James Fielden – A Crown Of Petals

Daisy Crown

James Fielden



If, while looking upon a flower, someone knelt beside you and whispered in your ear, “Therein sits God,” would you continue to call the flower, a flower? Would not the stem become a scepter and the ring of petals become a crown? If you looked upon a tree and were told that the Divine saturated every leaf, would you continue to use the word tree, or would you call it Heavenly? Would you call a rock, a simple rock, if the whisperer explained that the stone hums along with the entire universe? Would a mountain become a throne? Would not a blade of grass become an ornament of light, a glorious undulation of the whole? What if you could grasp, even for an instant, the marvel of this Unity? How would life change?

If you knew the Divine was in the air, how differently would you breathe? If you knew the Divine was under your feet, how more carefully would you tread? If you knew that the Divine were in every drop of water, how differently would you bathe each limb of your body? Knowing such things, would you continue to place the sacred here and there, within and yonder?

Would you continue to restrict Divinity to a temple, or a book, or to the Heavens? Would you keep parceling and partitioning yourself and the world, or would you seek out the Presence in all places? Would you at last accept your identity as a precious jewel in the fabric of the whole?

Yet, there is a separation. You are here and the flower is there. But the whisperer explains: the flower helps us to forget our wholeness for a while, to help us understand that we delve and dance with a will of our own, even as we play within the wonder of creation, within the unity that Is, in the Oneness that will always hold us.


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James Fielden – A Guided Meditation – Journey Across A Lake


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Journey Across A Lake

(At the end of this post you will find another version of this mediation that uses  binaural beats for use with headphones.)

I invite you to take a journey with me, a journey which will increase your ability to concentrate and visualize, and with practice, open you up to your own inner light.

Once you feel safe and relaxed, close your eyes.

Take a deep breath and become very still.

Using the sounds you hear, try to see the world with your inner sight. Imagine the blue sky above you and the firm ground under your feet. Take in a deep breath and as you let go, feel yourself rise just a little way off the ground.

We are high up on a mountainside. The air is warm and comfortable. A lake sits at the bottom of the valley far below us.

Following the curve of a small path, we slowly float down the mountainside. Our feet don’t touch the ground, but brush against the tips of rocks and soft grasses.

Running alongside us is a small stream. We stop to watch it run downhill and sparkle in the sunlight.

We come to a tree and breathe in its fresh, pure air. Its branches reach upward, far above us and sway lazily in the wind.

We stop for a moment to take in the view. Clouds float far above us while the lake stretches out below. Birds chirp in the distance and fly upon the breeze.

Fallen leaves cover the path in shades of orange, yellow and brown. Leaning in closer we examine a single leaf and trace the veins of its delicate webbing.

We float further down the mountainside and come to a meadow. Butterflies play in the sunlight and flowers dot the field with bright colors: red, blue, yellow and violet.

We move off the path to take in the splendor of a single flower, a daisy. Its golden center is framed by a perfect circle of white petals.

We turn and look at another flower, a bluebell. Tracing each edge with our eyes, we might wonder at the source of such a delicate design.

Floating a little further down the mountainside we find a gate. We open it and close it, and then look behind us. The mountain soars up into the air and we realize how far we have travelled.

With each breath we float a little further down the mountainside until we arrive at the edge of the lake. The water laps against the shore, without a worry, without a care. Everything in this moment is at peace. The lake is pure and clear. Each ripple dips, sways and sparkles in the sunlight. Our breath is now very shallow and calm, the sounds of the lake naturally soothing us.”



James Fielden – Invisible Forces Abound

Invisible Forces Abound

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We move in a world where gravity, magnetism, electrical force and sunlight hold our lives together. Vast, unseen powers sustain the ability of each earthling to live and move, work and play. These universal forces are fundamental to our existence yet are so steady that we are unable to separate them from our ordinary awareness.

Just think about what immense, transparent forces course through us while we read, shop, eat and talk. Beyond the reach of our senses we are saturated with radio waves, x-rays, infrared, and radiation from billions of stars that dance and decay across the Cosmos. Vast levels of influence are all around us; invisible forces abound.

In a similar way, could it be that we are unable to discern the Source of all life, that most basic fabric of ourselves, until we are quiet and centered in pure thought?

It is natural for us to want to know more, and since wisdom and knowledge is the result of life and its experience, we can say with confidence that each of us is guided to unfold this awareness. Indeed, the more we contemplate what vast forces play around us, the more we may become amazed at how our own marvelous insignificance is encouraged to advance.


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James Fielden – A Door Awaits


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Off in the distance a doorway awaits. Built into the fabric of every soul, it is often indistinct under the dulled light of a busy mind, yet it offers itself as a gateway to a finer dimension, where a forest or an ocean may be leapt across just easily as a searching heart may absorb a thought of light.

All that is required to set the door ajar is a single, definite wish to explore. Indeed, there is no other key than a desire to leap. Its threshold marks the beginning of Infinity and the end of darkness, and more.

But a voice says, “It is only the imagination.” Yes, it begins that way, but we may, if we wish, explore a reality beyond it, a solid reality, a reality for which we have been preparing ourselves all this time; a reality that each of us nurtures in our precious days on Earth.

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James Fielden – The Light Of Conscience


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To imagine and create, we must first let go of the outer world, refocus within, and become aware. Then, once settled, we may throw light upon the canvas of the mind. Many things in the world are created in this way: gardens, bridges, boats and steeples. Even the humble teacup was once held privately in someone’s mind before it was molded from clay, glazed, and fired in a kiln.

Most everything manmade begins with an idea of form and function and is then carefully adjusted in the mind before becoming solid in the world. I imagine a word, and then I say the word; I imagine a house, and then I build that house. But what of a flower, a sparrow, or the sun? How did they come into being?

A canvas of elegance, symmetry, and delicate interdependence surrounds us on this planet, and we live and work, play and sleep enfolded in its beauty. A beautiful symphony does not happen by accident, nor does a painting, a book, or a poem; they are reflections of the inner life of the composer, the painter, and the poet. Let us then ask, might the act of creation in the natural world follow the same process as our own? If so, what or who created the great masterpiece of life that sustains us, even in this very moment?


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