Jayme Price – May 2016 Ascension Energies – 4-29-16

April was about going within and working your foundation of beingness within the action-oriented physical world. It offered you some clarity between the external and its loudness, with your internal focus of peace and stability amidst change.

Patience is a great complement to peace and stability, though a calm feeling wasn’t as easy to access in April for many. That impatient Aries energy often wants to jump immediately! Though in April, your leap of faith was best served by building a bridge of connection between your heart and mind as you learn to perceive your opportunities with the grace of loving wisdom.

May Energies

April was the perfect storm leading into May. You were likely stirred into something—desiring more peace in the world, more satisfaction in your job and relationships, more creative control in your life, or less Trump in the news…

May has the energy of action.

When I sat to get the energies for April, I was (unusually so) also given the word “action” for May and “reset” for June. As I prepared for the May monthly energies video, I was also told, “relationships and family.” So essentially May is focused on action and interaction (relationship). The self, the inner world—interacting with Life. What a wonderful progression and April has stirred some courage to change.

A.C.T.I.O.N.—Allowing Creation To Inform Our Now

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, often focuses on how your first action is internal. As you experience your life, information flows into you. You have emotional, mental, and even physical response. Your emotional and mental responses are subtle information that show you your authentic perceptions and beliefs about your experiences. As you allow that information into your awareness, you have the ability to make informed choice. What you choose is internal and subtle in that moment. It speaks directly to the quantum realms, informing form. Staying present, authentic, courageous, and peaceful are helpful to shifting or amplifying your future creations.

Observation and listening are powerful forms of meditation. They help you to receive information that may not be obvious, or even information that may be calling for your Love to form a new future.

For example, listening to one that is opposite of you may help you to understand something you were resisting. It may call you to focus your attention in a direction so that the future is effected by more Love and less greed, deception, and suppression. Your focused awareness, your Love flow, is important. We usually don’t get to see immediate results. Patience again.

Your first internal actions are shifting you into a detached compassion that is able to perceive beyond the obvious.

This is the peace that passes all understanding. With practice you will become less reactive, less afraid and more courageous, creative, and wise. Detached compassion is an open state that knows all is well. From this point of connection, you are able to touch new solution with your vibration. This will inspire physical action that is based in Love.

Relationship and Family

Your interactions are such a great motivator of movement! Every single experience is calling you to more empowerment, more Love. This creates more freedom from needing to control circumstances for a feeling of safety. Those that love you, like family, can not help but reflect your positives and negatives so that you can integrate into an empowered sovereign that connects boldly with Life.

This month, as May prompts you to spring into action, observe your authentic thoughts and feelings with your relationships. Seek to hold healthy boundaries that serve your growth and sharing. They may change over time, but honor your needs in the moment and continue to grow beyond them as appropriate. For example, at one time you may need to hold a boundary with someone and say no. At another time, you may be benefited by stretching yourself into interaction. Family is wonderful barometer of your peace and strength.

“If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” —Ram Dass

Family is often how we learn much of our perceptions and beliefs. When a child is young, the subconscious is highly programmable as they are most often in a receptive brain wave state. They also “speak” emotions rather than words, so they are highly susceptible to the emotions of their caregivers and family members.

As an adult, these unconscious programs are mixing with your logical decisions. This is why it is important to honor your authentic, immediate thoughts and feelings. It’s easy if you’re feeling good. Celebrate that! However, if you hate someone, let that just be information that is a vehicle of discovery for you. As you discover what and why you hate them, you will transform that emotion into the wisdom of understanding. You will discover you felt a boundary of power or safety being pushed. That discovery pulls unconscious (subconscious) information into the conscious and you can now progressively heal that fear. You then discover that you appreciate that person helping you grow.

Many suppress their challenging emotions because they don’t know that the emotions heal, they just know it hurts. They haven’t felt that freedom from fear, that freedom of knowing how strong they are, that freedom of being able to interact with Life, change, and create. Here we come full circle to the energies of May.

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions.

Your interactions have a ripple effect that create inspired actions.

Your actions speak volumes to your future.


In May, we are asked to make bold inner choices and interact with Life from empowered Love. With so many planets retrograde, the energy of action likely isn’t as much “full steam ahead,” as much as it is connect your head with your heart and interact from there. As you observe your interactions, look within and allow the reflection to inform your choices and then external actions. It is a perfect time to choose to Love yourself. From there, you grow into such a Love for Life that challenges become fuel for your creative flow. Yes, you may!

Weekly LightBlast, Jamye Price – Being Change

Jamye Price – The Energies of January 2016 – 1-8-16



Jamye Price   –   The Energies of January 2016  –   1-8-16

Jamye Price: The Energies of January 2016


2015 Review

2015 was an interesting year. It had the energy of 8, so the flow kept things swirling! There was a lot of change in 2015, and I hope you are becoming accustomed to the pace of it in your life. There is time to rest, time to play, time to work—maybe not always in that order! It is important to keep up with your inner peace throughout. That allows you to adjust to the flow of change without too much emotionality throwing you off balance. It has required diligent focus on the inner world and choosing boldly.

In 2015 we went through so much change in the subtle realms that our energy field went through a really powerful upgrade. See the November video for details of how the throat chakra is changing into more holistic flow. Change always occurs in the subtle realm first, it is where form is built atom by atom. Last year there was a lot of intense astrological and cosmological assistance, but it is always you doing the actual changing and upgrading your energy field.

Ascension is a personal and a collective experience, like all of life on Earth at this time. 2015 showed you clearly where your boiling point/freezing point/transformation point was. Often, things that had been working before, stopped being viable in 2015, as we were required to create a better foundation of self to be able to adapt more readily in the future. Get ready for an easier year in 2016! Watch the video version here.

Creating a New Self

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time that I channel, was calling 2015 the Year of Creativity. The overarching energy of the year was bringing us to a new level of creativity. There was focus on relaxing into life more (allowing) and emanating your energy into your life more (directing). They spoke a lot of becoming aware of what is within your mental and emotional energy, what you are taking into yourself as you interact with life, and making conscious choice of what world you want to create (what energy/information you emanate out). Things that seem so simple, but take some focus and effort to implement on a consistent and clear basis. The invisible isn’t as obvious!

Ultimately, 2015 was about creating a new self. One who is empowered within, loving, and bold.  One who is making choices energetically that are putting actual new information into the biosphere of Earth. That is a nebulous experience at times. It can mean dealing with some things that got stuffed within or avoided. It can mean coming to terms with having to forgive, ease your perspectives, or stand up for yourself and hold a healthy boundary. The year brought a lot of great clearing and strengthening for the Lightworkers to shine brighter into the dark systems here on Earth. Thank you for your service!

2016 – The Year of Clarity

Get ready to shine even brighter! As we have become more aware of the impact of what we are emanating and receiving, we will be offered more opportunities to choose and emanate accordingly in 2016. It will be a year of more fruitful action, because 2015 was about building (and rebuilding) a strong foundation of self. This corresponds to how our energy field is shifting as we upgrade and activate the throat chakra more. The throat chakra is more than just the words you say or don’t say, it is the expressing of the Self into Life. It is the chakra of manifestation.

Speak with Clarity

“Word” in a figurative sense is directed information. It is not as literal as some take it. While the words you say are important, they are not nearly as important as the vast amount of information you are emanating into the field. Life is responding to your overall vibration, not just your words. Spend some time focusing on what you are silently speaking volumes of to Life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look at your initial reactions. It is not a bad thing to feel a negative emotion. It will not automatically bring more of that into your life. It is not a testament of how unevolved you are.

It is a quality of an empowered being that is authentic, courageous, and strong enough to use any less-than-loving information to transform the Self and life on Earth. Let yourself recognize a negative emotion if you feel it. It is just information. Now that you have the awareness, you can make informed decision of a new perspective you would prefer.

Speak with clarity to yourself, listen with compassion to yourself. Then decide what next steps you can take first on an energetic/subtle level. That means how will you shift your mental and emotional perceptions and experiences first? That is the “Light” work, you’re working with information on the quantum level (light) where the big leaps are!

Completion and New Beginnings

2016 will feel like more completion energy (it is a 9 year!) whereas 2015 seemed to stall action and completion a little more than usual (building patience—fun!). In general it will feel like a more directed path for many, but remember, that requires knowing when to rest, slow, stop, wait, change direction, forge ahead… Change will be consistent in life, so your adaptability is an important part of Ascension.

Look at what is motivating your choices (that vast information you are emanating) and you will understand better what is manifesting in your life. Choose your endings and beginnings by the clues that life is giving you.  Neutralize your emotions in the moment, and emanate some Light into your future desires. You are a powerful creator and as you clarify your Light, it shines more distinctly into life, changing it. It requires some patience (thank you, 2015!) to build for the long term.

Discernment is Good Judgment

2016 will offer you clearer information on your Truth, and those around you. This calls you to clearer discernment of what you are sensing. It is often uncomfortable to recognize negative patterns in someone else or yourself. But it is a necessary part of empowerment. It is also uncomfortable when you recognize them but feel unable to change them. Use your discernment. The negative aspects of judgment (discernment) are when it becomes a mechanism to suppress or control. When it is an avenue of choice for the self, you are utilizing a powerful and necessary vehicle of life on Earth.

Politicians are great exercise for this. Have a Lightworkout and exercise your muscles of how tolerant you are for liars, manipulators, and finding a perspective of potential shift within it all. Invigorating! I joke, but this is actual Lightwork! You came here to change THIS world. Love is the thing that truly does that. It calls for some of your Light shining into the systems of this world in the way that is most appropriate for you. Can you do that without feeling the need to control or suppress something? Theunconditional patience to allow while implementing the conditional choice of the physical realm is an advanced skill. It takes practice.

2015 had a lot of focus on building a strong, sovereign you. 2016 will bring a little more focus on you within the collective. So it might call you to come out of your shell more. It might task you to discern for yourself, choose for yourself, and interact for the whole. This is the duality engine of life on Earth. We are integrating opposites, embracing life, learning to become inclusive rather than exclusive. That is Love. Love supports sovereignty within the conditions of this reality and Love is how you expand beyond these conditions from within them.

In 2016, the rules of the game are becoming clearer, and that is when the game gets more fun. We’re moving into a time of interactive creativity. Don’t be afraid to Love your politicians into being on the winning team of Love! ;o)

January Energy – Freedom

How to start this year of clarity? THE HEART! It is the engine of connection with Life. It is the core of your connection with God. It is how we empathize, desire improvement, and create something new. Your valuable brain/mind doesn’t deal with the new (only the knew!), it deals with data that it can categorize and analyze—it separates. When it is following the heart, the mind has the clarity of connection, joy, and potential. When you combine your two most powerful electromagnetic fields (heart/brain), you become a stronger, clearer signal into Life—speaking volumes of Love. When your heart/mind complex is working well together you are the unified whole, sovereign integral that you are meant to be. You have access to the broad perspective of the heart and the specific implementation of the mind.

In January, look to the information of the heart to begin your most important steps to clarity. How are feeling, perceiving, or reacting? Hear your initial reactions—whether thoughts or emotions—clearly and compassionately, so that you are open to transforming them (creating!). When the mind leads, or we could just as easily call this “imbalanced ego,” there is more of a potential to create from separation. That results in avoidance, control issues, or eruptions rather than shifting through the path of least resistance (the path that water naturally flows). January will have a strong pull to freedom. This begins with your heart.

When your heart is free to feel and transform, you feel safe connecting with Life. No Lightworker guilt that a negative moment is a wrong moment. No worry that you will get stuck in the negativity. Use the systems of Life to move and transform the energy: get in water, dance or exercise, sing, cry, watch a funny movie, talk to a supportive friend, get out in nature, love on some animals. Find some ways you can honor your feelings and keep moving through them. What you will find is more Loving perceptions, more natural Loving reactions, more Love for your self, others, and the systems of earthly life. This gives you more ability to focus your Love into areas calling for transformation. You are ready! The world is ready!


Thank you 2015—what a great year of creating a more empowered Self! Now we are moving forward with more clarity to manifest in 2016! Spend some time observing how you have become more empowered over the last year. Then spend a little time dreaming into the new year. It can be easy to overlook the subtle changes because they aren’t as parade-worthy. But if everyone could see what the effect one little shift of forgiveness or hope has on life, there would be more consistent compassion. Be that beacon. It’s why you came here. Because you knew that you could Love this world into the new. (see what I did there?! ;o) These are amazing times, and the world is ready for amazing you! Happy 2016!

Copyright: © 2005-2015 Jamye Price, www.CrystallineSoulHealing.com All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

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Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Creation Comes to Pass – 11-20 15


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Jayme Price


Creation Comes to Pass

In this Year of Creativity, you have been learning your creative power. It can be frustrating at times, for it first resides in the invisible realm, the unknown; the future. It requires that you grow a trust in yourself and the world around you. It requires that you stay astute to signals and open to change. You are learning that Love sometimes calls you to hold a boundary or take a risk that is uncomfortable in a moment. You are discovering your ability to choose rather than just react. It is a powerful time.

Your ability to choose is the foremost important factor in any creation. You can observe life around you and sometimes feel as if choice is not possible or valuable. Choice is always internal. Your inner world is the timeless, the potential, the beginning. When you choose, you are utilizing the passive force, that which builds form in the invisible realm first. Your choice shapes your vibration, the true shapeshifter. Your vibration then emanates and the world responds.

Creation is time formed. From your choice, form has responded and creation comes to be. Rather than time moving, your creation is now moving through time. We play with these words of paradox to begin to release the grip that time has upon you, for it is responding to you more than you know.

As time forms, it becomes part of your creation. As your creation forms, it becomes part of time. As you release your resistance to the movement of Life, you find that creation forms more easily, life flows more easily and your experience is less effort and more enjoyment. Worry drags time and space, disrupting its forming. Doubt is merely a perspective shift into the peace of the unknown, the excitement of discovery and the enjoyment of the journey.

Creation Comes to Pass because it is always moving. Relax and let go more. Discover the future more. Appreciate the past more. You are Life building the form of Life. Life wants to thrive, with you.

As we sit to Blast Creation Comes to Pass, we are releasing the fear of the unknown and discovering our ability to flow into a fulfilling life. We are observing life around us and appreciating the interplay of past and future/self and others, as we create a new now. We are letting go of resistance that interrupts our flow into Love’s grace. We are patient with challenges as they create strength and new perspective. We are the passive force of Love that shapes our world into a new experience of empowered humanity loving Life. Blast on!

Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Forming a Family of Light – -11-13-15

Jaymie PriceJayme Price


As you develop in human form, you go through stages in your life of interacting with self, others and establishing your identity. Ideally, this identity forms an individual that is strong yet flexible, as the beautiful duality pushes you inward and pulls you outward – though another must get pulled inward and pushed outward. The clues of life abound. What is really inward or outward?

Here, family meets function and you find the power of your Light. Family is a grouping that agrees to hold the mirror close. To shine light on the aspects that you are loving and not loving—aspects of your self and life.

Your Family of Light helps you shine.

The diamond is created from coal with great pressure and time. Once the diamond is formed, you shape it into facets that amplify its brilliance, bringing forth what was already within. Your Family of Light helps shape you into many facets of self. Sometimes it feels like pressure as you resist release. Other times it feels like support as you feel nurtured into growth. Much like the seed, you are often surrounded by what seems like darkness, but it is actually the fertile support that helps you bloom into the Light.

Family is all around you. As a child, you feel choiceless. As an adult, you are offered opportunity to create similar family dramas with new characters, or to respond differently to the same pressures that formed you into the jewel you are. Make choice to Form a Family of Light that supports you into empowerment.

Create relationships on the inner plane and the outer plane that help your brilliance shine. Your relationships on the inner plane will help you understand motivations, insecurities, fears, and new solutions for empowered Love. Your relationships on the outer plane will help you understand healthy boundaries, interaction, and the support of Life.

Forming a Family of Light begins first with those of resonant qualities that support your empowerment. You then begin to recognize that you are involved with co-workers and others that are also calling you to shine. You start to feel your connection with those you will never meet, but are your Family of humanity. You will begin to have the strength to be open to their positive and negative aspects, creating a flow of supportive Love that was not available before.

When you can Love in the face of opposition (even from a distance), you have embodied grace under pressure. The diamond has formed. It is time to release yourself from under the pressure and let all facets of your Light shine.

As we sit to Blast Forming a Family of Light, we are creating relationships with others and the self that teach empowered Love with diamond strength. We are connecting with the collective of life on a conscious level, for we are strong enough to face the facets of humanity that are reflecting something we haven’t had the courage to Love. We are enhancing our clarity as we recognize the potential creation in every experience. We are strengthening the Love that is natural to humanity, but got lost in fear. We are the reminder of the courage within that Love’s embrace brings into the Light of day. Blast on!

Jayme Price – Freeing The Heart – Weekly LightBlast – 9-17-15

Jayme Price


Freeing the Heart

Dear One, having a free and open heart on the Earth plane is not always easy. As you open, you feel great joy and bliss. Then the pain of the self and humanity becomes evident and you feel great sorrow. The sorrow is not always obvious. Sometimes it becomes disguised as anger, revulsion, indignation or righteousness. There is a time to feel sorrow and there is a time to observe if you have allowed sorrow, in its many forms, to saturate your hope. Hope is the impulse of the heart to keep reaching toward change. Hope is a form of expectation, a beginning of knowing that change will occur. When the heart is free, hope is natural and grows into trust and then knowing.

A Free Heart is a heart that is strong enough to experience deeply and still have hope, trust and knowing. A Free Heart will understand the invisible strength that is trying to grow through the crack in the concrete vulnerability of a being. Knowing When it is time to assist through action is a skill of understanding beyond the moment into what will empower all involved. Sometimes that means lending a hand, sometimes that means walking away as you lead the way to a new potential.

Freeing the Heart means letting go of obligation based in fear and opening to the service that supports empowerment. It means looking beyond the moment and hearing the strength that is seeking growth through a vulnerability. It means nurturing hope in the self and another even while seeking a path of new potential. It means trusting that life is benevolently supporting each being in ways that show them they have human support, independent support and the support of time, leading them to a new self.  Is that self you?

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Heart, we are perceiving humanity in the light of hope as each being is growing through the support of our knowing that they are magnificent. We are choosing the greatest support in a moment of change that embodies Love’s grace of Knowing When. We are finding the path of least resistance and allowing its flow to gently erode the barriers that keep humanity from knowing the current of Love moving them forward. We are the hope that is seeding the future as the waves of Love wash (k)new strength ashore. Our Love Lights the way(ve). Blast on!

Jayme Price – The Energies of September 2015 – 9-1-15

August Review

How were your boundaries in August? Did you let your energy ROAR into your life and begin to build new form, though perhaps still invisible? I could feel the energies beginning to smooth in comparison to the previous months. It has been a beautifully intense year! For those of you that have been on an awakening path for many years, you are likely used to this intensity and feel comfortable in your ability to ride through it. Change is a constant through life, and the Ascension process is one of physical, mental and emotional evolution, creating a more spiritual flow in life.

August helped us anchor the courage to create from our individual will with the benefit of the collective in mind and heart. It is anchoring a new level of creating with ‘word.’ Thus the vision of the lion and the throat that I saw for August.

Word is merely a direction of energy. It brings idea into denser form and begins building form from idea. It is less dense than action, which is the next step after ‘word.’ Word does not always mean that you must speak something, it means that you begin the pre-action step of deciding a direction. Word begins to shape your idea into a direct plan. It is like a declaration of direction. It is important for creation, for it leads to action, which is participation in this realm of form.

Holding boundaries was prevalent in August, for saying no is just as valuable as saying yes as you declare the direction of your life. We are growing stronger as we hold healthy boundaries that proclaim our Love into our own lives. That Love is then able (hmmm, I just typo’d abel there) to flourish. It’s time to Love boldly!

September Energies

Woohoo! For September, I was shown a Higher Self integration happening, especially effecting the throat and heart chakra energies. To see it collectively for Lightworkers is big news! As with all collective readings, it doesn’t pertain to everyone in the exact same way, it does mean that a large proportion of people will be having this experience.

Of course your Higher Self is you in subtle form, the you that is not bound by spacetime. The vision of the Higher Self overlay is indicating a new level of integration into a higher frequency. Yay! It means there has been some great release, understanding and choices that have opened you to a new level of creative responsibility. Yes, more creative responsibility. Ugh! The catch! ;o)

It does mean that you are more responsible for holding to your integrity, choosing Love, and expressing Love. This means more responsibility for what you are creating. I experienced a few lessons with this through August – how about you? When the first one occurred, I sat to meditate on it. I was told that I wasn’t maintaining my focus of what I wanted to create clearly enough. This is absolutely not about controlling life. I was not told that I should have micro-managed more! I was told that I wasn’t focusing my intent into my experiences. Sometimes we forget, or we don’t feel that we have the capability or the right to flow our intent into something.

Your intent is your broad overview of what you want to create, it is your motivation that leads your choices of thought, word and deed. As humans we get confused with intent because we have been living in an epoch of domination-over longer than our history can even agree upon. It is the equivalent of someone flowing their energy outward so strongly onto others that the others are not able to flow. We see this as people use anger, manipulation or withholding love to dominate. As Lightworkers, we get confused with intent because we are often so sensitive to suppression that we hesitate to flow outward because we are so aware of the pain that ‘aggressive’ outflow can cause. Essentially, we are learning that Love does not overpower, it offers choice.

Always, this must come with a willingness to be open to whatever occurs. We are learning that flowing Love doesn’t mean there is no challenge. It doesn’t mean we are going to experience utopian bliss because we only think Love. We are living in the world of form. We are meant to CREATE Love. That requires a direction of focused intent – then thought, word and deed that is in accordance with that creative intention.

The Higher Self overlay of September indicates that we have done enough of that work to create it. But like any creation on Earth, it also requires the action to sustain it. Just as the action of the inhale and exhale create sustainment of your physical body, you must take the necessary actions to sustain your Love.

Hold healthy boundaries – say yes or say no in accordance with Love as determined by you in your moment.

Flow your intent – say a prayer for some of the broad things you want to experience with a situation and follow that up with your actions.

Maintain your F.O.C.U.S. (Forced Outlook Creating Unlimited Success) – find a perception of benefit in every experience. Be open to Life as it fulfills you, strengthens you, and keeps you desiring inevitable improvement.


The energies of September are bringing some great change! You have created this Higher Self integration by raising your vibrational foundation. Life then responds to support your change. We have an eclipse series in September that offers a big change of direction as eclipses bring ‘reset’ energy. Your ROAR from August is a proclamation of your power and courage to create a new Earth. Let your Love be the dominant force in your life. Love boldy. Others will make their own choice. Don’t let their choice overpower yours. Choose for yourself and flow it out for others to see if they have the eyes to see it. The time of hiding your Light is complete. Exhale. Life sustains. Breathe it in.

Happy September!

Jayme Price – Weekly Lightblast – 8-1-15

Jayme Price

Finding Truth



Blessed Being, in these unprecedented times of change you are growing your spiritual, connected nature rapidly. You are finding your path of connection to the heart, expanding the mind and becoming more whole and interactive with your world. As you Find Your Truth, it often means releasing a mistruth, a half-truth, a misperception or a harmful truth. A harmful truth is one that may have evidence, but has no value in your evolution.

Truth has a density, a manifestation to it that effects life. Proof comes in many different forms. Your focus, your response and your choice gives it weight in your vibration. When a truth is helpful to you, that density gives you a grounded foundation to build upon. But you must keep building.

If you lived in a valley and no one had ever been outside of the valley, there would be no truth of existence beyond the mountains. It could be nothingness, the world stops at the mountains. If you eventually climbed atop the mountains and realized that there is life beyond the valley, a new truth has been built upon your old foundation of truth. One could then assume that the world stops at the end of the horizon, as far as they eyes can see. As you now know, this was an experience that was real to humanity for a time. Truth is not always visible, and what is visible is not always the whole truth.

Allow your evidence to change easily. If you hold tightly to your evidence, you resist change. Your peace with your truth and with change allows your evolution to proceed more gently and rapidly.

Observe what you hold as truth. How do you perceive your situations, your structures like government, religions and economics? How could you build upon your foundation of truth that exists in the moment and see beyond the mountain that blocks a greater truth? If there is life beyond the mountain, perhaps there is a solution for your life challenges that you just can’t quite see yet. A new truth. Residing there all along, just awaiting your ability to see it. You must build upon your own truth to find it. Perhaps another can show you, but seeing is not believing; believing is believing. What truths do you believe? You must seek to find.

As we sit to Blast Finding Truth, we are building upon the past as the foundation of strength that creates a new future. We are coming to terms with our challenges and using them as a focal point of opportunity to find a path that better suits current flow. We are releasing resistance, appreciating our own pace of change as the world adjusts to the transformation that is calling for more internal power. We are finding the path of least resistance, just as nature does, for the truth of change can flow easier with the patient strength of Love evolving Life. Blast on!

Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Healing the Heart and Mind , 7-4-15

Crystalline Soul Healing

Jayme Price

Healing the Heart and Mind


Blessed Being, you are revealing much of yourself inwardly, and that is the most important action in your evolution. Your biomechanism and the environment in which you reside are a perfect complement to your wholeness, your ascension. Your wholeness is internal. It is an interesting experience, facilitating human form in the dimensions of forgetting your spiritual form, your full image; your connected form that is One with All Life.

Your heart/mind complex is a duality experience, and like all things separate on Earth; they are truly connected. Therefore, as you consciously shift how you authentically think and feel, you are creating a union between your separated human form and your connected spiritual form. It takes a foundation of strength and wisdom to truly begin the connecting of Self with All Life. Are you strong enough to observe one in pain and see strength unfolding? Are you strong enough to observe one in joy and celebrate strength unfolded in that moment? It requires a wholeness within that understands that negative and positive are not separate, they are connected. The ‘and’ of life. Either/or is physical in nature, and is the connection that is unseen.  Look for it.

As we sit to Blast Healing the Heart and Mind, we are feeling strong enough to think positively, even amidst visible negativity. We are holding a vision within our hearts and minds of a loving humanity that understands their true divinity. We are becoming well with what is, at peace with the moment, even as we advance into the future of the unknown forming.  We are observing life with the strength of detached compassion, a deep connection that does not forget the power of all beings experiencing growth. We are looking for the clues of Love’s potential and electrifying its magnetic grace, empowering Life within. Blast on!

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JAYME PRICE – Weekly LightBlast – Freeing the Heart – 6-26-15

By Jayme Price, Crystalline Soul Healing, June 25, 2015 (For June 27, 2015)

Dear one, your power is within you.  Therefore, it is you that has the power in your life.  Your Heart, the core of your power [sic], connects you to All Life through Love.  Your free will is your choice to Love or not.  Do not confuse Loving with experiencing.  You need not have all experiences, merely Love all of Life. Even as you choose not to experience something, you are emanating the gift of Love powerfully into your world – if you choose to Love it. 

If you have the courage to say no to an experience, you are saying yes to yourself, to your strengthening, to your new path.  You are even saying yes to another finding a new path – as you say no to an old path, a harmful path.  Love the path anyway, even as you choose to observe it through the distance of time and space.  Free your Heart.  As it is free to flow, your Love permeates Life ever so much more.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool.  It is a key; silent, small, unassuming; yet opening huge doors to new experience. With the smallest of action, a mere shift, the Force of the door is Forged through easily. Blessed Being, as you forgive, you release the locks that hold you back from new experience.  You open yourself to an expanse of new creation that you couldn’t see from your previous vantage point. It was behind the door of freedom. Let go of past pain. Let go of present pain. Let go of future fear and choose a new experience. Walk forward. Even if that looks like ‘away’ from one perspective.  Free your Heart to flow in a new direction.

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Heart, we are opening the flood gates of forgiveness and finding solid ground on new shores.  We are observing the past as the perfect opportunity to strengthen into the present choice.  We are Loving Life so powerfully that all experience becomes a starting point for new creation, a new opportunity to Love.  We are so Free, that flow is a lovely ride, in its waves of flow, in its quiet moments, even amidst the rocks of resistance.  To a loving heart, beauty is everywhere; for potential is visible in the glow of Love.  Blast on!

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Jamye Price – Lightblast – You are a Powerful Vortex of Creation – Meeting in the Middle – 5-4-15


Weekly LightBlast: Meeting in the Middle ~ a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 30 April, 2015
You can watch video version here.


Jayme Price

Blessed Being, you are a powerful vortex of creation.  Your energies spin within and without, drawing information to you, into your awareness.  Within your awareness, information – the information of the world, meets.  One disparate situation, one triumphant situation – potential meets within you.  Your energy spins out, dispersing invisibly into the Earth experience, the biosphere, the data of possibility on Earth.  You are the ‘middle’ in which new potential can be born.  You are the, ‘As above, so below;’ for as you perceive in your mind, your heart flows.  Allow your mind to respond to your heart and you find the middle road of Love expanding your world.

Your world of duality is ‘the middle.’ You are the point, observing.  What do you see when you look at one extreme or the other, what do you feel?  For as you have a reaction, you are focusing a potent magnetic ‘shaper’ of life.  You can shift your reaction internally with your heart forgiveness and mind focus.  For as you free the heart through forgiveness, your mind has new perception available.  Your reactions become understanding, potential progress perceived, lesson learned, even as another may be learning.  You speak silently to the future and call new form forward.  You are that powerful.

As we sit to Blast Meeting in the Middle, we are finding neutrality in the release of pain or judgment and discerning the great power of progress in humanity and the self.  We are freeing our hearts from the past and strengthening the future to foster Love’s growth.  We are finding a new perspective of why, for Life is the love of evolution and the evolution of Love.  We are opening our hearts and minds to see the gift in the present and the potential of the future.  We are Time manifest, bringing the past and the future into the now moment, the middle point where possibility meets Love and procreates new life.  Blast on!

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Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – 4-16-15


Jayme Price

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The Passage of Time

There is an innate wisdom to humanity, it is within you and ever-expanding.  The system of Life within which you reside is an aspect of you, and you are It.  The separation of the physical form provides an environment of longing and mental awareness that begins to form a path of connection.  Time is one such connector, as it is connecting All things.

This separation you experience is a brilliant mechanism, for it strengthens the heart/mind/body complex.  It directs and allows choice.  It begets discovery and defines movement. You separate Time into past, present and future.  You understand that it moves and never stops, yet you may also know the stillness within that defies the rules of Time.  Time, like all rules and laws, seems as if it is outside of you.  Yet in Truth, it is within you.  The rule of Time bends to your will as appropriate.  Appropriate is a matter of vibration, and vibration is a culmination of your past, present and future perceived within.

Does your past instill resentment, powerlessness or understanding of the potentials presented?  Does your future instill fear, uncertainty, or an openness to the co-creation of your joy in form?  Does your present calm you, excite you, stagnate you or ignite you?  There is no judgment about your true feelings from the universal wisdom that appreciates you to a depth unfathomable.  There is pure understanding of the benefit of all that you perceive, for it is potential awaiting ignition.  Time patiently moves it along.

The expression grandfather time is apt in that there is a wisdom and a patience that is seasoned and Loving.  Begin to feel the flow of Time within you, rather than just outside of you for it is within All Life.  Just as the DNA of your grandfather resides within you and also outside of you, so it is with Time.  Time is within you, awaiting your attention to form it, direct it, and allow it to flow with you and through you.  With your perceptions, both known and unconscious, you form the magnetic pull that shapes your experience in the present.  Your present moment has the information of your past within it.  It has the potentials of your future within it.  Yet you are the focal point that directs its flow to form.  What will you choose?

As we sit to Blast The Passage of Time, we are ever still and ever moving as the duality of form offers us connection.  We are beginning to embrace the connection of All Life, discovering the power within.  We are strengthening our Love and our understanding as we perceive humanity as progressing through fear.  We are choosing a new emanation in the present as we begin the growth of Love’s foundation on Earth.  We are Time manifest, knowing the past has benefited the present courage to create our future.  Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Absolute and Understanding – 3-21-15

Weekly LightBlast: Absolute and Understanding
a message from Jamye Price

You can watch video version here.


Utilizing your mind to understand is part of your evolution.  It changes your experience in life.  You observe this as you detail how the living conditions of humanity have changed through the centuries and most recently, the decades.  This time of rapid change offers much choice and perspective shift; both functions of the mind.

However, the function of the mind is limited when it does not utilize the internal impulses of the heart, the connective nature of your being.  As you Love, you connect – with the Self, with others, with God, with your True Power.  The mind is expanded with this connection.  It strengthens the Self.  That strong Self then interacts with others, creating a new foundation of empowered, Loving beings.  A new humanity.

As your mind determines Absolutes, you strengthen.  You are direct, decisive, determined and certain.  This is a powerful place to be and it is a natural part of your existence.  Some Absolutes may feel stronger than others, but anytime you are sure about something, you are moving forward, progressing.

Understanding, in this context, is opposite of an Absolute.  Understanding is the space where an Absolute meets an incongruency and a new Absolute must form.  It is paradox, and most importantly; it is new connection.  Mind connection.  Understanding is where the mind is functioning in concert with the heart.  Where your full empowerment is utilized for your growth, your progress.  That emanates out.

When Absolute and Understanding are both embraced, you are a being of growth and empowerment.  You are able to both direct your life and allow Life to direct you.  You are open to the wisdom of the Self, the wisdom of others and the wisdom of Life.  You are clear in your ability to choose for yourself and patient when clear choice has not yet formed.  You are as determined in your ability to Love as you are open in your ability to hold healthy boundaries.  You are paradox in form, the peace that passes all understanding.  Absolutely.

As we sit to Blast Absolute and Understanding, we are becoming the vehicle of progress that blazes a trail of Love’s power.  We are both open and aware as we focus on creating a Loving life as we understand the Self more deeply.  We are open to the paradox of Love as we remain determined to create real change on Earth, first from within.  We are building the power of our hearts and minds; creating a symphony that soothes the soul when an absolute has hardened the heart and dimmed the brilliance of the mind.  Blast on!

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Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Allowing and Adjusting – 2-19-15



Jayme Price

February 19, 2015

Your freedom is within your ability to respond to Life in a way that keeps you open, strong, focused and aware. At first, as you learn to actively create your internal experience, it seems a lot to focus upon. It can feel overwhelming as you determine, “Am I open in this moment or strong?” Only to eventually discover that it must be both, though they feel so different at first.

It can seem disruptive to your peace as you must observe every detail and shape your choices based on a changing, sometimes chaotic, vibration. There is so much data coming at you and from you as you smooth your vibration into the flow of creation you are desiring. The lag time of manifestation often clouds the clarity of which thoughts and feelings led to which creation.

There are open, yet focused, avenues of creation that will assist the overwhelm and allow you to adjust with greater ease. You are part of the engine of Life. In human form, your physical brain structure disrupted the full understanding. Thus it becomes a path of experience as you learn from a new vantage point. Do you see the loving process in that? You created it, for you are of creation and powerful beyond the physical form. As you open to the deep knowing that Life is leading you toward your potential of thriving, you ease the tension of the mental responsibility and open to your natural ability of response – adjusting. Allowing is a loving state, and adjusting is a courageous choice.

As you open to trusting that the engine of Life is working with you, you begin to align with the synchronicity of information that shows you creation’s clues. You must be open and aware to focus upon the data that is first invisible, malleable and merely an indicator of potential. Is it time to move forward, rest and allow new information to form, or release and change direction? You have this ability. It is merely your allowing and adjusting that shows you direction’s path.

As we sit to Blast Allowing and Adjusting, we are open to the information of Life forming and we are choosing boldly for the progress of Love. We are appreciating the positive and negative experiences, for they provide a platform of focus for strengthening Love’s determination. We are protecting the inner world until it is strong enough to open to the full scope of Life. We are learning the experience of polar opposites meeting in the heart of courage, for it is within that resistance meets forgiveness and new direction begins. We are the powerful electromagnetic force of creation in our own lives, emanating so strongly that opposition releases its direction to the progress of Love. Blast on!


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Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Creating Hallowed Ground – 1-1-15

Weekly LightBlast: Creating Hallowed Ground
a message from Jamye Price

Thursday, 1 January, 2015

You can watch video version here.

Blessed Being, you begin a new year, amplifying your focus on the new.

Time will progress through this year, just as it always has.  How will you progress with it?  You will, for as Time moves, so do you.  In your agreement with the collective of Life on Earth, you are subject to the cycles; the years, the seasons, the months, the days.  Yet in Truth, you are not bound by them, only subjectively entwined.  Your focus, your perspective regarding Time shapes its function with you.  This is an important aspect of your Mastery, and it begins a basis of focus for your new year.

This year has the potential to be a creative wonder-ground for you. Isn’t it fun to wonder what you will create?

We ask you to begin with a perspective of the sacredness of Life.  This entails a healing of what sacred is.  It is you, it is Life itself.  It is the worst of life and the best of life.  In Truth, there is nothing that is not sacred, but in the pain of separation of the heart from the mind, it has been forgotten.  The heart allows you to Know Love beyond the moment.  A separated mind cannot easily see beyond the form.

As you allow your mind to ponder the wonders, you are giving space to the power of Time.  Without realizing it, your mind asks, “When?” You have emotional reactions to the unformed answer; resistance to the future, fear that you will fail, or excitement at what will be.  As you more fully realize your sacred nature, you allow the cycles of Time to support your growth and you enjoy the rooting, the strengthening, the blooming and the new creation.

With this perspective of reverence for the self, for Life, for the flow of Time, for the push and pull of support and opposition; you find the power of the creative within you.  You open to the flow of a Universe of Love, you find the unseen engine of creation flowing through you and mystifying your inherent nature.  You are the sacredness that Life Rejoices as Time illustrates anew.

In this moment, decide that you are sacred and see what veneration Life flows to you and most importantly, Lightworker – through you into form.  Your Life becomes the mystical wonder-ground your heart knew was possible.  Each cycle becomes a celebration of Time flowing.  Each creation becomes a celebration of the presence of Time and your presence of mind to focus form.  Rejoice more, for you are celebrated endlessly by Life.  It is Time that you receive the celebration.

Your focus on the sacred will form a blessed basis for your life and your world.  You have the power to create.  You were formed in the image-ination of a Creator, and you were gifted with the power of word to create as well.  Speak in song, in celebration, in the sacredness of Life.  Let your wonder-ground of creation be hallowed in your heart, for as you amplify the sacredness of Life, you envelop the formed and unformed in the potentials that Love seeds.  Blessed Being, you are that sacred.  Every step you take Creates Hallowed Ground, magnified by your focus on the sacredness of Life.  Are you perceiving the sacred in each experience?  Seek its flow of Love and allow it form on Earth.

As we sit to Blast Creating Hallowed Ground, we are appreciating the past as the catalyst for change and understanding of strength.  We are observing Time as the magnanimous amplifying of focus that it is.  We are celebrating Life in the reverence of the heart, a gaze that penetrates the boldest of fears.  We are supporting ourselves and others in the silence of sacred knowing, that Time heals all wounds and choice makes them stronger.  We are finding the sweetness in any experience, for humanity is reconnecting the heart and the mind.  We are leading the way – on hallowed ground.  Blast on!

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Jayme Price – Weekly Light Blast – Forming Anew – 12-20-14

Crystalline Soul Healing


Jayme Price

Forming Anew

Following the heart is a skill that is self-taught for most. Many were taught through fear and limitation as a child, though in truth, that was the doorway of Love most parents were taught to access. You, as a Lightworker, are reworking the definition of following the heart and creating Life. You foresee the impact of the courage to forgive and the courage to stand your ground. You honor the courage to allow another to learn through their own ‘mistakes’ with loving compassion as you exemplify a new way of being. You are supporting the growth of new wisdom on Earth. This wisdom is the innate divinity within each being, the Love that allows Life to flourish, renew and flourish again.

As you follow your heart, you are honoring the uniqueness within you and you are learning the connectedness with All Life. Your heart allows you to understand on a deep level, to feel into painful and easy truths, to form new bonds and new boundaries that support the thriving of All Life. This heart connection is one that you move into slowly as you manage the pain that humanity has experienced. First, the connection feels overwhelming, yet Life will continue to call you to the courage to perceive others through their strengths, their capability, their Divinity. You grow this by perceiving the Self as strong, capable and utterly Divine. It is you that you are Forming Anew. All others are reflecting that to you.

As we sit to Blast Forming Anew, we are perceiving Life through the lens of Love, allowing it to illuminate the Light of Love that emanates from All Life. We are fearless in our ability to perceive the light at the end of the tunnel of Love. We are honoring each being as a unique individual and deeply connected to the Wholeness of Life, adding great measure to the sacred – sometimes through opposition/reflection. We are freeing the heart and mind to understand the invisible, the silent and the less obvious as we foresee potentials calling Love into form. Blast on!


Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Auspicious Creation – 12-12-14

Weekly LightBlast: Auspicious Creation, a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 11 December, 2014   –   You can watch video version here.


Finding your way through Life is an individual process within a collective of support.  It does not always feel like support, and your mind can process much evidence to the contrary.  Your heart, dear one, can find much Love within all experience.  It needs merely the freedom to flow into a new, expanded, connective perspective.  Courage is the domain of the heart, though you say it takes ‘guts’ because your perspective of safety on Earth is important for the heart to flow freely.  Courage has been associated with action in your world of seeing is believing.  As a Lightworker, you are learning to believe before you see, otherwise you merely await the formation of Life then respond.  As you become a creative participant in Life, you are giving and receiving the collective support.

Your forthcoming creations are formed first with your heart and mind.  You feel them and you think them, mixing emotions and thoughts into a vibrational signature that emanates silently and invisibly from you.  Life responds with synchronicity (alignment) that helps to focus you, redirect you, support you and strengthen you through opposition.  You need not experience all of these, merely whatever best serves your creation.  Life wants you to thrive.  As part of the totality of Life, your thriving continues Life.  Use any sort of opposition for its divine purpose, for your thriving.  Life on Earth can seem difficult, though your heart knows the power of Love to heal, sustain and flourish.  You are becoming living examples of this power.  You are creating a new experience on Earth.  Maintain your courageous focus on Love, on the Auspicious Creation of the new Earth you are creating.

As we sit to Blast Auspicious Creation, we are opening our hearts to the courage to Love the opposition into support.  We are perceiving and feeling into our desires rather than the lack that has stirred them into focus.  We are forging new ground that will support community based on cooperation as we allow the nature of Life to flourish in cycles that transform.  We are resisting the fears that dim our Light and amplifying the Love that consumes them into exciting challenge.  We are bold, observant and choosing wisely as we take the first action to shift our internal world and emanate new vibration of Loving solution into old problems.  Blast on!


Copyright: © 2005-2014 Jamye Price, www.CrystallineSoulHealing.com All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

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Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Adjusting Perspective Changes Your Vibration – 11-22-14

Jamye Price

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11/22/2014  / Adjusting Perspective


Jayme Price

As you grow into an adult, you begin to observe your past, your present and your ideals against those that you have been surrounded with for your entire life. From your family, friends and cultures, you evaluate what still feels true to you and what you want to discard. Some do not come to this conclusion of choice, others partially so. As a Lightworker on an Ascension path, you are journeying through the energy on Earth and focusing your vibrational data into new solution available. The beauty of the subconscious mind is it requires your inner focus and intent to choose beyond the hive. As a young child, your safety and growth is mostly led by others. As an adult, you have choice. Choice is a functionality of perspective. As you Adjust your Perspective for your benefit, you are making new choice even if you do not yet change your actions. Choice is your first action.

Adjusting Perspective changes your vibration. With a changed vibration that is intent on supporting the vibration the Self, you emanate great power out into the world. As you take ownership of your perspective, rather than allowing the mood and choices of others to own that for you, you are holding your boundaries of empowerment. This offers you the ability to remain in the peace that passes all previously known understanding, to move into new solution.

As you do this, you have a loving bastion of perspective protecting the flow of your open heart. This is the empowered difference in Lightwork – holding loving boundaries that support the nurturance of self while also supporting the empowered choice of others to learn to work with their own energy. For humanity to grow into emotional, mental and spiritual adulthood requires good role models that will perceive the greater truth of Love beyond a moment and maintain focus on supporting its growth, even if it means saying no. That perspective of Love offers true change.

As we sit to Blast Adjusting Perspective, we are implementing the powerful electromagnetic force of heart and mind focused on new solution. We are finding a prospect of hope and holding focus on creating a fulfilling Life. We are sharing our Light where hope has been lost, even if silence is the best teacher in moment. We are strong and compassionate, for the memory of pain has not been lost but it has been learned. We are confidently choosing for the self as we find the ability to nurture any experience into a win/win solution. We are remembering that Love is often hidden beneath fear, but with inspiration and courage Love is cultivated into form. Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Innocence – 11-13-14


Innocence need never be lost, for you can always find it, or sense it, within you. Like a buried treasure at times, it requires your quest for the vision to see what is buried deep. Innocence is associated with youth, as if they do not know better (meaning worse) yet. However, your young ones come in with a wisdom of the Love of life that the older ones have buried deep beneath fear, regret, trauma and pain. The natural progression of life is that the old ones have the potential to become wise ones as they observe life, begin to make personal choices and find the wisdom in all that they have experienced, even the things that were denied or challenging.

Your innocence is your ability to sense a loving potential within all experience and seek that treasure. Innocence experiences a flower with the exciting play of senses mingling. Innocence experiences anothers anger as confusion and fear being louder than their loving heart. Innocence experiences challenge as a puzzle with solution available piece by piece. Do you meet life with Innocence, dear one; extrapolating the treasure in every moment, even if it is past? Perceiving the treasure in every aspect of Life even if it is buried deep beneath a façade of fear? It is how your beloved jewels are formed, under great pressure, time and interaction with circumstances. Strong bonds are formed with great strength, even in the lightness of a butterfly’s ability to fly. It is the strength of the jewel that Innocently allows delicate light to illuminate its beauty. Do you let your Light shine through?

As we sit to Blast Innocence, we are perceiving Life in a new Light – that the pressure of opposition builds our strength and beauty, thus we are supported to interact with all aspects of life on Earth. We are opening our hearts to the wisdom that is deep within as we see Love in the most unexpected places and faces. We are quick to forgive and slow to anger as we see the brilliance of each jewel reflecting Light in various ways. We are sensing solution within challenge, as life builds strong bonds that support Love’s beauty. We are boldly childlike as we play without apology for not letting the challenges in life bury our Love. Blast on!


Jayme Price – Opening to Change – 10-5-14

Jamye Price
Jamye Price

by Jamye Price

October 2, 2014

Change is a symptom of choice. It is a consequence of empowerment. Change is the effect of your cause. You are changed by Life, for Time does not stop. Life is changed by you, for you are part of Life. The interwoven thread of consciousness is an engine of creativity that supports itself.

Choice then, is your communication with the vastness of Life that is received and responded to. You do not see this engine, for its enormity is beyond the spectrum of your perception; however the effect of the entirety of Life is visible to you through cause. However, you must choose to see the whole story. The courage to look within the shadows of the self illuminates your wisdom in a flurry of neural understanding. You become the stability of the neutron that allows creation to form with greater ease. Life itself is so neutral that it is unconditional in the purest sense. There is no judgment of right or wrong, merely Life continuing. For within that neutrality is such a complete knowing of Love, the binding force of Life; that Life freely gives to stability and instability alike. It all leads to the expansion of Love. Eventually. Time does not stop, it is its nature.

You are part of the engine of Life, though a form of it that has conditions. The condition of Time is that it does not stop flowing in this dimensional expression. The condition of your physical body is that it requires physical chemicals – especially those as invisible to you as oxygen, for your vitality. The condition of the emotional body is that it requires flow for your healthy interaction. The condition of the mental body is that it requires internal strength and focus for your creativity. The condition of the human experience is that it requires a balance of duality; self and all others, inner and outer, right and wrong. This balance, the neutrality to honor it all, leads to your expansion, your growth, your elevation into a new level of connection and interaction.

As you become more unconditional with your change, you will find Life to be easier, you will find ‘being’ easier. This is not to say that all that you will experience will be easy, it is a reflection of your empowerment to progress with the flow of Life, the continual motion of evolution. As you Open to Change, you are stabilizing your own experience of Life. Be well with what is, for it is Life’s Loving response to your quest for the beauty of Truth. Look within the self and find the Truth of your beauty, Life will respond with the reflection of the beauty of all others. Enjoy the process of Life, for it is an engine of response and continuance that will show you the effect of Love if you cause it. Love the self, and it will reflect into Life around you. Others will learn by observance, it is the beauty of a Free Mind, the ability to discern for self and choose. Give that gift to yourself and Life. It is the true Change.

As we sit to Blast Opening to Change, we are bold enough to choose for the Self as we observe the win/win solution that Life’s potential is nurturing until we are ready. We are becoming empowered enough to choose to cause change in this world, even in the midst of challenge. We are unconditionally loving the challenges, for they are the experience of progress forming. We are peaceful with the flow of Time, allowing its revealing to offer new solution previously unknown. We are the bearers of Light, the creative hope that carries humanity when chaos consumes their courage. We are the Truth of Power; Love never lost, only waiting the treasure seeker to find it within. Blast on!


Weekly LightBlast – Freeing the Mind – Message from Jamye Price – 9-27-14


Weekly LightBlast: Freeing the Mind ~ a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 25 September, 2014

You can watch the video version here.

The Mind is a beautiful biomechanism supporting your Earth journey.  It can be friend or foe.  While that changes based on your perspective, it is really a natural functionality that is assisting your growth, though you choose the Pace.  Its functionality supports your free will choice, your interaction with your current dimensional/vibrational resonance and your progress through growth into expansion.  With the brilliance of free will, you allow yourself to progress or stall based on your courage and conviction to grow.  Strength is a vital aspect of Life.  The flower exemplifies it in one way, humanity another.  Strength, empowerment, discernment, self-love; these are merely a few of the qualities of a Free Mind that progress your expansion.

Many life forms have a challenge of choice, such as breaking free from a cocoon or shell.  This choice strengthens.  In your remembered history and current experience, humanity’s strength has mainly  been exemplified through dominance and suppression.  These qualities have generally come to be valued over the strength of vulnerability, the strength of allowing, the strength of truth and the strength of choice.

As you interact with Life, you are using the Mind to discern and to choose.  You discern what a friend is saying and you choose your response with your conscious and your subconscious mind.  It is the role of the Lightworker to begin to work with the subconscious mind and become conscious of the invisible, the unspoken, the shadow of truth being hidden.  These need not be negative, yet the mechanism of the mind does allow one to hide from the self.  Without that, choice would not be possible.  There is no mistake in the engine of Life.  Your brain has been well thought out and is a vital part of your evolution.  Your choice is to become aware of your doorways to disempowerment and choose anew.

Observe the clues of Life, as it is working for your empowerment, showing you through example of your life, what your subconscious engine is creating.

~Free your Mind from the unknown into the understood and you will find progress matching your focus.
~Free your Mind from the fear of Self Love and you will find empowerment matching your clarity.
~Free your Mind from the avoided and you will find solution matching your courage.
~Free your Mind from the separation of self and you will find connection matching your inspiration.

Accept your brilliance and allow your Freedom.  You won’t mind the side effects.  We just listed a few.

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Mind, we are riding a powerful wave of electromagnetic creativity onto the shores of new solution.  We are changing our mind about the self and perceiving others through their empowered potential.  We are imagining a new Earth and creating it with courageous focus.  We are facing the winds of change, hearing the whisper of humanity rising into the connection of awareness that Love fosters.  We are bravely Freeing the Mind from the separation of unconscious choice.  Blast on!

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Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Allowing Pain To Heal – 9-18-14

You can watch video version here.

The progression of life is such that you are constantly evolving, for you are not just a human making choices, but Spirit in human form creating Life.  It can be easy to miss the communication of your Spirit Self as the loud data of life overrides the whisper of your Spirit and the unseen of potential within all experiences.  Pain, for example, is an indicator of possibility, for it is a culmination of vast time and information.  Certainly not all progress needs pain, but if pain is present, progress is also possible.

Physical pain is an indicator of different choices available than those that have caused such.  It is an indicator of focus, for it points out a vulnerability calling forth your strength.  Emotional pain is the same.  It is but a calling of the Soul bringing your focus to that which you have overlooked, into a beautiful vulnerability calling your strength into form.  Do not worry that you have overlooked, the timing is just what you needed to build your strength.  This is the beauty in the biology, let the avoidance become a dance of timing and you Allow your Pain to Heal.  Allowing is an important lesson of wisdom growing, for you balance it with directing your focus, then opening to an expanse of allowing new information.  The cycle repeats.

Pain can be as obvious as physical challenge, as restricting as depression, or as igniting as desire unfulfilled.  Yet all of it is Spirit calling you to new focus, new choice, new growth, new strength, new information.  As you Allow, you open the self to the wisdom residing within you in soul form, Spirit form, subtle form – awaiting your open, relaxed focus (the paradox of opposites merging) to transform pain into wisdom manifest.

You are aware that you are a holistic life form, needing balanced interplay between all aspects of self for greatest flow.  If you focus too rigidly in an area, holding rigid boundaries of right or wrong, you create an invisible barrier that blocks your flow.  As you Set Boundaries of focus, keeping your flow open yet focused for your benefit, you Allow your Pain to Heal into new form, new experience, new focus of progress.  The pain of birth or the pain of death are truly doorways into transformation.

Relax into Life more, for it is supporting you at all times, in all ways.  Even challenges.

Focus into Life more, for it is calling you into an empowerment that serves you, serves others and serves Life itself.  The cycle continues.

As we sit to Blast Allowing Pain to Heal, we are breathing into Life more and observing the beautiful synchronicities unfolding before us.  We are accessing the wisdom within and bringing it into form as we allow life to support us into creative growth.  We are focusing through pain to allow solution.  We are reading the clues of life, even the painful ones, as we strengthen our sovereign birthright of choice.  We are setting boundaries of self care, so that we are supported through this path of sovereign evolution and unity.  We are the strong, shining Light in painful places and illuminating the wisdom within new choice.  Blast on!

Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Humanity Arising

Jamye Price

http://www.JamyePrice.com. The Weekly LightBlast is a written, channeled topic of self-healing for Ascension for Lightworkers. You can participate in the meditation etherically at 9am MST on Saturday, or anytime you like. Read it here: http://weeklylightblast.blogspot.com/…

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages.

Jayme Price – Weekly Lightblast – Forgetting Shame – 8-21-14


Jamye Price
Jamye Price
 August 21, 2014

Blessed being, you are a unique and magnificent form of Divinity on Earth. You are rejoiced and cherished in ways that you can not always sense. Yet there is Love continuously being transmitted to you. It is a natural functionality of all that Life is. Your sun, for example, could be reduced to a formula of chemicals and reactions that sustain your life. These are visible and true, yet only part of the story. Look deeper within the functionality to observe the Love manifest, for it sustains you. It is within ALL aspects of Life. It is manifest in chemicals, in reactions, in smells, thoughts, words, deeds, challenges and nurturance. Love manifests into chemicals, into experiences, into ALL that Life is. Be well with ALL aspects of Life, for it is Love manifest, it is changing constantly and your Free Will choice is the true catalyst of change. Without your Free Will choice, Life will continue and eventually return to the Love it is. Your Free Will choice, your focus, merely speed the Pace of the return to Love. It is your work of Ascension, it is your work of being Divine human. All other aspects of Life around you support and sustain this integration.

You always were Divine, you always are Divine and you always will be Divine. There is no earning it, merely being it, though to say ‘relearning or remembering it in the Earth plane’ is accurate. In the allegory of your Adam and Eve story, and allegory it is; Eve eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, seduces Adam to eat also, the two become ashamed they are naked and are cast out from the garden of Eden. This speaks to the feminine energies (the unseen, the connection of All Life) being ‘demonized,’ and humans activating their intelligence of recognition of the polarity/duality of life. The energy of shame is the important part of this allegory that you are (potentially) at the final stages of releasing. The energy of shame is a way of categorizing the broader topic of demoralizing Life. Shame is one of the strongest disconnectors of human Divinity. You put it upon yourself and others for the most heinous of crimes, or for mere power over. Shame on you for this or that, I am ashamed of this or that. Then it is worm as an invisible cloak of disconnection, unseen but for those that see into the truth of the heart. Being ‘cast out’ of the garden of Eden, is merely allegory for the disconnection and the hint of Free Will. Within allegory you must find the hidden gems, for it is a story that is rich with symbolism, not obvious conclusions. Look to the ‘unseen’ for your greatest clues of Loving support.

There is nothing you have done; not to another, not to yourself, that is not forgiven by Source. Everything is forgiven. Everything is forgiven by the unseen force of Love. But what about that which resides within you? Have you forgiven? Have you forgiven yourself and others for all that has been done? Do you interact with news stories and personal stories and find forgiveness as soon as possible? Look to the unseen, for as you shame yourself or another, you wear the invisible cloak of disconnection from your Divine flow. You can never be completely disconnected, but you can be more completely connected. Forgive yourself. Lift your hands high into the air and proclaim, “I give this shame to the greater good of Life as lesson learned, it is wisdom now and available to all. I recognize the misinterpretation of my Divinity and I now initiate my Divine Love to a greater degree.” Do you know what that degree is, Dear One? It is akin to a wider angle, a greater expanse of your Love flowing. It is with your Free Will choice that you allow shame to become the wisdom of unconditional Love. Release the disconnection that you hold within you, for the giving of shame actually puts the invisible cloak upon you. It is the power of Free Will. Release, dear Angel. Life awaits your powerful Light to reflect its Truth. In this way, a new sun is borne.

As we sit to Blast Forgetting Shame, we are holding the power of Love high, like a beacon of Light, for all to remember. We are allowing the past to become the support of wisdom, the pillar of strength that frames the present as perfect. We are opening out hearts to new potential as we embark on the powerful journey of building the new earth from the courage of Love. We are bringing new meaning to the allegory of the past as we understand the true power of the dual Divinity waves that are within us, coming to One True Power in the unity of our hearts. We are the bold, releasing fear and understanding the unseen, for it tells of a future so bright – merely the reflection of our Light, no longer cloaked in shame, but amplified in the Truth of Love. Blast on!




Jayme Price – Energy Report for August 2014

Internal changes, indeed!  Isn’t Ascension fun?  I had a dream in July where I came from a lovely, deep sleep floating in the ocean and then I began speaking to students in a classroom.  I said, “There are fun parts of Ascension and parts that suck.  Let’s talk about the parts of Ascension that suck!” :o)  Eloquent! I had said I was feeling big changes in July, though they were mostly internal (which causes an external shift).  The internal changes of July actually had the effect of releasing some major energy that has allowed for more mental clarity for those that are ready to access it.  I still see collective anger, especially around throat chakra issues (manifestation, expression).

Anger is not a bad thing, it is as valuable and informative an emotion as any other. The challenge is what to do with it.  It surfaces from within you as your truth, and that should be honored.  How you express it is either beneficial to you or it causes more effort if it isn’t dealt with in a healthy way (for all involved!).  Mostly anger is best released through breathing, taking a walk or exercise, music and movement – things that allow you to release into a more balanced state.  Then you are able to get some clarity as to why you are angry (deep within – not just ‘because of their behavior’) and how you can adjust yourself to accommodate the empowerment that it is calling you toward.  Not always fun stuff, but Lightworkers also shine in a crisis!

July Empowerment

As we traverse into deeper levels of empowerment, patience is key.  If you feel emotions being triggered, breathe into the heart.  Imagine Light (any color) filling your heart and then emanating out on the exhale.  Repeat until you feel the emotion softening into something manageable, then use that mental clarity to assess your choices for empowerment as soon as feasible.

July brought a lot of change.  If yours was difficult, look at your groundedness, your balance and your effort toward your empowerment.  Do you need to amp up focus in any of these areas?  Grounded Lightworkers traverse change more easily.  Balanced Lightworkers teach through example in ways that really begin to awaken others.  Empowered Lightworkers create real, deep, lasting change that builds a strong foundation of Love for Life’s expansion on Earth.  Are you in?

August Energies

August energies are feeling much smoother than July.  Woohoo!  Bless those powerful July energies for preparing us for August and beyond!  The energy I feel in August is Galactic Remembrance.  What does that mean?  It merely means that we are moving into a new level of cosmic connection.  It will look different for each person and it will support your empowerment here on Earth.

Galactic Remembrance

One aspect of Galactic Remembrance is activating your soul time codes that initiate an integration of past gifts, technologies and other aspects of Self that herald another level of healing and Ascension for humanity.  You activate time codes by coming into resonance with the ‘key.’ This could be reaching resonance of peace, empowerment, understanding, or even something specific like meeting a certain person on your path or having an Axiatonal Alignment.  You will either get some sort of ‘light up’ around your path, or it will just unfold.  You can’t get it wrong, there is a compelling from your Higher Self that will continually aim you in the direction of your evolution.

What are cosmic/soul time codes?  It’s your part of your dharma, your path of destiny, a path that assists your evolution and gives you the potential to assist others in theirs.  If you are an accountant, you will have opportunity there and in your relationships and experiences.  It isn’t something outside of the human realm, it integrates in with it.  Think inspiration – like solutions to issues that haven’t been initialized yet, or at least on a large enough scale.  The time is coming where the technologies that can really be beneficial to humanity and Earth will no longer be suppressed.  This is the way of evolution.  It has its own momentum that isn’t always obvious as you look forward.  It is a process, not an instantaneous change, so keep your focus on improvement rather than perfection.  It is your willingness to make changes in your life that ripple out and influences others.  You become the living example of evolution that influences your environment.  Thank you!!!  Humanity needs examples everywhere!

Another aspect of Galactic Integration is moving into a level of connection internally that helps to heal some galactic wounds – issues we’ve faced during other existences that we are healing and expanding here.  That is mostly done from an Earth perspective, meaning what is in your life is pertinent to your progress.  You don’t need ‘contact’ to heal galactic wounds and not everyone has these wounds to heal.  It is something that is ripening for humanity at this time.  These wounds healing will look like a relationship renewing, ending or beginning; a new level of responsibility in your job or a feeling of forgiveness and more ease with your family or relationship with Life on Earth.

August Summary

August is a powerful month of Leo energy that brings cosmic energy into your life in powerful ways.  While smoother than July energetically, it is the culmination of July’s gift of new ‘space’ within.  This creates an opening for new energy – the portal of access to a new you.  You are constantly changing, that is an aspect of life that is consistent.  Your choice, your focus and your empowerment influence the pace and path of your change.  In August, you have opportunity for more of your galactic heritage to support your present and your future.  It is inherent within you.  As you open to it, you are expanding your awareness into the greater community within which you reside.  You are your own final frontier.  Go boldly within and you will connect with an expanse of space that has been waiting for contact.  Embrace it.  It will nurture you infinitely.

Happy August!

Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Forbearance – 7-25-14

Crystalline Soul Healing

Weekly LightBlast  /  Visit Crystalline Soul Healing  / July 24, 2014

Forbearance  /  by Jamye Price


Forbearance is patience, endurance, allowing an agreement or debt to be reworked or forgiven. It first came through as a LightBlast topic in December of 2012. I didn’t know what it meant, and although as a conscious channel I can access words I don’t know, in general, my vocabulary is what my guides have to work with. I looked up the word and was excited about how the LightBlast would proceed. Here we are again at a beautiful tipping point of Forbearance. What needs your Forbearance in your life? You? Are you patient with yourself, thereby allowing Movement the Grace of forming anew? Is there another in your life that could benefit from the support of your Loving gaze, allowing them the Fortitude to open their heart to Life? Is there a situation in the world that could use your Forbearance to let go of the anger and frustration and open your heart for the flow of change? Your focus is powerful. Your Forbearance gives balanced stance in the perpetual movement of Life.

In December of 2012, I went to a large Kryon gathering in Maui for the solstice. I saw two wonderful Lightworkers there, Charlene and Wendy, that had a fabulous story about the “Trees of Forbearance.” Prior to the event, Charlene and Wendy were driving in Maui and were awestruck when they saw the unusual rainbow-barked eucalyptus trees. They pulled over to take a closer look. Charlene said, “I wonder what they are,” and Wendy immediately and clearly heard, “We are the Trees of Forbearance.” Charlene had read the LightBlast of that week, but Wendy had not. Like me, she didn’t really know the full definition of Forbearance prior to hearing the word clairaudiently. It was a great validation of the time of change that we were embarking (ha ha!) upon at the turn of the solstice in 2012. Much of 2013 did require patience and forgiveness! ;o) Why is this coming back now? 2013 was a year of extensive release, but 2014 is a year of building personal empowerment. Forbearance, like the power and beauty of the rainbow eucalyptus tree, requires a grace with the pace of Life and a confidence with the changes of Life. You have both, you merely need nurture them into consistently greater evidence for yourself.

There is a beauty in all seasons of Life, a beauty through the movement of time. The skin under the bark of the Trees of Forbearance gives color to time’s passage, painting a stirring tapestry of the diversity and splendor of Life. Do you see that within yourself? Do you see that within others, even if it is the silent, suppressed, frightened child within a loud adult scrambling for empowerment? Do you see it within the collective as you paint a magnificent canvas of hue-manity becoming free in the flight of Empowered Love?

As we sit to Blast Forbearance, we are easily forgiving as we open the door to change and resist reacting from the past. We are patient with change as it fortifies each being into a strong knowing of the power of their Love and the purpose of their Life. We are appreciating the rainbow of Life as we reflect the prism of Love into its many facets. We are powerful and peaceful, knowing the influence of interacting with the greatest opportunity of empowerment for all involved. Sometimes that is uncomfortable in a moment, until the new skin is revealed through time, strengthened and renewed through the experience. We are the powerful instigators of change that understand the force of Love to create. Blast on!

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Jayme Price – Weekly Lightblast – Choosing Steps – 5-10-14



Jaymie Price


Jaymie Price  –  Choosing Steps


Dear Lightworker, you are at an exciting point in your powerful work, and the work continues. You are tasked to perceive Life through Love, though you will not like all that you see. You are tasked to go into the dark places with your Light, spelunking new depths of exciting treasure. You are tasked to Love when Love is not obvious, well-received or reflected back. Yet you Love anyway. For as a Lightworker, a masterful human ascending, you do not stop Loving because of another, you keep Loving for them, for yourself, for All Life. Life changes through your Love.


To Love is a choice. Many feel they do not have choice, they have lost hope. It is easy to look at life around you, not like what you see, and not be able to foresee a future of improvement. The Freedom and Empowerment of choice is not well taught, well known or well practiced. It is your Love, Lightworker, that gives hope. It is your Love that shows Freedom within, Empowerment with Life and hope for a future improved. Your first step is always to choose Love. This first step puts the mental and emotional electromagnetic resonance into an easy, flowing current that harmonizes your physical body, harmonizes your ability to think clearly and opens you to the broader perspective of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self, your soul, your Source Beingness is within your vibration, thus your peaceful electromagnetic flow merely synchronizes your informational relay. The peace that passes all understanding aligns the synchronicities that seem miraculous and next steps are easier to perceive.   Your action was finding Love within. You then follow the clues of your Higher Self for next steps, inspired by Love.


For those that do not know the subtle connection of Life and the power of Love, it can seem as if choice offers right or wrong. For those that know the Love of Life, choice is always right. As you choose steps in Life, you are directing your energy flow. Life harmonizes with you. At times it will seem as if you lead or Life leads, that is why your first step is to Love, so that your information flow remains open to the clues of your Higher Self. You recognize the movement by your emotional flow. Choose Love, find peace within and watch the clues that Life presents. Forced with a choice that seems less than desirable? What will your lack of Love do? Your process will lack the peace, the synchronicity and the new solution that is possible. Yet it will continue. Step one: choose Love. Step two: observe the synchronicities that your Higher Self presents and choose a direction. Every direction chosen with Love results in more harmony, more synchronicity, more miraculous alignment. Do not stop your focus on what is merely in front of you. Look beyond the moment with the knowledge of what Love can do.


As we sit to Blast Choosing Steps, we are allowing and directing Life with an adept curiosity that opens our flow to benevolent change. We are embracing the inner power of Love and allowing our divine nature to saturate the physical world. We are maintaining hope in a situation that seems to counter Love, for we know that as we choose Love within, time has greater flow to heal a wound. We are standing strong in our Love in the face of adversity, for humanity is learning by example. We are remembering our strength, foreseeing our growth and enjoying the anticipation of the blooming. We are the sovereign within, forging Love’s grace through our courageous choices. We are the outsiders, looking within, Loving so fiercely that pain wields to our strength. We are the path of Light that Loves another home. Blast on!




Jayme Price – Exceptional Living – You Are Love In Human Form – Weekly LightBlast – 3-6-14


Life offers vast potential in each moment.
It is rich with choice and plentiful in its diversity.
Your unique vibration and choice is a vital part of the information of Life.
As you choose, you create*
Your choice is a library of information – your intent,
that ripples out into your field of awareness, creating a response from Life.
In the deepest of Love, Life responds.
People speak the words of your vibrational emanation to you.
You are compelled to turn on the radio or pick up the perfect book at the appropriate time.
You are interacting from a subconscious connection with All Life at all times.
The beauty of the subconscious mind is utilizing its vast ability to process information that is beneficial for you.
As you focus your awareness (conscious mind) on improvement,
Life responds with focus.
Your intent of improvement is emanating out from you like a mating call from a bird.
That sweet song is heard and answered with Love.
Life becomes the catalyst that sparks your choice in each moment.
Does it seem Life has responded with opposition?
It is stretching you, pulling you in a direction and always magnetizing you toward improvement.
Does it seem Life has responded with support?
It is stretching you, pulling you in a direction and always magnetizing you toward improvement.
Exceptional, isn’t it?!
Improvement available in all directions!
Your life becomes Exceptional as you enhance Love’s grace in all you experience.
In a moment of challenge, honor your feelings.
Let anger flow in a positive direction for you
inspiring you to action, inspiring you to hold a boundary, inspiring you to change.
Let love flow in a positive direction for you – inspiring the same.
It does not matter what occurs outside of you; that is old in-form-ation.
What matters is what is inside of you.
Your feelings, thoughts, emotions, intent – this is your creative power.
This is what creates your future.
Be patient and Know that Life is forming anew.
There are no exceptions to that.  Change is a constant.
Be focused and Know that Life is forming in Love.
You have that choice within you.  You are exceptional.
You are Love in human form.
You are deeply Loved by Life.

As we sit to Blast Exceptional Living, we are accepting the power of Love to change Life.

We are honoring our internal world first, then choosing from an empowered focus.

We are changing our experience by changing our perception, seeing All Life as valuable and loved.

We are learning to let go and let God shine through, for we are each the spark of Love that Lights this earth.

Blast on!


Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Not Allowing Pain – 2-21-14



As you cleanse your vessel of the challenges of the past, you are changing your future.  In this way, you are Not Allowing Pain to cloud your creation.  This is different than avoiding pain.  As you observe your past to cultivate the wisdom it has potentiated, you are using the power of your present moment of Love to flood the past.

In this way you cleanse it and you ride the wave of its grace.  Enjoy the ride!  You are a powerful Creator Being, being creative is your power.  Utilize the loving power of your mental acuity to understand the grace of your past, soothe your present and emblazon your future with Joy!

Observing the past is different that immersing in pain with the delusion to learn to swim with its weight upon you.  As you immerse in the buoyant blessing of Love, you learn to ride the current of the universal laws of creation; allowing Life to consume, sustain, release and create anew.  Consume your past as food for growth, let it nourish your courage and wisdom.  This will sustain you as you choose anew, circulating your vibrational emanation into your world as Life responds.  First unseen, your call is answered.  Life begins shaping to your magnetic music.  The dance begins.

As we sit to Blast Not Allowing Pain, we are unstoppable in our wave of Love as we consume the fuel of lessons learned into wisdom.  We are moving faster, freer and brighter than ever as we ignite our passion into form.  We are the Lightbearers, baring our soul for others to see as the shadows stretch into wisps unable to catch up with the speed of our Light.  We are the courageous, and often the quiet, as Love speaks between the lines of fire.  Blast on!

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Jayme Price – Weekly Lightblast – Auspicious Information – 2-6-14

Auspicious Information
Jayme  Price  –  Weekly  Lightblast   –   2-6-14
You are in connection with the flow of information at all times, even as you sleep.  Your physical body and your subtle body receive and emit information constantly.  You are never alone, you are never disconnected, you are never truly still.  You do have a choice to be aware, to listen and to breathe the soul.  This is meditation in its quiet form and joy in its movement form, and it is always in-formation.  Your movement flows with your peace and your peace gives way to the Auspicious Information of this age.  You, blessed being, are the fulcrum point of Life’s paths converging, choosing and changing.  The movement of Life will converge within you, the choice is yours to formulate anew, and change is the response of Life.  Information then, is Auspicious based on your choice.  The choice to Love is the change you seek for your world.  Life responds in kind.
You are aware, as you observe the world functioning around you, that dysfunction is prevalent in many ways.  As a Changemaker, you are becoming more and more aware of the impact of your electromagnetic interaction with the symphony of Life.  You are reading more clues in the information of Life.  You are communicating within the subtle realm of pre-form and refining your vibrational conversation with Life.  You are choosing anew in each moment, informing the pre-form as you Love more, Love more and Love more.  All of Life becomes Auspicious within the embrace of your Love.  For you hold within you the awareness that potential needs to sprout, just as the seed needs water.  It is the nurturance of your focus.  That power is within all, though not all know it is there.  As you exemplify by being, doing and becoming Love expanding; you exponentially amplify the Auspicious Information forming your world.
As we sit to Blast Auspicious Information, we are birthing the Golden Age as we breathe our soul into form.  We are creating heaven on earth, as the stars become the seeds that feed the soul.  We are the potential becoming form, the form of the new world shaping in response to our emanation.  We are the Light shining, illuminating the Love the within.  Blast on!