INELIA BENZ – Staying Heart Centered – What does that mean?

Inelia Benz

INELIA BENZ   –   Staying Heart Centered   –   What does that mean?

One of the main techniques we can use for ascension work is to stay Heart Centered.  But what does this mean exactly? Well, it doesn’t mean, “be good”, or “be loving”, or “be forgiving”. Although these things might happen when we stay heart centered, but only as side effects.


To stay Heart Centered is an actual physical practice. It’s like going on the treadmill to keep your physical body fit.  This exercise is designed to move our awareness from our head center/ego to our heart center/higher-self.

The first thing to do is to locate the heart center.  This the area behind our breastbone, up toward the jugular notch, and back to between the shoulder blades.   This whole area is your Heart Center. I it encompasses what are called the Heart Chakra, and Angel Chakra or the Shoulder Blade Chakra.  It is your Core Self.

This center contains your physical existence, including emotional, physical and ego bodies, and your Higher Self connection, or connection to the Divine.

After you locate the Heart Center, you will become aware of it, the space it occupies in the physical realm, and breathe into it.  As you breathe in, it fills with life force, as you breathe out, the life force expands into the rest of your body and your vibrational space.

At least once a day, move your “view point”, where you imagine to be inside your body or head, into your Heart Center.

Simple 🙂

When you first start this exercise, you might get strong negative emotions coming up. They are coming up to be released.  Thank them and release them. Eventually you will be able to stay Heart Centered in full joy and love.

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INELIA BENZ – The Elemental Shamans – 10-20-15

Inelia Benz

One of the topics I will be discussing at my Gathering at the Beginning of the World event in December 2015 are the Elemental Shamans.

Introduction to the Elemental Shamans.

In July 2015 Larry (my fiance) and I went on a hike with our dog Missy, my son Brett (age 9), and Larry’s niece and nephew (age 10 and 14). We were looking for somewhere quiet as the town was full of people (4th of July crowd), so ended up going up a road which has been closed for some years due to a landslide.

We drove the car up that road for what seemed to be a long time, way longer than we expected (the landslide was not supposed to be very far). Soon after we entered the road, I started “seeing” (perceiving with my mind’s eyes and energetically), several men on the edge of the road. They were mostly naked apart from a leather loin cloth type thing with pouches and hooks, they had weapons, long braided/matted hair (dark), their skin was white but adorned, and some had long braided beards. They looked quite young, in their 20s-30s but felt ancient. They moved through the trees and rocks following our car, super fast, and close to the ground.

Up the road, we saw a creek, waterfall and some rock water pools. Larry and the kids run up the creek. All of them called me over, but there was a barrier there, a no entry sign that I knew if I broke, I would suffer for it. So, I said I was going up the road instead and walked away. Larry and the kids disappeared into the woods. This, separating from the group, is a terrible idea in the wilderness. After a few minutes I realized it was a bad idea and started walking back.

A few minutes after that, a massive black fly started following me. It was very strange looking, changing shape physically several times. I then “saw” one of these men, he was older than the ones I had seen before and had a staff, not a weapon. He told me that we had to get out or he would take one of the kids. I saw the younger kids falling into the water, one of the pools had no bottom so it would take my son into the “earth”. I told him as the adult here, I owned the kids which meant without my agreement he could not take them or their lives.
He responded an adult was with them, and he was violating their sacred portal, no permission had been given, or requested, to enter. I told him that Larry didn’t know about these things, so could he give us a “pass” this time. He said that I had to tell Larry to leave immediately, or he would send a bear to chase him out and kill one of the kids.

I requested leniency, that Larry and the kids were innocent babies, didn’t know the protocol or how to carry themselves in sacred portal areas, or any area. He then went away for a few minutes. When he returned he told me that I needed to escort Larry and the kids out of their area, and take him (the elemental man) with me back to our village/home. We had agreement. I sent a strong message to Larry to get out of there immediately, and also texted him asking him if he was far. By now I was back at the car, which was covered in flies and mosquitoes. The road was super narrow, with ditches on both sides, so I was shown where to go to turn it around. Larry responded that he was on his way back. By the time I got back to the creek, Missy made an appearance, then older kids, then Larry and Brett. Brett was limping badly and soaked to the chest.

I told them to get into the car immediately, they opened the doors, but none of the flies or mosquitoes came in. I then drove them out of the area. Larry and the kids told me how crazy the hike had been, with kids falling in the water, slippery rocks, and he felt a bear nearby.
On the way back to Neah Bay, the shaman guy and I shared “consciousness”, he was fascinated with Larry as he is Makah, and according to him the last time they had conscious dealings with a Makah “shaman” (they don’t use the word shaman by the way – I am using it to make it easy to understand the story), was many, many years ago. I think probably over 100 if not 200 years.
Before I knew it, he “claimed” Larry as his.

After we got home, I told Larry my side of the story, what I had perceived and seen, and about the shaman elemental guy who was now sitting next to him.

Larry had been wearing a beautiful bead bracelet that he found outside Ilaria a few days earlier. The shaman guy decided that for Larry, beads were super precious and important. So he made him a string with beads, from his own collection, and gave it to Larry. Larry took it. The “marriage” was complete.

It’s funny that we see it as a marriage, for Larry it felt confusing because he has “marriage” as a thing that is sexual in orientation and as a heterosexual guy, it’s between a man and a woman. I told him it wasn’t marriage as we understood it. But it was a claim type thing. We didn’t quite get what it was until a few days later.

After a few hours of telepathic and sensory communication, the shaman told us that he wanted us to take him back to his land. I thought he wanted to go home, so projected the path back. He said no, he wanted us to go in our car. I got that he didn’t want to go home, he wanted to collect more of his kind to come here. I could not understand why they didn’t just come over.
Larry reminded me of the huge line that runs between the village and that area, where a “dead beach” is. Larry felt these people couldn’t cross that line. But somehow they are able to if I hold them in my field.

So, we drove back. The place we went to was not all the way up the road, but the start of the road. There were signs that a bear had been there a few minutes earlier eating berries. Several “elemental shamans” came into the car, and they asked permission for some warriors to come too. Larry said it was cool, so about 20 warriors got on the the roof and held onto the sides and back, and front, of the car. We drove back and it was super busy and noisy and exciting, until suddenly it became deadly quiet. When I mentioned this to Larry, he said we were coming up to the line.

I felt my field get super big, encompassing everyone in and on the car, and as soon as we passed the line, several of the warriors jumped off.
More jumped off in the village. We drove around as Larry wanted them to see the different land areas where the shaman shack might go to, their opinion was that none of them were suitable. But that they would scan the place out and let us know if they found a good place.

By the time we got home, only the first shaman was with us. His “claim” was super strong. No other of the elemental shamans or warriors could speak with Larry directly, they had to go through him. By now, Larry had established direct communication with the shaman.

Just a note, the “claim” we finally understood, the local Native American tribes would treat Spanish ships as though they were “drift whales”, this means that the whale is the property of whomever beach the whale drifted to and all other people and tribes had to go through the “owner” to get a bit of the whale. In the case of the ships, to have dealings and trade with the Spanish ship. Larry was treated like a drift whale.

Since then, we have learned that other local people have also seen them. There is an “official” newspaper report that mentions one of them from 2011.

They don’t make a gender distinction among themselves, dressing the same way and looking very similar to each other. Larry’s shaman was definitely male though. [as I posted the question, a definite “yes” answer came along. They are practically identical, and although they themselves can tell the difference, to outsiders men and women look the same]. Their main distinction is of whether one of them is a shaman (which has to do with communication and awareness) and warrior (I have so far not established why they need warriors, but they definitely have them).

As we have become more acquainted with each other, I have observed that they are super warm and loving. When we visit, they sit close to us, hugging often and kissing our heads (like one would do a little kid – this is how they greet each other). But they treat us as their equals. They are indeed super excited and interested in everything we do, and also show us about their culture, such as food, adornments, and their relationship with other beings, including the things we don’t see as “beings”, such as “light”.


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Inelia Benz – Mass Media Changing Paradigm – What? – 7-17-15

Inelia Benz

I have been looking at the past months of media released information with regard to what is happening on the planet ,and I was surprised to find that major outlets are now being used to release information which was previously reported to be “tin hat looney bin conspiracy theory crackpot fantasies”.

The way this information is being released is highly controlled and minimized by the medium it is being presented on, or invalidated by the comments released with the information. As well as limited in the scope of the information. Sometimes, the data released is talked about as though it’s going to happen some time in the future. But it is seeping through.

A while back, Al Gore spoke about chemtrails on a major network show, but referring them to some future crazy plan.

We also had some mainstream media covering the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, but emphasizing how the participants had been paid a lot of money to sit through it.

At the start of 2013, I saw the coverage of the harmful effects of flouride in our water, reported by Fox News. A step in the right direction? Tiny step, but at least some of the information is being delivered to the sleeping masses. This is always good news to me. Plus it is an article I can send to all my conservative friends and relatives, as it was released in their media network.

My satisfaction comes from the fact that the Flouride being harmful information is now being given to the sleeping masses. it is still limited as they don’t mention decreased IQ or the damage to the brain and pituitary gland, and that it disconnects us from our capacity to connect with our inner Source. But at least it is a step in the right direction.

I also did wonder about the cabal’s ulterior motives. Not so much of the publication but the reversal of health concerns of fluoride by a governing body. The most negative view is that they want to add something even more debilitating, or perhaps DNA manipulative, that is incompatible with fluoride, to our water supply. And the most positive is that we are finally seeing a shift in the puppeteers that reflect the higher planetary vibration.

The same train of thought went through my mind when I watched Iron Man III. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, do so. Not because it’s entertaining, and has a great sense of humor, but because in the movie (and on movies I and II also), they blatantly reveal the false flag creation process, the reason behind wars (commercial), and in Iron Man III the false creation of a terrorist to create and feed the “war on terror”, naming the real false terrorists created by the cabal. Fascinating.

Yet, it is released in the format of a fantasy film, where nothing is real, it’s all science-fiction.

After watching Iron Man III I was in two minds, again amused that the information had been blatantly released to the sleeping masses, and at the same time KNOWING that one of the major rules of this planet is to LET PEOPLE KNOW what is being done to them, and if they do not respond by saying it is not acceptable, it is carried out, or continues to be carried out.

That’s one of the reasons why my website and FB pages have not been taken down. The pages are completely vulnerable. One person in the government, clicking one button, can take both sites down in an instant. Yet my channel of information, and thousands of others out there, are not taken down. Why? Because we serve the purpose of letting the masses know what is really going on. Whether they choose to click on that information, or visit the site, is another matter.

The times when my sites have been taken down, are when a certain flavor of information is released. But the sites are then fully restored a few hours later. What is that information? That YOU are the CREATOR OF THIS REALITY. That your consent and you not consenting, rules the world. FYI if you do not make a choice, that is considered a consent to what is happening or proposed.

What can we do?

If you are physically actively minded, write to the network and producers of these shows and films to give your positive reinforcement on their covering the truth, and at the same time encouraging them to cover more information. Send the information that is accurately, albeit minimally, covered in mainstream media to all of your sleeping relatives and friends.

If you are mystically minded, simply “look” at the mainstream media outlet energetic structure, and collective consent for its role in lowering our vibration. I do not consent to have the human collective’s vibration lowered, and therefore my vibration lowered, through the mainstream media.

We humans are addicted to drama. If you think you are not, think about this for a minute, all futuristic movies that have made it to the box office have a really negative, cabal ruled planet Earth, where enslavement, disempowerment and little value to human life are rampant. Now imagine a movie that shows planet earth that is beautiful, clean, where everyone here is actively consciously and powerfully manifesting their perfect life on this Earth.

Where there is no power over others. No dark motives. No threat and no fear. Any first reactions of thought? Don’t censure yourself or make yourself “right” right away. What comes when looking at it honestly? Perhaps it is a thought of “it’s not going to happen in my lifetime”, or “it’s boring”, or “we need darkness in order to see the light”, or “we can’t do it”.

Take a look at any barriers to that reality happening. Both that future Earth, and the present day movie being created for us to see, and be excited about seeing it.

What possible plots in that world would inspire millions of people to pay to watch it in the cinema or buy the DVD? What plots would send you to the cinema to watch it?

Sit with it. Let’s think of plots that would do just that, that don’t require an opposing faction to try and destroy the Earth, or enslave humanity, or have a hidden evil reason that allows the planet to exist and are exciting and stimulating to watch.

In joylightlove,


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Inelia Benz – 7 Collaborating Steps – Raising the Vibrational Level of Planet – 6-26-15


Inelia Benz

I, Inelia Benz, am willing to collaborate with any species or peoples who want to raise the level of vibration of the planet and the joint collective.

The next question is, “how do we collaborate with each other?”

My personal answer to that question is:

1) We work on raising our personal vibration by processing fear, both our own as well as the collective fear. You can find the full text for the exercise I personally use to process fear here: (1)

2) We find what brings us joy, what excites us, and we do it. This raises our own vibration, as well as being the strongest clue as to what we are here to do.

3) We network with others who are willing to do the same. The moment of leaderless networks is here, we share, we communicate and we act. The only following we do is to follow our heart and our intuition.

It is not complicated, and does not require one “special” group, leader or belief system, tool or modality. We find what works for us individually and we go for it.

4) We realize we are joylightlove. This is our true essence, not something we “channel”, or “tap into”, but the core building block of each human being.

5) We change from “saving” to “empowering”. There is a difference between fixing the world, to empowering humanity to wake up and fix themselves.

6) We empower those who inspire us. I send 10% of my monthly earnings not to those who “need it most”, but to those who have inspired me most. Why? Because inspiration is pure life force. The more we empower those who inspire us, the more chi, power, capacity to do, they have to continue existing and inspiring others.

7) We release “being right”. We can get very frustrated by friends and relatives not “waking up”, or not seeing how fabulous our new knowledge, tools and connections are. What we have to realize is their higher self really does know better than we do 🙂

Inspiring those who empower, and empowering those who inspire, see you next week!

In joylightlove,

Inelia Benz and the Ascension101 Team

  Source:“7 Collaborating Steps to Raising the Vibrational Level of Planet” by Inelia Benz, June 25, 2015 via Ascension Updates Newsletter at


(1) Fear Processing Exercise:…

INELIA BENZ – Contracts – How to Make Sure They Don’t Hold You Back – 6-20-15


Inelia Benz

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What an interesting time we are having!

There have been lots of “fearful” events predicted the past few months, which have not come to pass. And more fearful events predicted for the rest of the year too, which won’t come to pass either.  The reason is that the human collective is raising its vibration, one person at a time.

Yup, it’s you, and everyone you teach how to raise their personal vibration, who are creating the shift we want to see in the world. The higher our vibration, the more aware we become, the more able we are in creating the present life we want for ourselves and the planet.  I’ve been searching for ways we can accelerate our life expansion as well as any limitations we may have that are holding us back.

One of the things I have been looking at, which limit us tremendously, are contracts. For this reason, I invite you to read the following article:

Have you made any contracts lately? In this lifetime? In previous lifetimes?

By “contract” I mean any piece of paper, notebook page, or electronic note where you have written what you want out of life. Where you make an agreement on what you want to manifest.

It could also come in the form of many manifestation exercises, such as collages, photo collections or drawings.

When we make contracts, they might feel very expansive.  After all, we make them to improve our lives. Indeed they do work, most of what is in those contracts comes to pass.

Some contracts are contracts we have made with others, such as marriages, mortgages, work contracts, rent contracts, lease contracts, loans, and more.

However, if we take a step back, and look for limiting language, situations, and beliefs within these contracts, and process them, we can really expand our lives.

Even if they are contracts that are with third parties and we feel they are “not fair”, or no longer suitable, or we were forced to take the best we could, or we are unhappy with them now, we can really shift things in real life simply by sitting with these third party contracts and allowing all our negative emotions to exist, expand, and be infused with light and love, thus liberating them back into Oneness.

If you haven’t already, do take a look at how to cleanse negative energies in this YouTube video:

Now, the contracts we have made ourselves, we can go back and either wipe clean, or review and rewrite, and sign again.

This is a list with possible limitations:

1) A love relationship manifestation contract that has a named partner, whether a spouse, boy/girlfriend or the person of our dreams. This is a biggie. Energetically speaking this is one of the worst contracts we can write. Even if we really, really want our relationship with one particular person to manifest, or improve, by naming them, we limit the Universe from helping us manifest our greatest possible outcome. So, if you have one of these, erase the person’s name, remove the photo, throw away their personal possession (in case of using magick), and replace their name, or object, with a description of the ideal partner. Even if you describe them, make sure that you do not emotionally “wish” it was them, but simply concentrate on the happy and satisfied feeling you get when imagining yourself with that perfect person.

2) Any contract that specifies things you will do in order to get something else. Especially if those things are difficult to do, or involve other individuals to help you accomplish it.  For example, an environmental contract that specifies you will, renew, decorate, declutter or make your home beautiful in order for it to be supportive of your life, but you live with one or more other people who do not cooperate or refuse to make the place the way you want it. Or you don’t have the income to renew or decorate it.  Change it to making a contract with yourself to live in a 100 per cent supportive and nurturing, beautiful, safe, home.

3) A contract that specifies how you will receive wealth and abundance in your life. For example, you want to become rich, or successful in your chosen career. A popular artist, professional, well known, etc., and that is the only way you will become wealthy and abundant. Make sure that the two are not tied in together. So, in this case, you can make two contracts, one specifying that you will have multiple extremely effective income sources. And the other that you will be extremely happy, satisfied, and successful with your chosen profession.

These are just examples, but they delineate some examples of how we can limit ourselves.

Take a look at your contracts, manifestation exercises and art and documents, to make sure you clear up any limiting energies and vocabulary from them, then watch your life expand.

Inelia Benz: “Contracts – How to Make Sure They Don’t Hold You Back…” by Inelia Benz, June 18, 2015 at

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INELIA BENZ – The Message is Clear – You are Powerful – They Don’t Want You to Know it – 6-15-15

Inelia Benz

You are powerful and they don’t want you to know it. Who are “they”?

“They” are the individuals who project authority onto themselves, and make the rest of us think we need to hear things from them, get their permission, or pay them dues for living on the planet. Why do we give them all this authority over us? Because we have been taught to from day one to do so. And because if we don’t, we are told we will die, or worse, we will suffer.

Now, let’s not fall into the victim/aggressor cycle here. “They” exist because we all agree to have them there. The majority of us find it easier to have someone manage the majority of our lives, tell us what is “real”, what is not “real”, give us “official information channels”, and tell us how to live our lives.

When I first became a public person, a man told me that he did not like that I would look at vibrational lines, situations and events, and simply state what I was seeing with full authority. He suggested I add the words “in my view”, or “my opinion is”. In other words, he wanted me to step down from my personal authority. Why? Because it threatened him. You see, any of us can be in full control and use our personal authority, but others will see and react to it as they do to “formal” authority, that it is something imposed on them that they have to accept without question.

However, I don’t have any attachment, nor allocate any importance, to whether a person “believes me” or thinks that I am “full of BS”. Why? Because I speak my truth, my reality, my seeing. And I fully accept that their seeing can be different. And that’s OK!

You are POWERFUL and they don’t want you to know it. This fact is true.

Power-full. Full of power. Full of Chi, full of ability to do. It means you can completely reinvent yourself with one strong personal decision which you follow through with a change of mind, thoughts, words and actions.

Enough of us realizing this fact, can literally change the planet and how we experience life on it.

Often, when speaking with advanced spiritual seekers, I will tell them that their lives have no meaning and no importance. That their search for spiritual perfection is meaningless. That their daily lives are irrelevant. Most, not all, freak out. Why? Because it is part of this physical existence’s game to have a meaning and be important. We may value watching soap operas or football on TV as little meaning, and reaching enlightenment as a big meaning. But it’s simply grades of meaning. Both are false Gods.

Meaning, and the search for it, is a distraction. The fact is, you are an eternal, divine, all-powerful being, and the rest is just a dream. We do like to give our dreams meaning though, right?

And by realizing that meaning and importance, whether ours or someone else’s, is just an illusion, a distraction, a link in the chain of enslavement, we can truly step into our POWER.

Power= the ability to do = Chi

We value our lives, and the lives of others. And this is also a key element to living our lives powerfully. When we start valuing without judgment through meaning (whether ours or society’s), our lives begin to morph into something completely different. When we value without agendas, we are free from the agendas of others. When we put what matters to us under the microscope of our conscious awareness, we can manifest matter (physical experience) which we choose by design, and not unconscious or programmed meaning or importance.

Why has meaning and importance been given so much attachment? Because all one needs to do to distract a person, a society, a planet, is to give it a focus of attention on the small self, the ego, the present life or something else, and call it “meaningful”. And if you want to break that person or society, all you have to do is to take that meaning or importance away.

A real life example is: Telling someone, “I love you because you are beautiful”, this sentence has meaning and importance on beauty. As opposed to telling someone, “you are love embodied”. This second one is simply a statement of fact without importance or meaning. And feeling it, knowing it, is called “unconditional love”.

Another example would be: driving an expensive, sporty car because it makes you feel young, sexy, important, and lets others know you are wealthy. As opposed to driving it because you love the experience of luxury, the sound of the engine and the fast speeds. The first is meaning, the second is pure experience.

A while ago, I switched off the universe of light/dark experience. But a few milliseconds later, it came back like it had never been switched off. So I did it again. And again it came back. I wondered why it kept coming back, with all its imperfections, wars, suffering and enslavement of consciousness. The answer was very, very simple – the human collective is not done playing out this scene yet. The unraveling of meaning, importance, individualism, separation and conquering is not yet complete. Each person has to reach that realization by themselves, or it won’t be done.

I invite you to switch off the paradigm of meaning and importance, and step into the paradigm of consciously chosen high vibrational experience of the present moment, and conscious creation of high vibraitonal reality for yourself and others.

This information, the information contained in this article, is dangerous. It is filled with reality shattering energy and data. It is here to challenge your reality construct and it is being expressed because it is time you stepped into your power. If now is not the time for you to fully step into your power, you would have stopped reading this article on the second paragraph and would not be reading these words. Or, you will have a blank in a few minutes when you try to remember what it says.

Let’s share this information far and wide!

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INELIA BENZ – When You Wake up – 5-1-15


Inelia Benz

For most of us waking up in a world that is still asleep is a very harsh and difficult experience. Having not fully gone to sleep in the first place, the realization that everyone around you is fast asleep can sometimes take years if not decades. And in between, there is this feeling, knowing, that something is seriously wrong with “reality”.  But as everyone else seems to tell you, think, and believe, that all is well, then that “wrongness” is internalized as something personal. Often you become convinced that there is something seriously wrong with you.

So you spend the next few years, decades, trying to make yourself “right”, “normal”. This can happen in many forms, but two are most common: One is to do everything possible to make yourself fit into the agreed reality, where fear, war, pollution, and having to pay to live on this planet is “normal”. The second one is to make “normal reality” be wrong and step into a journey of discovery and expansion that makes what you feel and “know” to be right. Yet, all the time fitting, recruiting, and finding others who are also awake, waking up, or “wrong” to society at large.


Eventually, you decide it’s actually OK to be “different”. This can come about by your inner voice, or an expression of your inner voice through your environment. What follows is usually an insatiable desire for knowledge, information, data and connection with others who you perceive are also awake.

This moment is when you are most vulnerable.  You are both wide open to influence because that’s how society has programmed you, aware enough to know that there is more to life than a 9-5 job, for example, but not aware of the millions of spiritual predators out there ready and willing to “give you the only solution”, “make you feel special”, “show you the secrets of the universe”, “heal you”… and many other assortments and colors of giving away your power to them.

It’s a jungle out there, and you are like a babe in the woods.

There is no easy solution to this process.  We can fall to so many traps, and seeing them for what they are can sometimes be something we don’t want to do.  But here is a list that might help:

1. There is no Spiritual Journey except the one you create.

2.  Never look outside of yourself for answers, solutions, light, enlightenment, Oneness, or Source.

3. No person out there can heal you with their private parts (yes, this is actually quite a common “tool” used by “gurus”).

4. Don’t study or accept “interpretations” of teachings. Always go to the source of the teaching and read and study the original work.

5. Know that there is no “only solution”, “only practice that works” or “one truth” to anything. Anyone peddling the only solution for anything is to be avoided at all costs, no matter how enlightened, well respected, loved and good they are.

6. YOU are the ultimate authority on what is real, true, and good for you. ALWAYS follow your knowing, your intuition, listen to your body and don’t do anything that feels a bit off.

7. Realize that we tend to excuse and rationalize away the red flags, and negative actions of others, especially if we are close to them, want to be close to them, or want their approval.

8. You are the only one who can discover you, approve you, and give you permission to experience a life of joylightlove.

9. Hug your body yourself often :)

10. Realize that you are the bridge into the New Paradigm. That it’s not about “waking others up” but being yourself fully, in full authenticity and integrity that you show the way.

“When You Wake up…” by Inelia Benz, not dated, at

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