Alexandra Meadors – Psychic Protection Tools, Ascended Masters, Implant Removal, Mastery, 144,000 Activation – Interviewer Ari Kopel

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Alexandra Meadors of and interviews Ari Kopel of Matrix, and Discussed are Tools for Protection of Light Workers, Claiming back our Power, Implant Removal, Ascended Masters, The 144,000 Activation, The Living Mandala.

Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Interviewer Ari Kopel

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Andrew Bartzis is known as The Galactic Historian. Learn what that is and how Andrew became the Historian. He will explore our Galactic History and Galactic Future, what humanity is up against and why humanity has been duped to believe this illusion. He explores these forces that have existed way beyond the creation of this Galaxy, how and why these forces came into existence and have set their camp on this planet. Find out how humanity has been enslaved and kept in slavery through the Karmic Wheel and other intergalactic schemes.

Andrew discusses The Event, how we can break free from this Matrix and what Ascension really looks like. He revokes our contracts with the banking system and media on air! It is Extremely Powerful!
Andrew will go into very detailed information about the history of humanity and the forces and hierarchies that are currently in play and what we all have to do to break free!
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Alisa Battaglia – Empowerment By Connecting To Nature – Interviewer Ari Kopel-

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Atona Areyus – Interviewer Ari Kopel – ETs of Light, Archangels, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening , Walking Between Realities

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Atona Areyus joins us on “Shattering The Matrix” for an amazing in-depth discussion of how to walk in between realities and how to make the “Paradigm Shift”. This information will help us see through this illusion and embrace the Higher Vibrational Worlds that are simultaneously present and experienced, as we increase our vibration, expand our conscious awareness and pierce the veil.

In this episode, Atona discusses how she was transformed from a mundane, non-spiritual person to one that was highly sensitive to the Higher Realms. She tells how she was chosen by those Beings of Light to facilitate the Star Link 88 event in Los Angeles. Atona shares her candid, heart-felt story about her journey in awakening and involvement in being an instrument for the Higher Realms. This story is “Magical” and “Inspiring”. It will resonate with most of us on this journey to self-mastery.

Atona works with Students all over the world as a teacher, and works “under-the-radar”. Her stories will re-kindle hope and that “Sense of Magic” & Innocence in all of us. The story is told from the purity of her heart, revealing experiences with Beings of Light that are here to help Humanity. Atona will help us reconnect with that part of ourselves that allows us to break free from the illusion of limitation, and join the Beings from The Illumined Worlds in creating this Glorious New World!

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