J.S. Bach – St Matthew Passion, BWV 244 (1971)

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Music To The Glory Of God! – J.S. Bach. Magnificat – This will take you there!


Magnificat re major (Koopman)

Magnificat en Re Mayor de Johann Sebastian Bach por el Amsterdam Baroque Ensemble, dirigido por Ton Koopman. Grabación realizada en la misma iglesia de donde Bach fuera “Cantor”, St. Thomas de Leipzig. 

Magnificat – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)

In May 1723 Bach was appointed Kantor of St Thomas, Leipzig – we would probably call him the Director of Music – where he remained until his death in 1750. It was a hugely demanding post, involving teaching at the church school, playing the organ, training the choir and composing the music for the city’s two principal Lutheran churches as well as supervising and training the musicians at three others. Despite this enormous workload and recurrent disputes with the city authorities, Bach composed some of his greatest music during this period. His choral compositions alone include such towering masterpieces as the St John and St Matthew Passions, the Magnificat

The extraordinary impact of Bach’s great choral works derives essentially from his remarkable ability to balance, yet at the same time to exploit to the full, the spiritual and dramatic elements of each text, whether it be one as concise as the Magnificat or as monumental as the St Matthew Passion.