Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Creating from the Human Mind – 3-26-15

Weekly LightBlast: Creating from the Human Mind
a message from Jamye Price

Thursday, 26 March, 2015

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There are those that resent the “failings” of the human mind.  That it can be distracted, fooled or controlled by another are not failings.  Do not let your power be distracted by those that focus on the lack or the problems.  Live the solution.

The vulnerabilities of the human mind are part of the strengthening of the being.  Vulnerability is not a weakness unless you choose not to understand its value.  Vulnerability is the valuable ability for one to be open enough to change.  Change is a choice, a gift of the mind.

Do you choose to let your empathy become an Understanding that connects you to another?  Do you choose to let your Absolute knowing of the power of Love bring change to your world?  Do you choose to move forward on the path of progress that a powerful, connected mind creates?  Choose, blessed being, for your choice progresses you and Life.  You are such a being of powerful creative abilities, that there is no wrong choice, merely a direction.  That direction is able to be shifted at any moment.  Choice continues.

As we sit to Blast Creating from the Human Mind, we are expanding our brilliance and shining our electromagnetic grace into the darkest corners.  We are embracing our ability to forgive and forget, remembering the freedom of Love within.  We are perceiving new solution in old problems, understanding that not all are ready for the responsibility of their own power.  We are nurturing change with the patience that allows direction to be found within.  Blast on!

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Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Allowing Change – 1-9-15

JamyePrice2012closeupJayme Price

In this year of creative flow, you will benefit greatly by Allowing Change. You are in a constant state of Creation, it is the flow of Time. Time marks your progress and it continues to flow, undoing what you have done so that you keep doing. As a seeker on a spiritual path, you are learning the power of Spirit – that which you are. You are learning and experiencing beyond the visible form, into Spirit forming. As your religions and sciences have separated this from you, you are bringing your power back within as you change the world through your heart/mind experience.

The heart/mind connection is the difference between doing or being. When the mind is not connected to the heart, you are just doing. When they are connected, you are being – even as you do. Action, the doing of life, is either connected to Love – to the Hallowedness of Life, or it is mere force.

The heart understands the unseen power of Love. The mind, a brilliant mechanism for the progression of empowerment, knows only what is known. It has categorized it, analyzed it, demonized it or idolized it. All of it separate from the power of the Self, and the power of the unseen of Life. When the mind is connected to the heart, it ‘sees’ the potential that is not yet seen. It ‘loves’ the perfection of the moment, for Love is forming. It Allows, an aspect of the peace of being and the joy of doing.

The mind, connected to the heart, reads the clues of life forming. It sees Love in every experience and chooses next actions by the Light of Love. The mind connected to the heart perceives All Life as sacred. This perception creates a paradox in the human mind. How do you see destruction as sacred? How do you own the power of life or death? How do you maintain the reaction of atomic proportions that is within you? How do you choose?

Allow the heart and mind to nurture choice through Love. Even challenges offer opportunity for grace. What will you choose? As you Allow Change, you are allowing Life to resolve pain into the wisdom of potential power, and create new ground for form.

As we sit to Blast Allowing Change, we are using the heart to guide us through the unknown into the discovered treasure. We are appreciating the mind and calming its fear of figuring out. We are supporting action with the new-clear reaction that Love offers to Life. We are seeing the immense power within, for understanding it is the key to utilizing it wisely. We are celebrating the flow of Time, allowing it to guide us into a new world. We are owning our power and powering the growth of Love on Earth. It is a sacred place to be. Blast on!


Jamye Price – Energies of December 2014 – 12-5-14

The Energies of December 2014 ~ a message from Jamye Price
Friday, 5 December, 2014


After the intensity of the last few months, I am glad to be reading a lighter energy in December!  As a year of building personal empowerment, 2014 has had some muscle to it.  Building empowerment does take muscle.  This analogy comes up a lot as I work with clients on boundaries, which has also been a focus of energy for October and November (though it is ongoing in life!).

When you first establish a healthy boundary, it is like building a muscle and it takes some effort (effort, not necessarily drudgery or pain!).  After a while, it is much easier.  It’s all a matter of perspective as to how you deal with building boundaries.  It is often not fun at first, as it only comes up when a boundary is being pushed.  But with a shift of perception, the exercise of boundaries can become just as rewarding as exercising your body.  Dance those boundaries stronger! Don’t just get on the treadmill of building boundaries with no music! ;o)

I must say that with the potency of the last few months, it has been greatly rewarded watching Lightworkers step into their power more and more.   I witnessed deep transformation in November.  There were some intense patterns releasing, especially around sexual abuse.  That courageous Scorpio energy of November clears out deep pain!  Not everyone is having the same experience or the same timing.  Did you notice any deep clearing (or surfacing) in November?

We each come here with such unique gifts, energies and paths.  The lasting, most impactful Light-work is in your day to day life.  Ascension is about empowered individuals.  That requires the self-love and self-confidence to let your Light shine, even in the quietest of moments.  Blaring it everywhere versus being it everywhere is a big difference.  When you’re being it you’re feeling it, you’re living it.  That is powerful!

Life on Earth is calling for the Lightworkers to shine their Love, rather than the fear that has been blaring at and through humanity for so many years.  Your emanation of Love, empowerment and peace looks different based on the moment.  Do you sing it, paint it, cook it, teach it, forgive it, plant it, meditate it, smile it, play it?  All of the above and more!  Which leads us to December energies…


I almost always feel some celebration energy in December.  Of course!  People are celebrating holidays and/or the end of the year.  But it feels different this year.  Almost like it’s an exercise.  But like dancing exercise, not boring treadmill exercise! ;o)  The energy of celebration is a necessary part of life.  Sometimes Lightworkers get too serious.  There is a season for everything.

Some feel guilty (or would try to shame others) for laughing or enjoying life.  In this information (in-form-ation) age, it is perfect and powerful that the negativity is being exposed, released, changed and forgiven.  It is even the life path of some Lightworkers to expose or deal with some of those negative energies.  Yet Life is also always calling you toward enjoying the fruits of life, just as you can enjoy all the seasons of growth.

The balance of the seasons of life is part of your work – coming to terms with life and death, joy and sorrow, transformation through challenge or ease.  As each being becomes empowered enough to move through the full spectrum of energies, there is less and less need for humanity to experience the full spectrum of negativity, as the lessons are learned and integrated rather than resisted and repeated.

Celebrating is going to look different in the diverse moments of life.  Sometimes it is joyous and obvious, like a wedding reception or a party (woohoo!).  Other times it is reverent and peaceful, like celebrating watching a child sleep soundly or the beauty of a flower (sigh).  At times it is invigorating like a challenge that is pushing you beyond your comfort zone into improvement (bring it on!).  At other times, it is a paradox; like celebrating the death of a life that brought Love to Earth, as all lives do in different ways (tears of release).  When you’re stuck in anger, resentment, suppression or resistance, laughter and celebration seem like an abomination to life.

Not every moment is a moment of celebration.  Observe your overall experience.  Are you generally enjoying life and dealing with the challenges from a perspective of ‘moving through’ rather than resentment?  Are you finding yourself soured on life, frustrated that things aren’t working out for you?  Are you finding yourself afraid of taking the risks that can bring joy and expansion?  Maybe you’re finding that in some aspects of your life, but others are moving along.  Whatever you observe, find the positives also.  Take some time to look at your improvements, changes and choices that deserve some celebration.

The energy of celebration and appreciation put an energetic imprint on the present moment that influences your future.  Just as fear, anger and resentment do.  As you take some time to appreciate and celebrate, you are changing the track of your future.  Are you enjoying the path of your life?  Finding something funny, ironic or interesting about it?  That shifts the energy of it!

It is perfectly fine to honor the challenges with the truth of frustration or anger if you are feeling it.  That authenticity helps the emotions move through you, rather than staying stuck in avoidance or shame.  Just let it be fruitful for you and fuel you toward improvement without causing more harm than good. Forgive, let go of control, don’t focus on the ‘faults’ of others.  There is a balance to integrating all aspects of life.  Though nature seems desolate during winter, it is actually strengthening for eminent growth.


December is asking you to Light-en UP!  Elevate your vibration with some joyous laughter, some deep appreciation and some celebration of the great changes that 2014 has stirred up!  The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful that humanity has right now, as it opens up the flow of receiving and giving.  What are you grateful for as the year comes to a close?  Take some time to shift your perspective into one of appreciation for the things that you may have overlooked, or even the things that looked like challenge.

Life is supporting you and Life wants you to thrive.  There is so much Love flowing, but it’s invisible and its’ quieter than most of the noise of life.  Can you hear it?  Can you see it?  (Do you hear what I hear…?)  It’s whispering to you every moment.  Feel the breath of Life at your ear, calling you forward into joy.  Celebrate Life!  It really is a fascinating time to be alive!

I hope your December is magnificent!

Copyright: © 2005-2014 Jamye Price, www.CrystallineSoulHealing.com All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Cohabitating – 10-23-14

JamyePrice2012closeupThe paradox of self and others is a clue to the progress of Life. You are a being of physical form. With that comes a unique perspective from your point in the fractal space/time of Life. You are separate and unique, you are valuable and precious. Words could never describe your value or the complete nature of how unconditionally you are cherished. Every aspect of you that you would deny, suppress or resist is cherished and valuable for Life. Your uniqueness adds to the wholeness of Life. Here again, the paradox and the clue to progress.

You are Cohabitating with Life. It is a constant interaction with choice and change. As you release resistance to all aspects of self and others, your uniqueness merges into the wholeness. What does that really mean? Your ego, which is merely a biomechanism of focus for choice, naturally resists giving up the self. This is the perfection of limitation, for without it the strength of choice is not born. Life seeks its strength, for this is an aspect of its continuance. Humanity has learned strength through dominance, coercion, deception. Indeed, even the self can deceive the self, dominating and coercing itself into change without full knowledge of what the change truly is. Humanity has also learned the strength of Love, forgiveness, mutually beneficial choice. You are in a time where you are opening to more of the Truth of connection, unity, empowered Love and abundance. This is Cohabitating with Life, embracing the connective nature of all aspects of Life. Your powerful, loving focus is what brings new experience into form.

As we sit to Blast Cohabitating, we are opening our hearts to all aspects of Life, even those we resist, suppress or deny. We are recognizing the potential in every experience as duality merges into a wholeness of opposites uniting into new form. We are appreciating the current circumstances as we begin to see the whole picture of potential calling our empowerment into new boundaries of form. We are living easily with challenge and triumph alike, for they are each as valuable and cherished as Life itself. Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Servitude – 6-6-14



JamyePrice2012closeupDear Lightworker, you incarnated at this exciting time because you have not only been here before and amassed great experience of the positives and negatives of life on Earth, but you have the capability to change the vibrational patterning of it. This was not always so. At times, long times in Earth years, there was a densification of the energy that made it difficult to change easily. This is a time of easier change as the electromagnetic patterns of humanity are ripe for change and many of you are already changing rapidly.

All Life is seeking balance or homeostasis. Life is expansion, continual movement; it progresses through natural and beneficial stages of development. As a Lightworker, you have experienced a variety of give/take energy out-of-balance and you now reside in a time of awakening that offers you great potential to bring this into a new, expanded balance. You do this by observing your inner experience, balancing it from polarity and expanding yourself through interaction with life on earth. You are a Wayshower, one that ignites change on Earth rather than allowing the unspoken or unseen to remain hidden. A deep pattern of Servitude does not empower all involved, and yet service in the context of sharing and mutual benefit is wisdom in form. It takes many forms.

Humanity will continue to evolve into empowerment, it is the way of it. You may have some experiences that are unpleasant to you and other experiences in which you are able to shift your perspective into exciting challenges or easy transitions. Be well with the process, for it will continue to progress. Your free will choice is your pace as you interact with Life. As you observe and balance your inner experience and choose, you then observe and balance your outer experience. The cycle begins again. Your power is growing, Lightworker. It is growing from within and exuding out into the world, instigating change. Find balance in your service so that it becomes a sharing that empowers all involved. Observe the path of empowerment and take it. Take your power, for you will give it in the next moment of inevitable sharing. The difference is you will not give it up, you will share it with Love. This brings Servitude into the balance of give and take. For what you take is shared in a new way. Observe it and honor it, for it is not always obvious.

As we sit to Blast Servitude, we are releasing the binds of powerlessness, choicelessness and the manipulation of our natural desire to Love and be Loved. We are understanding the future potential as we interact in the moment, choosing Love and empowerment over fear and domination. We are making bold new choices to change what we are experiencing, as we choose to say yes, say no or say nothing to serve the greater good, not just the ease of a moment. We are exemplifying the courage to empower the self and another, as we find the patience and wisdom to act in the best moment and in the best way to benefit all. We are forging a new path of empowered humanity, Loving and choosing to change the future now. We are the path, sharing our power with others as we honor ourselves and others as the divine beings we are (becoming). Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Freedom and Empowerment – 5-1-14

JamyePrice2012closeupFreedom And Empowerment

You are at a turning point in your Ascension. Turning points are choice points. Ascension is a process that begins within you and emanates out into your world. It begins with your Freedom, becomes your Empowerment and then All Life is changed by your interaction through its own choice point.

Have heart, mighty Lightworker, for the system that humanity built is changing and just as your Freedom begins within you, so does the Freedom from the system begin within the system. Do not despise it, for it has continually offered the perfect amount of Freedom and oppression to continue its inevitable downfall and your inevitable Empowerment. Begin to transform the system with the Freedom of your inner world and the Empowerment of your emotional and mental focus.

Freedom begins within as you interact with what you want to change from a peaceful state of knowing change. There is no permanent situation, as time interacts with your subtle information flow, it does not stop. Your Freedom from the pace of time is within. Have patience, mighty Lightworker, for patience is your Freedom from the pressure of time and your patience opens you to powerful flow. With this Freedom from the outside pressure of life, you find your Empowerment to interact, your Empowerment with choice and change. The system of Life around you responds. When you are not feeling Free, find your powerful emotional and mental focus to Free yourself within. Find your heart and your patience, mighty Lightworker, and your Empowerment begins to grow.

As we sit to Blast Freedom and Empowerment, we are opening our hearts and minds to the perfection of the moment as we perceive Life through unconditional Love. We are understanding the pace of time, the limitation of form and foreseeing the future of Life improving through Love. We are standing strong in our knowing of the power of Love as we forgive our pain to transform it into the wisdom of bold, new choice. We are interacting with Life with the vigor and excitement of an artist with a blank canvas, realizing our capability to exponentially effect change as we unite through Love. We are appreciating the challenges for they call us to Freedom and Empowerment, where true change begins. Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Asking For Answers – 4-17-14



Sweet Blessed Being, you have within the information around you, the core truths of your experience. You have written them, remembered them, forgotten them and are rewriting them. You are created in the image of God because that is what a Creator does, create within the scope of creation itself, expanding. That is you. You see this truth in the stars around you, for you are elementally same though your form and function are different. You see this truth within the reactions around you for you respond with gravity and resistance, shaping movement. You see around you Life in all forms; from other people, to animals, to plants, to planets and you assume the separation to be real. And it is. What is real? What is true to you and your biological creative mechanism is real. The now moment is ‘real.’ Your biomechanism touches form, sees form and it becomes real. You think form and it also becomes real, as when you think the past or future, your body has a chemical response. What has been forgotten is the forming. What has been forgotten is the formless form. The Asking For Answers begins again. And you create anew.

Separation in your human form, on your earth plane is real, for it is real to this plane of form. You know there is more to the story – the unity, but you must connect through the separation that is real to your form. Asking begins inside the self. There is an observance of the outer, an unknown or ‘disconnect’ on the inner and the connection, the Answer is sought. The question? It is you, Creator, connecting the separation. How deep is your willingness to connect? Surrender the question to the depths of your core, and your truth responds. Surrender your truth to the core of Life and the yet unknown, invisible truth responds. The truth beyond what is known. The surrender is the Asking, Answer yet unknown. How often do you Ask, expecting that you already know the answer? In these instances, you do not fully Ask, nor do you fully open to the Answer. You merely challenge Life to meet you in the same place. Your surrender, your openness is part of connecting to the invisible, the unknown, the Answer. That is moving beyond the circle, spiraling to ever greater expansion.

Connection, or Answer, or form, is invisible at first. It is unknown. Its infinitesimal form speaks to the particles in you that are congruent with its size. It speaks with your emotions, for they are as minute in form and vast in function as the answer itself. It speaks to your thoughts, standing just outside the reach of what has already been. As you open the heart and mind, you expand into new answers. You create new solution. You expand Life into brilliant Love.

As we sit to Blast Asking for Answers, we are aligning our hearts with the pulse of the universe, racing to the passion of creation and the stillness of embrace. We are freeing our minds of the burdens of the past and opening to the presence of mind that connects Self with Source. We are reaching beyond the moment into the form of the future as it spins into the catalyst of our Light. We are the bright beacons of remembrance that uphold grace in the reflection of humanity learning to thrive. We are the future in the now, evolving past into present creativity, realizing the beauty in the challenges and delights, as we shine ever brighter in Love. Blast on!



Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Remembering Oneness – 3-20-14



Remembering Oneness

Oneness is very different from sameness. Oneness speaks to the interconnected nature of All. This is the basis of the Age of Aquarius, the introduction and initiation to the fifth dimension; that All are connected. This is the vehicle of Love Flow, the interconnectedness of All. This connection extends from person, nature, idea, time – All is a very long list! Everything is everything! And yet there is separation. Each is in a separate physical body, having different experiences.
How are we One? We are One through the thread of Divinity of All Life. We are United through our Earth experience, and Unique through our singular perspective. What a beautiful Wholeness that is, creating a wonderful interplay of what seems to be polarity, but in Truth is the all-inclusive Circle of Life on Earth.
As we refine our brilliant heart/mind focus on the interconnectedness of All, we recognize the Wholeness of All interaction, whether it is a thought, word or deed within ourselves or with another. Wholeness contains the unspoken and spoken, the before and after, the cause and effect, the intention and perception. Each aspect has equal value, though often we focus only on one, perhaps because it is more visible or louder. While that may seem like polarity, one OR the other, from the broader perspective of Oneness, that is just part of the Whole. Begin to look at ‘both’ as part of something larger, therefore it becomes one AND the other. Less right and wrong, more a choice of experience.  As you Remember Oneness; your connected, Divine Nature – you remember your power to choose and Create.
Each choice of Love, each choice of Empowerment, each choice of Forgiveness has its effect on the Whole. You may not see it in the moment as the quantum seed begins to grow, but it is there. This emphasizes the importance of Choosing and Creating from a place of Love. Sometimes Love means saying no, dealing with something uncomfortable or stepping away from a situation. Each experience is unique in its ability to teach Love and Empowerment to All involved.
As we sit to Blast Remembering Oneness, we are seeking the thread of Divinity in All Life. We are Remembering our own Power and Creative ability to Choose Anew to infuse Love into Life. We are recognizing that All experience is a valuable and beloved interaction. We are sowing Empowerment for All, that the Divinity within may shine forth to catalyze a world flourishing in the Flow(er) of Love. That is how powerful you are, Divine One. Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Forgetting – 2-13-14

As you move along the path of Ascension, you find yourself Forgetting in odd ways.  The experience is different for each, but All are experiencing an evolution that is creating an internal change.  Many of the ways you interacted in the past are no longer viable for your system.  You are changing the way you eat, the way you exercise, the way you relate and the way you remember.  As you remember the past, you are bringing it into your present.  How you remember then becomes important to your present moment.  Within your present moment, you also hold the key to your future.  The Auspicious present informs the future.  How then, do you remember the past?
As you Forget to remember the injustices, the pain, the disappointments – you are shaping a new future.  Your vibrational signature of your present moment contains your interpretation of your past and your perception of your future potential.  Thus what you create in your future is influenced by your picture of your past.  Forgetting the past as a problem and remembering it as part of the solution is your work of freeing your internal experience into the peace that passes all understanding.  Your work of for-giveness is for getting (attaining) your freedom, your ability to create a new future.  What then could you forget as a disappointment and remember as an opportunity to focus in a direction that better serves you?  For as you tune yourself to the opposite, you are expanding your vibrational emanation to include your past as experience in wisdom’s growth.  Forgetting is truly a remembrance of the potential that each experience brings to you.
As we sit to Blast Forgetting, we are remembering our courage to change from within and create a peaceful, joyous being in action.  We are becoming the powerful emanation of Love that creates growth from the fertilizer of the past.  We are the Wayshowers of the Light radiating from within, guiding each to the treasures of their heart.  We are forgiving easily for it is the fuel that directs the future into a loving, gracious, peaceful world.  Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Following The Heart – 1-24-14

Following The Heart
Dear One, the wisdom of the ages is within you.  Your physical body is a biomechanism of information flow.  Your subconscious mind regulates your information flow for your survival.  Your conscious mind regulates your information flow for your choice.  Your heart regulates information flow for your Soul Progression.  You are wise indeed.  You have imbued within you the connection of information that is Spirit in form, which is Life.  This connection is the same language that the stars, the planets, the animals, the flora, Time, magnetics and Light speak.  Your rocks speak to those with ears to hear.  Your Earth speaks.  Your clouds are an array of information that coagulate based on the information flow of Life on Earth.  They move in concert with the wind.  They densify and disperse based on the magnetic push and pull of information flow.  It seems esoteric because it doesn’t have definitive science behind it.  But doesn’t your heart tell you there is consciousness within it All?  If a water crystal can form in response to a sound or thought vibration, does it not follow that the water in clouds respond as such?  It is your heart that speaks to them.  Your heart speaks the language of Life connected.
Your heart is an engine of intent.  It is an instrument of connection (Love) with the grand pulse of Life.  It is the apparatus through which the subtle information of the soul speaks to you and then the brain interprets.  This beautiful connection is Spirit, Life, consciousness – Love flowing to you, through you and from you. Life responds.  Your elixir of Love emanating from you is your unique signature.  All Life is imbued with Love.  As you observe the melee around you, it is information received within you.  It mixes with you and your vibration then contains its formless structure.  What do you do with that meal of information you have just ingested?  What is your intent?  Dear Lightworker, whatever you observe is Spirit in another form, and it responds to your electromagnetic Mastery of Love.  Love is a varied spectrum of information and form.
Your heart, beautiful One, has the wisdom of Life, the unconditional Love of Source, the strength of grace pulsing through it.  As you observe Life and mix your wisdom, Love and strength with it, the clouds begin to form.  Whatever they release; the quenching rains, the cleansing storms, the blanketing snow or the joy of white fluffy shapes driving through the sky – it is the perfect culmination of response and there is a depth of progress within it.  That is the natural flow of Life.  Movement, progress, change.  As you allow your Love to mix with the information of Life, your progress becomes the harmony of Life moving.  Your Loving information changes the tide of the electromagnetic in-form-ation.  Following Your Heart is as easy as loving Life and as difficult as finding the whisper of Love in the cacophony around you.  It is worth the stillness to find Love’s moving flow.  Your wisdom abounds within.
As we sit to Blast Following The Heart, we are emanating the pulse of Love into Life at all times.  We are allowing our Divine nature to nurture Life into greater joy, creativity and growth.  We are remembering the winds of change we’ve witnessed as we understand the harmony of Life.  We are the change, reigning Love’s grace into the song of our heart, following the clues of Love’s birth.  Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – All Together – 1-9-14

All Together
In this year of discovery of your personal flame of empowerment, you are becoming the reflection of the night sky on Earth.  A stellar array of bright Lights that steer wanderers, inspire poets and tell the story of ancient times and now.  You are discovering your unique Light and fearlessly shining it into the darkness in ways that will even be seen lightyears from now.  You as an individual (in-divine-dual-ity) are understanding the true depth of your Love, your treasure, your Light.  It is through this path of Light that others learn to shine.  It is through this path of Light that you have distilled your own soul to an ever brighter radiance.  It through this path of Light that you have found your courage to dive deeper into the depths of dysfunction to find solution (soul-evolution) for the ills of man.  As you look around, you may not see everyone shining brightly yet.  But watch, dear wayshower, for the dawn is breaking and the dark always yields to Love within the flow of Time.
It is the support of Universal Law that holds each star in the sky.  It is the flow of Time that touches each soul with the glimmer of hope that each star shines.  It is the courage of consciousness to continue to burn brightly, with the flame of initiation a constant flow of Life progressing.  That, too, is you, Lightworker.  You are supported by Life and cherished by a vast universe of Life.   Life is in a constant state of movement that has no end in Time.  Embrace your timeless nature and embrace Life.  That opening of the arms to receive creates the flow you inherently seek.  It is the nature of Life to support Life, it presses upon you, this continuance.  The friction of aging, of fatigue is the imbalance of the speed.  With the open, high frequency vibrational movement of joy, gratitude, wonderment, play, creativity, love – your speed with Life is matched and the friction ceases.  Even your moments of anger, sorrow or frustration can create a flow that opens a gate, though to remain there is not the same speed with which Life grows.  It grows in joy (support), not sorrow, but through sorrow there can be a release that brings a new perspective that fosters joy through the flow of time.
From your beautiful human perspective you are learning how the invisible support enhances your Life.  You are never alone, you are never forsaken.  You are so loved that your free will choice is honored.  Life is fail-safed toward Love.  You can’t get it wrong, Time manages that with you.  An eon or a moment, it makes no difference to Life, only to you.  Life Loves you no matter your choice.  What will you choose?  Embrace Life and you find that same unconditional Love growing within you.  It is a magnificent perspective that is as expansive as Life itself.
As we sit to Blast All Together, we are opening to the flow of Life which is the invisible Love binding Life together.  We are recognizing the unity in the diverse universe.  We are seeing ourselves reflected in the glorious sun and the enchanting stars.  We are Loving all we experience, for it is the expansion of Love and Life through us.  We are the brave that give Life to Love when Love isn’t even visible yet.  Blast on!


Jamye Price – The Energies of October

Light Language Activation with Jamye Price – October 2013

Re-posted from  Infinite Shift Blog

September Review

Interesting energy, September. It hasn’t been the easiest of months lately. However, we had a break-through energetically in September – after the full moon and just before the equinox. This release point facilitated a new level of Humanity’s Ascension. The energy reached a crescendo and released a lot of negative/destructive emotional blockages in people. It may have manifested in an outburst (from you, at you or around you) that usually results in long-lasting grudges and ‘poof’ it was over MUCH sooner than normal. Physical Ascension symptoms were high in September, especially with dizziness, hot spots on the body, neck and back soreness, digestive issues and mental/physical fatigue. Lately there has been so much stirring up in the individual energy fields that it hasn’t been as easy to maintain a vibration of ease and flow. September provided the release valve that is allowing us to hold even more of our Light. As you know, this often means a sampling of the new energy, then more clearing. Such is the beginning of October…

October Energies
The Symptoms
I’m noticing more ear ringing. The high pitches are indicating a sensitivity developing. I’m noticing this mostly in the upper chakras and brain, especially the corpus callosum and temporal areas. It also accompanies an emotional release that you may or may not be aware of (yay!), but you are releasing a lot of dross. I’m also hearing the deep tones that come with a big shift in the earth energy grids. You may notice fevers that come and go, sinus issues, joint pain or more (or nothing!) as each of us are experiencing unique variations. Remember to nurture yourself through any symptoms, as you may need more sleep, more quiet or more support. These adjustments should be short lived in general, so prolonged or acute symptoms may not be related to Ascension.

The Clearing
I feel more clearing happening in the beginning of October, but with a slightly lighter setpoint than we’ve experienced these last few months. Of course the world stage is playing out extremes of this, but as we focus on our individual journey, the world stage changes, albeit more slowly than is typically visible at first. This is the ‘work’ of focus in your life, that you must look beyond what-is and Know that life is improving. When your energy field is not hindered with worry, frustration or fear; a grander Truth is magnetized into your awareness, one that perhaps has not coagulated into physical form yet. This was the benefit of the collective release that occurred in September, we released a lot of built up residue that was affecting the energy field’s magnetic efficacy. So for the first half of October, appreciate the release as the space-maker that it is! :o ) You will be called to observe the world around you and hold the space of Loving resolution in your heart. That is the work of a Lightworker, Love where Love wasn’t present before. Love when Love isn’t your first reaction. Love until it becomes your natural state to expect miracles, synchronicities and win-win solutions. Just Love!

What does that look like in a challenge? Love looks like forgiveness. It looks like self-nurturance. It looks like holding a healthy boundary. It looks like caring for another. Love looks like standing up for yourself. It looks like saying no, saying yes or saying nothing, depending on your unique moment. It looks like a new reaction to an old problem. It looks like you. And them. Even politicians, thieves, reptilians and such. Did you feel that in your heart? Is there anything more powerful than your Love? Perhaps in a moment, as the intensity of the last months exemplified, but how exciting is the work of learning to Love more?! When that ‘work’ is the focus, all of life becomes a journey of Love.

Strength Realized
The benefit of the recent challenging energies is it calls us to new desire for peace. As Lightworkers we are in a refining stage as we anchor leading with Love to create win-win solutions. That means letting your light shine! We had a big stir up and release in September. As October begins, we will be feeling the germination of new ideas, new desires and a new path forming – though more toward the second half. Though the path may not be visible yet, there is the excitement of knowing that good change is ahead. There is generally a feeling of more strength to be who we know we really are. We are accepting our talents, opening our hearts and stepping into a new level of being. The sensitives are becoming more empowered, though sensitivity is running high right now (the Monthly Energies tele-class is Empathic Armor of Light). We are in a rapid state of energetic upgrade throughout all of 2013, releasing deep wounds that humanity has housed for eons. As we release, let go and focus on Love, we are shfiting our vibration to empowerment and programming the collective database with the wisdom of sovereign Love.

We Are The Less-Than-1%!
I was shown long ago that our DNA is actually .0000000000000000001% (that’s 18 zeros) different when you factor in the ‘junk’ and interdimensional DNA that science can’t quantify. That difference provides us with our unique identity, story and choice. Isn’t it amazing to realize that someone of opposite gender in a country you’ll never step foot on is living similar themes with merely a difference in details?! All those zeros in between represent the connection, the unformed, the unseen, the space. The “space” is the key. It is where the magic is; the yet unformed, the potential. That is the magic of Life, the potential. Have you ever wondered why many of the great channels from our current First Wave, like Abraham-Hicks and Kryon through Lee Carroll say that it takes less than 1% of us to change for the whole world to change (over time)? Look at the basic atomic structure. It is a form that is too small for us to see with our eyes, yet it is a building block of all that we can see. It is 99.9999999999999% ‘space’ (that’s 13 nines). Way less than 1% of it is actual form. This same model applies to all that we create. It is 99.9999999999999% subtle energy and (less than) 1% action. This is tough to quantify in life because there is no accurate, agreed-upon measurement for creation in this form. It is why creating with your thoughts, and unseen Love being powerful, resonates as Truth. The work we are doing is clearing out our vibration so that change can begin to manifest more rapidly. Most of your work is done on the inner, invisible plane. That’s where your flight begins! ;o)

In Summary
Our month is set to be more rapid change, but you’ll feel some breathing room in the latter half. Don’t let the clamor of the world distract you from your work of Love. Remember the many facets of Love that look like boundaries, focusing away from something negative and onto something positive or the facet of saying NO! Remember the facet of Love that is renewal, redemption, laughter and connection. Remind yourself of the sovereignty that is bestowed upon all beings as the cycle of Life continues its electro-magnetic, magnificent parade. You are more powerful in your graceful, connective Love than 99.9999999999999% of those disconnected. We are going through exciting changes that are mostly unseen at the moment, but building to such a different life! Spend some time in October Imagineering that into your DNA. It’s waiting on instructions from you. How powerful is that! That is YOU! :o )

Happy October!

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October Light Language Healing
Light Language is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, activation, balancing and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Each time you listen, you initiate a new layer of healing based on your current vibration, your intention to heal and your willingness to participate in your Personal Path of living your Higher Vibrational state.

As you watch and listen to the channeling, note what my hands are channeling through. They are writing Light Language, as well as directing energies in certain ways or working with certain chakras. You may prefer to close your eyes and just feel the energy as it is not just limited to the specific chakras or movements I am channeling in the moment.

October’s Light Language is an embrace of LOVE, to support you in this rapidly changing time. You are so loved and supported. Enjoy!

Light Language Activation with Jamye Price – October 2013

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Resisting Change – 3 October 2013




In these times of your Ascension, the great change of the Ages, you are in the midst of great change.  It is the way of Ascension, that which was done before, which may have even been comfortable, is no longer.  It does not all happen at once, it is cyclical, and yet there are times in each of your lives where the shift feels more intense.  The recent years have been as such, yet much has culminated in 2013.  After the passing of the marker of your collective choice to Ascend (12/21/12), you then have collectively, wisely chosen to release all that no longer serves you.  It isn’t the first time you’ve made this call, it is the timing of your newest collective yes to Love.  It is the answer to your heart’s yearning.  It is the dominion of the Inherently Divine Soul within the experience of the body.  Change is the vehicle of this Soul Progression.

Your very Life is the vehicle of Ascension and the vehicle of choice.  You are sacred and revered, even in choices you deem wrong.  There is no judgment in choice for it leads to change.  Change, or movement, is a constant of Life.  Sometimes movement contracts, sometimes it expands; yet it always moves and that is Life.  In a moment of contraction, or challenge, do you resist?  It is Life progressing, and you are the steward.  Resistance is a perspective, for not all ‘resistance’ is harmful.  When you allow the change to flow, you are in a state that is assisting your progression, even if it feels like contraction, rest, realignment, challenge, direction change or ‘wrong.’  All is Well, for Life is an engine that creates.  Change is the vehicle.  You are change in physical form interacting with linear time.  Be the change.  Wise words from one who Knew Love, even in challenge.  Your path, because of Gandhi and many more, can be easier in this time frame.   The collective of humanity has initiated a progression of Ascension.  Allow the change of that to flow through you or around you with as much ease as you can Be.  There is no judgment for a reaction to Life, there is just easier flow with your authenticity.

As we sit to Blast Resisting Change, we are releasing that which inhibits our easy flow with Life.  We are balanced in the contraction and expansion, Knowing All is Well.  We are the courageous and powerful Beings of Love that Life is.  We are Loving easily, Accepting Gracefully, and changing rapidly.  We are living Love in all its facets, infinite in our ability to adapt, for we are Life progressing.  Blast on!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Knowing When – 8 August 2013

Time is not just your friend, it is your essence expressed in this physical dimension of Earth.  The linearity of time is a construct of physicality and it threads the dimensions into a fabric that connects the bridge of evolution.  Your essence is that of All.  You are an instaneous integration of All into a unit of measure, that measure being a bit that completes the Whole.  The interweaving is a magical, calculable essence of expression; thought into form, form into life.  The infusing of Life into all expression, from your perspective, is the function of Time.  Quietly now, connect within the essence of Time.  You have a clock within you.  You are within a dimensional clock.  And yet the ticking, the timing, is an interactive choice within the limits of your dimensional framework.  The bridge then, is now your opportunity to release the dominance of Time and access the co-creative nature of Time, a Resource that is available within you.
As a human ascending, you are freeing the binds of Time and bending boundaries that held your creativity within the gauze of the past.  What has been before, is now and your future is formed of the thought of the moment.  The moment is then eternity and fleeting.  Your Timeless nature is within, encompassing the clock, engaging choice and freeing you time and time again.
Knowing When is being in the moment, being present and listening with your tools of discernment.  What draws you or repels you?  Is it an easy, exciting draw/repel or does it spin you out of control?  How can you shift your perspective, your fears, your habits of thought and action?  Your work is to first find peace before choice.  The linearity of time allows your progression to creative joy.  Being honest with yourself about your energy of desperation or despair helps you release the illusion of lack within you.  Look past the future and see your now as the perfect choice point it is.  Find that peace within and choose.
Movement is continual.  As you choose, you direct your movement with the wisdom of one who allows Life to flow with greater ease.  Within your moment of choice, the implosion/explosion meets and you create a new path of probability that signals movement changed.  The When is created within you.

As we sit to Blast Knowing When, we are wisely choosing to balance life’s polarity within before choosing without.  We are listening with Love to the flow of our hearts.  We are astute to the voice of Love crying behind every angry or harmful word.  We are remembering that Life is a benevolent gift and Love is the powerful bonding that creates visible manifestation.  We are a friend to Time, Knowing that clarity comes with the peace that passes all understanding.  We are patient because it’s worth the wait.  We are active because it’s joyous to Be.  We are Love flowing continuously, the movement of Life manifest in graceful form.  Blast on!


Jamye Price – Energies Of August 2013 – Light Language Transmission – 5 August 2013

WOW!  I’m so excited about the energies of August!  Over the years of reading the general Ascension energies, I’ve seen a wide range of indications, but this is THE most exciting!  For days I have been given visions of ‘The Celebration of Souls,’ marking a graduation point.   Finally, during the Light Language healing for the month, I was shown the halos that are seen around the Archangels, Ascended Masters and pictures of Jesus Christ (among others).  Jesus represented a human evolving into an ascended state.  This is, of course, the process we are going through.  The halo is the visible emanation of the crown chakra, whether visible to the human eye or even just the third eye.  The crown chakra, or the thousand-petaled lotus, is our most subtle expression of form.  It is our purest form of Divinity transducing into human form.  It is the constant reminder of the Truth of All Life – LOVE.  As with all Life, there is an interactive, interdependent system that functions as a whole.  For the crown chakra to function fully, it requires the rest of your system to be at a standard of functionality that allows a fuller flow.  Balanced Wholeness is the gateway and an open crown chakra is part of that whole. Christ Consciousness
Ascension is a process of shifting your vibrational frequency to one that resonates more closely with your subtle Divine nature.  You are anchoring more of your Higher Self into physical form.  That requires a release of all that blocks you from your Divinity and an integration of all that is your Divinity.  This is why we are experiencing Polarity Integration.  You as an individual are tasked with honoring and identifying your specific preferences and resonant path to your Ascension.  There is not just one physical way.  And yet as you move your awareness into the Truth of Divinity, you find a paradox – that there is one all-encompassing way – LOVE.  It reflects the Truth of integrating All.  What do you still oppose in others?  What do you still oppose in yourself?  Just Love.  It is that simple and that complex.  That is your path of anchoring your Christ Consciousness.As you attain your Christ Consciousness, you are beginning that resonance for others to access; for the Earth, plants and animals to reflect.  It is not one or the other – this is reaching the subtle state of Oneness that encompasses All Life.  We are past the energy of needing a savior.  Yet again, we meet the paradox at the threshold of enlightenment.  When you look around you, do you see your savior in all you experience?  In the smile of an innocent child?  In a puppy?  In a homophobe?  In a politician?  The reason that not everyone is completely enlightened at the moment, is those are hard to truly live.  It’s easy to speak the words of love and not realize that you are harboring resentment towards those that live and think differently than you.  Yet enough of us have balanced it to a certain level, such that we are reaching a critical mass.  We are reaching ever closer to embodying Christ Consciousness.  It isn’t a state of perfection, it’s a state of progression.

The Celebration of Souls
We are graduating.  Think of the ‘graduations’ you have been through in your life.  School, marriage, jobs, spiritual practice – all of these are not points of complete change in your life, they are overlaid with degrees of change that are implemented over time.  For instance, maybe your promotion at work takes you to a new location.  That is a lot of change at one time.  Yet how much of you is different in that scenario.  Do you believe differently, behave differently, view the world differently?  Most have some outer change, but still apply old principles to a new situation.  That certainly isn’t wrong to do, but in the new circumstances, growth happens over time, even with an external change.  This, too, is our graduation into our Christ Consciousness.  We are going to wake up relatively the same tomorrow and the next day.  Though with our awareness of integrating more Love within, we awaken each new day with a subtle vibrational change, which builds into a greater change over time.  A frequency that is more resonant with our True Nature, our Divine Nature, our Christed Self.  Thank you for your work and keep up the great work!  Love yourself when you find a moment of anger, frustration or fear, for that is a moment of choice that is calling you to your Divinity.  It changes life on Earth bit by bit.  That happens through you.  You are celebrated beyond measure.  Just as you are, and all those around you.  Yes, even them.  ;o)

Your Universal Heritage
You are beyond Time, beyond form and beyond this visible universe.  You are part of an interactive, interdependent Whole that extends beyond your physical senses.  Many are awakening to their Starseed nature, remembering on some level that they have been in other forms, on other planets, in other times.  This is a Truth that is subtle and unproven to those that only trust their eyes.  But for those that also trust their hearts, no visible proof is necessary.  It’s fun, but not necessary.  That requires a level empowerment and trust that is only found within.

Your Universal Heritage is coming into a time of graduation as well.  Earth is currently the time/space location of the final piece of humanity Ascending in this galactic region, like the youngest child in the cosmic family.  It was not pre-ordained, it was attained.  Graduation is now eminent.  As stated before, this is a progression of Life moving into Christ Consciousness, a new Golden Age on Earth.  You need not remember your galactic heritage, because you are living it.

You are part of a Whole that is interactive and interdependent.  You have come from a diverse array of experience to bring together all the vibrational understanding and solution necessary to shift the vibration of Earth such that the Ascension is possible.  With your graduation to this point, that work now continues.  Your Lyran forebearers have also moved into a critical mass of a new graduation point, having integrated the full spectrum of the Light of Love.  The original seeding of this dimensional expression and galactic region began with Lyra (The Prism of Lyra by Royal/Priest is a wonderful reference). You have been resolving many challenges that have influenced life on Earth.  You are the warriors of Light that bring healing to eons of pain.  You have been far more valiant than you give yourself credit, as have those around you.  The villains that you would condemn are the saviors spoken of earlier.  Just as you are for taking the most courageous position from human perspective – to forgive and remember; remember that Love is worth the effort.  The benefit that you receive from all of your galactic ancestry may never come into your awareness or may have no value to you, but it pulses through you just the same.  You are universal in nature, inherently Divine and ever expanding your Light of Love.

In Summary
At the beginning of August, the void space/reset point of July is still a dominant experience.  Yet as time progresses, there is so much energy coming into our watery astrology.  I see the ‘Celebration of Souls’ or our graduation as an explosion of fiery Light, which will bring us a renewed sense of excitement.  It will shift the path of many and it will continue to propel us in the direction of anchoring our Christ Consciousness.  The work doesn’t stop here.  Take a moment to receive the celebration of your graduation.  Take a moment to envision the change you want to be.  Your Light is brightening this world, this galaxy, in ways that may not be obvious.  But your Love is obvious when you let it shine.  Shine brightly, Lightworker! 

Happy August!

August Light Language Healing

Light Language is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, activation, balancing and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Each time you listen, you initiate a new layer of healing based on your current vibration, your intention to heal and your willingness to participate in your Personal Path of living your Higher Vibrational state.

It is not necessary that you see it or even hear it.  I mainly work on clients on the phone, but it’s fun to see!  As you watch and listen to the channeling, note what my hands are channeling through, as you will notice them directing energies in certain ways or working over certain chakras.  You may prefer to close your eyes and just feel the energy as it is not just limited to the specific chakras or movements I am channeling in the moment.

Augst’s Light Language is an activation of your Christ Consciousness energy!  Enjoy!


Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Finding The Self – 11 July 2013

This path of Ascension is an inner path walked with the world outside of you.  You are an individual (2 into 1) that is part of a collective (1 into many).  What is the Self and why must you find it?  How do you find it?  The Self, is the individuated spark of God in human form, interacting with this dimensional expression of separation through the lens of reflection.  To become Self-realized (real eyes, duh ;o) is to see your True Beauty.  The beauty of Life pulses through you; experiencing, expanding, ever changing and moving.  The atoms and laws that create the universe in which you live, apply to you.  You have a relationship to them, as you are of them and with them in life.  You feed the engine of life just as it feeds you, and you Find YourSelf within rules that are either limitations, or rules of Love that compel you forward.  Finding The Self is finding the beauty of Life and compelling its grace into new creation.  The creation of You.
As you realize the Self is as magnificent as the planet upon which you live, just different in form and scale; you realize that the consciousness of Life that teems/teams around you supports life in all ways and therefore always supports you.  All of Life – plants, animals, people and seasons, are unique in beauty and are also Love to the core.  You need merely look through the lens of Love to see this Truth.  You are God in form and there are no mistakes.  Life supports you because you are Life.  Every perceived mistake is clarity.  Every perceived loss is expansion for new form to grow.  Every perceived degradation is a choice of empowerment.  You need merely find the perspective of that Truth.  This is the Self.  You find  The Self to allow your reflection to become so grand that you see the Truth of your magnificence.  As you recognize your beauty, you see it clearly in All Life around you.
As you seek within, like hunting for a buried treasure, you find the core of Love within.  It is Love that binds this universe.  It is important to love not only the physical Self, but the behaviors and choices that you make.  You Find this by seeking within and strengthening the bond of Self.  That means maintaining personal boundaries with Self Love and appreciation of Life.  It means Loving all expressions of Life so dearly that grace shines through every interaction and fear is an illusion of the past.  The strength of the Self is determined only by the Self.  As so many have been misguided to confuse control with strength, life seeks its balance of freedom for all.  Even those you disagree with.  It’s not easy to be that strong and remain joyful.  Yet that is your Ascension work, and that is found within your Self.
As we sit to Blast Finding The Self, we are seeking the beauty of the soul in the soil of the Self.  We are Honoring our worth as it applies to every person, though not all will honor us.  We are holding boundaries of Self Love that support our strength, stretch our vulnerability and open us to new experiences in Life.  We are teaching through example what it means to respect the self, which is inherent with respecting others.  We are finding Love within…All Life.  Blast on!