower abdomen and pelvis.

There is safety there, and there is love, and you will find the answers there which you seek – they come from rest and relaxation. Never connect with the answers which come from your head. It is the connection with your earthly being and earthly nature from which you can really understand, comfort, and encourage yourself. Surrender to the Earth!That is the first step toward becoming whole.

It is when you are experiencing basic safety that you can hear the inner voice of your heart, clearly audible, as if it were the song of a bird. You can also bring to it the patience to let things unfold and develop in their own way. Follow the rhythm of the Earth and have compassion for yourself. Even if you sometimes feel lost in fear, in cold, in ignorance, you have a great light within you, and the Earth welcomes your light and welcomes you.

Now feel this radiant light in your heart: a pure and fresh consciousness. Feel where you have come from, the places you have been in the universe – you have a rich past. You have a lot of knowledge and experience that you may now share with the Earth and the people around you. Do not be afraid. You are a bringer of light, and that is what you want to be. Feel that light in your heart. Feel how this light joins you to all other living beings: humans, animals, nature.

Bow down to this light within yourself. Feel that it is larger than your personality and your worries, which have their right to exist, but at the same time, feel the inexhaustible source of light in you. Let that light now wash over you and cleanse your energy field like a fountain from your heart. Feel the light flow over your head and shoulders, down along your upper body, through your pelvis and legs and feet, and down into the Earth.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe

“Jesus: The Rhythm of the Earth,” Channeled by Pamela Kribbe, May 20, 2018, at

JESHUA – Who Or What Is The Soul?


Dear people, I am Jeshua, your friend. I am with you during this moment as a brother. Accept my companionship, my presence, for I am not far away. I want to caress your heart with my hand to remind you of who you are and of the unity that binds us together. Greet me in return; open your heart to me. I am a messenger of the Oneness and I kneel down before you because you are my brother or sister, and I see in you an equal, a soul mate.

I respect what you do and who you are on Earth. This is one of the darkest places to be incarnated as a soul in a human body. To remember who you are when here, and what is your cosmic origin, your greatness, your vastness, your eternal nature, is quite a task, because everything here seems to be focused on forgetting yourself, your deepest essence. What you have learned here from an early age is to trust only your sensory perceptions, what your eyes, ears, and nose tell you is the true reality.

The material world around you is regarded as the epitome of what is real, solid, and true. Especially at this time, in which the scientific worldview has penetrated everywhere, there is great skepticism about the ability to see farther than the sensory, physical reality. To see with the inner eye, feeling and intuiting with the heart, is dismissed as not real, as superstitious nonsense. This is a great paradox, because it is only at the level of the soul that you find out who you really are. It is precisely in the inner world, and not in the outer, that you find yourself. You are led astray in this society, because so much emphasis is on the importance of appearance, and on external and testable knowledge. According to this society, something must be observable with the senses, or be reasoned out with the mind, to make it real and true.

But what about all the feelings with which people are struggling, the deep loneliness and futility with which many have to deal? That is a fundamental problem in the world, not just an individual problem. There is a deep existential crisis in the world that eats at the hearts of almost all individuals, so there is need for soul as a source of meaning in daily life.

Who or what is that soul? It is a sign of courage to explicitly search for the soul in today’s world, to let go of the compulsion of rational restrictive thinking, and to search inside to discover what is alive within you at the deepest level, especially if it differs from the existing standards and social ideas. You slowly descend into your inner world where you find not only the light, but also the dark. For it is precisely when you open the gate to your inner world that you also become aware of all your dark parts. It is then when you will be tested, and it will be necessary to rely on the larger reality of that soul to see that even what seem to be the darkest parts have meaning.

To again recognize and feel the soul is desperately needed in this world. It is the way back Home, back to who you truly are. It is from the light that is ignited there that you can imbue the world with new ideas, new energy, courage, and confidence. So much is needed here that can flow into the world from the channel of an awakened soul. There is so much grief, so much pain and suffering in this world, and I do not say this to discourage you, but to point out how important and urgent it is that you recognize and feel the soul in your life. In this way, you become a light, not just for yourself, but also for others.

How do you connect with your soul? This world is so alienated from the soul that this question is almost never asked. It is a question that is never presented to children as they grow up and attend school. How do you connect to your inner world? And not only with your emotions and transient moods, but with what lies behind your inner world? Is there a more permanent world, the world of your soul, of the energy of your unique “I”, your soul’s energy? That possibility is not even recognized, so you are not taught how you can ask for and connect with that world. And the result is such spiritual poverty that has come about in this world!

To explain to you what is the reality of the soul, I invite you to imagine that you are in the last hour of your life, that death is approaching and that you will pass over the threshold to the afterlife, to life after death. This you have already done many times, because you have lived many lives on Earth. And in all those lives you have crossed that threshold in the end, sometimes with more peace in your heart than at other times.

But even if it was a difficult transition, and you died with a sense of struggle in your heart, you also experienced an intense liberation by what happens when you, as your soul, are released from the physical form. The more you die in peace, the happier the transition, but in all cases, there is in the letting go of the earthly body a deep sense of relief, of falling back into a natural way of being that is so familiar, you do not understand how you could have ever forgotten.

Go with me, and cast off all negative ideas about death. Imagine that you are at the end of your life, you give up the struggle, and in the moment when you let out your last breath, you, your soul leaves your earthly body; it very gently and very smoothly leaves. Without effort, you ascend out of your body. Immediately, you feel the lightness, not only the light around you, but the lightness of your body, the suppleness, agility, and lack of heaviness and effort. You are like a bird that immediately travels toward where your heart moves you.

Let your imagination take flight. Imagine what happens if you are free from your earthly body and move toward where your heart attracts you, in terms of a new environment. You might see a garden appear, or the sea, or a forest. It effortlessly appears for you, and in everything you see, you feel the life that radiates from within. All that lives looks at you with benevolence. A gentle invitation emanates from everything you see and the beauty is gorgeous and dazzling. You feel joy bubbling up in your heart and you think: “Ah, this is as it should be; this is normal, this is natural. Here I am at Home!”

You will encounter friends and deceased relatives, and meet with guides, who all receive you with an open heart, who quietly allow you to be who you are, and who reach out a helping hand to you when necessary. You have now stepped into the dimension of the soul. Everything there is different. Space and time appear much more flexible, because you can suddenly be in a different place if you want to do so and if your heart is attracted to that place. The inner takes precedence over the outer.

If you connect with someone on the inner level from the heart, and your call is answered, you suddenly find yourself together in a physical atmosphere. Although not as physical as on Earth, here in the afterlife we can still speak in terms of forms. You have a body, that person has a body, and you can communicate with each other, but much more easily and with less effort than what you are used to on Earth.

Beside the fact that space and time are flexible, so is your bodily form. The form you assume is very agile and fluid. You can take on a physical form and appear as old or young. The color of your hair, your eyes, everything can be changed, and that gives you joy! You choose the form that inwardly suits you, that feels good, and that facilitates communicating with another person. In this dimension of the soul, you see that the inner gives form to the outer appearance. What lives inside you determines what is outside and around you. Feel that for a moment. What is it within you that gives form, that attracts those experiences to you and creates them?

Apparently you are not the form, not your body, because that can appear in different forms in so many ways. You are not where you live or what role you play, because even that is very flexible and dynamic. What remains constant is here what you call your heart. Feel your heart for a moment. Feel how your heart, in that different atmosphere of the other side, is free to discover, explore, and encounter, and feel the joy of that. Then feel how much you knew, how much knowledge was in you.

Ask your soul if it now wants to appear to you in a happy, free, joyous form that is appropriate for this time. Or maybe your soul appears to you as a wise old woman or man, or perhaps as a child – it does not matter. The soul now chooses a form appropriate for the optimal transmission of a message for you. Let your soul appear to you for a moment, and if you do not hear or see anything, then feel it. Feel the dimension of the eternal where you belong, and allow it to envelop you. At one time, you were that free bird; you essentially are that joy, that creative freedom. Allow it to descend into your body, into your abdomen. Be free, and live from that inner freedom!

What is the purpose of the soul on Earth? Why is it here? The soulwants to learn how to wake up in this dimension. This is a dimension in which you can so easily forget yourself in a very profound way, where you can become totally alienated from your essence.

Your soul wanted to be here; your soul is a messenger of God, a particle of this all-empowering energy that you call God. Your soul is one unique particle of that infinite, creative source. Your soul is working to develop over time, but not in the kind of time you know on Earth. The world of the soul is so much more vast and immeasurable than you can gauge with earthly standards.

As I said, time and space on the soul level are very fluid and very mobile, and are formed more from the inside than from the outside. You can say that the soul is emerging in this process by developing through all kinds of lives, and one of those lives is shaped by you. You are a unique merging of your soul with this earthly personality, so no one is exactly like you.

You are also unique to your soul. This life is a unique circumstance wherein your soul wants to discover, and to deeply understand, what it means to be here in a body, and also to give of itself. Feel how great and courageous is your soul, although, in essence, it is you who undertakes this; you take the risk of this next step.

Respect yourself. You are a great being, an inalienable part of God itself, but you routinely make yourselves far too small. You suffer the scourge of social prejudice and concepts of good and evil. When I ask you to connect to your soul, I am asking you to unite with your light and also with your fire. Light is also fire, and fire stands for passion, enthusiasm, inspiration.

You are strong souls, and in order to enter into the adventure of incarnation on Earth you need to have courage. You take a risk, because you can go into depths that are inconceivable, and you have gone through those depths, because you are not here for the first time. You have all gone through unimaginable depths in your lives on Earth and yet you are here again. So there is in you a deep conviction, a passion, a fire that makes you determined to be here and to let your light shine.

To connect with that fire, it is necessary that you also face your dark emotions, your dark side – or what you label as such. Everything that lives in those emotions has a message for you: the anger, fear, hate, resistance. Everything that has been branded as negative has a life force within itself. Connect with that reservoir of emotions, call it up; it is allowed to appear dark and dim.

In each one of you is a primal force, feel that from deep within yourself. Let that force come from the Earth through your root chakra, and let it be felt. Become rooted in this Earth, be confident of your strength, and put down your power on to the Earth – and do not falter. You are too immense, too beautiful, too rich in inner treasures to now still do that. We need you on Earth as a beacon of light, and the first step in doing that is for you to remember – to recognize – who you are, and to make the dimension of your soul again alive in your everyday life, in you.

I started this talk by saying that I respect you, that I kneel down before you, and those are not empty words. You are the ones who carry the torch of light in this world and who go contrary to existing, restricting worldviews. And you do not do it by fighting with words, or even by force, but by an inner connection with who you are. You do it by putting the dimension of the soul first, which is something you were naturally used to doing when you were in that other world before you made the journey to this one. By once again remembering that reality and allowing it to radiate in full conviction in this world, you literally bring light here.

I thank you for your presence here today and in this world. Do not doubt who you are. Be the bright beautiful soul that you are. Thank you very much.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan.

» Source – Channel: Pamela Kribbe

This Is The Blossoming of The New Golden Age – Adama, Jeshua, (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

Adama and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Jeshua and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on April 5,2015)


Blessed brothers and sisters. All of you who are today, you of all dimensions, I greet you. I am Adama.

These are glorious times. We know that there are many in rooms such as this and in the channeling circles around  the world speaking in and sharing with so many of you. There are so many messages to read. We bring these today from Telos and from Shambala and from all of those portals that those, such as the James, have been waiting for and waiting for them to open!

You will no longer need to search the surface for those portals that have been based in dimensional energy as they are opening. We are making our way upon the surface more and more. We have been sharing times with others in our bodies that you might see us and feel us.

Some of those from this inner world will be mentors for many. Some of us have been appearing around the planet to whisper the things that are of need and necessity to others. Now those times have passed and we can more and more come to the surface and share with you in our bodies and in our experience.

These are the times you have been waiting for. As those things that you continue to pray for and think about move into the background, you will only see the good. You only see the love. For this is vibration and frequency based and as those who are moving through this planet, on the planet and above the planet come closer and closer as the veil drops; you see one another and who you really are as brothers and sisters.

No more talk of children. No more talk of babes. You are fully here as CREATORS, Ones who are here to make a difference. This group. those who read and share these words, you are here to make a difference.

And I would share with you today that some of you have become tired. physically tired, emotionally tired and mentally tired. And we are here to whisper in your ears and bring you an influx of energy that you need to continue your walk and your talk.

What is also important is that those who work do the work you need to do. And spend the time on Mother Gaia as has been discussed in the circle today (grounding). Have that opportunity that shot of energy that comes through her.

Also make time for those who are just working within their homes to spend time on selves. We encourage you to get out. Get out to experience the celebratory parties, celebratory feelings that are actually with real people on the surface! For it is not all about those “fake” events or those things which are grabbing the attention of the human species. Even more now the attention is dropping away because you realize how many of these things are nothing but lies. So go out! Those of you are comfortably insulated in your homes, go out and take your energy to the masses.

And those of you Lightworkers, who work around the clock, those of you who give yourselves without rest. Have we not talked before about times for meditation? Time for music? Times for baths. Time to take care of yourselves in ways you are not in this moment. Because your energy is needed. They are all needed for this time when everyone is awakening. If you are not caring for yourself, who will?

These are times of grandeur. As the time moves forward from here on out, do not carry concerns about whether or not you will have another Holy Season on the surface by yourselves and your family, whether or not Thanksgiving will roll around again. We have so many grand things planned for all!

Those of us in Hollow Earth nod our head to you, Lady (Anne DeHart who was in attendance today). For all the work you do. And we also share that those in the ships above the planet, not far off in dark, deep space, are close. They are here too, to celebrate and to participate.

As the ships were placed outside of the rings of the planet at one time, now you see them as they come closer and closer. The time will come when those that are allowed will land. And it will be more and more common to see the ships that are from all parts of the galaxies, the universes and all those with us in Hollow Earth come upon the planet and actually share with you in true form.

This is a day of celebration. This is a day of family. This is a day of Holy memories. Make this day your’s and take with you this message. This is the time to move out of any of those fear thoughts. Any of those old thoughts that would hold you to our past in any way, shape or form. And move forward with this new energy, this new light, this new love and know that it is carrying you exactly where you want to go, where you need to go and where it has been divinely decreed..

Thank you for this time today. We are grateful to have this opportunity and we look forward to embracing you and all those upon the planet for the time is here.


It is wonderful to be with you again, my brothers and sisters. I am your brother, Jeshua. I have been with you many times before and will be continuing to be with you many times in the future. For we have a bond, you and I, each one here. We have a bond that has been forged for eons of time.

Please understand that there are many levels of the beings that we are. And I, as Jeshua, may not have been with you in these ways before but at my higher levels, just as you are in your higher levels, we have been together in many occasions.

And I come to you this day, this day of celebration. And what is that we are celebrating? Are we celebrating the so-called ascension that I went through those many thousands of years ago? Maybe, yes, for that is certainly what occurred. But that is not what we are here for today. We are here to celebrate your ascension! You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Just as I demonstrated that, now, you demonstrate that. We are all in this together, you and I.

We have been working together for a very long time and now, in this moment, is this not the season of new beginnings? Is this not the way, the change that is occurring now as the trees bloom and as the flowers bloom. As all comes back to life after the harsh winters. Maybe not in your area but in many places around the world. It is the Spring, the new beginnings.

But what is beginning in these times now? It is a New World that is beginning, that is opening up. That is blossoming now. And you, each one, are a part of that blossoming. You must realize that you are here for a reason. Although many of you do not see, possibly your purpose in all of this, I tell you now and all of us tell you now, that you have a grand purpose. You are the ONES. You are the ones forging the New World. This new Golden Age.

Yes, we are here to help but we are not doing the work, you are doing the work. We are just giving assistance and guidance here and there. It is time now for you, you to blossom into who you truly are.

As these times continue on everything will appear at various moments as not quite the way you want things to be as you have already been seeing. That is all due to change and all about to change. For as this blossoming occurs, you yourselves being a part of all of this and being prepared for the many changes that are coming and being prepared to assist all of those who are straggling behind you might say, holding back whether consciously or unconsciously. As they come forth, as they spring forth, you will be there to assist them, to give them a guiding hand wherever it is needed.

This is what this moment is about. This Easter Sunday is all about.  It is about your arrival, your ascension. Together with the entire planetary ascension and all of the celebrations are being prepared. They are just waiting now for the time to come when you are ready to step forward to be a part of those celebrations for you have certainly earned the right to be there.

All of my love and blessings and all of the Light be with as you continue on now to assist the world in sharing the Light and the love. I am your brother, Jeshua. Peace and love be with you.


Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves”. Here to assist you along with our dear sister, “Ashira” in answering your questions. We know there must be some questions here! What would you have for us today here?

Question: I have read about “walk-ins”. Can you tell me about how that is done and the purpose of that and how it works?

(OWS): Yes. How is that done? It is done very carefully. Yes, certainly the approval or rather the contract that is set-up ahead of time with each being about this particular situation. But do not be concerned about whether one is a “walk-in” or one is not a “walk-in” for that is not to be of concern.

There are many different ways for a being to come into the planet and to be a part of this grand adventure that is occurring here now. And whether you are here as a “walk-in”, whether you came in as a baby and had this lifetime you are living and continuing to live this life and wonder at times when is it going to be over? When am I going to move on? Have you not all wondered that at times? Even though you came here, you promised to come here and you think did I really promise to come here? Should I have really done this?

And the answer to this is certainly yes! It is very important that you are all here. We speak to all who read and resonate to these words, through the various sources that these words find themselves to. You yourselves have been here before. You have been through this process. But there are those who come in at the last second you might say. They want to join in the festivities. Some have been a part of this for a very long time and others are new to it but are able to come in and be here.

The purpose is to assist. To share the Light. Share the love wherever it can be. That one who is the “walk-in” is purposely coming to do that, to come in and to share the love and the Light wherever they can. Does this answer your question?

Question: Is an aspect of Sananda walking on the planet at this time?

(OWS) What a question here! There are many aspects of Jeshua and Sananda and many of the Ascended Masters and the angels and the Galactics and all of those who are walking the Earth here. And to be concerned with one individual is not going to assist you. Know that there are so many who are here to help in many different ways. They are doing what they can in the circumstances in which they find themselves.

You see many who would be “walking the Earth” and have this higher level of existence within them are not exactly aware of themselves and there are others that are aware of themselves. You see? So, yes, there are aspects of this one. Does this answer your question?

Question: I have been trying to send light into the East Coast but I notice that my left hard becomes a little numb. Am I doing this the right way?

Would you like to go with this one, Ashira?

(Ashira): Yes, I will take this one!

Greetings! Tell me, tell us in what manner are you holding the crystal? Are you holding the crystal and then utilizing it for sending energy through your body? Tell us what your process is.

Comment: I hold my crystal in my left hand and I chant and I place my right hand over the mapped area.

Well, what we would share as we view this situation with you, that the crystal is doing its work in the vibration you are sending and the intent that you have. What is happening is that the energy of the crystal is moving through that hand and back into your body. So, what we would say is that as you send your intent out through the crystal that you move that energy through the body and out into the world. What you are experiencing is a “backwash” effect, if that makes any sense to you at all.

What is also coming is that you need to make sure that you put your crystal out into the sunlight on a daily basis that it might be washed clean from the sunlight and know that it is remaining pure and clear. Does that sound like it will help you? Blessings!

“OWS” Would there be other questions here?

Nothing further? Then we will release channel but before we do, there is another one who wishes to chime in here!

“Another One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! Yes, this is the other “One Who Serves” but some call us the funny one! We want to get our two cents in here and there whenever we have a chance. We are here to assist in any way we can for that is what we are here for are we not?

But you, yourselves, are also being prepared and preparing to be of service as well. Many of you are still in the old paradigm of service to self, not so much you here in this group. Some who are reading these words are still in that process and moving and shifting into the next level of consciousness in terms of being of service to others. And this is where you are all going. You are all going there and heading there fast! As you get there, closer and closer and closer you will experience great changes within yourself.

Blissfulness will come over you. Whenever you are focused on another then simply yourself, it opens up a whole new world of expression and understanding and oneness. What does that term mean oneness? When can you ever feel like you are one with another? You feel like one when you focus on that other one. You see?

It is very important that as you move on through this shifting that is happening to know that you are shifting with reason and purpose. You are going to come out “smelling like a rose”, okay? We promise you! It is going to be glorious and wonderful beyond your wildest imaginations. We know that you have been promised this over and over. You cannot possibly imagination the ramifications involved here but it is going to be and you will find yourselves in the celebrations. And we are so looking forward to being with you in those times.

Shanti. Pease be with you. Be the One.


I am Ashira. You have had many visitors today. Many of those who dropped into your conversation and helped to wind it around to those appropriate for those here.

All of this, every Sunday, is deeply choreographed. You do not understand with the vision you have at this moment, how many players are brought into this room, into your lives, those of us who visit you during the week to bring you to different thought processes. All of us who are in service to this group work with you and invite others to come to work with you as well so that you might continually be expanding, have deeper understandings and be ready to be called into service.

Most weeks, James and Susan, have been prepared by those who would come to speak. At times there are those of us who speak with them frequently to help prepare them with the messages they bring to you.

So, if you can imagine those of different dimensions, those of the Galactics to those of Hollow Earth, to those of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters, to all of those upon the planet who are working just to get the words right for these Sunday groups. Can you imagine the immensity of that which is occurring upon the planet? And all of those who are at play and in play at the moment?

This is a momentous time and those of you who still like to keep an eye on the “intel”, on the message that others bring, we remind you to use your discernment. We remind you to hold close to you your measuring sticks. Your measuring tools.

What “feels” right? Does love remain the base of the message or is there divisiveness in  place of it? We know that you read of continued space wars and armaments placed around the universe not just those on this planet. But we bring you today to say, as much as you can, wean yourself from the words of the third dimensional world not only from those medias that are not truthful but also continue to move yourselves forward to those sites that you trust. Those multimedia sources that you trust.

Those “intel” reports are feeding you only information about what is occurring on this planet. Is it only that which is happening in the three dimensional world? Is it only THAT which you see with your three dimensional eyes? For that is not where the truth lies, my friends. That is not where your heart lies. That is not where you will find unity that you are called to this day.

As you move forward and you feel more and more of this love energy and now there is a whole new set of vibrations and energy that is coming to this world through the portals that have opened. You will find yourselves easily and effortlessly moving away from worldly things. For  you are no longer interested. You are no longer engaged.

When you see the dominoes have fallen and that the world is changing in the rapid way we have promised, you will SEE that your interests will be pulled into projects of harmony, love and all those things will come upon this planet in that base.

We thank you for being present on this day perhaps away from family, perhaps a day away from friends. A day that is considered a holy day upon the planet at this time. And you have so many different understandings and ideas of what that is that people celebrate. But the opportunity to come together to celebrate this way and this day with the audience of those who love you, serve you and come to be with you.

This is such as the celebrations that have been planned will continue to unfold and you will take from them the harmony in your heart that will spread below and above and throughout all of creation. And you will come to know even more who you are in all of this that is unfolding.

I bless you. I bring you peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Jeshua – Take My Hand as we Cross the Threshold – Yael and Doug Powell At Circle of Light


My beloved friends, let go as you take My hand and you walk with Me over the threshold and out of the world, as you enter the realm of the heart and realize that you are pure Love. Let go of everything that you have believed you are other than God.

When I say you have crossed the threshold I mean that the time of duality is done. That humankind has made the decision en masse to remember and now nothing else is possible. So from this point what is clear is the pure light of unlimited consciousness and the majestic Love that is the truth of this being that we share.

Soon every illusion shall be gone. Any identity that was based in fear, any perceptions of being separate from the One – this one life, this pure Love, this glory that embraces life and can do nothing else. It is a great turn – a magnificent one unprecedented in the whole of the cosmos, that a consciousness that could be facing so far away that it could believe it wasn’t God could turn and embrace the truth. Remember the Love – say yes. This is what has occurred. And now the only thing left to be done is to drop the false identities of the dream of separation.

Deep in your core you have always remembered that Love is your true nature. That there really is nothing else and that this Love is universal. That it is the life that beats each heart. It is the consciousness that makes every decision. It is the movement of life toward greater life, Love toward ever-greater Love. It is the expansion of the universe, the awakening of the Creator and it is what is living here as humanity.

And now this awareness becomes fully conscious. This is an exciting time. And I Am here not to lead the way, but to point you back to your own great truth and to help you realize that your every move, your every breath, your every heartbeat is the life of God being lived here as you. There is only one life and it is Real and magnificent.

Quickly now you will discover that this great, great heart is that which lives in you. That as you move, truly it is God moving. And as you Love it is God being Love. And as you live it is a fearless and total embrace of life that is pure ecstasy totally exhilarating and absolutely never-ending.

The lie of fear is ending My friends and all the ways that it has kept you from life. Kept you from running forth with a completely open heart to embrace the glory of every moment to dive right in to each experience, like the dolphin swimming in the ocean completely supported by our Creator and totally part of Him/Her. It is the Creator that looks through your eyes and it is pure Love that pulses through your heart. And it is the urge of Love to expand itself that brings you here to serve the awakening of this precious heart of God that is humanity.

So every step you take now you will be shedding old identities. Dropping outworn concepts of what it means to be alive. Releasing false ideas of histories, personalities, stories of the illusion that you have cherished in the past. Because now you know that you are this magnificent Love. That it rises forth from the core of your being and totally worships the truth of life. That you are God’s prayer of thanksgiving. And that it is this prayer that makes you manifest to greet each conscious heart in acknowledgement of what is Real – the acknowledgement of Love.

As you see yourself in everything, you see your Real self – indivisible – the self that sees through millions of eyes. The Self that beats in joy through billions of hearts. That reaches through innumerable hands to embrace and to urge all life forth into a greater expression of Love and joy. This is who you are and this is the stage of humanity’s awakening now. Past the threshold, stepping into heaven, awakening into unified consciousness and Love. Dropping quickly restrictive ideas, identities and limiting persuasions of thought until it is universal consciousness here and universal Love moving as you. Not through you, my dear friends, but as you. And suddenly you are Creation burning. You are the very fires of Real Love burning through illusions of duality effortlessly and reaching out heart and hands to greet the rest of the great I Am and to celebrate the emerging of the truth of Love.

I Am so honored to be here with you now. I step forth as an individuated identity just for you that you might perceive that we have this ability now. That we can live the whole that God lives us. And yet we can be like an arrow pointing. The focus of a unique heart. The expression of an aspect of Love that is yours to hold eternally while yet knowing your united self.

These are concepts that might touch the mind and seem inspiring but they are the living truth of the heart and this is the reality of Love that could barely be perceived even two decades ago. And now it is embraced by so many that is becoming the common mode of consciousness and communication for those who are in service to Love.

You are ever this arrow pointing to a unique expression of Love. The focus point of the great I Am expressing an aspect of its holographic self. And yet you also can ever feel the hologram itself living and Loving as you.

At first as we embrace this time together, it might seem difficult to sort out the old identities, to recognize the unlimited visage of the Creator as He/She lives as you. It may still seem for a little while that you are this limited self, this personality, this body subject to physical rules. But the turn has already been made and that which I prepared for you through my experience on the cross is yours to step into easily without any difficult demonstrations. It is simply the turn and the opening – the yes – that recognizes that what seemed to be a limited self is actually God living perfectly as you.

The more this is felt, the more it is experienced, the more it is embraced wholeheartedly, the easier it is to live in this expanded consciousness that feels and hears and Loves it all. Completely aware of every form of communication between every expression of God life.

The communication with the delightful expressions of life that is nature and the communication or communion with animals, with devas, angels, nature spirits – the whole array that brings to earth the totality of the life expression that you are ready to acknowledge. You are part of a wonderful tapestry in which all are absolutely necessary to the beauty of the whole. And the whole encompasses what seems to be the parts until the harmonics of the song of the cosmos are perfectly alive within you. Interwoven, singing together. There are many ways of expressing this but in all you can feel the reality of Love.

Does it mean that you cease to exist? Never. But it does mean that that which sees itself as separate from life will fade away. That which has been born in resistance to Love will disappear, will be transformed and it will be effortless until what remains is the shining heart of God. So bright, so powerful, so indescribably magnificent that the fiery rays of creative Love meet each other and the experience of Love truly is holographic. That each and every one of you not only embrace but can feel each other deep within your own being.

You already know that words can’t contain this. You also know that we are on the way to this unification of consciousness, this awakening of Love that is the next phase for humanity.

My life in the past was a demonstration that the idea of death is not real – isn’t valid. Your lives, my friends, are a demonstration that the idea of separation, of any form, from the Creator’s Love is also not only not valid, but it is impossible. And therefore it is time to live as Love and to be the Creator’s celebration of life.

The only way that you can experience this shift is to come into the center beyond the slide of time. To return to the place of peace and silence that is the opening of this door into universal consciousness. This requires conscious choice and I Am here that we might all assist each other to remember this timeless place of the heart’s reality – what you often call the now moment.

So what is before you is to step out of your old identities of less than perfect Love. To take off the costumes that you’ve worn, the roles you’ve played, the thoughts you’ve believed and to become open and receptive to being the observer of God moving. God moving as you beyond all perceived barriers.

When you do come into this now moment you have complete access to the whole of life, to absolutely everything that is happening. Every choice that is made, every story that’s been lived. But most of all to the intricate and glorious matrix of Love that is the underpinnings of the outreach of the Creator. This is what brings you into communion with all things and makes you ready to be moved by Love – that Love may live the world in your heart.

One of the ways that I serve you is to see you as you truly are, which is what I have always done in my service to humanity. This is what has allowed the experiences around me of dramatic healing and of moving beyond the seeming laws of the physical world. And I Am here to continuously remind you that everything is possible when you move as Love. The laws of gravity do not apply. Only the laws of freedom and Love.

Stay present in the now moment and you will be shown what you need to step out of. Do it as the Love. Live it as God’s awakening. Embrace it wholeheartedly. Which means embrace it as the heart of humanity and hold firm to this vibration of wholeness regardless of what the eyes seem to see or the mind continues to say.

As you focus on the truth you hold the vibration of Real Love. And from that resonance can emerge the wondrous experience of the heart of God. It is beyond My ability to use words to describe this. The sweep of its scope, The power of its reality. Be prepared to be astounded as you begin to live the holographic reality. The dance of divine streams of consciousness creating new patterns of Love that are everywhere blessed. And for a little while manifesting as the world of wholeness and beauty.

This cusp, this turn can be perceived as difficult. But if we take each other’s hands, acknowledge that our hearts are linked, clear the way for the divine to make itself known as all of us then what appears is ever-more beautiful, ever-greater experiences of being God. God acknowledging His/Her unified consciousness and wondrous Love.

I Am meant to be your guide through this changing time as I have been already for so long. So my dearest friends come to me, invite me to assist you. Join your hearts with mine to experience your truth and let us go forth together to shine, to celebrate and to live as gratitude and as the Creator’s Love – right away.
The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Jeshua via John Smallman – Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance – 6-18-14

Jesus postingJeshua: Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance. Channelled by John Smallman, June 18, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

You are in the final phases of your awakening process. As all the channels keep telling you, your awakening is imminent!

Let your deep inner faith shine through and intensify your will to wake up. God wants it to happen, here in the spiritual realms so do we, and so most certainly do all of you, and, as we keep telling you, it is inevitable, unavoidable, and Divinely decreed.

Some of you are having difficulty keeping your Light clear and undimmed as you get caught up in compassionate anxiety, even fear, for all who are presently suffering grievously in the many zones of conflict and abject poverty around the world.

That is why you must keep your Light burning brightly. It is the brightness of your collective Light that is bringing in the essential changes in attitudes and behaviors that will dissolve within all all that is in any way unloving.

Your presence on Earth at this time is not fortuitous, accidental, or just plain chance, it is as a direct result of your holy will aligning with God’s to bring your Light to every corner of Earth to scatter and dispel the dark that has been occluding the Light for so long.

Look to the alternate and independent media channels to find reports of the increasing brightness of the Light among humanity that is spreading, inspiring, and uplifting those who had nearly lost hope.

The Light of God’s eternal and infinite Love for you all can no longer be dimmed or hidden, there just is not enough darkness available, and what remains is shrinking daily. This is an issue on which the mainstream media constantly misleads you, as it focuses always on doom and gloom.

Engage daily with your own extremely powerful Light, and look for and see the same Light shining in others regardless of any egoic masks they may be still using to shield themselves from the Light of Love that envelops them and all of humanity.

There is no possibility of escape from It, and all are in the process of learning this as they see that all that the dark would keep hidden is being bathed in the brilliance of Its ever-present illumination. The dark has nowhere to hide as the Light bursts through every chink, crack, and cleft in the fortress it is fruitlessly attempting to repair and rebuild as it crumbles irretrievably away.

So, to repeat, you are all eternal and invincible Beings of Light. You always have been and you always will be because that is how you were created – to live in eternal joy as inseparable aspects of the Oneness that is All That Is, God, the Source of all that now exists and will forever exist.

Acknowledge the Light within you. It is eternally present there awaiting your acknowledgment and acceptance through your individual free will choice. When you chose to engage in the game of separation you chose to veil your Light to make the game seem more enthralling, more real.

When you choose once more to acknowledge your brilliant inner Light, your personal sense of worth, of value, of your right to exist will be enormously enhanced and you will begin to recognize yourselves once more as you truly are, namely inseparable and infinitely loved aspects of God, fully entitled by Him to an eternal and joy-filled life.

All your Earthly cultures and religions have been fabricated by those who chose to be members of an “elite” among you, so that they could establish a hierarchy that would answer to them and which they could then use to control you by convincing you that you were valueless and inadequate beings whose duty was to serve them.

And you still have those controlled hierarchies established by the “elite” – the police, the military, the politicians, the religions, the corporations – where people are still trained to walk on or intimidate those “below” them in the hierarchy in order to obtain their unquestioning obedience, and at the same time to fawn admiringly on those “above” them, but their days are numbered.

By acknowledging your Light, and by allowing It to shine forth through you as you behave and intend to behave lovingly at all times and in every situation, It will dispel the darkness in which you have been enveloped for eons.

Enlightenment, your awakening, will not be prevented because it is impossible to make the unreal real, let alone have it last interminably to hide from you your true nature. The nightmare is now ending, as always Divinely intended, because you have at last chosen to release yourselves from it and once more experience your true and Divine nature in eternal bliss with God.

Make a point of acknowledging the Light in everyone with whom you interact in any way at all by being open, trusting, accepting, compassionate, and, of course, loving.

This does not mean telling people this, or proselytizing, it just means that you quietly and determinedly be yourself, your true Divine and loving Self, and allow the intense energy of that state to flow freely through you and out into your immediate environment.

As you become more accustomed to living like this your immediate environment will expand and so will the effect you have upon it. This is how the dark is being dispelled, and it is all of you who are dispelling it.

Light is all that exists! The dark is illusory, conceived of and then envisaged into being to add interest, fear, excitement, and an apparent reality to the illusion that you built to experience the thrill of separation from God, whom you momentarily thought was unnecessary, a Being superior to you from Whom you wanted to free yourselves.

Of course it could not work because there is only the One, and because of His eternal Love for you, and because He sees your pain and suffering, He constantly calls lovingly to you to assist in your inevitable awakening.

Listen to His Call to you, that quiet inner Voice that reminds you that life should be a far more exhilarating and enjoyable experience than the one you are currently undergoing. Respond enthusiastically to It, then feel His constant Love for you, and intend to share It indiscriminately with all of humankind, regardless of any evil it appears to you that anyone of them or any group of them may have caused or still be instigating for this simple reason: You are all eternally One in God!

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jeshua – Making Your Own Choices – Channeler Pamela Kribbe – 3-28-14

pamela-kribbe-150x150Translation by Erna Hoek and Frank Tehan


Dear friends, I greet you all from the heart. Feel my heart, for I am connected to you. Breathe me in. There is a brotherhood between us, a like-mindedness between you and me and a larger group of soul friends, of lightworkers. Some you know, others you do not, at least not in the earthly sense, but there is an affinity, a greater union of which you are a part. Feel that union inside yourself.

You all are trying to find a balance between your earthly being and your soul being. On the one hand, you are an earthly human, born in a body with a predisposition toward a certain personality, and you are raised in the cultures and traditions of Earth. On the other hand, there is the larger reality of your soul, your cosmic heritage. Your soul is much older than this single life and has built up a lot of experience in various incarnations. On top of that, as a soul, you are part of a larger spiritual family which, in addition to your earthly family, dwells partially on Earth and partially in other worlds.

The merging of your soul with your earthly self is often confusing for you. How do you integrate both? Many of you feel the reality of your soul. You feel something flowing through you that is “not of this Earth”, something that can not be attributed to your upbringing, genes, or cultural background. There is something unique and unfathomable that makes you “you”. Sensitive people can catch glimpses of their soul, because they are intuitively connected with an inner world beyond space and time, and they often want to be fully of that world. They feel that their Home, their Source, is there, and they are correct. However, because you are living as a human being, here and now, it is necessary to give the connection with your soul an embodiment – “hands and feet”. You should not sever the connection between your soul and Earth, rather just the opposite: put yourself more firmly into that connection, and do it with enthusiasm and passion. Then you have truly integrated your earthly self and your soul self.

The reason this is often difficult for you is that many of you lightworkers give precedence to your soul over your earthly personality. You assume your soul knows best what to do. However, although you as an earthly human should let yourself be inspired by your soul, you are, and you should be, the one who determines the choices and makes the decisions. You are the one who ultimately creates your life, and let me explain.

You often wonder: “What should I now do? How should I handle this situation? What does this mean for me?” You are inclined to look for the answer outside yourselves, and by that, I mean, outside your earthly personality. If you are not yet that far ahead on the path of inner development, you look for a person outside yourself to give you the answer; someone you look up to, someone who you think has the necessary expertise in the matter. So your question tends to be: “Can you tell me what to do?” When you do that, you make yourself small – as far as insight and knowledge goes – by placing the other person above yourself. However, when you become spiritually mature, you take responsibility for yourself and your choices. You can still consult another person, someone you esteem highly, whom you respect, and you can evaluate this person’s advice from all sides, but you yourself decide what you do with that advice. That is the way of a mature soul, an adult person.

Now, you all know that you should not lean on another person for your choices, but you still do that a lot in your relationships with your spiritual guides and your soul. For example, you wonder: “What should I do in this situation? What is the best choice for me?” From your desire for security, you turn to a spiritual source for advice: to your guides, teachers, or angels on the other side, or to your own higher self. Or you consult a spiritual medium to provide you with “higher” information, or you try to get in touch with your soul, your higher self, or your guides by yourself. But look a little more closely at what that means. You are, in fact, making the same action as when you turn to another person to ask their advice: you are searching outside yourself for answers.

Of course, you can say: “Yes, but those spiritual sources really know better than I do; they have a better overview or perspective; my guides are further developed than I am; my soul moves in a higher dimension, so it is good to turn to it to get advice.” But again, you are depreciating your “little” earthly personality when you do that. You often consider your earthly personality to not be the wisest and highest part of yourself, and that you have to turn to some “authority” who better understands the situation and what you should do with your life. This is a mistake, and that is my message today.

First of all, the soul is not perfect – it is also developing. It is a dynamic reality which is continually enriched by experiences. Certainly the soul has a perspective that transcends the perspective of a human being and often has a greater vision. The soul also understands more deeply, and has more of an overview of the whole puzzle, while you on Earth have a few puzzle pieces in your hands and do not see the bigger picture. But the important point is that, yes, it is good to feel your soul, to connect with it, to consult it, and to get information from that multi-dimensional, developing, dynamic source. But eventually it is you, the earthly self who carries your earthly name – that unique self that you are right now – who must make the choice! There is a moment of choice in every thing you do, which is, and always will be, completely yours. Neither your soul, nor a guide, nor the wisest teacher on Earth – not even God – can do this for you. In fact, a real spiritual teacher does not want to take over for you.

The necessity to make your own choices actually addresses your own unique power: that you create your earthly life in your own way. And in addition to that, you can still appeal to all kinds of sources of knowledge and wisdom, earthly as well as cosmic. But the challenge for you is to relate these external sources to your inner truth and to feel what is right for you and what is not. There is no such thing as absolute knowledge – everything is relative. What is true in your life reveals itself in the relationship between you and the world, and that relationship is unique and different for every person. No matter how much information you receive from outside yourself, what is important is for you to evaluate this information and to relate it to your situation – your everyday reality and your earthly being – to see if it is applicable.

Feel your earthly personality, with all its facets: its fear, pain, hope, joy, and all those emotions that so deeply and tangibly form earthly, human life. These emotions are often confusing, even overwhelming, and you are looking for something to hold on to above or outside yourself. But I would like to stress that the answer and the foundation lie within you, and not in your soul or in your higher self, but within you. You actually are your higher self and your soul, but you are a part and not the total. You are an aspect of your total Self; you are the aspect that has incarnated here and now, and who is gathering experiences and that is why you know best what is good for you.

Descend into your body, which is so closely connected to your earthly self. Let your consciousness descend into your body in a comfortable, relaxed way. Imagine that your consciousness is a light, and that light is who you are and who makes the choices. It chooses to be completely here and now, and to descend into your chest, your abdomen, your upper legs and knees, and all the way down to your lower legs and feet. Feel the light completely penetrate your body, and feel your body’s power and vitality. Feel how your body is much more than a combination of physical cells: it is a living, wise, inspired being. And who are you? You are the one who has connected with this body for this lifetime. You are beautiful and vast, and you have connected to this being who now carries your name. Feel the courage and the bravery it took to do that.

You came here as a beam of light from your soul, and you incarnated in this body and personality, which are completely new. You are part of your soul, but you also add something essential to your soul, something new and unique, and that is you. You are a self-reliant whole; you are not dependent on forces larger than yourself. You are a creation unto itself – better said: a creator unto itself. Feel the value and the power and the beauty of being that. My deepest wish is that you will recognize your own value and will no longer speak about a higher or lower self, but that you will recognize your earthly self as the anchor of your existencehere and now. From that self, you can consult other earthly sources, guides, teachers, therapists, advisors, doctors, or your own soul by way of meditation or inner contemplation, and take in all that information, but then you will make your own considered choices.

And how do you do that? That is probably your next question. Try it. Imagine that you now have a question in your life that makes you feel desperate, of which you think: “I really don’t know what to do”. Now completely descend into your earthly self, say your own name, feel the light of consciousness in your abdomen, in your root chakra. Then again ask yourself the question and feel an answer come up from deep within: from your foundation, your core. You just know it. You have the inner knowledge and resources that are necessary to answer your life’s questions.

It is in you, you are the anchor, the collection point of knowledge, experience, light. And from everything you have built up in this life you make choices, based on your power of discernment. Own that power, that freedom. That is what makes you “big” and allows your self-awareness to grow, so start trusting your own discernment and choices, your sense of what is best for you. It is not about knowing things for certain; it is about daring to trust who you are and what you feel deep inside. You are here, not to make “perfect” choices, but to experience your own creative power by learning and growing from the choices you make.

That is why I now want to symbolically give a torch of light to you to express that you do not have to look to me for the light. It is inyou and I want to make you aware of that; I want to give it back to you. In the past, you have searched outside yourselves too often. See if you can accept the torch that I offer to you and internalize it as something that is yours. Look to where that torch goes in your body, to where it has its natural resting place. It is there where resides your deepest knowing about what is your path. You make the choices and you learn from the choices you make, and that is exactly how it should be in this human life.

Do not underestimate the true power of “you”, the embodied earthly you. It is the most intimate source of wisdom you will ever have. You are the creator of your life.

© Pamela Kribbe


Jeshua via John Smallman – Do not hold on to the Anger that some of these Shocking Disclosures of Infamy arouse within you – 2-21-14

Jesus posting

Jesus: Do Not Hold On to the Anger that Some of these Shocking Disclosures of Infamy Arouse Within You. Channelled by John Smallman. February 20, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

John’s reading of today’s post can be found here:

Humanity’s long awaited and much anticipated awakening draws ever closer. It is very hard for you, embedded in the illusion as you are, to keep holding your Light on high, but you are doing an absolutely marvelous job for which we honor you greatly.

The end is in sight although that is possibly not very apparent to you, surrounded as you are by a large selection of nightmarish events that need to be resolved, and for which, at present, there seems to be little sign of that being possible.

Your collective intent to send the energies of Love, healing, compassion, and a desire for reconciliation and peace to all on Earth is having very positive effects all across the world wherever conflict is raging. Please keep up your good work. Here in the spiritual realms we are supporting you powerfully in every moment, and your intent cannot fail because it is fully in alignment with God’s Will.

There has been a lot of talk in your mainstream media during the last couple of years about the 1% versus the 99%, and the views and desires of the latter are having to be increasingly heard and positively responded to by the former. Change is happening all across the world, and the speed at which that is happening is accelerating very rapidly indeed.

No longer can “the masses” be arrogantly dictated to, and no longer can the various law enforcement and military agencies and their employees be relied on to suppress and control society. Needless to say for society to live peacefully together laws and standards that honor and apply to all must be maintained.

When respect is offered to all without exception, enforcement is unnecessary because all recognize and honor the sovereignty of each individual. However, your so called democratic systems of government have not been doing this, and they are at last being seen by almost everyone for what they are, namely endemically corrupt organizations that bow humbly before their masters – those who have enormous wealth along with the power and influence that that buys – who believe themselves to be above the law, and who behave accordingly. Their days of freedom to do as they wish are severely numbered.

The courageous whistle-blowers who have risked their lives and their livelihoods to bring public attention to the secret, dishonorable, and corrupt practices of so many organizations – corporate, religious, political, military, and governmental – are highly regarded in the spiritual realms and are given much support and protection. Make sure to send them abundant love whenever you go quietly within to pray, mediate, or contemplate.

Do not hold on to the anger that some of these shocking disclosures of infamy arouse within you for the perpetrators of these scandals. Remember that they too are very damaged individuals who are running scared, and justifiably so, and they need your Love, just like everybody else.

We are all One and there is only Love. Focusing on anything that is not in alignment or harmony with Love only serves to delay your awakening. Love is penetrating even what appear to be the hardest of hearts, because It is utterly irresistible. There is no one who is shielded from the field of Divine Love that envelops you all, and however strong the intent to block out Love may be it is never strong enough.

Love is infiltrating everyone on the planet, and therefore It is also infiltrating every organization on the planet, regardless of the reasons for which those organizations may have been established, and their resistance to Love’s power is being fatally undermined.

God is Love, and all of His divine creation is contained within Love’s infinite field which is eternal, limitless, and boundless. What you experience as unloving, unaccepting, repressive, destructive, crushing, and frightening is of the illusion – temporal – and therefore cannot and will not survive the gentle but persistent and overwhelming onslaught of Love.

Anything that is not in alignment with Love – and truly that is very, very little – is dissolving, dissipating, disintegrating, because your collective will and intent has ceased to support the illusion and the misery in which it has attempted to envelop you.

It was a silly game which caused you much pain and suffering while you engaged with it, and now you have sensibly chosen to discard it. Without your constant support it cannot survive, because illusions demand the attention of those who would build and support them, and that attention is being very rapidly withdrawn.

Focus your attention on the wonderful and uplifting changes that are happening all across the world, because that strengthens your own energy fields and therefore the effects that they are having worldwide. Just keep reminding yourselves “We are all One!” And within that Oneness there is no room for anything that is not of Love because there is nothing real that is not of Love. Doing just that dissolves the illusion and brings all to awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.