The Earth Plan Blog – Mini-Update – How Much Can We Take? – (Intergalactic Energy Wave Coming) – 7-29-15

I’ll be as brief as possible ~ and hopefully as clear, too πŸ™‚Β  Although the experience is mine, I feel that there may be others who resonate with the message.

Over the past weeks, I was acutely feeling what I call the “mini-electrocution” sensation. This is like being pricked with teeny currents of electricity all over the skin on the limbs. Not painful or uncomfortable, but definitely noticeable.

This was accompanied by twitching in the eyes. Constant twitching. It unhappily reminded me of a biology lesson where we learnt about Galvani’s experiment on a frog’s legs ~ he made a dead frog twitch by passing electricity over it.

Then a few days ago, while in meditation, I inadvertently let out an “Ow!!”. I had felt what seemed like a surge in “electricity”, resulting in an electric shock in the fingers of my right hand. I was more startled than hurt by the experience…it was something that totally took me by surprise.

I realised very quickly that we are being “buzzed”. I feel that we are being checked to see how much energy we can take in, and that we are being metered to determine the optimum frequency for the next wave. I had written last month about being ready to be “used” for calibrating the optimum energy, but I never expected to be tested like this! Er…thanks, guys?…

Anyway, I quickly told them it’s okay, I’m okay, I can handle it, bring it on. Just don’t fry me….

Dear Light Family, I had said before that we’re now in a major, major wave of energies. They are now skipping several steps as the levels are being bumped up as high as they can go. One super-wave of energies leading to the next super-uber wave, and so on, until we get to The Big One. Let’s amp it up!