LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Indications of Lacking Integrity – 10-2-19 – via Energetic Synthesis

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Indications of Lacking Integrity – 10-2-19 – via Energetic Synthesis

The first stage of effectively building Personal Integrity is to perform an accurate assessment of the areas in your character that were weakened when you met strong resistance. We are all tested by life circumstances when we are confronted with something challenging and the situation really knocked us over and we crumbled.

When our character is weak, we can be easily emotionally manipulated and controlled. However, these events are great opportunities to learn life lessons and serve to inform us of what we must strengthen inside ourselves. Recovering our core, being authentic and living in Personal Integrity is similar to the concept of inspecting a building for its structural integrity. Our spiritual house is made strong and filled with inner light, when we direct our focus and attention to developing inner and outer personal integrity. Without strong personal integrity, like a building without structural integrity, we physically collapse and morally decay, because we are unable to withstand the pressure of the forces that create impact upon our lives.

Are you able to maintain integrity while withstanding the pressure of enduring personal challenges or spiritual crisis? How well do you cope with stress? How well can you refocus back into relaxation and neutrality? Track yourself in how well you do in crisis moments or challenges, observing if can you stay in your core and withstand the impact.

The Negative Ego destroys integrity period. Thus working towards clearing the inferior and superior vacillating thought forms of negative ego, is the key to restoring balance. Generally the negative ego needs to feel it has approval from others, and Self Esteem is hinged upon other people’s opinions and judgments. This is very unhealthy and can be toxic for all involved. No person can lead themselves and purposefully direct their life if they are afraid of others judging them. If your self-worth falls into how others perceive you, it is important to change that perception immediately and unconditionally provide self-love and self-acceptance. Your basic human right is to be who you are, so let yourself be unapologetically real.

Be aware when you are hiding things or sweeping them under the rug from fear, like buried secrets, or asking people to keep secrets. This also feeds the Roots of Dishonesty and Triangulation. Upon getting more comfortable with being transparent and honest, it evolves over time and becomes more important that you tend to not hide things from others, as you may be hiding from the truth that needs to be surfaced. Truth is truth, and it stands through the test of time. Maintaining appropriate boundaries is important, yet at the same time in finding balance with living more transparently, stop judging yourself and others, and make the effort to build a stronger character with personal integrity. Personal Integrity gives you the inner strength to tell it like it is, there is no need to hide anything, when it is what it is. Truth is truth, when it’s expressed honestly and authentically.

How many times in social situations do you compromise your values or go along with something that feels bad? When we compromise ourselves too much and bend to other peoples will, this is not healthy for us and erodes integrity. When we commit to be of service to others it does not mean we repeatedly compromise our values, beliefs or integrity to do what the other person wants us to do. To be effective with managing our personal energies, we must be responsible for directing our energies, time and effort into the things that feel meaningful for us and reflect our personal values. This is important not only for building personal integrity, but in developing the self-leadership skills required to claim Self-Ownership.

Erosion of Integrity

The 3D Mind Control set up is purposed to intentionally destroy the Coherence and stability within sets of normative values that both define and model standards of behavior throughout human civilization. Through the mass promotion of the anti-human value systems, it destroys integrity and trust within the fabric of society, and directly erodes the development of Personal Integrity.

By consistently using Dehumanization tactics to invalidate the vital need for creating truly functioning and equitable humanitarian based value systems throughout society, this anti-human agenda successfully erodes the majority of an individual’s Personal Integrity. The psychopathic Corporatocracy running global society tells us that wealth and power are made King of the Throne, sitting in absolute power over any matter that is governed by Rule of Law. Human slavery is essentially made meaningless to our societal value system when there is no meaning or value given to life. As a result the tyrants stay in power and gross profits continue to be made on human misery.

Developing Self Awareness

We hope the tools included in the 12 Practices of Self Awareness and GSF Behavior model is inspiring, supportive and helpful. For more tools and to learn more about ES community, see the ES Core Triad.

Meditate and give attention to these twelve areas to practice better personal self awareness and to discipline the Negative Ego and Pain Body. When you are self aware, you are informed and clear and you are less prone to Mind Control and related levels of cultivating Archontic Deception Behavior. What we endeavor at this time is to move away from inner confusion and make a conscious decision to move towards discovering inner clarity.

As we develop Self Awareness, which is the knowledge of the core Self, we are developing the right relationship to the Self, and thus we can better develop our relationship with God Source. We cannot know the highest expression of our nature, until we know the deepest inner contents of our own being. Self study is self mastery, and is the pathway to expanding Consciousness.

(Source: ES Newsletter – Personal Integrity)

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Lisa Renee


LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Embodying Integrity – 12-19-18


Personal Integrity is the quality of being truthful and honest with yourself and others, of intentionally aligning personal behaviors and actions to be congruently aligned with your own Personal Value System, moral principles, and ethics. It generally requires personal choice and commitment to align ourselves to stay consistent with personal values and ethical standards, so that when we speak we mean what we say.

Developing Personal Integrity is essential to becoming a stable, clear and trustworthy person that aligns their decisions in life with their chosen personal values. It is the milestone of building a strong character guided by ones chosen personal values, and is reflected in a person that is firmly centered in purpose and directed in life by their own core self. We compromise our core integrity whenever we let others make poor decisions for us or when we betray a trust, betray our personal values, or betray that which we know is the truth for ourselves. When we compromise our Personal Integrity, we allow a back door vulnerability for dark force manipulation that many times descends even more darkness and chaos into the situation where we had made the compromise. To support the embodiment of our true essential nature, achieve single soul occupancy and continual consciousness expansion, it is imperative that we understand how to generate and maintain Personal Integrity

Self-Inquiry upon Personal Integrity

To build and maintain personal integrity takes some effort and commitment, like developing the self-awareness that is required to define your personal values so that you can measure your behaviors and actions, in order to evaluate how aligned you are to your authentic self. When you consciously participate to clarify personal beliefs and core values, the next step is to honestly assess how well you are doing, by reviewing yourself in a personal integrity report. It may be a powerfully positive process to review your core values and generate personal integrity reports annually, so that you can see how you are evolving and transforming, as you better stay aligned to your own personal value system. This begins to develop more competency in self-leadership and life management skills, so that you are empowered to make positive differences from the values that you lead in your life. Real self-leadership and Self-Ownership begins when we have absolute clarity within the context of our personal beliefs and core values, which become the guiding principles we follow in our lives.

What are the most important Personal Values that motivate my life? Choose up to five of the most important core values that feel the most essential to live authentically and express your highest purpose. Then focus upon those themes that you have chosen and evaluate if you are practicing and increasing these important values throughout your life. In the Guardian context for reclamation of Christ, our personal core value system would be directly connected to the Law of One practices. For example, for those dedicated to be of service to the Law of One, some of our most important personal core values are:

  • Expressing Unity Consciousness, knowing we are all interconnected.
  • Expressing Unconditional Love and Compassion to Myself, Love Others and Love Earth.
  • Expressing Service to Others orientation to motivate personal actions.

Maybe upon deeper reflection or in the future you’ll find that your most important personal values are shifting, or are revealing differently in order to become more specific in their quality. The more specific we are in identifying our core values, the more accurate and clear we can be when applying those to the behaviors that guide our life. As an example, let’s say through deeper self-study you have identified a recurring pattern that makes it hard to feel confident in valuing yourself when in the company of intimidating people. One of the core values that you choose is to Value Yourself equally to others, no matter what happens. To make this an important guideline in your life will help strengthen personal behavior to value yourself while in intimidating situations, which increases Personal Integrity.

Once you’ve defined some of your most important personal values, then inquire on each one to evaluate how you can better align your thoughts and behaviors with the meaning of each value. For example, ask three questions about the core values of expressing Unity, to help you accurately assess positive changes that you can make to be more authentic and within integrity.

  • What does Unity mean to me, how do I express Unity in my thoughts, behaviors and actions?
  • How can I better practice Unity consciousness throughout my life?
  • Am I practicing empathy with others to more deeply express Unity?

Am I living in Personal Integrity and what areas can I improve? As you meditate and reflect on your life over the past year, assess if you have been authentic to your core values and the ways that you can improve your actions, to reflect integrity and authenticity in the future. In each area when reflecting upon personal values, inquire on what is aligned to your authentic self, those things that feel they are functioning well. Then place your attention upon the personal lessons and opportunities that you have to greatly increase inner strength, the core strength you will need in order to act authentically and within personal integrity.

Summarize the key points in your Personal Integrity Assessment for reference. As you gain clarity on identifying important personal values and how you can build and maintain authentic integrity, prepare a summary of key points that you can revisit for inspiration to help guide your life direction and purpose in the next cycle. Print out your notes to clarify in more detail your personal vision for living within core personal values, knowing that when you are maintaining personal integrity it naturally aligns to fulfill your highest purpose. Embodying core personal values, living, thinking and breathing those values is what expresses Personal Integrity. This is the key to avoid negative cause and effect or miasmatic imprints upon what you are manifesting. Then make an effort to re-read and reflect upon your Personal Integrity Assessment regularly, to keep you focused on what personal core values are the most important guiding principles of fulfilling your most authentic expression.

Practical Application of Embodying Integrity

In the process of completing a personal integrity self-assessment and consciously choosing your value system based on what you know to be true for you, now is the time to take conscious steps every day to behave in ways that are consistent with your personal values.

  • Identify the behavioral traits that need to be addressed and are required to change.
  • Determine the underlying reasons why you have not behaved with greater personal integrity.
  • Observe the obstacles and other people that are used as excuses to lie or violate your personal values or moral code.
  • Commit to build authentic relationships through greater truthfulness, honesty and being open and direct.
  • Compile a list of tasks and behaviors in which you dedicate to become more trustworthy and honest.
  • Protect your basic human rights to be authentic and protect the rights of others, by respecting the decisions and opinions of other people.
  • When possible, be of service to others and live as an example for embodying truthfulness and integrity.
  • Be willing to honestly self-assess progress on your commitment to personal integrity, making adjustments along the way.
  • Look for the support of others who are inspiring examples of personal integrity, and have similar goals and personal values to be honest and trustworthy.
  • Develop Accountability for personal behaviors and actions, and if you make a mistake that impacts others or you break a promise, be willing to admit it and apologize.

The world is rapidly changing during these stages of bifurcation, in which the Negative Polarity and Positive Polarity spirals are becoming more extreme and amplified in the external. In order to stay deeply connected into our core self, and to withstand the massive impact of these opposing forces colliding, we must take conscious steps now to embody personal integrity.

(Source: ES Newsletter – Personal Integrity)

TEAL SWAN – Building Your Integrity – 8-12-17

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Teal Swan 

Published on Jul 29, 2017

Teal Swan’s video on Integrity explores Integrity and how to communicate with your own conscience to stay in alignment with your own morals and principles. Teal shows us examples of how to recognize incongruences in our own integrity and morality, which include recognizing lies, lying, and why people act the way they do in a crisis.
Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality
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Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Solstice Energies & The End Game of Separation


By Archangel Michael, 06/16/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update on the current energies for the planet and the collective. The Full Moon, Planetary Retrogrades and more have brought much to the surface to be observed, felt and released. All this is in preparation of the Solstice and in helping to bring forth your Souls, the Higher Self into Physical Manifestation. What these energies are bringing forward to look at is Honor, Integrity, Self Love and Service. These are qualities that have been greatly distorted within the collective, as the egoic and mental conditionings has tainted them. All of which stem from the Illusionary mind. Let us delve deeper and clarify what these energies have brought up to assist the collective and Gaia in the Ascension process. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

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Honor & Integrity

Relationships are being affected on all levels. All is coming to the surface with family, friends, intimate partners, spiritual groups and more. These energies are bringing up deep and core energies within the collective. A core issue is Authenticity. Being authentic is a quality most of humanity is lacking. This is due to the programmed ego mind, trying to hide. The ego is a mask, masquerading in a Fabricated, Distorted illusionary reality. So, how can one have or Be Authentic, Honor or Integrity when one is wearing a mask? You can’t. It is impossible.

While there are masks that represent enduring qualities such as bravery and freedom, however the ego is not one of them. A common reaction we observe is coming across a certain scenario where one puts on a different persona or facade to “fit in”, with family, friends and even fellow lightworkers. Some even go as having “hidden agendas”, to get something the mind wants. Quite simply, this is Being “fake”. This is a protective mechanism of the mind, so it can feel comfortable in it’s surroundings. Your Souls are NEVER fake. That goes against what the Soul is… what Love Stands For. To Be Authentic… to Be Real… One must Surrender to the Present Moment of Now, Be in Clear Thought… then your Real. Keep in your Heart Dear Ones, The Heart Responds… The Ego Reacts.

Honor and Integrity is not simply conveying them to others. It’s core foundation is one’s self… your Inner Being…. Your Heart… Your Soul. Honor, Integrity and LOVE are All ONE. You All have to ask yourselves, “Do I Honor myself and others?, Do I have Integrity with myself and others?, “Do I Unconditionally LOVE myself and others?” The concepts of Honor and Integrity in the illusion is misperceived and clouded. In Truth, if one lacks Self Love, how can one have integrity or honor. As you come to these realizations, you Allow, Embrace, Feel, and Transform. So goes the process in transforming all lower and dense energies that doesn’t resonate with the Soul. It’s part of the journey… part of the process of Ascension. One takes full responsibility and forgives themselves and everyone in the experience. This is how one grows in wisdom and knowledge. This is how one Transforms. No judgements, No regrets… Simply Acceptance. In Truth, the mind knows nothing of Honor, Integrity, Selflessness and many other such qualities. When one acts from the Heart, these benevolent qualities are unlocked.

The End Game Separation

The false lightworkers are not and will not fare well in these energies, as they are choosing (unconsciously or consciously) to hold on to their masks, which is the programmed ego mind. We have observed those Beings shake to their bones, when faced with the Truth, especially from those Shining their Light Brightly, in Truth, Honor and Integrity. They project their core issues onto others, not aware of their own conditionings. This is the mind reacting, as it is being called out. These Beings are similar to robots whom have implemented a ‘spiritual programming’, thinking they know about the Ascension and what it is to be in 5th Dimensional frequencies and beyond. They choose not to Feel, and prefer to think, analyze, rationalize and be logical in their ways into the Ascension Process. Those in the mind will try and mimic or go as far to create their own version of what is Integrity, Honor, Giving, Sharing, Love and much more. This is the ego mind trying to hold on to it’s belief systems, and not allowing the Heart to flow, especially when it’s being called out. The mind thinks it knows more than the Heart… than the Divine… than Love. They put their minds above the heart, their intuition… and try to find those who share into their belief systems and fantasies. They do this to take energies from one another and cause separation, (what the mind does best) within the lightworker community. The mind convinces them, their perverse version of truth is greater, and that they are unifying the collective, when the opposite is True. A common experience after the taking of energies, is the feeling of being drained. A simple way to identify these Beings is;

Dealing with De~Ascension symptoms daily,

Lack of Joy,

Lack of Self Love,

Lack of Self Worth,

Lack of Integrity,

Lack of Honor,

Lack of Perception,

Lack of Wisdom,

Void of their Childlike Essence,

Self Hatred,

Erratic mental habit & behaviors,




Poor Listener




Delusions of Grandeur,



Self Importance,

Thinking they know better,

Analytical & Logical,

Trying to fix the old paradigm,

Inability to Walk Their Talk,

and many other lower consciousness traits of the mind. Many highly empathic ones can feel into these energies exuding these traits. It can feel very dense, manipulative, angry, hateful and much more. Many lightworkers have asked, “Why does it seem those around me are not getting it and are so dumb down?” The conditioning within Human Collective is very deep, and it is in every facet of your governments, societies, cultures, media, education, religion, relationships, family and much more. In these energies, if one is trying to process them with the mind, they are overloading themselves. It is similar to a computer processor overheating. At some point, the processor will either shut down or melt. Those in the mind will experience a decline in;

Cognitive Thinking,

Lack of Motor Skills,

Severe Lethargy,

Lack of Perception,

Degradation of the Body,

and other symptoms, which will further the degradation of the mind in these energies. However, even in these states, the mind will continue to think it knows better, and that it is smarter. Dear Ones, the Ego can not see itself. It is blind to it’s own degradation and pitfalls. We recommend staying focused in the Heart. It is the Brain, Heart, Body and Soul coming together and working in unison, as you dissolve the programmed ego mind and anchor higher consciousness. The mind has no place in the 5th dimension and beyond.  You will not be able to convince these beings of their conditionings, as they are choosing to hang on to their belief systems and security constructs of the mind. In Truth, their minds want something, it can never Be… to become God without God, Our Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, The Holy Spirit. A fantasy created and pursued by the “old controllers”. Many of these false lightworkers fought hard against the 3d paradigm & old controllers, to only become a shadow of the very beings that shackled Humanity, and turn into their pawns. Honor their choices and yours. Keep shining your light, and BE the example. BE Love in Action Dear Ones.

Walking Your Talk

The mind could never exude the qualities of the heart, and if it does try, its poorly exemplified and always inconsistent. This is a prime example of the Spiritual Ego. They can talk it very well. However, when it comes to walking it, they fall. What we have noticed with most of the collective is negligence. The negligence of not fulfilling one’s spiritual work. New energies are being poured onto the planet daily. Some days are subtle, and other can be very profound. If you are not fulfilling your spiritual work in dissolving the programmed ego mind, anchoring higher consciousness, integrating and grounding daily, the mind can consume the being and body. This can result in many physical symptoms occurring on constant basis, such as;

Physical Burn Out,






Excessive Sugar Cravings

Erratic Thoughts & Behavior,

Joint Pains,

Physical Aches & Pain,

And so much more, depending on how deep the mind has control of the Being. These symptoms are due to mind processing the new energies, which it is not able to. Focus and Trust your Heart, to integrate these energies.

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Unity Consciousness & Service to Mother Earth

Dear Ones, The true end game to the Ascension process is Unity Consciousness, to Be One with Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, The Holy Spirit. The point where the “I AM becomes the WE ARE”. You reach this level of consciousness through the Heart, connected to the Unified Heart. Your intuition, infinite knowledge & wisdom is accessed through the Heart. It is where We are all connected and share our collective wisdom with All of Creation. To put it in simpler terms, “the mind and higher mind has access to a book of knowledge… the Heart has access to an infinite library of knowledge”. Which do You Choose? Only one can access higher consciousness, beyond the confines 3D and 4D frequencies.

The Heart wishes to BE in Service to Mother Earth, and restoring Her back to the Pristine state she once was, before the illusion. Service is about the Whole, not the Self. This starts with your inner healing. As you continue with your inner work, your are able to anchor higher consciousness, your Soul… There, guidance will be provided to your next steps in the Mission of Ascension for Gaia and Humanity.

As always Dear Ones, support those in Unity Consciousness, as they are holding the energies to bring forth the New Paradigm of Heaven on Earth. As your energies merge with all those in Unity Consciousness, your manifestation and other abilities will emerge and expand. This will cause the Ascension process to accelerate. The purging of the old will continue, and a new precipice will be reached coming the Summer Solstice, This in preparation for the full anchoring of the Soul, Higher Self and Heaven on Earth. Let go of All of The Old, and Allow the New to Enter. We, your Angelic, Elemental and Star Families await in Unconditional Love, to your return home into the Light. The Age of Innocence is Upon You All.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.


Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Solstice Energies & The End Game of Separation

Adyashanti – Finding Your Own Integrity  — Evolutionary_Mystic – 8-5-16

Published on Aug 5, 2016 – Adyashanti responds to a questioner who writes in asking about the role that responsibility plays in freedom. How can you be sure that the ego doesn’t hijack your motives and twist them into something else? By getting in touch with a deep integrity that resides within you, responsibility […]

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