Christina Sarich – Giant Race Traced to Northern Ireland – 10-26-16


By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

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Scientists have just unveiled a genetic key which may corroborate recent whistleblower information concerning an ancient race of ‘giant’ beings who once traversed our world.

Researchers have traced an unusual cluster of giant sized people to a genetic ‘mutation’ in Northern Ireland going back 2,500 years. This genetic tendency creates a land of literal giants with one in 150 people carrying a gene which causes the overproduction of growth hormone resulting in acromegaly. The hormone, produced by the pituitary gland, causes exaggerated bone growth, and people who have the mutation to be much taller than their peers.

Mid Ulster, in Ireland is being called a ‘giant hot spot.’ Some giants found there are simply tall, with no health problems arising from the gene expression, and others experience disfigurement or even fertility issues.

These scientific findings are interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, “giants of the earth” are mentioned in Genesis 6 and elsewhere in the Bible, as well as in numerous ancient texts and traditions from around the world. The myths of Ireland are also replete with stories of giant beings who had wicked intelligence, great strength, and astounding size which was used mostly for conquering their lessor humans, but once in a great while, to aid them.

Before we ignore these stories as figments of someone’s imagination; however, we might consider the testimony of whistleblower, Corey Goode, who has been referencing giant ‘stasis’ beings which are thought to be a race of people (or humanoids) who came to this planet with an unknown intent.

In his time as a secret space program draftee, Goode recalled that the giant humanoids appeared to have squeezed themselves into some sarcophagi in order to ‘go to sleep’ only later to awaken at some future appointed time. By the looks of it, the stasis chambers were originally built by some other beings and the giants were intruders – thus having to wiggle into a space not meant for someone of their stature. These special ‘chambers’ contained advanced technology that allowed them to remain alive for thousands of years before arising again.

No-one knows who these giants actually were or where they came from, but Goode has claimed there are countless giants in stasis chambers all over the world. He states,

“All over—yes, all over the planet. In some areas, some of the beings they found in stasis were of a different ethnic group that had, I guess, found these technologies and learned to use them. But these tall, red-headed, red-bearded groups were only found in Europe and the Americas.

[…]this technology is littered beneath the Earth’s surface. And there were a lot of these locations where they found these stasis beings, and the technology had failed, and the beings were deceased.”

There are several videos on Youtube which look to be the stasis beings Goode mentions, but they are in Russian and have not been verified.

The Book of Enoch references a race of beings which indulged in earthly delights with human ‘wives,’ and from this union a race of Giant offspring were born. They were called Nephilim, a Hebrew word meaning ‘those who have fallen,’ which in Greek translates simply to Gigantes, or Giant.

Before we categorize anyone from Ireland who happens to be rather large as being a descendant from a ‘fallen race,’ as this is not the aim of this article, we can simply look at the odd genes which are among us, which could have their origins in something other than a human, earth-bound DNA pool. Previous articles I have written suggest a similar possibility with additional genetic and archeological evidence outlined.

Others, like Miguel Mendonca, are convinced that aliens are in the process of helping humans evolve into “higher beings” by implanting their DNA into pregnant women around the Earth. Still others believe aliens have indeed meddled with our DNA, but not to ‘help’ us in any way. While these claims sound like sci-fi fanaticism, they might all hold a kernel of truth. Mendonca also feels that alien-hybrids can help to reveal truths which are hidden to us. As Mendonca states on his website:

“. . the top-down Disclosure that so many seek appears to me a fallacy. Only a fool asks a liar for the truth. The only understanding of this subject that can be shared with integrity is personal understanding. Institutional spin from governmental, military or religious sources will only tell us about their agendas, not about the issue itself. When discussing this, Barbara Lamb often states “At this time, we are the Disclosure.”

Moreover, there have been many scientists who have either discreetly or overtly revealed that aliens have tinkered with human DNA or the creation of life as we know it.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Francis Crick, believed some of the human genome couldn’t be accounted for by traditional scientific interpretations. Crick was a co-discoverer of DNA. In a theory calledDirected Panspermia, Crick explains that due to some cataclysmic event such as a supernova explosion, beings sent spaceships loaded with bacteria to a primitive earth. These bacteria began to multiply and eventually evolved into us. This could also mean that the civilization who would send DNA out into the universe could have genetically engineered it.

There are three variances to the hypothesis of panspermia:

  • Lithopanspermia (interstellar panspermia) – impact-expelled rocks from a planet’s surface serve as transfer vehicles for spreading biological material from one solar system to another.
  • Ballistic panspermia (interplanetary panspermia) – impact-expelled rocks from a planet’s surface serve as transfer vehicles for spreading biological material from one planet to another within the same solar system
  • Directed panspermia – the intentional spreading of the seeds of life to other planets by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, or the intentional spreading of the seeds of life from Earth to other planets by humans.

As a further matter, DNA is a fantastic recording medium. There are scientific experiments the world over which are utilizing DNA simply as a recording device to place magnificent amounts of information on for later retrieval. Scientists can even record 100-word songs on DNA. This implies that DNA could have been created to mimic its original creators, or altered in any manner an extraterrestrial civilization desired.

Regardless of where the ‘acromegaly gene’ comes from, it does seem to mimic some of the tales in ancient myths, as well as corroborate modern day disclosure about red-bearded giants. Our true origins, then, remain a mystery.

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Message from Montague Keen – 4-12-15

Message from Montague Keen – April 12, 2015

My friends, the time has come when action is needed on your part. I have guided you forward. I have shown you what is required of you. We do our best on this side of life. We now need you to act together on your side of life. We show you the way and open your eyes to what was done to you, to enable the Cabal to create the prison planet you have become accustomed to living in.

Freedom is within your grasp. Open your hearts and minds and embrace the light which becomes more apparent every day. Many of you are aware of the energy changes. You feel a sense of excitement, and so you should; the control systems are crumbling. It is their time to relinquish all control. The light is exposing all that is evil and you can now see the power structures exposed. All their evil plans are laid bare before you. When they are removed (and they will be), help will come to humanity. There will be no distinctions, no third world; there will be equality. The Cabal has done all in its power to destroy and remove humanity so that they alone could claim Planet Earth for themselves. This will not be allowed.

To understand how you can reclaim the Earth for humanity, you need to know how it is controlled and how you are kept in ignorance and darkness.


This is fact. Area 51 has tried to harness the ENERGY of Ireland. CERN was built to try to capture and utilise the energy of Ireland. When the Irish people wake up to what was done to them and their country, they will remove everything relating to the Vatican from their land forever.

I ask you to go to the interviews that Veronica did with the Galactic Historian, ANDREW BARTZIS. Go especially to No 3, where you will learn the truth. Veronica asked Andrew, “What is Ireland?” Andrew replied, “Ireland represents the most important part of the Earth system of original foundation before domination and control took effect.

“The technology underneath Ireland is like a hive. The ant hive of getting into tunnels that lead into other sets of tunnels, which get you into 12 dimensional fortification systems. That is the first KEY to understand what Ireland is. Ireland is the KEY to the vault.”

“All of the energetic tunnels that connect to the Earth birthing system, lead to Ireland. There are master control chambers under the Irish continents that are in there, deep underground.”


Veronica, “What can the man in the street do now?”

Andrew replied, “Walk your feet over the lands. Bring your prayers, your intentions, bring your concept of what a ceremony is. Begin practicing spiritual cleanliness. Begin understanding that the world you lived in, particularly London, really is a haunted place. That it takes the people and their intentions and their heart-space to begin to free this trapped energy there, that has been trapped there by ancestors who created a sacred geometry system, knowing full-well that future ancestors would have a toxic spiritual environment to inherit.”

“Ireland represents a group of independent time travellers who can stick the thorn in the side of the church at many different timelines and all four paradoxes. If Rome does not do whatever it can do, to make sure that the proper Irish soul families don’t live on all four timelines, but are separated on all four timelines, and are refugees all over the world, and are considered the lame ducks of society; then they are doing their job to make sure that those ancient time travellers couldn’t manifest in our world again, unless they manifested through the Catholic Church that existed there in Ireland.”

“Irish history is connected to the Egyptian history, the pharaohs. Egyptian mummies have been found all throughout the Irish isles.”


“The Egyptians who believed that you go to the different phases of their underworld, through a boat to Ireland.”

“What might happen if a very powerful metaphysical teacher of the Egyptian spirituality decided that they wanted to GO TO THE GREATEST INTERSECTION OF THE PORTALS THROUGH THEIR DEATH ?”

Veronica Keen, “Did you know that Tutankhamun’s DNA is 98% Irish?”

Andrew, “Yes, I did”.

“Ireland has been under so many massive timeline attacks that almost caused additional paradoxes. It was a massive, massive, battleground, like World War I trench warfare, but on a timeline scale.”

“The biggest thing that is going to be hard to physically prove, would be the creation of the Titanic, that was 1913 to 1917. They built a number of ships, because that’s when all the big time-travellers would be manifesting in Dublin, would be manifesting all throughout the Irish isles so that the metal skilled workers were there, because the Titanicwas a massive, massive, massive need in the timelines. The metal that came to Ireland was enchanted with the Irish isles ENERGY, and when it sailed the ocean, it was doing very positive good. And that is why it was sunk with all those bankers that were on it. It was a massive set-up of timelines that would even crush the Irish energy resistance that was trying to reconnect to sacred geometry grids with a massive vessel that was built by Irish hands.”

“Those ships were taking the energy of Ireland across the oceans and connecting it to different sacred geometry systems and they were actually trying to counter hijack the sacred geometry system with a massive metal resonating boat. I know it’s huge. Those guys at the timeline projects are going to be pissed off with me, but it’s time to tell the truth.”

“Ireland was the place that MI6 did all its occult stuff. There were so many secret rituals done in Irish ceremonial places, all throughout the Irish isles during World War II, that it will make the Nazi expression that we’ve known about occult, look like kid’s play.”

There is so much more information that Veronica and Andrew Bartzis brought to your attention that you need to research. The filmed interviews are on our website and on YouTube.

Now, perhaps you will understand why it is necessary to have our first Centre in Ireland. Sadly, many of you listened to the trolls who set out to prevent it happening last year. Many of the donations were returned as requested. It is for humanity that this work must be done, and I ask you once again to consider giving, so that our plans for a Centre can go ahead as soon as possible, so we are all prepared when the Cabal ceases to control humanity.

My love, one day your hard work will be understood. We have not got long to wait now.

I will be at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica

The accountant will visit me on Tuesday, after which an amended financial figure for the Centre will be displayed on the homepage.

I have been dealing with severe attacks. There is a massive attempt to stop my work. Please send me healing. I am under attack now. It must stop.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation