Linda Dillon – The Forms of Intergalactic Language – 8-2-14

Linda 22

Steve Beckow:

Linda Dillon replied to my article on NovaEarth.Net (above) with a remarkable article of her own, describing four ways that intergalactics communicate when words, rather than telepathy, are used.  Significant about this article, beside the invaluable information it contains on intergalactic communication, is that it isn’t channeled, but is Linda speaking as an intergalactic being.

Linda Dillon:

It has often been wisely stated that we are divine having a human experience. I am also an inter-galactic having a human experience, and, it is from that perspective that I wish to share with you. I will endeavor to not make this an opus but rather the opening of a conversation, intended to engage.

Language is a precious gift. While there are so many forms of communication the ability to communicate via spoken and written word, which implies and always includes intent, is sacred. We have many terms and forms of language and are aware of which forms we use in what situations.

Some years ago we shared with you the language of Perro, which is the language of communicating in non-emotional terms information – often what you think of as facts. This language of neutrality was developed in order for many different cultures, histories and values to be able to communicate after the inter-galactic wars. Prior to the development of Perro negotiations and simple inter-planetary conversation was so value-laden and emotionally charged that the establishment of common ground was not possible. Perro was developed as a tool not only to find a road to peace but survival. Since that time it has been refined and has great use, even on board our ships when personal differences can cause tension and resolution needs to be achieved for the peaceful co-existence of all on board.

Our rationale for introducing Perro to the human race was Gaians are at a juncture where the need for this form of communication is apparent and useful. It may also be useful on your road to peace.

Like the Inuit who have many words to explain the qualities of snow, or the Maasi who have many words for sand, we have many words to describe language. While we know that you often think of language in terms of regional variations of communication (English, German, Hindu etc.) we think of language in terms of content and intent – what you often refer to as sub-text. To us it is the key to effective communication.

Paca (pack-a) is emotional speaking, primarily used for the expression of feeling emanating from the emotional portion of your being. It may or may not convey accurate information but is utilized to express how one is feeling about any given matter. This is a very popular method of communication upon Gaia, and is often mistaken for authentic communication, while in fact it is incomplete.

Badu (baa-too) is communication that is a call to action, often blending emotion and fact. The intent of Badu is to move you to take action, whether it is to go to war or buy chewing gum. We consider Badu inflammatory because of the negative intent of manipulation. It attempts to sway you to the communicator’s perspective and to follow in a reactionary manner rather than proceeding from your heart-centered consciousness.

Saedor (say-door) is communication that is heart centered and balanced and comes from a knowing of Truth. It contains allowance for emotion, factual information and collective or personal history or experience (causal body) but is based on the tacit agreement of both speaker(s) and listener(s) that the intent is to share, express, exchange, and growth in the mutuality of understanding. Saedor is what you think of as heart-centered or heart-conscious communication. It is the language of universal Love, which acknowledges the sanctity of every being and the sacredness of the gift of language.

Humans, Gaians lost the consistent ability to consciously communicate in Saedor. But there have always been remarkable exceptions and role models such as the Dali Lama that have not allowed the knowingness of this form to pass away; to remind and re-awaken you to this mode of communication. That is what this Global Conversation invites you to do – to reclaim you birthright to communicate in your language of origin.

What occurred in the growth and anchoring of your old 3rd dimensional reality is that Paca and Badu became the prevalent forms of communication. The freedom to communicate from expanded awareness, from the truth and core of your being, with clear intent of unity and connection, was denied and in many ways beaten out of you. But it was never forgotten. And now, in your time of extraordinary growth of collective ascension, you reclaim this form and format of language. You are not learning my dear friends, you are remembering.

This is the vibration and frequency of communication that is most common and appealing to us as inter-galactic and inter-dimensional beings. This form of communication allows us to meet on a ‘level playing field’. As you assume your rightful place at not only the Inter-Galactic Council but at the table of the Divine Mother we welcome you.

We applaud this quantum leap forward and the re-claiming your birthright. You join together as Gaians in the mutuality of shared knowing, experience, commitment and purpose. We observe with interest and excitement. We commend and conjoin as appropriate – never to interfere but to commune. Let us proceed dear friends.

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