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Published on May 2, 2016

THE REASON WHY I AM A FLAT-EARTHER 1-We don’t see —and nobody else does— any curvature in the “horizontal” horizon, and no one can prove it. 2-We don’t feel —and nobody else does— that the Earth moves. If the Earth spins 1,000 miles p/h, and is curling, hurling, swirling, twirling and whirling all together with the Sun, the planets and the Milky Way throughout the expanding universe at the speed of 66,600 miles p/h (say what!), we would feel her movement, and not even a hair from our head moves. 3-If we travel from U.S.A. to China in a full moon night, by the time we arrive to China we would see the other side of the Moon, for being on the other side of the Earth. But it’s not so. Instead, we notice that the Moon rotates like a disc. And that’s not all: it seems that the Moon, if we don’t make a move, neither she does whatsoever. 4-If we observe the Moon from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, we don’t notice any movement. But the Earth has already rotated half way. And I bet that if we do a little effort and stay observing her for the next 12 hours of the night, we would see that she doesn’t move at all. 5-We see the Sun and the Moon exactly the same size. Besides, we have seen the Sun and the Moon between the clouds, and many people are uploading their home videos to YT as empirical evidences. 6-Many videos in YT are showing Moon eclipses when the Sun hasn’t set yet. 7-If we are in a house, and the Sun is rising, and we go to a room in the opposite side from where the Sun is rising and we see it illuminated, it’s because there might be a reflector up in the sky —as photographers do to illuminate the 3D objects to get the best picture (it’s the video playing right now). 8-Rain, snow, hail, lightning and thunder, might generate from a solid surface because it’s absurd for them to be formed from within a cloud, that is synonym of smoke, gas and vapor. It is impossible for this cloud-smoke-vapor-gas to hold tons of water that rains all over the Earth. 9-If gravity is so powerful to sustain without falling off the entire infrastructure of Australia (steel bridges and heavy concrete buildings), which is upside down in the southern hemisphere, would not let mosquitoes, ants and fleas to move freely, and much less, to allow the wind to blow away a dust particle. 10-Many videos in YT are about people asking the airlines for trips crossing Antarctica, from Australia to Argentina or Chile (or vice versa), and the airlines reply is that there are none.




The Arcturians – Accepting the CALL to Transmute Gaia from Planetary to Galactic Society – 12-1-17 – rambling rose dotorg

Posted by Steve Beckow, By Suzanne Lie   –

You must remember that you are NOT alone

and that you have NEVER been alone.

You came to this earth vessel to liberate Gaia

from Her long process ,of living the illusion

of being a third dimensional planet.

Therefore, you must liberate your selves from your personal illusion.

via The Arcturians ~ Accepting the CALL to Transmute Gaia from Planetary to Galactic Society ~ Dec. 1, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

Lisa Transcendance Brown – Free Activation – Collective Reality of the Illusion and Clearing




Maya ~ A Force to be Overcome ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light — Lakshmi Vishnu – Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

* Maya ~ A Force to be Overcome ~ Within the Hindu philosophy, maya is a term that is synonymous with “illusion.” Essentially, it is believed that the phenomenal universe that we see and know is illusory, and is therefore a manifestation of maya. It is also believed that beyond this universal maya is found […]

via Maya ~ A Force to be Overcome ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light — Lakshmi Vishnu – Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

Eckhart Tolle – Good and Bad – An Illusion Created By The Mind


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Suzanne Lie – Thirty Veils Of Illusion – The Arcturians – Birthing New Earth, Part 2, Veil #8 The Illusion of Self – 12-18-15

birthingBirthing New Earth Part 2

Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


Within this NOW, Multidimensional Light is traveling from the fifth dimension seeking to share itself with all life. Hence, every Being – Planetary, Galactic, Universal – and, yes, even human – is consciously or unconsciously experiencing this Light.

Before, we only experienced the fragmentations of the third and fourth dimensional Light, but now the Light is coming into us without that fragmentation into the seven different octaves. A chorus of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire accompany this Multidimensional Light.

The Beings of Gaia, meaning not just the humans, but also the cetaceans and the members of the animal and plant kingdoms, are consistently creating tunnels of Light. These tunnels of Light are also tunnels of Hope and Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is the antidote to fear and darkness.

As these Light tunnels open up from the body of Gaia and journey far beyond the third dimension to collect the fifth dimensional Light and Love, they also serve to create a healing force against the fear that is forever trying to increase its impact.

Hence, these frequencies of fear are beginning to dissolve under the impact of the Multidimensional Light. Those that have lived in, and been ruled by, darkness are afraid of this Light, as they fear it may end their life.

Because they have not meditated and because they have not allowed themselves to remember their dreams, they do not have any awareness of the Light and Love that is just beyond the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane in the Land of Faerie and beyond.

Therefore, these lost Ones think that they can only live within the third dimensional reality and fear that it is coming to its conclusion. Actually, tunnels of Light surround them, but their frequency is so low that they cannot perceive them.

These tunnels of Light have been opened by the members of Gaia to welcome in the wholeness and oneness of Unconditional Love and Light. This Multidimensional Light and Love is first moving into the areas that have opened the portals.

As that Multidimensional Light moves through the portals into the core of Earth, Gaia accepts and amplifies it so that She can emanate out to the surface of ALL of Her planetary areas. In this manner, Gaia can share Her expanded Light with ALL the Beings on ALL of Her surface.

Since this higher Light emanates, not just from the higher dimensions, but also from the core of Gaia, Beings that have not been fortunate enough to be in an area in which there are opened portals, can also experience the higher Light.

In this manner, everyone can experience the higher Light that has been so generously shared with Gaia via the myriad open portals. As the Awakening Ones begin to remember their Multidimensional Selves, they are able to call in their higher expressions of SELF within the Angelic and the Galactic worlds.

In fact, many are asking for, and welcoming, the assistance that the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Antareans, and Andromedans are sending to all the members of Earth and to the Mother Gaia, as well.

Because Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet, the process of transmutation of darkness into Light needs to be initiated by the Beings that first sent out the darkness.

These Beings are only within the humanoid kingdom, as the animal, plant and etheric kingdoms live within the Oneness of Love for their planet. Thus, those wearing Earth vessels are needed to send out the antidote. It is for this reason that many higher Beings took a human form to assist Earth.

Even though many of those wearing an Earth vessel may not have been the ones to send out the darkness, they took an Earth vessel in order to help the planet.

Gaia is also a cause and effect planet, so the dark Ones who have put fear into Gaia’s reality must receive that fear and transmute it by unconditionally loving and forgiving themselves, as well as others.

If they are able to do this, if they are able to accept the effects of their cause and transmute those effects with their own Unconditional Love, they too will be able to join the great event of planetary transmutation. No one is too dark to be forgiven or too fearful to live in Love.

Those who use their free will to choose to assist the planet with Her transmutation will greatly expand their consciousness. This expansion of consciousness is because they chose to contribute in the great event of planetary Ascension.

Therefore, they have set out the cause of “we are creating planetary Ascension,” which brings back the effect of being “a member of planetary consciousness.” Within this expanded consciousness they can create portals that will open wider and move into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions.

These portals of Light will be able to accept more and more Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love. In fact, these expanded streams of Light can more efficiently move:

Down into the Gaia’s core crystals
Then emanate out of from core and onto Gaia’s entire surface
Into Gaia’s aura/atmosphere
Beyond Gaia’s aura
And into and through the fourth dimension

When this higher Light moves into the core of Gaia, then out into the third and fourth dimensional time-bound realities, the NOW of this Light releases the concepts of “past and future,” as well as the separation and limitation created by third/fourth dimensional time.

With the release of the concept of separation, the third and fourth dimensions blend into the NOW of Gaia’s process of transmutation into a fifth dimensional planet of higher Light and Unconditional Love.

In this manner, the illusion of separation between life, which was perceived as living on a physical world, and death, which was perceived as living on a fourth dimensional astral world, is released.

As these illusions are released, they are replaced with the knowing that “Life” is eternal and DEATH is a third dimensional illusion. Even the fourth dimension is not ruled by the illusion of death, for that is where people go when they have “died” to their third dimensional reality.

However, once in the fourth dimension, they discover that they are not dead. It is then that they realize that life continues far beyond that of their physical embodiment.

As Gaia expands more and more into fifth dimensional consciousness, those who go back into incarnation will realize that there is NO separation between life and death. They will remember that there is no separation between the third dimension and the fourth dimension.

With that memory, they will realize that all separation is an illusion of the third and lower fourth dimension. They will remember that they are not separate from other people, and they are not separate from the planet.

Then, even those who initially took an incarnation on Earth as beings of darkness to hold a pattern of power over others learn that there are NO patterns of power over others, as there are no others.

Also, as Gaia resonates faster and faster into the fifth dimension, any of those of “dark persuasion” will no longer be able to send out any damaging, fearful, harmful thoughts, because these thoughts will immediately come right back to the sender.

Then the sender of fear and darkness will say, “Wait, I can’t do that anymore. I can’t send out darkness because it comes right back to me. However, someone sent that darkness into me.”

Then they might say, “Wait, if I cannot send out darkness, then that darkness that was sent into me can now be released.”

Can you imagine, in fact please DO, imagine a reality in which all those who have ever suffered darkness which tainted them to become members of the darkness, were spontaneously healed of that which first created that darkness within them.

Remember that all of Gaia, all of life on Gaia, all of life on all of the planets, on all of the third dimension came from the higher frequencies of Light that were put through filters to be divided into different octaves.

Then these octaves were perceived as separate. These octaves were even perceived as some being better and some being worse. Then that perception, which was really a judgment, went into people.

In this manner, some people were good and some people were bad. Then the bad people made other people feel bad. But what if the good people realized that they were not separate from the bad people?

What if the “good people” realized that they are the beloved people who have somehow remembered that they are ONE with Light and ONE with Love?

What if they were to share their Light and Love with ALL the people that have formerly identified as bad?

What if there was no separation?

What if those who have defined themselves as bad were somehow able to release that programming and accept the Light of Unconditional Love so that they could unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept themselves?

Then, would they remember that they are ONE with ALL life? What a glorious healing! What if all of humanity was healed in the Light, and all the darkness was released?

It is you, the members of Gaia, who have the ability to create this reality with your own Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, and the power of your own transmutation via the Violet Fire.

We send you all, good, bad, in-between and whatever labels you have unfortunately attached to your awareness of Self…

We send you ALL Unconditional Love as we Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire.

Blessings, we are the ONE – which the many Awakening Ones are creating.

Within that ONE, New Earth is born.

Dear Readers, at some point in this article the Sue, who wrote the beginning, became the blend of Sue and the Arcturians, to conclude the message as The Arcturians.

Blessings from us all

“The Illusion of Self”

It worked. It worked. I thought of Earth and then I was there. I woke up in my bed. But now, awakening has a new meaning. When I come here, I feel like I have awakened. Yet I know I must be asleep before I can get here. Then, it is like falling asleep when I leave here, and I must wake up before I can know I have returned. I wonder if all this is less confusing when one is in “I AM” consciousness.

“In ‘I AM’, my dear, there is no confusion, only enlightenment.”

“Oh, Lady Astrea, I am so glad to see you again. I miss you when I am on Earth.”

“But, my dear,” she replies, “I am not far from you when you are on Earth. If ever you want me, just think of me and I shall hear you and travel along your beam of thought to answer you. But come now, my dear, it is your time to enter the circle.”

Why is it that she brings me to the circle just as I wish to ask a question? Oh, yes, I remember, questions are merely a form of doubt. The circle glistens around me as the Ladies approach. I do know that I no longer doubt this experience. I may not understand it, but I no longer question it. As the Ladies take the veil I hear Lady Leto saying, “Dear one, the string that ties the veil of illusions is emotion. Know the emotion that you feel now. Allow it to communicate with you and give you the information you need, then release it so that you may continue with your work.

“The veil that is lifted this evening is ‘The Illusion of Self.’ Within this illusion, personal importance is a source of external reward and success. The ‘self’ is not the same as the ‘Self’, for many ‘selves’ make up the ‘Self’ and many of those ‘selves’ are not even of one lifetime. However, humanity has put such effort into establishing the little ‘self’ that humans begin to believe that that is all they are. They begin to believe that they are the body and that they are ruled by the ego.

“As an infant and a small child, one knows that there is no separation and that all on Earth are one. Infants and small children ‘know’ that a body holds their essence and they are actually much more than just a physical form. Since the world into which they are born is not yet ready for this concept, the children are taught to become their body, to focus all awareness on the physical form and to become a ‘self.’

“With the release of this veil, you will begin to know and understand all the desires, goals, needs and rewards of this small ‘self.’ Watch each one of these through the eyes of the ‘Self’ and release them all as particles of an illusion.”

And now the mighty Hilarion speaks: “To be able to become one with the High Self is a vast and awesome task. I can remember how I suffered in my Earth lives to accomplish this task. My ego was strong and resented its death. You, my One, have striven first to establish a sense of ‘self’ so that you could better relate to the world that always felt like a foreign planet to you. Therefore, it may be difficult indeed to give up that which you have searched so hard to find.

“Release now the illusion that this small, lonely ‘self’ is all of you. Surrender instead to the Higher Self that you have always felt in the close distance. Fear not the ramifications. I know the reasons for building the illusion of ‘self’ and it is necessary while one is learning one’s Earthly lessons. However, when one moves to the state of teacher, one carries the answers within.

“Release that small role with all its haunting emotions and Earthly strife. You no longer need to suffer to learn, for now you can learn through teaching. Feel the presence of the masters in your physical vehicle. Watch as all that was ‘real’ fades into a symbol. Know the Earth as it truly is—a schoolroom for human evolution. Collect your degrees now and leave your desks. Step up to the podium and allow your Higher Self to inhabit the vehicle that you have worked so long to prepare.”

Although I can barely understand what Hilarion has just said, Apollo now adds, “I see how this is a difficult task for you to comprehend, and I know that it will take all the courage that you possess. To deny the suffering that told you you were alive is to truly face death. Die now, my One. Die to hardships, die to restraint, die to criticism, and die to human love. See your Angels of Resurrection and feel the divine detachment as you are united with your Higher Self. Give away each emotion as it signifies a reaction to your third-dimensional life. Instead listen, observe, and understand the message passed from the third dimension to your Higher Self. Look down into all Illusions that hold the ‘self’ in sorrow and reward. To know the death of ‘self’ is to feel and be everlasting life.”

As the Masters finish speaking, my mind is in a whirl. How can they know so much about me personally? Although I don’t yet remember my Earth life too well, I’m sure it was nothing significant. How can they know or even care about one small person such as my ‘self’?

“Because you have called us.” I hear the loving voice of Lady Astrea answer my thought. I realize now that somehow I have traveled outside of the circle or, perhaps, it has left me.

“How do you hear my thoughts, Lady?” I finally ask the question.

“My One, it matters not to me which voice you use as I listen only to your heart. We of the higher dimensions are only concerned with the issues of Earth that affect the true heart. All else is merely a lesson being played and replayed. The lives and thoughts of the human realm only concern us when humans have come to the point in their evolution where they call for divine intervention from their hearts and truly accept it. It is not that we do not love all of humanity, but rather that they are unable to accept our assistance. As long as Beings have all their senses focused on the physical world, they are prisoners of that very world which they believe is all that exists.”

I can hardly hear her last words, as I know I am now leaving. Oh, please, let me remember what I have learned here. Oh, please, help me to be awake on Earth…

Suzanne Lie: Thirty Veils Of Illusion. The Arcturians – Birthing New Earth Part 2 & Veil #8, The Illusion of Self. December 16, 2015. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

SUZANNE LIE – Thirty Veils Of Illusion – The Arcturians and The Illusion of Sorrow #2 – 11-24-15

SUZANNE LIE  –   Thirty Veils Of Illusion   –  

The Arcturians and The Illusion of Sorrow #2   –   11-24-15


Beloved Ones,

We the Arcturians come to you within your NOW to salute you for your ever-expanding transmutation into higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.

As your consciousness expands into the frequency of reality which is the threshold connecting the fourth and fifth dimensions, often known as the Rainbow Bridge, your perceptions of reality take a quantum shift.

The reason for this shift is because your fifth dimensional perceptions come online with your 3D brain. This shift occurs when you then begin the process of reconnecting with your Multidimensional mind.

This reconnection with your Multidimensional mind occurs once your consciousness expands into higher delta and gamma wave thinking. You may not be aware of this shift within your consciousness, but will become increasingly aware of the messages you are receiving from the fifth dimension and beyond.

Actually, your fifth dimensional perceptions come “online” with your Multidimensional mind, which is the interface between the higher worlds and your third and fourth dimensional thinking. Then, once you become aware of your Multidimensional mind, you become aware of your incoming information from the higher octaves of your Multidimensional SELF.

More and more of you are starting to think in a Multidimensional format. The difference between your third/fourth dimensional thinking and your Multidimensional thinking is time. Time rules your physical world. When you love what you are doing, “time flies.” When you are doing something you dislike, time crawls.

In reality, time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. Long ago, Ascension meant that one consciously traveled into the highest realms of the fourth dimension at the close of their physical incarnation. Now, Ascension means to consciously travel beyond the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

Within this NOW there is a worldwide process of Ascension into the fifth dimension. However, you can only participate in this event if you can perceive it. The difficulty is that if your consciousness is only consciously calibrated to the third/fourth dimensions, you will only perceive the third/fourth dimensional realities.

There is no “good/bad” or “right/wrong” to these choices of consciousness and perception. Some humans are not interested in a conscious connection to the process of planetary Ascension. Many of them have been wearing an Earth vessel for myriad incarnations and desire to remain within the third/fourth dimensional format to which they are accustomed.

However, more and more of you are remembering and dedicated to fulfilling your mission to assist in Planetary Ascension. Your first challenge is to expand your consciousness enough so that you can be in constant, conscious connection with your own Multidimensional expressions of SELF.

This conscious connection with your higher and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF serve as a “Jacob’s Ladder.” This ladder of ever-expanding frequencies of reality will guide you when it is your NOW to release your Earth vessel and return Home.

This “Jacob’s Ladder” is actually the frequency trail that you created when you volunteered to take a vessel to assist Gaia with Planetary Ascension. Those of you who came in in the late 1940’s and early 50’s had to “hide” your higher Light for many decades before you could openly perform your mission.

The difficulty was that if you “hid” your true, Multidimensional SELF for too long, you began to think that it was YOU. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of Light entering Earth’s atmosphere within your NOW are interacting with your 97% DNA, which has be “turned off” for most of your Earthly incarnations.

(For information about this DNA, please see:


This 97% of your DNA serve as personal wormholes of Multidimensional Light. Hence, they serve as the communication route between the frequency of you wearing an Earth vessel and your true, Multidimensional consciousness that is now being activated.

The “lost Ones” who knew they could not expand into their higher frequencies of Light, had to amplify their fear campaigns to lower the consciousness of the masses. However, “the masses” are increasingly awakening to the Truth of their Multidimensional nature.

As more and more of you consciously acknowledge that you are Multidimensional Beings, your innate higher perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience will also become normal.

These higher dimensional perceptions give you important information about your environment that is far beyond the perceptions of those who still wish to harm and dominate.

Most important, your higher perceptions allow you to recognize your increasing power to transmute your reality into a higher frequency of resonance via the power of your innate Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

As each of you, as well as within groups, consciously transmute your reality into a higher frequency the forces of “power over others” will be left behind in the lower astral realities that they have created.

Also, your expanded perceptions allow you to perceive possible realities from the perspective of the fifth dimensional NOW. Hence, can perceive a “possible realities” before they occur.

You can then support that possible reality by sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into it before it even occurs. By this contribution, you simultaneously ground a higher dimensional version of reality and transmute any attempts of the lost Ones to interfere with the Divine Plan.

It is in this manner, those who are ascending into the higher frequencies of reality can assist by creating a safer world for those who are just beginning their process of awakening.

Just as you were guardians of your third dimensional reality while it was your primary reality, you will maintain your third dimensional guardianship as your expand your conscious awareness back into the Multidimensional Being that you have always been.

Thus, with every “step” you take into the higher frequencies, you leave a trail of “bread crumbs” for others to follow. It is true that there are still enemies against the Light. However, those “enemies” are decreasing more and more each day.

By transmuting new projects far beyond the reach of the lost Ones, you greatly assist with the process of Gaia’s Ascension. Most important, your protection and guidance assists with the inevitable defeat of the lost Ones. Since Gaia is a free-will planet, those who choose to serve the darkness will be left behind until they choose to serve the Light.

Furthermore, as more of humanity recognizes that they are Multidimensional Beings who have vessels of Light on myriad dimensions and realties, they too will realize their own inner powers of transmutation of darkness into Light.

Within this NOW, many of you, our Lightworkers, are moving through your final initiations into your fifth dimensional consciousness. These initiations appear as problems, but if you recognize them as initiations, you can remember to use your innate Multidimensional powers of Transmutation and Unconditional Love.

Please remember that if you assist just two people to remember their true Multidimensional nature, and those two people each tell two people each, and this continues from person to person to person… just think how many people will know the TRUTH.

Will the Truth set free humanity from the limitations of the 3D Matrix? It will only set free those who want to be “set free.” There are still many humans who are not ready to move beyond a third dimensional matrix of realty.

Gaia has chosen to be a free will planet in which all Her Beings could make their own decisions. Therefore, those who are not ready to ascend can continue their lessons of incarnation on Earth until the NOW of Gaia’s Ascension. Within that NOW, they can choose to ascend or to continue their third dimensional adventures on another planet.

As you can see, Gaia’s original blueprint has long been corrupted. This corruption was because Gaia also choose to offer the opportunity to live within polarities which appeared to be separate. These polarities, such as good and bad, are only polarities if one does not perceive that which resonates between the extremes of the third dimensional spectrum.

Fortunately, as your consciousness expands further into the frequencies of the fifth dimension, you can perceive the higher dimensional energy fields that connect that which was perceived as “polarities.” Then, instead of perceiving polarities you will perceive a “Spectrum of Light.”

With the awakening that NOTHING IS SEPARATE, you realize that “everything is ONE.” When “all life is ONE” then you cannot have a winner or loser. You are ALL in this together. When you are all connected in Unity there can be no competition with each other and no domination over each other – the concept of “other” will be extinct.

Do you see how the third dimension will and is shifting into a higher frequency of Gaia’s holographic program? Whereas before, Earth reality was based on “separation from” and it is now transmuting into “Unity With.”

You have all seen that the lower frequency realities, such as the third and fourth dimension, are resistant to change. This resistance to change has occurred because many have not felt safe, and one must feel safe to try something new and advanced.

How does one “feel safe” when they think they are alone in a frightening world? They don’t! In fact, they often feel sorrow.


“The Illusion of Sorrow”

The dizziness, bright light and loud buzzing are a little easier for me to bear this time. However, it seems to takes forever before I can accustom myself to this intense light. Gradually, I can see the circle of light before me and I can feel Lady Astrea gently reminding me that it is my time to enter the circle. Again, the Ladies come to me and remove an unseen veil and, as they do so, I hear the voice of Lady Leto from within saying, “This veil is the ‘Illusion of Sorrow’.

As you may recall from your life dreams, the theme is again and again the loss of Love and the resulting sorrow. Know my One that Love can never die. It may change or move to a higher vibration but it cannot die. Once the energy of Love has been formed on Earth, the creator of that energy has made a lifelong friend. For, to be Creators of Love is the major Earth lesson for all of mankind.”

As the Brothers of Hilarion’s retreat take the veil, I hear Hilarion’s voice saying, “The energy field of Love acts as a shield. When you become a Master of Energy, you will be able to see Love Energy in any environment. Love energy is different from all other energy fields. Other energies leave the aura of the Creator and begin their traverse throughout the realities, which is eventually terminated in their three-fold return to the Creator.

Love energy, of course, also leaves the Creator, but it leaves a small portion of itself with the Creator as a shield of protection. This is because Love is very attractive and adhesive. It clings to all that it comes in contact with. Love is the most powerful energy force known on the planet Earth, with Divine Love being the highest frequency of all.”

I then hear the voice of Apollo, “Dear One, good morning again. How you have suffered in this life! How you have felt unloved and unlovable. The sorrow that has come to you from the illusion of loss of Love has been your most difficult life lesson. As you know from your individual karma in other lives, you have tended to not value your loved Ones and have instead focused your energies elsewhere. Because of that pattern you have ‘feared’ the karmic retribution of loss of Love and, my Dear One, as you know, ‘Fear Precipitates’.

“Know now in your heart of hearts, Love can never die. Love always remains in the Soul of the lover and the loved Ones. Love is a Soul quality and, therefore, rises eventually to the level of Soul. Even if the Being is to die, it does not matter because the Love shall automatically be passed up to that one’s higher body. Remember that there is no true sorrow, as there is no true separation. Separation is the ultimate illusion, particular to the planet Earth. On the sun, we are all One.

“Remember now that your feelings of sorrow are truly loneliness for home. This loneliness for home is a divine discontent. Allow divine discontent to guide you into your spiritual heart. Use this illusion. Feel the sorrow and carry it to your heart. Set it at the feet of the Oneness where your Soul will mop your brow and touch your heart. The One awaits your gift. The giving is your treasure.”

With Apollo’s mighty words I feel myself fading and know that I am now returning to Earth…

Q and A on Sorrow

How have you transmuted fear and sorrow in your life?
How have you assisted others? You sharing will assist others…
Blessings, and thank you for your comments.

Thanks in advance for your comments

Source:Suzanne Lie: Thirty Veils Of Illusion – The Arcturians and The Illusion of Sorrow. #2. November 22, 2015. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/