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By Kalayna Solais

Dedicating a day to be with your Inner Child or any other part of you is hugely rewarding and such a deep way to express love for yourself. Connecting with parts of you and aspects of your Metasoul in other lifetimes as well is a huge way to really connect in deeply with this frequency of loving and appreciating who and where you are in your journey as it is right now.

There was a day this week that I decided to spend with this deeper aspect of my own Inner Child that has emerged recently. I’ve done so much work, feeling aspects of me like her in many different layers and expressions over the years, that she feels not only like an ‘Inner Child’ but also like she vibrates at a core place inside of my ‘healer’ and ’empath’ too. The sun codes were vibrating and a local park, a personal favourite place to BE in this city where I live, was calling us out to be in it, hanging out with our beloved duck, squirrel, and tree friends. We even brought along our little ‘duckie’ stuffy to ‘introduce’ to the REAL ducks there! 

When I met this part of me, she had been living ‘alone’ in her world until I connected with her in a recent session with Jelelle. Connecting directly with me is new for her and it’s her first time really letting in intimacy. She has some social trauma to keep feeling with her, which all started when I was very little. She is very sensitive and empathic (as Inner Children tend to be) and she is learning how to let others in in a deeper way, with my help, and not assume that others don’t like her or to find reasons to stay in her world all alone, isolating herself from relationships of all kinds.

Discovering her has been a huge, HUGE gift to me, as she is helping me feel the deeper core disconnect from others that has been a habit for me my whole life this life, and where this disconnect has come from all along. She is a big part of my healer’s heart and desire to serve love, so helping her move into a new space in deeper connection with me and also with others I am in relationship with will really help ME step more into my soul purpose work with more self-love overflow and an expanded capacity to hold space for others.

As we spend ‘time’ with these precious parts of us, we are offered a very powerful portal into ourselves. As they become less afraid of ‘getting in trouble’ for what they’ve hidden from us when it comes to who they are and why they’ve reacted in the ways they have to life and relationships too, they can quite quickly shift into their more magical, joyful frequencies, which seems to really free up our hearts in new and arising ways that maybe weren’t exactly expected!

Much love, from my parts to yours. 


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Beverly Nation – The Inner Child Theory – Is it Accurate and Beneficial?

Beverly Nation
Published on Jun 19, 2019

n this video Beverly shares a channeling from Source Energy about the “Inner Child” theory. She also shares a channeling from Archangel Metatron about ascension to 5D

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What Does Your Inner Child Need To Tell You? Find Out in 8 Steps

Found at:  https://peoplestrusttoronto.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/what-does-your-inner-child-need-to-tell-you-find-out-in-8-steps/


Working on the inner child has been “trendy” for a number of years but it seems as though a lot of people still aren’t entirely sure what their inner child is or why they should listen to it.

Your inner child is that mini-you that never has to grow up. It’s the part of you that retains the beautiful innocence and untainted perspective of the world. It’s also the part of you that we often forget about. It’s the part of you that gets swept under the rug whenever someone asks you to get into the not-so-pretty details of your childhood. It may be surprising to hear, but from an energetic standpoint, your inner child very much exists and can be communicated with through meditation or visualization.

There is a great deal of memory from the early years of our lives. It is during childhood that we formulate perceptions of relationships, women, men, food, trust, love, and acceptance, or absorb those perceptions from the ones that raised us. Major events that transpired during childhood or feelings about them affect us every single day of our lives even if we don’t consciously remember them. Negative beliefs, emotions and memories from childhood can create blocks or resistance later on in life. That is why it is so crucial to take the time to listen and connect to your inner child. Inner child work can help us access and heal the root cause of many problems we face in our everyday lives.

I’ve listed 5 steps below on how to communicate with your younger self effectively:

1. Find a Safe Space

You need to find a place that is free of distractions so that you can focus on the messages and feelings that you will receive during this process. Try your best to find a comfortable, quiet space for the next 30 minutes.

2. Create a Safe Space Within You

A child is not going to approach you if he or she does not feel safe. Intend to have an open mind that is accepting, loving, and completely free of judgment.

3. Observe

Your inner child will look just like you at any age during your childhood. When he or she appears in front of you, take note of how they look, what the expression is on their face, what they’re wearing and their body language. It is totally normal if your inner child doesn’t want to speak to you for the first couple of sessions. If that’s the case, it’s because you need to develop a sense of trust with them. Tell them that they are safe to say what they need to say.

4. Listen

In the beginning, your inner child will need to speak with you. They may show you a memory or a feeling, or they may speak directly to you. Take note of any impressions that you receive during this process. Don’t interrupt them. Just listen!

5. Respond Lovingly

After you’ve listened carefully to what your inner child has to say, respond to them with as much gentleness, love, and acceptance as you can. Speak to them as though you were speaking to a young child.

6. Connect With Them

This is bonding time. Look your inner child in the eyes. Let them know how much they are loved and cared for. Forge a loving, trusting relationship with them.

7. Express Gratitude

Thank them for communicating their feelings with you. Express appreciation and love as you finish the session

8. Repeat

Make a habit of checking in with your inner child to see how she or he is feeling. If you feel that there is more that they need to express, repeat this exercise daily for two weeks. Once you’ve done the healing work between you, keep up your relationship with them. Ask them for advice and share beautiful moments with them.

Remember to connect with them often because they are a part of you. They can offer great advice, love, curiosity and playfulness if you give them the chance to. Getting in touch with the inner child can help you remember who you really are, your passions, and what’s truly important in life.

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Bob Fickes – Taking care of our Inner Child

We have talked so much about our Inner Master, but equally as important is nurturing our Inner Child. This is the part of us that carries all the feelings from our childhood, all those times when we couldn’t express our self honestly and had to stuff our feelings down inside. The Inner Child is that part of us that we neglected to nurture when we needed it the most. Your Inner Child needs your love and acceptance.
The best way to nurture your Inner Child is at night just before you go to sleep. Imagine your Inner Child sitting in front of you. See your Inner Child as you were when you were two or three years old. Ask your Inner Child, “What do you want to tell me? What do you need the most?” Let the feelings come up honestly and truly. Feel love for your Inner Child and reach out with your arms and imagine that you are holding this lovely child and giving it love. Then slip down into the bed embracing your Inner Child and go to sleep with your child in your arms.


This is a powerful way to nurture your Inner Child and help it to heal. When we give it love, our Inner Child can begin to have more confidence and feel more natural. When our Inner Child is healthy, we feel more natural and have more confidence to trust our feelings and be more authentic in our daily life. Jesus once said we have to be like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Nurturing our Inner Child allows us to experience our adult life with greater joy and peace. We accept our childlike nature and become more authentic in every relationship. We trust our self and never beat up our self for feeling weak or sensitive. Inner sensitivity is a great gift that opens our heart to experience the beautiful reality of the spiritual world. We love the angels and Masters more and more as our Inner Child wakes up and feels more healthy. When our Inner Child is healthy, our Inner Master comes out more powerfully and more lovingly in everything we do.

Mother Mary – Divine Trine – Inner Child, Forgiving Yourself – 10-1-14




Mother Mary
Mother Mary

Channeled by Chloe Hudson


October 1, 2014

Higher Trine: Mary of Magdala, Mother Mary, Lady Nada,

Dearest divine light seekers. Thank you all for receiving us today. We are so joyful to finally be addressing you through this medium. Our topic of the day is forgiveness. Today is the best day of all days to forgive yourselves. Why today? Because we are here now. Utilize the power behind and within you and move it forth to raise a candle to your inner child that cries out for help. Know that every time your heart sinks, your head hangs, your breath forlornly exasperates, it is, in fact, your inner child requesting your love. And if you are to take just a moment, close your eyes, find your inner child, take them in your tender embrace and ask them to forgive you for forgetting to hold this inner child, this seed of your divine joy, you will surely be given a boost of excitement and love. To acknowledge your inner child is to sound the horn, to gather the hounds and commence the rally! This indeed signals us, your divine company, that you are ready to meet, greet and follow us into the sacred home of your heart fire. For you see, your inner child is your wisest sage. Your most innocent strength and your greatest inertia to catapult you into the light of your soul truth. And it all starts with your willingness to gift presence to you, your inner child. This transmission is encoded to awaken this knowingness of presence. Your pure and constant bliss, tranquility and soft, wholehearted exuberance is anchored safe and sound within your inner child. You will gift yourself these divine birthrites once you give presence and care as a ritual to your inner child. Be your best teacher. Take time to connect and adore this beautiful being that yearns so desperately for your love. If you do you are sure to rise as a sunflower towards the sky on a clear spring day. You are the light that feeds your day. You are to enter the void and bring with you your light. Allow your shadows to fall to the wayside and give your inner child your candle. Spark this internal fire that will instantly return your light one thousand times fold. And as this beautiful light show commences within and throughout your being we will see you glowing and activate your divine frequency alignment to anchor and amplify your light. The power, our dearest companions, is the sweet, tender vulnerability within you, So swaddle your inner child in your most present love and allow us to show you how you then take flight. Shasta Te. Shasta Le. Go in peace and blessed be!

Divine Trine.