LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – For Many Gatekeepers, all of January is Anchoring, Integrating – Complete Earth – Earthly Body Template – Re-Writes, Upgrades to all New Codes – 1/8/2018





The entire month of January is anchoring in our physical body templates (massive re-write that began on 1/1), along with Gaia’s and on a Galactic level too. This re-write always goes deeper into our cellular structures, anchoring all of the New Encodements that we’ve activated since the 11/11 and through December Solstice until 1/11, for those who use linear dates as a marker point. The actual dates are just for awareness, as we are always anchoring, always integrating and always clearing out old linear/matrix programs that were “hidden/buried” deep within our cells. December a huge Passageway, everything shifted literally on 1/11, when more new codes activated for us to fully anchor in.

Last year continued through February 6th. Each year since 2012, this phase has increased to accomplish the immensity of all of these new codes. These phases take all of our focus and energy and we have to cut everything out in order to accomplish this, working in silence and without external disruptions allows us to move through these phases easier. Because our Gatekeeper duties have intensified over the years, I have to keep my schedule more fluid/flexible to accommodate/honor this. When each one of this complete our own processes relative to our own current phase, new portals/gateways immediately open and we move further into implementation phases, while continuing to activate/integrate/anchor with each new gateway we pass through too. ♥

The longer writing, which covers many things will be posted as it’s ready. Honor your process and you. More awesomeness prepares to materialize as all are ready too! ♥

p.s. I’ve been getting my butt kicked and in bed since 1/1. These are beyond huge! ♦









Archangel Michael – Seeking, Finding, Integrating – 9-13-14


Channeled by Daniel Scranton  /  Published September 12, 2014


“Seeking is so fundamental to your nature that you would find no joy in having everything, or knowing everything, because you would no longer have any reason to seek. Even Source seeks to know Itself, to expand, and to express the Love that It is. And you, as aspects of Source, are doing exactly that on a slightly smaller scale. But seek you will, seek you must, and only through seeking will you discover more of who you are.

There comes a time when you need to rest. There comes a time when you simply integrate that which you have discovered. So when you are in one of those phases, many of you become uncomfortable. You don’t know why you are not feeling driven, and you seek to seek once again. So if you find yourself in one of these phases, or cycles of rest, do not worry that it might mean that you are coming to an end. The desire will once again bubble up within you when the timing is right.

And when it comes to finding what you are seeking, that is also coming in the perfect timing. So when you are in seeking mode, worry not that you will never find what you seek. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the exploration. Enjoy that feeling when you know you are close, when you can feel the essence of what you seek in your bones. Those are the most delicious times for all of you.

And we delight in witnessing you seeking, finding, and integrating more of who you are. Everything that you seek is something that you already are. And knowing that can make the journey all the more enjoyable.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”