ASCENDED MASTERS: Ashira, Sugat Gu Ra Ru, One Who Serves – MANIFESTATION – “As you move into the higher dimensions your thoughts will continue to create but they will be creating instantaneously” – 6-24-15

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Sugat Gu Ra Ru and OWS channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare for Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 21, 2015)



I wanted to take a moment because this was, indeed, a planned exercise because we know there are still aspects to the relationship with mothers and fathers that are still hidden in corners. These are times for healing and these are times for forgiveness. These are times for self-forgiveness as well.

This is the time now that all come together on this day to honor the energy that fathers bring to this planet. And while there is much discussion of the Goddess Energy that has entered the planet there is many times that bad-mouthing, is that a word, I do not know, but bad-mouthing and reprimands of the male energy occurs. Many times the masculine energy, the patriarchal energy is associated with the negative. That is not what we desire.

We desire that the men and the women, the male and the female and all of the sexes in between and everywhere are coming together with an understanding, a forgiveness and a tolerance for one another. It is more common these days to see men and woman as true partners, true strong partners within relationships. Even within relationships that are not marital in nature but those relationships such as with Susan and James. There is a strong balance and an equality that is shared.

These are the types of relationships that are moving forward in the 5th dimension. The understanding of strength on both parts. The understanding that each has a role to play. And in the 5th dimension you will understand this more clearly because your roles will become more clear. There will be clearer communications with one another.

However, in the past there is still much to heal and much to love. This is a brief message to follow up on the exercise today. We will return with questions and answers and a closing at the end.

Let us prepare for “One Who Serves” and James by singing three “Ohms” please.

“Sugat Gu Ra R

Greetings to you. This is not who you thought was coming. We throw a monkey wrench into the works here! This is Sugat Gu Ra Ru. And I hail to you from the mountains in Tibet. Where I spend all of my time and some of you here have been with me before in what you would call a student –teacher relationship. And yes, you were the student! You were my chelas. And there were those times when we were together when you were experiencing and working with various aspects of raising your consciousness, just as you are doing now.

I can tell you that in those times when you were with me in a more stricter fashion you might say, more different, disciplined, something very foreign to you now. We do not see you in this lifetime being one who can sit in a lotus style position in a cave for hours and hours, sometimes days and weeks and even months at a time and meditate. I can tell you that you raised your consciousness in this way.

This time you are doing the same thing. It is just taking a little bit different route here, acknowledging that you have your everyday aspects here, your life to live. That life does not work together with the austere life which you had at those times.

At this time now, we would ask you and this has been coming, that you would continue to work with your thought processes. And raise your thoughts for as you raise your thoughts you raise your consciousness. As your consciousness raises your thoughts raise. And very soon you will find it is more and more difficult to have a negative thought.

When you have come to this point when you are no longer having negative thoughts or at least when you have one, you can push it out immediately. When you come to this point then you are moving closer and closer to your transition. Yes, the transition towards the Ascension Process. It is a process though. It is not an overnight sensation here. You will not be here one day and gone the next although there will be some who have more of that type of an experience. You have been told that everyone will have their own type of experience and yes, this is true.

And you in this group and many who are reading these words are in training to bring about the changes in yourself that can lead you to the point when the transition happens for you, for the entire planet, you will be in a position where you can be ready to go through it. You will not, have the aches and pains and the quandary that many will feel as to what is going on.

You will be experiencing it as a sense of bliss. A sense of wonderment. And you will be saying, “OK! I am ready. Take me now!”  Because that will be the feeling that you have. But in order to get to that point you have to first come to more and more of an understanding of your thoughts and how creative your thoughts are and how to control those thoughts as much as possible.

We say to you now every day, focus on this. Bring your thoughts into a more of an understanding that you are in control of the thoughts not the other way around. Because your thoughts create you. Every day your thoughts create that which is your life ahead of you. And as you move into the higher dimensions your thoughts will continue to create but they will be creating instantaneously.

So you have to prepare yourself for that eventuality when your thought manifests immediately. We would certainly not want some of your thoughts to manifest at this time in the higher vibrations. And the “One Who Serves” has told you it cannot be this way because there is a “fail safe” process here and this will keep this from happening but even so we want you to work on this every day. Feel your thoughts, experience your thoughts, and then take your thoughts into the higher vibrations with you. You will not want to stay in the lower vibrations with lower vibratory thoughts.

That is my message here at this time. I do not come to this group very often but when I get the chance and when there is the movement of consciousness within the group, it can call to me. This has happened. I have been called here to work possibly a little closer with you and to bring you closer and closer to what would be your own personal transition here.

I will not take questions. “One who Serves” will take care of that.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! “One Who Serves” here now to answer your questions with “Ashira” standing by here as well. We will say something at the end before “Ashira” comes in.

Would you have questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: Several friends and others have had the inspiration to create their own language in symbols. I have written entire pages with symbols. When I went to the hospital recently, I spoke to people who have been seeing symbols appearing on their skin. What can you tell me about these experiences?

One Who Serves”:  We can tell you that you are experiencing that which we have been saying for some time now. Your memories will come back. Your understandings will come back. As to the deeper understandings as to where you hail from, where you come from, your system, your experiences prior to this. Even some of your past lifetimes are coming in. It is not so much at a conscious knowing level but it is a subconscious level that is feeding into the conscious level. You see?

So, that you may not understand what those symbols are and where they are coming from but yet they are there within you. As the time goes on here we are seeing that as you continue to work with this and this is the important thing that you continue to work with this, that these symbols will become more familiar to you. Then one particular day you will have this experience as you are reading these symbols or looking at them that it will come back to you what they are meaning. Okay?

Anything to add, “Ashira”? “No, splendid!”

Would there be other questions here?

Question: Í have a major question in my life. Since the plans have been initially made each girl has developed a major issue in life. Do you have any advice? I feel this is my last shot to be able to have some influence with them.

Ashira”: Yes. This was received (from “One Who Serves”).

We would just say to you as “One Who Serves’ would say, “Go with the flow”. If you are asked questions, you may give advice. We would share that giving advice without the question is part of that wall that you are striving to tear down. And that said, the problems that have developed in their lives is a subconscious way of them being able to come to you with a reason and allow this to play out the way it is meant to play out.

You are at this point in time given the opportunity to change what has happened in the past. For you to respond in such a way that they will not expect. And so if they present you with a problem and say, “What do you think I should do, Mother?” Remember what we have said in this group previously. Baby steps. Teaspoon full. Not the whole apple. Not the who game plan that they should follow to make it right. It is their’s to figure out.

You are right. It is time for you to move in new direction with those who have come to you I this lifetime and to be able to share with them as a mother who supports them and allows them to be who they are as they strive to meet their path.

So we feel you would have another question. What would that be?

Question: I don’t understand baby steps and not the whole apple. That might be one of my problems. I want to pick them up and carry them.

Yes. From one who understands that maternalistic urge we so much do want to see our children at any age in pain or confused. We believe that we have the answers and yet, each of these has their own strengths and their own answers. It will be an opportunity for you to allow all of those things to play out and to walk away after this month feeling much more accomplished as a parent and feeling that you have indeed accomplished that which you set out to do in this trip. We bless you!

“One Who Serves” would you add to that?

One Who Serves”:  Yes, we would add something here that you bring up the term, “this is your last shot”. This is not your last shot! No matter what happens As the “Event” and all of these things occur, you will continue to have experiences with your loved ones.

Please understand that when the “Event” happens and the “Ascension Process” happens it is not going to be taking your loved ones away from you, it is going to be adding to what you already have. It will make it more wonderful, not less wonderful. We know that this question has come up many times to many different sources. What will happen to those who are left behind? What if our children are left behind? What if our pets are left behind? Or whatever it might be?

That is not a concern at all. What would be to rip your loved ones out of your arms? How could that be wonderful? That is not to be. Do not think in terms of this is your last shot because whatever happens you will be with them again and again. Not in terms of reincarnation or anything of this nature but with them. And with them in a wonderful way. Not in the trials and tribulations that you have here in this 3D illusion. You see?

Time to put away the 3D’d expressions! Do as “Sugat Gu Ra Ru” said. Gain control of your thoughts. It is very important here. It is all part of the training we are bringing to you! How can you have negative thoughts when you think of going with the flow, Be the One, you see? All is purposeful.

Question: For the past 7 years I have been going through a lot. I was wondering if I am going in the right direction for healing.

One Who Serves”:  We understand your loss here and many would echo this same loss. Not specifically what you have gone through or are going through but loss in terms of those who are finding themselves estranged from those who were close. You may have had the friends before but they are no longer your friends. Or you were close to someone and no longer close to. That is because of the changes, because of the vibratory changes. Those who are changing in vibrations are now looking for others who are changing in vibrations.

It is the same as when you enter a room and there is much negativity. Let us say it is an office function or something of this nature and you walk in and everybody is down and negative. Do you want to stay there? No! You want to leave. You don’t want to be brought down by their negativity.

So you search for those who are at the same vibration as you or even higher vibration because it makes you feel better. That is what is occurring across the board here. Not only to this one who has asked the question but planetary-wise. There are many who are experiencing these changes where once they had these relationships and now they are gone. Whether it is job relationship or family relationships or friendships or whatever it might be. It is all changing and it is all purposeful.

Now to deal with this as you need to, that is what becomes difficult because you have what are called the familiars in your life. As you move through the transitions in your life as “Sugat” has spoken of, as you move through this transition the familiars in your life leave both at the physical level and at the spiritual level. New ones come in, new friends, new family relationships sometimes and even new pet relationships. Whatever that might be but it is the new and you are moving to the new. Think of it that way. Create it that way.

Know that you are moving on and everything that is happening to you now is being orchestrated by those who work with you directly. And know that there are many working with you! You see? Does this answer your question?

Anything you wish to add “Ashira”?

Ashira”:  We would add that you have asked about healing and are you on the right path. And as “One Who Serves” has said this is about release. Releasing the past. Not judging the past. Allow it to flow through you. Move into a consciousness of acceptance for the new. Move into a consciousness that forgives yourself and all others in your life. Move into a consciousness that everything that has happened has placed you in a exactly the place you are supposed to be even though it may not feel comfortable.

The judgment you seem to have in your speech about this situation, release that. Know that you are allowing life to flow in you and through you as it is meant to.

Becoming concerned about what types of healing will be best for you; this is a time of frequency of vibration. This is a time of thought processes taking you into the next dimension and those around you are pushing you into those directions. We would share that is the direction to be looking for the healing and the wholeness you seek. You are moving forward into it even as we speak and even though there are those that would tell you that you need this crystal or that potion this is not a time to become hung up on those things. This is time of self-improvement and wholeness and of affirming that you are an amazing being and that all things that come to you as you, in you and through you are all in perfect Divine Order. That will help you to be in the place that you are moving to and that you are welcoming.

Wonderfully said, “Ashira”. Are their any further questions than we will release the channel.

“One Who Serves’

Understand that as these times continue on and you continue to look upon being in the NOW, certainly in the NOW at all times for the present NOW is what is the most important. It is the journey you are on, not the destination. Yes, you eventually get to the destination you are looking for but then when you arrive there will be many more that will appear in front of you and that is life! That is the way it is.

To be in joy in the present moment and that is what is important to do. And the more you are in those thought processes that “Sugat Gu Ra Ru” spoke about here will bring you into the higher vibrations and keeping you there. That is the thing. Keeping you there. Many of you can have a wonderful thought and be in the higher vibration but the next thing you are back down again. Now you have to work on staying there. That is the more difficult here but that is the discipline that is necessary to find yourself in the higher dimensions and stay there and maintain there so you will be in the position to reach back and help your fellow human beings move forward.

That is all. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am “Ashira” and we are giving time to allow James to come back into his body and consciousness for he has a question for us today. We would share too that is a time where much is being revealed every day. More and more you will see these things occurring in what is called your mainstream. You will know that those who are to be awakened at this time in their 9-5 jobs, those who are to be awakened on the streets and in their homes. Their alarm clocks are going off more and more quickly. And you will see upon faces more and move visions of people who are confused. People who are fed up with the world because the world is a mess and they do not know where to look. And now, they are hearing about civilizations on other planets. They are hearing about other civilizations who have had their hands on this planet. The world, all of a sudden, seems larger and more mysterious. It is even expanding into the universe.

Yes, this is what you have been preparing for. They are the exciting times that you can be called into service at any given moment. At the grocery store, at the bank, in the office, in the park. Any place where there seems to be a conversation that starts with people who are confused, people who are wondering about what in the world is going on. These are your cues! These are what we have been preparing you for.

And we are very excited that all of you who are in this room, hearing us on the phones, all of those who are reading these words or hearing us around the world, are those who touch one another through the work that is being done through these two. We give you thanks because we know you are ready to move into action.

James, are you with us?

Question: Yes. Speaking of action here. I have a snippet of a dream. In this dream I knew that I was supposed to bring together the “rival groups or  factions”.  That memory came to me as I was driving back this morning  from Flagstaff as I did not remember it when I first woke up . Is there anything you can tell me?

It has much meaning on many different levels. It is part of the work that you and Archangel Michael have been working on for a very long time and you have had memories of some of those dreams. Bringing those of different forces into harmony has been that plan in that particular dimension but let us also bring it into this world for the work you have been prepared for here.

You have been an observer at this point in time, have you not? More than an action because the action has been in other dimensions, other places. However, the time is come that you will have very soon this awakening in yourself again. A whole new awakening as to who you are and what your purpose is.

Standing beside Archangel Michael on this planet for all those that are the minions of those who were at the top, they will continue to be troublemakers for a while. It is your recall that you will have to move you into your next position. This is what the dream was about. It is to help you to not be surprised when the shift happens for you and you realize that it is time to be called into service with Archangel Michael and those who are in service to him.

Now to bring together under his wings of love, grace and protection all of those on the planet who still thought they were in service to those who had something to give them and they had something to gain. But as they come to realize that they have no more to gain, that their world has shifted and they will be confused. They are looking for someone to serve and Archangel Michael and his forces will give them that particular direction. They will fall to their knees in gratitude.

How does that feel to you, James? Thank you very much.

Ashira”:  We know you are also in service to Lord Sananda. And to building the Twelve of Twelve and having those expand. And it may seem, in this moment in time from your seat, that it all seems too big, too broad, too overwhelming to conceive of but all of you will find that once the Event happens and the awakening comes to each of you, you will find yourself in many different duties. Serving as one of the Twelve of Twelve is there for each of you. You also will have callings into this world and the universe depending on who is receiving these messages.

This is the reason we have all been so excited. It is not just the shift into the Golden Age upon this planet. It is the shift into the true meaning of your lives and why you chose to be here at this moment in time to go through this process and to move into the future.

Does that make sense for each of you?

That is what we came to share today. We are so glad as always to be a part of the Sunday meetings in this group for we know that it reaches out into the world and that the mass consciousness of this planet is shifted again higher into frequency for the time you spend together as a group.

I give you all my love and all my peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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One Who Serves and Ashira – Ignorance Is No Longer Bliss – 2-24-15

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 22, 2015)


One Who Serves:

Greetings.  Good to be here with you again in this way and we so enjoy when you play our song (referring to group “Ohm”. For as you probably are aware, we do this quite often, this “Ohm-ing” sound and many other things that we do that you are not quite ready for in this particular incarnation that you are in. But you all here in this group have all done this before in many aspects. You have found yourselves in monasteries and in caves and all of these things previously and found yourselves doing these practices. And they are somewhat foreign to you in this particular lifetime, not all of you but some of you here, have a difficult time with, say meditation and to quiet the mind. The mind is so chattering all the time, is it not? It is difficult to quiet it down and even to get to that point – we know there is one who has spoken here about the sleep issue and it is difficult to find the movement into the restfulness of the sleep because the mind is always working unless you quiet it down.  And it is important to do that so we would suggest to one who has difficulty with this, you may have already done this, but attempt to meditate during that time and we can assure you that as you are meditating it will assist you in the quieting of the mind and you will find yourself drifting off. And there will be times when you will be not quite sure if you have actually fallen asleep or not but you will feel more rested if you would do this.

Now for a message here to those rest of you here and those who would be reading and resonating to these words, it is always important that it is those who resonate to these words because this is not for everyone. These messages are not for everyone at this point because there are so many still that are slumbering along and have, in many respects, seemingly no cares in the world. But those of you that are in the awakening process, you know that as you become more and more aware of all of the things that are happening in the world it is difficult, in some respects, to find the blissfulness state. But there is a saying, you used to have a saying, that ignorance is bliss; but we will tell you now that “ignorance no longer bliss”.  Because if you are asleep and continue in that sleeping state then many things would be happening around you that you would not like the end result.

So it is important for more and more and more to awaken to who they are and what they are here for and the real reason for all of this. And those of you who are who are in this awakening process, it is up to you to do all you can as well. Whenever you get the opportunity don’t jump in, don’t go knocking on doors or this type of thing. But wherever there is the opportunity allow for the process to develop, if a question is asked then answer it in the respect that it is asked and not more. Do not give too much because they would not necessarily be ready for it. But when they are ready they will ask more questions and more, and continue to go in that process. And you will find that more and more and more will awaken across the entire planet as this is being done, as the Light is being spread in this respect. And also in the respect of mass meditations and this type of thing is very important.  And it is, from our point of view, from our vantage point and from those who are above us in terms of in the ships and these things they are seeing the Light spreading rapidly.

Now we know that it is perhaps not quite as rapid as you would like it to be, but it is what it is and it is important to know that you are having an effect. Each of you here in this room, and those again who are reading these words, are having an effect on the masses so that the truth is coming out more and more and being revealed more and more. And the more the truth is being revealed the more will awaken from their slumber. And the more that awaken from their slumber, they will awaken others and on and on and on. And this is how the Light continues to spread and the Love is shared. That would be our message. Would there be any questions for One Who Serves and Ashira who is also standing by here we believe?

Question: Yes I want to ask you, Ashira, some information about what kind of being are we trying to bring and what type of prep work do we need to do to get ready?


(Ashira): And you are talking about the one, the child that is coming to you? (Yes). This is an agreement that is made prior to your lives even, so there is no more preparation to “attract” the correct soul other than being open to know that this is indeed the time for you to call that soul forth. And for the two of you to move into the opportunity for the soul to make its way through you and with you for the new dispensation, let us say. The two of you have set up and established a practice of business and spiritual types of agreements with this soul and so, with this birth, you will be able to experience all those things that you have established prior to the arrival of the soul upon the earth.

And you have been brought together yourselves, have you not, with the intention whether or not it was constant at the time, at the top of your mind, with the intention of bringing forth this little one. And you can be proud for the future for this one will be teaching others at a very young age and will also be greeted by others so you may think you only have one chance at this, you will have many more chances to share your love and your philosophy and your Light with these little ones does that help? (Yes). Bless you.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here?

Question: I have a question I’ve heard that there are many corrections being made on Earth that need to be made and that some of that will be negative in terms of what’s happening here on Earth. And then we’ve also heard your message of joy and jubilation and having our awakening and our eyes open. So can you elaborate on this a little bit in terms of going to happen in the next year or so?


(One Who Serves ) We can assist in this in some ways yes. Understand that as the times continue on here, as you are moving in the direction of your ascension process, there is a letting go process that occurs within this. And this is causing some consternation in many aspects in many different ways physiologically, mentally, emotionally. And people are having these expressions of the change that is going on within their bodies, within their emotional bodies and within their etheric and astral as well. And these things will continue on as this process continues to move ahead. But understand that as these things are happening, there are also changes that are going on within the Earth herself and within the aspects of the frequencies that are also moving in a higher direction here, in terms of higher vibration. So there will be those, as you become more and more aware of what is happening then the truth is coming out more and more, and more is being revealed.


And as it is being revealed to you, you are aghast, you might say, at some of the horrors and things that before were covered up and you did not know of these things – they had not been revealed. So as more and more is revealed, you become more and more aware of “other than Love and Light” and all of this. And so it is difficult in this aspect. Now the earlier ideas and concerns of the catastrophes and calamities and all of this is not the case anymore. It will not happen except to those that are expecting that to happen and, in many respects, wish it to happen. Be careful of what you wish for, you see? They will have that aspect as they are asking for it, it will come to them. So know though that as you yourselves, those of the Light, are moving in that direction and into higher vibrations, there cannot be those types of catastrophes so nothing to worry about. Because it is all about moving into these higher frequencies where there is no worry, where there is no fear, where there is no concerns of lack and limitation. Where there is only Love and Light and togetherness and oneness and compassion and all of this, you see? Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you).


(One Who Serves): Any other questions here?


Question: So does it help if we send love and light to some of these darker organizations like the Roman Catholic Church or I know we did for Montauk. Is it really good for us to get together and meditate and bring light to these places that maybe the changes won’t be as severe here on Earth?


(One Who Serves ) Yes but also understand we have been working with you to do these things. We do not want you to become, what is your saying, “bogged down” by this so that you are focusing only on attacking the negative and the dark forces and this type of thing. It is important to do that at certain points as we have been expressing with you but it is also more important to continue to spread the Light and the Love wherever you can and do it in this way, you see? (Yes) And not directly attacking those organizations. (Thank you). Would there be further questions here?


Not this time, okay, then we are going to close down our part of this and we are going to say that you have been told what is coming the next week. The following week after that, we are preparing another guest speaker, you might say, and the James even does not know who that will be yet at this point. But this is coming there are certain things that are going to be developing that will call for this one to speak to you.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


And I have something to share with you at the end for the group here. A few weeks ago I shared about physical discomforts and physical activities that might be going on with those in this group and those who read these words and listen. And yes they hit you full flow, haven’t they? (Yes, yes) And that was the reason for the pre-education, let us say, of that. And there is more of this to go on that will continue to take place in your physical bodies for they are changing at those higher levels. Your emotional bodies, your spiritual bodies, all of these are being affected as you come online to these additional chakras, as well as for the refinement of your bodies to be able to fill more and more with those fifth dimensional energies and frequencies.

And yes, this one too has had her share of rebalancing and healing and energy shifts. And all of you are on that leading edge that you discussed earlier. On one hand, it is good for you who are able to share with others and share what’s happening and understand it more deeply. And while it feels like what you call sickness it is indeed not but glorious transformations from who you were, to who you are, and who you are becoming. And while this is frustrating because no one in this room, or those who read these words, have any interest at all in prolonging this misery physically, however, this is part of the path. It is part of the path and part of the reason that those of you in this room, and those of you who are ahead of others in this experience, that you are experiencing these opportunities at this time. And we strive to stay positive about this because the information can be interpreted to some as horrible, something painful.

And yet you look around the room here and you see the sunshine on your faces and you listen to one another as you share. Be diligent, be vigilant. Let only those things that enter your mind continue to support you as you move forward on your path. And yes, there are some in this room that can manage to read the situations and go forward, without having it take them or hold them. Others of you are not capable of doing that and so the best choices that you can make for yourselves is to allow only what you can change moment to moment every day. And this is a time of awakening, a time to close one door and opened this other one more fully. And while the educational process seems to be transformational it can also seem confusing and frustrating. We acknowledge that with you. And this is the reason that we have all been called together today to, again, have conversations about these physical, mental, emotional activities actions upon your body – and spiritual ones.

As you have called forth and calmed down the changes and welcomed them from all aspects of who you are individually, you will indeed find that they manifest in your life a little differently for each one of you. For each one of you has different gifts, each one of you has different understandings. And so it is only readily, perfectly yours to experience it at this time. And while you may, at days and times, feel that this is an overload on your system, calm back, settle back, move back into a place that you are comfortable. Pull in, knowing that the next energy round will take you again to that newest place. And you will stay there until it is time for you to be relaxed and to be able to manifest and exist in that new higher dimension. This is a wondrous time for changes in love.

It is a wondrous time to leave through, and leave behind, those concepts of disease, concepts of anger, concepts of anything that takes you away from that who you truly are, Which is a wondrous Divine Being expecting and accepting that which you are experiencing right now in right here. Remember to call yourself into the present moment. Remember to leave behind those symptoms or symptomology that you experienced, even the day before. Remember that these are wondrous times and the more quickly that you allow yourself to fully step into those shoes of the new “are” that you are. That’s a lot of “ares” I know, expecting to move into that newness of who you truly are, you will see all of these symptoms fade away and you will be able to accept the newness of your new body, your new aura, your new energy fields, your newness in all ways and that means turning away from those things which pull you back; and turning towards those things that pull you forward.

And we know that we talk so often of “be in the now” and holding the present moment, but even that is too, too little for this time. That which is yours is that promise of the future that now you have one foot into solidly and you are stepping fully and completely in over the next matter of a couple of weeks to month. It’s all part of the process, it’s all part of who you are and what you’re experiencing and it is part of the wonderful magic that is present on this Earth now. Stay focused my friends. Stay focused on the good. Stay focused on the possibilities. Stay focused on that whom you are at this moment in time, in this room and this place, one filled with Love, expectation, opportunity and even more than anything else, magick. I’m going to let you go this week our love and our blessings.  Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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James McConnell – You Do Not Need To Get Somewhere As You Are Already There – You are about to take that leap into the unknown – Aramda and One Who Serves in Answers From the Masters – 6-18-14





(This message follows a long visualization meditation led by Aramda)

This is Aramda. It is always my pleasure to be with you and I find great joy in being able to assist you with these experiences. Much that you are working toward, you have already accomplished and are only now waiting until you receive that call that will be your signal to be ready to assist others in their awakening. You may believe that you yourselves have not yet awakened, but I can assure you, you have. Even though you may not fully remember who you are yet, does not mean that you are not awakened.

You have been asleep for a long time in your understanding, but as you now are beginning to understand, this was indeed necessary for all that needed to take place leading up to this current time in your evolution. You are about to take that leap into the unknown, the unknown for your current understanding but not for the totality of who you are. Many of you have done this countless times before and at some point, this realization will fully dawn on you that you have once again persevered through hardships that would deter many from completing their task. But you have emerged again unscathed and perhaps ready to go into “battle” once again, “once more into the breach”. But this is for another time as first you will take your rest that you have so earned.

You are waiting to go “somewhere” but you are already there. You have always been there. Your mind, with the programming it has, sustains you this many lifetimes, it is what is holding you now. It is keeping you in this 3D world illusion. And were it not for your former programming, you would already be in those higher vibrations with us. You would already be here on the ships with us. You would already be commanding your own ships, if that is your desire.

Believe and you will see. Know and it will be shown to you. We are done now for this time. We will release to another.

Peace and love be with each of you.


Greetings to you! Are you all back? Back here in your physical bodies and probably wishing you weren’t. Probably wanting to stay where you were. Feeling a sense of bliss, did you not? And this is what we were referring to earlier here. The idea that when you have this sense of bliss, you do not want to leave it. You want to stay there. But what is it that is calling you back? Yes, your physical body is calling you back, that is correct, but it is also those levels of attachment that are calling to you. And those levels of attachment are what are holding you here.

Now that is not to say that you can let go of these overnight here. We know this. But it is saying to look out at all those things that are happening in your world, but look at them with rose-colored glasses. Look at it as the glass half full, not half empty. There are enough here on the planet that are looking at it half empty. There are enough here that are looking at these changes that are coming and saying, “Oh, no! The world is falling apart! We are losing!”

And it is exactly the opposite! The reason all these changes are happening and are coming to the forefront is because the truth is being revealed. And as more and more of the truth is revealed and your eyes are open to it, and your ears are open to it, then you will experience it more and more fully. And as you look at those truths coming, you will know and understand that this is the forerunner of all the changes that are here. They are here now!

So we wish for you to look out and not see fear. Do not become the fear-mongers any longer. As much as possible, treat your consciousness to higher levels of knowing and understanding, higher vibrations. That is in the food you eat, what you put into your mind in terms of your media and such. All of these things. Now it is time to become the new you.

Each one here has much to be thankful for, to be grateful for. Look out upon your world and see beauty. It is all around you. Just recently, the Joanna and James were sitting outside and they looked up at the sky and the clouds were not the clouds of old. They were new clouds. It was a new sky. Because they were in that new vibration, even if only temporarily. But even for just a moment they felt the bliss. And bliss is beckoning you to be within it all of the time.

As the Aramda said, imagine the world where there is nothing but bliss, nothing but love. And this is the world of your own believing.

We will step off of our soap box now. Are there any questions that you might have on this or any subject here? Yes, this is a different “One Who Serves” who just stepped in here.

Question: I have a question about Mt. Shasta. Why do I have an attachment to Mt. Shasta?

The attachment to Mt. Shasta is similar to many in this room’s attachment to Mt. Shasta even though they may not know they have this attachment. We are going to take the word “attachment” out of this because it is not so much of an attachment because attachment is something that may be more of a negative nature. But your connection to Mt. Shasta is because of your past because of your Lemurian background. And at one time, you found yourself in the Telos area and dejectedly in some ways, needing to leave it and not wanting to leave it. Talk about your bliss on a regular basis, that is what you had there. You had this but you knew at that time that you needed to come into this understanding, this vibration, this denseness to assist in others to come to an understanding of the bliss you felt there and what it can be like here, as well.

And for each of you here, several of you have this connection to the Mt. Shasta area and certainly that of the Lemurian connection here. And we are even going to broach this subject with you, we do not know how it will go over here, but we are going to bring it up anyway here. It is important that at some point in the not too distant future, toward the end of your summer here, to find yourselves, as a group, to find yourselves there in that area. It would be very beneficial for you if you would do this. We can give more at another time if there is a consensus that it could be undertaken. We know that it is quite a distance. The James and Cynthia have taken this travel here previously and it is a long drive but it can be done. Was it not beneficial at those times? Would you like to go this time and look for and possibly be shown the entrance? We will leave that with you to contemplate as a group.

Question: I haven’t paid very much attention to synchronicities in my life but last night, something caught my eye and I saw the 11:11 on my clock. I have friends who pay attention to those kinds of synchronicities. Why did this grab my attention? Does it have meaning for me?

We can share with you the understanding of the 11:11 in terms of change. The great change not only within your own individual world but in the world in general here. And this has been a synchronicity for many across the planet for some time now. Many have been seeing 11:11, 12:12, 10: 10 and so on and so on. And in particular, though, 11:11 is a gateway. It is a gateway between the pillars, showing the way, moving to the higher vibrations. This is much what is being shown here in the 11:11 but synchronicity in general, is very important because it is showing mankind, in many ways, the collective humanity that there are no coincidences. That all of this is part of the way it needs to be. The synchronicity that is needed here to bring people to the higher levels of consciousness here. Does this make sense to you?

Synchronicity has happened many times for you, my dear sister. You are just not aware of it. And the more you become aware of it, and this is for all of you here, the more you become aware of the synchronous events, the more they will happen. And the more they will happen, the more you will be preparing yourselves for the higher vibrations. You see?

Question: I feel that I am shut off for some reason. I cannot play my music. I cannot paint. I feel that I am not feeling as much. What can I do to get it back?

There is nothing to get back here. It has not left you. There is a portion of yourself now that is blocking these things. A portion of yourself that is trying to hold on to the old, the familiar, the part that your ego is not wanting to let go of. You see, each one of you has familiar guides or understanding, part of this programming in you, and it has been described as the comfort zone within you, the comfort of your ego. And your ego wants to keep the status quo, wants to keep the comfort zone going. What it thinks is the comfort zone, you see?

So it is keeping you from having these higher vibrational visions and such but in order for you to allow for the unblocking here is to talk to your ego, talk to that part of yourself and say, “Enough. You have done your job. You have protected me for all of these lifetimes and now it is time to step aside.”

And your ego is not going to want to step aside easily. It is not going to be the “Easy” button there for many of you but it is going to happen if you continue and persevere through this. This is part of the purging process we have spoken of. It can be the purging physically, It can be the purging emotionally and mentally, all of these things. And you are experiencing that at this moment. So, as we say here, tell your ego, “Enough! You have done your job here and it is time to move on.” And your ego will step aside and allow for this process and you will take charge at a higher level. Do you understand this? Sometimes easier said than done, we know, but we have done it!

Question: I am being called to share the idea of the sacred triangle as well. Is this something you would recommend that we discuss in addition to the spiritual technology?

My dear sister we are so glad you have brought this up because you have been guided here, as all have. You have answered the call that have been given to you to not only come to this group that is certainly important because what you bring to this group can be very beneficial to individuals here as well as the collective whole here. And you bring a different point of view, you might say, in terms of the James and the Susan here. But, you bring here a certain modality that can be very important here. We have given the James here to allow for this process to come and he has so done this. You see?

So, please, yes, persevere, even if at times there is tendency to push back away, it is ok for you to push forward because there are importances here.

You are an open vessel, yes!

Question: I have observed over time that there are a number of people that want to open spiritually but it seems like the majority have extremely “mundane” partners. I would have a hard time with that. Why is that?

It is largely because the opposites attract. You find yourselves searching, each one comes into the planet, into their lifetimes, searching for that other part of themselves they are missing; their twin flame, their twin soul. And they are always searching for that and very seldom do they find that but they find that their soul mates, their soul families, when they find their soul mates they are often opposite of them. They are opposite for a reason. They are opposite to assist you, not to learn lessons, we have said this before, you are not here to learn lessons, that is the old programming that has been given you here. You are here to grow in consciousness. You can grow in consciousness from learning lessons but that is not your primary purpose here. You see?

So, you are in this process to find that other part of yourself, your half you might say. And in many respects, as we are saying, if one is in a spiritual pursuit, then the other is not. That is actually very common place. It is actually very uncommon to be the way it is with you and your husband. You see? Do you understand this?

Sometimes, it is important to just go with it and not wonder why. It is just a matter of fact. Just let it be. You see? It will be very helpful for you as you prepare the vessel for the immense vibrational change that is going to happen.

There is no way to have this call go out or have the horn blow or whatever it comes as, where you will not know it. You will not have the experience of being left out. There is no one going to be left out here. We must make you understand this. There are many different viewpoints. Many different sources say many different things but all are accurate on this one point. All are going if they wish to. We do not mean to another planet. We mean going in consciousness, up to a higher vibration, 5th dimension, whatever you wish to call it here. The movement in consciousness and that movement of consciousness when it comes will be undeniable, you will know it, and it will be real.

Susan, you had an experience some time ago where you thought, “Maybe this is it!” How you felt? You did not want to come back from that but you had to at that time. Well, it will come again and when it happens, you will not have to come back here. It will be the choosing to come back. Think about that one for a minute. All this time to go ahead and move on and you volunteer to come back and go through it all again? Go figure!

Question: Will our  partners have a definite knowing too?

They will have a definite knowing at a different level than those who are preparing for this already. You see those you are speaking of have no idea of what we are speaking of here. Channeling? Space ships? Inner Earth? Come on now, please. They will not understand any of this but they will have a feeling within themselves that, “This is quite pleasant. We like this. We will go with this.” You see? It is almost like having your dream state. And all of you have had this at one time or another when you did not want to wake up from the dream.

If you decide that you will come back, then that is what you will do. We will be immensely grateful if you do that and we are already immensely grateful for all that you have done already, each and every one of you and any one of you who reads and resonates to these words as well. You see?

Question: To the degree that we are connected to our higher consciousness, will we know what to say to others?

Yes. For you will come to an understanding of who you truly are and at that time anything of a lower vibration will be something you will put off immediately. That which would bring you back to the lower vibration and hold you here. You see?

So, when you have had this blissful moment and you have moved on and you have moved through the gateway and all of these things, all of the old programming will disappear and you will have no desire to do anything of lower vibration.

As we understand your earlier conversation, you will have no interest in ingesting animal flesh anymore because you will know a oneness with that animal. You will feel it. You will Be it. That is the difference. You are not “Being” it yet. Some are moving in that direction, yes, but when you are there you will experience it, you will feel it, there will be no denying it. It will abhor you to ever do that again.

Now, that is not to say that there is not a resemblance of meat in your future. There is but it is drawn from the molecular energy itself and it becomes whatever you want it to be. And if you want that delicious steak it will be there in front of you but it will not be from an animal. You see?

Question: If our soul project is to stay until the very last moment, does that mean that it prevents us from ascending and coming back?

You are speaking in terms of a soul contract here. And if your soul contract has been drawn up by you and it is what you are to do, that is what you will do if you decide to hold on to that contract. Once that contract has been formed, we know that you will hold on to it.

Now, that is not to say that you won’t go through the Ascension process and experience whatever you wish to experience at that level and come back to assist others but be able to go back and forth. You see? There is nothing holding you from moving into a higher vibration whenever you wish. You simply go outside and look at the sky and begin to see it and feel it. Rather than see it, feel it, Be it! Be one with it and you will be amazed at what will open up in front of you as the veil drops right before your very eyes!

Question: Can you make a decision to not honor a soul contract?

Yes, you can.

Question: About Ascension, how do we carry on the relationships we have with our family after the time?

In terms of how you carry on with your normal life? That will be determined by them, where they will go. In one moment they can have their experience in the 3 D world and experience life as they have known it and the next moment they can be in the higher vibrations. The more they experience the higher vibrations the more they begin to like it, the more they will wish to stay there, the more they will want to be there more and more and the attachments will begin to fade.

And as the attachments begin to fade, they will begin to stay there just as you. Do you understand this. And please understand, that just because one has moved up in the higher vibrations does not mean that one moves out of experience with their family. Again, you are not going to be leaving your children behind or your spouse behind unless they wish to be left behind. You see?

Question: Don’t we have an ability to help raise the vibration of those around us through compassion, love and kindness?

You have a saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.” This is the same thing. You can send one light but whether or not they accept the light is their decision at the time. For you, you can send the light, send the love, send the compassion, send the sense of oneness to another and then let it be. Just as we work with you. From our point of view, from our level of consciousness we work with you, we give you this information, we give you this knowing, these tidbits here and there and what you do with it then is up to you. You see? We do not have this attachment. We have a connection, not an attachment.

Does this answer your question?

Anything further here?

We are done for this time. Please take what we have given you here and work with it in terms of looking at all of those things that are happening in your world and looking through them, beyond them, not getting attached to these particular things that are going on. They will continue to go on because they are trying to hold on to you. The various egos throughout the planet are still trying to hold on. You see? And aren’t wanting to let go but let go they must. Sound like Yoda here!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell
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