Amir Mourad – The Influence Of Your Own Inner Well Being

Shunya Yoga·135 videos Amir Mourad speaks about the influence of one’s own inner well being, and explains that just as the environment influences the mind, the very contents of the mind also have an influence on the environment.

Amir Mourad is an Egyptian mystic, yogi, and spiritual teacher. Having once faced depression spanning several years, an overwhelming fear of death, along with increasing awareness of the realities of human conflict, he began his search for enlightenment. Studying the various philosophies of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, as well as Western philosophy, he quickly discovered that the mere gathering of knowledge belonging to a belief system is insufficient for man’s liberation, nor can there be happiness without self-knowledge. Beginning the practice of yoga, he immediately became deeply absorbed into the discipline. Upon coming to a profound inner awakening and a series of inner transformations during a six-year period of hermitism, he founded the Shunya Yoga system as an effort to unfold the full potential of a human being leading to bliss, inner freedom, and total absorption into the gift of life.

Combining the ancient technology of yoga with the spirit of Zen, Shunya Yoga is a method which moves beyond one-sided belief systems and philosophies, and into a direct seeing of the inexpressible truth of one’s own being. With a blend of sensitivity and intensity, as well as compassionate wisdom, his work is an effort to assist social transformation through the transformation of consciousness at the level of the individual. Belonging to no particular tradition and addressing both individual and social concerns for modern times, his teachings have focused on self-knowledge, meditation, zen, enlightenment, love, death, the recognition of one’s ignorance, and doubt in the search for Truth.